Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Elohim: Come Fly With Me!

The Elohim: Come Fly With Me!
Received by Alec Christos Gabbitas
January 5.2009

Angel wings enfold each and everyone without exception and without bias or preference as we move tentatively onwards into the realms of light that we had forgotten to remember - once again! We are also retracing our steps, and some of them are quite glorious, over the fast receding recollections of yesteryear as all that we singularly or collectively witnessed are made available and visible on the universal movie screen, and Akashic action replay! We are attempting to recall all those dispersed and splintered factions or segments of self throughout the various layers or dimension and in all time lines, to refine and redress, finally regrouping them all into the sum total of the being that we truly are, right now.

Our angelic counterparts are assisting us in this area of great expertise as we search in all directions, including that area which may be likened as 'future' experience, that might too need a reshuffle and recognition for that which they most favourably represent and offer, in utmost highest good, therefore encapsulating all avenues of past, present and future. An ideal template of soul blueprint, a probable mission, may then be delicately and precisely outlined as the skeleton framework is created and the opening key is placed on ready. We are angelically escorted and guided by our 'guardian angels' and we receive an extensive and thorough realignment and intense preparation to ensure that the perfect forthcoming energy upgrading will be exactly in tune with universal harmonics and those scales of justice and balance are weighted to absolute perfection. Like attracts like, Universal Law!

Exciting times are being reborn, as out of every nano-second is birthed the exact future for the one and likewise for the all. Nothing is overseen or misplaced as the expanding reality is tailor-made to suit each and every need as the great shift of the ages grows ever nearer. The divine alchemists within the heaven worlds, and the mighty form builders, are working sublimely towards a complete readiness and total equilibrium as all heavenly bodies meld into a spectacular universal 'tapestry of life' in all its wondrous and numerous patterning. The stage is set, the hosts of players and actors are moving into position and soon will the curtain be raised on the 'greatest show on Earth' to commence and destiny will, in highest good, be revealed and co-created.

We are they whom work tirelessly and supportive with you and with all forms of creation. We sincerely invite you, not only on a subliminal level but also consciously to feel the divine energy that emanates from your back between your shoulders, encompassing your beings with 'flowing light' in wing like formative majestic protection. We cordially invite you to accept your 'angel wings' and to come fly with us throughout the ethers, throughout the heavens, throughout the preparations of ascending realities, becoming your very selves the masters of your own ship and your own 'saviours,' accepting your beauty and true self recognition of whom you truly are, the Hu-man Angel.

Dance in your divinity, adorn yourselves with that coat of many colours as the '39 rays' of the universe are resplendently mirroring and supporting your every aspiration and attainment within the mighty divine plan of transformation and co-creation. Come fly with us, come fly and pave the way! We are The Elohim who stand by you this day.

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