Saturday, January 17, 2009

What to Do When There is Turbulence in the Energies

What to Do When There is Turbulence in the Energies
by George Lockett

From time to time we notice something like a churning in the spiritual
energies which we feel within. This could be caused by a strong solar
wind coming from a sun spot and producing auroras in the skies; or
just the influence of the full moon.

Or it could be a churning in group consciousness which we are feeling
because of a war or natural disaster in the news, that lots of people
are reacting to.

We are a part of the whole Universe, whether we acknowledge it or not;
what happens outside of us, we can also feel within us: as above, so

We can feel churning in our emotions and feelings; strong thoughts
which bear no relation to our current circumstances may come up and
bring shadows into our consciousness.

So what do we do when we feel this turbulent energy coming around us?
Well, what I choose to do is to become conscious of it, without
reacting to it. This is a kind of witnessing of the energy passing
through me.

When I become conscious, I let my awareness go to the physical body
and look within for feelings or sensations in the physiology; these
may be of pain or tension.

I then choose to consciously breathe into that part of my body; I also
invite all the muscles to relax, and release any tension or pain.

I consciously ground my energy field and visualize stale energy going
down into the Earth, to be replaced by fresh, revitalizing energy,
full of Love, Joy and Happiness; I feel that positive energy entering
the body.

We can then choose to react to the situation in a different way. I am
very aware of the law of karma - what we choose to create, comes back
to us. Therefore, I choose to look for ways to make myself more whole
and complete.

The best way I have found to do this is with a gentle smile. A smile
has a way of sending out waves of love and has a kind of magnetic
energy to it, which helps to bring about healing and wholeness.

I like to praise my body for staying healthy and free from stress. One
can do this on any level of the physiology; it is a form of self-talk,
with which we can bring a feeling of love and appreciation into each
cell of our body.

Remember that the cells of the body are just like people in a society:
we are all connected and are pulling towards a common goal to create
harmony and peace, both within the body and in the society where we live.

When watching world communication, it is now so integrated that even
things happening on the other side of the world have an influence on
us and our body - We Are All One.

Journalists are waking up to the fact that what a person puts his or
her attention on, grows; and positive articles are increasingly
appearing like points of light amongst the negative news items.

Each day we can look through the headlines for these points of light;
they will act as a tonic for us, and we can pass on their uplifting,
joyous energy to all those with whom we come into contact.

This process helps bring about healing in our own body; it helps us
realize that We Are All One, and stimulates us to make acts of
kindness to each other all the time.

George E. Lockett IIHHT, SSHA (C) Copyright 2009, All Rights Reserved.
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