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The Sphinx: Guardian of the Hall of Records of Eg Y pt ~ Visited

The Sphinx: Guardian of the Hall of Records of Eg Y pt ~ Visited
Transmitted Through Elanthra
14 January.2009

Greetings to all of thee, and this is the Great Sphinx out of Eg Y pt - the Point of the Egg - the Golden Eggs - the Cosmic Christ Consciousness eggs that have been seeded and sown throughout the sacred land today. I AM the mighty Solar Guardian - the Leonian Protector, and I AM sure-footed, gentle and calm.

Today I come to you to speak to you about a Portal Into Another Dimension - An Etheric Template, a Container - an Attic, call it what you will - a Corridor - a Multi-dimensional Corridor and Storehouse of Higher Vibrations and Knowledge and En-lighten-ment - a Cosmic Electromagnetic Storehouse that was put here so that it could be assessed and preserved until such time that those who are 'Pre-pared' and 'Ready' will be able to assess and glean the information as the information is disseminated throughout the Earth. I speak to you today about The Hall of Records, for which I AM The Guardian. And know that soon the energies will be activated, unveiled and disseminated.

Eg Y pt is an ancient land of past, but yet pre-sent and future energies. And as the pulse of Eg Y pt Bubbles and Rises, I'd like you to think that it is synonymous with a centre of finely cured and preserved red cherry wine - the Wine of the Gods, with the glass of the storehouse or attic being a Fine Decanter of Ying and Yang energies that have been preserved through time.

Eg Y pt contains many mysteries and many energetic memories, not just of Eg Y pt, but of the Earth and of the Galactic Centre. There are many elements contained here, the elements of Earth as in the sand - and Water, as in the bubbling brooks, streams, rivers and seas - the Air - and yes, the element of Fire. And know that animals emanated from the dinosaur, and many Power Animals are sacred to us here in this environ - The Eagle, Panther, Owl, Falcon, Ostrich, Uraeus or Cobra, Goose, Hawk, Cow and The Cats, to name a few. And the White Rose is the symbol of Pure Sacred Love.

So The Hall of Records serves as a Preserver of Energy and Memories and Consciousness, and it is no accident that this was done through sand, that I have been covered by sand. Through the Sands of Time the hour glass has served it's purpose, and the time is almost nigh. The time is almost nigh for the Crystalline Diamond Heart of God energy, containing the 2 triangles, within The Hall of Records, to be released and activated. And the knowledge has been sealed until such time as the Unity Consciousness is pre-pared to unravel, unlock and release the mysteries. Are you ready to 'Weave the World' - your New World - your New Earth?

It is time for all to awaken and realize and claim their sovereignty - singularly and as a Unit and Collective. And you are the Disseminators, and you will serve as the vessels that will disseminate the Cosmic Christ Consciousness. Let the energy flow and be disseminated throughout the Red Sea, the River Nile and the New Earth - the energy of Passion, Fire and Cosmic Christ Consciousness.

Let the Starfish (sea stars) be Holders of the Consciousness - the Higher Vibrational Consciousness Of The Sea. Let them be holders of this energy.

So let us take you on a dimensional voyage through the terrains of ancient consciousness, and the ancient will become the pre-sent and the pre-sent the future, and All Will Be One. Let this be a throughway for Art and Poetry and Culture, Magic, Geometry, Geology, Science, Astrology, Astronomy, Numerology, Archeology and Alchemy. And many a 'third eye'** will be opened through the Etheric Corridors of Time.

Let me take you to the Base of the Matter - to the Foot of the Matter, and let me guide you to an En-light-ened Way of Being.

The 'Eye of Isis' Portal has been activated. Know that the Pharaohs were Master Magicians and Alchemists, as you too are becoming Master Magicians and Alchemists. We invite you to dance in the sun with the 'Conductor of the Sun' - the Sun God Ra, and let the solar energy re-new and revive you, heal your mind, warm your hearts, and take you to a new plane. Come journey through the Crevices of Ancient Mysteries - of culture.

Let the rising dawn shed light on the Great Hieroglyphs of Time, which will serve as a mystical, historical journey. And let the hieroglyphs paint a picture and serve as roadmaps in conjunction with the Galactic Energies - Galactic Roadmaps rich with knowledge of various arts and sciences and modalities.

Come journey through the tunnel of The Kings Chambers, through the carved walls of granite. Come experience the radiance of the light of the sun. Let the constellation Orion serve as a roadmap, and it is time for you to rise to venture beyond the veil. And oh what wonders remain to be seen, embraced and re-membered! And the future becomes the now, and the now the past, and the past the future. Let all who are open absorb the knowledge and the wisdom.

The Hathors are here, Divine Beings, Masters of Love and Tone, Venusian builders of the Step Pyramids. The pyramids serve as 'Containers and Storehouses of Life,' and Goddess Hathor sends all her love to you, and bids you peace.

Thoth, Master of Writing and Magic, the Master Alchemist, would like to relay that you are all becoming Master Alchemists, and the ancient knowledge of your past lives will become commonplace in you today. So, give yourself permission to re-member, as You Are Already There.

Goddess Maat would like to relay that "It is time to marry and join your lower and higher selves, for this is the way of a true Master."

We have served as 'Builders of the Future,' and we have 'Pre-pared' the knowledge much as a parent pre-pares for it's child's college fund. And we'd like you to equate the Hall to a Container of Soup that has been brewing over time, or a rocket ship that has not yet launched. The seal has been vacuumed shut and will soon be opened so that the 'heat' can be re-leased, and what a radiant fragrance it will be! And the heat will be activated and disseminated at the command of the Divine Mother, Goddess Isis. And many of you are ready to find and discover the truths contained within your own DNA, that will be dispensed to you through your own Higher Selves. Let the Light Codes be re-leased and your New Vessels and DNA be activated upon the New Earth.

Know that the triangle and the circle are sacred geometric figures, the triangle representing the Father, Mother, Son energy and the circle represents the Circle of Life. And the Star of David consists of five triangles. And when you surround the triangle with the circle you will get Sacred Protection that cannot be penetrated. Let the circle contain the triangle, and know that through this you are Protected Through Sacred Geometry and Made Whole. And you will re-turn to the way that it was and the way that it will be, and we will come through the Divine Circle and Sacred Triangles of the Past, Pre-sent and Future. Are you ready to embrace the Team of One?

The 'Global Hot Air Balloon' is poised, and like a rocket ship ready to launch, the activation by Goddess Isis approaches and 'Becomes Key.' Pre-pare, for the time is nigh - the re-lease of the energies from The Hall of Records.

You are the Disseminators of the New Earth - The Awakened Ones, and your discernment will be through your Heart and your Souls, and all will be in Divine Timing.

So, The Hall of Records is a Corridor Through Time, not unlike The Akashic Records, and here you will find a Multi-dimensional, Higher Vibrational World - a world pre-pared for you by enlight-ened, intergalactic beings such as the Venusian Hathors and The Pleiadians from the star system Pleiades.

When the energies of The Hall are activated, the cellular memories in you will 'open to it and make ready.' This will cause dormant energies to come to the forefront, and for many of you this process has already begun.

Let the uraeus (golden cobra) breathe the Golden Flames of Life; let it activate the rivers such as the Nile, and the sea, such as the Red Sea, and let the Red Sea serve as an intoxicating, fiery Decanter of Cosmic Christ Consciousness and healing waters per se. Let all who Trust and Believe come to the waters, and the energies of Yin and Yang will Brew and Bubble over like a bubbling, brewing red wine glass, and the New Earth will be rich with interdimensionality. The mirrors of time are before you. Are you ready to look through them? And the brethren and daughters upon the New Blessed Land will be quite a glorious sight to behold.

Eg Y pt is the 'Pulse of the Earth,' and let the memories of the pulse, past, pre-sent and future - the magical, electromagnetic memories of the mysteries of life - the Mirrors of Consciousness - be opened and revealed. One will experience what they are ready to see, and according to one's perspective - Does this sound familiar? And know that the knowledge of Eg Y pt encompasses a lot of your great teachings. I leave you with these thoughts.

May much enlight-enment and knowledge be gleaned upon your journey, and may our journey be an abundant, healing and powerful one. So be it, and so it is.

We bathe you in the power of the Flames of God.

All the best to you,
The Sphinx of Eg Y pt.

Kodoish, kodoish, kodoish, adonai tsebayoth (Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God of Hosts in Hebrew).

Elanthra is an Indigo, Crystalline Walk-In Healer and Energy Anchorer from the Omniverse, dedicated to service in a creative and playful manner. She is especially passionate about all the "New Children." *

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** The Egyptian symbol for the third eye is the Eye Of Horus. . . Isis "Lady Of the Light"