Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Hannah Transmissions - Segment 2 - Self in Many Bodies

The Hannah Transmissions - Segment 2 - Self in Many Bodies
aRA Miles

The Hannah Transmissions

Segment 2
Self in Many Bodies

The Voices of SourceSelf
Through aRA Miles

We call this segment of the session 'Self in many bodies.’ When we
speak of a location in self, we are speaking of a physical
manifestation of a being in a body who houses a living light signature
of Self. We are also speaking of that living light signature as simply
being throughout time and space. For example, beings on the seventh
dimension move as consolidations of woven tendrils of energy and they
move simultaneously and instantly through time and space. There is no
specific location where their form is held. They simply occur wherever
they occur. You have a seventh dimensional being within yourSelf
waking up. The origin of your beingness here in this body came from
the intent of the seventh dimensional being. A being who is woven with
the galaxy. A being who's experience of Self is an awareness of all
the exchange of awareness that moves through all celestial bodies in
the galaxy. A being who's awareness is one with the Central Core of
the galaxy: Good old Hunab Ku, as the Mayans called the Core. Hunab
Ku. From here you come into this body. You are not working out Karma.
No. You came with an intent to open space in the human continuum. In
so doing you move through the dimensions where dragonSelf is an
emanation from the core, the Hunab Ku, and comes to spark and ignite
new creation (this means the mutations that go on at the subatomic
level) and change how reality manifests.

The universe is always changing. Some of these changes just aren't
noticeable to humans because they seem to take so long, however, you
have incarnated at a time when the changes are accelerated and you
know it. There are four years now until the galactic shift of 2012. In
this time, the human experience will exponentially change. There will
be much cracking open and awakening going on. This will affect the
media, this will affect the internet. This will affect people's
everyday lives and their hearts.

Now we give to you a reflection of how Self designed yourself and
continues to design yourself. You are an interdimensional being and
you chose to dive from seventh into third, knowing full well that the
mind would forget everything and become programmed, and knowing full
well that the power of the program was not sufficient to stop the
power of Source moving in your body. The alignment of the planet with
the galactic core is moving now into reality. It is affecting
everything. It is affecting you. You are connected deeply into the
movements of the first sensation of Source in form. You are the
beginning place. That is why you feel at one with the East. You are
where the dragon spark of ignition comes out of nothing and creates
everything, and you are here to do it quietly as a maiden of the
woods, as an elder of the skies. You are mother dragon.

There are many dragons awakening. We will give to you in further
transmissions more of the dragon story. for it is part of the Hannah
transmissions. Today, however, we want to continue to focus on the
theme of Self in many bodies. We have been describing Self to you as
dragon being, which also doesn't have a form so much as it is a
conglomeration of tendrils of connection. Dragon being moves through
time and space simultaneously and when experienced by humans, it is
experienced in a form that it no longer is housed in. In other words,
the dragons no longer fly with their wings. They move instantaneously
as conglomerations, bundles of living light. Dragon is awakening
inside of yourSelf along with many other essences, for your heart
chakra is spinning open in spherical waves. Now think of the globe
where there are the lines of longitude and latitude. Think of this all
expanding as waves with both sets of lines moving in a web-like
structure, a much more intricate web than just a longitude and
latitude: A web that is a merkabah of living light expanding
spherically from your heart. That's what's going on and your mind is
catching up with it.

Your mind still sees true connection, true love in certain restricted
manners. The deep loyalty of your heart to those who are beloved to
you says that you will honor the trust given and you will always honor
that trust. We honor your honoring. We know where you are coming from.
At the same time we are saying to you, however, the trust is still
built on built in programs of what loyalty and love mean. These
restrict the human connection to each other. These buy into the
separation of self inside the boundary of the skin, so especially in
deep private relationships, this is where the program most is
infiltrating the mind. We want to point out to you that your heart
chakra is opening in all directions. This means the capacity inside of
you to love core to core with many is unfolding. You are getting a
taste of it in Global Circles. You are getting a taste of it in the
way that you are now finding yourself connecting with other awakening
ones here and there and everywhere. You are no longer here to fix
problems, to rescue other people, to move on causes. You are here to
connect with the single purpose and oneness of Source with others who
are awakening; to be stimulated and supported and interwoven with
others who are awakening. This means in terms of your relationship
that your beloved partner-spouse and you will both find yourselves
opening more to others without losing each other. This is not any of
the modalities of the 60s about free love, etc. Those were the ways
that it burst through then, cracking open the densities of the program
that had gripped the culture in terms of intimate relationship. Now
there is a new wave and this wave you know. It is the wave of oneness.
It is a place where the surrender to the Self means finding others in
oneness with self. It is a place of great beauty and great potential.
It is from this oneness that the new earth will create itself, for as
you come together and then back into your individuality, each and
every one will bring parts of the blueprint of creation back into reality.

Now you have a specific role here. Your role is that your grace, what
the channel loves to call gentle, penetrating grace, is sufficient to
bring the oneness into reality in whatever group or network or linkage
you are involved in. You are She Who creates Peace. She Who creates
Peace. You are so designed by your own SourceSelf intent. You could
say in terms of linear time that before you were conceived you
designed yourself to be able to do this, but we could also say that in
terms of time no time, and all time, that right now within you, you
are in the driver's seat. You are accessing and allowing the flow of
interdimensionality in yourself enough that you can choose, and you do
choose to fulfill the role that you are yourself, designed for: She
Who creates Peace; the coming together of recognition. So your
relationship is going to grow open, and you are preparing the fields
for this. You are sharing from yourSelf with your beloveds, sharing
deeply with your boys - as you call them. They are getting the
changes. You are preparing them. At the same time you see,
vibrationally there is an effect going on between all three of you. As
each body opens new space, that vibrational pattern is available and
moves between you. Your son is a little trigger, yes he is. He is
continuously like a lone wolf on the horizon, opening the new gates.
He's out there as the scout, and your partner is the place in heart
and gut where self gives permission. He does have a great ability to
surrender. He has been trained in many ways not to do so, so he is
dealing still, and will continue to deal with the difference between
his mind and his gut. But in the end, Self is what is moving. In the
end, the lower chakras are the trunk of the tree that runs through the
body and they merge with the intent of Source. So we are saying to you
that you can trust your partner, and therefore he can trust you, for
you are listening together. You will not lose anything by opening to
more and others. You will gain more of yourSelf in each other's presence.

Now as time goes by beyond 2012, you will find yourself becoming part
of intended communities, part of a global connection of people living
together in new ways, and this will mean coming with all of your
family into a community based awareness. You are preparing for this.
These are the beginning stages. There is Self in other bodies who is
awakening with you. You are not alone in the wave of the movement that
you ride, yet you are on the forefront. You could say in terms of
percentages of those awakening, the wave that you are riding is about
1.5% of all awakening ones because it is at the forefront of the tide
coming in. Yet there are others. There are thousands and you are
linked with them energetically. They are woven through your body as
lines and tendrils of living light, so as they awaken you awaken; as
you awaken, they awaken.

Now is coming the time that you will begin to become conscious of
these others. You can first contact them best by going within and
letting yourself use that tool called fantasy. Letting your mind read
pictures for you as you ask 'who are you out there? Let me see you.
Let me feel you. Give me something to resonate with that I can think.'
Therefore you will find time made and space made for the essence of
some of those others to start coming into your awareness so that you
have a sense of 'Aha, this is this one, and Aha, this is that one.'

Now be wary of getting tied down thinking you see it exactly right,
because you might not. The pictures in your mind might simply be only
your mind using what it has already in the data library - already in
the library to give some image, to give some sensation awareness of
what you are tuning into, therefore you might be off base in terms of
how you define it. But you will have had the taste of the essence, the
sensation of the being, the coming to know the individualities as
something merging out of nothing, something coming out of the oneness
into individuality. This will make it so much easier for you to find
them on the internet, or while walking down the street, or in some
lonely place in the forest or on the beach, for your magnetic essence
will draw them to you and you to them,

So there is Self in all dimensions that you are weaving with now,
particularly the seventh dimension. There is self that is amalgamating
with you as a soul consolidation, and you have been through four of
these and are still processing the second and the third. Places where
there is weariness inside of you come from this process of cleansing
the personality remnants of the others out of your system. So we
recommend smudging your body. We also recommend the dancing
meditation, for as you move your hands up and down your body you will
heal yourself. Let your hands spin open the merkabas of your chakras
as you dance and meditate. Let your hands show you how the energy is
moving and in so doing give it space, for in this way you cleanse
those fragments of the personality residue and release them back into
living light. Remember you are simply carrying within yourself
remnants of others lives where their purpose and their intent was to
come to this dimension at this time in order to experience the old and
ancient ways and pass them on, so you yourself are creating in your
bodied being a library of knowing that stretches through human history
and through dimensions. There is the Self throughout the dimensions,
there is the Self that is soul consolidating with you and there is the
Self in many bodies, out there and alive and awakening with you.