Friday, October 21, 2022

Eclipse Portal Activation: By Meg Benedicte

The Eclipse portal reaches peak power in a Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on October 25th. It will last for two weeks, culminating in a Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on November 7-8. The Eclipses occur on the north node of purpose and destiny in Taurus and south node of karmic lineage in Scorpio. Uranus, the planet of freedom and liberation, sits in Taurus all year. The upcoming Eclipses perform an amplification of the ground-breaking Saturn-Uranus square, dismantling the world power system and breaking apart the tight grip of Patriarchal hierarchies. When the North Node is conjunct Uranus, there is an awakening that occurs – sometimes suddenly, quite unexpectedly - illuminating what you were truly born to do in this lifetime. In the midst of reshuffling, Uranus in North Node Taurus is shifting lanes so you can evolve and experience quantum living. Through quantum entanglement, you have access to past, present and future realities. Wave-particles respond to your conscious interaction. In the vacuum state of the Quantum Vortex, your visions and intentions connect to potential outcomes through entanglement and propel wave-particles to spin into atomic formation. You have more influence than you may be aware of! You may ask yourself, well what can I do about it? Why am I alive at this particular time. Your active presence in the collective mind is how you influence the potential future. By the very nature of your conscious observation and amplified intentions, you become the arbiter of newly forming particles that create physical reality. Planetary transits also contribute to the entangled affect in the quantum field of future outcomes The ground troops, the Souls of Light, have come to planet earth to birth alive a different world. Don’t be deceived by the NWO (New World Order) narrative, this still exists in the hierarchal power system. Beware of ego-driven linearity and polarization. The guru or spiritual leader still operates in a top-down hierarchy. This is the dying system we are leaving behind. The crystal souls are repatterning an entirely new operating system that thrives in circular co-creation. Replacing the hierarchies are circular communities of collaboration, inspired to achieve and fulfill a ‘win-win’ environment for all involved. Envision stepping into a Goddess circle or Arthur’s round table, feel the energy flowing in a spiral. The New Earth replicates the circular inflow/outflow of the quantum continuum. The universe operates on the circular spin momentum of the Torus. The Torus taps into the abundant quantum flow that is generated in rotating magnetic fields…harmonic resonance unlocks the power. The new circular operating system is the toroidal circulation, a continuum of infinite life force. Living in a continuum relies on maintaining zero point coherence, of self-perpetuating balancing polarities in a chaos field. We are evolving beyond a punishing chaotic reality into becoming masters of the quantum continuum. The new operating system is designed to regenerate health, happiness and infinite energy resources…a self-sourcing ecosystem for all involved. We are here on planet earth to direct the birthing of a new era. The Scorpio-Taurus Eclipses on 10-25 and 11-7 activate the death-rebirth impact throughout the field. It will lift us up higher, as we ascend into the circular system. Lovingly, Meg

Thursday, October 6, 2022

Birthing a New Era - Saturn-Uranius Square - Eclipse Season - by Meg Benedicte

As predicted, 2022 has turned out to be a transitional year from one era to the next. The sacred 222 codes are unlocking old outdated systems, while simultaneously activating and birthing an entirely new operating system for Gaia. It is not an easy transition. Imagine how stressful it is to pack and move into a new home. Compound that exponentially and you get a sense of how tenuous it is to shift your entire earthly reality into a new existence. With only 3 months remaining in 2022, the cosmos is providing an extra punch forward into the new era. Between October 3-6 the transformative Saturn-Uranus final square will reach peak power, continuing through the end date, January 24, 2023. It is a time of great awakening and unexpected developments. All year the Saturn-Uranus square has been impacting the world power system, breaking apart the tight grip of Patriarchal hierarchies. As explosive Uranus crashes into Saturn’s structures, the global framework morphs into a newly forming outcome. Uranus on the north node of karma sits at 18° Taurus square Saturn in Aquarius. Change is a constant. Witness the growing global unrest as public protests and demonstrations increase against rigid regimes in governments, culture and religions. The dominating hierarchies are losing control of the narrative, triggering more desperate actions to hang onto power. The effects of the Uranus-Saturn square will continue for some time. Into the turmoil and chaos, we create the New Earth reality. Imagine tilling the soil and planting the seeds. The time is ripe for new birth. Adding to this intensity are the upcoming Eclipses in Scorpio-Taurus, right on the Uranus-Saturn square. The Solar Eclipse in Scorpio occurs on October 25th and the Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on November 7-8 (depending on time zone). It occurs on election day in America. Eclipses on the north and south nodes send shock waves through the planetary field, initiating breakthroughs, new opportunities, new innovative ideas, endings and beginnings. Prepare for the unexpected, remain focused on the long game, flood the field with Love and compassion. We were born for these times. Gaia is in the birth canal, we are birthing a new world reality. I will be leading a global broadcast on October 25th for the Scorpio-Taurus Eclipse Gateways. Let’s gather together and rewrite the future in unity consciousness. Lovingly, Meg Meg Benedicte 1467 Siskiyou Blvd. #280 Ashland OR 97520 USA