Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Archangel Michael: Crystalline Cells and DNA

Archangel Michael: Crystalline Cells and DNA
Received by Carolyn Evers

Q: What happens physically when the cells change from carbon based to crystalline and how does it affect the DNA?

This is very important information so I, Archangel Michael, choose to answer this question. This change requires some knowledge of organic chemistry. Carbon is an element of this world and it is very prolific as it is contained in virtually everything you see in nature and it is even contained in man made substances. Carbon is one of the most frequently found elements upon the Earth and therefore since the physical body is basically formed from the structures of the planet, the cells are carbon based.

As one moves up the energy ladder, and I am speaking here of vibrations, there are more spaces in the cells as they join together to form such things as skin, organs, etc. These spaces allow more light to come forth and be present between the cells. As this happens, the structure of the cells change to become a crystalline structure.

A crystalline structure has a different arrangement of the particles. So in effect the cells of the physical body change in their structure. As they change, they are able to hold and attract more light. As you might be aware, light is the language of God. Now if you think of this you will understand that the language of God is actually vibration. So there is a quickening of the vibratory rate within each cell.

At first glance, this might not seem important to you, but what is happening is that as the cells change, one is able to work within the abilities of the soul. These abilities are very closely aligned with duplicating or patterning upon the creative abilities of God.

When the souls first came into form and made their way to this planet, namely in Atlantis, the cells were all crystalline. The fall in understanding of these souls caused the fall in a dimension which means that the cells were compacted and the change meant that light within the cells was the first thing to be purged as if in a crushing action.

As the light left the cells, the God-given abilities were forgotten as they could no longer be accessed except in a much diluted form.

You might consider DNA as the history of the physical body. As changes are made in the physical body they are registered in the DNA. There is a partnership between the spiritual aspect of the human form which is the etheric body, the physical form itself and the relationship to the DNA contained in the physical form. Such changes in the physical form must become stabilized and integrated which takes some time to become a part of the master operating system of the DNA structures. So this takes time, but eventually this change will become permanent.

This means that when humans change their cell structure to become more light bearing, after a while this structure will become permanent in the physical form and this will be able to be passed along to their progeny.

You might consider evolution in general. As humanity evolved, even though the outside of the physical might not have changed, what was going on inside the body and especially physical abilities changed as humanity went through evolution.

So not to confuse, consider such things as being able to see colors, the sense of smell, and hearing sounds also evolved to higher and lower pitches, these are examples of how the physical body evolved and eventually these changes registered in the DNA and were passed along to others. This will be the same in the construction of cells from carbon based to crystalline.

I Archangel Michael perceive this one step as the most important step that can occur in your movement towards enlightenment.

Archangel Michael