Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Crossing the Threshold - Matt Kahn - 08/11/2014

Energy Update – 8/11: “Crossing the Threshold”

After what may have felt like a whirlwind of ups and downs, today’s energy update brings exciting news of positive change. Today’s date: 8/11 celebrates the beginning of a brand new cycle of conscious evolution. Numerically, 811 adds up to 10 which reveals a prime number of 1. This symbolizes a time of new beginnings, which is first foreshadowed by the ending of patterns, relationships, and manifestations of the old paradigm. Such endings have been taking place over the past six months to assist you in completing crucial soul contracts. This occurred to align you with today’s date, so all of your preparatory work would give you access to higher dimensional timelines, outcomes, and possibilities. With today’s date as a sign of arrival, such higher dimensional experiences and creations begin to be revealed in present moment time. This allows the incredible realities you’ve been envisioning for so long to take shape and form in your life.

For many, the past 6 months have been a cosmic butt-kicker with glimpses of what has now been anchored into reality as of today. Whether you have been debilitated with fatigue, frustrated by the situations that continue to trigger you, withdrawn from participating in life, sad, lonely, angry, confused, or even surprised by the amount of loved ones leaving the planet at this time, each of these catalysts assist you in releasing outdated cellular memories. As they dissolve, compulsive patterns are purged out of your energy field. The end result of this 6 month period of initiation is an opportunity to now experience life from a naturally liberated perspective that does not require you to watch, maintain, or clear your field in any way.

For each of us, there is a crucial time in life when we are called into the depths of our own healing journey. It is where we begin to clear out the cobwebs of karmic conditioning. Even though this can seem daunting and exhausting, we forge ahead certain that our efforts will inevitably reach a point of energetic completion. As of today, the Universe congratulates you on your hard work and frees you from the need to clear or purify your field. Now is the time to switch gears. Instead of working on yourself so diligently, your new course of study is letting go of such tendencies, and practicing the art of receiving by allowing yourself to openly engage with life. Instead of always trying to “go within”, your new focus is bringing your attention back out to the world, where your interactions with others become an ongoing practice of embodying your highest intention.

This is where we look for new and creative ways to observe the beauty in others, allow each day to be a more exhilarating celebration of gratitude than the day before, and most importantly, we allow emotional triggers to invite us into deeper communion with our inner child, instead of thinking there is another layer to clear away.

During this new cycle, we also focus on liberating the shadow self by embracing it as the innocence dwelling in your own divine heart space. This mean every hurtful, judgmental, or fearful thought can be met with a response, “Thank you for opening up to me. I love hearing from you.” Even being triggered by the actions of others can now offer you opportunities to say, “I understand how you feel. You will be loved more – not less.”

As this brand-new cycle ushers in a more heart-centered spiritual journey, the need to clear yourself is replaced with a desire to hear yourself as a celebration of your highest self in action.

During this new cycle, there are two key insights that you will be learning on an even deeper level:

1) Outcomes are solely dependent on inspiring change to help you evolve to the next highest level of consciousness. As of today, there is no other reason why anything occurs. It is solely to inspire your next moment of growth along your course of mastery.

2) One of the most powerful forces in existence is desire. Through the power of desire, you become the fully-embodied excitement of Divine will, instead of waiting for the will of the Divine to bring you something to be excited about. The more excited you become for any reason or even no reason at all, the faster your body and world transform into conscious expressions of your highest destiny.

For the past year, I’d been seeing 811 nearly everywhere I went. It wasn’t until I received a download from the Universe last night that informed me of the energetic significance of today’s date.

May you take the time to join the Universe in patting yourself on the back and honoring the journey you’ve survived, just so you can enter this exciting stage of expansion and celebration – with no set limit on how bright you can shine.

May today’s update bring renewed faith in the Divine plan that you are helping to bring forth just by being the one you are. May it prepare you for the days to come, where you are no longer confused as to why things occur, since it could only be another opportunity to expand your consciousness by returning to love.

May these words remind you of your true life’s purpose, as a carrier of a unique frequency of consciousness that no one but you was ever meant to bring to life. May you fulfill your purpose by transmitting this unique frequency through the compliments and blessings you are here to direct into the hearts of all. May you remember that it’s not a matter of what you know, but how willing you are to act upon your deepest knowing that reveals the Master you’ve always been.

May all beings be healed, blessed, transformed, and awakened now as I AM.

Matt Kahn