Sunday, January 4, 2009

Astrology For January

Summary for January:

As January begins, Saturn has just turned retrograde on the heels of a New Moon that was packed with Capricorn planets. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and they share the qualities of hard work, discipline (sometimes to the point of drudgery), concerns of the material world. With Saturn retrograde there is a strong emphasis now on Saturnian qualities such as disicpline and social structures that create a strong foundation.
On January 1st we move from Capricornian practicality to an emphasis on the rational and the innovative of Aquarius brings to the table; our thought process becomes more agile with more of a creative and intuitive understanding.
Around the 3rd of the month there is more emphasis on the feelings we share in relationships. There is a desire to be compassionate and connected now, but with a sharper focus.
On January 5, Jupiter enters Aquarius, where it will remain throughout the year. Jupiter is the planet of abundance and opportunity, and enjoys a positive reputation as a beneficial planet. In Aquarius, Jupiter brings an expansion of Aquarian innovation and creativity, as well as an increased consciousness of social justice and fairness to all that is a hallmark of the Aquarian influence. All astrological signatures, even Jupiter, carry a positive and a negative manifestation, and the dark side of Jupiter is a confident self-righteousness. Combined with the Aquarian urge for rational and unemotional improvement in the collective, there can be a depersonalization in this combination that can be unsettling at times. Still - change and innovation is clearly the primary energy at work here.
The Full Moon on January 10th is in Cancer, so home and family life is emphasized now. This Full Moon contains a Mystic Rectangle of four planets in aspect to each other which is a very positive aspect signifying balance and harmony. This Full Moon is a lovely time to honor our responsibilities to our loved ones, to create and enjoy a nurturing space within our home, to rediscover a family member who has perhaps been out of touch. Full Moons are periods of emotional fullness, and this Full Moon will be a beautiful time to open our hearts.
Mercury turns retrograde on January 11th where it will remain through January 31. Mercury Rx periods are famous for communication glitches and machinery failures. Often these are due to user error, as our brains function diffierently during the three weeks, four times a year, when Mercury is retrograde. If you must enter into a contract or begin a new job or project during this period, do everything you can ensure that all agreements are clear and in writing. Read all of your instruction manuals, and don't be surprised if your phone messages don't reach their intended destination. Just shrug your shoulders and laugh: "Mercury is retrograde!!" The Sun forms a trine to Saturn on that day which should offset some of the challenges with a nice clear focus.
Around the 18th it becomes much easier to expand our views and our confidence is increased, and for the next few days, particularly on the 19th and 20th, public speaking or any kind communication is highlighted (despite Mercury being retrograde!!). The only danger now is that we may become a bit too certain of our own views which can make it difficult to negotiate an argument.
The Sun enters Aquarius on January 19th, which illuminates the new Aquarian influence. Everything is a little brighter under the Aquarian influence - our vision is sharper; our intuition more astute. We seek the unpredictable and emotion takes a back seat. Aquarius is a mental air sign, but it is concerned with Higher Mind - the knowledge that we glean through our intuition and higher consciousness.

On January 21 our mental focus comes back to earth for the rest of the month. On the 22nd we feel an urge towards greater autonomy and freedom, stimulating the Aquarian/Uranian urge to disrupt the status quo and create a life that is more authentic and true.
The next few days (the 22nd through the 24th) bring some powerful influences. A beneficial influence adds confidence to all of our endeavors, and another one helps to provide the focus to get things done and manifest our desires and wishes. Our relationships and collaborative ventures are energized, but there may be tests and challenges in our interpersonal relationships that will require some work to navigate successfully.
All of this leads up to a powerful Solar Eclipse, one of an amazing six eclipses in 2009. The eclipse on January 26 occurs in a New Moon in Aquarius at 2:55 am EST. This New Moon is a potent Aquarian fiesta; a time of new beginnings. In Aquarius we see an emphasis on Justice, innovation, invention, community. Eclipses can be significant harbingers of a shift in awareness or focus, and this one, coming so closely after the inauguration of Barack Obama, is certain to energize the power of that new beginning for the US and the rest of the world as well. Our creativity is enhanced the day of the eclipse and energized the following day.
The mind is a crucial player in the Aquarian drama, and a planetary cycle involving Mercury (the mind) will help to bring our mental processes on board with the consciousness shift occurring now.
The keyword for January is Innovation and Inspiration, so use it well! The shifts that we are able to make now will help to set the stage for more challenging planetary dynamics later in the year.
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