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Tracks In The Snow

Tracks In The Snow
Received by Carolyn Evers

What is shown as a personality trait is only a very small part of what a human is capable of. Even the greatest saint that walked upon Earth is showing a very small quotient of what they can be. It will not be until one passes over to the next world and is able to access more of what they are in soul abilities that one grows quickly.

That has been the situation in the past, but that is not all the possibilities that will express themselves in the future. In the future, the body and soul, if one accepts the challenge and works towards that end, will hold the energies of a highly advanced state that is only found on the next higher level of ability.

Up to now, advancement could only be accessed by the soul moving on towards that level. The body was bared from that level because of the imperfections that were associated with the body. We speak here of faults and failings. However, the exciting news is that the body along with the soul will be able to reach this level soon and bring down to the entity working within the body, a force of great understanding and ability.

There are many words to describe this state. Whether one calls this state the state of Adam Kadmon, or spiritual hierarchy, the good news is that God has decreed that now is the time for Earth to blend these two states, a perfected plan for the quality of body and the soul from the original blueprint. It is time now for the two to be energized and merged into one being.

That merging is occurring for some presently. They are the frontrunners so to speak. They are the ten percent that allows the others to follow. They are brave in their undertaking to be the first. Indeed, this is the first time that this condition expressed itself on Earth. So that means there is a need for healing for that ten percent and then those others that step up and follow the pattern. That is the reason for this dialogue.

Healing must occur before this advancement can begin. The past must be healed before the future can be upon us. Many events occurred in the past that were traumatic for the soul experiencing it. You see, experience was to be viewed, honored, but not to become a part of it, not to internalize it. That was the plan originally, but human emotion was not fully understood by spirit workers. The soul came to the planet, experienced, but internalized the situations.

These were imperfections because the individual identified with the pain, losses, and traumatic activities. Therefore these pieces of imperfection were left on the Earth plane to be taken up during the next incarnation and resolved and cleared from the thought patterns. But we found that what was happening was that these emotions were being stuck in the vibratory pattern of the human body instead of being cleared. That is the basis for most of the problems in the world. Past pain is being carried in the aura of the body and then accessed and remembered by the current entity. More than that, these pains form a basis for action and implementation in the current lifetime.

This has caused an accumulation of debts to the past that now need to be cleared all at once in this lifetime before one can advance. Some souls have become discouraged and have left this existence rather than to go on under what they perceive as a burden and therefore they have become disillusioned and have despaired and have died.

The human soul can co this. The soul can leave the body on the silent command of the subconscious directive from the human mind. The human has the ability to do this but at a great cost because they have thwarted their earthly plan and have lost out on perhaps the greatest gift that they will receive in a very long time.

I address those who wish to go on and unconsciously remember that life is good and this is the victory lifetime over all the pain and sorrow of the past. This is the lifetime when all that will be cleared and your gifts will be given back to you as they have been held in reserve on this plane ever since Atlantis.

Subconsciously you remember this. Allow that thought to be turned over in your mind. This lifetime is the victory over the past sorrows and pains. I speak here of spiritual sorrows. You may be exhibiting physical discomforts and some even what seems like disease. For the most part this is a clearing from many of the past lifetimes where the agonies that are stuck in the body need to be purged.

You have been told that when souls cross over to the next plain, the imperfections cannot go with them. They are retained here on this Earth plane. You have come into this lifetime and must purge any imperfections from past lifetimes.

Understand that these are energy patterns. They are not necessarily paths of retribution or karma that needs to be paid a price for in the sense that you must redeem yourself. They are strictly energy patterns that have been left here. Think of them as tracks in the snow. The person or animal that left the tracks is gone, but their trail was left behind. These are energy trails that the body remembers. They can be released and we will discuss how these can be purged from your system.

Copyright 2005 Carolyn Evers

**To be continued: Isis - Part III Chaos Before Creation

Received by Carolyn Evers

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