Sunday, January 25, 2009

DNA Function Leaves the Matrix Behind in the Divine Map of the Omni Cell

DNA Function Leaves the Matrix Behind in the Divine Map of the Omni Cell
The New Ascended Masters- through Maurene Watson

The omni cell function explains why your guides, your newly braided
over soul aspects for the new Earth universes, are now all you
indwelled; in instant connection within your radiant light body. This
replaces the need to look for communication outside your inner
creator/supreme self; living within and in an access to All
consciousness through one divine cell. This also explains why your new
perception or intention reality produces telepathic or instant
manifestations, as your source self no longer travels through a
polarity cell matrix energy, to live your love as its desire.

If you mastered an emotion or a skill; then you don't ever have to go
through it again if you don't want to, leaving room for new adventures
and abilities. You must accept your divine worth to leave behind any
old world games or stories, so your brain field can shut off old
matrix Saturn counsel communication from giving you scrambled/false
signals, not coming from deep inner first contact! But, let’s first
review the matrix so you do not backtrack through it; for your omni
cell now remembers that the Divine plan is not the Matrix. You can
walk out of the old matrix now because you remember that one cell can
operate your whole orb field?

In the changing of the guard, your new over soul aspects, have soul
braided into your transformed soul bodies and raised your frequency
back into the memory of your Divinity. You are stepping out of the old
earth matrix/game now and leaving the divine map for extricating
humanity. Many unexpected souls, who could not awaken in other earth
cycles, may choose to follow you out of the programmed matrix game and
back through their free will omni plan, with the help of their
enlightened over souls. The divine plan is not the matrix except by
perception of self/other judgment. You are the divine plan, within
your own unique and original divine plan.

The crystal memory/celestial water dissolves like liquid pearls in to
the diamond memory and into an omni-cell, in order to extricate your
heart cell out of the old earth group memory matrix and back into the
new divine map. The divine plan didn’t fail in its love; only the
matrix failed to remember love.

The old matrix now reverses its own helixes upon itself, through its
own mechanism of control that will virtually begin to delete its soul
memory; a painful forgetting. You allowed yourself to be trapped in
the matrix because it is the nature of a god to let essence love so
much. You did trust your inner plan or you would have never dared such
a wild adventure. You knew your divine worth was bigger than any
matrix. You wanted to leave a map to extricate humanity and stop the
bleed and feed from distorted planetary soul memory. You can only fail
within a false matrix where fear twists you into a group memory
matrix. The caretaking and conflicts of a group matrix memory put at
high risk self nourishment in your own reality perception and your own
Divine memory protocols. Outside the Old Earth matrix is the
restoration of divine memory, where everyone follows their own map. In
the matrix you now remember that the built in rules included:
allegiance to external systems with slavery, unworthy, reversed DNA
structures, competition, love as control, greed, mind control, and
disrespect for the equality of all life and unique/original gifts, in
mostly women and children.

You will complete a new map as you move through the omni cell
function. This omni/particle cell represents you at the center of the
All, charged in love, where dark space and matter occupy the god
particle. The omni cell uses no energy or power; for it is its own
energy and power source; hence free zero point energy as you call it!
But it is much more than this. The omni cell radiates cosmic
consciousness from the ALL through the electrostatic charge in your
heart cell intent to amplify your desires as a torsion wave spiral
throughout all time and space potentials in the unknown. The
multi-universal field of the All is as a genomic hologram allowing
each of you to walk your path in your own unique original probability
fields. The DNA molecule merely acts as a storage device that is able
to read and write the genomic information from The All field. DNA acts
like a fractal/creation pattern in an environment that stores the
coherent light spectrum frequencies in a holographic way.

This genomic hologram is read using either electromagnetic, pure
magnetic, or acoustic fields; effecting your local environment as well
as the whole universe. The omni cell helps to synchronize, read,
rewrites, and transmit the information stored in your unique DNA and
distribute it throughout the universal fields to allow for instant
physical manifestations. The DNA acts like a bell that vibrates
holographic information back and forth from your world to other worlds
to initiate or intend new creations. This antenna aerial is open to
the reception of not only the internal influences and changes within
the organism, but to all the universes.

Truth will remain subjective experience. Experiences are agreed upon
events and shared moments and where we meet in these experiences are
multiple realities. So, your potentials or probability fields, may
still have multiple communal synchronistic experience; both reflective
and specific to each path. The omni cell will require more and more of
this! Everyone can have their own experience within their own
frequency, within their own wiring and within their own reality making
one authentic, original, referential, and responsible for their own
free will perceptions. By bringing a higher consciousness, by
listening to what others wish to share, by observing and sharing where
you collaborate, nourish, and create; you fall in love and allow ones
to choose to change the reality they are in and where the moment of
truth is, reveals the truth to all! Description is not interpretation,
nor is it application. You can describe an experience without having
to interpret another's process for them. They simply feel the divine
map in you to find a solution/application within their own internal
map. Anything else takes you out of the observer love position,
allowing for subtle forms of judgment.

Conscious divinity means you have mastered inner trust to do what one
has never done before; to call genius into another act of
self-discovery again. Conscious divinity does not allow your
astrophysical orb field to magnetize to another’s limited/unnatural
matrix game. Essence authenticity grows its own clarity from its own
core joy, which is naturally wired in your Divine self. Can you feel
your inner music dancing and blending your 3rd, 4th, 5th density
bodies and beyond, into you as your own spiritual free agent? Most of
you have soul braided your newly blended Earth over soul aspects in
your radiant bodies who enjoy: bending spoons, filling your gas tank
with your intent, heating your home through your bodies radiant field,
changing the numbers in your bank account, recreating your body in a
new space and time, or even tri-locating in your magnetic body orb.
Divinity has no rules, and no limits, remember? It is through the
magnetic power of your radiating intention that you pulse the omni
cell substance in your individualized body of light in your Supreme self.

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