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Chaos Before Creation

Chaos Before Creation

Received by Carolyn Evers

I honor those who wish to advance and especially those who are leading the way. Those who lead the way contracted to do this before they came into this lifetime. It is a gift to the Earth and to us in the spirit realms for you to have accepted the call and implemented the new ways into the physical.

The new ways of which I speak are new energies that come to this plane through the central sun. These rays come from many different places because they are monitored by your spiritual sisters and brothers. Those in particular from the planet of Sirius are working very hard to implement the messages of hope and love on this planet.

Love is the universal language of all spiritual brothers and sisters. To be willing to help others and to advance yourselves is the most important thing you can do. There are some who give honor and service to themselves first, rather than others and that is another way of finding perfection, but it is harder that way though it is a legitimate method.

It is much easier to attain attributes from the higher dimensions if you honor others along with yourselves. Loving thoughts must permeate the entire world before there can be advancement to another dimension for all. We hope this can happen. Lifting yourself above discord and hostility will protect you from the machinations of those who work against God.

Those who work against God will not be destroyed, but they will have no one to destroy if all move along with the life wave to the higher realms. That is another reason for this missive. I want all to know that this time is very important to the human race. This time was prophesized by many. The Hopi, the Maya and others in ancient lands such as Egypt and ancient cultures that existed in Britain before Christianity also predicted this time. The records from Britain and Egypt are not available for you to read because they were either destroyed or were handed down from wisdom individuals to their students and not meant for the civilization as a whole.

This is a time that has been set aside by the God of all to hand Earth her graduation papers to the new world and an exciting life. It is time to end the experiment that was started in time as time will change on this new level of understanding. Actually all this has started.

These changes started in the early 1940's when a structure deep inside the earth changed and a core reversed itself. Those who understand electricity will understand if we say a winding was reversed.

This winding was representative to the change that was going on within the core of the sun. The sun reversed its winding also. You understand perhaps that the earth and the sun are intertwined together and work in tandem. Everything else since that time is a realignment between the two. It took a long time for the core of the Earth to change its electrical charge, but once that happened, the changes fell into place quickly.

Presently, you are seeing the physical changes early in its formation, of unusual rains, tornadoes, sunspot activity and heat in the form of higher than usual temperatures and fires in areas that are usually moderate in temperatures. This will intensify as the heat and winds generated by tornadoes will act in a rhythm that could be compared to chills of the planet. She is reacting in a hot and cold manner because the electrical circuitry is being updated and acquiring a new level.

This circuitry is reflecting movements in the grid pattern and the opening of new vortexes that are being placed on the planet. Grid patterns are the physical foundations for the energy to come to Earth from outer space and the higher realms of spirit which comes through the new vortexes. The electrical activity of the earth is changing and has not been completed. The end of 2003 will find that most of this activity will be balanced and finished completing the last of the vortexes upon the earth. After that you will see the weather patterns relax some and settle down again with more normalized activity.

This is a natural balancing of the earth and her structures. Animals will understand the new vibrations because they live closer to the earth and know their dependency to her. Humankind thinks for the most part that they are not dependant on the earth and will take longer to harmonize with the new energies that are coming to this planet. That means that there will be some who will notice a distress in their bodies and think that disease has infiltrated their bodies. Fear can accumulate and the symptoms may seem more intense.

It is the fear that has intensified the symptoms because this new age will materialize thoughts. It will become very important to watch your thoughts and monitor the effects of the thought upon the body.

The new energies will cause many changes upon the body. Some of my people have been working on clearing the past karmic events from their physical bodies and for them these changes will not seem as traumatic. We have spoken earlier in this book of how the past events can be carried over to the present incarnation and stuck in the emotional body. We speak here of this discomfort.

I asked Isis about her statement that the completion of the vortex activity in 2003 would end and that the weather patterns would settle down and normalize.

She added, "The next step that we did not stress in this message was the plate activity as that has a different cause from the vortex activity and the electrical winding of the planet. Earth patterns that seem destructive are picking up again but the cause is different. We will speak more of this later.


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Received by Carolyn Evers

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