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What Is the Next Step for Earth and Humanity? by dna-awakening.org

Since the 1960s, researchers have been diligently measuring the Schumann resonance, a set of electromagnetic waves born from the dance of lightning storms across the globe. These waves find their home in the lower ionosphere, forming what can only be described as a global resonance chamber. It’s within this chamber that the Earth’s heartbeat, the Schumann resonance, takes form.

This phenomenon isn’t merely an abstract concept; it fluctuates with the ebb and flow of solar activity, seasons, weather patterns, and yes, even human behavior. The base frequency of this cosmic heartbeat is 7.83 Hz, a frequency that remarkably aligns with the alpha brain waves. These brain waves are associated with states of relaxation, meditation, and creativity, suggesting a profound connection between the Earth’s pulse and our mental states.

The spikes in the Schumann Resonance aren’t merely fluctuations in electromagnetic waves; they are signals of a profound shift in consciousness. Some interpret these spikes as portals, gateways to a heightened state of awareness and interconnectedness. It’s as if the Earth itself is urging us to remember the radiance of our true nature, our infinite potential, and our connection to all that is.

But here’s where it gets even more intriguing. In recent years, the Schumann Resonance has been acting like a cosmic DJ, remixing its usual frequencies and introducing spikes that reach as high as 33.8 Hz. This isn’t a glitch in the matrix; it’s a sign, a cosmic signal that some interpret as a herald of a global awakening—a shift in vibration that is reverberating not only through the Earth but through the very fabric of human existence.

The Earth and humanity are going through a historic shift in vibration

As you may know, the Earth and humanity are going through a historic shift in vibration, ascending spiritually from the third dimension to the fifth dimension. This is often called 5D Earth or New Earth. This means that we are leaving behind the old paradigm of fear, separation, duality, and limitation and entering a new reality of love, unity, harmony, and abundance. This is not something that happens overnight, but rather a gradual process that involves many changes and challenges along the way. Some of these changes are physical, such as climate change, natural disasters, or pandemics. Some of these changes are emotional, such as releasing old traumas, patterns, or beliefs that no longer serve us. Some of these changes are spiritual, such as awakening to our true nature, purpose, and potential as divine beings.

The journey from 3D to 5D can be challenging at times, especially when we face resistance from ourselves or others who are not ready or willing to change. It can also be confusing when we see things happening in the world that seem to contradict or delay our vision of a better future. However, we have to trust that there is a divine plan behind everything that is happening and that everything is working out for the highest good of all involved. We must have faith in the guidance and support of our higher selves, spirit guides, and other kind entities who are assisting us on our journey. We have to trust that we are not alone in this process but part of a collective awakening that is happening all over the planet.

As we open our minds to the radiance and the fifth dimension reveals itself, we also undergo a process of cleansing and purification. This is a natural and necessary part of our spiritual growth and transformation, as we release the old and make room for the new. As we raise our vibration and align with the light, we also shed the lower and darker energies that no longer serve us or resonate with us. As we awaken to our true selves and our true potential, we also let go of the false selves and the false limitations that we have created or accepted.

One way to know that we are in the 5th dimension is to pay attention to the signs and symptoms that we may experience, such as:

Increased intuition and psychic abilities, such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and telepathy.

Enhanced creativity and imagination, such as vivid dreams, visions, and synchronicities

Expanded consciousness and awareness, such as lucid dreaming, astral projection, and multidimensional travel.

Higher sensitivity and empathy, such as feeling the emotions and energies of others, animals, plants, and the planet.

Physical changes and sensations, such as changes in appetite, sleep patterns, body temperature, and DNA activation,

Emotional changes and fluctuations, such as mood swings, anxiety, depression, and emotional clearing

Spiritual changes and awakenings, such as finding your purpose, discovering your gifts, and remembering your soul contract,

This process of cleansing can be challenging and uncomfortable, as we face our own shadows and wounds, and confront our own fears and doubts. It can also be painful and difficult, as we detach from the people, places, situations, and habits that are holding us back or dragging us down. It can also be confusing and disorienting, as we question our own beliefs and values, and redefine our own identity and purpose.

But this process of cleansing is also liberating and empowering, as we heal our own traumas and hurts, and reclaim our own power and sovereignty. It is also joyful and rewarding, as we connect with our own passions and gifts, and express our own creativity and authenticity. It is also enlightening and inspiring, as we discover our own truths and wisdom, and follow our own intuition and guidance.

As we cleanse ourselves of the old and the lower, we also invite the new and the higher. We open ourselves to the light of life, the divine energy that animates and sustains all existence. We allow the light of life to enter our bodies, minds, hearts, and souls, and fill us with its grace and glory. We welcome the light of life to activate our DNA, awaken our abilities, and expand our consciousness. We embrace the light of life to heal our wounds, clear our karma, and restore our balance. We receive the light of life to bless our lives, guide our paths, and fulfill our dreams.

We can also visualize the light of life entering us with a simple meditation or exercise, such as:

“Imagine a bright white light coming from above, and entering your crown chakra, at the top of your head. Feel the light filling your head, and moving down to your third eye chakra, at the center of your forehead. Feel the light filling your eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and brain. Feel the light moving down to your throat chakra, at the base of your neck. Feel the light filling your throat, voice, and thyroid. Feel the light moving down to your heart chakra, at the center of your chest. Feel the light filling your heart, lungs, and thymus. Feel the light moving down to your solar plexus chakra, at the upper part of your abdomen. Feel the light filling your stomach, liver, pancreas, and spleen. Feel the light moving down to your sacral chakra, at the lower part of your abdomen. Feel the light filling your kidneys, bladder, reproductive organs, and adrenal glands. Feel the light moving down to your root chakra, at the base of your spine. Feel the light filling your spine, legs, feet, and bones. Feel the light spreading to every cell, tissue, organ, and system of your body. Feel the light cleansing, healing, and rejuvenating your body. Feel the light moving up to your higher chakras, above your head. Feel the light connecting you to your higher self, your soul, and your source. Feel the light filling your mind, heart, and soul. Feel the light cleansing, transforming, and ascending your mind, heart, and soul. Feel the light of life in every part of your being. Feel the light of life in every part of your life.”

The final aspect of high vibrational living that I will discuss is trusting the plan. This means that we have faith in the divine order and intelligence that guides our existence. We trust that everything happens for a reason, that everything has a purpose, and that everything is working out for our highest good. We trust that we are not alone, but supported and guided by higher forces and beings, such as our higher self, spirit guides, angels or source.

Trusting the plan does not mean that we give up our free will or responsibility, but that we align our will and actions with the higher will and plan. It does not mean that we ignore or deny our reality or challenges, but that we accept and embrace them as opportunities for learning and growth. It does not mean that we become passive or complacent, but that we become active and co-creative, following our intuition and inspiration.

Trusting the plan does not mean that we know everything or have everything figured out, but that we are open and curious, willing to explore and discover new possibilities. It does not mean that we have no doubts or fears, but that we overcome them with courage and confidence. Trusting the plan does not mean that we have no goals or desires, but that we surrender them to the higher good, allowing for divine timing and orchestration.

One way to know that there is a plan, and what the plan is, is to look for the signs and the clues, that are everywhere and in everything. The signs and the clues are the messages and the hints, that the Source, the Creator, the God of our understanding, sends us and shows us, through various means and ways. The signs and the clues are the synchronicities and the coincidences, that happen and occur, when we least expect them and when we most need them. The signs and the clues are the miracles and the wonders, that surprise and amaze us, and that confirm and affirm us.

One way to look for signs and clues is to pay attention and be aware of what we see, hear, feel, and know.

We can pay attention and be aware of what we see—in nature, in people, in events, in the symbols, in the numbers, in the colors, in the shapes, in the images, in the visions, in the dreams.

We can pay attention and be aware of what we hear—in the sounds, in the words, in the music, in the songs, in the voices, in the whispers, in the noises, in the silence, in the messages, in the guidance.

We can pay attention and be aware of what we feel—in the sensations, in the emotions, in the vibrations, in the energies, in the frequencies, in the resonances, in the attractions, in the repulsions, in the feelings, in the intuitions.

We can pay attention and be aware of what we know—in the thoughts, in the ideas, in the insights, in the wisdom, in the knowledge, in the understanding, in the knowing, in the remembering, in the revelations.

We are living in a world of high vibrations, and we are part of it. We are raising our vibration, and we are aligning with it. We are experiencing the benefits, and we are enjoying the opportunities. We are opening our minds to the radiance, and we are seeing the light. We are entering the 5th dimension, and we are feeling the love. We are cleansing ourselves with the light of life, and we are healing our wounds. We are trusting the plan, and we are fulfilling our destiny.

We are the world of high vibrations, and we are here to shine.

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Key Points from 11-11 For Dissolution of Lower Self Identity - by Maureen Moss

Beloved Hearts,

I send forth deep Gratitude to those in attendance for the 11-11 Gathering. If you were not in attendance, perhaps the below will be quite helpful.

Since then I have had many request a transcript from that event. As I don’t send out transcripts I Am pulling out some of the Key Points below as well as letting you know I have 8 openings for a Private Session (discounted,) for the remainder of 2023 (link below.)

The Key Points below from the 11-11 are important to assist in shifting into the Higher Frequencies needed now to dissolve one’s personal identity with all things of the lesser self.

As was shared, we are at Key Choice points regarding which timeline we choose going forward. Wherever there is conflict in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body, Higher Light Frequencies cannot flow freely, without hindrance.

When Light cannot flow freely through the bodies, internal conflicts and agitation arise and ascension symptoms become more intense. This is due to the lower self, clashing with New Higher Cosmic and Solar Frequencies. Thus, at this crucial point in our evolution each must choose…the True Nature of the Higher Self and it’s Supreme operating system or the distorted lower self? How we choose is made known through our thoughts, decisions and actions. There are energetic stop points at new bandwidths of frequency before the way is made clear for any one to ascend or timeline jump into.

As Archangel Gabriel shared in part: “Humanity, in these Sacred Moments of the Great Awakening, shall assist us significantly by attending to their internal harmonization, Heart expansion, and relationship to their Soul, as well as stepping back from their personal identity.”

Here are some Key Points:

 The dissolution of identity and its attachments of definition is vital to the end game of what was. What was and what is Becoming cannot co-exist as they have clashing frequencies and cannot abide at the same time or in the same timeline, peacefully.

There are parts or pieces from our past that the un-illumined ego feels an affinity toward holding on to in order to justify its existence. This action of dissolution of personal identity (‘sense of self,’) (lower “s”) is necessary to dissolve to be initiated into a New Octave of Light and Potential.

All lower use and sense of ‘self’ derived from the ego, mind and personality are to give way to the superior Light of the Soul.

Releasing the egos stronghold is having the courage to sincerely be willing to lose certainty, to lose drama, to release the past, to lose panic and projection and Be In Presence. It is necessary to release what compromises our Risen Consciousness, our peace and our calm out of our system of operation in order for the New system to integrate without interference. This allows our Soul to take effective action in moving us forward to our Destiny.

As we insert ourselves into this New Alignment, or as Archangel Gabriel shared the Covenant of the New we will be well served by the withdrawal from the lesser self into a condition of Magical Receptivity. Without that withdrawal we would find ourselves up against a formidable wall that will not allow us to pass into Higher Bandwidths of Energy and Great Potential.

Step back from identification with what was. What one might perceive as wrong, as unforgiveable, as betrayal is but a belief that belongs to the lesser sense of self. Release all interpretation and allow all internal war to end.

From A.A. Gabriel: Evolution proceeds by uniting both the inner and outer worlds. How do you do that you might ask? You do so by dissolving the lesser linear self that has no ability to experience the quantum field of infinite potential and possibility and by merging your lower nature into your Higher Nature.

In Presence all that exists is what is, without thought, discord or chaos.

The synergy of thoughts, actions and feelings is what the quantum field responds to. For those deeply desiring to stabilize and experience an optimal and prosperous timeline, one would cease feeding the narratives and belief systems of the lower self and begin taking Conscious Actions to know Thyself in Truth.

And finally: It is time for each and every one to settle All old accounts within self and finalize the translation of the lower workings and activities of the ineffective system of the ego, mind and personality. Know Thyself in Truth and you shall experience Peace at last.

May this be of assistance in this Now as we head into the 1212 Master Gateway followed by Solstice. The New Year will have everything to do with preparation for being able to take in and integrate High Solar Activity, Solar Consciousness and Soul Expansion. Checking off dissolving the lower self personal identity in lieu of one’s Higher Nature is crucial in this Now.

With Love and Blessings to All,


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Important Insights For the 11/11 Portal Activation! by DNA AWAKENING

We often find ourselves navigating the intricate web of cosmic events and spiritual milestones as the digital age propels us into an era of rapid change and self-discovery. This is because the digital age propels us into an era of rapid change and self-discovery. The 11:11 portal is a powerful and mysterious portal that is said to open the door to limitless opportunities for manifestation and transformation. This phenomenon has captured the attention of dreamers and seekers all over the world. This article will take us on a journey to demystify the 11/11 portal by revealing five profound insights that will enable you to harness its energies for the purposes of personal development, manifestation, and spiritual awakening.

Insight 1: A Spiritual Portal for New Beginnings

Numerous people believe that the 11:11 portal is a spiritual entrance that leads to fresh starts. It is a sign that new opportunities and the possibility of change are on the horizon, not unlike the way that turning a page in a book represents the passage of time. It’s a sign from the cosmos that the universe is working to help you realize the goals and aspirations you have set for yourself. However, what exactly is the catch? You have to be fully present in the moment if you want to make the most of these opportunities. As we travel through life, it is easy for us to become preoccupied with our memories of the past or our concerns for the future, and as a result, we can easily lose sight of the splendor that exists in the here and now. Therefore, here is a recommendation that is both straightforward and insightful: engage in mindfulness and breathwork. You can recognize the opportunities that present themselves during this pivotal portal if you give your full attention to the here and now.

Insight 2: Awakening Humanity’s Consciousness

The 11:11 portal has the potential to bring about a shift in humanity’s collective consciousness, in addition to individual transformations. Our awareness and sensitivity are growing at the same time that this cosmic doorway is opening. It’s almost as if our spiritual senses transform into highly sensitive instruments that are able to pick up on the universe’s tiniest murmurs. Pay close attention to your gut instinct during this time period, as it will serve as your compass as you navigate the endless possibilities. Have faith in your instincts, stay true to your heart, and take action on those nagging feelings that defy explanation but make perfect sense. This is the way in which the universe will direct you toward your goals, your dreams, and your purpose in life.

Insight 3: Realizing Your Truth and Dreams

The message that you are supported can be heard clearly through the 11:11 portal, which is located in the midst of the cosmic energies that are whirling around us. Even the most ambitious of your dreams and objectives, the ones that appear to be out of reach, are well within your reach. It is time to let go of self-doubt and uncertainty and step into your power, secure in the knowledge that the universe is on your side. Make the most of these 120 hours of increased potential for manifestation by taking steps toward achieving your goals. Every seed you plant and every action you take will resonate with the energies of the portal, which will speed up your progression in an exponential manner. Always keep in mind that you are not traveling this path alone; you have the support of the community, of the Divine, and of the very universe itself.

Insight 4: Divine Alignment and Focused Discipline

The 11/11 portal grants the gift of divine alignment, which is a state in which one’s aspirations and the intentions of the universe converge in a concordant manner. However, this alignment is not only about the forces of the cosmos; it also requires alignment within the individual. Concentration and self-control are required to realize the full potential of the portal. Instead of spreading your efforts across a number of different desires, focus all of your efforts on achieving one particular objective. When you direct your attention, like a laser beam, toward a particular goal, the universe responds by expanding that goal. It is an invitation to let go of the past, to purge and clear, and to step into divine alignment with your goals and aspirations.

Insight 5: Thoughts Manifest with Amplified Speed

The final and perhaps most important piece of information regarding the 11/11 portal is as follows: The speed with which thoughts become manifest can be accelerated. Despite the fact that this can be a blessing for those with good intentions, it is essential to proceed with extreme caution regarding your thoughts. Your thoughts, especially those that are conscious and filled with affirmations of love, wealth, and abundance, are very important. However, you must not overlook the subconscious mind, which is a hidden reservoir of beliefs, fears, and uncertainties. Any thought that you concentrate on, whether it be a positive or a negative one, will gain momentum while you are in this portal. Protect your mental space, respond to challenges with acceptance rather than resistance, and steer clear of negative people and thoughts. Knowing that your conscious and subconscious thoughts together are the architects of your reality can help you direct your thinking toward the things you want to achieve.


A profound cosmic event, the 11/11 portal is a time when the universe invites us to dance with its energies and co-create our destinies with it. On this spiritual journey, it is essential that we keep ourselves present, that we trust our intuition, that we put our dreams into action, that we cultivate focused discipline, and that we foster positive thoughts. The 11:11 portal serves as a reminder that we are not alone on this journey of self-discovery and manifestation. It is a testament to the limitless potential that resides within each and every one of us. As a result, you should allow the energies of the portal to flow through you, let your intentions soar, and remember that the universe is working in your favor to guide you toward a future that will be filled with the light of your dreams.

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