Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Atmos: Speak from Your heart and Soul

Atmos: Speak from Your heart and Soul

Your instinct for survival has led you to become very defensive, and that has been necessary right up to the present time. However, as you increasingly move into the higher vibrations, you can release from the old ways. There is an acceptance that attachments come from the judgement of others, and the need to project an image of you that meets with general approval. Some for example, almost without thinking deny the truth about themselves or their deeds. You would rather alter the facts to defend yourself from criticism or punishment, and avoid having to answer for them. You indulge in what you call "little white lies" although we must allow for the intent that is behind them. We know that sometimes the truth can be painful or upsetting to another person, and you often have to avoid it where it can be seen as interference.

Why do I mention this subject, it is because in the near future there will come a time when if you speak anything other than the truth everyone around you will know it. These are the times when you have developed your auric sight, and can see from the colours and thought forms when words are being spoken. In fact at a later stage you will even find the spoken word unnecessary, and communicate telepathically. If you research extraterrestrial contacts with you, you will find that it is the normal manner of communication. It is also worth noting that different languages are no barrier to telepathy. In other words, there is a time coming when you will need to be truthful in whatever you say, as deceit will not be possible.

Think upon this subject and begin to watch your reaction to others, and notice how you respond. See if you can be truthful and honest at all times, and also note how much better you feel within self. Often you are scared of the repercussions, and Humans do have a desire to try to please everyone by not being seen to disagree with them. Now I tell you that a difference of opinion is healthy, and promotes interesting discussions from which everyone can learn. One problem that has made you reticent to disagree is that you believe you can be accused of forcing your opinion onto others. If you only trusted each other and valued the variety in life, you would cherish those moments when people spoke from the heart and soul.

Of course it is not easy to suddenly change your approach to each other, when most of your lives have been spent responding in a time worn manner that has become almost automatic. The old approach is becoming rapidly outworn, because the higher vibrations hold you in the Light where truth abounds. On Earth your laws are often draconian and punishment is not calculated to rehabilitate you, but seeks revenge. It is therefore bringing out resentment and hatred of the law, and all means are used to avoid its sentence. However, many of your confrontations are simply where you have been judged to have broken social taboos or customs, and have gone against tradition and forgiveness is in order.

My thoughts are following a number of paths where you are subject to judgment, and each in its own way causes you to have to defend yourself. Therefore as time passes a new way of approaching these issues must be found. Understanding your Oneness with All That Is will remove that feeling of separation and differences between you. Accepting that there is but your One God will be part of that understanding. You are all equal in the eyes of God who holds immense Love for each and every soul. That you appear different or practise all manner of worship and follow various rituals, is of no consequence. These are simply expressions you have chosen as part of your evolutionary experiences. Come into the higher dimensions and there are still differences, but they do not cloud another souls understanding and acceptance of the Oneness that binds all together. This is something that you will be able to deal with, when you have had experiences of meeting entities from all types of backgrounds. You will notice that evolved souls emanate an energy that is unmistakably one of exceedingly powerful love.

Dear Ones, once we come out into the open, much of what you need to know will be given you. Basically it is placing your feet firmly on the path to Ascension, and going with the flow that allows you to be yourself in all ways of expression. It will come from loving self first, and then all others without judgement and in Unconditional Love. That will be your target and whilst it may be nigh impossible to achieve at present, it will come within your sights before the end of this cycle. It is what you will need to aspire to if you are to create your true reality. So many lower energies are around you at present that make your task difficult, but even by the end of this year these will have started clearing. The Light will be returning and a whole new attitude and approach to life made possible.

The end of this cycle is not only about you, but also us and getting you to that level where you regain full consciousness. You will be moving into dimensions where all other Beings will be at similar levels of consciousness. Nothing can stop your progress except that you decline the opportunity to ascend, and that is highly unlikely if it is already desired. The Galactic Federation has the responsibility to guide you safely out of this cycle, and it will be achieved by divine decree. Very soon the conditions will have changed on Earth that will allow us more contact with you. It is about removing the threat to us that has always been there, and that is both on and off the Earth. There are civilisations that for eons of time have desired to take over your planet, but we have ensured that it cannot happen. We have a duty to God and the Creator to ensure your transition, and that preparations for Mother Earth's Ascension are completed to allow for you to go together.

I am Atmos from Sirius, and hope you understand the importance of your development in these coming months. There will much to test your resolve, and as long as you keep your goal in sight you will ride out the present chaos. Be outside of everything and let it pass you by, and bless it on its way. All is for a purpose and part of your final experiences in duality. Our love is carried in the words you read, and will lift you up. Take heart from the voice of love and reason that is rising above all others, and energising moves for world peace. It will come in your time, otherwise you could not move on.

Thank you Atmos,
Mike Quinsey