Friday, January 2, 2009

Prophecy 2009: Healing Negativity with Positivity

Prophecy 2009: Healing Negativity with Positivity

Master Guide Kirael, through the mediumship of Kahu Fred Sterling

KIRAEL: Good evening. My journey today is to get a message out to
you. In my numerology, 2009 is about completion; yet nine plus two
equals eleven, and that eleven comes out to a two, and that two is
about duality, my friends, a duality as powerful as you’ve ever
experienced, powerful beyond your wildest expectations. The year 2009
will be a yin yang year filled with the possibility of negative things
happening. The duality of good and bad will be at the forefront as
negativity raises its energy. You can see that happening now in the
bailout of the banks.

Many will be harmed by what is happening in your financial world; yet
you cannot be harmed unless you think you will be harmed. Your
thoughts will carry the day. Moreover, if you’re engaged in anything
that you know is harmful to others, you will experience a little bit
of flack along the way. Your journey in 2009 is to be aware of what
is happening and to remain positive.

Be aware, as well, that 2009 signifies the beginning of the end of the
duality of good and bad. Hence, in 2009, you will reap all of your
rewards. It sounds as if I’m saying two conflicting things, but I’m
not. I’m telling you that 2009 will be a year filled with negative
energy and to be aware of it; yet I’m also saying that you will be
powerful beyond your wildest expectations because you will know what
to do. You will know to stay positive, to see the light at the end of
the tunnel, so to speak. As lightworkers, get into the rhythm of
staying positive, and that will ensure that everything you do will be
done in kindness, in the energy of love, and that energy will return
to you in kind.

What rewards will you reap in 2009?—the rewards that come from staying
positive. If you stay positive, you will have no problem recognizing
the rewards you will reap. If you hide under a rock or bury your head
in the sand, so to speak, you will find all the negative things that
you think you’re avoiding. So, be fully aware of what’s in store in
2009—the rise of negative energy—and see the positive in it all. This
whole journey in 2009 is about you being aware of what’s happening and
of what you must do.

The negativity will show itself in the first part of the year. People
who encourage and engage in negative activity will be out in force.
They will raise the negative energy, making it worse than it really
needs to be. They will use their energy to try to bring everything in
this world to a close, but they will not succeed. It will appear as
if the bad, the negative, is winning, but it will not be. This
journey will unfold over time during 2009. Again, if you stay
positive, and if you don’t bury your head in the sand, you will be a

You can already sense the negative energy. If I’m making you afraid,
then you’re already afraid and it makes no difference. Those of you
who are in your knowing, who are aware, will know that everything can
be perfect. You can fare better than ever in 2009 if you just stay
positive. Positivity holds all the power, because love is on the side
of the positive. Those who stay positive will spread that love. If
you’re in the positive energy, you will receive that love, and you
will remain powerful throughout this journey of 2009.

In 2009, you will see a change in the power of the president. Your
current president decided on a war and didn’t have to explain it to
anybody. He just “pushed the button,” so to speak. In 2009, your new
president will have no such unlimited power. He will be reined in by
We the People. He will have to listen to We the People, of this you
can be certain.

Your current president has one final thing that he wants to
accomplish, and if you don’t stop him between now and the end of
December, he will put something in place that you do not want to
happen. He has signed an agreement with Canada and Mexico to change
your currency. I don’t have the details, but trust me when I say that
you don’t want this to happen. You can’t let it happen. Make your
voices heard and block that agreement from coming to fruition. You
can change this because the agreement hasn’t been implemented yet, so
start writing letters and emailing and calling your representatives.

On the financial front, AIG is not the last bailout. The government
will continue to bail out these big companies until We the People put
their foot down and say, “No more!” Tell your new president that he’s
not a president of We the People unless he listens to We the People.
Go to the polls and vote in powerful numbers.

Young people can play a big role in this election by going to the
polls in large numbers. Whoever you vote for is up to you, but you
must put this president in a solid position to speak for We the
People. The president will know that he has to speak for We the
People because he’ll see it in the poll results.

The polls are manufactured for you right now. They’re not real.
They’re manipulated so that you will do what others want you to do.
Just go out and vote. The journey that is about to unfold will take
the most magnificent form ever.

I will turn to religion now. It will appear as if a devil is out
there, because those with weak minds will be convinced of it. They
will think, “I’ve been attacked. I’ve been attacked. This devil came
out of the dark and bit me.” In response, religions will falter
miserably. They will be shaken to their core. Spiritualist groups
will stand strong and will support the religious world. I’m not
talking about spiritualists entering into specific religions. I’m
speaking of them supporting the religious world. Religions will
falter and look for their energies to come up again, but they won’t.
The different religions won’t know where they’re headed.
Spiritualists will encourage people to stay with their religions
during these stressful times.

Q: How can I tell if I am shifting when I am surrounded by
negativity, and how will the negativity we experience in 2009 affect

KIRAEL: If you’ve always been a nice person and you suddenly find
yourself not being so nice, or you find that you’re bitter, unkempt,
not taking care of yourself, or doing nothing right, those are signs
that your shift is already happening, and you’re behind the curve a
little bit. You need only be aware of it.

If you can get into this journey with a smile on your face and talk
about religions in a positive light, those religions will start to
unravel their dogmatic points of view. Religions won’t disappear.
Instead, they will get wise and take note of the small spiritual
churches like the Beauty here in Honolulu. The people who believe in
Master Jesus and Master Buddha, these great masters of the Earth, will
learn that they don’t need to sell their religions. They will realize
that they merely have to do the right thing and live life in fullness.
Religions will realize this, maybe not as soon as the end of 2009,
but soon after that. Religions will move from putting fear in people
to putting hope in them. They will tell you no devil exists. After
all, the devil is a manmade idea. It’s in your mind.

Q: How should we respond to the changes we see in 2009?

KIRAEL: The changes will seem exaggerated because you’re not prepared
for them. Prepare for them by being aware. Use your knowing.
Respond by letting your new president know that he’s been picked by We
the People. The last time you had a presidential race, the president
was elected by only a few people. You were tricked into making him
your president. That election was a trick from the word go, but the
next president will not engage in that sort of trickery. You have to
know this. Be aware and make a change.

The president must be We the People’s president, or he will not
succeed. Everything will be in turmoil in the beginning of the year.
By mid-year, things will settle down a little, and by the year’s end,
you’ll have smoldered a bit, but you’ll feel good about what you’re doing.

Q: How will all these federal government bailouts of the financial
firms affect We the People and will there be social unrest as a result?

KIRAEL: Social unrest will come at you with both barrels, unless you
can stave it off in the first two or three months. These bailouts are
done with the same trickery that was used in the last presidential
election. Phony money was used for the AIG bailout. No money is
available for these bailouts right now. This is the last one that We
the People will be quiet about. We the People will stand up and say,
“No more. We’ll take the bath and get it over with,” because you
can’t keep protecting these companies. Read the Wall Street Journal
and find out how much the CEO of AIG made this year. It’s a heck of a
lot more money than the bailout is. If the CEO would just put that
money back into the company, things would evolve in a more positive
manner. Things could turn around within the year and those on a more
limited income could be freed up.

The president will read this article or hear about this somewhere and
he will know that to make this thing turn around, the CEOs must put
their money back into the companies. They must support their
employees. They can save their employees’ jobs by putting their own
money back into the company. That’s the only way you can make this
thing work right now.

Q: What can we tell the president and his cabinet that will help the
current financial situation?

KIRAEL: When your president is elected, you tell him that the first
year is on him. In other words, tell him that in the first year of
his presidency, he and his cabinet shouldn’t get paid, that they
should work for free. That’s the only way to get out of this
financial situation. Your politicians can afford to give up one year
of salary. If you get your politicians to forego their salaries for
one year, then your corporate leaders will have to do the same thing.
From the first of the year, people will see that something has to
change. Your politicians and corporate leaders must get off the dime
and do their part. The people who lose their jobs as a result of the
financial situation will figure out what needs to be done and they
will do something about it. Ultimately, they will be better off than
the politicians.

We the People will be aware of this journey. Your government is
writing millions of checks each day when it doesn’t have the money to
cover them. The Congress, the cabinet, the president, and all the
little people must embrace the light in order to feel good about the
journey. This might take two years to happen, but I will say a year.

Q: What is the future of stem cell research in 2009 and how will We
the People play a role?

KIRAEL: People will enter the medical system to change it by trying
to advance stem cell research. They will ask for funding for stem
cell research, but they will have to wait a while before the research
is sanctioned if they are not prepared to present their case to Congress.

When you look into a microscope, what you see changes before your
eyes. In other words, your thoughts determine what you see. You look
at an organism and it changes to match your thoughts about it; yet you
are not able to see the change when it happens. It appears as if it
has always been there. That is quantum physics.
The stem cells are filled with light. The medium has already shown
you that you can move the stem cells out of your brain into the stream
of your other bodily systems. You can work with the stem cells while
your politicians and scientists are figuring out how to advance the

Your stem cell journey in America will unfold faster than it will in
other countries and you will receive something very good by May 2009.

Q: What country or countries will balance the U.S. economy? What
role, if any, will China play?

KIRAEL: No country will balance your economy. You will have to
balance the U.S. economy by hoping it into balance. In 2009, you will
have to hope most of what you want into existence.
Your country will stand alone for the first few months of this coming
year. The beginning of the year will make the U.S. look as if it’s
the bad player, and it just might have been. Yet, don’t get involved
in that kind of thinking. No other country will come here and attack
this land, yet you will feel as if you’ve been attacked a number of
times, because a lot of people out there are interested in making
America look bad. Other countries will try to hang America out to
dry. The whole journey will be about you standing up and telling the
truth. That’s what We the People will do and that’s what the new We
the People’s president will do. That’s your only option.

China is your major financial player in 2009. It has more money than
everybody else combined. It has so much money that it doesn’t know
what to do with it, yet China will not give its money to you.
Instead, it will see how much of your assets it can buy. The problem
is that you have no assets in America. You have HAARP and such
things, but that’s not enough. So don’t be concerned about any other
country bringing balance or not bringing balance. You will have to
work to bring the balance.

Q: What role will the whales and dolphins play with We the People in

KIRAEL: The whales and dolphins want the killing of their species to
stop. If you continue to slaughter the whales, they will fight back.
In the beginning stages, they will come up out of the waters and say,
“No more.” They don’t have time for your fighting to get a vial of
oil from their bodies. I wouldn’t want to be a ship in the ocean that
has set out to kill whales. For one thing, the whales are bigger,
smarter and quicker than you are, and they know the ocean. You’re
just pretending to know the ocean, but they know the ocean. Don’t be
mad at the whales for striking back. My God, humankind has been
killing whales for years and years, and they’re just tired of being
hunted and killed. They won’t harm you unless you try to harm them.
When the whales are no longer angry, they will talk to you, because
this whole journey is about your awakening. The whales have
information to share.

Now you see dolphins performing tricks in aquariums. The dolphins
won’t be doing tricks for you much longer. They are ready to
communicate in earnest with We the People. If you’ve been on a boat
on the Big Island of Hawaii, you might have seen dolphins swimming
around and chatting with you. Soon, they will chat with a wider range
of understanding. The dolphins will talk to many people, not just the
mediums. They will talk to the people and they will be understood.
The dolphins will help you more than people will help you. Journey to
the ocean, sit on a rock by yourself and meditate. You will get
messages from the dolphins. They’ll tell you what they plan to do.
They’ll tell you that they will be here for you if you need them. You
will be safe in the water. They are thinking about safety right now
for all of you.

Q: How will the Goddess energy further weave its balance of love into
our Great Shift in 2009?

KIRAEL: The goddess weave understands balance. It knows what it has
to do and it will do it. The Goddess weave is a powerful energy
available to everybody on this Earth plane, regardless of gender. Be
aware of what it means to be a Goddess. If you are aware of your
Goddess energy, you can use your colors to the utmost in this
magnificent journey. Each Goddess here on the Earth plane during this
Shift in Consciousness embraces one of seven colors, each of which
represents an order (purple, violet, green, aqua, rose, blue, and
black). The color or order you embrace is associated with a
particular function or characteristic. No matter what your color, the
Goddess energy represents the Creator’s Love, and this journey is
about unfolding this in-lightened energy into the forefront of your

Goddesses, wake up and admit that you’re here and ready to do this
journey. Only about 58% of the Goddess energy that is coming for the
shift is here on the planet. So the Goddess journey is not as easy as
it seems. Nonetheless, it can be accomplished. As Goddess energy,
you will teach the people the Ten Principles of Consciously
Creating—Truth, Trust and Passion (the three Keys), Communication,
Clarity and Completion (the three C’s), and Prayer, Meditation,
Sleepstate Programming and Masterminding (the Four Pillars).

You will face opposition, and it will come from females. If you don’t
go into the negative, you will be all right. You will have to know
what to do. Stand up and be counted, but do it in a way that can be
understood by the masses. Do it in love, through love and for love.

Q: When did the Shift children start coming into the Earth plane and
how will they affect the current election and government in general?
How can the adults support these young people?

KIRAEL: These Great Shift children started being born about 1983 or
1984. They will be active in the first stage of the Shift. They are
about 25 years old now. Most will be single. They don’t even want to
think about getting married and bringing children into this world, but
that will change.

At the moment, many of those born around that time are hiding and do
not want to be noticed. However, if they don’t make themselves known
now, they will look for something else to do, and that’s not in their
or your best interests. They need to understand what the political
race is all about. Right now many of them are just willing to vote
without understanding why their vote is so important. They know they
have to vote. They can feel the need to vote, but, at this point,
they don’t even know who they will vote for. I do, and on a deeper
level, they know, too. They just have to wake up and be aware.

Most of you in the Goddess Light are in the 40 to 60 year-old range.
That’s great because you’ve got plenty of time to help these new
energies awaken. Many of these young men and women don’t want to do
anything now, but they will have to, because that’s their journey.
This first wave of Great Shift children is the answer to your greatest
desire to uplift this journey. They will make change possible. They
know how to be positive. People will be drawn to a smile from one of
these young adults. People will want to say, “I love you, too.” You
say, “It can’t be that simple, can it?” It is that simple.

These children have had some great times and some hard times, but
that’s all behind them now. Get them ready for right now. They will
all wake up and get involved in the governance of this country,
whether it’s through the vote or actually serving in the government.
These young adults will see the world through awakened eyes and say,
“We’ve got to do something here. I don’t know what, but we must do
something.” A mere thought will awaken these young people. They will
have a thought and then they will act. They will think, “Oh, that’s
all there was to it?” That’s the whole journey. They have all the
knowledge they need tucked away in their brains. They came into this
life with the shifting energies. Your job is to talk to them gently
and let them know that when they’re ready, you’ll be ready to hear
their answers. You’ll remind them that they have the answers inside them.

Q: So, then, we as adults need to listen to what they have to say.

KIRAEL: Smile, baby, smile.

Q: Oh, we smile back.

KIRAEL: When these young people smile, they gleam. Of course, their
journey involves more than that smile. Nevertheless, you, as parents,
must smile with these young people. If you don’t, you will descend
into negativity. Keep smiling and say it will be all right, because
if you keep saying it will be all right, guess what? It will be all

Q: What can we do to make the photon energy more manifest on the
Earth plane in 2009, and where will it be most abundant as the Earth
approaches the photon belt?

KIRAEL: The photon energy will spread to mainland America and to the
northern parts of Europe, including some parts of Russia. Most of the
photon energy will be in Hawaii. This photon energy is so powerful
that you will have to learn to use it. Your journey is about
understanding that the photon energy is yours to deal with. To begin
with, you can do the prana breathing exercises that the medium
teaches. Start by healing yourself. Breathe in the prana now and get
into the practice of taking the breaths in through your crown. Take a
deep prana breath, drawing the photon energy in. You will be so

Breathing the photon into your body will make it more manifest upon
this plane. If you’re not doing prana breaths, you’re not taking in
photon energy, and you will miss the boat. Get the photon energy into
your body now. Every time you take in a prana breath, some of it
remains in your body for months at a time when you exhale. Take a
deep prana breath every day and you will get stronger and stronger.

You will learn that using photon energy is about using love in all
aspects of your journey. Your ability to teach about the different
aspects of the Shift, and the response from the Shift children, will
bring to light how much of this journey is about love.

Q: How will our relationship with our higher self change in 2009?
Will we be receiving splinters and aspects at a higher rate, and if
so, how can we shift and integrate them in love?

KIRAEL: Be aware of the splinters of energy and the aspects coming
into your physical now. Some of you know that your higher self has
three aspects of itself either here on the Earth plane or somewhere
off the Earth plane, or a combination of both. Well, those other
aspects will leave this plane of consciousness and eventually download
their energies into you. The influx of this energy is one form of
splinter, which is just a download of energy from your higher self.
Be aware that most of you will go through the first ninety days of
this new year receiving splinters from your higher self. Actually,
most of you have already started getting splinters.

Now, the first thing you can do to ease these splinters into your body
is talk to your higher self. How do you contact your higher self?
Just talk to it. It’s that simple. You can speak to your higher self
with your mind. It understands what you say and you’ll understand
what it says. Everybody will be speaking to the higher self in 2009.
If you want to speak to your higher self with your voice, then do so
in the privacy of your home. That way, people won’t think you’re

Speak with your higher self through meditation. As you meditate, you
will see the beautiful higher self. You will know it’s your higher
self, and when you talk to it, ask, “Is this really you?” It will
smile at you. You will not see that smile at first, because you won’t
see a body like you do here in this third dimension. Your higher self
is energy; it’s light. You will see the smile with your sixth sense.
You can see everything when you’re with your higher self. It just
takes some getting used to. Keep talking to your higher self and you
will soon see that smile. Then tell your higher self to help you ease
the splinters into your body.

You can’t do this new journey into the fourth light with the body you
have now. You need the splinters to strengthen and change your body.
Prepare yourself to get these splinters. This journey of
preparedness is all about the splinters and talking to your higher
self. Your higher self can help you assimilate these splinters of energy.

Q: Will the galactic energies be involved with We the People in 2009?

KIRAEL: I believe the first undeniable contact will occur in 2009 in
front of We the People. People will know it happened. I have twelve
months to make this thing happen. You see, I have friends in the
so-called galactic world. They call you galactics, by the way. I
know energies that I would love to bring into this journey. I’ve been
working with one particular being to get him past his fear of humans.
He’s so powerful that he could probably burst this entire building
apart, yet he’s afraid of humans. Of course, he doesn’t want to burst
your buildings apart, because he wants you to have your journey. When
he’s over his fear of you, he will speak with you, but without having
to use a medium. He will come himself, if he comes at all. You will
have indisputable contact with the galactic world in 2009.

Q: Does Mother Earth have a plan for the Shift?

KIRAEL: She does have a plan, but her plan does not have judgment
attached to it like human plans do. When humans have a plan, they
attach judgment to it. You would look down at Earth and say, “She
looks good there, except this one little space. She wiped out a
couple of islands over there and she must be very sorry about that.”
Mother Earth doesn’t feel sorry. She is the Mother of every being on
Earth and she wants the best for you. Her journey is to be prepared
for all the people who will make it through the Shift. She will make
her changes without judgment and she will help release all those who
don’t plan to go through the Shift, and she will do that by not giving
them much of her energy.

Your job is to be aware. Mother Earth, this beautiful presence of
love and light, loves you all equally. She doesn’t love any of you
more than the other, and no one’s more loved by Mother Earth than
humankind. Mother Earth is prepared to go into this Great Shift much
sooner than the rest of you, so just watch for her signs. Stay
positive and do your journey. Smile through the journey, because you
know the chaos will come to an end. Mother Earth will be right there
watching you.

Q: Will chaos ensue as the matrix weave loses its hold on Earth, and
what steps can the Goddess Light take to dissolve the chaos?

KIRAEL: Chaos will reign, but if you stay centered and band together
as lightworkers, you will fare well. Go to any spiritual program and
find those you wish to join with. It is important to be in a
community of lightworkers.
The Goddess Lights will charm you through this whole journey. “Charm
you?” you ask. Yes, they will be here to help heal you. They will
create a space where you can come to heal and learn about the Goddess

Q: Will we hear the truth about how bad things are and will our
president speak the truth in 2009?

KIRAEL: You will hear, see and read bad news like never before. Your
presidential candidates are not telling you how bad it will get before
it gets better. When they do tell you how bad it will be, don’t say,
“Oh, that’s the worst thing you could ever say to me or anybody else.”
Instead, say, “Let it come. Bring it on,” and smile. The whole
journey through 2009 will be about keeping that positive energy going.

Whatever you’re being told about health insurance and how to deal with
the health care system doesn’t count anymore. The people won’t listen
to this rhetoric. Your candidates must speak the truth and be
positive. The candidate who speaks in a positive vein and who refuses
to say negative things about the other will win this election. Your
candidates won’t listen to me, but maybe they’ll listen to you. Call
your newscaster and say, “You know, I’ve had enough of this negative
stuff. What good has happened in the world? Hasn’t something good
happened someplace?” Then tell your presidential candidates, “You
know what?

If you start saying something positive, I’ll vote for you.” Demand
that your candidates speak truth about the issues and stop sniping at
each other.

If your candidates speak more about what they will do to help you,
instead of taking potshots at each other, they will be setting the
tone to get through 2009. They’re ready to change and if one of them
takes that stand, you’d all be better off.

Closing Statement

Don’t despair from what I’ve told you, because from all this negative
energy, the Great Shift will come. It will happen and you must be
aware of it in order to make it a positive journey. Remember, in
2009, balance the negativity with as much or more positivity. Stay
positive in 2009, no matter what negativity rears its energy at you.
Be aware, stay positive and stay in love and you will come out of 2009
in good stead.

Good evening.