Thursday, January 8, 2009

Uriel's Message -- The Eternal Quest for Truth

Uriel's Message -- The Eternal Quest for Truth

In your lifetimes you have experienced every aspect of truth in your search for the truth that sets you free from your belief in your powerlessness. There are no lies, there are different aspects of truth. Some will resonate with you, others do not. Yet each aspect of truth resonates with the one who believes that it is true. Each person is shown how their truth creates their reality and is able to transform their limiting material truth into the spiritual truth of their connection, divinity and power. And each new truth you learn unfolds into another level of truth. There is no end to the truth you can experience, the journey for truth is unlimited and eternal, each new experience giving rise to higher vibrations and expressions of truth.

How do you know when you have found your truth? When your life resonates with joy and unconditional love; when you are living in an abundant reality that is a mirror for your dreams. If you do not have that you are not living a lie, you are living an aspect of truth that you have yet to learn from, release and accept another truth. Your eternal quest for truth has encompassed many lifetimes and many different experiences, each one revealing another level of the truth you are seeking. All of them are true for you and higher levels of truth are waiting for you to connect to them.

The people in your life who you believe lie to you simply share their own truth with you. If it does not resonate with yours that does not make it untrue, for it is their truth. Yet they are sharing with you a truth that you have once shared with them, either in this lifetime or in a previous one. It is not your role to try to change their truth, but to decide whether you will connect with them at their level of truth. Where you once mirrored them, your inability to accept their truth shows you that you no longer do so.

Your eternal quest for truth has brought you through many experiences and the greatest truth of all, the one that you have been seeking, is that which reveals to you that you are a child of God, a spark of Light from the Source, experiencing all aspects of truth until you return to the real Truth of your being. Every aspect of truth is one step on your journey, an experience of separation and reconnection and part of your journey home. There is no judgment about any aspect of truth, you live the truth you know and believe until you are willing to accept another one. When you realize that all is truth and all truth leads to Source, you will find the truth that you can connect with and create a life of joy and peace.

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