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Tuesday July 21, 2009

Today we begin energetically with the moon working hard in the
Sign of Cancer trying to assist us in getting in touch with what Is
really important to ourselves, and to show us how we are feeling
about our life.

At 1:57am we had a great aspect with Saturn asking us to look
at the next step, get some details and begin to work on our issues.
So dreamtime might have been very interesting last night.

At 1:05pm Venus the planet of what we want made a rough aspect
with Saturn. (duty, obligations and responsibility) This indicates to
me that some of us are not thrilled with the work which is going to
be involved in the next step but the energy is here to assist us anyway.

At 2:51pm Uranus the planet of changes comes in to assist us
and emotions could be strong today. As in all new or full moon
or eclipse days, this is not the day to do anything MAJOR if possible,
but lay low and see what flows to you in your feelings and ideas today.

At 7;35pm PDT here in Seattle the sun and moon touch for the
eclipse. Remember that we are given the opportunity to look at the
past only in order to receive information from it. Not wallow around
in regret, remorse, or What if's. Look at what needs to be looked
at today and use the CARDINAL (Initiating Action) Nature of the
astrological sign of Cancer and begin to make the changes necessary
to get you where you want to go.

At 7:35pm the moon times out (v/c) and until 8:28pm we have a
very interesting v/c. I personally am taking today off and going
to meditate during this time and listen to some nice music and ....
see what my next step is to be....and maybe examine some emotions,
ideas or whatever which I want to build upon and look at some things
which I finally need to allow to leave me in my life.

at 8:28pm the moon moves to FIERY LEO and we get ready for
tomorrow when the Sun will move to Leo and all will blow away
in a rush of FIRE and Passion and energy to move onto that seed
planting in our lives.

For today I will for sure use Amber, but for you, please
use the stone which makes you personally feel connected and safe

The color for me today will be the PINK OF Love and opening heart energy

And the oil of course will be release. For some of you this would
be an excellent opportunity to use sage, or smudge, or open doors
and windows and just allow things to roll away...

My kiss for today is... Feelings are nothing but a barometer to show
me where I am. I am in control of changing thought patterns to change
these feelings anytime I am ready,

and I control my mind, and thus control my future.
Tomorrow will be better than today,
and the next day better than tomorrow and
SO ON and so forth.


What is an eclipse? First, there are 2 types of eclipses which ALWAYS
happen within 2 weeks of each other (2 times per year) LUNAR eclipses and SOLAR eclipses.
I believe that knowing where these eclipses will happen for a client and myself is
one of the greatest tools that we can have. Knowing that for a few weeks each
year we are HIGHLY activated in a certain part of our astrology chart can surely
give us a heads up on timing and much more.

Often eclipses reverberate for at least 6 months and more often the next year
and Those eclipse spots really are powerful houses or areas of change for yourself.

The General rule is no surgery or major events for a week before and a week
after an eclipse. If you cannot avoid this 2 week Window. Please try and avoid a
day or 2 before or after the eclipse for anything major like surgery or signing contracts.
AND since we had an eclipse on the 7th of July and now having one July 21st,
and are expecting another one on August 5th some of you may have found that things
are not moving exactly as planned?

Remember, NO FEAR, Eclipses happen 4 to 6 times EVERY year and the planet
and WE are all still sitting upon it. With an eclipse it is just that the universe
is not behaving normally and often people have problems sleeping and things
do not go as smoothly as we might like as we are eclipsing energy which normally
flows to us in order to create change.

ECLIPSES are the wild card, they were the portents or omens of what the future
would hold In olden times as Kings and Princes consulted astrologers for the
omens of the eclipse patterns. Countries rose and fell, wars were fought and much
more on the omens which were predicted from eclipse patterns.

In your life I can tell you that where the Lunar eclipses happen you have
the opportunity to move forward and eclipse that past if you choose.
LUNAR ECLIPSES allow us to CLEARLY See what is going on RIGHT now and
oftentimes allow us to make decisions from that clear vision.
We had one on July 7th and will have another one on August 5th.

all of us for the next few years)

Solar Eclipses are When the moon (the past) covers more and more of the
sun (the now) as it moves across the sun and blocks it from view. Solar eclipses
seem to block the now and allow us to process information gleaned from
past experiences in order to learn from the past and make new decisions.

Solar eclipses are spots in your astrology chart where you are going to be
getting a Great deal of Learning. The intention of a SOLAR eclipse is that we
look at the past only in order to learn and then move forward with the
information and not get caught in the past in any way.

So, on July 21st we have our FIRST NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE
IN Cancer since 1981.

SOLAR ECLIPSES happen at the NEW MOON and often are the most powerful energy
of the 2 types of eclipses. On both these eclipses I tell clients what do you want to
ECLIPSE in your life? With an solar eclipse we are asked to ECLIPSE THE EGO (the sun)
and who we were told we are in order to be who we can be..

""WHEN I LET GO OF WHAT I AM , I become what I might be
Lao Tsu 600-400 BC Chinese Taoist Philosopher’
(is the theme for a SOLAR ECLIPSE)

So, Right now, we are having an opportunity to magically wipe away certain
things about ourselves and beliefs about ourselves, but we do have to see
them first don't we? and isn’t that a gift?

Please remember an eclipse is an event that lasts for at least 6 months
so do not Expect all of the issues brought forward by each Eclipse to be
solved within a week or so. Many of our issues on this planet have been
going on for thousands of years haven’t they?

July 21st, 2009 SOLAR ECLIPSE, 7:34pm PDT with the sun and moon at 30 Cancer
the Sabian symbol for this degree is ...(Glorification of the past) Solar eclipses
BLOCK THE now and allow us to see past actions and maybe repeat past patterns
they are extremely powerful. In this chart the sun and moon are joined..the
past and the present joining into a new beginning for us all.

30 degrees of any sign carries tremendous importance as it is at the end
of one energy and right at the beginning of another energy. New moons are
great times to set intentions and really connect with our path.

This year we have 2 new moons in Cancer, The first new moon was June 22nd and
now with this Solar eclipse new moon on July 21st, we are really getting into the
feeling of Cancer. So, lets all make wishes for inner peace, inner security and
recognize that we are at a major turning point in the way we handle our
emotions and our lives. GOOD and WONDERFUL things are possible, and as we
look at the past in order to learn from the future lets get the most out of this
powerful eclipse for the next 2 weeks.

Cancer is a Cardinal Water sign and water MUST FLOW and reach its own level
and deal with its own FEELINGS and energy. And for us all dealing with our
personal emotions will be part of this theme.

Healthy Cancer energy asks how can I nurture and learn to care for self in order
to teach and help others? The shadow side of Cancer is, are we martyring ourselves,
sacrificing ourselves in the vain hope that others will see OUR OWN needs and
somehow meet them?

REMEMBER SOLAR ECLIPSES are NEW MOON days and are highly charged
with new beginnings and this day creates a new energy for ourselves and the
Planet. As in all New Moons, what are you going to PLANT New in your life and
Allow to grow over the next 2 weeks until that next Lunar eclipse?

And you can find the updated complete article on eclipses on my website. HAPPY ECLIPSE

Other information on the energy of Cancer: KNOWING what colors, animals
totems, and energy which is coming to this planet surely is going to enable
us all to use it more efficiently. So, here is a bit more knowledge

AND if you know where it is in your Astrology chart you can get an idea
of what area of your life is being strongly upgraded.

Americian Indian for the energy of Cancer which is the
TIME OF the SOUTH Shawnodese
The animal is the coyote, the season is summer,
the time of day is Midday, and the colors are yellow and green.
The powers of the South are GROWTH & Trust

SUMMER SOLSTICE June 20th 2009 10:46pm PDT here in
the Seattle Washington area this year is the time when the sun
enters the sign of Cancer..
June 20th 2009 to July 22nd is called the STRONG SUN moon.
People born under this moon are the FLICKER people.
(CANCER) Water. Their plant is the WILD ROSE, their
color is pink and their tone is the carnelian agate.

Their clan is the FROG clan. Flicker people are able to
silently and receptively ride with the flow of life. They are
gentle, dreamy, sensitive people, able to both reflect and
absorb things round them. They must learn to be more
independent and less changeable. To live in trust and faith
and not fear..(and we are all incorporating this energy right now)

Angels who are said to work with Cancer energy are
St Germaine Zadkiel and Chamuel

Ray Three represents active intelligence or the ability to bring
abstract thought into form. Pink or Yellow-white:
Throat Chakra day of the week Monday
Archangel Chamuel

St Germaine, Archangel Zadkiel, the NEW ORDER,
RAY SEVENThis is the ceremonial order of the NEW age
which is about transmuting energy and the VIOLET FLAME
Violet or White, Spleen: Archangel Zadkiel:

This is from Alice Baileys work. If you know the angels which
work with certain parts of your astrology chart you can know which
ones to call upon.

Google these angels and get lots more information if
you wish...and if you want me to end you a file or have
this done for you contact me please.

I have more information on this if you are
interested but Mark Dodich in Portland oregon Does VIOLET
FLAME work and Archangel work if you wish to contact him at

Contact him for the ASTROMARK free astrology
forecast newsletter at 503-252-1558 or check out his website
at to sign up for his great newsletter

and I have the $30 question option on my website if you want
to know where the eclipse and where this is happening for you
Carol Barbeau

Saturday, July 4, 2009

LUNAR ECLIPSE July 7, 2009 at 2:21am

LUNAR ECLIPSE July 7, 2009 at 2:21am
Eclipses for eons have been used to predict events and where
This is in your own chart is getting some upgrades over this next
2 years. Look at what you want to build, where you feel capable
Or not capable, where you are willing to build (Capricorn) and what
Scares you or makes you feel loved, or unloved, or belonging or
Not belonging, or connected or not connected and this is
(Cancer energy) and recognize this eclipse is trying to bring those 2
Things together. Achievement and feelings or connections
To feeling YOU BELONG:

Eclipses last energetically for at least 6 months and this energy
Of Cancer and Capricorn will be with us for much longer than
That. NO fear…the eclipse window is now wide open and if
You are still here, you are staying for the program:

(Eclipses often disclose the shadow side of energy and the
Shadow of Cancer is Insecurity, and martyrdom; Do we
Sacrifice self to hope that others will see what we are doing
And do this for us?

The shadow of Capricorn is that it is easier to control OTHERS
than the self. To dominate and control, and Capricorn can
Also believe it or not say. “its not my job, let someone
Else do it”

AS always a LUNAR ECLIPSE OR full moon brings
Up the opposites in energy. Both Cancer and Capricorn are
YIN or female energies and ask us to look at our vulnerability
As a strength and to create from our feelings and connections to
Intuition. IF we cannot handle our feelings and our emotions
What do we do?

This energy of feelings relates strongly to
Inner strength and once we master the mind then we find the
Mastery of emotions is RIGHT THERE FOR US TO USE also.

Have you noticed all the deaths this last few weeks? This
Is the gateway energy of Eclipses. Eclipses are RELEASE
And transformation Points, and often when we cannot release,
and are no longer Willing to work on issues…we release
physical form. (and I think go back to the recycle bin
and get reborn with younger and more energy acclimated
to the times we are in.

There is nothing to fear from eclipses, they are like
Wonderful doorways for those who cannot keep going..
But the energy at this time really wants us to let go
Of something…and to keep going, to transform and to
Move past limitations..

But recognize that we are at a point of creating a new
World and it does begin with creating better selves. BY
Better…I mean a self who YOU PERSONALLY are more
Happy, comfortable and proud of.

This energy is within self, not about what the world thinks
Of you though Capricorn does represent Father time and
Cancer and Capricorn both are energies which represent
Family, heritage, history, and … NOW we can recreate all
Of this and much more not just for ourselves but for the world.

OK: THE CHART for this event. SUN and moon in opposition
Which is what happens with all full moons. This one has
The Moon in Capricorn in the 9th house making an opposition to Mercury in
Cancer in the 2nd house of VALUES, and the sun in the 3rd house of
ideas and the mind. This eclipse and this opposition is
asking us to think outside of safety, outside of our own
HISTORY to create a new history and new ways of feeling about
Ourselves, our past and our future.

A TRINE (EASE) From the moon to Saturn in Virgo, this is a great assistance
To us doing the WORK necessary.

Chiron, Jupiter and Neptune squares Venus (what we want)
And Mars (action) in this so maybe BELIEVING and creating new beliefs
About our selves and our lives is going to need to be RETHUNK:

Yep, my new word.. Doesn't that make you smile more than
someone telling you to RETHINK something?

Mars in Taurus is our resistances to action
And Venus in Gemini says (OH MY GOSH, so many options, how can
I choose?) Neptune says.. “BEGIN by imagining how you want to
FEEL, and what you want to achieve, and then you will know what
You want and the next step. Jupiter says Believe
IMAGINE AND BELIEVE and you will Feel secure, safe and accomplish
great things and heal the past (Chiron) so this is the theme of This eclipse. (WOW)

Pluto in Capricorn makes a square to Uranus in Pisces …So we
Have to use the TENACITY OF Pluto in Capricorn to open up to the
Changes we need to make. AND again, Pisces is ruled by the
Planet NEPTUNE which says, believe , imagine and make it happen.
(do you see a theme here?)

There is lots of illusion stuff happening here which goes right
Along with those of us who BELIEVE that when we want it to
Happen and feel it, and think it and imagine it, we can make the
Changes necessary to make it happen.. I M A G I N E
I in (myself as it is)
N necessary to
E encounter my WONDERFUL Future

The Seattle chart has Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron in the 10th house
Of how we are seen and Career, meaning lots more job changes
For some of us to get us to the PERFECT place we need to be.

These planets are squaring Venus and Mars so many of us do
Not know where we want to be yet. OR what we want to
Do and that is ok. Allow yourself the next month to process,
Ponder, explore, and feel what your next step is to be please.

The moon in the 9th house with the North node, (which
Is still in Aquarius asking us to break boundaries) this is
About the ABSOLUTELY Necessity of Believing that we
have higher assistance

And the sun in the 3rd house of the mind In Cancer
with the South node. This theme is about Thinking …
believing…feeling that belief and then inspiring
Ourselves with thoughts of joy and creativity and love
(SOUTH node still in Leo) brings all this together for me.

Squares to me are always just about finding new ways of
Thinking about things. The theme of this chart is 3 / 9
In the 3rd house I always tell my students, I sit down and
Write out my bills. In the 9th house, I pray that I make enough
Money to pay the bills and turn it over to higher power.

(BUT then, I do not mail the checks out until the $$ is there)
There is an element of common sense to all this isn’t there?
The chart ruler of this chart in Seattle with TAURUS Rising is
VENUS in the first house of SELF in Gemini.

I need to think what I WANT, look at all the options for ME
And then make my decisions out of the MANY OPTIONS there
Are there. HOW much better can that be?

if you want to know where this happens for you, contact
Me and use the $30 option on my website and I will do you
An update on the eclipses on e mail.

If you want the whole meal deal appointment. Please let me
Know and I will see you after the 8th of July.
HAPPY ECLIPSE as with the lunar eclipse we ECLIPSE
OUR PAST::: and the SOLAR ECLIPSE on the 21st we ECLIPSE
The now in order to go back and maybe find new information
From our past. I wish you A WONDERFUL 4th of JULY WEEKEND
and the best eclipse ever.

Carol Barbeau