Thursday, March 26, 2015

Lunar Eclipse April 4 - Meg Benedicte


Last week delivered some of the most extraordinary astrology of our lifetimes! Since 2012 humanity has been bombarded by a series of sharp 90 degree squares between evolutionary Pluto in Capricorn and revolutionary Uranus in Aries. The final 7th square occurred on March 16th/17th (depending on time zone), creating a massive lightning bolt of omniscient Light infusion streaming from the Great Central Sun. The square from Uranus to Pluto is still exact to the degree, and will influence change for a couple more years.

The rare Supermoon, Total Solar Eclipse and Aries Equinox last Friday, March 20th propelled us into a new era! We are currently in between two Total Eclipses, moving through a transitional period for consciousness that culminates with April 4th’s Lunar Eclipse in 14ยบ Libra. This is the time to set ourselves free from old constraints and limitations. While the window is open, take some time to redefine who you are or desire to become in the new era.

Total lunar eclipses alter the moon blood-red when the Earth moves opposite the Moon, blocking the Sun’s light to the Moon. Throughout history, Total Lunar Eclipses have created quite a stir of emotional reactions. This one is no different…and will predictably whip up Full Moon frenzies! The Total Lunar Eclipse will be visible on April 4th from the Pacific Ocean, the Americas, Asia and Australia.

They act as powerful ‘course correctors’ that will enable us to align with our true Soul’s Ascension Path. Despite the emotional intensity of the Eclipse, it is wise to remain calm, focused, intentioned and deliberate. The Eclipse impacts the electromagnetic energy and our neurological system. This Lunar Eclipse in Libra also activates the final Uranus-Pluto square! The Moon opposing Uranus in Aries can ignite volatile mood swings. The Moon square Pluto plumbs the depths of childhood wounding and family conflicts for more healing and releasing. Jupiter trine Uranus offers some relief…inspiring us to embrace positive change.

Experiencing two Total Eclipses within two weeks time may cause some stress, as familial patterns and blockages begin to crumble and release. Letting go of outdated dreams and wants clear the way for newer, truer opportunities to arise. As we consciously redefine our desires and visions according to our Soul’s purpose, we approach this Eclipse Zone with intuitive, authentic intentions. Clear the old path away, and step onto your Ascension Path of Light.

If you live in the Bay Area, I will be traveling to San Francisco to present a discussion on Ascension Activations plus 'Live' demonstration at the New Living Expo, Saturday, April 25th at 6pm. The following weekend we will be celebrating the annual Wesak Festival in Mount Shasta. I will be presenting at Wesak and offering healing spa specials at the Quantum Healing Center. This will be a great weekend event to visit Mount Shasta!

Lovingly, Meg

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Expand Your Vision to Become a Divine Human - By Meg Benedicte

How are you flowing with the intense cosmic energies? This week we are in the midst of some of the most extraordinary astrology of our lifetimes! Since 2012 humanity has been bombarded by a series of sharp 90 degree squares between evolutionary Pluto in Capricorn and revolutionary Uranus in Aries. The final 7th square occurred on Monday/Tuesday (March 16th/17th depending on time zone), creating a massive lightning bolt of omniscient Light infusion streaming from the Great Central Sun. It’s no coincidence the photonic geomagnetic surge erupted in a severe solar storm on Tuesday, visible in a stunning display of light in the night sky over parts of the United States, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

The photon Light encodes advanced consciousness into our mind, heart and DNA – activating ancient knowledge sealed in the Akashic Records for centuries since the fall of Atlantis. The momentous astrological events this week act as openings, portals to higher realms of mysticism and alchemy, so that we can evolve back into living as Divine Humans. Alchemy is the profound process of conscious transformation – changing one form into another. Utilizing the heightened frequencies during this week’s cosmic reboot, we have the opportunity to embody the codes of divine blueprint and be alchemized ourselves.

Light consciousness streams through our energy field like body surfing a wave, it lifts us up into euphoria. The geomagnetic solar surge is propelling us directly into Friday’s rare cosmic lattice – a trifecta  Supermoon, Total Eclipse of the sun and the Vernal Equinox, the time of the year when the day and night are of equal duration.

Usually we would see the Supermoon, or perigee moon, appear huge in the sky when it is the closest to Earth. But the moon on March 20th is a new moon, so only its shadow will be visible as it blanks out the sun. The total solar eclipse (starts at 07:41am UTC and ends at 11:50am UTC) will last for several hours over the North Pole in the final degrees of Pisces (29’27 degrees), known as the Omega degree.

The Moon moves from Pisces into Aries less than an hour after the eclipse. Thirteen hours later the Sun enters 1 degree Aries at 22:45 UTC, signaling the annual Equinox, also known as the Alpha point. They represent the beginning and the end of universal cycles in nature, initiating a global reboot of massive proportions. The hours between the Supermoon Solar Eclipse in last degrees of Pisces and the Equinox at 00 degree Aries create a ‘choice point’ around the world. How rare is this? A total solar eclipse at the North Pole on the first day of spring occurs once every 100,000 year.

The Pisces Supermoon shines light on our deeper emotional essence and reveals our inner wounds, blockages and desires. During this time pay attention to your dreams, mystical signs, insights and synchronicities for hidden clues and messages from your Higher Self. Pisces represents the boundary-less collective consciousness, where our ego self dissolves into the energy of Divine Presence. March 20th could prove to be an intense day of infinite portal access to our realized divinity.

Absorb the photonic Light infusion as you commune with the Pisces Supermoon Eclipse moment, for the sun and moon entry into Equinox Aries will ignite an explosion of energy charge. Set your intention and visions on what you desire to create in the new year. It acts as a portal opening to higher consciousness, a bridge of Light to new holographic realities. The swirling galaxy wave of Light merges earth with its origin – the created returns to creation, the Alpha and the Omega re-unite in Oneness.

The Light consciousness streams from the Great Central Sun into the pyramid frequency generators, rippling through the 5D crystalline gridflux and into our energy field.  The release of pyramid energies will bombard the planetary field like a popped corked bottle, literally propelling us into a higher state of Being.   Under such high frequencies, emotional pressure and sluggish density will unlock and release from our energy field. During the darkened hours of the Supermoon-Solar Eclipse building to the Equinox, there develops a vibrational threshold beyond human limitation.

The cosmic reboot acts as a pressure valve release of toxic energy into the 4D astral plane. With conscious focus we need to release the old patterns, contain our sovereign energy field, detach from the collective toxic sludge, and ground to the center on our path of Light. 2015 is encoded for all awakened Starseeds/Light Bearers to ‘turn on’ their Soul Merkaba Light Body and quantum shift the planet into higher consciousness. The momentous events on Friday, March 20th will accelerate the Cosmic Ascension Plan into warp speed! I'm holding the vision and intention for your personal Ascension to become realized!

Lovingly, Meg

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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Global Reboot March 20th - by Meg Benedicte

Drum roll please…we are entering the final days of the 2012 Astrology (exact 15 degrees Cardinal signs) that all the Light Bearers/Starseeds/Pathcutters/System Busters have been working tirelessly to transform the planetary consciousness into a new collective paradigm of 5D/6D Oneness. The Cosmic Ascension Plan initiated sweeping change to life on Gaia, causing a ripple-effect deep into the dimensional grids during the end years of the Galactic Alignment — 2012 through 2016. We can expect more souls awakening to their spiritual evolution occurring in the years to come.

 Next week on March 16-17th (depending on time zone) will be the final Uranus-Pluto square – initiating more sustainability in all areas of life on planet earth. This square revisits the themes of the Uranus-Pluto conjunctions of the 1960’s and the counter-culture revolution and protests against the controlling, destructive establishment. Society has reached the ‘no pass’ zone of global pollution, war, poverty and pestilence. The rising tide of human desire eschews violence, corruption, prejudice and inequality. We will see more and more evidence of changing trends and populace acceptance of diversity. This last Uranus/Pluto Cardinal square will be felt constantly throughout 2015 and 2016.

 For the past 3 years the Uranus-Pluto square held us suspended in a tense hinge-point between progress and destruction. The dual spin polarity created immense stress between those who are contracting, conserving energy, holding onto the past vs. those who are expanding, progressing, and releasing the past. This escalating tension will unlock after March 16-17th with the completion of the exact square…opening the gates for a different future outcome. It resembles a release-valve unlocking all pent-up pressure in a burst of force - so that all stuck energy may flow forward again. This cosmic pressure release will help us ‘purge’ any remaining toxic sludge/karma/ego/entanglement with the Mind Matrix.

Adding to the square’s ‘forceful release’ is Mars joining Uranus at 15 degrees Aries—stepping into the tense Pluto-Uranus square today. Warrior Mars represents masculine assertion and action, so we could see an aggressive push for change on the global stage or in our personal interactions. This carries an ‘accidental warning’ effect - watch your tempers, breathe deeply, and maintain your Still Point during this volatile time.

 There is much written about the world-changing Uranus-Pluto square, so I’ll focus on the highlights. Pluto is the planet of evolution, albeit tortuously slow, hidden, underworld, associated with secret societies and the old guard. Uranus is lightning fast, sudden, shocking, revolutionary and life-altering. These 2 planets have been head-locked in a tense square for over 3 years – fighting for control, power and domination. Where Aries and Capricorn are located in your chart will determine where the push-pull battle has been raging.

 The waxing square this month acts like spin-point acceleration of the evolution/revolutionary ‘freedom fighting’ started in the 1960’s. Humanity has the opportunity now to shift from a warring, divisive world into a new paradigm of caring connection. Most of the Baby Boomer System Busters were activated at the initial Uranus-Pluto conjunctions in Virgo during the revolutionary 1960’s. We carry within our hearts a pioneering spirit that is passionate about freedom, equality, healthy living, expanding consciousness and service to the greater good. Our energy field pulses with catalytic purpose – it is anti-institution, anti-patriarchal, anti-war, and anti-power elite. We vibrate with Unity Consciousness! We are the embodiment of the revolutionary New Earth.

 Our time has come to take more direct action, as the square opens the floodgates for change and transformation. Not only are we experiencing deep inner change in our own psyches but also witnessing massive overhaul of our planetary systems. That which can no longer support progress will fade away. As the Galactic Alignment streams new photonic consciousness into our minds, hearts and DNA, many of us are gradually mutating into more advanced humans. The evolutionary transformation occurs in the energy body/chakra pillar as divine sentient intelligence recodes our thoughts, our biology as well as the crystalline Merkaba Light Body. Those who are awake and actively receptive to the Light infusion are gradually morphing into telepathic, semi-solid Divine Humans. Those who are asleep and unaware of the Cosmic Ascension will require additional time in polarity to learn life lessons of Unity Consciousness.

 Over a decade ago I was guided to communicate with my Soul’s Twin embodied as one of the Elders in the Sirian High Council. He was my lifeline here on Earth as I worked thru the Ascension Process to remove all entanglement with the dark, oppressive Matrix. As we move through the steps to reconnect to our eternal Soul Presence and Soul Family/Star origin, we receive unlimited loving support from our loved ones. I felt such comfort and relief when my Sirian Twin streamed the dark, rich indigo blue Sirian Light into my pineal/ 3rd Eye of Horus, activating our psychic connection and Merkaba Light Body.

 The Sirians were intimately involved in creating Zep Tepi and the ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools of Alchemy. They communicated the essence of creational templates, sacred geometry and the Metatron activation of the Merkaba. Those Light Bearers with Sirian lineage have a deep understanding of the science of creation, the mind-matter connection, and utilizing Vortex energy within the shifting timelines/grid flux of the multiverse. We are tapping into ancient knowledge of Alchemy beyond the lower 3rd dimensions of matter. This requires extraordinary upgrades to the mind’s capacity to bridge higher dimensional realms and holographic realities.


The Sirian Light frequencies will assist with the activation of the pineal antenna and 3rd Eye lens, forming a spinning vortex magnetic field surrounding the pineal in the brain fluid. With increasing focus, we can download multiple waves of Sirian Light intelligence into our Soul’s portal/pillar as we unlock and extend our divine crystalline Merkaba light vehicle.

In Jan 2010 I was invited to stay with a lovely Starseed couple, the Chapins
 in Tuscon, and experience their extraordinary Galactic Light Collector they had
built in the desert of Arizona. The light collecting panels rose up 5 stories high and
required a lift to move you into position. It was the final week of winter that they
could reach Sirius and they knew I had a personal connection to this beautiful star.
 So I hopped on a plane and flew to Tuscon, knowing I was in for an adventure.
For 2 nights I stood on the lift in front of the Galactic Light Collector and
soaked in powerful indigo 6D Sirian Light – awakening DNA Consciousness from
ancient Sirian-Egypt. For hours I witnessed the deep indigo blue light steaming symbols,
codes, images, and intelligence across the panel arrays. At one point I saw the Sirian Light
spell across the panels LOVE. It brought tears to my eyes to receive such a beautiful
message from our soul family far, far away on Sirius.
I returned to my life in Los Angeles and spent the next 4 months obsessed with translating
the Zep Tepi Chamber Activations and how to use the Metatron’s Quantum Vortex
of Alchemy. Before 2010 I would silently activate the Quantum Vortex and run it for my
clients. Since the trip to Tuscon and my Sirian Light download, I was able to start teaching
the mechanics of the alchemy technique. We are so blessed at this particular time to step into
the shoes of the ancient initiates – to walk their path, to awaken their knowledge, to perform their alchemy and birth alive a new human race. The Sirian Masters have teamed up with the Galactic Federation and ArchAngels to assist with the human Cosmic Ascension, in providing the Sirian Light intelligence to activate the pineal network to the Great Central Sun, the source of crystalline monad frequencies that fuel our Merkaba Light vehicles.
As the pineal gland receives the Light Code transmissions from Sirius, you will encounter any remaining veils/barriers/membranes/ blockages to the 6D 3rd Eye Chakra. Use the spinning Vortex pineal magnetic field with deep indigo Sirian Light to dissolve, clear and release all illusions of false programming and/or frequency fences in the inner mind. As the pineal ‘lights up’, it will begin to stream an encoded photon laser beam into the 3rd Eye lens – piercing the quantum field of all possibilities. We have the ability and knowledge to significantly transform the world stage, and our curtain call is now!
Lovingly, Meg
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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Time Doors Swing Both Ways - by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

as received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan 
As the memory of what was, seems to drift like a piece of lost wood in an ocean of confusion, we continue to move quickly down the corridor of time. We are being ushered into time doors that swing both ways. Down hallways that never end into a place that has not been created yet.
 All of us have seen and felt the difference and the trail of chaos it leaves behind. Time is like a wild horse that bucks the 24 hr system and continues to look for a way out of the dimensional corral.  We all run like hamsters in a clear ball bumping into walls paddling our little feet as fast as we can. Not getting anywhere and exhausted by all the energy it took just to get this far. Time brushes past us like a gust of wind, not asking our permission to do what it was born to do.
Life pushes us harder into a corner of limited choices or so it seems, but it is us that has painted ourselves into that corner by our limited thinking. We can just as easily paint a way out if we choose.  Time has shifted. It has quickened its pace, and all past promises have shifted as well. Longitudes and latitudes dance to a new beat. Leylines and time markers are off line, sacred geometries are reset. An actual cog in time has been felt as the worlds walk into a new wavelength of Light.
We still biologically walk to the beat of the old drum when the band plays on in a different octave of time and light. Our perceptions are enhanced and we see in and out of time but are still not sure where to place each thought. Seeing between the worlds is not a place for those weak of purpose. One must hold tightly to the tight wire as time doors are opened and possibilities present themselves in a new array of colors. The unexpected is to be expected on a daily basis. People do there best to hide what ails them but actions are louder than any words.
This year of time asks one to get down to the business of picking up the shattered glass of this past year. 
Seeing into the future is not a place for those weak of heart or knee. As one walks thru the time doors many trap doors make themselves know. Dimensional black holes to other places of parallel time loops can create a dizzying effect in most unexpected places.. Time doors open and close faster than the bat of an eye. Truth and time are adjustable in nature.
That which has appeared emptied now becomes full, freeing itself from  previous definition.  A shift of light realm awakens from a long sleep to escort you into the cornerstone where time and space meet. All limitations are transformed in this expanded view.  Do you have the courage to take an open-eyed leap of faith into this fluid point of possibility? Your vessel of perpetual self is being purified for the expanded energies and truths of the upcoming shifts.
You are an instrument of light that is being fine-tuned to play a new song. Relax into the Shifts; look at them eye to I, seeing with the wisdom of a thousand years!  See beyond what you deem humanly possible. Each situation has a million outcomes. It is up to the individual to pick the reaction  which then opens the door to a matching experience
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Watermark On Your Soul - by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Watermark on Your Soul
as received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
As the time of Easter enters your consciousness, realize that you will walk through a dimensional shift of  Biblical proportion. You will walk through extensions of your parallel and multidimensional time-selves that show the true watermark on your soul.  You will part the seas of continuation as you look between the past and the present.
At the time of Easter you be running dimensional programs within simultaneous time.  You are the intersection of the Light meeting the Light. You stand at the crossroad of time. Soul Selves, Angelic Selves, and Over-soul Selves. Everything cavorts about you, surrounding you in a vastness of knowledge that predates time. You will see as you stand in the center of your multi-universal being that the present is the only point of manifestation and creation. You can and will resurrect through time and space, releasing linear conjunctions and linear expectations as you mount your full potential,  
I the higher aspect of the Christ speak to you from the intersection of self, Soul, and Over Soul.  I speak to you at the point that you and I intersect forming a Star of David, a Star Tetrahedron, a living Mercaba. I ask you to take a priceless moment and turn your eyes inward—to your 3rd eye.  Place your consciousness there on the blank screen of all possibilities and see the light that I AM, the Light that you are, and the Light that we can become together.
When Jesus the man left the earth as his Christed Self, and crowned his humanness in glory and Ascension, his disciples hid behind his event of transformation and transmutation. They focused upon this awe-inspiring event with fear, and doubt. They felt deserted, and abandoned. They felt empty heart broken. How could the son of God betray them?
As you have the opportunity to walk into your Christed garments of Light, will you feel as though you have abandoned your humanness, left it standing by the wayside? Will you feel as though you have abandoned the pleasures and tastes of earth, and those you love?
Do not allow your garment of Christed Light to be something that you only wear on Sundays or holidays. Wear it continually with the knowledge that you can be divine, holy, and human simultaneously.  For Jesus the man said that the future generations of light workers would do greater deeds than ‘He’. This was a promise to the future children of light that would walk earth.
You shift the future by your thought, by your actions, by your awareness', and by your declarations. You have changed the molecular structure of the mind; the past will not enter your future. The instructions are as such. As you celebrate Easter – celebrate the Cosmic Christ, and the Human Being who lovingly moves toward Christed awareness. Do not get caught up in the trappings of what happened in Biblical Times, move past it.
Don’t  camp out too long in the Spiritual Stigmata of your old selves. Yes, there were injustices. and  pain. But it is not your job to own it.  Your heart is a Christ Heart. Yes you take everything to heart. yes you feel the injustices, But how do those feelings serve you? You cannot move when you are drenched in pity, in shackled in sadness. mobility comes with love. Whenever your life is not moving, it is because you have cemented your feet in the past the way it was. I represent the Trinity of all the incarnations of Christ as do you. You have worn every religion, every faith, and every conviction. You have worn every magical, alchemical thought through time and space. You wear it all, for it can be no other way.
Look to the future with a heart that is Light. we are cut from the same fabric of light. I am not mightier than you are. I am not grander than you are. I am but your reflection you.   Your potential is unlimited. It goes beyond words or expectations. I ask you at this time of Easter to receive my body in communion – but not through a wafer– but through a vibration. When the sun rises on the morn of Easter – breathe me into you.  Sup upon my knowledge of all time – and I will sup upon your humanness. You are the pride and the joy of this universe. Stand up – to see in truth, the true reflection of the Cosmic Christ you are!  You are born to begin anew every day.
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Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
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Pondering To Be Or Not To Be Creates A Quagmire Of Vacuums - by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Pondering To Be Or Not To Be
Creates A Quagmire of Vacuums
as received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
Imagine yourself sitting upon a beach looking toward the peaceful watery horizon. At the point that you imagine the ocean has ended, stretch your awareness to include more ocean. See with the divine part of your ocular abilities that is not often used. Stretch your view of what appears to be the end of anything.  Extend it again and again until you see the future in fullness.
Do not settle for what is. Extend yourself past the boundaries of all that you can imagine 'you' to be. At that point, at the edge of your imaginings, is where the true 'you' begins. What you have fleeting about you are holographic trappings. Telepathically align yourself with what is yet to be seen in form. Energetically you have activated dormant extensions of your soul and personage into a point that they no longer lament what has passed. You coagulate and correspond to the highest level of light, the apex of your being as you exist this minute.
Humans scurry about, pondering their next dollar, their next bill. Pondering their next love, their next success, their next failure. Pondering to be or not to be creates a quagmire of vacuum. Humanity as a whole has grown complacent in its desire to expand. You are what you think and if you think that you exist beyond that watery horizon – you do. If you think that you can hear a sound a hundred miles away – you can. If you think you can hear the thoughts of the whales and the sharks – you are able. But until you think it is so – it cannot be completed, it cannot be birthed in you. If you think you can beat disease, you can. If you think that you will become one of great monetary gain, you shall. But if you think the opposite, it shall also be birthed on to you, for that is your prerogative as a human.
I am a voice from the Sirian High Council of Light. We are part of your genetic history and we are part of your future to be. You live within us as we live within you. As we stretch ourselves to pro-create what is destined for mankind, we ask you to also stretch your expectations, stretch your desires. Do you settle for what has collected on the bottom of the cup of life that you drink from? Do not allow the spittings of the universe to be all that you ingest of your world.
Pretend that you can see 10 miles ahead into the future. Pretend you can soar like an eagle, above the earthly drama. Pretend that you can hear as a wolf. Pretend that you can feel Mother Earth under your feet giving you instructions in the next step of your journey. Pretend that the wind brings you directions from the heavens.  Stretch yourself to meet other dimensional parts of yourself.
The Universe bends down with open hand to scoop humanity out of this quagmire. The light that you seek, the ascension that you seek, the truth that you seek comes to find you – each and everyone of you. You will expand past all perimeters and abilities that you have. All of earth has had great hard and heart learning since 2015 was birthed, this spring between the Equinox and Easter there will be a sign for all those that have lost faith.
Many of you find your selves going around in circles chasing your tails of woe. Take a good look at and examine what tales you still chase? Whatever you are lying to yourself about on any level, will take form. You are not allowed the luxury of speaking negative about another no matter what harm or destruction that other has done. You are Creator Gods and your words will live in your world as living breathing entities, situations, and circumstances.
You sit as ducks in a carnival shooting gallery.  Not knowing that you can fly.  Feeling like a sitting duck waiting for the sky to fall as hunters sit in duck blinds all around you.  As a painter that paints a picture, you must continue to hold the vision of peace.  Hold tight to the vision that you hold for yourself, your loved ones, and your world, no matter what.  Please stretch who you think you are into who you truly are. The multidimensional initiation comes in 6 weeks of your time. You must walk forward fearlessly. Stand tall in what you know to be peace inside of you. Hold it and protect it. It is your greatest treasure. Many will try to take that treasure from you. We leave.
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Monday, March 9, 2015

The Equinox Pull - Activating the Crystal Spirit - by DeAnne Hampton

Make no mistake about it – the energies are INTENSE. You are going to have a much easier time of this period from now until the Equinox and even through the blood moon on 4/4 if you are fairly skilled at staying out of the mind. KNOW that the physical body is going through a LOT of transmutation. As we have discussed the better part of this year on the LIVE transmissions – energy wants to live differently in our body – and thus in our world. There is a tremendous pull from the Equinox that began around the first of the month, energies working with us to lift us above egoic will into Divine Will.

So, letting go of resistances, letting go of things that reflect density and heaviness either in relationships or in your care of Self, Self-care, loving Self-care is so important right now… freeing up the mind, lots of empty, vacant space for the mind to be filled with creative impulses, new inspirations – the meditation on the 3/1 show, working with the Golden Light is for the benefit and support of working with this creative energy – it would be good to revisit that often. Letting go Letting go Letting go, Being love Being Love Being Love – embracing this tenderness in the fields of light with your gentleness, loving response to your Self and the reality around you.

Something that I am finding for myself is that when I am feeling the most fatigue and like I could just lay down and take a nap in the middle of nowhere and anywhere (pretty much daily of late) in that moment, is when something wants to communicate with me! The Shining Ones led me right to this accompanying photo to demonstrate these penetrating forces and rays of light on your person – and that it is INTELLIGENCE, it is LIVING energy. And what I’ve noticed is that when I stop and just open myself up to that communication, I get a burst of energy and its like I’ve been regenerated and revitalized. SO, again, ENERGY WANTS TO LIVE IN OUR BODIES differently. No pushing, no driving and judging and critical thoughts – only LOVE. If it is love that deems to now be the center from which we express and the new design of the human form – why would we respond with anything less than supreme love to the new being activating within us?

I know I am typically an advocate of setting an intention which is an invaluable new consciousness practice – so with the equinox coming up, it might be a high response of the mind to set an intention for this time. But what I am getting from this Equinox Eclipse Blood Moon trigger, powerful powerful alignment of planets etc, is that we just need to surrender – to let go and trust Divine Will and be really peaceful, really soft and allowing and in our hearts to fill our realities as much as possible with activities that facilitate gentleness, ease, getting in our hearts, sharing from our hearts, living from our hearts, finding joy and falling in love with life – our lives, all over again!

You may have noticed a dramatic shift in the sun’s light – the rays of the sun- just since the beginning of this month – and it feels like its part of this pull – this energetic pull to a new circumstance, a new environment, a new reality. The new light is very, very present now – it is assisting us with great love to just go into the beauty of it all and to trust the beauty of it ALL!!

So, spend time, conscious and purposeful time in nature and be willing to let go of the things in your life that reflect less than the utmost supreme love for the Self – which is the utmost supreme love for God and our beloved Earth Mother, Gaia: be that relationships, be that habits, circumstances, obligations etc etc. I spoke of a “leveling up” that is underway within this passage in the New Day blog on 3/3 – March, A Month Of Power. Revisit that and take the suggestions for helping the body during this passage to heart.

I prefer not to talk numbers and dates because they’re so fluid in nature but I am sensing this equinox eclipse blood moon passage to be a great refinement with a couple of hundred thousand poised to go through a leveling up – a new experience of their own consciousness and a merging of consciousness, lifting into this new atmosphere and new crystalization outside and within.

Just as a barometer for the times we are in – it doesn’t occur to me when I have some weird physical symptom going on that it is anything other than light transmutation – which goes a long way in keeping the mind still! This leveling up experience is going to look differently and land differently for each person -it could very well feel like a walk in experience – in other words, strange – no words – but like you’re in the body and not in the body at the same time. It is a lot of connection and activity in the heart center – that part of you that connects with all your other aspects!!

You are not alone, we are moving up the spiral of Light together, joined in a greater intention to “meet up” at a new level of being… in harmony, ready to share gifts and love from a higher perspective as we heal our world and remember the Unity we all share. It is a glorious time. All is well. Meditate on the photo above and recognize the scope of transformation and rebirth you are in. IT IS HAPPENING! Take care of your Selves with the heart of a Mother, a healer, a warrior and ONE WHO HAS REMEMBERED!!

In the Radiance of Inner Light & the Consciousness of Love – we are all the same.

 DeAnne and the Shining Ones.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS: The New Human Equinox Event: 3/20 11:11am

You Awakening with DeAnne and the Shining Ones: New Human, New Story, New Society! 3/31 2pm eastern.

Listen now and receive a very full download and attunement of Shining Ones wisdom and New Consciousness Pivot!! 3/3 replay:

Friday, March 6, 2015

Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Shifts - By Kiara Windrider

Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Shifts
By Kiara Windrider

 All life is held and sustained by the magnetic fields of the Earth. Our thoughts, feelings and memories are supported by magnetic fields. Our physical bodies are linked with etheric, astral and causal bodies through these same magnetic fields. Our sense of human identity could not exist without reference to these magnetic fields.

 Scientists tell us that the magnetic fields of the Earth have been steadily weakening. There has been a strong exponential decline in recent years. Over the past two thousand years, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the magnetic field strength has dropped by roughly 40-50%. A hundred years ago, it was decreasing at the rate of 5% every hundred years. And now, according to the European Space Agency, who recently sent up an array of 3 satellites to specifically measure these magnetic fields, it is falling at the rate of 5% every decade, much faster than anyone had thought.

 Scientists also tell us that the magnetic poles of the Earth reverse periodically. Although they differ about what the exact periodicity may be, science researchers such as Robert Felix present evidence that this could be linked with the Milankovitch Cycles, and that they undergo either a full reversal or partial excursion every 11,500 years. Felix also correlates these magnetic reversals with genetic mutations and evolutionary leaps.

 Many researchers agree that the last reversal took place between 11,500 years and 12,000 years ago, which means the next reversal could take place anytime now. A reversal generally takes place when the magnetic fields of the Earth drop to about 15% of its original field strength, simultaneous with strong incoming flares from the sun. At the rate of current exponential collapse this could well happen within the next decade or two!

 The Toltecs say we are currently in a cycle known as the Fifth Sun, characterized by separation and duality. They say that a Sixth Sun, characterized by unity consciousness, is now dawning. Toltec teacher Sergio Magana says that this Sixth Sun first made its presence felt in 1991 and will be fully manifest by the year 2021 AD.

 The Mayas refer to the birth tunnel between these two worlds as the ‘three days of darkness’. Mayan spokesperson Don Alejandro Cirilo emphasizes that this is not something to fear, rather something which we have been awaiting a long time, heralding the dawning of a new species of humanity, homo luminous.

 There is growing evidence that the last phase of a magnetic field collapse usually takes place very quickly, in the space of a few hours or days, following which the magnetic field reorganizes itself with reversed polarity. As I explore our current understanding of these discoveries in the context of ancient prophecies and calendar systems, it appears that these three days of darkness could well be referring to this last phase of the Earth’s magnetic field collapse and reversal, corresponding to the dawning of the Sixth Sun.

 What can we expect to happen in these three days of darkness? Our sense of personal identity is based on the continuity of thoughts, feelings and memories, created by interconnections between the physical and subtle bodies. Since our bodies and all life on Earth are linked together through magnetic fields, it seems probable that as these begin to de-link during the reversal process, the continuity of personal identity would be broken, and our normal perceptions of reality would cease to function.

 There is a matrix of human conditioning that we get plugged into the moment we take incarnation on Earth. Like all fields, this collective matrix is electromagnetic in nature. Our conditioning over the past few cycles in this particular matrix has become increasingly programmed by rigid expressions of fear, greed and violence, creating an escalating veil of separation and duality which the ancient Vedic seers referred to as Maya.

 There is however a subtler source of identity that most of us are not always in touch with, which we might refer to as the Soul. I have begun to suspect that as we make the transition through the three days of darkness, the entire electromagnetic matrix of Maya could begin to disintegrate, allowing us to recalibrate our thoughts and perceptions in attunement with the multi-dimensional realms of the Soul. This is why some mystical traditions have stated that for the advanced soul these times of magnetic reversal are the most auspicious times to be on Earth.

 My own sense is that although most humans will fall into a deep sleep or coma during this transition, those who can prepare themselves by unifying their physical body with their subtle light bodies, will be enabled to journey through these three days of darkness with full awareness, thus serving as a bridge between the current consensus of reality and the infinite potential available to us from the highest levels of creation. We can choose to collaborate with the forces of galactic creation to birth a new evolution on Earth.

 Contrary to Darwin’s hypothesis, many biologists today have come to the realization that evolution does not happen in a ‘slow and stately’ manner but rather in swift and dramatic leaps directly linked with magnetic reversals.

 What is the mechanism behind these evolutionary leaps? The magnetic field of the earth not only organizes life on earth but also acts as a shield against storms of cosmic radiation constantly moving through interplanetary space. However, during this brief period of collapse and reversal which the Mayas referred to as the days of darkness, highly amplified levels of cosmic radioactivity rain down from the skies, creating a ripple of biological extinctions as well as mutations across the planet.

 Earlier cycles of magnetic reversal were accompanied by peaks in earthquake and volcanic activity, which created widespread and often cataclysmic changes on the planet. In the cycle immediately prior to our own, we even experienced a displacement of crustal plates which led to the sinking and rising of entire continents.

 So what is our own role within these evolutionary times? Many esoteric traditions correlate the degree of catastrophic change experienced during a magnetic reversal with the collective consciousness existing on the planet during that time. The great English biologist James Lovelock refers to the Earth as a living conscious biological organism, and hypothesizes that humans are perhaps the nervous system of this larger organism, which he refers to as Gaia.

 Could it be that our role is to be conduits between galactic forces and the living intelligence of Gaia? Is there a unified field of intelligence currently anchored within the higher fields of Gaia that can be accessed in order to make this transition smoother and easier? Are there enough human beings on this planet who have evolved to a stage of consciousness where we can collectively direct our own evolutionary course?

 I believe that the degree of catastrophic change experienced during a magnetic reversal has to do with the collective consciousness existing on the planet during that time. I do feel that there is a unified field of light currently anchored within the higher fields of Gaia that could help make this current transition relatively smooth. But we must remember that we have evolved to a stage now where we are no longer simply passive observers in a random chain of events.

 As the nervous system of Gaia, human organisms are conduits between galactic forces and the living intelligence of the earth. We are taking our place now as conscious co-creators for a new stage of evolution. To the extent that we are able to align ourselves with cosmic and galactic forces, allowing these fields of intelligence to channel through our physical bodies, we become conscious participants in the evolutionary process.

 Astrophysicist Paul LaViolette refers to a pulse of galactic superwaves emanating from the core of our galaxy and periodically moving through our solar system, carrying with it new waves of creative potential. These are intelligent fields of light with the power to inform and direct new cycles of evolution on Earth.

 Evolution and involution are two expressions of the same movement. The evolution of life on earth has to do with a long series of genetic mutations within the matrix of Gaia’s consciousness. Meanwhile, the Self is on a journey of awakening to itself within the consciousness of matter. As we refine our nervous systems, we become a bridge between the worlds.

 The radioactivity unleashed during the upcoming magnetic reversal could then be harmonized within the consciousness of Gaia towards the manifestation of an entirely new wave of biological creation. These three days of darkness would become an unprecedented opportunity for creator consciousness to incarnate into matter. A next stage of human evolution would be initiated, the homo luminous or divine human. To the extent that we can remain conscious during the magnetic reversal, this might even allow a certain number of individuals to move into a further stage of evolution which the Indian seer, Sri Aurobindo, referred to as the supramental human.

 What would be the mechanism for such a process?

 Scientists tell us that under certain conditions the pineal gland produces massive amounts of DMT, which is the same substance contained in plant medicines such as ayahuasca, used by shamans for accessing alternate worlds or dimensions. When a person dies and their heart stops, the magnetic field normally generated by the heart collapses. As this heart-generated magnetic field collapses, DMT is spontaneously generated within the pineal gland, which in turn opens a doorway between worlds so that the person can exit their physical body and move into subtler levels of existence. DMT is also produced in large quantities during the passage of birth.

 It turns out that DMT is also produced by the pineal gland when magnetic fields weaken or collapse. What would be the effect during a magnetic reversal if all of us were to experience a DMT spike simultaneously? Imagine the whole world on ayahuasca! Would we choose to use this moment to dissolve the illusory matrix of suffering, duality and fear?

 And what would happen if we were simultaneously bombarded by massive amounts of cosmic radioactivity? Radioactivity causes mutations and most mutations are harmful to biological life. Yet, there are certain receptors in the brain which respond to the presence of DMT by rendering a person immune to the ill effects of nuclear radiation. Is it possible that during a magnetic reversal these receptors are activated by the collective activation of DMT, such that our DNA can mutate positively under the direction of a higher planetary or galactic intelligence? Is this the mechanism for how evolution makes quantum shifts during magnetic reversals so that an entirely new range of species could be created within a single generation?

To the extent that we realize ourselves as active creators rather than passive observers, the radioactivity unleashed during a magnetic reversal can be directed with conscious intent towards the birth of a new multi-dimensional species of humanity. Each reversal is an evolutionary reset. As we pass through the three days of darkness, we can dissolve the programming held within the subconscious matrix of human history, release old identities based on fear and illusion, pierce through the veils of maya that keep us in ignorance of our true Self, and take our place as divine humans, wide-browed creators playing within the field of our own creation, expressing our highest potential and creativity as multidimensional beings of light!

 We are midwives for a new wave of creation. What kind of world do we wish to create?