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St Germain: Vision Of NESARA Realized


St.Germain:Vision of NESARA Realized

Ashtar addressing the December 16, 2008 teleconference:

"..And we shall be joined now by one who has volunteered to come forth and lead us in an Exercise of the Heart. Please to keep in mind that we are acting together in this. I, Ashtar, shall step aside for this Beloved One to come and address this Beloved Family. My voice shall be heard with his and you may feel, even as you participate, the voices of your Guides and your Angels and some of the Ascended Masters, or all of them, and yes, Mother Gaia, and her representatives and all of the Kingdoms, because we're all in this together Beloved Ones. Yes, we are on the Ascension Path, but we're here in service to the entire planet and to Humanity and all of the Kingdoms, so let us join together. I, Ashtar, bid you farewell with Love and thanks beyond words. And so it is, Beloved Ones. And so it is. Salut!"

St. Germain:

Good evening, Beloved Family. It is I, St. Germain, and I come forward as what you might call the one in charge of bringing the united States of America into being, of birthing the concepts of Independence, Freedom, Sovereignty, and Abundance for all around the world. And I stand with you tonight and I rejoice at your radiance, the Lights you are, Beloved Ones, beautiful beyond words, and so far reaching. Even as we prepare to reach even farther, we shall do this together.

And be assured NESARA is real. It is reality. And when you are in the higher dimensions, which you do live in more and more, NESARA is Law and it is done. However, we shall be journeying high in order to send the energies of Love, the energies of Freedom, and the message of NESARA throughout all of planet Earth, below, on and above, and indeed to the Universe beyond.

So we ask that you breathe, and breathe deeply and notice, if you will, that as you breathe this in, it is the Air of Freedom. Oh, you may see or feel the Lights, yes they're there - the Blue Light of Truth, the Violet Ray of Transformation, the White Light of the Christ; they're all there, and more - Abundance, Health, Freedom from tyranny of any kind, Freedom to express yourselves and to be passionate with your life and your choices for your lives. All of this is in the air, so breathe it in Beloveds, breathe it in to your beings. Breathe it in through that which you call your Crown Chakra. Breathe it in, and up through your feet from Mother Earth herself. Breathe it in through your hands. Your hands are empowered to heal. Breathe it in and empower your healing hands.

And now focus, if you will, on your wisdom center. It is here for you to see the visions. We shall describe some. Look closely and see what there is to see. See children laughing, dancing, and playing, joyfully with each other. All colors, all countries of the world, hugging for the pure Joy of being. The sun is shining, or the moon is shining, depending upon where they are, but it's all beautiful. They dance through meadows. They jump up on the hills, and jump even higher with Joy. They swim in the crystal clear sparkling waters. They sit, and tell stories to each other, happy stories, happy tales of joyful adventures.

And see all the Beloved Animals, interacting and mingling with them. And see the Animals of all kinds. It's a regular Noah's Ark it is, all the Animals. See the Lions frolicking with the Lambs. And all of the Animals which have the ability to poison each other, have transmuted out of that particular body and have only Love for the children, and for each other. See them hugging; see them rubbing noses; see them wagging tails, and dancing with the Light, and some are flying. There is a chorus of Birds in the Trees, and the Trees are so happy, they say, "Come, come and gather, and make your beautiful music of Joy." And look up, and you might see some Animals peering out from the branches, smiling, so delighted are they with what they are witnessing, these Children completely free.

And see some of them creating, perhaps painting or writing a song, creating a new game for everyone to play, a game where there are only winners. And see some children being brought to the area in wheel chairs, or on rolling beds. Some are being carried, they are so weak, and see them come, and as soon as they come in and join with the Children, the Angels, the Masters, and you Beloveds go around, and simply by smiling and perhaps touching them, and holding out your wondrous human hands to them. See them leap up well, totally healed, never to be sick, or in any kind of imbalanced situation again!

And they join delightedly with the others, and the parade continues, and it is so joyful to see these children laughing, dancing, and playing. They are so carefree. Their Lights shine so bright. They bless the very Earth that they walk upon, and Mother Gaia supports them with clear water, clean air to breathe, the Sun and the Moon shining so beautifully, and all of the Stars in the Heavens look down and smile.

And yes, the Crystals are everywhere. The Crystals are beautiful in their radiance and they shine, and they add to the beauty of the scene. And all of the Minerals, and all of the Plants are there. There are beautiful gardens everywhere, with waterfalls, sparkling sea water, and yes, look out upon the oceans, and there are beauteous boats, and all manner of pleasure craft, and everyone is having a delightful time. Everyone has plenty. There is abundance for all.

There is no need for armies with guns. There is no need for people to be arrested. Everyone is so joyful and everyone has the consciousness of the Christ and wants to do service to others, and Love, spread Love for all. And that is the mission of the day.

Now look closely. Stop in front of one of these frolicking children, and look into the face and the eyes of that one, and recognize yourself Beloved Ones, and recognize yourself. This Beloveds is the state of NESARA realized. This is the state of bringing NESARA to all of planet Earth. This is the result that NESARA has for Freedom, the Freedom to be in self expression, the Freedom to express your passion, the Freedom to have Abundance in all manner of things that you desire, the Freedom to be perfectly healed in body, the Freedom to be rejuvenated.

Now look around and see your Star Seed Brothers and Sisters dancing as children with you. Yes, some of them might appear to be aged, but everyone is so young in heart. Look around some more, and see your Light Worker Family dancing among those and helping to heal, reaching out to each other in brother-sisterhood in the Oneness of All. And we're here with you rejoicing, and this Beloved Ones is NESARA realized. This is the true acknowledgment of the Golden Age by all upon Planet Earth. This is the grounding of the Age of Aquarius. And so it is that as it comes to all, all transcend whatever is left of the third dimension, and we move together into the higher realms.

Now Beloved Ones, now that you have these pictures so firmly in front of you, bring them into your heart, circulate them throughout your entire energy fields. And now Beloveds, share them with all. Send them out on wings of Love, golden wings if you will, silver wings united with gold, platinum wings. Let the Lights empower this gift that you send out, this information inspiration, this vision of NESARA and what it brings.

Yes, there will be some interim moments, but if everyone worldwide, every human could focus upon what NESARA really means, what it really brings, the end result, the acceptance, the readiness would be instantaneous, and so it is with your help. Send it out. Messages of Love, surrounding, enveloping, and wrapping the NESARA visions. Send it out to the world Beloved Ones, all of planet Earth, and let planet Earth know its time has come in Earth time. Send it out on the high vibrations of Love, send it out inter-dimensionally, send it out to the hearts and the minds and the wisdom centers of all of Mother Gaia's Kingdoms on planet Earth.

Let there be no corner untouched by this message. We are putting the world on notice Beloved Ones that the time has come. And we are giving the world more, let the words the Beloveds wrote, which is called the NESARA Law, but the words come to life in these visions you send. This Beloveds is the true meaning. It goes way beyond the words, and it goes to empower even more the words themselves as they are read into the history-herstory of the United States of America, her beloved neighbors to the north and south and the world beyond.

And even if this is done notice, fly up for a moment, and look down upon the scene, and see how bright you shine Beloveds, you shine! You're lighting up the entire Universe with NESARA visions. And so it is Beloved Ones, that the Universe thanks you beyond words and gives you back the Love that you so beautifully send out. It becomes a spiraling of Love, a spiraling of Joy, a spiraling of Light, so radiant, so far reaching, it penetrates and permeates every energy field on the planet, and then out to the Galaxy and the Universe beyond. These energies are reaching far beyond.

And there are those upon the other planets, there are those on the ships, who stop, who feel, who listen, who see these beautiful radiant Light messages coming, and they allow them to come into their fields of energy as well, and enter into their hearts, and they beam such Joy, it comes back to Planet Earth. So now the entire Galaxy and indeed the Universe beyond, is sending back the messages of support for NESARA, for Lady Nesara, and Lady Liberty to walk hand in hand, arm in arm, joined by all of you Beloved Ones. All of you take that walk onto the stage now with the NESARA visions radiating from your fields. Come up onto the stage now, and be there, and take your place of honor as the announcement goes forth.

And know that you have helped to create in the minds of those who hear it for the first time a kind of a Peace, indeed a Peace that passeth all understanding, an acceptance, an allowance, and indeed a Joy. And you know there are those among this audience, who stand in acceptance and join you in the Light, and who will finally feel the connections with the entire sacred being they are, and they will feel the connections with you Beloveds, and the One we all are.

And they will truly know what this NESARA really brings to them, the gifts, the Joys. And so it goes beyond that which those two brave ones put on paper, it lives, it breathes, and it brings Lady Nesara and Lady Liberty to the front of the stage and as the announcers make the announcements, see how the entire audience lights up. It is most beautiful. Lady Master Nada herself shines as she makes the announcement. And those who come to be a part of that program on the stage feel even more wonderful because you're there in support of them. You're there with them, one with them, one with the Love, the Light, and the Joy.

So it is Beloveds, bask in your own radiance, and in the radiance of the One we all are. Soak it up literally into your beings. Feel the blessings that NESARA brings. Look into your eyes, into the heart of the child, and know that it's you Beloveds, dancing and frolicking and loving and living life with the blessings of NESARA throughout planet Earth and beyond.

Just feel it Beloveds; just allow it. But maybe it's a gentle wave coursing through your fields; it may be beautiful music, it may be Lights, whatever it is, just allow it, and know that you have expanded it, and contributed to bringing this feeling, this Joy to all of planet Earth and to the Universe beyond. Just breathe with it. Relax and be joyful with it. And return to it in the days to come. Bring it into every now moment. You are continuing in service and in Love as you do. The world is ready, and you Beloveds are great Lights helping to bring that about. And we Love you beyond words, and we thank you for all that you are doing to bring NESARA forward into the consciousness of all dimensions of planet Earth. And so it is. Namaste!

I'm Susan Leland, and I have the honor of serving as a voice for Ashtar and others from the Lighted Realms. I've had several careers, beginning in a family-owned retail business, then as a wife, mother and community volunteer. In 1985 I became a real estate agent and was blessed with many clients who came to my community to attend an ancient wisdom school. Through my association with them, I "woke up" and started upon my own spiritual quest.

I learned from these wonderful students and from other teachers, and I connected with my own guides in 1996. Then came an intensive period of attending healing classes and workshops and almost daily practice, while quitting real estate along the way in 1999. I have earned 6 Reiki degrees along with other certifications in energy healing and spiritual ministry.

Today my "work" is joyfully fulfilling as a facilitator for the loving messages of Ashtar and those who accompany him at our Ashtar on the Road gatherings. Thank you for taking this time to get acquainted with me and with my mission as a voice for Ashtar!


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