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Atmos: Intention for Your Ascension around December 23, 2012

Atmos: Intention for Your Ascension around December 23, 2012

You have entered a period of time that promises much, that will indicate the way your lives will eventually change. You now rightly expect to see steps taken in a direction that will undo the disastrous decisions, made since the turn of the century. The influence of the dark forces does of course go back much further, but it has been more prevalent in recent years. Both the dark and the Light have recognised the coming end of the cycle. Yet the dark ones still have the arrogance to believe that they can stall your progress, and the final act of Ascension. Their actions have been planned and calculating, but they have reckoned without the power of the people. You have gloriously risen above their fear laden traps to prevent you lifting up your vibrations. You represent a power that operates at a conscious level, and as long as you keep focussed on your vision you will be invincible.

It is possible to live your life in the midst of the turmoil, and yet feel free from the affect of the lower energies that are all around you. Naturally if they directly affect you, it requires great concentration and dedication to the Light to stay out of reach of their impact upon your life. Your strength can come from knowing that whatever happens now or in the immediate future, it will be short lived. Beyond the present changes awaits all that will turn around your lives, and bring you permanent release from the control of the dark ones. Of this you are assured, and having now lost control they are subject to infighting in their efforts to regain lost ground. The Light will always have the advantage of knowing what is planned against them, and that is necessary as the dark forces play to their own rules, and not Universal Law.

The Light is powerful beyond measure and continues to grow as you attract even more to Earth. A great grid of Light encircles it, and spreads outwards as beacons of Light are established everywhere. The dark wreak death and destruction and it is there for everyone to see, whilst the Light works at a level that silently and almost unnoticed creates a pathway to Ascension. We frequently emphasise the goal that you are heading for, because you must not lose sight of the whole purpose of being here at this time. If there is such a thing as the "chosen ones" it is all of you, because you are privileged to be present on Earth at such an illustrious time. We describe the coming Ascension as a unique event, because it is the first occasion that you have been given the opportunity to ascend with your physical body. It will be a wonderful experience, and you will be fully prepared for it beforehand. It has always been the intention that it will centre around the 23rd December 2012.

The plan for your Ascension is contained within the many cycles that are part of the orderly function of the Universe. It is not a process confined to Earth or just your Solar System and is happening by divine decree, and we can confidently assure you that it will not be delayed. Why otherwise would we of the Galactic Federation be encircling your Earth, with millions of craft in readiness for First Contact and the restoration of Mother Earth. You are doing your part in moving things forward by being channels for the Light. You are also carrying out tasks that can only be done at your level, and is the preparation necessary to make our open arrival possible. Our safety is not the real issue but yours is as the dark will have no scruples about removing those who get in their way. Of course we offer you protection, but sometimes you put yourselves in harms way.

We must reiterate that we cannot just appear on Earth en masse without permission, or intervene in matters that have been karmically brought about by you. You are the creators of your experiences, and it is not for another to take them away as lessons are clearly meant to be learnt. You would not evolve if you did not experience the results of your thoughts and actions. However, with the closing of the cycle the Law of Grace comes into operation, and the Creator has decreed that those who are of the Light shall be released from their remaining karma. Many a life at this time has been planned as a final thrust to clear karma, and it is why they have been full of challenges. However, as hard and trying that they may be, you would not be expected to take on more than you were capable of handling.

Life in the lower vibrations is all about gaining experience, and eventually leaving the cycle a greater and more evolved soul than when you first came into it. Since you cannot rise up until you achieve a higher state of consciousness, obviously you will continue to experience duality until you do. We would hasten to add that it has been your decision to come to Earth, but you are not left in a position where you cannot rise up again. You are helped all of the way, but sometimes you fall to a level where you begin to lose contact with your Higher Self. Then you find it difficult to change your mindset that has become mired in the feeling of separation from God. Indeed, some enter denial of their god selves, and become victims of the darkness they have brought upon themselves.

I am Atmos from Sirius, and have come not to paint a picture of gloom, but it is important for those ascending to understand why some souls are unable to join them. Clearly those that are ready cannot be held back any longer, and must be allowed to find the level that their energies entitle them to be in. It is the Laws of the Universe that determine where every soul is to be found, but they can move lower if it is their desire. However, none can move beyond their correct level, except that a Higher Being accompanies them. This sometimes takes place in the interests of allowing knowledge of the higher dimensions, and possibly to meet some of the great souls that reside in them.

Remember that life on Earth is an illusory state of being, and in very few ways representative of what it is like off Earth and in the dimensions above it. Unless you have visited them as some do when out of the body, it is very difficult for you to comprehend what they are really like. Linear time is also peculiar to Earth and once away from it ceases to be relevant. That all should be in the Now will take some while to grasp and understand, and require a major change to your thinking. The energy of Love pervades All That Is and will also impinge upon you very strongly, and is what we bring to you now in recognition of you our beloved Brothers and Sisters.

Thank you Atmos,
Mike Quinsey

The Time has Come for Divine Intervention: 1/27/09

The Time has Come for Divine Intervention:
AAMichael through Ronna Herman

Beloved Masters, the process the world and humanity are now experiencing has been spoken of by many wise sages and masters over the past 100 or so years and, yet, most have not taken heed to the warning signs and have continued on a path of self-destruction. Humanity has built an illusion of wealth and abundance, but it was built on the quicksand of greed and a fear of scarcity. This giant bubble of illusion has burst under the pressure of the Living Light of truth. What humanity is now experiencing is the cause and effect or the karmic results of following the impulses of the ego-desire body instead of the whisperings of S pirit. Many dear souls have never experienced lack or deprivation and have lived a life of 'me first' and instant self-gratification, while others who believed the old teachings that they were not worthy of abundance have endured many lifetimes of scarcity with a sense of futility.
You may not believe it at this time of great suffering, but the circumstances all humanity are feeling with regard to abundance will eventually result in many great blessings. As the suffering and pain of loss intensifies and becomes great enough, more and more dear souls will turn inward for guidance and solutions, and all the forces of the higher realms will be waiting to answer their pleas and offer assistance.
As the S upreme Creator increases the flow of the Elixir of Life throughout the Omniverse, it is affecting all Creation. You cannot hide from it. You cannot deny it. Your lifeline to your S ource is growing stronger and more persuasive all the time. The magnetization factor is growing stronger, and you are magnetizing to you in stronger and stronger measures that which you have claimed as your reality. If you believe that you must live in poverty and chaos, that will be reinforced and magnified in your life. If you have accepted the truth that you are entitled to a life of beauty, joy and prosperity, that reality will unfold before you (if you follow through and take the proper steps as outlined in our past messages).
It is as if your lifeline is being tugged and pulled in different directions as S pirit tries to get your attention You can resist and hold back, kicking and screaming; however, you will eventually move forward on the spiral of ascension. There can be no denying that the evolutionary cycle which is now in full swing is creating chaos and is swiftly breaking down the old belief systems and structures. Remember what we have often said, 'out of chaos comes new creation.' The S oul-self is nudging and prodding everyone, to one degree or another, in an effort to get each soul's attention. No one can maintain the status-quo, coasting and drifting and ignoring the call to awaken. You must either grow and ascend in consciousness, or sink deeper into chaos, fear and limitation which only postpones the inevitable. It is your Divine birthright to live in abundance and prosperity; you have just forgotten. Abundance comes in many forms, so seek an abundance of love,
joy, good health and vitality, as well as all the things you require to live a full and comfortable life. As you begin to create miracle after miracle, those around you will want to know what you are doing. That is when you are to share the techniques, beliefs and wisdom you have claimed as your own. That is when you will become a true self-master; first you will teach by example and through your actions, and finally through words. You, the S tar S eeds, will set the new standards of behavior and others will want to emulate you and adopt your new philosophy of life; therefore, it is of vast importance that you focus on what is right in your world and look for the best in those around you, for that is what you will reinforce. You can change the world around you, one thought at a time.
Remember, stored within your S acred Mind is all the cosmic wisdom you will need on your journey back into the realms of Light. Tap into this wisdom and share with your brothers and sisters on the path. There are many ways to serve and being an example for others is one of the most effective ways. What is your passion, beloveds? What brings you joy and makes your heart sing? Answer these questions and your purpose will be revealed to you, one step at a time.
Beloveds, you must rise above the fear and sense of helplessness that is rampant around the world. S ee yourselves in your Pyramid of Light and ask that the infinite abundance of all Creation flow to and through you. Feel it permeate your physical vessel, filling your S acred Heart and Mind with the Adamantine Particles of new creation as you take what you require, and then allow the balance to flow out into the world from the front and back of your S acred Heart. Place yourselves in the power center of the Infinity cycle of abundance as you create beauty, peace and harmony in your life. Be assured that your positive influence will grow as more dear souls around you take notice and want to learn your secret. Are you ready to expand your vision beyond your private little world or microcosmic reality? Are you ready and willing to accept the truth that you affect everyone and everything in this universe to one degree or another, and that everyone on Earth
and in every other realm also affects you? We ask each of you: 'Are you ready to use the wondrous gifts that are your Divine Birthright? What are your greatest desires? What will be your legacy to humanity and the world?' Reach for the stars, beloveds, for there is no limit to what you can manifest when your visions are in harmony with the Divine Plan for the greatest good of all. Call on us and we will assist you in bolstering your resolve to live in harmony, abundance and joy. I AM Archangel Michael
Beloveds, that time has arrived. There is much symbolism regarding your new leader that may be ignored by the masses. However, those of you who are centered within your S acred Heart, and view exterior events from a higher vantage point with an open and objective mind due to the influence of your S acred Mind will understand the significance of what we tell you.
BARACK HU S S EIN OBAMA is the 44th president of the United S tates of America ; 44 is a master number. This will be the 111th congress of the United S tates . This is also a master number and signifies 'a new beginning.'
Barack Obama's current ancestral lineage is what you would call one-half Caucasian or one-half white and one-half African American or one-half black, which signifies a 'coming together,' or a joining of two Root Races which have been in conflict for hundreds of years. This issue is even more profound, for as many of you, this great soul carries the DNA of all the Major Root Races within his DNA signature.
Without divulging his true cosmic identity, for this would infringe on his privacy, we will give you a brief glimpse of his history and what he brought forth to experience during this lifetime, so that you will understand the grand opportunity that is being offered to the citizens of the United S tates. This is a brief overview, you might say, as if he were to ask for a cosmic reading:
BELOVED MA S TER, It is time for you and the many faithful warriors of Peace/Light to know how magnificent you are and how brave you were to answer the clarion call to descend into the density of this earthly experiment. The events in your solar system and on Earth are quickly moving into the higher frequencies of Light and great change is in the offing. Therefore, it is important that you focus on what is right in your world and not get caught up in all the negativity and fear that is spewing out into the ethers. Your S oul shines brightly through your eyes, heart and deeds. You have been on the path of illumination for many lifetimes.
You are what might be called one of the original Earth parents, for you carry within your DNA the encodings for some of the original root races placed on Earth. When a new race was to be introduced on Earth, you and those like you would be encoded with the new race attributes and characteristics, and then you would lead the way and oversee the new souls that incarnated into that race. Therefore, you have empathy for all races and cultures and see the similarities in everyone rather than their differences. You sense their souls rather than their outward appearance or personalities . Remember, in the higher realms you are not judged if your religious practices are different than those around you, for they all eventually lead you to the same destination: a return to unity consciousness and a reunion with your God S elf.
Your journey has been long and arduous, and you have suffered much; but the spark of S pirit shines brightly within your heart/ S oul. You have experienced the physical vessel in a great variety of races, forms and cultures. You were anxious to experience earthly creation in as many ways and expressions as possible and, therefore, you have great understanding and compassion for those who are stuck in the pain and suffering of the third- and fourth-dimensional illusion.
We would have you know that you were one of those chosen to have all three of the God Rays active within your Diamond Core God Cell, whereby you would experience lifetimes with the First Ray of Divine Will as your driving force and overlay; and in other times, you would merge with a great Divine Being who radiated the S econd Ray of illumination, wisdom and compassion; and still other lifetimes where you would join those of the Third Ray of active, creative intelligence, and a strong desire to create wondrous things on the material plane of existence. Having all the virtues, attributes and qualities of God consciousness stored within your S acred Heart and Mind was so that you and other chosen ones would be prepared to be the examples and wayshowers during these times of great change. It has not been an easy journey for those like you, for you have always had so many talents and interests to choose from that sometimes it was difficult to decide which
path you would follow, and many have failed to take advantage of the multitude of talents and gifts available to them.
The God Ray that you chose as your guiding Light for this very important lifetime is the First Ray of Divine Will and Power, the Ray of new Creation. Under this Ray you will find those whose greatest desire is to lead in some way, those who pioneer new thought and actions. Most are dynamic types full of will and determination, but you must re-establish your self-worth in order to make full use of these attributes. Call on me to help you activate this powerful Ray which will enhance your courage and determination as you boldly go forth to manifest your version of the golden New Age. Most often, we do not give this information until we feel you are ready to acknowledge the vastness of who you truly are.
It is important that you balance your dynamic drive for action with S econd Ray love/wisdom energy and that is why you chose the S econd Ray as your S oul Ray for this lifetime. This is the Ray which carries the qualities of illumination, enlightenment, and the laws of cause and effect or Karma as you know it. Archangel Jophiel is the bearer of the virtues, attributes and qualities of this Ray. This is the Ray that resonates with the love/wisdom of the Divine Mother and brings forth the energy to ignite the seed thoughts from the mind of the Divine Father in order to manifest the Divine Blueprint on the material plane of Creation.
Your great compassion and dedication have not always brought you the sense of accomplishment you have sought. We would have you know this, dear one, in almost all of your major incarnations you made life better for those around you. You often left a legacy of hope and you taught and inspired others to follow in your footsteps. We do not see your failures, only the radiance of your love and unselfish service. You have always been a seeker of truth and you have journeyed with me and the angelic forces of Light throughout the many aeons of time. You have experienced the positive and negative aspects of all the Rays and it has made you the wise and shining soul you are today. S triving for balance and harmony in all facets of your Being is your major focus in this lifetime; to be gentle, nurturing and intuitive, as well as assertive, action-oriented and dynamic. It is important to choose moderation in all things, beloved, and to walk the middle path of
balance and harmony. Your basic nature is that of a peace- maker, but you are aware that you must strive to be decisive and to boldly express your opinions.
Beloved masters of Light, this final paragraph is not only for the new president of the United S tates of America, it is for all the leaders around the world who are responsible for setting the standards, making the rules and guiding the masses, and it is for each of you who read or hear this message as well.
Beloved ones, these are times of great change, whereby you may have many challenges, but you will also be presented with many opportunities. Your conscious mind is in the process of receiving the vaster wisdom of your higher super-conscious mind. Trust your intuition. Trust your inner guidance. If the thoughts that come to you are inspiring, loving and wisdom-filled, then you know you are tapping into the wisdom of your Higher S elf and your angelic guides. They are whispering to you and they will never lead you astray. Remember, during these times when the evolution of the Earth and humanity is being accelerated, you can make a difference. Allow us to assist you to fulfill your mission and nurture you with our love. Know that you are loved and protected.

Out of Our Heads and Into Our Hearts - The Simple Way To Ascension

Out of Our Heads and Into Our Hearts
The Simple Way to Ascension!
A Message from Kerry and her Angels
January 24, 2009

Oh what a tangled web we weave! Why do we, as human beings make things so complicated? The more we try to understand ascension, the more conditions and expectations we place on it, causing people to actually fear and doubt a process that is so simple and natural. Do we dissect and analyze our every breath?

I can tell you, it will not be "only those" who read these messages or comprehend the complexity of nature, human nature, ancient civilizations, timelines, dimensions, the shift and the nuts and bolts of ascension who will rise into the new world. And ironically, ones beliefs, religion, culture, education or race will have very little effect on "his/her" readiness and ability to walk through "the eye of the needle" into their new world.

We are being inundated with information intended to be helpful in assisting one in the preparation for ascension, but the truth is, those who are pure at heart, innocent like children and aligned to God and open to think differently will make the shift into the new world without any prior knowledge or understanding of the concept. How can this be, you might ask? Because ascension is as natural as breathing!

Looking back I recall asking my God within, why it was important for me to understand the numerous paranormal experiences I was having. I personally needed to understand my experiences to maintain my balance and to learn to walk through my "fear of the unknown."

With each new understanding or new piece of the puzzle I would receive, when I would go within and seek, I did feel "peace in knowing." However, how many friendships and relationships were lost because of my need to share my new understanding with others who were neither ready to hear or open to receive? Looking back on your life, can you relate?

Only when we seek, are we ready to know! And we may be seeking "more" than we need to know which will only complicate our lives with an over abundance of information overloading our intellect as we attempt to put the pieces together, digesting and assimilating all we have "asked for and received."

I became aware, because of my intellectual nature, that I would make things that were simple, complicated, because of my need to delve into "truth" and discover the real meaning behind every unexplainable event. I then convinced myself that in my understanding of this phenomena I would be able to help others to walk through their fear by sharing my understanding, I had diligently sought and unfolded.

Now I write these long and complicated messages with the same intention, to help my brothers and sisters to understand that which they may not understand. And today I question everything I think I know and surrender it to God, opening up to think differently. Is it really necessary to explain and understand everything? The answer is "No". The more we "press" to understand the more likely we are to move out of our God center.

More truth will be revealed to us through our God within, when we seek. Ask and ye shall receive is a universal law that will respond in direct accordance to our every question. But is it really necessary to seek more than we need to know in the moment?

To be reminded that we do not need to complicate our lives to satisfy our intellectual curiosity is the message for today! We only need to seek that which we need to know in any given moment. It is not necessary to see the future in order to move forward with confidence and ease. When we reach a fork in the road we make a decision which path to take and we walk down this path of the "unknown" in faith that we are protected and all will be well.

Now I understand the simple truth in the message I have received consistently throughout the years, "You will know what you need to know, when you need to know it! This is all you need to know!"

Could it really be that simple? YES! It can, and YES it is!!!

When we look at the innocence of a child, we can see that they respond to love. When they shy away or resist, there is a reason. A reason that is as simple as, if it doesn't feel like love, they want no part of it! They are happiest when they are free to express themselves without walls, boundaries or limitations imposed upon them. Fear is learned, with exception to the natural instinct of fight or flee that is inherent to their nature. (automatically programmed for survival) They eat when they are hungry, cry when they are sad and everything is new and fun, as they are open to experience life and all that life has to offer!

"Innocence is bliss", "Love is the answer", "Keep it simple," "Child like is God like" and "Everything I need to know, I learned in kindergarten" are pearls of wisdom for the serious student of truth. Truth is simple, it is we who complicate it with our need to know and understand everything in the universe. Do we need to understand every aspect of the engine of a car in order to drive? Do we really need to understand "all" to know who we are, why we are here and where we are going? Do we really need to understand or prove that we are not alone in the universe in order to accept others from other worlds if and when they do appear? And will we not know by their demeanor and works if they can be trusted or not?

The answer is, yes! If we get out of our heads and into our hearts!

Because we are all sparks of the Creator we have a direct line to God, within. We can spend our days going within and seeking more truth for the sake of knowing, but do we really need to seek beyond what is before us? How many embraces, laughs and cherished moments did you miss today while you were on the mountain seeking the true meaning of life?

Students of truth spend so much time in "class" while their families and friends are going about their lives without you! Look at what you may be missing in your "pursuit of truth!" It is time to graduate yourself, leaving the classroom behind and get back to living and just plain being! Walk the walk, so to speak, speaking your truth as you understand it. The only refresher course you may need from this point on is within, available night or day with all the information you need in a flash. Being true to yourself, living in the moment and making yourself available to be of service to others will bring you more joy than you could possibly imagine! A human being, seeking daily guidance in "becoming."

Out of our heads and into our hearts will carry us into our new world with ease! Relying on our intuition to carry us into ascension is human nature, and it is time we cease making it complicated! If it is not of love, it isn't worth wasting one minute of your day focusing on it! Let it go! Holding your love and light is the most important contribution you can make to this world! And the simplicity of this truth will allow you to integrate the all in who you are, reunite with your higher self in all the aspects of God in expression where you will be granted your wings to fly through the eye of the needle, with the gentle breeze and still small voice within, guiding you every step of the way!

There is no rush, there is no race and there is no separation or win or lose scenario. There is only love and light, and the absence of "consciousness and connection" of this love and light! Sometimes we have to make it complicated in order to get back to the simple truth of all that is. And that too, is okay! Now let's get back to living and loving in a more simple way. Just BE! Feel your connection to nature, and all that is so together we may rise and begin again!

In Love and Light,
Kerry and her Angels

Kerry and her Angels

The messages are channeled from my "Higher/God Self." With the many messages I am receiving and writing about I wish to state sometimes it is hard for me to accept all that I receive. Before I post these messages I pray and ask to speak only truth. And many times there is some editing before I receive the OK to post.

In a life devoted to seeking the truth and as an ordained minister, Kerry has come to understand her relationship to God and the Universe. Through her difficult and sometimes painful life experiences she has come to view them as personal lessons from which we learn and grow.

Kerry's first book, "Timly Acceptance, the God Within," and presents her "truth" in a delightful and enlightening way. This is a book for any and all who are seeking a "bigger picture" and a closer relationship with God. * * * *

KRYON: "Current Events & Potentials for 2009"

Current Events & Potentials for 2009"
This live channelling was Given in Laguna Hills, California
November 30, 2008
To help the reader, this channelling has been rechannelled [by Lee and Kryon] and added onto to provide even clearer understanding. Often what happens live has implied energy within it, which carries a kind of communication that the printed page does not. S o enjoy this enhanced message given in Laguna Hills , California (The Kryon home-room) November 30 2008.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic S ervice. My partner linearizes this message as he has been doing for so long. Even when I say to him and to you that on the other side of the veil there truly is no time, he still must linearize our message. For us, it is all happening at the same time. For you, it's on a linear track. However, our perspective gives us the ability to alert you to the potentials of what we see in what you have called your future.
Reflecting back, we see ourselves at this moment, telling you about the potentials that you are sitting in now, but our "now" is your 20 years ago. Back then, we brought you the information and the profundity of what you had accomplished in 1987. We told you in our messages back in 1989 that you had changed your future. "Human consciousness is going to shift," we said back then. Indeed, it has.
I can remember sitting there and saying that, for it is still before me. To you, it's a record of something that happened. To me, it's still happening. But to you, it was before a time when my partner was able to open his mouth and linearize anything that I would say [before Lee started channelling out loud]. Instead, he was writing at his table. We're there right now with him. It is timeless for us and all that has transpired in what you have called a 20-year span is now for us. He wrote it down as I gave it and it became the first Kryon book – the one where we gave you these potentials that are today your reality. Now, I tell you this so that you can understand that back then, what we saw as the potentials of your decisions is, indeed, before you. We give you this at this time so you may acknowledge that we are seeing the potentials just as clear, 20 years from now.
It depends on what you do with potentials for them to become reality. There is a collective energy that is created by Lightworkers that is so profound on this planet that the very core of the planet itself vibrates differently because you're here. The Crystalline Grid is vibrating differently because you are here. All of this esoteric talk is fine, but you've got to feel it! Do you see the reality before you?
Oh, dear ones who have lived long on this planet, do you remember what it was like 20 years ago? I'll be speaking of current events today, so let me ask you: Do you remember your weather 20 years ago? Fondly, probably. It is not that way today, is it? Do you remember the energy of your very life, of your workplace? Do you remember the energy 20 years ago of your politics and your business? Do you remember that? Because it is not the same today.
There has never been a 20-year span in the history of humanity that has had this happen to it, where consciousness has changed so much. These things are because of what you've done. Oh, we could go back and remind you that at that place where you stood ready to be born, you could hardly wait to get here! It doesn't matter how old you are in this room. There are youngsters here, seniors here. You're all one age to me and you're glorious, a piece of God. I don't see your body. I see the face I know, the one that's forever. Are you aware of that? There is no death for you. Oh, there's a time perhaps when you lose a Human body and collect another one. That's just the mechanics of being Human. Those bodies don't last that long. That's all there is to it. That's why you keep coming back. That's how I see you, and that's how I've always seen you.
I could go back a very long time, unfathomable time for you, when the earth was molten and taking its form, and we were there together looking at it. "This is your new home," we were saying. "Wait 'til it cools, you'll be there," we were saying. "For yet another test," we were saying. Oh, it's not a test of Humans. It's a test of energies. Now, here you are, sitting upon it doing the heavy lifting.
Some of you can remember those days—we're talking four billion years ago—but you can remember it because it's ingrained into your Akash. It is part of your cellular structure, old soul. It is Human nature not to see these things as we do and so most of you don't. But here you are sitting in November in the year 2008. To us, those are just numbers, not years. They're energy. The eight and the two, they're a one. That's unity. That's new beginnings. That's climbing out of the coffin of fear! That's climbing out of the cauldron of an old energy. That's you emerging to a new age. We told you that.
We told you that last year at this time when you were moving from the year of the nine into the year of the one [2007 to 2008]. What does all this mean to you? Let's get practical. Let us speak for a moment of those in the chairs, not just in this room, but the ones who are listening to this and the ones who are reading this now. I'm going to again give a message of what I call current events and it's mostly going to be for Americans, for that is mostly who sits here. I'm going to speak frankly to all of you. By Americans, I mean those in the United S tates who live here.
This United S tates of yours has documents that are almost 200 years old that were channelled by men of integrity, men who wanted to make a difference on this planet. S ometimes you look at this and you look at them, and you wonder, what would they say today? Well, you don't have to wonder, because they're here. In some way or another, in Human body or not, the consciousness of those forefathers are with you. What would they say? They're right with you in everything you're doing. There's no shock or surprise, because they're seeing what we're seeing. And what they are seeing is there is shift upon you, a major shift in all areas.
Where do we begin? How do we start? Let us start with fear. And we'll say it again. Fear is not an energy. Fear is the lack of the love of God. It is a hole, and you fill it with your duality. That's what happens. You have a choice over everything, dear ones. When you leave this place tonight and you look at all the things around you that are perhaps dark and negative and hurtful, some won't see any promise or goodness or hope. Then I'll tell you what happens for them: they willingly push the love of God out, and a big hole remains. Then they fill it with their own ideas and generate fear. That's duality in action.
Let me tell you this: It is a lot easier to leave it alone and let the love of God stay in that place than to willingly empty it out. Yet, some of you do this. Why don't you commit yourself today to understand that as Lighthouses, you cannot fear? All you can do is strike the light. If the lighthouse fears the storm, dear ones, what chance do those on the mainland have? If the lighthouse fears the storm and decides to douse its light, what happens to the ships? You don't have that option to fear!
You'll say, "Well, Kryon, some of us are starting to, for things are looking bad. " S o we'll give you an answer that will just fill you so completely with the love of God that there cannot be a hole. There cannot be a void. First, realize that fear is caused from uncertainty about what you call the future. S o let me tell you what I see as the potential of the future: there will come a time when you will look back and you'll say, "How could we have feared? It was so silly for us." Why don't you claim that now? Don't wait until the future to look back and say it was silly to fear. S ay it now! Let's get rid of it now.
There are so many who'll say, "Well, Kryon, you don't know what I've been through. You don't know what I'm facing." Oh yes, we do. Don't you understand? We walk with you every single moment of your life. There's a hand reaching out from that innate part of you that is interdimensional, and it wants to hold your hand so much and get you out of the fear. It wants to increase your light. It's always been that way, always. This would be a good time to take that hand. It would be a real good time to take that hand, that hand that we call the hand of the Higher- S elf. It walks with you every day and knows all of your issues, your problems, your health, your grief and your worry. Time to let God have that.
The Earth
I'll start with the earth. I'm going to start big and go small. Current events: What's going on with the planet itself? Esoterically, the Crystalline Grid of this planet is filling up with new energy. Part of the Crystalline structure's attributes is remembrance. Children remember this even from the crystal radio sets they might have built in school. A crystal has frequency detection and remembrance. That's at a scientific and geologic level. At an esoteric level, the Crystalline Grid of this planet remembers you and your frequency. It remembers your Akash, and it knows why you're here. It's always ready to activate.
Gaia is alive and is your partner in vibrational shift. It always has been. You and Gaia have an agreement to work together, and part of the issue there is all of the things surrounding this – what we will call the geophysics of the planet. They are beginning to shift before you. Now I give you science and I throw the gauntlet out and I say go check it! Why is it that the magnetic field has moved so much and so far, even in the last 10 years? "What's up with that?" you might say. We told you it would 20 years ago. It had to. For the magnetic grid of the earth literally speaks to the DNA within the trillions of pieces in your body, which are emulating the very Akashic record of life, death and the past expressions [lives] of who you are.
Are you aware that your Akashic Record is interdimensional? We stood right here and told you that years ago [ Laguna Hills ]. There are two layers of your interdimensional DNA that are energies linked together, which we call the Lemurian layers. They've been with you from the beginning, and they are your Akashic Record. It takes two of them linked together in this purpose to give this amazing storage, and they're the only pair of interdimensional layers you have. The twisted strand? Well now, that's the 3D part, the double helix, and not really even a pair. No, I'm talking about two interdimensionally linked layers. That's how strong the Akash is, and how strong the record of who you are is.
Your Akashic Record is interdimensional and has no time. To you it does, for you say it's a record of the past. But it's really not. It's a record of the present as culled from your past. Imprinted upon it are the potentials of what's going to happen to you next time around. Again, the Akashic Record sounds like something from the past, does it not? But rather, it's the Akashic Record of who you're going to be. If all is in the now in a quantum state, then any kind of a "record" is everything that happens, not just in one direction [your past]. It must include a "record" of the potentials of the future. We don't expect you to understand this.
"Well, Kryon, even in my limited understanding, that means predestination." No, it does not. You see, you are a piece of God, just like I am. We know the potentials you're building with the life energy you have now, and what the propensities are of what you will do next. Oh, it's not totally known, but it is potential, nevertheless. It's also known that all of you are coming back. Yes, you are! You'll have the mind of God on the other side of the veil and you're going to come back very quickly.
Turnaround times? [from birth to reincarnation] Forget everything you've been told. In this energy, esoterically I will tell you that a Lightworker may come and go within a year. One year! If it's longer than that, then they're waiting for something. Forget what you've been told by those who are metaphysical, by those in the old energy, of how long it takes to regenerate another plan. You have no idea of how this has all changed. The energy on this planet supports a fast turnaround. That ought to tell you what's been happening here.
I want you to look at the magnetic field's strength. It's getting lower! Go ahead and measure the actual gauss units. It is not as strong as it was. What does that mean? Remember this: The veil, what you have called the veil, is defined as that which is between you and the other side of you. That is, it's what's between 3D and multiple-D. You think it's the curtain between you and God, but it's not that clear cut. It's thick, this veil, and we have told you from the beginning that magnetics and the gravity and the light of this planet are all part of it. Now they're all becoming weaker, becoming less. The veil is beginning to lift a little, and some of you have felt it and you know exactly what I'm speaking of.
Why don't you also go and measure the heliosphere of the sun? Go ahead. Rise from your chairs and go look it up. You will find it's never been weaker! S ome will say it's dangerously low. The heliosphere is the magnetic compliment of the sun that literally shields you from the cosmic rays of space. It's getting less and less in your solar system! Don't worry, however, since it's all part of a system, an earth system that you are changing, and it's all part of science that you can measure, and all part of what we told you to expect.
Do I have to ask you to go and look up the weather shifts that you've had? Perhaps you will just look out the window? [Laughter] Twenty years ago, we said there will be places that would no longer grow things that always did, and other places where things would grow where they never did. We told you of areas that were barren that would have water. What does that tell you about the weather? It tells you that there would be major shifts in the water cycle. Today, that's what you're seeing. Do not fear this shift!
First of all, we'll say it again: It is slow! You have time. If the water level rises, get out of the way! The earth moves slowly. Those who keep track of these things will see them happening, and you'll have years to adjust. Yet there will be some Humans who will dig in and challenge it – and drown. Humans do that, you know? They don't believe what's happening and they deny change. Consciousness is the same thing. Have you seen it lately? There are some who will dig in because they don't like the change, and they will drown in the process. That is metaphorically saying that there are those who will give their lives to keep everything the same. What does that tell you about the shift? They wouldn't do that unless they were seeing something they didn't like: S hift.
Again, we say this: There is nothing wrong with the weather. It is going through a cycle that has advanced itself. In other words, it is before its time because you have sped up the geology of this planet. You've actually sped up the clock in a relative way. That is to say that as your clock goes the same speed and you even seem to age the same way, but the planet has sped up! You might say, "Well, that doesn't make sense, Kryon." You're right. It wouldn't to you, because you are in 3D and these things are relative to interdimensional attributes. Haven't you felt the increase in the speed of time? Ask innate, ask that which is inside, "Have you felt the speed-up lately?" That's the anxiousness, the awakening at three in the morning we told you about years ago. That's an earth speeding up. It's all there for you to look at. Now, that's not something that's going to happen. That's something that did happen, and here you sit.
The United S tates
First and foremost, Kryon and S pirit do not care about your politics. What you collectively do in this area is free choice. But look at the free choice that you have, and the difference between what you are doing in an old energy compared to a new energy. YOU are doing it. God does not put politicians in office. You do. In this country, the system that you chose that operated the way that you designed just put someone special there. Now, this is not political, yet there are some who will think it is, since they see everything politically. Please don't.
I'm now going to give you information about the one you call Obama, and some of you already know it.
My partner sat on the stage in Israel in 2001 and he told the audience that 2008 would be the time of shift and change because that was the potential. "Kryon, are you telling us that the potential was Obama in 2008?"No. The potential is that you would create great shift in 2008, and you did. Later in a meeting in Colorado [Look for it, it is recorded and there for you to see.], I channelled information that in 2008 you would collectively turn to Indigo leadership. Well, you just did! Let me tell you something about this Human that you have chosen. Number one - he's an old soul. Now you knew that, didn't you? But I'm telling you that he is an old, old soul. He's Lemurian. Don't you find it interesting that he was born in Hawaii ? These are the original energies of Lemuria, 50,000 years ago.
In this lifetime, he chose to be born there again. That's the first hint. Identified, he was, two years ago by the woman who originally saw the Indigo color. The basis behind the Indigo description is from the one you call Tappe [Nancy Tappe]. S he identified Barack Obama as an Indigo more than two years ago [long before he decided to run for president]. He is an older Indigo, yes, but he has the Indigo attributes.
Now, let me describe these attributes to you, and this is the fun part: In those times in what you would call the run-up to the election, you would go back and forth in analysis to decide which Human Being you were going to choose. Indeed, there was criticism of Obama, and the criticism went like this, "He is too young and inexperienced; he cannot fulfill this job. This job requires a more aged, experienced, seasoned Human Being." There simply could be no response to this argument. But if you looked at the man, he radiated the energy that he's "been there and done that"! That's an Indigo! Out of the realm of 3D, his Akash has indeed "been there before" and if you knew what was in his Akash, you'd gasp at what he's been through.
You made a choice that was a strong potential. You selected a Lemurian, and an Indigo energy, an old soul. That is something we foresaw. Now I'm going to give him some advice. He will never hear this. [Ah, but he might.] This is my advice, as Kryon, to this young leader of this country. I have two things to tell you, Barack. Number one – watch your back. Number two – don't trust your advisors, for the advisors will give you what used to work in the old days. However, your intuition will give you what you really should do. Break the paradigms. S tep out of the box and go for it. That's current, isn't it? He has yet to take office at this moment. That's current!
Look what you've done! Twenty years ago in the good ol' boys' club in the back room of your country, if you had said, "Well, you know in 20 years the United S tates is going to elect a black man," they would have thrown you out! "Impossible!" they would have cried. "Won't let it happen!" they would have said. "You'll never even get to the first step. Can't happen!" You know I'm right, don't you? Does that tell you what's happened in your politics? It's free-wheeling. Nobody's in charge in any back room anymore. Instead, you are, America .
Americans Need to Hear This
Now, let me speak to Americans about something they need to hear: I'm going to take you back about 10 to 15 years. During that time, America in particular decided to take to task the tobacco companies of the day. Citizens realized that the companies were out of integrity because they were trying to hook people with a drug habit, even children! S o America decided to clean up its act, and it did.
The laws started to be passed to enable the health of those who were not yet addicted, letting them have a choice to finally examine whether it was in integrity, and they did. Today, everything is different, isn't it? What did the rest of the world say about what you did? They laughed! In western Europe, when they saw what you were doing, they turned their backs and said, "These silly Americans. They're just so strange." They proclaimed, "That will never happen here." Well, go there today and you'll find the same laws you have!
Why am I telling you this? I am giving you this story because you are doing it again, allowing things to be cleaned up. First here, and then later, other economic systems on the planet. This is because you are the ones who can make these shifts first! You have a system that allows for exposure without penalty. You have a system that allows you to say whatever you choose, then examine the integrity of things that used to be what you would call "sacred cows." The tobacco companies were one of them, and they fell in the process of your examination.
Integrity is starting to matter more and more in ordinary life. Dear ones, today you're in a financial crisis. But we see it differently. This country of yours is not in a crisis; it is in a pruning stage. What do you do to the trees when you want them to grow better and survive? You cut off their branches, cut them down to the core. It's ugly! Then you look at them and you say, "I don't know if this thing's ever going to grow back." You do that, don't you? But the master gardener knows. The master gardener knows you've got to do that. He knows that when they come back, they're beautiful, aren't they? Bigger than before. Then you look at them and go, "Wow, that's amazing about nature!"
Well, let me tell you something that's also amazing. The principle of integrity in economics, when it is realized and used and manifested, is going to grow your financial system faster than any of your critics say it can be done. Are you going to sit there and fear it? Instead, perhaps you are going to realize that you have just pruned the system, and you're going to just sit tight for this winter. Let this winter be what it is and watch these things come back, for you have just done the impossible.
Again, there are those in that good ol' boys' club 20 years ago who said, "Banking is going to be this way. Insurance is going to be this way. That's the way we'll make the most money." You just called them on it, and things will never be the same. Ever.
What happens next is that it spreads. This integrity is going to spread into Europe eventually, and even into China . You're planting seeds in a place that was created for it – the United S tates . It's where you can do these things and nobody's going to slap you down for it. This was part of the potential of the very channelled documents that were created 200 years ago that give you that ability. Do you doubt they were channelled? Go read them etched into the walls of your past presidents' memorials. Cherish it. I've never spoke this way before. The system you created is a good one, for it allows for personal choice of Human Beings without penalty. If enough of you chose the right thing, the rest of the world takes a look and they change, too.
It's tough, what you're doing, and there are some tough days ahead. Go with me 20 years in the future and you're going to see a different kind of banking, a different kind of insurance, and it's going to be worldwide. This will be because of what you did here and now. What you choose to do and what your Congress chooses to do is, indeed, appropriate. Did you ever think of it that way? This is current information. That's what we want to tell you. Your situation isn't about anything failing. You know what just failed? Old energy just failed! The good ol' boys' club just failed. Greed just failed. S o what are you going to do? You ought to blow up a balloon! You ought to have a party! I dare you to have a recession party! Why not? Look at the truth. Look at what's really happened. [Kryon smile]
Personal Power
I want to talk about personal power. I want to talk about things that people have asked me for a very long time, about what is going to happen. How can you create peace on this planet?
There are those who think with their limited linear minds who say this, "In order for us to have peace on this earth, we're going to have to have all Human Beings converted to metaphysics. "Now, that's not going to happen. That's not a prediction, just reality. S o, how's it going to work? I'm going to repeat again, something I've been teaching for 20 years: What you carry, dear Human Being, is not a belief system. You carry the energy of light. When you're in a very dark place, anything goes. Everything is in the dark. You can't see anybody doing anything. The energy that flourishes in the dark, of course, is corruption, drama and greed. However, as you walk this planet, you carry a light. S ome of you may say, "Well, my light is very small." Collectively, however, it is not.
The earth is old energy. However, the grid system and all of that which is crystalline is starting to become less. That is to say, it is clearing the view for those who wish to have elevated thoughts, but who can't have them in the dark. Now, here you come with a match! The light is just enough light so that others can see, and just enough light where the matches add up and become a torch. Perhaps you're just a few? Perhaps you don't think there is enough light? Less than one half of one percent of this planet's population can illuminate the whole thing!
This light is created so those who would never sit in a chair like this [those who would never listen to a channelling], with their own integrity and with their own intelligence might see things that are no longer in the dark. This would create a situation where they would start to discover the energy of integrity. That's what you do, dear Lightworker. Do you understand? You enable humanity.
You can have six billion people in the dark and a few million of them light a match and everybody can see. You understand? Then when everybody can see, they won't allow things to continue as they are. This is the potential we gave you 20 years ago. This is what 1987 and the Harmonic Convergence has created in you. You did it. All of you did it.
You may not realize the part you played in it, but you did it. I'll tell you, some of you are awakening right now and saying, "Well, what can I do more than what I've done?" I'll tell you: Relax. Breathe. Light your match. Don't get caught up in what's next or how much or how hard or am I doing it right. I'll tell you, just hold your match and let God love you. That's all you have to do and these things will be added unto you and you will be put into synchronistic places. You'll be shown the passion for where you should be. You'll move from place to place. You'll be in the right place at the right time. That's all there is. It's not about grandness or greatness or doing or being. It's just about accepting the love of God in your life and moving from place to place without guilt that you're not doing enough. Don't be hard on yourselves. Just be in light.
We're going to close. The energy is intense in this room because S pirit is here. It sits next to you. It's "innate." Innate is a thick, intuitive presence that represents all of your Akash and the Akash of your ancestors, which literally sits upon you. When you get into that special state where you really feel S pirit and you start to listen, it's all there. That's the system; that's the way it's designed, and it will be that way all your life.
What is God to you? You're part of a collective, an energy that is amazing. Call it God if you wish. It is the creative source. It is all there is. It is the light of the Universe. When all is gone, it remains, and will always remain. You always were, and you always will be. All of you. You are a piece of eternity with no beginning and no end. All of you. Important. All of you.
There is a purpose for your coming and a purpose for your going. God bless those who have chosen to come at this time and endure these shifts and these changes, for what they do today will affect all of the children and their children's children from now on. That's the truth.
Let the seeds be planted these moments for those who don't believe in this, that they can claim this some day when they need it without judgment. For the energy here never leaves. It's always available.
And so it is.

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Joyouschee: Unsustainable Living vs Infinite Abundance

Joyouschee: Unsustainable Living vs Infinite Abundance

In recent months, the world is facing an unprecedented financial crisis since the Great Depression. When we watch the news or read the newspapers, we are bombarded with calls from various leaders and economists to spend our money. They argue that spending is the only way to revive the economy, or at least prevent it from deteriorating further. Many nations have since launched various schemes, incentives, and even cash handouts to encourage their citizens to spend.

It is rather ironic to have to remind people to spend. If you ask people what they do for their pastimes, many will tell you that shopping is one of their main pastimes. A history professor declared not too long ago that the 'Great American Pastime' is shopping.[1] He counted 11,000 shopping malls in the United States thirty-five years ago. In 2003, that number has more than quadrupled, to 45,000. From the Mall of America to the strip mall nearest you, these American cultural phenomena occupy some 5.5 billion square feet of space and generate more than a trillion dollars in annual sales.

It's numbingly strange how our society functions. We spend most of our time at work producing goods and services to earn an income. Then we leave our workplaces, patronize the other stores and services, and hand them back our salary. This seems to go on and on in an endless cycle.

Stuck in a senseless pattern of consumption, we have created a God of Consumerism and handed him our powers. The world economy today revolves around this unforgiving god and his laws of profits, sales, and growths. When sales are down and profits dip, the first to go is disposable human employees. The God of Consumerism is increasingly more powerful, and our consumerist society today is producing and consuming more goods than ever to worship him.

By year 2000, global wood consumption has increased 64 percent since 1961. World cereal consumption has more than doubled in the last 30 years, and meat consumption has tripled since 1961. The global fish catch has also grown more than six-fold since 1950 to 122 million metric tons in 1997.[2]

Carter Roberts, president and CEO of World Wildlife Fund-U.S. noted in his latest report:

"Global consumption of natural resources far exceeds the Earth's regenerative capacity. We are borrowing from our natural capital at an entirely unsustainable rate. And, as is evidenced from the current economic crisis, unsustainable borrowing is not without profound consequences. To raise the stakes even further, there can be no bailout if the Earth's systems collapse."[3]

According to an EU-commissioned study, the global economy is also losing more money from the disappearance of forests than through the current banking crisis:

"Whereas Wall Street by various calculations has to date lost, within the financial sector, $1-$1.5 trillion, the reality is that at today's rate we are losing natural capital at least between $2 - $5 trillion every year."

Alarmingly, the total net loss in forest area each year is about 73,000 km2 - the size of Ireland or Panama.[4] Reforestation projects are barely keeping up as we simply could not regenerate an Ireland-size of forest in one year. We are certainly not replacing what we take away.

Indeed, author Thom Hartmann reminds us that the ancient sunlight is running out. In his book "The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight", he explains how ancient sunlight was captured millions of years ago by plants, and compressed into oil deep under our soil and oceans.

According to the International Energy Agency, humans consume 1,631 kilograms of oil equivalent per capita in the year 2001.[5] In other words, the entire world uses up two million Olympic-sized pools of oil in a year. If we line up the pools end-to-end along the equator, they would stretch 2.5 times around the world. It is taking us merely a few decades to use up what nature has spent millions of years to produce.

How do we connect this seemingly unsustainable way of living with the infinite abundance that many spiritual teachers have spoken of? Could we consume all that we want, and still manifest the reality to support it?

Maybe. But I suspect our access to infinite abundance is proportional to the amount of love or level of consciousness that we possess. The more love we have, the higher level of consciousness we obtain, and the more abundance we could experience.

For instance, cars that run on water or air are already a reality.[6] Yet why are they not replacing the oil-guzzling cars on the road today? That would have been a great leap forward towards infinite abundance.

Our limited level of mass consciousness is perhaps our biggest stumbling block. There is easily plenty for everybody on the earth if we live in a space of love. But if we live in a place of fear, grasping, hoarding and self-centeredness, there will not be enough.

Today, fears and separation permeate many pockets of consciousness as people look for short-term gains at the expense of others. Oil producers, for example, are only interested in reaping maximum profits from oil while they can. Complicated chains of self-interest relationships, lobbying, and political agendas thus prevent the proliferation of clean energy sources and technologies. Large sums of money are spent in building risky nuclear reactors instead of developing tidal and underground thermal energies that are free and clean. Cars that run on water and air are already there for our taking, and yet most humans are probably not even aware of them.

Nevertheless, these fear-based behaviours are really a reflection of the level of our mass consciousness. Take the presidency of George W. Bush for instance. People are ultimately responsible for the leaders they elect. It is inconsequential if Bush won the presidency fairly or stole the election from Al Gore as some have claimed. If Bush is sitting at the White House, it is because our mass consciousness had supported this man and his agenda, allowing him to take office.

Thankfully, nothing is wasted. The soul that is George W. Bush in this incarnation played a wonderful job in awakening humans to the consequences of their choices, and a sufficient shift in consciousness has led to the successful election of Obama and new principles of being.

However, I doubt Obama and other well-intentioned leaders could do much by themselves. As I have pointed out, consciousness must shift further to a positive polarity if we want to find our way to infinite abundance.

Paradoxically, a higher level of consciousness could also lead us away from wanting more, and we could become more appreciative of the natural abundance that surrounds us. Such abundance could come from the sacred view of all creations, universal love for one another, enjoyment of the beautiful nature, sharing of what we have, time to do what we like, space to express our creativity, and freedom to be who we are.

In the recent hit movie, "The Day The Earth Stood Still", Klaatu (alien representative played by Keanu Reeves) learns towards the end that the human mass consciousness would only have the willpower to change when a global crisis occur. It is no coincidence the movie gets remade at this critical point of time. Perhaps the current global economic crisis could be our best chance to move in a new direction?

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About the Writer
Joyouschee is the co-founder and editor of Cosmic Lighthouse Metaphysics Magazine. He hopes to add love, light and joy to the world through the magazine which is made possible by many wonderful contributors. * Cosmic Lighthouse Metaphysics Magazine *

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Everyone's experiences are different because we each create
surroundings and realities that come from within us. And this
alone pretty much sums up the higher realms; the higher
realms come from within.

As the ascension process serves to release and purge much
inside of us that is not of the light, we then begin to experience
much more of a higher way. It is a very natural process and a
beautiful one at that. As much of the density begins to be
cleared away, a great and shiny clarity is revealed that, if you
let it, can serve as a perfect roadmap for being in the higher

This chapter lists some interesting experiences you may be
having upon reaching a higher vibrating reality. But generally
speaking, reaching a higher vibrating reality involves finally
seeing clearly what really is. It is not interacting with other
energy forms and experiences through your ego or inner child.
It is not being attached to anything but Source. It is simply
being and experiencing energy.

Below is a list of new ways of being that usually arrive when
we begin to reside in a new and higher vibrating reality. Many
of these greatly surprised me as they were so much simpler
and better than I could have ever imagined. The old rules and
ways we were told of the higher realms were derived from an
ego-based consciousness that existed behind the veil, and were
some of them ever wrong! And the majority, but not all, of
any channelings only derive from the individual who is
channeling the information. Anyone can tap into any energy
pocket they choose that is vibrating as they are and get about
any kind of information that matches their belief system. Who
knows about the accuracy. Through the ascension process, we
go there. In this way, it is quite different indeed..

1. You reach a certain level through your
ascension process where you no longer desire or
resonate with any kind of healing. And like a
reformed smoker, you can get frustrated when the New
Age arena continues to focus much of their energy on
healing. As we begin to vibrate higher, we no longer
need healing. Healing serves to basically introduce us
to a lower vibrating energy that is no longer any kind of
a match to us. It can take us "back" where we no
longer are. And it can really bring in a lower vibrating
energy that we need not ever focus on again. Where
we place our energy and focus greatly becomes our
surrounding reality more than ever in the higher realms.
Why would one want to continually focus on lower
vibrating energy? This energy can feel like something
from another world where you are no longer residing.
And receiving a healing after you have "gotten here"
can also short circuit your system.

2. You no longer have the same connection
with your physical family. We chose to be born into
a physical environment in order to support the
development of necessary traits that we chose to
embody in order to support our soul purpose. In
addition, most of us agreed to uplift the planetary
vibration through transmuting the darker and denser
energies. After our prior incarnation is complete and
we are done and have arrived in a higher realm, our
purposes with our families are now obsolete. The cords
are basically severed. We are no longer connected
through issues. We are done with this experience.
Therefore, our family members can suddenly disappear
from our lives for no apparent reason as there is no
longer a connection to them. But if we continue to
simply love them and have that as our connection, we
can continue to maintain a relationship based on joy
and choice. And after we arrive in a higher state of
clarity, we are also able to clearly see who they really
are and how they operate, which has absolutely nothing
to do with us.

3. Your lifetime friends suddenly leave your
life. Same as above. And sometimes we re-unite with
friends we haven't seen for eons. And this energetic
pattern is also true for geographical areas on the planet
as well. When we are done with a particular purpose,
we are done. In the higher realms it is all about joy,
fun, experiencing, and creating with no attachments.
This is why we may also get to go back to old friends
and geographical homes as we are now uniting for a
different purpose.

4. You suddenly see what it is all about and
always has been and it has nothing to do with
"karma", "contracts", "life lessons", or "Earth as
a school". These are things that someone made up
and many of us bought into. We needed a story to
explain why we were so uncomfortable and we needed
it to be spiritual and purposeful so that our suffering
would not be in vain. When the fog finally lifts and we
rise above it, we are no longer seeing through limited
thinking of a lower vibrating consciousness. It is all
about energy and using it to have an experience. We
wanted to play games. We made up stories. At times
we came to the planet to try and alter it through our
higher consciousness that we placed in form (our
bodies). We were bored at times. The purpose of Earth
and of existence is to create through form. We were
never trying to get anywhere, continually trying to go
back home. We wanted to play, have fun and
experience. And we weren't serious all the time!
Spirituality is about joy, fun, creating, and playing. It is
absolutely not rigid, full of rules, or judgmental. It is
about freedom, love, and laughter.

5. You are no longer interested in spiritual
gatherings, group meditations, or the New Age
arena in general. You have come to realize that
intentional spirituality is not really real and does not
stick. The truth of the matter is, we are spiritual 24/7
no matter what we are doing. Forced spirituality
removes us from the world and places us in artificial
situations where we are not really being, but "trying" to
be. In the higher realms, we are simply living our lives
and experiencing. We are not continually wanting
something else and trying to place ourselves in
situations that we think may bring us closer to Source
because they seem to be more spiritual. It is far better
to have the presence of your being here in the world
rather than in a pocket of distanced and artificial

6. You get rid of all your spiritual and selfhelp
books and no longer desire to learn
anything new. Congratulations! You have arrived in
the state of being. You are also done learning as you
are readying to provide your energy through your
special gifts and talents by simply being in a space
where you greatly enjoying being. Being in the
moment relates to this as well. And expanding and
growing always comes from experience, not from book
learning or mental awareness. We can now get any
additional information we need through connecting
directly to Source. In addition, if you are no longer
craving any new information, you are most likely done
in this universe and preparing to go to the next level.

7. You crave simplicity and can barely
tolerate anything complicated. We have released
so much that we are much more in a state of simplicity.
In the higher realms, one does not need to make
anything happen or to do one thing in order to have an
outcome. There are no hoops to jump through or
complicated processes. When we are being a vibration,
we simply and naturally draw it to us. And remember,
in the higher realms we are simply being, creating, and
experiencing. No planning, agendas, opinions, or
having to prove something or do something in order to
receive something.

8. Negativity feels downright awful. In the
higher realms, there is no contrast or negativity. When
we reach a higher state, we know intuitively that life is
about joy, passion, and creativity and we never have a
thing to complain about. Negativity comes from
powerlessness and this state does not exist in the
higher realms. And continually talking about anything
in a negative way brings it to life and makes negativity
a real experience and reality. It gives it fuel and allows
it to exist.

9. Drama is a thing of the past. When we
reach the higher states, we can clearly see that we had
been most certainly existing in a "play". As we are now
living and viewing things from a higher level, we no
longer need dramas and stories to unfold around us
due to unintentional and unconscious creating. We no
longer desire this emotional state of powerlessness as it
no longer fits where we are. And we are much too tired
and apathetic, as a perfect by-product of the ascension
process, to have the energy for this kind of thing!

10. What you think about seems to arrive in
record time. This effect really becomes evident during
energy surges. It is perfect training for practicing
positive thinking. We are so used to receiving realities
as if from no part of our own. We are coming to know
that we can really consciously create now with
purposeful intent for our best outcomes. And having
things arrive for us in record time can be a great
opportunity to become very clear in all aspects
regarding what we are trying to create. It can be fun to
continually tweak our creations until they are perfect.

11. You now wonder why you used to think
you had to surround yourself in white light or
clear any energies. In the higher realms this is a
waste of our time. Again, it only serves to focus energy
on what we do not want, thus giving it energy and
making it real. When we are vibrating high, lower
energies cannot possible affect us or gain access to our
space as they are not even a close match. With like
energies attracting like energies, we are now free and
clear to create, enjoy, and experience. This ties in with
the dimensional hierarchies as well.

12. "Saving" has no place in the higher
realms. Saving anything only serves to deny it of its'
rightful experience of growing and expanding and trying
something new through the contrast that is spurring it
on. Saving is interfering and comes from ego. If one
were to check in at a higher level with the mountain,
the person, or the animal that is being saved, one
would surely see that all is in divine right order and
these things do not need saving. I have done this
many times and always with the same outcome.

13. Putting yourself first is mandatory. Plain
and simple. We cannot pour from an empty pitcher.
Giving yourself away is disrespectful to yourself. The
best way to uplift the planet and really serve is by
sharing who you are through your special passions,
gifts, and talents and continually doing what you love to
do. After you have mastered putting yourself first, you
will naturally move on to service.

14. You no longer have the desire or need to
make things happen, to "try" or to "fix" anything.
At higher levels, we always know that everything is
always in divine right order so nothing needs to be
fixed. We also need not intentionally make things
happen as simply being them will draw them to us
along with intent. The old masculine involved doing
and extending ourselves. Through the ascension
process we become so weary that we cannot extend
even if our ego got in the way and encouraged us to!
We also know that we have to accept things and be OK
where we are before we can create anything new. In
the higher realms, we clearly get that we need to
accept where we are and be there, before we can move
ahead. Resistance only blocks the flow of Source
energy and short circuits us.

15. All your needs seem to be continually and
miraculously met. At first, this space may seem
strange and new, but after you get used to it, you don't
expect anything else. It becomes a way of being and
lasts. This occurrence is especially prevalent in regard
to money. If you have reached a higher level and are
really on track with your soul purpose, you will
absolutely and totally be supported. I know because
this has been my own personal reality for several years
and I used to really struggle financially before I
"arrived." This support never goes away.

16. You have no issues with the current
people in your life. This is similar to #2, but in the
opposing direction. Your relationships will now revolve
around companionship and projects with no "issue"
related hooks. You love, admire, and adore each other
for who you are, with no dependencies. When we get
to the space of no attachments, we are then free and
clear in all ways. This is where the fun, joy, and love
really come in.

17. You no longer relate to mental and
analytical processes. In the higher realms, we
interact and exist in relation to feeling. We come to
know that we only need to feel our way to anywhere.
And besides, our brains and thought processes are
barely working anyway. This is the beginning of really
using our intuition or rather connecting more highly
with our souls or higher selves...another step in getting
our ego out of the way. And in the higher realms, there
is no right or wrong, good or bad, or black or white.
Things either feel good (vibrating high) or they feel bad
(vibrating low). Everything simply is.

18. You no longer care what anyone thinks
about you. You also may not care about what anyone
thinks about anything! You do not care what anyone
thinks about you because a lot of your ego is gone. In
addition, in order to fulfill our soul purpose (which is
also our passion and joy), we can't be feeling insecure
or powerless with the possibility of being knocked out of
our grooves from an ego posture. Becoming worn
down and tired, again, gets us out of the way and we
begin to say, "I simply do not care anymore!" Perfect.

19. You finally realize that there is no dark or
light. There is only light. All energy is always going in
the same direction with a higher level purpose of
supporting the light. The appearance of lack of light
only exists to ignite the light or provide the contrast
needed to spur us on to create and bring in more light.
In the higher realms, polarity is no longer needed once
we realize this and have integrated it.

20. Your health improves. And this involves
your physical, emotional, and mental health. With all
the purging and releasing, we have literally been put
back together so to speak, in a more solid way. And
then, just like the earth herself, we will move forward
once we have been restored. We will then begin a real
"morphing" into a higher level form of human and

21. You get to retire. You begin to experience a
flow to life at a slow, leisurely pace where you need not
do anything you do not really wish to. Everything falls
into your lap. You life consists of much basking,
savoring, creativity, a strong connection to Source and
gratitude for the simple things in life.

22. You have no agendas. I have not used a day
planner for years. The rare times I need to make an
appointment (usually for my hair!) or be somewhere at
a certain time, feel extremely off and confining. One of
the reasons I discontinued giving personal soul readings
was because they were scheduled. In the higher
realms, we naturally meet up with who and what we
need to connect with through synchronicity and the Law
of Attraction. Occasionally, I will find myself conversing
with a stranger and end up giving them a reading...all
very naturally. It's all about being in the moment and

23. You have no responsibilities. And when you
do, it feels so downright awful, wrong, and confining
that you can barely tolerate it. This is why the first
wavers are going first as they are primarily in their 50's
and their children are grown. It was all perfectly
planned. To ascend, we must be totally free and clear
with no attachments. After much of the purging and
purifying is done (for awhile, at least), what is then left
is the purer gold nugget of the real you. In the higher
realms we need only wear one hat. We do not need to
scatter our energies in places that are not a pure and
clear reflection of who we are at the highest levels...or
our soul purpose.

24. You have no more fear. In the higher
realms we have mastered trust. Having already been
through so much and come out alive, it must mean that
there is a higher plan going on. Besides, we're much
too tired and weary to do it all on our own anymore. At
some point, we have learned to let Source in and help
us out.

25. When something unpleasant occurs, any
corresponding emotions come and go in record
time. A dramatic event happens in our life and we're
over it almost immediately. No holding on. Being in
the higher realms is being in the moment with no
attachments. We know we can start fresh and new in
any given moment and create a whole new life,
scenario or space to occupy. We have become masters
at releasing.

26. You are rarely connected to your
surrounding environment. Or the environment that
was created from the old consciousness. You find that
you spend much of your time in your own personal
sanctuary at home and that you spend much more time
than you ever did alone or with a very small circle of
close friends. The outside world and many of its'
inhabitants are not yet vibrating where you are. You
just can't do it anymore and are much more
comfortable out in nature or spending time with

27. You have an unquenchable thirst for
creativity. After so much has been swept away within
ourselves and in our lives, we may find ourselves in a
space of boredom. What do you do now that most of
your needs are met and you are so very free and clear?
This is when the creativity comes barreling in. In the
higher vibrations, it is all about creativity. We have
come into form to experience and create. When you
arrive in this space, you will feel like you are almost
manic with your creativity. The enormous amount of
energy that is now running through you demands an
outlet. And now that you are no longer in a space of
healing, fixing, trying to make change, or shift the
energies, it's time to have fun and create, create, and

28. You laugh a lot and find many things
amusing and funny. Lightheartedness is a natural
state of being in the higher realms. Enough said.

29. You have a heightened love and
compassion for all living things. The higher states
can at times overwhelm you, but they feel so good.

30. Incredible peace is a mainstay. Great
peace seems to be about all there is for you at
times...and these times are frequent. Being still in the
simplicity...watching a spider crawl down it's web in the
sunshine...basking with your cats...being one with a
sunset or even with a bug on the earth. All regular and
frequent occurrences.

31. Your inner child seems to have
disappeared. Although you still love to play and frolic.
In regard to childhood wounds and issues, you no
longer see things from this point of view. What is now
left is simply the healthy aspects of your inner
child...seeing things with awe and wonderment and the
original innocence. And oh, is it wonderful! This is why
it can be so much more comfortable to hang out with
our little ones...they get it.

32. You begin to have an understanding
about how all is connected. You understand that
there are no mistakes, all is in divine right order, and
there is never and was never anything "wrong."

33. You are much more connected to your
soul. You and your soul or higher self are now much
more one. Your human personality that operated from
a disconnect and from beneath the veil is seemingly no
longer running the show."

A Receipe for the Integration of Adaptability

A Receipe for the Integration of Adaptability
By Michael King

One of the most important spiritual qualities to develop is adaptability, because we live in a world of egos. Egos create new universes of illusionary reality every moment, based on whims, fears and phobias. People let us down all the time, they say they are going to do things and they don't follow through. We have to be adaptable; we can't try to control them. We have to adapt to the shifting sands. The integration of adaptability means learning to embrace one-pointedness without stubbornness. To be so focused on achieving something, but not like a bull with its head down, just charging and pushing anything out of the way. A master of energy will create a set of conditions which magnetically draws forth into the moment that which is the desired possible future.

Choices which are made in this moment and previous moments create a set of possible futures. Once a possible future, which is desired, is sensed as a real possibility, you don't grasp it and try and drag it. You don't lasso the future. That's called urgency. Urgency takes you out of the moment because its fear based and fear repels. All of the activity occurs in this present reality. Now to be able
to work with that, one must of course own that we've created everything that we are currently experiencing. One cannot truly become
what we call a co-creator if you selectively accept that you have created some of your reality but choose to believe that you are a victim in other regards. At best, you will be able to draw forth fragments of your desired reality. That which is attempting to be drawn forth into this particular reality must be in alignment with planetary purpose, plan and your own incarnation blue print.

If you become stubborn you will never be happy. Even if what you successfully manifest in this moment is a hundred times better then what you originally wanted to do, you will not be happy because it wasn't what, "I originally wanted to do." So, it's very important to learn one-pointedness without stubbornness.

Stubbornness and tenacity are not the same. Tenacity is seeing the journey towards the manifestation of your goal as simply a series of obstacles to be met and mastered through which you grow. Tenacity brings with it gratitude to the obstacles. The obstacles along the way refine you so you are more adept at expressing your mastery. Another way of looking at this is to be flexible whilst retaining appropriate boundaries and accomplishing the progress necessary to achieve goals within appropriate time frames. It's the key to success in relationships and business. You also have to be really devoted to achieving something, to get through the tough times and to take the good with the bad. Moving ever closer to the goal, even if it means walking around an obstacle and temporarily going apparently away from the goal. You must also hold the ideal of that goal manifesting. But you can be idealistic and be a total space cadet and be totally unrealistic. So, it's no good being totally idealistic and a perfectionist to a fault, because ultimately you'll never meet your own standards. You'll just spend so much time trying to get the details right that you never actually accomplish anything. Idealism in balance is very important.

Imagine a musician who has just finished musician school and knows every scale known to man and can play every instrument, but has never played in an orchestra. A brilliant musician. But are they really a brilliant musician? There are many who don't know all the scales, but are much better musicians because they've just spent 40 years playing in an orchestra. So maybe they're not technically as brilliant but they perhaps are a more accomplished musician.

You can have the qualities of keenness of intellect, attention to detail, devotion, idealism, love of truth, tenacity, willingness to endure, but you miss out the desire to accept truth. You're not going to have adaptability--one-pointedness without stubbornness; you're going to have something else. Adaptability, like a recipe, needs many ingredients to come together to create something much grander then the sum of the individual parts. When you get the exact mix of ingredients right it becomes stable and difficult to knock off centre.

Mental illumination is another ingredient of adaptability, it gives one the ability to foresee consequences. To see an obstacle before it's actually here and then to take steps to eliminate or move around that obstacle. Tenacity and a willingness to endure produce perseverance. You have to be organised, which is not about being busy, being busy.

I used to work for an organisation that had a thousand people on site and some had been there for twenty-five or thirty years and no one knew what they did. But they were busy all the time and they were indispensable, but no one knew what they did. When the redundancy started, we let go all these people that we didn't know what they did and productivity actually improved.

Being organised is about time management, mastery of time and being able to manage time. The more you think that you have not got enough time, the less time you're going to have. The more you just know that you have enough time to accomplish things you will actually stretch things out so that you can accomplish things. Clear mindedness is being very organized, having a lot going on as far as
streams of consciousness that you're processing without being cluttered and taking things to completion.

Learning to embrace one-pointedness without stubbornness means being flexible whilst retaining appropriate boundaries and accomplishing the progress necessary to achieve goals within appropriate time frames. This requires keenness of intellect, attention to detail, the desire to accept truth, devotion, idealism, love of truth, tenacity, endurance, mental illumination, perseverance, organisation, clear mindedness and taking things to completion.

©Michael King -The Insight Foundation * Michael King is the Co-Founder and CEO of the Insight Foundation * * *

Mysticism As A Key - To Scientific Breakthroughs

Mysticism As A Key - To Scientific Breakthroughs
by Owen Waters

Mystics are visionaries. That's what gives them the edge in scientific research.

Newton, Faraday and Einstein were all examples of mystics. Most of their research occurred, not in a laboratory, but within their visionary consciousness.

Mysticism is a learned skill, just like learning to ride a bicycle, and it is an exact science. You can develop this incredibly useful skill and gain that visionary edge, not just in scientific research, but in any endeavor that you plan to undertake.

Mysticism is the act of going within. Our brains are entrained upon the external universe, which they perceive through the five senses. The act of going within means to withdraw from the exterior senses and allow inner perception to come forth.

It is a paradox that higher frequencies of consciousness are obtained by lowering the frequency of the brain. Brainwaves are electrical activity. The more the outer senses are slowed down, the slower the brainwave activity. Basically, we have to reduce outer-directed conscious activity in order to reach inner consciousness.

Higher consciousness is a frequency of mind, not a higher electrical brainwave activity. However, both consciousness and electric energy do resonate within the same universal magnetic field.

This primal, carrier field is the fabric of the universe. It is essentially a static magnetic fluid that fills all of space. It does not, however, appear static when viewed at the quantum level. Continuously fed by solar radiation, it appears as a hotbed of continual electromagnetic activity.

In her ground-breaking book The Field, Lynne McTaggart weaves together a compendium of how this primal, universal Field underlies virtually all phenomena in life. Every type of electromagnetic energy, including light, has its magnetic component. This magnetic component is the Field, the fabric of the universe.

Higher energies, in the form of etheric or life energy, also resonate in the Field just as electrical energy does. Furthermore, mental energies resonate in the Field and emotional energies resonate in the Field. The Field is the underlying link that allows all actions to play out in the universe. It is, as Lynne points out, the reason that the universe is a connected wholeness rather than a collection of isolated people and objects.

The Global Mind

The Field plays host to the mental/emotional atmosphere of humanity around the Earth. This global mind of humanity links us together. Every thought that you think, and every emotion that you feel, pass into the global mind and affect everyone else on the planet.

Who says that one person can't have an effect in this world? We all have an effect, and if your effect is an inspired one, then it will inspire countless others around the world!

This global mind phenomenon also explains why scientific discoveries often pop up around the world in several places at once, even though the discoverers were not in physical communication. These discoveries are ideas whose time is right, so the thoughts circulate to those capable of receiving and interpreting their frequency.

Life Energy

The study of etheric energy, or life energy, is about to become a larger specialty of physics than electromagnetism. Lynne McTaggart's book lists many manifestations of etheric energy, including healing energy, scalar waves, homeopathy, and acupuncture treatments of the human energy body.

Etheric energy is a pre-physical energy. Some would call it non-physical, yet it appears solid enough to people in the afterlife, or astral realms. Their "spirit" bodies, and the solid-looking articles around them, are made of etheric energy.

Because etheric energy is responsive to mental pressures, objects in those surroundings can be materialized and altered at will. According to out-of-body expert Robert Monroe, some newcomers to the afterlife get very excited about this ability to instantly create and modify thought-forms. So much so, that they redecorate their homes daily, using their minds to create any decor they can imagine! Such is the power of instant visualization, at least in the afterlife.

Moving back to the physical realm, another example of etheric energy is the substance of Rupert Sheldrake's morphogenetic fields, which determine the shape-to-be of growing plants and animals. When we can more easily generate and measure etheric energy, then this new branch of physics will open and grow.

The practice of mysticism involves contemplation, which is a state of mind beyond concentration. When you study an object in front of you, you concentrate upon it. The state of concentration then allows insights from your intuitive faculty to enter the picture, so contemplation is a combination of concentration and intuitive insight. These intuitive insights come from the object of your attention because your mind has traveled into the object and acquired information about it.

Let's say, for example, that the object of your contemplation is a subatomic particle, the electron. The nice thing about consciousness is that it can downsize its focus to the subatomic level. If you were to tune into such an actual subatomic particle, what would your impression be of its shape?

Would it be a sphere of solid matter? No, we already know that that is not possible because Einstein proved that matter is energy, and therefore its solidity is an illusion.

Would it be a point of electromagnetic energy? Yes, but what would be its shape? What would be its function as it interacts with the rest of nature?

What kind of motion would be present? Would it be an vortex of electromagnetism, spinning and radiating, speaking to all of the rest of Creation? Would it have an etheric template, like a morphogenetic field, acting as a waveguide as it continuously cycles between the Field and physical expression?

Intuitive insight is evolving from its former, dream-like status into the verifiable world of rigorous, scientific control.

The Early Days of Science

This is similar to the transition of another discipline, the one from alchemy to chemistry that occurred 300 years ago. That was the time of Robert Boyle, one of the founding members of the early scientific research establishment, The Royal Society.

In those days, there was little or no industry to fund scientific research, so King Charles II was approached to fund research into the wonders of those days, hence the name, The Royal Society. After Boyle published his magnum opus, The Sceptical Chemist, the vagueness of alchemy was shifted irrevocably into the precision of modern-day chemistry. All thanks to his intuitive insights.

If Boyle had not possessed a sound, intuitive grasp of the subject matter of alchemy, then he could not have extracted its potential for growth; the growth which became modern-day chemistry.

Isaac Newton was 15 years junior to Robert Boyle. After a difficult upbringing, Newton attended Cambridge University to earn his Bachelor's degree and then trained in alchemy under Robert Boyle.

Michael White, in his biography of Isaac Newton, refers to Newton as an obsessive, driven mystic, deeply involved in alchemy and a subscriber to a "heretical" sect of Christianity, i.e. one with some ideas of their own. Newton spent a large part of his life intensely involved with alchemy, leaving behind over one million words on the subject. A mystic to the core, he also spent a considerable amount of time studying biblical prophecy, Rosicrucian mysticism, astrology and numerology.

White concluded that Newton's search for the philosophers' stone and for scientific fundamentals such as gravity are inextricably linked. Newton was a mathematical mystic, devoted to finding out how God had constructed the universe. He was an obsessive character who searched for an understanding of the universe by whatever means possible.

During his life, Newton headed the Royal Society (1691-1727), invented calculus, and gave us an understanding of gravity and light. He formulated the three laws of motion upon which all of mechanics is based and, famously, narrowly avoided being hit on the head by a falling apple.

Michael Faraday began his work in science researching chemistry, where he discovered benzene and succeeded in liquefying a number of gases. He soon moved ahead into the new and fascinating realm of electricity. Most of his colleagues doubted even the existence of "such a phantasie as electricity." Surely, they said, there could be no serious connection between such diverse phenomena as lightning, static electricity, battery cells and electric eels?

While Faraday's Victorian colleagues were, by comparison, unimaginative materialists, he proved to be a true mystic scientist. He actually saw, in his mind, a dance of energy in electromagnetic fields. In Faraday's mystical vision, ahead of even today's mainstream view, he saw matter as consisting of tiny electromagnetic fields. In his Experimental Researches in Electricity, he said "Each atom extends, so to say, throughout the whole of the solar system, yet retaining its own centre of force."

With Volta's invention of chemical batteries and their ability to produce a controlled current, laboratory experiments in electricity became much easier to perform. Prior to Volta's chemical batteries, experimenters had used Leyden jars, which only stored a small charge of static electricity. Volta was later honored by having the unit of electrical potential, the volt, named after him. It is fortunate that the inventor of the Leyden Jar, Pieter van Musschenbroek, was not chosen for this, as we could have ended up today with houses wired, not for 115 or 240 volts, but for 115 or 240 musschenbroeks!

Faraday's successful decoding of electromagnetic behavior led him to invent the transformer, the electric motor and the electric generator. Later, James Clerk Maxwell became his student and friend.

Maxwell, another true mystic, could see the field structure of electromagnetism clearly in his mind's eye. He went on to develop mathematical tools for calculating the behavior of electromagnetic fields. This enabled him to calculate the speed of traveling electromagnetic waves, which was - surprise, surprise - the speed of light. From this discovery, a realization unraveled that light was electromagentism.

Albert Einstein was another deeply mystical figure, one who had the vision to see that space and time are compressible. His realization that "solid" matter was really just energy, created a global paradigm shift.

Einstein said that, "The most beautiful emotion we can experience is the mystical. It is the power of all true art and science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead."

Einstein is also known for making statements such as:

"God does not play dice with the universe."

"Religion without science is blind, and science without religion is lame."

"The Field," he even said at one point, "is the only reality."

Perhaps the most mystical statement of all came from Michael Faraday who, referring to life in general, said:

"All this is but a dream."

The practice of mysticism is the practice of going within. Any meditative practice will help you develop this skill and gain that visionary edge in any endeavor.

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About the author:

Owen Waters is an international spiritual teacher who has presented his insights into the New Reality to hundreds of thousands of seekers. In 1963, while growing up in a mystical part of Britain, he encountered his first spiritual awakening. The surprise of this mystical experience was such that his life became focused upon a continuous search for spiritual answers.

Almost forty years of study and research followed, along with the development of his inner vision. By the year 2002, like many of the spiritual teachers who are coming forward for The Shift, his realizations began to unfold rapidly. Today, as Editor and cofounder of Infinite Being LLC, he helps people find inspiration, love and creativity through heart-powered consciousness. *