Friday, January 30, 2009

Out of Our Heads and Into Our Hearts - The Simple Way To Ascension

Out of Our Heads and Into Our Hearts
The Simple Way to Ascension!
A Message from Kerry and her Angels
January 24, 2009

Oh what a tangled web we weave! Why do we, as human beings make things so complicated? The more we try to understand ascension, the more conditions and expectations we place on it, causing people to actually fear and doubt a process that is so simple and natural. Do we dissect and analyze our every breath?

I can tell you, it will not be "only those" who read these messages or comprehend the complexity of nature, human nature, ancient civilizations, timelines, dimensions, the shift and the nuts and bolts of ascension who will rise into the new world. And ironically, ones beliefs, religion, culture, education or race will have very little effect on "his/her" readiness and ability to walk through "the eye of the needle" into their new world.

We are being inundated with information intended to be helpful in assisting one in the preparation for ascension, but the truth is, those who are pure at heart, innocent like children and aligned to God and open to think differently will make the shift into the new world without any prior knowledge or understanding of the concept. How can this be, you might ask? Because ascension is as natural as breathing!

Looking back I recall asking my God within, why it was important for me to understand the numerous paranormal experiences I was having. I personally needed to understand my experiences to maintain my balance and to learn to walk through my "fear of the unknown."

With each new understanding or new piece of the puzzle I would receive, when I would go within and seek, I did feel "peace in knowing." However, how many friendships and relationships were lost because of my need to share my new understanding with others who were neither ready to hear or open to receive? Looking back on your life, can you relate?

Only when we seek, are we ready to know! And we may be seeking "more" than we need to know which will only complicate our lives with an over abundance of information overloading our intellect as we attempt to put the pieces together, digesting and assimilating all we have "asked for and received."

I became aware, because of my intellectual nature, that I would make things that were simple, complicated, because of my need to delve into "truth" and discover the real meaning behind every unexplainable event. I then convinced myself that in my understanding of this phenomena I would be able to help others to walk through their fear by sharing my understanding, I had diligently sought and unfolded.

Now I write these long and complicated messages with the same intention, to help my brothers and sisters to understand that which they may not understand. And today I question everything I think I know and surrender it to God, opening up to think differently. Is it really necessary to explain and understand everything? The answer is "No". The more we "press" to understand the more likely we are to move out of our God center.

More truth will be revealed to us through our God within, when we seek. Ask and ye shall receive is a universal law that will respond in direct accordance to our every question. But is it really necessary to seek more than we need to know in the moment?

To be reminded that we do not need to complicate our lives to satisfy our intellectual curiosity is the message for today! We only need to seek that which we need to know in any given moment. It is not necessary to see the future in order to move forward with confidence and ease. When we reach a fork in the road we make a decision which path to take and we walk down this path of the "unknown" in faith that we are protected and all will be well.

Now I understand the simple truth in the message I have received consistently throughout the years, "You will know what you need to know, when you need to know it! This is all you need to know!"

Could it really be that simple? YES! It can, and YES it is!!!

When we look at the innocence of a child, we can see that they respond to love. When they shy away or resist, there is a reason. A reason that is as simple as, if it doesn't feel like love, they want no part of it! They are happiest when they are free to express themselves without walls, boundaries or limitations imposed upon them. Fear is learned, with exception to the natural instinct of fight or flee that is inherent to their nature. (automatically programmed for survival) They eat when they are hungry, cry when they are sad and everything is new and fun, as they are open to experience life and all that life has to offer!

"Innocence is bliss", "Love is the answer", "Keep it simple," "Child like is God like" and "Everything I need to know, I learned in kindergarten" are pearls of wisdom for the serious student of truth. Truth is simple, it is we who complicate it with our need to know and understand everything in the universe. Do we need to understand every aspect of the engine of a car in order to drive? Do we really need to understand "all" to know who we are, why we are here and where we are going? Do we really need to understand or prove that we are not alone in the universe in order to accept others from other worlds if and when they do appear? And will we not know by their demeanor and works if they can be trusted or not?

The answer is, yes! If we get out of our heads and into our hearts!

Because we are all sparks of the Creator we have a direct line to God, within. We can spend our days going within and seeking more truth for the sake of knowing, but do we really need to seek beyond what is before us? How many embraces, laughs and cherished moments did you miss today while you were on the mountain seeking the true meaning of life?

Students of truth spend so much time in "class" while their families and friends are going about their lives without you! Look at what you may be missing in your "pursuit of truth!" It is time to graduate yourself, leaving the classroom behind and get back to living and just plain being! Walk the walk, so to speak, speaking your truth as you understand it. The only refresher course you may need from this point on is within, available night or day with all the information you need in a flash. Being true to yourself, living in the moment and making yourself available to be of service to others will bring you more joy than you could possibly imagine! A human being, seeking daily guidance in "becoming."

Out of our heads and into our hearts will carry us into our new world with ease! Relying on our intuition to carry us into ascension is human nature, and it is time we cease making it complicated! If it is not of love, it isn't worth wasting one minute of your day focusing on it! Let it go! Holding your love and light is the most important contribution you can make to this world! And the simplicity of this truth will allow you to integrate the all in who you are, reunite with your higher self in all the aspects of God in expression where you will be granted your wings to fly through the eye of the needle, with the gentle breeze and still small voice within, guiding you every step of the way!

There is no rush, there is no race and there is no separation or win or lose scenario. There is only love and light, and the absence of "consciousness and connection" of this love and light! Sometimes we have to make it complicated in order to get back to the simple truth of all that is. And that too, is okay! Now let's get back to living and loving in a more simple way. Just BE! Feel your connection to nature, and all that is so together we may rise and begin again!

In Love and Light,
Kerry and her Angels

Kerry and her Angels

The messages are channeled from my "Higher/God Self." With the many messages I am receiving and writing about I wish to state sometimes it is hard for me to accept all that I receive. Before I post these messages I pray and ask to speak only truth. And many times there is some editing before I receive the OK to post.

In a life devoted to seeking the truth and as an ordained minister, Kerry has come to understand her relationship to God and the Universe. Through her difficult and sometimes painful life experiences she has come to view them as personal lessons from which we learn and grow.

Kerry's first book, "Timly Acceptance, the God Within," and presents her "truth" in a delightful and enlightening way. This is a book for any and all who are seeking a "bigger picture" and a closer relationship with God. * * * *