Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Energy Update for June 2013 - Matt Kahn

Energy Update - June 2013
by Matt Kahn
Since the new flux of energy entered the Earth and began amplifying our energy fields, many of you have asked what prevents anyone from feeling the new flow of energy and the expanded consciousness that comes with it. I was also asked why during a time when such powerful energies are arriving, it also seemed to inspire an upheaval in lower vibrational thoughts and behaviors - including feelings of being unseen, unworthy, and not living up to your highest potential, including the fear of missing an important window of opportunity and being left behind.
This morning I received a download from the Universe that serves to put this all into perspective, including an experience of healing to assist you in stepping through the doorway of ascension with both feet planted in the 5th dimensional timeline of unity consciousness. For many of you, there has been a sense of rapid expansion, along with tumultuous upheavals and releases taking place within your energy field over the past many years. The fact that you are releasing the old while expanding into the new is why you feel so many emotional ups and downs, as well as dizziness, vertigo, depression, and fatigue.
In releasing outdated layers of cellular debris, you are energetically cutting all ties to lower vibrational timelines, which in effect, puts you into direct alignment to access higher vibrational timelines, so you can manifest the incredible possibilities you previously imagined, but couldn't seem to bring it from idea into actualized form. As this occurred, many of you believed there was something wrong with you, when in fact, it was simply a time when the connections to the lower vibrational timelines weren't ready to be released, which ushered in a time of continuous healing and shedding outdated layers of cellular memory and emotional density.
In the old 3D model, souls incarnated into the hologram of infinite timelines to explore their infinite potential by traveling from lower vibrations to higher ones, or in essence, from dark to light. As Earth ascends into the 5th dimension, souls begin to evolve at such a rate that the lower vibrational timelines have fulfilled their mission in the evolution of being, as access to the lower vibrational timelines are now closing and collapsing back into the light. This means the soul won't have to travel from dark to light, but starts their journey in the light and explores a never-ending trajectory of brightness, as each possibility becomes more miraculous than the next.
This may help you understand your important role as a lightworker during this incredible time. First and foremost, you have survived a path from dark to light, and shed so many layers of attachment to allow all incarnating souls, as well as the souls already here to move directly into the light without needing to start in the shadows ever again. This also explains why we may witness erratic, desperate, or cruel behavior in the world. As the access to the lower vibrational timelines close, all energies associated to these collapsing paradigms express into form what is dissolving out of time. Thankfully, every momentary expression of darkness equally heralds a far brighter response from our global community that serves in the creation of a 5D Earth.
Even on a personal level, you may be noticing extraordinary lows, either in yourself or in people you love. Not only does this behavior point to releasing attachments to the collapsing lower vibrational timelines, but on a subconscious level, many have been so attached to these outdated timelines that they begin to have an identity crisis without something to blame, pursue, dominate, judge, or defend.
Another term for identity crisis is awakening. It is where our associations to knowing ourselves in the shadows of separation begin to dissolve, as we come to know the truth of who we are as the eternal light of all. Upon this discovery, the light of all is recognized as the reality of love, which allows an Earthbound life of pain, disappointment, and competition to transform into universal expressions of unity, inspiration, bliss, ecstasy, and cooperation. While many of you are feeling the new flow of energy as the old timelines close, some are caught in the in-between stage. This is where patterns of addiction and thoughts of suicide come into play. It is a sign that you are mourning the loss of lower vibrational timelines, as a means of knowing yourself as an Earthbound soul, while guided to let go of everything you know in order to step into the light of Divine perfection.
Whether you find yourself in this in-between stage, or simply wish to step deeper into the light, as a way of energetically assisting those into the light who seem to have lost their way, I offer you this powerful healing experience. Simply read the following words out loud and notice how you feel. You can repeat it as often as you wish, but it only needs to be done once for the effects to take place. Whether felt immediately or gradually throughout the day as you integrate it into your field, let us step forward as lightworkers and assist in Heaven's arrival by thanking the outdated lower vibrational timelines for all they have taught us and release our attachments with ease, grace, joy, and love:
"I allow all lower vibrational timelines to be acknowledged, cleared, and released out of all energy fields - returned to the Source of origin; to be transmuted completely and returned to the purity, wholeness, and perfection of eternal light, as I AM now."
On behalf of the Universe and the Galactic council, I thank you for your willingness to participate in the most exciting play that reality has ever conceived. The rewards of our efforts are finally here, as the relinquishing of outdated, collapsing timelines advances you into a brand new paradigm, where everything you've been waiting to receive and intending to actualize into form finds its way to you - here and now.
Please pass this along to everyone you know, so everyone may consciously participate in the collapsing of the old timelines for the liberation and well-being of all.
Many beautiful blessings to you always,
Matt Kahn

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