Friday, October 27, 2023

Just Hours Till Lunar Eclipse Activations - by Meg Benedicte


In just hours a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 5° Taurus arrives on Saturday, October 28, 2023. This final Eclipse on Taurus-Scorpio nodal axis for years to come is a bit of a wild card. The Eclipse is conjunct Jupiter in Taurus and it’s opposite Mercury and Mars in Scorpio. It is a North Node Lunar Eclipse of destiny/dharma, traveling the emotional realms. Full Moons tend to magnify pre-existing problems so you can focus on what to bring back into balance.

In earthy Taurus, the Eclipse encourages you to build a more solid and sustainable foundation for spiritual development in your life. 2023 has been the year to build and install a stable infrastructure and framework for the upcoming 8 (2024) year. The Taurus Lunar Eclipse provides a golden opportunity to explore your emotional and spiritual needs, making more positive, practical actions and decisions that serve your highest good.

In Jungian theory, “the shadow” is made up of the disowned parts of ourselves, the unconscious self. In the sign of Taurus, this Lunar Eclipse reveals shadow aspects and toxic situations in areas of income, security, beauty, love, and self-worth. This is a time to work on clearing up any limiting patterns that have been holding you back from personal fulfillment, particularly those involving collaboration, possessiveness, and self-esteem matters.

The October Eclipses highlight how you exchange energy with others. Is it a balanced flow back and forth? Is it one-sided? Do you feel comfortable and valued in your relationships with others? Are you being authentic with others? The Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, conjunct Jupiter, may feel dramatic, exaggerating dysfunctional relationship patterns – propelling you to change unhealthy habits, so you take better care of your needs. 

As you balance your energy flow with others, you recalibrate at zero point your quantum flow with the universe. Take advantage of the Taurus Lunar Eclipse to open, expand and receive the abundance the universe is sending you. 

Step into the Eclipse Portal! Join other Light Beings and Grid Keepers for the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Gateway Activations on Saturday, October 28 at 12:00pm Pacific Time.  All Activations are recorded and available for Replay at the Event URL. Register here:

Lovingly, Meg

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Thursday, October 19, 2023

Lunar Eclipse Enhances Spiritual Development - by Meg Benedicte


We are currently in the Eclipse Corridor, the two weeks between powerful Eclipses that activated on October 14 with a ‘Ring of Fire’ Solar Eclipse across the United States. We are heading toward the 2nd Eclipse, a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 5° Taurus on October 28, 2023. The Eclipse is conjunct Jupiter in Taurus and it’s opposite Mercury and Mars in Scorpio.

The Full Moon Eclipse occurs when the Sun in Scorpio forms an opposition to the Moon in Taurus. This Full Moon Eclipse culminates what was set in motion in 2021. This will be the last Eclipse on Taurus-Scorpio nodal axis for years to come. This Eclipse is a bit of a wild card, concluding several disruptive years in economic turbulence, inflation, banking and finance industries, supply chain and global resources.

This is a North Node Eclipse of destiny, which highlights on a personal level what path and direction you are headed. It provides course-correction opportunities to resolve past karma and align with your Soul purpose going forward. In Taurus, the key theme of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse involves insatiable hunger, ambition, and greed complexes. Are you manifesting with a full, compassionate heart or ego-driven to acquire and possess?

In Jungian theory, “the shadow” is made up of the disowned parts of ourselves, the unconscious self. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse illuminates our internal experience, the hidden fragments and core wounds. In the sign of Taurus, this Lunar Eclipse reveals shadow aspects and toxic situations in areas of income, security, beauty, love, and self-worth. 

On the Taurus-Scorpio axis, this Lunar Eclipse highlights human needs, lacks, and wants in earthy, practical, Taurus ways with emotional, transformative Scorpio influence. The Full Moon in Taurus enhances emotional fulfillment through more physical, tangible things in life, while the Scorpio Sun explores life’s supernatural mysteries.

For the past two years the Eclipses on the Taurus-Scorpio nodal points have emphasized a daily practice of spiritual development. It has reinforced the bridge between spirit and human, the path of Soul embodiment. This Lunar Eclipse amplifies the emotional realm. It is bringing to our attention what is out-of-balance, what is still dysfunctional in the daily life. This is a highly personal lunation, with Jupiter conjunct Taurus, the Lunar Eclipse enhances deeper spiritual growth and purpose.

Step into the Eclipse Portal! Join other Light Beings and Grid Keepers for the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Gateway Activations on Saturday, October 28 at 12:00pm Pacific Time.  All Activations are recorded and available for Replay at the Event URL. Register here:

Lovingly, Meg

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Thursday, October 12, 2023

The Universe has Never Experienced a Paradigm Shift Like This! by DNA

At this critical juncture, we take the first steps toward a transformation that will go down in the annals of human history as one of the most profound and significant. From the deepest part of our hearts to the center of yours, we delve into the complexities of a cosmic revelation that has not only captured the attention of Earth but the attention of the entire universe as well. As we progress through this mesmerizing story, you will gain an understanding of the momentous changes that are sweeping our world as well as the cosmic forces that have orchestrated this monumental shift.

The Descent and the Dawn: A Tale of Love and Fear

Over the course of millennia, humankind set out on a journey that took them further into the underworld realms of Earth’s existence. Two main factors contributed to this fall: a lack of love and an excess of fear. Both of these factors contributed to the downward spiral. The reasons that led to this gloomy course of events are as obvious as the sun rising in the morning. Dark entities, most of which are not of human origin, have played their manipulative games both on and off Earth with consummate skill in order to exert control over the human collective on a wide variety of levels. They were careful in the selection of the human pawns who would carry out their nefarious plans while they remained hidden in the shadows.

Since the catastrophic downfall of Atlantis, there has been a never-ending effort not only to subjugate humanity but also to enslave their minds in the vilest of realms. This has been going on ever since. Although there are those who claim that this occurred as a consequence of previous agreements, we respectfully disagree with this assessment.

A Cosmic Shift Unfolds: Guardians of the Universe

After skipping ahead in time a few millennia, we now find ourselves perched on the edge of the most extraordinary paradigm shift that the universe has ever seen. Yes, we say the universe, because the planet Earth and its inhabitants currently have the undivided attention of a great many civilizations from other galaxies. These observers of the cosmos have not merely been spectators but rather active participants, providing their priceless assistance in ways that are beyond anyone’s ability to imagine. If they hadn’t come to our aid, humanity and our planet would have ended up in the hands of malevolent extraterrestrial beings. The hierarchy of the universe would not permit the destruction of another garden, as it has in earlier timelines when similar events occurred.

In their relentless pursuit of sowing fear and chaos on our planet, the malevolent extraterrestrial entities and their earthly puppets have not spared any effort and have not left a single stone unturned. However, there are still two things that eat away at their center. First, there is the possibility of people becoming aware of their true divine potential as creators; second, there is the possibility that people will come to understand that they are not alone in the universe and that they do, in fact, have friends and family members who live among the stars. The human race is the direct descendant of galactic beings who originally inhabited star systems such as the Pleiades, Andromeda, Sirius, Lyra, and possibly even further afield.

The Galactic Emissaries of Light: A Cosmic Transformation

The unrelenting onslaught of energies from the Galactic Center, which has been raining down on Earth for decades and is only getting stronger, has redirected humanity’s path away from the brink of extinction and toward a future that will be a haven of peace and tranquility. For these energies to work, celestial bodies have moved into new positions, complex templates have been downloaded, and DNA strands that have been sleeping have come to life. As a result of this, the human consciousness is expanding, and dormant abilities like telepathy, natural healing, and teleportation are beginning to emerge once again.

In the coming months, the revelation of profound truths, such as the existence of extraterrestrial life, humanity’s true origins, advanced technologies, and our imminent ascent into the fifth dimension, is destined to gain wider recognition, captivating a larger audience in the process.

A New Dawn: The Path to Upliftment

As was previously mentioned, the flow of photonic light emanating from the Great Central Sun is accelerating at an unrelenting rate. It has an impact on every part of our world, even on those who appear to be in the deepest sleep; their souls start to stir as they come to consciousness. It is now time for humanity to ascend together with Mother Earth, which will usher in a new era that can only be described as paradisiacal. In this new world, light, love, peace, abundance, and unity are at the pinnacle of their respective hierarchies.

Keep in mind that you are not traveling through space and time by yourself. Angelic beings of incredible power can be found all over the universe, and they are always willing to lend a helping hand with human affairs. Benevolent extraterrestrials, archangels, Elohim, ascended masters, and countless others will respond to your prayer. Take a moment to pray if you get the feeling that you and all of humanity could use some direction from them.

At least until the next time we meet, let the light that shines from within you illuminate the world.


When Preparation Meets Opportunity - by Maureen Moss

Exhausting, Liberating, Personal and Interpersonal…that being the pivoting from one reality to another, embodiment of the Soul, embracing and integrating the pulse and waves of new Frequency Specific Light levels and harnessing Love in ways that defy what we have known on Earth.

Within the daily stellar, solar, soulular, cellular movement and rearrangement of realities, I discovered a deep ongoing stillness and detachment from everything, as would be so between life, death and rebirth. The length and depth of this stillness day after day felt unnatural at the time, as if I ought to be doing something outwardly. Not so. That is old programming and the mind and ego attempting to impose and insert itself into the newly forming. (On Monday I was guided to write this newsletter.)

My Higher Self shared, ‘you (amongst many,) are breaking new ground into a new world/a new frequency field/ a new timeline/ a destiny reset. One doesn’t make that shift and come out of the gate running and filled with what am I going to do. There is stillness as your newness takes its time to adjust, adapt and Be. You (and many,) will be working with a new Cosmic Life Force as one life stream completes and a new Life Stream begins that your toes have barely touched the waters of. Be still and nurture the bond of Unity, Peace and Trust forming more apparently now with your Heart and Soul. Everyone is on their own respective journeys however for the awakened there is a consciousness that knows, All are United in Cause and Purpose.’

2023 was relentless in its demands to level up though entering the 10/10 portal (signifying a new phase of Life,) along with Eclipse Season and a fiery New Moon, there no longer feels to be a relentless energy though energy offering us an enhanced opportunity to explore what remains from the distorted matrix that requires awareness and release without turning it into an ongoing process. We are here to be an active part of the unfolding New Earth where process gives way to Creation of New Life.

In the months between Eclipse season and Solstice more Universal energy will be released into the Earth’s atmosphere creating a stronger vibratory bridge between Heaven and Earth. As well, a more apparent Heavenly new vista forming from within shall reveal more of the ‘proof’ that all things are not only possible, though evident.

I share this blessing that Lauren Gorgo brought through in her latest ‘New Earth Report’. This part is from the Arcturians:

“Dearly beloveds, we gather this day in the name of ALL that IS to usher forth your blessings from on High. These blessings are your birthrights, the unreceived earnings of your many adventures through various lifetimes upon this plane. As you walk forth into the Sacred Season of Harvest we greet you as the Light of your Original Soul, welcoming you Home to your Heaven on Earth. Tis the Season of your comeuppance, dear Starborns. Adonai & praytell.”

There are many blessings around us and uncountable and immeasurable moving parts having their unique effects on each One of Us from above and below though most of all within. We are in the womb of ourselves giving birth though sorting as to what and who shall come with us into New Life and onto Holy ground.

This requires 100% of our unattached attention and non-judgment…only the ability to bear witness to the phenomena occurring from the inside out and follow it’s vibrational lead. None of us knows what lies ahead or how our lives shall be re-arranged though certainty is irrelevant. Clarity, balance, an open heart and instinct are necessary as is increasing the flow of wisdom coming from our Higher Self becoming Our One Self. No separation.

We are our Higher Self. We are our unique Soul. We are our I Am Presence. These are not words, they are the creative force in each one that designed and sustains the Universe.

I recall writing in Commitment to Love something God spoke, “Who I Am is Who You Are. You are powerful beings of Light and of Love with a responsibility to use yourselves properly and reclaim your Heart. Doing so will create the foundation for the global event humanity has always dreamed of…the experience of Heaven on Earth.”

Yeshua shared many times, “The human Soul longs for a reality experience of Joy and Well-Being which only physical life congruent, balanced and clear can give it. And, the physical body longs for an immortality experience which only the Soul can give it.”

Overall, we are synthesizing the Trueness of ourselves in Consciousness and in a human body suit. Daily now, we are aligning and recalibrating to and with strands of New Creation and Revelation. At last we come to the part in this Game called Life that we are able to, without the nefarious other than Light Consciousness interfering, (by the Grace of God and our stability and sustainability of Light,) move forward and upward.

Take a breath Beloveds. No matter where you may Be in this now moment, up, down or in between… a new Creation energy has birthed within this Higher framework of expanded Light. We have access to it Now. However, this is not a race to the finish line, it is preparation meeting opportunity.

This Higher Light Consciousness is pulsing continuous waves of renewal and reconnection for each. Mother Earth, in her newly expanded state of Being, awaits Us All as we complete what was. She happily abides in her Higher State of Peace, Bounty and Beauty awaiting our arrival to finally hold us in Unity.

From the Higher Realms per John Lennon written in Peace at Last: “As we transmit Light through you into the energy field of your race, light codes magnetically sealed within the human cellular structure will be released into the physical tissues. These light codes will remove the illusion of separation that has entranced humanity. As each comprehends their purpose and perfection, the fears that have enslaved them will evaporate within the Light of their own Radiance.”

Be at Peace Beloveds. Be Peace. Let the external world continue to remind us that Peace within and toward one another nurtured by the Light and the Love of God We Are will translate vibratory alterations into the Heart of Humanity. Time is irrelevant. As God has always transmitted to me, ”you do your part and I shall do Mine. Trust.”

With Love, Blessings and always a prayer for Grace to BE upon us All,



Private Sessions:

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Thursday, October 5, 2023

Eclipse Season Arrives - by Meg Benedicte

It is time for Eclipses again! Eclipse Season arrives on Saturday, October 14th and concludes on October 28th. Eclipses are turbo-charged new or full moon events, sending shock waves through the field. Eclipses activate the north and south nodes of destiny. There is a collective shift occurring, as humanity sheds its painful history and trauma from existing in an abusive, hierarchical power system. 

The eclipses act as catalysts towards entering a new era for humanity. These eclipses are shaking loose outmoded beliefs, behaviors, and trapped emotions. During the Eclipse portal, examine where you may still be stuck or rigid in your life and allow the powerful eclipses to unlock and open your energy.

A ‘Ring of Fire’ New Moon Solar Eclipse occurs at 21° Libra on October 14th, blazing the path of totality diagonally across the United States. The Libra Solar Eclipse will be visible from the USA, starting in Oregon at 9:13am and then ending in Texas at 12:03pm. The Eclipse will continue to South and Central America, ending in the Atlantic Ocean, after sunset. 

You may recall a similar Eclipse in 2017 that was visible crossing the country. When an eclipse passes across a country, Astrologers expect significant changes for that nation. This eclipse may bring dramatic changes to leaders and people in positions of power and influence, especially in America.

Solar Eclipses initiate deeper self-exploration and course-corrections, revealing imbalanced behavior. A New Moon Solar Eclipse illuminates bold beginnings, shifting the path forward in ways not imagined before. In South Node Libra, the Solar Eclipse highlights any unhealthy imbalances in how we relate to others, including codependency, people-pleasing, addictive patterns and passive-aggressive tendencies.

The Libra Solar Eclipse on the South Node of dharma acts as a catalyst for ending, release and letting go. Letting go of old habits and patterns, especially in unhealthy relationships. The Libra Eclipse reminds us to work on re-balancing our relationships, healing past relationship wounds and collaborating with partners in a ‘win-win’ for all involved. As we awaken to higher consciousness, we are learning the new relationship method of the 5D circular, collaborative operating system.

With this potent Libra energy, we have the chance to make important changes in our lives. Libra teaches us to learn to make peace with those around us and to establish more harmony in our environments, establish a sense of order and balance in our lives, and recognize the value of partnerships. This is an ideal time to work on these New Earth 5D quantum skills.

Step into the Eclipse Portal! Join other Light Beings and Grid Keepers for the Libra Solar Eclipse Gateway Activations on October 14th. We are offering two Eclipse Activations in a package deal this Autumn, while I will be on travel during October on Magdalene Tour in France.

Participate in two events: Pre-Recorded Solar Eclipse Gateway Activations on Saturday, October 14 and 'Live' Lunar Eclipse Gateway Activations on Saturday, October 28 at 12:00pm Pacific Time.  All Activations are recorded and available for Replay at the Event URL. Register here:


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Monday, October 2, 2023

144,000 Starseeded Dragon Timekeepers, OCTOBER 14 RING of FIRE ECLIPSE: by EarthStar Academy

Dragon Grid Intel 🐉  

 A massive solar event will take place in October during the Ring of Fire Eclipse. A new wave of activation/installation of Planetary Ascension Hub Systems will catalyze through the Dragon lines. The Master Dragon line in the crystal core of the Earth will be awakened, and catalyze a mass awakening in the Starseed Family. 

Those with the genetic templating (12-48 strand indigos, starseeds, 144000, angelics, etc) are the first to become aware of planetary genetic upgrades because we are coded to support these changes. If you’re feeling this, then you are one! 

The frontrunners and wayshowers are being called to the next levels of our leadership. Our awareness of our connection to the planetary and universal body allow us to work directly with the collective fields and grids. 

Gridwork allows us both to upgrade our genetic and lightbody grids to become a facilitator of these upgrades for the planetary body - and to support humanity through these epic dimensional shifts by keeping the fields as stable as possible.

Christ Consciousness is the golden child of the perfect Hiero Gamic Union of Holy Mother and Father Original Creation Intelligence. When there is a divine balance of divine Feminine and Masculine energies, together they give rise to Christ as their perfect divine co-creation of Form. 

Our planet has been programmed and enslaved through anti-union propaganda, through masculine dominant religion, anti-mother and female erasure campaigns, and false feminism. Anti-union viruses blocks Christ Consciousness from activating nor able to be experienced by human beings. 

All programs of feminine or masculine domination, separation, trauma, and splitting are part of this agenda. 

In order for Christ Consciousness to fully return to Reign over the Earth, a balance must be reached in the Earth’s Grids of divine feminine and masculine energies in perfect Union. 

Christ's second coming is not as a single person but as a Frequency and Timeline of miracles, divine union, perfect love, and eternal Peace. This Frequency is being remembered, activated, embodied, hosted, and wayshowed in the Starseeds, this is our Mission. 

This is a cosmic level of creational alchemy we have the opportunity to perceive, experience, and even participate in this upcoming Eclipse!

The Ring of Fire Eclipse creates a ring of Solar Light representing the Holy Father, and the Ring of Fire of volcanos surrounding the Pacific Ocean the Womb of Creation, represents the Divine Mother. 

Through an intentional sequence of activations, we will get to witness and support a cosmic ceremony of Hieros Gamos which is needed to awaken the 13th Master Dragon Line in the crystal core of the Earth.  

Facilitating high level planetary Gridwork requires us to become Krystal masters of our own field and consciousness. This means many different training areas are needed, like ego mastery, earth self-healing, psychic sovereignty and skills, and continuous genetic bioregenesis.

This is what we facilitate inside the EarthStar Academy. 

As these high-octane energies flood the earth, we should be feeling elated, easily pulled into deep and mystical meditations, ecstatic spiritual pleasure in the body, resolution of long standing karmic issues, and an immense peace of inner knowing.  Ascension symptoms like anxiety, pain, emotional turmoil and triggers are the result of blockages revealed and healed by the high frequency amplifications. 

The Dragons in Stasis represent epic proportions of Power, Wisdom and Love of God, waiting for divinely ordained time to awaken and reclaim the Earth. 

It also represents the Power, Wisdom and Love inside of You, imbued by the hands of Creation. The 144,000 are Starseeded Harbingers of Gods Love, Sanctity, Eternal Peace & Prophecy. 

This Eclipse Solar Union Event will be an opportunity of a life time to receive these avatar level activations, and allow them to Awaken the Dragon Powers of Co-Creation within You!

EarthStar Academy

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