Monday, March 18, 2024

Equinox-Eclipse Refiner's Fire of Purification - by Meg Benedicte

The first day of Spring arrives in the No Hemisphere this Tuesday, March 19, the day of the Vernal Equinox at 0° Aries. Many have been experiencing deep, cellular purging during the final days of the annual astrological cycle. Pisces, the 12th house of the zodiac, represents the deepest part of the subconscious and rules dreams, visions, intuition, the mysterious. So much is being flushed up to conscious awareness as the cycle nears completion.

 You are experiencing the Refiner’s Fire of Purification in preparation for the Equinox and Eclipse Season. Eclipses are turbo-charged events, setting into motion ‘breakthrough’ moments. The Lunar Eclipse on March 25 and Solar Eclipse on April 8 fall on the Aries-Libra nodal axis, impacting your relationship with Self and with others. Some astrologers consider the Aries Solar Eclipse conjunct Chiron one of the most transformative cosmic events of 2024.

 Symbolically, the sun represents core identity and self-image. Aries represents the individual self. A Solar Eclipse at 19 Aries is associated with self-exploration…conjunct Chiron, it dives deeper into the hidden, wounded self. Expect an unraveling of old thought forms, ancestral core beliefs, outdated perspectives and unhealthy behaviors. It is a lot to process, as the old constructs crack and break apart, leaving behind the budding true you. The metamorphosis reaches deep down into the molecular layer, the quantum organization of particles that inform your material expression in the world.

This is a delayering process of the old human carcass that no longer fits. It requires letting go of the old outdated egoic persona, an artificial construct since childhood, that performed a task of illusion. It is not the real you, but layers of coping mechanisms and reactionary responses to feel safe in a reality of separation.

 As you continue to embrace Soul presence in your body, heart, mind…the egoic persona becomes constricting, distracting, controlling and effectively blocking your way. You reached the end of the line. The unhealthy ego can no longer be allowed to dominate the thoughts, emotions, choices or actions in the daily life. The battle for control ensues. Who will run the show?

It is from this Higher Self awareness, when Soul wisdom, insights and inspirations flow in, that you realize the unhealthy ego is not operating for your best interests. It has another agenda. It desperately needs to feel and believe it is superior, better than others, smarter, all-knowing. The immature ego will push this agenda on everyone. It is relentless and driven to control and dominate.

 The shift from lower egoic self to Higher Self emergence is a profound and challenging process. From the ashes of the false persona rises the divine essence that is You. The True Self! This is a powerful and potent time for soulful breakthroughs. The upcoming Equinox and Eclipse gateways activate the null-magnetics of zero point, forging a portal to connect with All That you Are!


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