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Feeling the Optimum Choice: Sending A Message To The Universe

Feeling the Optimum Choice:
Sending a Message to the Universe
by Sarah Biermann

This technique is a fabulous way to create in an unlimited way and and to guide your actions and decisions based on your True Self's or Greater Self's feeling sense.

Note: Your Greater Self works with sensory information and images, so keep your focus on what you feel, both with your physical senses and the subtle knowing sense. This is that general sense you get when you think about people who you know well. If you are not sure what this is, try thinking about several different people and notice that you have a feeling about each one that is beyond the physical descriptions or stories you share. You get a feeling about the totality of "who they are". This is a feeling sense in it's original, un-interpreted state, not yet subjected to correction or analysis with the logical mind.

If any images pop into mind, you can use them too. Don't try to figure out what the images mean, it doesn't matter and it takes you back to your logical mind.

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to develop this expanded feeling sense. This is the way that your Greater Self functions. This is the pathway from limited Human thinking to expanded Greater Self knowing.

Going Into the Expanded Sensory State

Begin by taking a series of deep, relaxing breaths.

1) Imagine the breath coming in through the top of your head and moving through your body and out your feet. As it goes through let it take all the tension, stress, thoughts and worries out of your body and into the earth. Repeat until you feel a shift in your body.

2) Imagine the breath coming up from the center of the earth, through your feet, up through your body and out the top of you head. This breath enlivens all the cells in your body. It creates a fountain over your head that flows down the outside of your body, soothing and relaxing. Do several of these breaths.

3) Now breathe in through your head and feet at the same time. These energized breaths meet at your center, combine and expand out like a bubble, filling your body and your being, and continue expanding out. Keep breathing and expanding. Imagine the cells of your body are being separated slightly as the breath flows between them. Go smaller so the breath is flowing between your molecules, then atoms, and finally your photons (particles of light). Imagine your body becoming more fluid and malleable. Keep your focus on your senses. Feel your body and stay aware of you breathing.

Once you are in this expanded sensory state you can create morphic fields* of potential future situations. Imagine something that you would like to create. We'll use work as an example. Imagine how that work would feel. Do not try to imagine what the work is, where it is or how you will achieve it, stay with how your optimum work feels. Imagine that you have succeeded in creating that wonderful, satisfying and lucrative work. Notice how your body feels when you create this state of your optimum work as if it is already accomplished. You have succeeded. You are there. It is done. Feel gratitude for the Universe in supporting your desire.

Now expand that feeling out. Breathe in the truth of your Greater Self (your own unique and beautiful frequency as a Being), energize the feeling and expand it out to fill the world, the Solar System, the Galaxy and the Universe. Imagine it as a beautiful wave, which is what it is. This is how you create synchronicity. Your wave goes out and opportunities, people and things that match that wave come into your path. This is how you create synchronistic experiences. This is how you send a message to the Universe about what you desire to create in your life.

Regular practice makes this stronger. You can also link this feeling to a physical item like a stone or a picture. The link reminds you to access this state and create your wave and it also facilitates the process.

As you are presented with options in life (we'll continue with the example of work), check if they match the feeling of the optimum work, or not. Here's how you do this.

Start by going into the Expanded Sensory State (above). Once you are there stand up somewhere where there is at least a few feet in front of you.

1) Place your attention to the situation about which you need to make a choice (choice A). Stay with the feelings only! Think about choice A and imagine that in front of you there is a morphic field* which contains what it feels like if you make that choice. You can set up the choice fields to different times. For instance, you could have choice A in one week, and in one month and in six months etc. Sometimes a choice can feel good at first, but the long term potential is not so good.. Trust that you know how to do this.

2) Step (physically) into the Choice Field, take a breath and notice how that choice feels in your body. Don't analyze what it means or even try to put names to the feelings, simply feel.

3) Repeat with choice B. Create the field, step into it, breathe and feel.

4) Ask your Greater Self if there is another choice that you may not now know about that could be even better and more expansive for you. Step into that field and notice how that feels.

4) Which choice feels best to you? Which choice matches the feeling of the optimum work? Perhaps one feels even better than what you created in the beginning.

You can use this process for anything, work, relationships, health etc. You don't need to know why one choice is better than another. That is Old Energy mental thinking. In the New Energy you feel, trust those feelings and act on them. When possibilities present themselves to you, use this process to feel if that choice feels like what you desire to create. Then take action. Register for the class, apply for the job or attend that event (whatever it is). Stay aware and watch for more possibilities that present themselves.

*A morphic field is a field of energy and information that underlies the form and behavior of morphic units**. Morphic fields contain a kind of cumulative memory and tend to become increasingly habitual.

**A morphic unit is a unit of form or organization, such as an atom, molecule, crystal, cell, plant, animal, pattern of instinctive behavior, social group, element of culture, ecosystem, planet, planetary system, or galaxy.

Sarah Biermann does Intuitive Counseling and Energy Healing. She has an amazing ability to create a safe and non-judgemental space in which great healing and transformation can take place. With over thirty-five years practicing metaphysics, Sarah has mastered a variety of tools and techniques. She developed ImagiCreation which is a technique that allows you to enter an alternate reality in which you can quickly and easily transform your life.

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