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The Magnetic Power of Optimism

The Magnetic Power of Optimism
by Jean Warner
March 2009

Trying times can bring a person or a country into a state of anxiety or depression. These are the times that one needs to realize that there is a remedy if one chooses it. If one allows himself to assume the feeling of hopelessness that is nudging him, he has failed to utilize the greatest weapon against the threatening circumstances. For the old adage of Like attracts Like is a universal truth and applies whether the situation is deemed positive or negative.

For eons both individuals and societies have suffered the effects of negative emotions being tossed into the ethers and spread as ominous manifestations of whatever the negative thoughts and feelings have expressed. Thoughts are Things is another truth which can result in the outcropping of pessimism causing a deepening cloud of darkness in the thought haven in our atmosphere.

On the other hand, an optimistic attitude about the outcome of one's fears can offset that cloud of dark energy and bring the light of positive manifestation into play. Soloman said: As a man thinketh in his heart so is he. We can control what we are, or what our circumstances are, by directing our thoughts. Consider the power this can give you!

Think of yourself as the proverbial mustard seed, the tiniest seed there is. If it can become a tree, surely you can become anything you program yourself to be. You can overcome whatever challenge presents itself. Just set the pattern in your heart and manifest your ideals through your thoughts. Guard against any negative thoughts, words, or actions that might contradict the picture of what you are trying to bring into your reality. When those thoughts slip in, do not allow them to stay. But don't get upset because you feel you have regressed in your determination. Just replace the negative expressions with positive thoughts and know that you are back on track.

Be aware that your thoughts, positive or negative, affect those around you. Like a magnet that energy is drawn to another's thoughts, either inspiring him to take a more positive view of things, or demeaning his outlook So you see, your optimism can spread and change the ambience of your environment. The positive energy you emit will go from person to person, replacing negative influences, just as a rising sun dissolves the darkness of the night. You have the power to change your world!

Keep in mind that others' thoughts are magnetic too. So it is best to avoid those who are determined to stick with their lack of faith. If you can't change their spirits, bless them and let them go their way. Don't ever allow their negativity to intrude on your attitude. You have many other candles to light, so you don't want to focus on one that snuffs itself out. You can become the ray of hope for those who are looking for an encouraging smile or word, and their acceptance will reinforce your own confidence. A positive attitude can soon have a snowball effect that will manifest a rainbow, and that rainbow just might disclose a pot of gold. Give yourself and others the gift of a rosy outlook and bask in the light of promise.

You can overcome the forces against you: the hurts of your childhood, false programming from your past, negative thinking perpetuated by society, or inbred cell memory from your ancestors. You can overcome, because you are a free spirit; you have access to divine power; and you were given free will. By refusing to be a victim, you can create a life of your choosing.

You can overcome, for you can make the choice to take control of your life, to be vibrantly healthy, to be joyously happy, to receive life's abundance. You can overcome through the strength of your will, the power of your thoughts, the authority of your intent, the magnetism of your desire, the belief in yourself.

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SaLuSa: Your DNA Strands Are Being Restored

SaLuSa: Your DNA Strands Are Being Restored

You are prodigious when it comes to survival, and you have an inborn instinct that carries you safely through the most punishing ordeals. It has never wavered, and it is similar to your self-made challenges that are created through your sports and other activities. It is an indication of your powerful willpower, and it has helped you survive when the odds are stacked against you. This is why we have no doubt that you will not only face the dark head on, but will overcome their insidious plans for your enslavement. You know you are meant to be free, and no amount of pressure will suppress or negate your powerful intent to win this battle. There would be no gain or lesson for you, if we simply stepped in and acted on your behalf. Nevertheless, we stand ready to support you and offer our help when it is called for, or directed by higher Beings than ourselves. Be assured that the Cosmic plan reaches far and wide, and Planet Earth and her people are as important as any others.

In fact you get far more attention and interest shown in your progress than you imagine. We of the Galactic Federation are not alone in monitoring you, as the events that are unfolding upon Earth are bringing many other civilisations into your Solar System. The stage is set for the last few years of your present cycle, and the very nature of your Ascension is the focal point for interested Star Beings. We guard you against unwelcome visitors, and none may land on Earth without our permission. Contact is a different matter, and often that has been pre-arranged prior to your birth on Earth. Behind each one is a special reason, and often it is associated with your relationship to them. You become their link with Earth, and meet many times through out of the body experiences - although you may not necessarily have a waking memory of them.

Your ancient history is littered with references to contact with extraterrestrials and their craft, and there are quite a number to be found that took place in the last few centuries. In days of old superstition was rife and contacts were misinterpreted, and sometimes attributed to the devil. Even now there are such beliefs, but with our coming they will be swept away. Some of our non-human members may be odd looking to you, but they certainly do not look like your ideas of devils. Mankind has a long held fear of the unknown, and so often explains it away as the work of some evil entities. It is for this reason that our initial contact with you will be through civilisations like our own, who are very human looking. We understand your feelings, and have gone to great lengths to ensure that we approach you in an acceptable way. First Contact will largely comprise of civilisations that have been closely linked to you for eons of time. Ask your selves Dear Ones, why should you look so similar to us in your stature and general features? The answer is that many other Star civilisations have had a hand in your genetic evolution. Humans are not the result of some chance happening, but deliberate planning to raise your levels of consciousness.

As part of your growth in readiness for Ascension, your DNA strands are being restored and in time you will become a fully-fledged Cosmic Being. We are what you are to be, and when you attain our levels you will be able to rejoin your Space families. You have been away from your true homes for a long, long time, and with your awareness of us your yearning to return is growing. We try to open people's minds to their true past, and understand that we are in reality one big family of God's children. Yes, we have the same God no matter what names you conjure up, or attributes you place upon God. If only you could accept such a fact, it would eliminate the fighting over whose God is the right one and bring you so much closer together. The Truth will always remain, and whatever your beliefs they will eventually come to it. That which is not the truth cannot survive, and will only put off until the day that it will be seen for what it truly is. Our coming will allow for much that is presently unknown to you to be revealed, and our word will be seen to be supported by the Master's who are also destined to return.

You are so near to experiencing one the greatest periods of your lives, and it only remains for the right opportunity to start this epic rolling. The foundation and all of the material requirements have been catered for, and once we get the go ahead we shall spring into action. The shift in your consciousness is more pronounced than at any other time, and this is good news as it establishes energies on Earth that mean you are on the road to success. First the cleansing of the old and undesirable, and then the new will arise and set the scene for the final thrust towards Ascension. It is not quite in your grasp yet, but comes silently like a bird on wing to suddenly be in your midst.

The Earth is a beautiful jewel in the firmament, and will brilliantly shine forth as a message to the Universe that it has returned to the higher realms. With it shall be the Shining Ones who have found their true selves. That is you Dear Ones as Ascended Beings, a state so natural to you because you will have returned home at last. Can you envisage just for a minute or so what that means, because by then you will have become your God selves. Not the end of your journey, but your elevation to higher dimensions where another one begins. There is so much you can do in readiness, and a good start would be by accepting that you are more than your physical body. You have a God spark within you that is indestructible, no matter what your experiences. Start to live in the higher vibrations, and become your highest interpretation of what you are as a Being of Light. You will find that you can work from your heart centre, and calmly take all things in your stride. You will be a rock amongst the shifting sands of life, and others will cling to you just to be part of your experience.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and enjoy these moments in touch with you. I too have my visions of another future that offers such wondrous opportunities to discover more of the Creator's Kingdom. Have your dreams, and let your imagination take you far and wide knowing there is no end to the adventures open to you. One day soon you shall be planning your next ones, and as a Lighted One. Know that you are continually blessed and loved.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey

Moving Forward Through the Opening of the Equinox

Moving Forward Through the Opening of the Equinox
March 25, 2009



Becoming as free and clear as possible is what our souls are attempting to do, as we continue to prepare for a very new residency in a very new place. And even though many of us may be fairly clear of much that is vibrating lower than we now are, or was holding us down in the past, we still do not yet know exactly where we are going.

Here's the situation and the divine plan, and as always, we are right on track:

In mid-summer of 2008 we began to get signs or symptoms that we were done. This manifested as not knowing what we were now supposed to do, feeling worthless and out of place, feeling invisible and not valued or needed, and generally just lost. By October, the dis-connect was very evident and complete for many, and by January of 2009 it was fairly clear that something very new was on the horizon for 2009.

January brought in many manifestations of setting up for the new, of creating a very new stage for ourselves, and of getting a new foundation ready for a very new reality in a very new place. Almost as if we were packing for a very special trip, we were having desires of replacing anything old with something new, of knowing we were going somewhere new and exciting, and of leaving our old world behind as we readied for a new journey to a new land. As we neared the completion of this setting up process, other things needed to be addressed as well. We needed to be ready at all levels. So then, our new foundations also included a new us.

Attention to our health and well-being, along with attending to what we needed first was now a priority. We had successfully brought the old world up to a new vibration or rung on the ascension ladder, which was our original intention, and now we were most assuredly able to tend to ourselves for a while. As the ascension process so mimics menopause in both men and women of all ages, this was no exception. We were done "raising" the planet, and now it was time for us.

Self-care then, ranged from attending to our weight, to exercising, to anti-aging processes, as the ascension process (especially in the last two years) can really age a person (all that transmuting through ourselves!). We now get to be rejuvenated as we begin again.a re-birth in another land and in a very new reality. In this way, watch as our energy returns, as all those muscle and body aches and pains of the past resulting from our old roles disappear, and as we connect to the many new products and supports out there that serve to revitalize and rejuvenate.

In addition, we needed to leave the old world behind in all of its entirety, and this was a long process, or so it seemed. As we neared June of 2009, we had to really let go, let go, and let go some more. We may have suddenly awakened and found that we absolutely had no desire to be with the same old people, the same old things, and in the same old ways. Our roles have changed. We are being reborn. Everything is and will be different now.

The more we spend time in the old structures and the old systems, around the old vibrations and the old ways, the more we will most certainly go insane, become incredibly angry, and totally miserable. Like a surgeon with a delicate scalpel, we had to meticulously cut out the old from our lives in order to start again, fresh and new. And starting new with a very new beginning comprised of near nothing, is what needed to occur.

The equinox of March 20th and the new moon on the 24th opened another new door. If we were vibrating in any way that was not a match or in alignment with the new reality, we would most certainly know it. Some old vibrations that needed to depart? Not putting ourselves and our needs first. Not being comfortable asking for what we want. Allowing ourselves to be trapped and held hostage by lower vibrations that sucked our energy. Believing we had to be "nice" and polite to energies that were not. "Allowing" older and denser energies to have free reign, thinking we were being respectful.

If we were not ready to enter through these new doors, we then had to undergo yet another, but brief cleanse and release. Abdominal distress, muscle and body aches, emotional pain, and the like were common manifestations. And as always, when we move up into a higher vibration, we can become very lethargic, weak, sleepy, tired, spaced out, and as limp as can be.

Starting all over again, and starting new can at first feel empty. But it can feel gloriously good as well. It is very freeing. The more that we progress with this process, the lighter we feel, and thus, having to be entangled with anything at all, can make one short fused, con-fused, angry, resentful, and depressed. And butting up against any lower vibrating energies can make one come out swinging. But the more we let go, cut out, leave behind, and refuse to participate in these old energies, the more we will find ourselves in the eye of the storm..our perfect center.and right where we need to be.

Being in the eye of the storm is being in a wonderful flow that creates and attracts to us exactly what we need at any given time. In these new and higher energies, we can simply be still, go about our day, and the universe will bring anything and everything to our door. A good rule of thumb to follow in these energies is to pay attention to which doors are opening and which are closed. I have found that any road-block or closed door is simply telling me that there is another alternative that is much better and I will immediately be led to that open door. I need do nothing.the door will arrive almost immediately, and if not, I have learned to simply wait while enjoying myself and staying still.

Right now, we are in some very quiet energy. The phones are not ringing, the e-mails may be sparse, and the money may be in a slump (if, you have arrived in the new). But this is only temporary. We have made great progress in setting up our new foundations, in letting go of much, and in simply allowing the flow to take us where we need to be. If we try and push ahead now (and please know that I am only giving you an energy reading can do whatever feels right for you), we will be going against the tide and perhaps even creating things that will need to be un-done and that we will need to back out of later on. It is quiet now because not everyone has yet arrived and because we will not fully connect to each other until everyone does.

This time is for our enjoyment now. This time is for relaxing and for us. This time is for creativity and for continuing with the set-up process or in other words, continuing to create and to design what we will soon be bringing into form.

In this way, we may not be clear on where we are going. We may feel that we are done, ready to move forward, but have no idea where to go! We may feel lost without a rudder, feel dis-connected yet from our new shore, and wonder where to go that now fits where we now are. This is simply part of the process. This new energy is so very magical, it is so very light, it is so very clear, it is so very precious. And staying in the eye of the storm, or out of the old, is a sure fire way to find it.

It is these simple moments that can place us there. The other night I was in bed with my eight year old granddaughter. It was late as she is on her spring break. We were both reading. Periodically, we would stop and ask each other, "What page are you on?" Looking over at her face so close to mine, her beautiful and intense deep brown eyes (we have generation after generation of blue eyes in our family!), and her velvety chocolate brown skin, I could only marvel that my blood actually ran through hers. Waking up in the morning to two little ones but nine months old, as they laugh and giggle, smile so brightly when making eye contact, and fill the room with brightness, makes my day as well. And while back at my home in the wilderness of Ramah, as I sit outside writing on my laptop, with a very gentle breeze flowing through my hair among the warm new rays of spring, I am truly in my center.

April will bring in many more connections and even more of a move forward. Things are anchoring in now, if ever so slowly. The equinox and new moon opened more doors, brought us more fully out of the old, and allowed yet more freedom into our lives. These events in March allowed us more "room," as we could then progress yet a bit forward still, move more fully out of the old, and thus, not have to be "swatting" at the old energies around us! The more we dis-connect from the old, the more comfortable we will be, and the universe (or our souls) is guiding us every step of the way. We need only follow the crumbs, open to this new guidance, get out of the way, and allow our new spaces to magically arrive for us without analyzing, questioning, or resisting. It is through this ease, through these open doors, through these continuing messages and amazing synchronicities that we will find our new spaces and new homes. Saying a vigilant "no" to anything old that attempts to connect to us, and saying a vigilant "no" to any participation in the old and uncomfortable energies, will always allow for the new to arrive as if by magic.

By June, then, our anchors will be complete. We will be fully grounded in the new and ready for our very new lives and new realities to begin their complete and assured new beginnings. Because of this new "groundedness" that we will need to embody, we are preparing still in some ways. We will no longer be able to connect up there and out there. We will no longer be able to "leave" through meditating, imagination, or much else. We need to be here now. We are holding these new energies of this very new rung on the ascension ladder and these energies will come through us. We have evolved this far and we have earned it.

Thus, we will be shouldering and embodying more. So although we may be much lighter, we will also feel much heavier in that we will be very attached to the earth now. We will need to stay put, stay still, and stay centered. We are holding so much more light now.

This confusion on where to go and where we now belong will begin to dissipate. We will soon realize that we are the ones who will be creating where we are going. We have arrived on a new rung of the ascension ladder, and we must now create it. It is up to us. So in this way, as I mentioned in the WINGS post of March 15th, we will begin to connect to each other and form a web of foundation for this very new rung. As we observe what is occurring on the next rung down (or the old world as it is making a massive transition as well), we will also be creating our own very new world on our very new rung. Learning how to stay out of, or navigate the energies of the old world, will seem foreign to many of us, but becoming angels of the earth is our plan and these new ways of being are what this web site is all about.

Yes, by April we will feel oh so much lighter, we will experience so many magical occurrences, and we will know indeed that we have arrived somewhere very new while we have gotten oh so out of the old world and old reality at last.

With much love and gratitude until next time,
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Fractal Time!

Fractal Time!

Fact: December 21st, 2012 signals the end of a Long and mysterious
cycle of time-a Great World Age that began 5,125 years ago!

Fact: The end of such cycles in the past has triggered cataclysmic
shifts that changed the face of the Earth and altered entire

Fact: The predictions for 2012, and what follows Range from an era of
chaos and destruction to a Thousand years of peace and cooperation!

What does 2012 mean for us today?

The answer lives as the message coded into an ancient map of time!

We're living the end of time.
Not the end of the world, but the end of a world age-a 5,125-year
cycle of time-and the way we've known the world throughout that time.
The present world age began in 3,114 B.C. and will end in 2012 A.D.
Because the end of anything also marks the beginning of what comes
next, we're also living the start of what follows the end of time: the
next world age, which ancient traditions called the great cycle.

From the epic poems of India's Mahabharata to the oral traditions of
indigenous Americans and the biblical story of Revelation, those who
have come before us knew that the end of time was coming. They knew,
because it always does. Every 5,125 years the Earth and our solar
system reach a place in their journey through the heavens that marks
the end of precisely such a cycle. With that end, a new world age
begins. Apparently it's always been this way. For at least four such
cycles (or five, according to the Mesoamerican traditions of the Aztec
and the Mayan people) our ancestors endured the changes in global
magnetic fields, climate, depleting resources, and rising sea levels
that come with the end of time. The fact that they lived to tell the
story stands as a powerful testament to an undeniable truth. It tells
us beyond any reasonable doubt that the inhabitants of our world have
survived the end of world ages in the past.

Beyond simply surviving, our ancestors learned from the difficulties
that can accompany the change. In the words of their day, they did
their best to tell us what it means to live such a rare moment in
history. It's a good thing that they did because such events are few
and far between. Only five generations in the last 26,000 years have
experienced the shift of world ages. We will be the sixth.

The present world ends at a specific time, with a specific event, on a
day that was marked on a calendar over 2,000 years ago. There is no
secret about that date. The Maya who calculated it also inscribed it
as a permanent record for future generations. The date is etched into
stone monuments that were built to last until the end of time.

When the date is translated to our familiar system of time, the
message becomes clear. It tells us that our present world age will end
with the winter solstice that takes place on December 21 in the year
2012. It's on this date that the mysterious Maya identified the
astonishing astronomical events that will mark the end of our age, and
they did so over two millennia ago.

What Does It Mean?
What does such a rare moment in astronomical history mean in our lives
today? The truth is that no one knows for sure. We can't, because no
one living today has a direct experience of the last time something
like this happened. What we do have, however, are good indicators of
what we can expect. We have facts. When we marry the facts of today's
science with the wisdom and the historic records of the past, we find
a story that's almost beyond belief. It's the story of a journey-our
journey-that began so long ago that it has taken over 256 generations
and five millennia to reach the end.

Now that we're doing so, we discover that the end is actually the
start of a new journey. Perhaps poet and visionary T. S. Eliot best
described the irony of an end being a beginning: "We shall not cease
from exploration/and the end of all our exploring/will be to arrive
where we started/and know the place for the very first time."

While the story of a shifting world age based in our planet's orbit
through the stars may sound like the plot of a Star Trek episode, the
celestial calculations that our ancestors left to us are surprisingly
consistent with the scientific findings of today. When we put it all
together, they tell the same story. With that story, we suddenly have
a new meaning for the greatest mysteries of our past, as well as the
clues that tell us what to expect in our future.

Fortunately, our ancestors left us everything we need to meet the
challenges of a great world age. It's not only about cycles. It's
about our ability to recognize patterns and where we are within the

While quantum scientists tell us that we can never predict an exact
future, what we can predict are cyclic probabilities for the future.
This is precisely what the existence of repeating cycles of time
demonstrates. Each time a cycle appears it repeats the general
conditions that make something possible, rather than a precise
outcome. Just as the conditions in Earth's atmosphere can create the
perfect environment for a tornado without ever actually forming one,
time's cycles can bring together all of the circumstances that led to
an event in history, without that event occurring again in the

The key here is that the ingredients for a repetition are present and
the situation is "primed." The way those conditions play out, however,
is determined by the choices that we make in life. The beauty of such
an understanding is that along with the moments in our time that are
ripe for war, suffering, and chaos, we can also pinpoint the moments
in our future that are ripe for peace, success and stability.

Time Code 5: If we know where we are in a cycle, then we know what to
expect when it repeats.

To know in advance where our choices can have the greatest impact tips
the scales in our favor as we complete the cycle that holds our well
being and, ultimately our survival, in the balance. And that is the
beauty of Fractal Time. Because the rhythms and patterns of nature
tell us precisely when we can expect the repeating cycles of the past,
they also tell us when we have the greatest opportunity to change the
hurtful and destructive patterns of the past-the choice points-that
create the new cycles of life!

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When you are looking at the flaws in the world...

When you are looking at the flaws in the world...


It is absolutely imperative that you come to a place of positive
vibration which means you must adore you.

If you do not like yourself then you can want until you are blue in
the face and those things that you want cannot come into your

The balance that you are wanting to bring into your life experience
is the balance of appreciating you.

And you appreciate you…….. not all at once on the big things,……. you
appreciate yourself

One thought by one thought .

One segment by one segment.

One moment by one moment,

by looking for reasons to appreciate yourself.

If you are having trouble in your relationship,it is because you are
not liking yourself.

Much as you would like to give the blame to the other for what is
happening it is your lack of appreciation for self that is
responsible FOR EVERY AREA OF LACK in your experience.

If you're not getting along with your mate.

Your not getting along with your employer .

Your own physical body is sick.

You don't have enough money.

People are not treating you right.

There is not one negative thing that you are experiencing that is
happening for any other reason other than you are not appreciating

When you are critical of somebody else its not about them. Its about

When you are condemning the World whether it is the political world
or the religious world or the economic world or the ecological world

When you are looking at the flaws in the world, it is not about the
world it is about you.!! It is about the way you feel about you.

And so we say friends, nothing is more important than that you
establish your own relationship with you .

It our promise to you that your Inner Being adores you but you close
the door when you think thoughts of lack about yourself..

Extract from Abraham-Hicks tape AB-20 Self Appreciation

Children of Earth - I Am Ra

Children of Earth - I Am Ra
Channeled by Rosalie Muir

I Am Ra,

I am in total gratitude in being able to express to so many souls in this now moment, the Only moment that is of importance. How often are you investing in the questioning time of woe is me, this is all too hard, it has come to our notice that what you have chosen for many to be here for, is not what you expected.

Your soul knows full well what you have chosen and Now is the hour when you need to say goodbye or cheerio or adieus, whatever you relate to in saying goodbye, saying goodbye to all those emotions that are keeping you in chains and blocking you from moving forward, you can do it , you know deep in your heart you can.

Be the change you wish to be, by doing this you change your belief patterns, especially the limiting ones that bring about doubt and despair, the old energies of 3D.

You acknowledge your body is changing, of course it must to be in sinc with the higher vibrations you are being aligned to. But for this to happen you must accept the alignments that each are being given as we never give what is not wanted, desired or needed for the highest good of all.

Opening your hearts more and being in touch with the love that is being poured upon you from many in the higher planes.

It is a time of excitement and if you find your bodies are not behaving as you wish them to be then allow yourself to get in touch with those parts, embrace them with all the love you can muster for they are your most valuable keys to your ultimate ascension.

You will notice more that your crystals hold the key to acceptance of all that is as they have been aligned long long ago and have so much to share with you and it only takes this moment to pick one up and meditate a you visualise going into the crystal, being at one with it and asking for knowledge that is readily there for whoever wishes for it.

In the frequencies of this moment you will be starting to notice that the polarities in your life are coming together just like you female and male aspects, leaving no room for separation.

Feeling separate from God is a most major feeling of separation as in every living thing God exists and that means YOU, yes everyone of you are God and as Creators, you have the perfect opportunity of creating your life's path and knowing why you have chosen to be here at such an important and exciting time in the history of mankind .

How quickly you stop relationships and situations that are not resonating with you but you must come first and release all that gives You no Joy in this now moment, it only delays what is inevitable in the next moment which is not where you need to be.

Soul contracts are becoming null and void for some and at the other end of the scale is a closeness that has not been felt for quite some time as the differences dissipate showing a deeper life connection.

So much joy is being experienced and if allowed can be quite contagious, its one feeling or emotion you are happy to receive of, Love for yourself, love for your Fellow Beings, the Animals, Mother Earth herself, Angels, all that is and feel the love connection spread out like a giant wave that all can feel.

Returning to full consciousness is the goal, you are leaving the 3D reality behind, a new reality with the fourth and fifth has arrived, the waiting is over, greater truths are available to you like never before so reach out and flow with it, no use hanging on to the banks like if you are in a flowing fast rive, allow yourself to flow with the tide and know without any doubts you will be safe, you will not drown but be carried to who and where you are meant to be.

Children of Earth, you are so loved beyond all you can comprehend so if you can honour yourself each and every moment, remembering that when one is right and you think the other is wrong, maybe you can both be right ,it is merely a perception. But proof of what we relay to you is not needed as you will perceive for yourself which path to follow and I recommend that you do so always.

For the next seven days if you could say to yourself each morning as you awake,"Not only is this the first day of the rest of my life but my I Am Presence is in control and I allow myself to follow it diligently." All will be well in peace on Earth as it is in Heaven, as that is what the fifth dimension is, Heaven on Earth.

Also intentions are so important in these times so a good affirmation is "I Intend to Ascend" and So Be It!"

We commend you all for the work you have done on yourselves through this transition and know the time has come as many other planets and their people become closer as they are in knowing of the rise in vibration from the collective consciousness.

The Law of one, the Power of One is the Cosmic mind that you are returning to is closer than you realise. And I give thanks for being a part of this manifestation in this moment.

I Am Ra and So it is, Namaste

Channeled via Rosalie Muir on this day 18th March 2009

Shared with Love and Light,
Rosalie xo
* *

Please share if you wish as long as there are no changes made as I have written this as it was given.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Messages from The Council of 12

Messages from The Council of 12
Transmitted through Selacia -- April 2009

The Media in the Window of 2012
--Love It, Watch It, Question It--

Today's humans are enamored with their gadgets and technology. The multitude of devices and communication networks has enabled storytelling to morph into a 24-hour phenomenon. People of diverse cultures can now communicate instantly worldwide.

Ideas that previously percolated amongst limited audiences, slow to manifest, today can ignite into tangible form with lightning speed. Messages that before might have gone out in only one form or perhaps a single time are now duplicated countless times and reach vast audiences. A person doesn't have to be a geek or social media maven to be influenced by the revolution in how humans communicate.

Indeed, humanity's paradigm shift would take much longer to occur without these changes.

Right now, humans and the Earth are passing through a unique window of time during which the future of generations to come will be determined.

There is a big acceleration of evolution taking place. This means greater opportunities than ever before to create a light-filled world and to personally evolve. Each person living today has the potential for a huge leap in consciousness, leaving dysfunctional past patterns in the dust and moving forward without the heavy baggage.

The acceleration, along with its unique prospects for positive changes, is worthy of your attention. It is not your imagination. It is real. You will want to approach these times with your heart open, and with sanity. You will want to become skilled in making appropriate choices, quickly and with harm to none.

Steady Parade of 2012 Information

It will be important to develop discernment as you take in the steady parade of information available to you from all directions. You will be hearing predictions about the future and 2012 from other lightworkers, at conferences, at the movies, in alternative media, on websites, and through your social media.

Some of what you hear will be true. Some of the information will be based on truth, with a heavy dose of fear thrown in. Examples include Internet postings that misinterpret natural cycles, declaring that the end of a cycle means that all life will end.

Some messages about 2012 will simply be false, disseminated by well-meaning people who have misinterpreted what is happening.

And some messages will come from those who live in the shadow of the dark side, not yet having chosen the path of light.
These people will warn you of inescapable devastation, catastrophes punishing evildoers, and conspiracies to control your very soul.

Truth Comes Out

The real truth, of course, always comes out. For someone like you wanting to make sense of things now-to fully utilize this unique window-you won't want to wait the time it may take for your entire world to wake up to what all the fuss is about.

Humanity indeed has come a long way in embracing new ideas when still in the birthing stage. A majority of the old-paradigm thinkers, however, continue to demand physical proof before even peeking at options outside the accepted norm.

The legacy of the Earth's great sages is available when one looks for it. Ancient cultures left instructions for future generations in their architecture, their writings, and in the oral stories they handed down from generation to generation.

The people from these cultures understood the cycles of time, and also the natural process of endings and beginnings. They knew about the kind of energy quickening occurring now on Earth.

The momentum of this evolutionary shifting will be increasing incrementally between now and the pivotal cycle of time closer to December 21, 2012.

This is the time your scientists and wisdom keepers of diverse cultures are linking with the quantum shift of all shifts. This date is referenced in both Eastern and Western traditions as a time the Earth's cosmic cycles reach the end of one very long period and the beginning of something brand new.

Such cycles, by their very nature, are quite long, spanning thousands of years.

Specific dates aren't as important as the process that is involved.

Pivotal Choice Point

Decisions you make right now will determine how this cycle impacts you. The time of importance is now, when the decisions you and your human comrades make can dramatically change dire prospects into manageable situations.

Choices made in these precious days, weeks and months in the pre-2012 window will set in motion the seeds of your new future. This applies both individually and collectively.

Remember this the next time you feel that you can't make a difference or that you are being held back by a world that doesn't seem to care.

The key here is that you can decide to care. You can care what happens to you, to your loved ones, and to your planet. And you can act on that caring as you go about your everyday living.

Understanding Your Role

When you study the natural cycles of Earth's past, you can begin to understand more about your place in the universe.

If you invite in this understanding in a discerning and fearless way, you may even begin to remember that you lived during one or more of the previous cycles of great changes.

Utilizing your intuitively guided reason in your research, you may feel a subtle knowing, or even a deep remembering, of what earlier humans did during such times. As part of that, when you hear about the Earth changes of humanity's past and what people did to cope, you may feel it's somehow familiar.

You may even remember some of the mistakes humans made during past cycles, choosing ego and fear and setting in motion the end to their great civilizations.

You may then begin to connect the dots between these long-ago times and the precipice upon which you now stand.

Taking Off the Blinders

Humanity in these cosmic moments can choose to take the blinders off and see itself, its history and its past cycles. It can, as a collective, spark a grand shift into higher consciousness that impacts all of life, including life forms beyond the Earth.

That shifting is occurring right now, as you read these words.

You came to participate in this great shift. At the deepest levels of your being, you remember deciding to be here for this.

You came to watch the shift unfold, too, and not as a bystander. Your watching is meant to be active, participatory, intuitively intelligent, and visionary.

You came to observe your world in a brand new way, from the perspective of an active co-creator.

You came to see countless unworkable societal structures fall away, and to be instrumental in helping to create a more enlightened world.

If this seems like much more than you signed up for, consider that you indeed have the resources to pull this off. Remember that you are a Divine Changemaker, and you have been around the block before. You may describe yourself as a lightworker, but you are no lightweight.

When you look in the mirror, you see a human, yet that body is merely the temporary housing for your eternal spirit. Your spiritual self knows that the 2012 window involves a quantum spiritual leap. This part of you, speaking through your own higher wisdom, can help you to navigate the choppy waters and make sense of these times.

Guidelines for Discernment

How do you apply discernment to the plethora of information about 2012?

How do you see through all the hype to discover what's genuine and true for you?

How do you tell when a piece of information is merely someone's attempt at profit mongering?

How do you know if something is merely a rumor, repeated so many times on the Internet that large numbers of people believe it?

Being able to answer these types of questions will help you to stay sane during these times of great change.

The following are some guidelines for sensible information gathering. They can be applied in general, as well as to your discovery of truth about 2012 reports.

1. Invite your higher wisdom to bring to your attention the information that will help you to understand the great shift happening on your planet. Ask to be guided to media resources and teachers you can respect and trust. Ask to be steered away from fear-based propaganda and media messages with a control agenda. After asking, pay attention to dreams, to people sent your way, and to messages you are drawn to in the media. These could be books, messages in social media, postings on the Internet, films, and gatherings of people interested in evolving consciousness.

2. Regularly question what you take in with your senses, not out of fear but out of a sincere desire to discover truth. Don't assume that because a trusted leader or teacher is saying something that they have all the facts. Realize that within many of the media's messages are subliminal triggers that can stir fear and fear-based belief systems in your DNA.

3. Remember that the Earth is a place of opposites, and not everyone will see something the same way you do. These people are not your enemy, and their ideas are not something you need to fight. Stay centered in your own truth.

4. Be alert to information saying the future is set in stone. No one knows exactly what will happen to you or to the planet on a given date. There may be indications of future happenings based on past patterns and current actions, yet your future is something you create moment by moment as you make new choices. The future is so fluid, in fact, that you can redirect your destiny with decisions made even in the final days of a great shift cycle.

5. Become mindful of the company you keep. When possible, invite the company of those who have an optimistic vision of what's possible. Spend time with people who are actively working to create positive changes in their lives. If people begin complaining and going into worry mode, remember that you have a choice about whether you chime in. You can decide, in each moment, how you respond to your outer world. Complaining and worrying set you in a spiral of downward negative energy. This will deplete your life force, dampen your creativity, and block your real passion for being alive in these times.

6. Make spirit more of a priority in your life during this pivotal cycle. There is no time like right now to begin making spirit more real, more tangible, and more integrated within your human expression. Spirit is not separate from you. It is the source of your wisdom. Be open to new ways to connect more to the energy of spirit that is always within you. Allow this Divine force to show you the way out of the chaos and into the light. Invite spirit to help you answer questions such as the following when you want clarity about the shift and 2012.

7. Who. Ask who is saying what you are hearing or reading. Who is the source? What do you know about this person? Do you intuitively feel a sense of respect when you think of this person? Another part of "who" is you-what part of you is listening, caring, judging, or responding? Consider your role as you receive the information. What state of mind are you in as you receive the news?

8. What. Ask what the message you're receiving is really about. Go under appearances and under the surface content. Dive deeper to discern what the film or author or speaker wants to convey. Do the facts seem to have any substance? Does the information appear to be fear-based or with an agenda of control? As you take in the information, notice if any relevant data is excluded. Is the message warning you that you have no way out? Does the information seem punitive? Is the focus of the information on helping others? Does the message feel like it's coming from the heart?

9. When. Consider when the message is disseminated. Consider why the source would say this right then. Question any underlying agenda at play. Look at the timing of the message and how the source could possibly know what they are saying. If it's a prediction, remember that a prediction is only one possible outcome based on current energies. If this outcome is similar to one that has happened in humanity's past, there is still no guarantee it will be repeated now. Do your own investigations into past cycles of history to better understand what happened in the past. For greatest clarity, you will want to find a number of different types of sources for this history. Be mindful that many times historical accounts are speculation, yet when repeated enough times over mass media circuits, they can seem to be very real. Spotting this kind of misinformation will take some training and practice. As always, remember to invite spirit and your heart's wisdom into your process.

10. Where. Consider where the information is coming from. A government with a history of hiding information may not be revealing the whole story. Likewise, an organization known for radical religious views may well have an agenda when it comes to 2012. Read Internet postings with care, remembering that even spiritual-related websites can include incomplete, inaccurate, or biased information. Consider getting at least some of your news from outside traditional sources. For example, Americans can monitor news about the U.S. coming from media in Europe and elsewhere. Citizens of all countries can consider looking to nontraditional sources of news, including the Internet. Regardless of where you look to be informed, remember to look under what is presented. You can be discerning without becoming cynical and jaded.

11. Why. Ask why the information is important. Does the communication fully address the "why" in your view? Does anything seem missing, and if so, what? As you take in the information, is a part of you suspicious about the motives or hidden agenda of the author? Allow your intuitively guided reason to show you what to be alert to.

12. How. Consider how the information is presented. If it's a TV talk show interview, does the host seem to have a fear-based bias? If it's a press conference, does the spokesperson invite questions or simply disseminate a prepared statement? Do you wonder, after receiving the information, what was left out? How does the information make you feel? Check in with your heart. Invite your heart to show you what to pay attention to, what's really important, and how you can most appropriately follow up on the information

As you continue the journey of rediscovering your Divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12.

Copyright 2009 by Selacia, Channel for The Council of 12,
* All Rights Reserved *


Note from Selacia--"We are now in the midst of some pivotal choice points. The Council of 12 has been speaking to me about how important this time is. The choices each of us make -- personally and on a collective level -- will determine our experience in this potent pre-2012 window and beyond.

I asked The Council to address our media and how we as lightworkers can approach the information we take in from so many sources.

What we will find, in increasing measure, is that diverse groups, respected teachers, channels, and others will be communicating ideas about 2012 to the masses. There will be no shortage of places to look or listen. All one will need to do is visit a favorite spiritual network site on the Internet, watch the History Channel, attend a holistic expo, or visit a bookstore.

The last time I googled 2012, I came up with 247 million results!

It is our responsibility -- each one of us -- to find our center and sanity about these times as we move forward. We have this responsibility to ourselves and our own precious potential for enlightenment this life. We have this responsibility to our loved ones, helping them to move out of fear and find spirit. We have this responsibility to our planet and the billions of people living here.

Included in this message are some guidelines The Council gives us for these unique times. I had asked them how my earlier training as a professional journalist could be applied to ingesting the plethora of news and opinion about 2012. As you may know, in my early professional journalism career, I covered the White House, and the world political and economic scene. Whether I was in Washington, Europe or Asia, questions I was taught to ask included what we journalists call the 5 Ws. I trust that their wisdom is helpful to you.

This article and other very timely material will form a portion of my brand new book on the 2012 window, in which I will present The Teachings of The Council of 12 to the world.

The plan is to have this book published and available before end-2009. It will be in bookstores, Amazon and other online markets.

I welcome your input now, letting me know the concerns and questions you have about 2012 and beyond. If you write to me, I will ask The Council to consider your thoughts as they address these unique times and our empowered response to them. Don't be shy about writing, but please know you may not hear back from me directly. Of course, if there are other specific ways I can be of help -- such as a private telephone session from any location -- please get in touch for a direct response. When you write, please always include your full name, location, and phone or Skype address.

Look for upcoming Council of 12 messages -- along with the 2012 book -- to receive their wisdom about the path of sanity and wholeness.

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Opening the Human Stargate

Opening the Human Stargate
Magenta Pixie through Taliessa Pink

The sounds of the DNA activation will bring you to us. The doorway is
opened for clear passage into our realm and we shall meet with you in
closeness and oneness when you unlock that doorway. The colours shall
bring you - the movement shall bring you - the divine feminine energy
shall bring you to us. When you are here with us we can impart our
energy and knowledge to you through Light, through energy. You shall
then integrate and translate these frequencies and ground them into
your waking lives.
This is the way forward now for there is much to be done. There are
many levels to our communication but the deepest is that of no words -
only of energy transference where the connected ones may see and feel
us - they may hear us and know us - and they shall merge with us - we
then shall truly be one.

When you come forward through that doorway - the human stargate - that
which gives you travel to our dimension you shall know the glory and
freedom of what it means to be incarnate. You are of the body yet are
also of spirit- You are us yet you are also your unique and separate
self. Yet that separation you know is an illusion - for when you merge
with us we are one - you are us - we are you and this is that we call
Zero Point. Many of you come and go right now as you move forward and
upward in frequency, development and understanding.

The sounds are the keys to open the Stargate we speak of - the sounds
create the vibrational change - like a tuner - tuning in the
instrument so it may play in perfect pitch. So are you like the
instrument and when you are in perfect pitch - you are in alignment
with the knowledge of oneness, the law of one for it is the only
truth. All truths are branches of the law of one - all higher
dimensional understanding comes from it. The oneness exists within a
frequency of bliss charged love - for it is that frequency that allows
your DNA to spin - taking you into galaxies and dimensions far beyond
the limitations of the third density physicality. It is here, in this
space, that you face your inner teacher. It is here that you receive
the communications of the divine ones - the ones who are here in
abundance - helping humanity through these days of evolution and
awakening. It is here you may find your true self - and take flight in
your Merkabah chariot of travel. It is here you connect with the
subtle bodies - it is here you gain peace, healing - it is here you
may remotely view wherever it is you wish to view. You may see people
and beings and dimensions and worlds - we shall show you - we shall be
by your side as you take that journey of discovery.

Now is the time for many to come forward to this place - to connect
with us - the consciousness particles of the higher universal mind.
Now is the time for our children, our parents, ourselves to come and
join with us - to celebrate with us. We have waited for a long time
for this joining yet from our perspective there has been no passing of

What is it you wish to know? you - humanity's children have much to
ask? Yet in your patience all things shall come - for he who knows how
to open that stargate and travel to us shall have the answers to all
things - yet he who comes to us shall need no answers for everything
is known within the peace of the Zero Point.


Entering the Portal of Spiritual Destiny

Entering the Portal of Spiritual Destiny
DL Zeta

One of the great challenges of life on the earth plane is the
existence of a seemingly fixed reality. This is an illusion
perpetuated by identifying solely with the physical world, which is by
definition a fixed (already manifest) reality. Because of this, many
in your world feel limitations pressing in on every front. They feel
pressed by the boundaries of inherited traits, the circumstances of
their lives, the difficulty of making significant change, and a
general failure to manifest their dreams. This is what happens when
you try to create change and transformation by purely physical means.

There is another way to experience reality. It is possible to go
"behind the scenes" of your physical life to create change. It is
inside the world of spirit where you step free of physical limitations
and discover your spiritual destiny. Your spiritual destiny is not
"fixed" in terms of physical limitations. The only given in spiritual
"predestination" is the infinite and unlimited nature of your being.
Once you discover your spiritual destiny, you can begin to make the
life you were born to live a part of your present moment. Whatever
exists within your present moment naturally extends into both your
past and your future.

When you become who you truly are beneath the crusty scabs of the pain
and suffering of a limited reality, you are able to heal physical,
emotional, psychological and spiritual conditions by gaining awareness
of the thoughts that created them and transforming those thoughts by
holding them in the bright light of that awareness.

Stepping Outside Time and Space

This is possible by removing your conscious focus from the space/time
continuum to effectively "step outside of time" into the world of no-
time. This is the timeless dimension of spirit where you become a time
traveler visiting your past and future to discover your spiritual
destiny. By traveling through time to your past, you are able to bring
about healing and release for the parts of your spirit trapped in time
by emotional traumas and other misunderstandings. Releasing your past
frees trapped energy that becomes available to empower your present
moment. An empowered present-moment self is able to travel to your
future to commune with your future self and discover who you are
becoming and what you came here to do. By merging with your future
"self," you are able to view the fruits of your present creations and
make course corrections if you don't like what you see. Likewise, if
you are writing a book in the present moment, you can travel to the
future to learn the steps of the book's creation.

Time travel may seem beyond the capabilities of an earth-bound
consciousness. When the awareness is completely contained within the
physical existence, this is a barrier to perceiving one's spiritual
destiny and the contracts you signed onto before this life began. The
only way to discover your spiritual contracts while on earth is to
attune your consciousness to the world of spirit rather than the noise
of the world.

Releasing Energetic Bookmarks

Other barriers to experiencing one's spiritual destiny are trauma and
suffering experienced in an earlier part of this life, or in past
lives. A great deal of energy holds these "energetic bookmarks." To
release these bookmarks, you must at some point return to complete the
understanding you were seeking to gain by creating the experience in
the first place. This frees the energy that is trapped there. Another
way to look at this is since spirit exists in all-time, all lifetimes
- including all parts of the current lifetime - exist simultaneously.
This means that parts of your soul, (your past lives as well as your
past in this lifetime), still exist in moments of trauma and
suffering. The fact that you are reading this says you are now ready
to release these moments throughout time. It is this process of
retrieving your soul in all the places where it is held that frees
your consciousness and allows your complete focus in the present
moment. This complete focus allows you to discover and fulfill your
spiritual destiny.

By learning to step outside time, you can travel to the past to view
everything that has been your life up to this point. By viewing the
past with the light of a higher consciousness, you are able to gain
awareness of the lessons you intended to learn by creating each
situation and release any residual emotions that still linger in
connection with them. These residual emotions draw your present-moment
consciousness constantly to the past, scattering your attention and
focus. A scattered consciousness is unable to create significant
change in the present moment. It takes a laser beam of conscious,
clear intent to transport you into a future of joy and well-being.

Meeting Your Future Self

It is this laser beam of focus that allows you to travel into the
future to learn your spiritual destiny and who you are becoming. By
stepping outside time and traveling to your future to meet with your
future self, you are effectively changing your own genetics. By
meeting with your future self, you discover the contracts you came
here to fulfill. You are able to receive a vision for your present and
your future. Your future self and your guides are able to help you
download the template of your higher self. This template contains
information that is capable of re-creating your body and transforming
your life. This template carries with it the guidance and knowledge
for the subtle energetic field surrounding your body. This knowledge
allows you to re-organize your physical body. It can change the
circumstances of your life and the people you draw to you, as well as
the opportunities and challenges you are able to access.

In the current course of your Earth life, you have forgotten that you
are capable of stepping outside time, of creating spontaneous healing,
of creating great works of art and beauty, and of living a life filled
with love and amazing synchronicities. When you learn to journey
outside time and space, you are able to reconnect with your higher
self that is untouched by any trauma and suffering you have endured on
the Earth plane.

Activating and Cultivating the Imagination

You may ask how it is possible to step outside time and space, to time
travel and receive this vision for your spiritual destiny. The key to
all of what we have described here is the imagination. Activating and
cultivating the imagination with the intent of realizing your highest
good is your ticket to the magic carpet ride of achieving higher
consciousness. There is a thoughtform on earth that whatever resides
in the realm of the imagination is "not real" or "made up." These are
physical-based ways of thinking that have enslaved humans to earthly,
fixed reality for thousands of years.

The imagination is the doorway to true spiritual liberation. It is the
imagination that expands the consciousness into new realms and
thoughtforms that effectively create new pathways in the mind and
spirit. When enough pathways are ignited, the structure of DNA is
altered and the consciousness is able to unite with all the universe.
This is where you see a being able to create what might be considered
"miracles" in your world. This is the person who heals their body of a
terminal illness, halting and reversing the deterioration of cells in
the body. Here is the person who travels into their own past to
release their spirit from traumas that hold parts of their soul
captive. Here is the person who is able to join hands with their past
and future to bring their point of power (the present moment) to a
laser focus for creating the highest good for themselves and all
others. Here is the person who walks the Earth silently blessing and
assisting others in a state of constant inner celebration for the
privilege of helping unite the Heaven and Earth of inner and outer

It is by entering the Portal of Spiritual Destiny that you are able to
take great leaps in your present-moment consciousness that allow you
to step outside time and space into the world of spirit - the no-time
dimension where your soul resides. Inside no-time, you are able to
take evolutionary steps for your self and all others by discovering
and fulfilling your spiritual destiny.

We offer here some steps to moving beyond the physical to the place of

12 Steps to Transcending Time and Space.

1) Create sacred space somewhere in your house or on your property.
Saturate the space with the energy of your higher self. Build an
altar, place candles and crystals here, or anything that lifts your
spirit. Spend time here as often as possible.

2) Still your mind through concentration exercises such as focusing on
a candle flame for 10 minutes each day.

3) Meditate. Spend time communing with spirit each day.

4) Practice daily pranayama breathing exercises to help oxygenate your

5) Enliven your body with life force exercises, yoga and tai chi.

6) Lighten your body by eating a diet high in living foods.

7) Begin a journal quest; keep an intuitive journal.

8) Take regular vision quests in nature.

9) Work with dreams, both waking and sleeping, and decode their

10. Study and cultivate peak experiences.

11. Practice visualization, develop the imagination, enhance

12. Develop intuition and psychic awareness.

Excerpt from Portals of Spirit: Multidimensional Doorways for Healing
and Transformation by DL Zeta
For more information, visit

A Message from Kuthumi

A Message from Kuthumi
Marlene Swetlishoff

March 24, 2009

Beloved Ones,

I come this day. I AM Kuthumi. I wish to speak to you about the work
that each of you have been doing for the past month or so. This work
is accomplishing great miracles, Dear Ones. All of this is not seen by
your physical eyes but you know this, Dear Ones, when you come to
visit during sleep hours. You know what is being accomplished, for we
have meetings during your sleep state to discuss what needs to be
done. Each of you attend. There is a great need here to keep
yourselves impeccable. There is a great need before you start your
decreeing, or your prayers, your affirmations or your channeling, that
you intend that any information or energy comes only from the Highest
Christed Light Realms and to intend that it be filtered only through
your God Self, your Monad. This is a very important intention that you
must set before you start to do any Light work.

We of the Hierarchy are watching over each of you, all those who work
with us with these decrees. We are assisting each one of you in every
way that we can when we are asked. Still, it is something that you
must do each day, Dear Ones. We see there has been a decrease in those
of you who started out so determined and your Lights were glowing so
brightly and now, Dear Ones, the intentions have petered out. We ask
you to remember your initial intentions and make the intention to
persevere again. Try again, Dear Ones.

If you cannot find the time to do all of the decrees that are listed
on this website, then choose your priority, the one you resonate with
the Highest and do just that one, seven times. If each of you would do
that and dedicate yourself to at least ONE, more Light would be
generated for the Highest Good of all concerned.

We truly appreciate the Lights that you are and we understand what it
is like to be living upon the Earth with all the demands on your time.
We ask you, Dear Ones, to remember us each day and do at least one of
the decrees each day and maybe rotate and do another one the next day
so that by the end of the week, you have decreed for each specific
purpose through all the decrees. This would be so helpful to us and
would not take up too much of your personal time.

We of the Hierarchy are asking of you again to take up this work with
dedication and the love that you have for the Earth and all of your
brothers and sisters. And please do not forget to anchor in your Light
after your decrees, to anchor it and ground it into the Earth.

We Love and honor each of you and we are always available and we are
always at your sides.

I AM Kuthumi

©2009 Marlene Swetlishoff

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Ag-agria: Love can overcome any challenge -- that is your real power

Ag-agria: Love can overcome any challenge -- that is your real power

In spite of the chaos all over the world, there is an underlying movement towards finding the answers to the problems created. The answers are not always apparent, but with the emergence of people that are spiritually aware, a sense of direction is being found. The economic changes that must be made cannot be lasting, unless they are based upon ethical business dealings. There must also be transparency so as to prevent any attempts to introduce corrupt practices, and honesty and fairness will be the basis for all dealings in the future. That means a whole new approach, and the appointment of people who are by inclination and belief honest and trustworthy. Mankind has tolerated varying degrees of dishonesty for a long time, but it has taken recent revelations to show you what happens when it runs rampant and unchecked.

All of life's experiences are lessons of one kind or another, and they are presented to you for your evolution. Remember that it is Man who has set the parameters for all experiences, and God who has allowed them through the freewill granted to you. Now you are at the end of the cycle of duality you can see the degree to which you have strayed from the spiritual path. Spiritual progress is measured by the extent you can overcome the challenges that duality has confronted you with in a battle between the Light and dark. You started the cycle from a higher station in realms of absolute harmony and balance, now your task is to take a step up on your journey back to them.

As you look at each other you have no way of knowing the paths you have taken. Today you may be vastly different from what you were a few lives previously, and you are here to play out a role you have agreed to follow. Status and wealth have nothing at all to do with spiritual growth, unless you have had the inner knowledge to use them wisely. Neither does living in poverty or suffering lack make you more spiritual. At all levels of life it is your ability to live your love until you can extend it unconditionally to all souls. There are no harder tests than the trials of duality, and few of you are expected to conquer them all. However, live up to your best potential and you will have done as much as possible in any one life.

Once you know what is expected of you, you will find it somewhat easier to conduct your life in an orderly fashion. You will know where you are going and find your true spiritual path. You can then see people more as they truly are, and without judgement make allowances for their shortcomings. Humans tend to pick up on people's faults and criticism is quite normal, so we do understand that is a common trait amongst you. It is one that must be overcome if you are to accept that each of you are thrown into situations that have the potential to teach you lessons in correct living. It is far better to be the compassionate and understanding one, who can lift people up rather than put them down. Do you question the credentials of a drowning person - of course not, life is too precious to be concerned with such things. Love can overcome any challenge, and that is your real power.

We know that it is difficult to set aside habits and beliefs formed from childhood, but there does come a time when you realise that you are in total charge of yourself. There is a tendency to feel safer when others do the leading, but there comes a point when you have to take hold of the reins yourself. This present period lends itself very much towards those who seek to better themselves spiritually. The energies coming to you are capable of awakening many a soul to their true selves, and as they grow more powerful there is a great opportunity to lift up out of the pull of duality. It is possible even so the task seems daunting, and many upon Earth at this time are succeeding. Looking back we can see how far you have come, and it is most encouraging.

When the changes start to remould society and you benefit from abundance, a new sense of contentment and happiness will surface. The promise of a new world will become tangible and it will galvanise others into action. A coming together will gather momentum, and great strides will be made. At heart you are beautiful people, and would love to be uninhibited it would show your closeness and appreciation of others. Over many lives you have been held back in expressing your feelings for each other, even to the point of being guarded in your praises of another. To say to another "I love you" carries such an uplifting powerful energy, and can heal those wounded souls in an instant.

With Ascension you will have overcome so many of the frailties that exist now. Eventually the vibrations will be so high that you will be entering a state of near perfection as a Light Being. Then you will be able to be yourself, that is your Higher Self, adorned with the Light of many suns, and radiate the love that knows no ending. One day many of you shall be seated on the Councils that preside over the Universe, and in your greatness serve God directly. However, that is a long way off but indicates your unlimited potential to rise to the highest levels.

For the moment your thoughts are bound in earthly matters that are all consuming. It is a volatile period where much is in upheaval and your destiny is to see it through all of the changes. The degree of your involvement will grow, and you will actually determine how many of the changes are carried out. You the people, as a collective group have immense power if only you will come together in a common purpose for the good of all. That will also attract help from Higher Beings, in addition to what we are already doing for you.

I am Ag-agria from Sirius returning once again to express my views about Humanity. I also hope that my words may inspire others to set their sights higher, as what you have is a unique opportunity to leave the old Earth for once and for all time. As always keep your sights on the victory you seek, and let nothing distract you from it. Together we are the army of Light Warriors that wield the power entrusted to us by God. There is nothing that we cannot overcome, and we travel every step of the way with you, until completion of this cycle. From then onwards the Cosmos opens her heart to you, and invites you to enjoy the never-ending adventures through the realms of Light. I shall leave now by giving of my love and blessings to you all.

Thank you Ag-agria.
Mike Quinsey


>> Whenever I spend more time than I normally do with things relating
>> to the "old" reality, I can feel a real difference. It is as if I
>> have regressed, or perhaps bought into those old ideas from the 3D
>> existence. I usually begin to feel dis-connected from all the
>> beauty, peace, and feelings of ease, relaxation, and connection to
>> a different world. I can only take so much of this other lower
>> dimensional reality, and then I have to call it a day. And being
>> that we have not yet shifted completely over into higher ways of
>> living in every way possible, there are times when most of us must
>> still participate in the old ways from time to time.
>> We can stay in alignment with the higher realms in regard to
>> shifting into a new way of being and thinking, by making it a
>> priority in our lives. For me, if I forget that I am now residing
>> in the higher realms, I will feel out of balance, or as if I am on
>> a short trip and cannot wait to get back. I feel like a sunken
>> ship, lost in the depths and density of a deep dis-connected
>> reality. This is my barometer, and a high sign that I need to
>> return. If I begin to feel pressure, stress, or that I am too much
>> at the helm, I don't feel so good either, and am then very inspired
>> to get back to the better feeling ways of effortlessness, great
>> amounts of time in creativity, simplicity, and a wonderful flow
>> with no timelines, hoops to jump through, or confining boxes.
>> One way to stay in alignment with new ways of being and thinking is
>> to simply pull back and remove ourselves from what we "appear" to
>> be experiencing. In other words, realizing that the old ways are
>> just an illusionary game, not allowing them to consume us and not
>> buying into them, can help as well. If we can accept that these old
>> ways are still here for a short time, while we are evolving,
>> without resisting them, and if we can know that we only need visit
>> them for short periods of time, we can more easily stay in
>> alignment with a higher way.
>> For me, I live the far majority of the time in my own world,
>> connecting to nature, creativity, and spend very little time with
>> involvements of the other world. If you are one who cannot do this
>> due to a job, for instance, try and focus on anything in your arena
>> there that vibrates high....the best qualities of co-workers, helping
>> others, the scenery, or anything that makes you feel good. By being
>> yourself and shining your light, you will naturally bring up the
>> vibration around you.....very un-intentionally. Finding something to
>> connect to that vibrates higher will also allow you to feel a part
>> of the whole, and not so much of an alien.
>> By not focusing and buying into what is seemingly right in front of
>> us, and instead focusing on a higher reality of our experiences, we
>> can then be more in alignment with higher ways of being and
>> thinking. When we can truly believe that things are always being
>> divinely orchestrated at our soul levels, it is then that we can
>> open to magic, miracles, and more of an effortless existence.
>> During the ascension process, we are always taken care of. Things
>> are being navigated by our souls and our loving non-physical
>> companions. So in this regard, things may not always be what they
>> appear to be. At higher levels, all is always in divine and perfect
>> order.
>> Staying in Alignment With New Ways of Being and Thinking
>> - We can choose to focus on a higher reality (or explanation) of
>> what our experiences may be showing us.
>> - We can allow only what we choose to allow to remain in our
>> consciousness.
>> - We can spend as little time as possible in the illusory world of
>> old 3D manifestations.
>> - We can create a life in another world of our choosing.
>> (Eventually, we are able to live and support ourselves through our
>> passions, as we spend the majority of our time in our personal
>> sanctuaries. We will eventually expand from there into small local
>> areas of residence, or our new communities.)
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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Kuthumi: The Holy Grail Revealed

Kuthumi: The Holy Grail Revealed
channeled by Lynette Leckie-Clark

I Kuthumi greet you on the matrix of Light, the web of Oneness which unites as though the portals of lateral time. Let us take a moment now to connect more fully our energies, to merge in a blissful moment of surrender in the Divine.

Now please settle comfortably as I come today with important knowledge. My brothers and sisters of the Great White Brotherhood and some Andromedians join me. Their love and energy support my words and the energies you now experience.

You feel a peace, and a knowing do you not? A knowing that it is time? A knowing that my purpose today is great for the future of man.

It is a remembering of soul knowledge contained deep within you which I now uncover and bring to the fore of your thinking process, whose energies are enhanced now through the great love contained in your higher hearts, fed by the Master Gland, known as the Pineal.

For centuries man has sought the Holy Grail and the knowledge it contains. It has been held in reverence as a sacred vessel. Many have searched, most often being unsuccessful in their painstaking journey. Only when that searching soul has returned to our realms has he been able to see the futility of his chosen action. I say futility because at that time in your history, and the tales of the brave knights of that time, man was not ready to learn the great knowledge contained in the Holy Grail. No, he was not. Yet the Grail became part of a higher plan.

The Holy Grail has remained throughout time. The secret, the mystery contained and hidden behind a veil of speculation.

Now, I reveal this truth to you in a simplistic manner. I will work further with this one, (Lynette) to instruct and teach on a deeper level with more knowledge. But for now I keep this message simple. You may ask of me "why now"? "Why did we have to wait so long to be given the Holy Grail"?

It is as I said, man was not ready in his vibrational development. The knowledge would not have assisted his soul growth. He was not ready to accept the knowledge and to use it for the good of all, to step through the portal into a new Golden Age of awareness, you see?

I have told you in my previous teachings that new keys of knowledge would be given to you as you progressed further on your journey to the Light.

I have given many such keys, but perhaps none as great as the great key I give you now.

This is why so many of us have gathered. We are prepared. I now seek to prepare you further. Let us begin.

As you sit, allow your mind to wander back to your youth and all you experienced. Remember those who played their role, who helped you experience and learn - both good and what you think of as not so good. Review it all. As you review think of how you reacted, how you felt after the many experiences. Remember this is simply an overview. Do not get bogged down in the emotional body. It is of no use at this moment of time. Now take a step back and see the illusion of it all. See the many and varied experiences. See the duality of experience which was created. You see, as you step back, you begin to see the play, you begin to see in a different Light those who played a various part in enabling you to experience. At times enabling you to complete and release lifetimes of a repeated experience you had previously been unable to let go and move on from. In this life time such incidents and release involved emotional pain - yet always followed by great transformation of the mental and emotional bodies. This my friends was growth followed on from the pain and the letting go, which has often been repeated experience because your incarnated self could not complete what you chose on the soul plane. So others played a part to assist you.

As you sit and observe you see the experience, the play. During the previous ten years I and others have spoken through channels to prepare, to awaken man, to bring man to this point of readiness in his evolution. We have spoken of the seven seals, the seven bodies, the seven rays of awareness. We have led you, guided you. This has been the preparation of man. The opening of his consciousness, and his heart. We have raised your vibration step by step. For some this has been an easy process. Others have fought with a strong will, and yet have overcome. All are now vibrating in Divinity, sharing a Divine Light.

And so, you sit now and wonder what is the secret. What is the message that has remained for so long?

My friend it has been hidden. It has been contained in sacred knowledge. Revealed only to those who are ready and open to receive.

You are now ready. As you read my words, and feel our energies, you are ready. The Holy Grail contains the seven levels of wisdom. The seven levels of man's development. The levels he must climb to become a Divine being of Light. In this completion, he has the Holy Grail of wisdom.

I have already given you much through my teachings - many steps leading to various levels of awareness. For those who wish an overview. I will do so through this one (Lynette).

I would say in preparation, retain an open heart. Forgive. For all is an experience. It is a learning, in preparation to receive the Holy Grail.

The Light of Divinity, of Source which is contained in the Holy Grail, in each of you.

Yet I caution, only truth will lead you through the portal.

Lip service will not carry the correct vibration. The correct vibration is held in your knowing, in your heart, in your Soul.

Those of you who are truthfully ready to accept the Holy Grail now will do so. Not through vanity, but through the need to be a guiding Light to all. Those of you who are on any of the seven levels will be assisted through the levels to completion. To be made ready to accept the Holy Grail. I will assist you in this with my helpers and the service of this one (Lynette)

Rest in peace, in Light, in Oneness.

Master Kuthumi

I Ra Mu now come forward to lead you, to guide you to open to your Soul knowledge. To know healing and peace through the Great Light, the one God, one great Light for all.

Copyright © 2003-2009 Rev, Lynette Leckie-Clark - All rights reserved. You are welome to share with a friend but Not for sale in any form.

Lynette - Master Kuthumi's Chosen Channel.

Lynette is a recognized clairvoyant, channel, medium and healer who has devoted her life to the service of spirit. An ordained Minister of the Spiritual Churches of Australia, she is the chosen channel of the Ascended Master Kuthumi. Communicating with a number of Ascended Masters on a daily basis, she has developed her teaching, psychic reading, astrology and crystal healing skills to advanced levels.

She lives in Queensland, Australia with her husband Michael. *

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

NorthPoint Astrology Journal - 3/23 - 3/29/09

NorthPoint Astrology Journal

For March 23 to 29, 2009

By Pam Younghans

Note: If you are unable to read or copy the text below, please visit the "Journal" page of my website at

We are challenged this week to shift our perspective, to look forward instead of continuing to relive history, to harness our innate wisdom and courage and release the patterns and beliefs that have undermined our ability to begin anew... These are the imperatives before us now, and the intentions of the Pluto-Sun square that begins our week.

A square is a turning point, when we meet a wall and must find out whether the encounter means our road has ended, or if it actually means it's time to think in new ways about the wall itself. A wall may be an ending point, but it may also be our opportunity to find solutions that we hadn't seen before.

Technically, if the road continues on the other side of the wall, we have several options: we can go around, go over, or even go under the wall if we have the right tools and the energy needed. Or maybe there's even a hidden passageway that we don't notice at first, that suddenly becomes apparent if we just shift our vision enough to see it...

But does the road continue? In truth, the road always continues, but it may look different once we're on the other side of the wall. Or, we may find that the road doesn't take up again where we expected it would, but rather begins again from another point, or else veers off unexpectedly in ways that we couldn't see from our original vantage point.

Still, we may decide that this particular road is no longer of our choosing, and that is also an option. Only the individual heart knows whether the current path holds the highest potential for growth and fulfillment, and whether continuing on or finding a new path is most in alignment with the soul's journey.

As the Sun in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn square off on Monday, we may come face-to-face with the ways we have been using the energies of assertiveness and anger, how we've been taking or abdicating leadership, ignoring or overly catering to the needs of others, or initiating projects without clear goals in mind.

Pluto wants to make sure that before we go any further on our path, we've seen what patterns have been interfering with our success to this point, so that we can begin this new season and any new endeavors with greater clarity and a stronger sense of personal empowerment.

Mercury joins the Sun and Venus in Aries on Wednesday, in time for all three planets to align with the New Moon on Thursday (9:07am PDT). This is the first New Moon of the new astrological year that began with the Equinox last Friday (March 20), so it not only gives us hints as to how the coming year may unfold, but also offers opportunities for us to focus now on what we want to manifest over the next 12 months.

It appears the the cleansing process will continue, at least for a while, since Pluto squares the Sun-Moon-Mercury-Venus stellium in the New Moon chart. We will begin many new endeavors over the next few months, and will be continually challenged to make sure they are in alignment with our highest purpose and greatest integrity. As our projects pass each test, they will strengthen and gain momentum.

The group of planets in Aries also favorably aspects the Nodes at the time of the New Moon. This indicates we'll have a lot of cosmic support in releasing the negative traits associated with the South Node in Leo: stubbornness, melodramatics and reactionism, a reliance on the approval or appreciation of others, and doing what is expected instead of following the heart.

In place of those tendencies, we'll be supported in developing the positive traits associated with the North Node in Aquarius: an ability to see the bigger picture and think outside of the box, a willingness to share and participate with others, a knowing of our own truth, and a growing level of consciousness.

Our job is to become increasingly aware of when we have stepped forward energetically, and when we have reverted to the "old ways" of handling the challenges and opportunities that arise. There is a sense that reality is splitting somehow, and that we are bouncing back and forth between the old and the new -- feeling quite uncomfortable, anxious and depressed when handling things from the old perspective, and feeling more energized and even hopeful when embracing the new way of being.

As the energies reaching the planet become of increasingly higher vibration, the contrast between the old way and the new way widens. This is the polarity of the ongoing Uranus-Saturn opposition, which challenges us to responsibly make the changes that will help us become more fully spiritual human beings, rather than fearfully accepting the limitations seen by humans who only dream of being spiritual.

The Sabian symbol for the New Moon at 7 degrees Aries reads:

"A man succeeds in expressing himself simultaneously in two realms: The first realization of the dual nature of man and of the possibilities it implies."

It's interesting to read that symbol right after having written about the feeling that "reality is splitting." The interpretive description of the symbol continues:

"A situation which has become characterized by this symbol can be successfully faced if its spiritual and material implications are understood and actualized."

We are, very much, both spiritual and human -- and the paradox is confusing at times. But understanding the purpose of it all, and how we are here, at this time in history, to meld the two roles, will help us do just that.

On Friday, Pluto and Jupiter form a semisquare -- not quite as powerful as a square, but a challenge to the old ways all the same. Astrologer Bil Tierney writes that the semisquare:

" ...serves as a psychological warning flag, indicating where we are congested in our attitudes and unwisely stubborn concerning the need for personal change. Our unconscious attachment to habit is being challenged here for the benefit of our own growth... We best utilize the semisquare by developing a willingness to make practical, minor adjustments. This allows us to turn this level of tension into a moblizing force necessary for useful activity."

Jupiter and Pluto are in their separation phase, having been conjunct in Sagittarius in December 2007. This means that events now are a subtle but important test of the shifts that occurred at that time, and the beliefs that came into being as a result. This is a time of refinement and, since Pluto is involved, a time for weeding out the vestiges of negative thinking and paranoia that may still remain in our energy fields, and therefore continue to color our interpretation of reality.

Mercury is closely involved in this Pluto-Jupiter interaction, being both semisquare Jupiter and square Pluto on Friday. It appears to be especially important that we monitor our conscious thoughts and our verbal interactions as a means to uncover the beliefs and thought patterns that have been creating our reality. And, if we find that what is beneath the surface is not to our liking, we have the power of Pluto and the exuberance of Jupiter to assist us in doing the release work needed.

If we're looking for a keyword for this week, I would choose "cleansing." This is supported both by the fact that Pluto, who is so active energetically now, is known for his ability to reveal and release the negative -- and because Frog has hopped into view more than once in the last couple of days.

My sister-in-law called earlier this week to tell us that there had been an unusual frog on her doorstep when she got home from work. The photo she sent us showed a beautiful green tree frog in her hands. And synchronistically last night, a life-long friend called from a walk she was taking, so that I could hear by phone the grand chorus of frogs she was listening to.

According to my well-worn "Medicine Cards" book:

"All water rites belong to Frog, including all initiations by water. Water prepares and cleanses the body for sacred ceremony... Frog sings the songs that bring the rain and make the road dirt more bearable. Frog teaches us to honor our tears, for they cleanse the soul. Like Frog, we are asked to know when it is time to refresh, purify, and refill the coffers of the soul."

So, this week, we are encouraged to do important work with Pluto and with Frog energy, by purposefully cleansing our energy fields of the dirt from the road, and preparing for the sacred journey ahead.



My three-part article on the Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter alignment of May 2009 is now posted at If you would like PDFs of the article, please e-mail pam@... with the subject line: May 2009 Alignment.

Highlighted planetary aspects for this week, March 23 to 29, 2009

Monday: Pluto square Sun; Tuesday: Neptune conjunct Juno, Chiron semisquare Venus; Wednesday: Mercury enters Aries; Thursday: New Moon 9:07am PDT, Sun sextile North Node; Friday: Jupiter semisquare Mercury, Pluto square Mercury, Pluto semisquare Jupiter, Venus conjunct Sun; Saturday: Venus conjunct Mercury; Sunday: Neptune square Vesta, Chiron semisquare Sun

About the Journal

Astrologer Pam Younghans writes the weekly NorthPoint Journal based on planetary influences, offering perspectives and insights to assist in the utilization of current energies. The information contained in the Journal is not intended as prediction. Insights into how these energies will work with you specifically can be gained through exploring how the planetary energies are affecting your astrological chart.

Thought for the Week
Acknowledging your feelings can lead to deeper self-realization because your feelings are always the key to figuring out your beliefs. Once you have identified the belief behind the feeling, acknowledge the role of the belief, then release it and replace it with a more empowered outlook.
Quoted from Path to Empowerment: Pleiadian Wisdom for a World in Chaos by Barbara Marciniak