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Solstice Meditation

Solstice Meditation

Initiating a Cycle of 12 Globally Synchronized Meditations


You are hereby invited to join in a series of 12 globally synchronized
meditations that will mark the celebrations of the last 12 solstices
and equinoxes before December 21, 2012, an era-changing pivotal moment
that has been recognized and heralded by many as the central shifting
point into a new Golden Age for humanity and all Life on Earth.

Each of those 12 ascending steps towards this climaxing shift-point
will be part of a gradual reawakening and remembering process to re-
ignite in us all the deeply felt sentience of our Oneness with All
That is, and thus enable us all to walk on a Golden Path of Light that
will lead us directly into a conscious reunion with the Source of our

The central template of this whole process is the ever deeper and
keener understanding of the fact that our true nature is that of a
soul living a physical experience and learning the lessons of a new
lifetime. To facilitate this recognition of Who We Are and deep
integration within the very matrix of our sense of self of this simple
fact, twelve Keys will be shared over the course of the next 12
Solstice and Equinox Meditations to help stir the remembrance of Who
We Are.

To initiate and sustain this reformatting process of our self-
awareness, it is suggested that you first reach a state of deep
synchronism with the soul aspect in you, doing so with whichever
method and for whichever period of time that suits you best. To reach
the key triggering Moment of Remembrance at the same time as every
other soul who will be participating to this globally synchronized
meditation, please ensure that you have reached that stage at the
exact same moment as all other participating souls worldwide.

Then, starting at the exact moment when the Earth is at the peak of
this solstice cycle, express forth from the heart of your soul the
following first Remembrance Key...

I Am Love

...and repeat it, mentally and/or aloud, as many times as necessary to
feel you have impregnated your whole being with the full understanding
and recognition of this unfathomable Reality.

To deepen your understanding of some aspects of what Love truly is,
the following description is provided to further trigger the emergence
within you of what no words can possibly describe...

Nothing exists without it. Love is the Creative Power at the origin of
All That Is. Nothing grows and breathes without it. Where there is
Love, there is Life and expansion. Where there is none, there is death
and contraction. Every single breath I take is a pure act of Love as I
allow the very Flow of Life to enter my body and sustain its
existence. Understanding the pure creative power of Love made manifest
through me and through the bountiful diversity of Life to which all is
intricately connected is the Key to fully remember Who I Am, as One
with All That Is. Claiming my universal lineage through expressing
from the central core of my soul I am Love is also to acknowledge,
honor and empower the very essence of Who We Are as One with All That
Is - hence the underlying recognition that the "I" that claims this is
the Omniversal Being from which we all stem, with which we all share
existence, and to which we all eternally return.

Finally, when you feel ready to go back to your normal everyday
existence, you can conclude this meditation through reading the
following, aloud or within the sacred sanctuary of your soul...

I am a soul
A divine spark of the Infinite
That gave birth to this universe.

I remember Who I am
and serve the Greater Purpose of Life
as One with All That is.

I came here with many other souls
to assist in the expansion of Light
on this living planet Earth.

I accept to let Love
Be the guiding beacon of my life
and to shine Its radiance in every moment.

I am a soul
and the sole purpose of my existence
is to be All That I Am.

So be it.

... and use this as often as necessary to help you remember and
reassert Who You Are.

To find out when is your local time corresponding to the exact time of
this 2009 winter solstice (in the northern hemisphere) / summer
solstice (in the southern hemisphere) at 17 hr 47 min 00 Universal
time on this December 21, 2009, please go at;p1=0

If you cannot take part to this globally synchronized meditation at
this exact time, please pick any other moment of that day or of this
week that suits you best, and do the same procedure suggested above
while projecting yourself at the exact moment when it is occurring in
the Time Continuum, knowing that time is merely a temporary illusion
from our physical standpoint, and that the power of our focused intent
can easily overcome this illusion.

If you can do this meditation and remembrance activation in the
physical company of other souls, its effects will be magnified in
direct proportion to the intensity of the vortex of Love and Light
generated by these assembled souls. Whether you do this alone or with
others, always be aware that many other souls from other dimensions of
existence are partaking in our experiences every time we dedicate
ourselves to such sacred moments of communion with All That Is.

"We are souls having a physical experience. We are crystal sparks of
infinite beauty, radiant magnificence and shining Love, direct
emanations from the Creator Source of All That Is. Love in the
beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega, the all encompassing
pursuit, goal and Reality we are to embody, breathe, express/manifest/
be in every single moment of our lives. When we feel consumed in our
moments of Grace by all the Love that we can humanely allow through
our vessels in this physical realm, let us consider that these may
merely be our first baby steps, and that much more is yet to be
experienced in our long Journey back to Source."

To discover the significance of the winter/summer solstices in all
cultures around the world, review this Wikipedia entry on the Winter
solstice and this other Wikipedia entry on the Summer solstice.

Please note that the Meditation Focus#207: Transducing Heaven on Earth
will be prepared and networked within the next few days.

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Synchronized Meditations is archived at

March 20, 2010 Equinox Meditation

Second Step in a Cycle of 12 Globally Synchronized Meditations


You are hereby invited to join in the second step in a series of 12
globally synchronized meditations designed to mark the celebrations of
the last 12 solstices and equinoxes before December 21, 2012, an era-
changing pivotal moment that has been recognized and heralded by many
as the central shifting point into a new Golden Age for humanity and
all Life on Earth.

Each of those 12 ascending steps towards this climaxing shift-point is
part of a gradual reawakening and remembering process to re-ignite in
us all the deeply felt sentience of our Oneness with All That is, and
thus enable us all to walk on a Golden Path of Light that will lead us
directly into a conscious reunion with the Source of our existence.

The central template of this whole process is the ever deeper and
keener understanding of the fact that our true nature is that of a
soul living a physical experience and learning the lessons of a new
lifetime. To facilitate this recognition of Who We Are and deep
integration within the very matrix of our sense of self of this simple
fact, it was announced on December 21, 2009 that twelve Keys would be
shared over the course of the next 12 Solstice and Equinox Meditations
to help stir the remembrance of Who We Are. The second key is offered

To initiate and/or sustain this reformatting process of our self-
awareness, it is suggested that you first reach a state of deep
synchronism with the soul aspect in you, doing so with whichever
method and for whichever period of time that suits you best. To reach
the key triggering Moment of Remembrance at the same time as every
other soul who will be participating to this globally synchronized
meditation, please ensure that you have reached that stage at the
exact same moment as all other participating souls worldwide.

Then, starting at the exact moment when the Earth is at the peak of
this equinox cycle, at 17:32 UT, express forth from the heart of your
soul the following second Remembrance Key...

I am Light

...and repeat it, mentally and/or aloud, as many times as necessary to
feel you have impregnated your whole being with the full understanding
and recognition of this unfathomable Reality.

To deepen your understanding of some aspects of what Light truly is,
the following description is provided to further trigger the emergence
within you of what no words can possibly describe...

Out of Love comes the Light that brings awareness of all that is to
All That Is. In Its infinite expansion from the Source Point where
Love and Light were first expressed, the Light of Love brings with it,
wherever It shines, the Creative Fiat of Manifestation. Love is the
Alpha and Light is the Omega. Just as Love brings into existence the
Sentient Presence that had remained unmanifested up to Its initial
burst of Light, Light brings this Omniversal Presence into an ever
sharper focus of existence. Through claiming my innate Light essence,
the same that shines through all that is, I proclaim Who I Am to the
Universal Force of Love in me and accept the bridal offer of
conception of an ever more refined expression of All That Is. I
literally become the Light of Creator Source conceiving all over
again, at my own microcosmic level, the Universal Reality of all
dimensional realms of manifestation and acting out Its infinite
creative Will to Be through all that I Am.

Note: If you find difficult to fully grasp what you have just read,
the following reminder may be helpful to you:

As you certainly know if you have attempted entering a state of deep
meditation after reading theme-setting material such as this one
above, the best way to actually reach a deeply vibrant sense of
Oneness at soul level is certainly not to try to remember while you
meditate any of the details you've read about the suggested meditation
theme. Having a general idea of it in the back of one's mind is all
that is necessary. The goal here is simply to impart through the
written material a sense of the sacredness of this collective
experience that is being proposed and hope that this will motivate
people to create a special moment in their life to experience, beyond
concepts and words, what it is to be an immortal manifestation of All
That Is.

* * * * * * *

Finally, when you feel ready to go back to your normal everyday
existence, you can conclude this meditation through reading the
following, aloud or within the sacred sanctuary of your soul...

I am a soul
A divine spark of the Infinite
That gave birth to this universe.

I remember Who I am
and serve the Greater Purpose of Life
as One with All That is.

I came here with many other souls
to assist in the expansion of Light
on this living planet Earth.

I accept to let Love
Be the guiding beacon of my life
and to shine Its radiance in every moment.

I am a soul
and the sole purpose of my existence
is to be All That I Am.

So be it.

... and use this as often as necessary to help you remember and
reassert Who You Are.

This Equinox Meditation: Second Step in a Cycle of 12 Globally
Synchronized Meditations is archived at

Please note that several translations (French version - Dutch version
- Spanish version - Portuguese version, with Russian and possibly some
other translations also coming soon) are also available through

To find out when is your local time corresponding to the exact time of
this 2010 vernal equinox (in the northern hemisphere) / autumnal
equinox (in the southern hemisphere) at 17 hr 47 min 00 Universal time
next Saturday, March 20, 2010, please go at;p1=0

If you cannot take part to this globally synchronized meditation at
this exact time, please pick any other moment of that day or of this
weekend that suits you best, and do the same procedure suggested above
while mentally projecting yourself at the exact moment when it is
occurring in the Time Continuum, knowing that time is merely an
illusion from our physical standpoint, and that the power of our
focused intent can easily overcome this illusion.

If you can do this meditation and remembrance activation in the
company of other souls, its effects will be magnified in direct
proportion to the intensity of the vortex of Love and Light generated
by these assembled souls. Whether you do this alone or with others,
always be aware that many other souls from other dimensions of
existence are partaking in our experiences every time we dedicate
ourselves to such sacred moments of communion with All That Is.

To discover the significance of the equinoxes in all cultures around
the world, review this Wikipedia entry on the vernal and autumnal

For more information on the equinoxes and solstices, visit



* LM-3-2010


Beloved masters, for a moment, imagine that you are fully
aware of your origins and that you can tap into your personal cosmic
history files any time you wish. Imagine that you have the ability to
communicate with those around you mind to mind, without words.
Imagine that you have the natural ability to see everyone's auric
field and therefore can read or understand a person's state of Being
at any given moment. Imagine that you can envision clearly that which
you wish to manifest, and it takes only a little time and effort for
your visions to become reality. Imagine that you have the ability to
communicate and interact with the archangels and the vast angelic
realm, as well as the ascended masters and the great Beings of Light.
All of these attributes and abilities are a part of your natural state
of Being in the higher realms, and you are now in the process of
regaining these God-given talents, as well as the ability to assist in
the evolutionary process of humanity and the Earth.

We have explained many times and in many ways how you
separated your Divine Self into a masculine Spark of Essence with the
characteristics and qualities of our Father God and a feminine Spark
of Essence with the virtues and attributes of our Mother God. Since
that first separation, each facet of your Self has refracted into a
multitude of smaller Sparks of Divinity, and you have assumed a myriad
of forms and innumerable missions throughout this universal
experience. The next grand stage of universal expansion and the
evolution of all sentient Beings are well under way, and each of you
has an integral part to play as a Star Seed and a bearer of Divine

The ascension process requires a letting go of those
things that have kept you in the stifling, restrictive reality of the
third and fourth dimensions. It entails returning to balance and
harmony in all facets of your earthly Being, which will result in your
memory banks being cleared of all the discordant energies/events of
your rich and varied past. All that will remain is the wonder, joy
and successful endeavors you have attained as a cocreator in the
material realms. As you traverse the path of ascension, you are
reclaiming the wisdom stored within your Sacred Mind, and you have
tapped into the rich storehouse of Creator Light called Adamantine
Particles. You are beginning to demonstrate and use many latent
abilities that have been kept in reserve until you were ready to
reclaim them.

You were designed to be a transmitter of Light in a world
of illusion and shadows. You are on Earth to become a master conveyer
of energy. Your breath is the mechanism by which you draw forth the
Primal Life Force Substance of Creation while you are functioning in a
third- / fourth-dimensional environment. However, as you open and
activate your Sacred Heart and Sacred Mind, you have the ability to
gain access to the Full Spectrum Light of this universe, and also the
Divine alchemical properties of the Violet Flame will be available to
you in full measure.

The Law of the Circle insures that the vibrational
patterns you send forth will be returned to you along with an
accumulated measure of similarly-qualified energy (or vibrations of
the same frequency patterns). You are the center of an energy vortex
that is made up of a circle/loop of vibrational patterns that you have
projected from you via your Solar Power Center. Your solar plexus is
aptly named; for just as the Earth receives cosmic energy from the Sun
of your solar system, so do each of you radiate life force energy from
your own Solar Power Center. For a moment, envision yourself as the
central focus of your world. You are the power source and your
thoughts, actions and intentions radiate forth from you in a loop of
energy that connects with like energy. That energy magnifies and
manifests in the world of cause and effect and then returns to you,
reinforcing your picture of reality. Your body absorbs a portion of
that energy, creating pain and suffering or joy and blessings,
depending on the frequencies. The remainder flows out behind you,
creating the other loop of your Infinity pattern, while the residual
gradually flows into your personal wheel of creation. You are
constantly adding to your personal prison of energy or your vehicle of
Light and your personal reality on Earth. Have we not told you that
you came to Earth as cocreators with the God Force?

Returning to balance and harmony is a prerequisite to
staying centered within the Sacred Heart. In order to do so, you must
constantly evaluate and upgrade your awareness of Self. Your emotions
are affected by your beliefs, and your intentions are affected by your
emotions. Listening to the nudgings of your Soul, the wisdom of your
Sacred Mind and the emotions of your Sacred Heart will help you to
fine-tune your discernment abilities so that you can make the right
decisions and always choose the highest path. Reverence for all
things and God-inspired choices lead to Self-mastery.

One of the most important things you can do to initiate
the process of returning to balance and harmony within the reality you
have created is to apply the Law Of Forgiveness to all your
miscreations and interactions with others. Doing so will immediately
accelerate the process of returning to center, for it erases or breaks
the energy cords you have attached to other people's solar plexuses,
and it will also shut off the radiations to and from any negative
collective consciousness belief systems that you have taken as your
own. You are taking back the vibrational patterns you have exchanged,
added to or participated in, thereby allowing you to move into the
state of grace process. Be aware that as you do so, you will
experience the transformational clearing process and all it entails;
however, it will not be as traumatic or as drawn out as it would be if
you had not willingly and whole-heartedly agreed to take the
initiative. The Law of Forgiveness includes aligning your will with
the greater WILL of our Father /Mother God for the highest and best
outcome for All. The Divine Plan for this universe is at a critical
stage of the evolution process, and time is of the essence. Becoming
an active member of the Light Brigade and a new World Server will open
a portal of new possibilities. Those of you who have diligently stayed
the course will reap the rewards of Self-mastery and discipleship. As
you move into the realm of Self-mastery, you automatically begin to
view your life and the world from a higher vantage point and with much
wiser insight. You begin to embrace your reality through a filter of
Love/Light, and nonjudgment and discernment become a natural part of
your State of Being. A good affirmation to remember and use is:

humility. There is power in forgiveness. There is power in gratitude.
Love is the power which contains all the virtues and qualities of God

Many of you are aware that in the beginning stages of the
initiation process there is a crisis as the battle for supremacy
begins between the ego and the Soul. Each person must endeavor to
clear his/her illusionary, distorted reality of the astral planes.
The ego desire body is controlled by the energies and impulses of the
three lower chakras and these out-of-balance inclinations must be
brought under the control of the Soul Self once more. This period is
often called The Dark Night of the Soul or traversing the valley of
shadows. When you are in the midst of the process, it is important
that you understand you are not being punished. After you have
successfully traversed the shadow lands and emerged triumphant, you
will look back in retrospect and you will realize that you were given
a great opportunity.

A spiritual aspirant is a consciously aware human being
who is seeking en-Lighten-ment and Self-mastery. In the beginning
stages, he/she is still somewhat "self-focused," often prone to temper
and irritability and may experience bouts of self-doubt and
depression. A spiritual aspirant must develop sensitivity and a
loving, understanding nature. The aspirant's life purpose will
gradually move away from personal ambition and love of power into a
desire to be of service to humanity. A desire to serve others is a
Soul instinct.

An aspirant gradually begins to let go of the "It is all
about me and the I, me, my" concept, as the external focus slowly
begins to fade. There is a gradual turning inward and the major focal
point becomes the Solar Power Center which is comprised of the heart,
thymus and throat. As this area is bathed in the higher frequencies
of Light, the Three-Fold Flame in the chest area begins to blaze forth
once more in preparation for the opening of the portal to the Sacred

Allow us to give you a few more important key points to
assist you in integrating the wisdom necessary to become a full-
fledged spiritual aspirant on the path of en-Lighten-ment:

* The Emotional Body is a reflector. It responds to external
stimulation, such as other people, events, emotional attachments and
* Tread the path of life gently and reverently. Speak softly with
discernment. See that your actions reflect the purity of your God
Self and leave footprints of Light for others to follow.
* There is an ebb and flow to the cycles of the Soul just as there
is throughout the Cosmos.
* The Soul draws forth the Essence of life from its I AM Presence
in preparation for a new life cycle of experience. At the end of that
cycle, the life Essence is slowly withdrawn and the physical death
process results; however, the real You in Spirit form remains, for you
are immortal.
* The Soul's impulses and influence are much stronger in a Being
who has stepped onto the path of awareness than there are in an
unawakened person who is still caught up in the illusion of a third- /
fourth-dimensional existence.
* You must strive to maintain an ever-expanding state of Soul-
consciousness in order to progress on the upward spiral of ascension.
It is time for those who will be among the new World Servers to become
aware of each other.
* Criticism is a faculty of the ego and the lower mind.
Criticizing or finding fault with yourself or others is detrimental to
the extreme. You add energy to that which you focus your attention
on; therefore, it is of the utmost importance that you look for the
good in everyone and everything.
* Constructive criticism is sometimes necessary. However, it
should only be used to assist someone to correct harmful behavior,
take the right action, or find the appropriate direction.
however, you should gain some knowledge with each failure. Growth and
wisdom come from learning what not to do and in perfecting the skills
that will help you become proficient in your chosen field of endeavor.
* Lower vibrational energy creates discordant frequencies within
your Soul Song. The vibrations of discord cause discomfort within the
area where it originated or where it is focused within the physical
vessel. If the negative energy patterns are strong enough, they can
create disease and will eventually contaminate the entire body.
* You must tame and gain control of your emotional body via your
Higher Self, guides and angelic helpers in order to become receptive
to the refined frequencies of Cosmic truth. You must clear the mind
of distorted, negative, defeating thoughts. Only a clear vessel can
receive and transmit the wisdom teachings of the cosmic libraries of
* A spiritual seeker refuses to pay attention to public opinion,
judgment or failure. Aspirants are recognized by their vibrational
frequencies or Light quotient, not by their knowledge or their deeds.

begun or are ready to begin your true mission, whatever that may be,
but never forget that the ultimate goal is to be a conveyor of Creator

We are aware that the future is uncertain and everyone is
experiencing pain and discomfort in varying degrees. We ask you to
focus on the miracles and progress you are making and not allow the
fear of the masses to infect your mind as you move through and beyond
all the massive changes that are taking place in your world. Know
that, together, we will overcome all adversity. Our mission is to open
the way for any dear Soul who expresses a desire to return to harmony
and attunement with their God Self. Dear ones, when you feel alone or
are in doubt or despair, come into your Pyramid of Light and we will
give you courage, uplift and inspire you. When you feel lonely or
unloved, move into your heart center and we will be there, waiting to
fill you with the radiant love of our Mother/Father God. I AM your
constant companion. I AM Archangel Michael.

Transmitted through Ronna Herman * As transmitter of this article I,
Ronna Herman, claim the universal copyright in the name of Archangel
Michael. Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information
is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship and
my Email and website address is included. It may be published in
journals, magazines or public print with permission from : E-
mail:RonnaStar@... * *

The Secret of Good Karma

The Secret of Good Karma
by Owen Waters

Karma, in the popular view, is often perceived as the bogey man of Eastern philosophy, as the stick that punishes you for doing the wrong thing. In reality it is much simpler than that, and it carries no judgmental overtone at all.

Karma is simply reflectance. Reflectance is a property of the universe. Therefore, life reflects what you project. This principle of reflectance or karma states that life reflects your beliefs, emotions and actions. The stronger these are, the more apparent it becomes that life is a mirror of whatever you project.

Whenever you change the way you view life, the universe, just like a mirror, reflects your new view of reality. This may not occur instantaneously as, often, circumstances do not allow the new reflection to immediately manifest. In this case, the new reality is held, like a pressure within the aura of your body's subtle magnetic field. You then walk around in life, surrounded by this magnetic potential, your "karmic pattern," as it influences your circumstances to adapt into a form where the new reality will be able to manifest and operate.

Reflectance, sooner or later, produces manifestation. Therefore, if you don't like something in your life, the most powerful way to change it is to discover how, consciously or subconsciously, you have generated that reflection. Then change your point of view - the beliefs, viewpoints and energies that you put into your life - so that the reflection is changed.

It's just like the law in physics: "For every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction." This law goes much deeper than just a law of mechanical motion. It is how the universe is designed at all levels.

Reflectance is entirely automatic. There is no judge. No one looms over you, threatening retribution for imaginary sins. However, because this law of life is automatic, you have to be the one to initiate change. It will not come to you until you take the initiative, until you create the action so that there can be a reaction.

If you seek more happiness from life, the mirror of life will shine more happiness back upon you, just as soon as you decide, within yourself, to become a happier person. Then it will reflect your new reality.

Your power lies in how you respond to the circumstances which have been created in your life. Circumstances, within themselves, are inherently neutral. It is human judgment that assigns positive and negative values to those circumstances. It is a paradox of life that the challenges of difficult times can produce the most happiness in the end.

Remember that if "bad" circumstances are affecting you, it is often not because of some "bad" way that you thought or behaved in the past, but it may be because you planned your life so that it would present certain challenges. How you respond to those challenges is the whole point of the exercise. The strongest steel is that which is quenched from great heat and the most compassionate heart is one which has seen great suffering in the world.

Your viewpoint is your response to the picture that life presents, and it is totally under your control. Your viewpoint determines what energies you will put into life and therefore what the mirror of life will reflect back.

Life is a mirror. Smile, and it will immediately smile back at you!

Now Available: Love, Light, Laughter * by Owen Waters *

It's been four years since my first book, "The Shift: The Revolution in Human Consciousness" was printed. Since then, I have written three e-books and I spent most of last year writing my next book, "Love, Light, Laughter: The New Spirituality."

I am very happy to say that this new title has now been printed and is available on

"Love, Light, Laughter: The New Spirituality" goes far beyond basic spiritual awakening. While my first book "The Shift" showed you where we've been and where we are, this new book reveals where we are going as The Shift opens up our spiritual potential.

It reveals exactly what developments to expect beyond the stage where you first step into the spiritual stages of consciousness. While heart-centered consciousness is the doorway to spirituality, it is becoming apparent to millions of people today that there is much more to be found and experienced beyond this first stage.

Once people allow the unconditional love that will naturally fill their hearts, they go on to find the light that streams continually outwards from their very souls - filling their beings with inspiration. Within the light, they discover the laughter - the joy of spiritual contact which offers happiness regardless of any external circumstances.

The hallmarks of the New Spirituality are love, light, and laughter. They are the stages of spiritual consciousness which will form the basis of the building of a New Reality. They are the seeds of a greater awareness, a greater love, and a greater understanding for all of the people upon the Earth. The world is changing. Discover exactly where the great change called The Shift will lead by reading this vital and timely book.

"Love, Light, Laughter: The New Spirituality" by Owen Waters is available exclusively on It is not available in book stores. It is available outside the USA via's low-price shipping options. Within the USA, if you order 2 copies, you'll qualify for free shipping. Also, a downloadable e-book version will be available and is on schedule for a March 1st, 2010 release date. * book link: *

About the author:

Owen Waters is an international spiritual teacher who has presented his insights into the New Reality to hundreds of thousands of seekers. In 1963, while growing up in a mystical part of Britain, he encountered his first spiritual awakening. The surprise of this mystical experience was such that his life became focused upon a continuous search for spiritual answers.

Almost forty years of study and research followed, along with the development of his inner vision. By the year 2002, like many of the spiritual teachers who are coming forward for The Shift, his realizations began to unfold rapidly. Today, as Editor and cofounder of Infinite Being LLC, he helps people find inspiration, love and creativity through heart-powered consciousness. *

The Polarity MerKaBah is Obsolete

The Polarity MerKaBah is Obsolete
The Crystalline MER-KA-NA
Lord Metatron via James Tyberonn

Greetings, I am Metatron, Lord of Light ! And I embrace each of you in nurturing LOVE. Unconditional LOVE, a love that can only be truly reached in the initial crystalline plane you call the dimension of 5. Masters, take a moment and feel the energy we embue upon each of you, for indeed it is the energy that is home.
And so we speak of a very important transition that is ushered into place thru the 2nd phase of the heralded Cosmic Trigger on the March Equinox of 2010. This is truly a tantamount event in the Crystalline Transition of the planet, and indeed a benchmark for humanity.
Masters, the MerKaBah is now obsolete, and it is being replaced in the Crystalline Age with the non-polarity geometrics of the crystalline Tri-Level MerKiVa system toward the goal of evolving into crystalline MerKaNa. We tell you that the MerKaBah that has served as the Star Tetrahedron Vehicle to higher dimension for the past 12,000 year cycle is now being transposed into greater capacity. Indeed it is evolving into progressive expansive mode to the Crystalline MerKiVa System.
Understand then that it is the energy of the Earth in the Ascension in parity with the 144-Crystalline Grid that is enabling the crystalline energy expansion of the Earth into greater dimensional reach. And take note Masters, the energy from 5d to 12d that is accessible to you is only the beginning. For the aspect you term zero field is the aspect of crystalline dimension. It is non polar and non gendered.
It expands into energy dimensions that indeed exist within you, but have been dormant to the masses of humanity, yet these dimensions are your true origin, and you exist in higher form within them. These are areas you term 'dark matter' and anti-matter. This we have previously shared with you.

The three levels of Crystalline Light Body termed the Mer-Ki-Vic System are:
· Mer-Ki-Va - 8 pointed star tetrahedron

· Mer-Ka-Va - 12 point stellated dodecahedron

· Mer-Ka-Na - 20 Point stellated icosahedron.
The emergence of the Crystalline Mer-Ki-Va System has been in waiting, and with the 9-9-9 Crystal Activation ushering in of the initial phase of the Crystalline Energy Transformation of the Earth, many of you are awakening to your sacred unity potentials. Indeed the development of the Mer-Ka-Na is the ultimate goal of the system and is truly an accomplishment many of you on the Path have waited many lifetimes for the opportunity to achieve.
The Polarity MerKaBah is Now Obsolete
Phase ll of the Cosmic Trigger, which will occur on the March Equinox of 2010, and will stage another important release of the crystalline transformation. You see, your human mind in duality was designed to assist you to gather and process information and to discern truth, but the wisdom that carries you into the higher Crystalline Realm dwells beyond the reach of the dual polarity MerKabah.
Therefore the establishment of the new Crystalline MerKiVa and MerKaNa are requisite to expand into the Crystalline Energy of the Ascension. Indeed the higher realms of the celestial dimensions made available thru the Ascension lie in Unified Divine Consciousness. As such, access to them requires integral crystalline light, and this cannot be entered in the previous system of the gendered polarity MerKaBah. Accordingly the old model of the 'polarity' MerKabah is obsolete, unable to carry the far greater frequency of unified crystalline coherent light. Thus comes the requisite transition into the Crystalline Mer-Ki-Va, Mer-Ka-Va and MerKaNa.
The 8-Point (Star Tetrahedron) Crystalline MerKiVa stage is initially accessible on the crystalline phase of the Cosmic Trigger, occurring on the March Equinox of 2010. In essence the old MerKaBah is evolved thru intent and focus into the Crystalline MerKiVa. It forms into a different format of the star tetrahedron that is non gendered/non-polar & rotates uniformly in an anti clockwise spin. The 12 Point Crystalline MerKaVa becomes fully available on the 10-10-10.
In 2011 the MerKaNa becomes available as the 20 point star, and in 2012, the MerKaRa the exalted 24 point star of Kristos Ascension is available. The processes and mechanics of this transformation will be made available through the teachings of the 'Metatronic Keys'.

Question to Metatron: You have said the Mer-Ki-Va, Mer-Ka-Va and Mer-Ka-Na are not fully accessible until certain 'grid alignment' dates occur. Can you expand on this? Does this mean we are unable to develop these light bodies before hand?
AAMetatron: Indeed, the timing for development into initial stages is appropriate and desirable in the NOW. The Level One Mer-Ki-Va is the first stage for all, and while it will not be 100% functional until the Cosmic Trigger of 2010 (March 20, 2010) it is indeed available for initial staging and installation now, and has been so since the 9-9-9. Just as your 144-Crytsalline Grid does not achieve full power until the 12-12-12, your Mer-Ki-Va does not achieve full power until March 20, 2010.
Question to Metatron: What do you mean by 'full-power"?
AAMetatron: Exactly that. The coded crystalline energies that will be released on phase ll of the Cosmic Trigger are required to dislodge, discharge and disseminate within the 144 Grid in order to fully synergize the planet and humanity into synergistic crysto-geometric harmony in non polarity access. It is well to begin the installation of each phase well in advance of its full potential.
Full powering of Level One occurs on March 20, 2010, full powering of Level Two is available on the 10-10-10 and full powering of the Mer-Ka-Na, Level 3 on March 20, 2011. Yet understand that full powering is still dependent on each person's 'Light-Quotient', and ability to master, achieve and sustain the optimal 13-20-33 ratio of Auric Circuitry.
Each new matrix, each new geometry will occur in layers through dimensional openings that will occur through the rapidly expanding portals of the Ascension. Each requires effort and work to establish. The inertia of your planet is rapidly increasing as the 144-Crystalline Grid nears total energy activation and completion.
As such there are very significant changes in the function, geometry and mechanism in the upshift to Crystalline MerKiVa and the initial function of these will be given to you in this assay. What each seeker must do is in aspect the intentional development and willful evolution of the expansive human spirit in integration with the Crystalline Zero Point Field. It is in essence a unification of physical duality into etheric coherence. It combines the frontal mind into the crystalline nature of the super subconscious or God Mind in a purposed bioengineered process of Impeccable Wholeness.
Merging the Male / Female into Sacred Oneness
The previous version of the (gendered-polarity) Mer-Ka-Bah had components of 'male' and 'female' energy fields within its two tetrahedrons that rotated in opposing motion. These were appropriate to your level of consciousness to initially enter into this field.
The Crystalline nature of the Upshift then is in a more unified aspect within the genderless zero field of non-polarity. This then is crystalline in nature becoming sacred ONENESS.
Dear Ones, most forms of life in duality on your planet have the polarity of gender, in one form or another. As such gender is a form of creative expression within duality employed by Spirit to enable polarity experience. In this manner of gender polarity, life force in duality seeks its compliment, and there is myriad purpose in this. And while gender does not express spirit, spirit expresses through gender whilst in polarity. Spirit is the active force employed by All That Is, but it is in Oneness in the higher realms above duality. And while most forms of all life in duality are in one form or another of gender matrix, the crystalline aspect of the Mineral Kingdom is not. Indeed that that is in perfect unity is Crystalline, and so the Celestial Kingdoms are in Crystalline Oneness.
Neither the Ascended Masters, Celestial Beings nor the Angelic Realm truly encompasses what would be in your linear-duality terms, actual gender. However, such celestial energies powerfully influence your thoughts and emotions with attributes that in humanities linear-field of polarity, is oft interpreted and identified as being of a specific gender.
Accordingly your human male-female/passive-aggressive textural forms affect your linear perception, and a predisposed gender disposition is triggered in your view. This in why you assign certain polarity-gender attributes to an otherwise androgynous being that are in the higher realms of the Unified Crystalline Field of Divine Oneness. But in TRUTH, the Archangels you perceive as having gender are in fact non gendered, neither male or female, rather are they in the indivisible state of Sacred Unity, Divine Oneness. It is again, your limited perception in linear duality that views Angelic Beings as male or female.
Now we will add the caveat, that many of what you humans perceive your 'guardian-angels' are souls of family members and dear ones who have passed over. They work with you in highest intent, in pure love and guardianship. Often these guardians do appear and speak to you in a familiar gendered format. But while they are in a realm above your linear aspect, they are not in the higher realms of the Crystalline Oneness. And though they appear to you as an angel, grandmother, grandfather, brother or sister, in actuality they are in an integral field of androgyny.
The Crystalline Mer-Ki-Va is above polarity, and in Sacred Unified Oneness, and that aspect is quintessential. In the ongoing dawn of the Crystalline Ascension, it is requisite that you understand this. The ongoing crystalline integration will dissolve old belief structures and offer you new possibilities, which in turn will accelerate your multidimensional consciousness beyond any boundaries you may perceive today.
Merging with the Twin Flame
In order to move higher in the 3 Levels of MerKiVa, you must merge with your other half, your 'twin flame'. This means if you are female, you must merge with your complimentary male aspect, and if you are male, discover and merge into sacred harmonic balance with your female aspect. In higher aspect, Dear Ones, you are neither and both. That statement may seem a paradox, but it is not. Sexuality as you think of it in biological duality does not exist in higher realms, but those emotional attributes that you assign a gender label to in duality, do exist in higher realms, but such attributes as nurturing and strength are without gendered labels in the quantum crystal resonance of the celestial dimensions.
This is why many advanced souls are drawn to the balance of the 'Divine Feminine' with the "Divine Masculine", and both within, in order to achieve internal integral 'Soul-Arc' balance. This is why many of you are in lifetimes in which the old paradigm of the once and forever 'Soul-Mate' no longer serves. Edge-lines of sexual polarity are becoming blended in this process for many. Divine Solitude is the path chosen for many master souls who seek to blend internally with the other half of self. In zero field, Masters, you do not require a partner, rather a unification of the androgynous self, well above polarity aspects of gender. This is your true and truer nature above polarity, and within it you merge further on higher level yet, into the Divinity of what may be termed Group Consciousness, flowing into the supreme All-That-Is.
Dear Ones, there are infinite probabilities, timelines, and paths that have created what you term the Ascension, and enabled the present return to the Crystalline Mer-Ki-Va. Yes, we said return. We tell you that the Crystalline Mer-Ki-Va is not new; indeed it is how you arrived here.
Aeons ago, much longer ago than humanity realizes you came here to undertake a specific path of evolution, by means of the 4th level of the Crystalline matrix or Mer-Ka-Ra. As you took on dense duality, the crystalline matrix was replaced by electromagnetic polarity, and coherent light became fractured and fragmented. The coming Ascension is returning mankind to the gateway of crystalline coherent light. But the path has not been a direct one, because your consciousness has needed a variety of experiences in order to expand, and these you have garnered from all aspects of your multidimensional SELF.
Neither your present Earth nor Humankind were ready or able to move into Crystalline Consciousness until now. Not only was your frequency not yet within the same band of compatibility but it could also be said that you both had your hands full, so to speak.
Dear Ones, the Ascension for the Earth is pre- required for mankind's Ascension. And so understand that the Earth will indeed Ascend before mankind, in order for mankind to Ascend into Crystalline nature. And so the Ascension of 2012 is largely planetary. It is only the beginning for humanity, the true Mass-Illumination of Humanity is as yet 2 to 3 centuries away. Indeed many of you will chose to return in Mer-Ka-Ra for that event.
And we tell you this; the Ascension opens the portals of expanding your dimensional access. But it will be another two centuries before the collective consciousness of Mankind and frequency on your planet will be able to fully support, fully live the resonance and thus project the complete light quotient required to sustain your full participation in the multidimensional Earth and Omniverse in conscious awareness within simultaneous time. And both now and until then, humanity will not ascend in mass, rather individually one heart, one mind at a time. It has always been so, albeit great and greater will be the opportunities and numbers.
The 10-10-10 Activates Crystalline Metamorphisis
The 999 ushered in the Crystalline Field that enables both the Earth and mankind to move consciousness into the Unified Crystalline Field. The Cosmic Trigger and 10-10-10 will further advance the cause of Crystalline Consciousness via Mer-Ki-Va, you see.
In your Divine Mer-Ki-Va, Mer-Ka-Va and Mer-Ka-Na you are indeed fully conscious across the infinite dimensional corridors of the Cosmos and within these vast crystalline corridors wisdom reveals itself and emerges as multi-dimensional layers of Truth when the soul achieves sufficient quotient of Crystalline Light. Your Divine Self, your over-soul is not disturbed by the infinite vastness of space, or by the fact that a universes can exist in the Cosmos vacuum as easily as in an atom or molecule. Space like time is an illusion. Your mind does not comprehend this within duality, but your 5th dimensional consciousness does as you begin entry into the Crystalline Mer-Ki-Va.
As an example, consider the metamorphisis of the butterfly. The caterpillar wraps itself in a silk cocoon and transforms into a liquid gel to morph into the splendid form of the butterfly. That very cocoon is the MerKaBah that enabled its first stage of evolutionary metamorphisis. But the butterfly, once emerged cannot return to it, indeed it has risen above and its beautiful gossamer wings are its MerKiVah that allows it to flutter and fly above the trees into sparking air, no longer confined to the ground. Dear Ones, you can never return to energies of lesser awareness. You may for a time slip and fall, but the greater awareness is retained and is the very divine impetus that urges you into requisite wings of renewed flight and forward progression.
The Levels of MerKiVa
The Crystalline Transformation is requisite for all who seek to the ability to carry the expanded light energy that is being showered upon the expanding energy of the Earth. MerKiVa occurs in 3 primary stages and evolves into a final formation that is called MerKaRa:
· 1: The 8-Point Crystalline Mer-Ki-Va -Star Tetrahedron (anti-clockwise rotation) - This stage quickly transforms into the true MerKiVa, the 12 point star, the stellated dodecahedron
· 2: The 12-Point Crystalline Mer-Ka-Va -Stellated Dodecahedron (clockwise rotation)
· 3: The 20-Point Crystalline Mer-Ka-Na - Stellated Icosahedron (dual inner rotation with double infinity flows)
Understand that Mer-Ka-Na is the ultimate goal in the Mer-Ki-Vic system. The intricate details and mechanics of this shift will be made available in Metatronic Keys teaching and offered to all, for there are other attributes of rotation to be understood and installed.
There is indeed a fourth level, that called Mer-Ka-Ra, that is rarely present on the Earth, it is the 24 Point MerKaRa of Exalted Kristos Light, that of the Kristos Avatar. Yet some of you are ready and will achieve this. Those referred to as 2nd stage 'Walks-In' have access to this geometric matrix.
Masters, many changes have occurred over the past few years on your Earth, but the changes that will occur from 2009-2012 are logarithmic. Indeed the up shifts of 2009 alone are greater than the sum of all transitions since 2001. 2010 offers infinitely more.
The Cosmic Trigger
In March of 2009, the initial phase of the Cosmic Trigger occurred in the release of coded electro-magnetics across your planet. This was the most potent surge of energy on your planet since the Golden Age of Atlantis. But this was only the beginning. The 999 brought the activation of 5 of the 9 Atlantean Master Crystals and the 144 Grid launched into 75% function. The March Equinox of 2010 will be the release of extraordinary stored and coded crystalline energies, to bring in the crystalline component of the Cosmic Trigger. And the 10-10-10 further activates the grid into 84% function. (The 11-11-11 achieves 92% and the 12-12-12 achieves full function.)
Dear Ones, the energy of the Earth is vaulting into hyper phase, and you will not be able to maintain this energy without the transmutation into the Crystalline MerKiVa. The 'rebooting' into MerKiVic System enables a much expanded field, with exponentially greater capacity to hold Crystalline Light. Without this your previous 'auric body' will fissure into etheric short-circuit and throw you into imbalance. This short-circuitry is in essence the shedding of the 'old-skin'. One which you have outgrown and no longer serves you. So understand that your transition into MerKiVa is requisite. You will not be able to hold the light required to experience the Ascension without the new MerKiVic Light body. The quickening of life itself will be overwhelming to you without the transition into a more complex geometrical form.
Orbs Are Metatronic Crystalline Codes
The quickening of the crystalline energy is evidenced by the appearance of what you term 'orbs'. Indeed these have created quite a stir in the 'New Age' of metaphysics. We tell you these orbs are tangible evidence to those of you who see them and photograph them on your digital technology cameras. Orbs are one very real aspect of the emerging crystalline field on the earth. Those of you that choose to evolve into Crystalline MerKaNa will indeed begin attracting and generating orbs as you achieve the Integrity of Sacred Oneness.
These are affirmation of increased and increasing ability to perceive energies of higher dimension within the coherent light of the Divine Self.
You see, crystalline orbs are geometric emanations of Metatronic coherent light. They are codes and communications that are the demonstrative underpinnings of revelations. Revelations that reveal that the overlaying veils that have separated your from the 'Impeccable Gestalt' of Creator God are evaporating.
There are several types of orbs. Some are for humanity in mass, others for individuals. All orbs are of Metatronic origin and carry a coded geometric imprint of unique purpose. The ones that are charged masses of swirling energy, are (*among other utilities) etheric energy telegrams. They are then the artists & authors of your true Crop Circles. Others are intended for the individual as you grow into Mer-Ki-Vic, Mer-Ka-Vic and Mer-Ka-Nic Consciousness. These orbs can and do manifest specifically to interact with you as you seek to shed the old fragmented aspects of polarity and develop your coherent crystalline nature.
The geometrics and crystalline orbs helix in a pattern that assists you in reprocessing and upshifting 12-strand DNA, 6-Strand RNA and the 3 sacred glands. You see crystallization is also required for the pineal, pituitary and thymus. These also are super imposed with the geometrics of the individual level of your Mer-Ki-Va, Mer-Ka-Na and Mer-Ka-Na and rotate in sync within and without them in matter/antimatter flux. These activate a double wave of the infinity pattern within.
As we have told you, the world remakes itself now and whether or not humanity in micro or macro is supportive of expansive change or against it, it is truly a moot issue as the inertia of time-chronology speeds past more quickly today than it did yesterday in linear terms. All is quickening, time is accelerating as the Ascension draws nigh. So as time reshapes itself it will also reshape the experience of mankind, of visible and invisible forces of nature and that of the face of the Earth itself. This is indeed the Crystalline Cosmic Trigger, and its time is here. Imperious is the transition within and without of Crystalline Tri-Level Mer-Ki-Va. Indeed the goal of which is the exalted Mer-Ka-Na. Without it the quickening energy cannot truly be optimized or completely sustained. This is both a challenge and a gift, a gift that opens the veil and allows infinitely more light into your integral consciousness. Integrity is driven by the first cause of
creative expansion and growth into fulfillment.
The acquisition of Crystalline Mer-Ka-Na is vastly facilitated by organized study, yet can be achieved in solitude by the individual thru diligent intent, focused will and practice. Indeed the Hermetic Masters did not attend the scholastic Universities to acquire access to Universal Mind, but few have the opportunity in the caves of the Masters in today's rapid-paced world.
Indeed the Ascension is but a step before you. The Equinoxes, Solstices, Triple Date Stargates and Eclipses are the most potent of events afore December 2012. These remaining dates are exponential in their magnified energies, relative to comparative occurrences the years prior. Well to gather and amplify the energies in group, where possible. Truly the sum is greater than the parts.
The transition into Mer-Ki-Vic Tri-System is geometric and as such is an element of that termed the Metatronic Keys. The Keys are the sacred science of crystalline geometric consciousness, which indeed is the fabric of Cosmic Mastery. It is imbedded and coded within each of you. Seek within and without, seek and you will find, that is an indelible Law. Intent and action are the rule! And Dear Ones, we say again, this information is within each of you that truly seek it.
I am Metatron and I share with you these Truths. You are Beloved.
And so it is.

Posting on websites is permitted with credits and reference to website. Publishing only with expressed permission. Copyrights . All rights reserved.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Energetic Structures of the New Light Body

Energetic Structures of the New Light Body
by Julie Redstone

Dearest Friends,
The energetic structures of the new light body exist in a different dimensional framework from that of the current, third dimensionally manifest physical form. As the spiritual realms of the Earth become more infused with spiritual light, and as greater light accelerates the process of purification for individuals and for humanity, the energy structures of the new light body are beginning to join more fully with the physically manifest body.

Although at other levels of spiritual reality, the physical body is already joined with the energy bodies and subtle bodies, there are new capabilities for humanity that have been waiting to emerge, which lie dormant within the new light body. This aspect of the subtle body structure what had these capabilities lying dormant is now beginning to change. An individual living on the Earth at this time may not perceive this change, but may instead perceive changes to their physical, mental and emotional bodies.

Beloved ones, these changes are happening to all physically manifest beings on the Earth. There are some whose work involves the higher dimensions of light who are feeling these changes more acutely, as light infuses areas of the body which have been carrying pain, trauma or contraction in order to release them so that greater light can be received and shared with others.

At the present time there is a dimensional shifting happening on the Earth which is creating a more intense experience of purification, and which is activating higher frequencies of spiritual light. Many who are experiencing light body symptoms are seeing a more dramatic increase in physical symptoms, emotional purification and rapidly accelerating life circumstances.

For many, life events are moving into the forefront the need for all souls to step forward in integrity with their highest and best self to be absolutely true to what is most sacred and most real. This requires a leaving behind of all aspects of the "smaller" self in order to embrace the divine wholeness of one's divine True Self.

Some physical and light body symptoms may be intense or even alarming. It is important to get help for those symptoms which are troubling, and also to hold what is happening in trust, so that God's light can move freely through you and bring love, light, comfort, spiritual nourishment and healing.

New Light Body * P.O. Box 8741 * Bend, Oregon 97708 * USA * (541) 388-4692 *

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

SaLuSa: Your Higher Consciousness Will Lead You

SaLuSa: Your Higher Consciousness Will Lead You
February 22, 2010

Events continue to move along at an unprecedented speed, and their momentum is such that no amount of obstruction by the dark Ones will prevent the outcome we all desire. It is too early to indicate what may happen in the next few weeks, but it is just possible there may some signs of what is to come. However, most of what is happening is out of your sight, particularly where the financial changes are concerned. It is certainly a time of considerable change and that which has no place in your future will drop away. The more you are lifted up by the ever increasing vibrations, the less you will you will be involved in the lower vibrations. Your higher consciousness will lead you away from any situation that does not serve your growth into the Light. The old attractions will prove less interesting, and you will find new areas of interest opening up to you. For example your taste in music and the arts in general, will move into more refined and classical works. Such changes are quite natural, as you choose to bring more harmony into your lives.

There are however many Dear Souls who are rigidly stuck with their beliefs, but they are feeling more uncomfortable as they fight to withhold change within themselves. Without change they will eventually move onto a different path to those who have graciously accepted the new energies, and integrated them within Self. That will clearly be their freewill choice, and no one will be able to claim that they were not given the opportunity to rise up. The higher energies will carry on increasing, until they reach a level where a major upliftment occurs. That will come with the end of the cycle of duality, and you will by then be ready for a new beginning. That will apply to all life including your planets that are in your Solar System. This must indicate how certain you can be of a final conclusion to your time in duality, and why your progress cannot be prevented.

There is in real terms so little time left to get yourself ready for Ascension, but we visualize the awakening of many more souls when the true purpose of life is understood. There has been so much misguidance and outright falsity where it is concerned. Given that people can be open minded to new ideas, there is no reason why they cannot have a change of heart. After all Dear Ones, the Light is there for everyone if they should seek it out. Those who have already found it can by their actions encourage others to seek it, as their demeanor expresses the harmony and balance in their life. Life is for living and what better to be able to follow a path that gives you satisfaction. So many people spend their lives fighting their way through it. We would suggest that if you have such a problem question your approach to life, as often it is due to the ego believing that you must exert yourself over others. No one is greater than another, but you are all special when looked at from a spiritual point of view. You are great Beings of Light lifting yourselves out of the darkness that has long shrouded you, and taking in the Light that feeds the soul.

The greater plan of life has well served your needs, and God has provided all that you need to complete your journey. The more you realize how important this time is for your future, you will surely put more emphasis on lifting your self up. It is not difficult to do and is helped by developing a new mindset, that allows you to hold a vision of the future befitting a soul of Light and Love. As a Lightworker these are the times to live your talk, and openly express the truth that will also help others find it. That is all we can ask of you, but when many of you reach this stage your effect is increased exponentially.

Take time to move into a true understanding as to what your lives have been about. However, accept that as you are today is the result of all of your experience. It affects the way you make decisions regardless of parental control or schooling. The real you will always shine through, even when for karmic reasons you are involved in contentious issues. By tapping your inner knowing you will undoubtedly rise above conflict, and take another step towards the higher dimensions. Man has a certain liking for competitive events that pit one against another. However, where they involve physical contact, the attraction becomes less as you evolve. However, where you have been challenging yourself in all manner of ways, it has made for a toughening of your character. Dear Ones, you can look forward to lives that are spent in gentleness and utter peace, and are so fulfilling.

You can be what you want to be and no one will take away your freewill to do so. That is your gift that places responsibility upon you to use it wisely, otherwise you can still incur karma in the higher dimensions. It will certainly not involve the extreme challenges you set yourself in duality. The reward for further lifting up your vibrations is your gradual entry into even higher dimensions, until you reach the point of becoming a Being of Light. At your present low point and without full consciousness, you are naturally going to struggle to grasp the immensity of the dimensions and what it will mean to you. Be happy and joyful that the Creator has made it simple for you to find your way back home.

However, as much as we delight in giving you a greater picture of what lies ahead, we do not want to load your minds with too much in one go. You have learnt quite a lot about the Galactic Federation, and when we come openly to Earth you will largely know what to expect. By now we know that we will get great support from you, and are encouraged by the number of you that would without hesitation work with us. That kind of confidence is welcome, and within a short time of our arrival there will be wonderful celebrations to commemorate the event. What a wonderful time beckons, and it is not very far away from manifestation.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and marvel at your strength of mind to see your way through the jungle of information placed before you. Many of you find a reliable source and stick with it, and that is to be recommended, particularly as different groups have a different concept of the end times. All will in any event gradually become clear over the months, and if you are discerning you will recognize the truth. We love you dearly as great souls of Light and Love.

Thank you SaLuSa,
Mike Quinsey

Monday, February 22, 2010

Toolbelt for Transformation. Archangel Metatron

Toolbelt for Transformation. Archangel Metatron
Melanie Beckler

Greetings, I am here. I am Archangel Metatron and as always, it’s an
honor to connect with you beautiful beings of light. Thank you for
being here, for you see, as you consciously connect, looking within
and opening your heart, and expanding your frequency… you are doing a
grand service to your world and to your species. For change happens
within each and every one of you, inside of you. Choosing the light,
lifting in love, will not only have a profound impact on your reality,
but also on everyone whom you come encountered with. The ripple
effect, we will call it, as your vibration increases, so does the
vibration of those whom you encounter. So breathe in now deeply,
breathe the light that surrounds you, and feel your energy lift. You
may feel a tingling in your crown chakra. This is my energy and allow
it to connect with you now. You are safe, as you are lifted now into
the higher realm.

I wish to discuss this evening, the current energy on your planet, and
the many changes that you are each are experiencing. You may have
noticed that from day to day, how you feel varies greatly and there is
a specific reason for this, you see the energy on your earth is
changing every day. No two days are the same, but instead, it is
always new. I point this out, for it is very important for you to
realize that what you did yesterday that worked for you in order to
stay in joy, is not the same as what will work for you today to stay
in joy. Remember, as energy is constantly changing, you too must also
be willing to constantly change and adapt, by your willingness to do
this, you allow yourself to stay in a state of joy always.
Unwillingness to change, is what gets you stuck in habits that no
longer serve you. Be willing to embrace the new each day. For each day
is a new day, with new lessons to be learned. Your willingness will
help you to live in joy and love… and after all, this is what you are
here to do. I remind you that change is happening on your earth. It
has been said that this is the only constant. The only thing that you
can be sure of is that change will always happen. So do not latch on
and try and hold on to anything, to how you currently feel or what
your current experience is, for it is guaranteed that this too will
change. Be willing to go with the flow. We will call this riding the
wave of light – adjusting and changing. This is required of you at
this time.

I wish to point out that during these changes, much light is flooding
onto your planet. We have talked of this before, but I see that it is
important to reiterate this now, and so I will do so. Light. White
light. Light consciousness streaming to your planet. This is the
energy of the divine realm, of love and of joy. So one would think
that as it pours onto the planet, it would be easier to stay in a
state of love and of joy. But unfortunately, this is not always the
case. While this is the direction you are moving toward, and I do see
that in your life it is possible for you to stay in a state of joy
always. But know that currently, your world does exist in a state of
duality. In every aspect of your reality, you can see contrast. You
can see light, and you can see dark. This is why you experience
turmoil, why you experience challenges. For even within you, lies
light and lies dark. And now as light pours into your planet, the
darkness is stirred up. Old belief patterns within you that have been
repressed, past life memories and even memories from your current
reality that are challenging, that are negative, and that are painful
have been pushed down deep, buried. You have not dealt with these
painful emotions, and instead, you have buried them under layers,
under a wall. You see, your soul exists inside of you. Your spirit,
your divine light, yes this is here. But around your soul, there are
other layers. There is the layer of the psyche which for many of you,
you have created a thick wall, and a moat, and barbed wire and all of
these things are preventing others and preventing yourself from being
able to see who you really are, the divine being that is inside of
you. There is then the level of personality, and of ego that of course
wants you to stay in fear, and wants you to stay disconnected from who
you really are. For as you fully embrace your divinity, your ego is
dissolved. This is where you are headed, but your ego is afraid and so
it is gripping on tighter now than ever, and as light pours onto your
earth, and into your being, these negative experiences from your past
are coming up. And so you may be feeling great one day, and then more
light comes in, and all of these things come up, and suddenly you feel
terrible and you don’t know what to do, you feel trapped. It feels
hard… and it is hard. We honor this. And we honor you for your
willingness to go through this. For you are serving your soul and you
are serving humanity in encountering these issues, these are coming up
for release so that you may grow beyond them. It is my advice to you
that you release these emotions and memories as they come up. They are
coming up for this specific purpose, for you to release, and know that
choose you not to release them, they will continue to confront you
until you do. So when out of nowhere as it seems, you feel angry at
another human being. Know that you are not really angry at them though
yes, it does seem to be the case to you. But really they are acting as
a mirror for you, and your true anger is with yourself. And this does
not feel good. So when you feel this, release it. Release it by simply
choosing to do so. This can be challenging, so you may also say
Archangel Metatron, please assist me in releasing this anger into the
light, and replacing it with unconditional love. Notice how your even
hearing these words now, you have experienced an increase in your
personal vibration. Release is powerful, and it is a powerful tool in
your tool belt, your ascension tool belt, your changing earth tool
belt. Are you aware of the other tools you have available to you?
Meditation is also so powerful. I cannot stress this enough, the
importance of quieting your ego mind through meditation or through
simply experiencing silence on a daily basis. Quiet your ego. It is
not serving you anymore. Yet many of you believe it to be true and you
believe that you are it. I affirm to you now that you are not. The
truth of who you are is one who is able to remain in a vibration of
unconditional love all of the time. So the voice that tells you
otherwise, the voice that worries, that doubts, that complains, that
fears, that sees fault in and judges others. This is your ego, and as
you notice your ego doing these things, making judgments and being
fearful… Take a step back, and take on the position of the observer.
As you do this, you disassociate from the ego and you take your power
back. Now is the time for you to do this. Take your power back. You
are a powerful being, powerful beyond measure and one with all that
is. But it is up to you to embrace this, to release the things that no
longer serve you, and to step into your true nature. This is what the
ascension process is all about, and it is going on right now. It is
not something that is going to happen on December 21, 2012. If you
wait until that day to experience it, I say to you, you will miss it.
For rather, the change has already begun. Your illusion of time is
quickening, and for many of you, the veil of illusion has already
begun to be lifted. And this is good. The truth of who you are is a
powerful psychic being, you are connected with inner guidance, you are
connected with love you are able to stay in this heightened vibration
all of the time. You are able to do this. So your tools of release, of
meditation, and the third tool available to you, affirmation. We have
discussed how your ego will always want you to return to fear-based
thinking, and you can release these thoughts to me or through your
conscious thought. You can meditate, to learn to tame and take your
power back from your ego. But these thoughts of ego do create at a
subconscious level. At a subconscious level, you are creating things
that you do not want whether you like it or not, and most of the time
you are completely unaware of these subconsicious creative beliefs.
This is why you often find things in your reality that are not what
you really desire. Know that a powerful positive thought, a focused
and deliberate positive thought, is more powerful than a subconscious,
unknown negative thought.

So every day, dear ones, affirm, write down your desires and what you
really want to create in your life. Tell the universe what you want.
Reaffirm your intentions to yourself so many times that they become
your subconscious thought. In doing this, you will get what you want.
It is so simple. It is law. Anything that you see in your reality, be
it the chair that you are sitting on, or the car you drive, or the
house you live in. It was first a thought in someone’s mind. This is
how it is able to be in existence, because someone thought it and
created it. So remember this, as you have desires. Write them down and
believe that is possible for you to create them., regardless of
whether you know how this will be done.

And this leads me into yet another tool in your ascension tool belt,
and that is prayer, for prayer is a very powerful tool available to
you. Angels, guides, the universe… want to support you. We want you to
have what you want. But as I have said, you must ask for it. And ask
for assistance in getting it. Ask your angels to line up the
situations that you need to experience in order to create what you
want. Ask for help, and you will receive it. Use the tools that are
available to you, and allow yourself to stay in a state of joy.
Remember, your earth is constantly changing. Change is the only thing
that is constant. As you accept this and embrace this and prepare for
this, you will be able to effortlessly navigate these changes, staying
grounded and staying centered despite the turbulence and the chaos
that is all around you. You are able to remain a still, bright flame
amidst a violent storm. This is powerful and this is who you are.
Trust in this. Believe it to be so, and so it is.

Now dear ones, drop deeper into your heart, for we will close soon but
first, you will be lifted in an ascension exercise. An exercise of
increasing your vibration. Know that your vibration has already been
lifted, but now we lift you higher. So drop into your heart. Take in a
deep breath, and breathe in the white light that is now pouring in,
from above your head and down in through your crown chakra and
throughout your spinal column. Breathe in the white light, and we lift
you now. Very good. You are surrounded in a vortex of unconditional
love. A sphere of white light which is now serving you by dissolving
any negativity which you have accumulated through out your day, your
week and your month, throughout your life. It is dissolved into this
white light of love energy. And we call upon my brother, Archangel
Michael – whom you may also call on always – to cut any and all cords
of negativity from situations, or from people. The cords are cut, and
as this happens, feel your energy lift even more. And now any of your
essence, any of your energy that has been drained, knowingly or
unknowingly by others or by yourself – we reweave this into your
etheric body, and into your energetic form. And now breathe in the
white light again and feel your aura expand. There are now rays of
white light heading towards you, entering into your field. Allow
these, and know that as you allow these beams of light to surround
you, you are building your light body. You are increasing your
frequency. You are expanding your consciousness. You are experiencing
the energy of unconditional love. Again, breathe in the white light
and allow this white light to fill your spinal column with white
light, connecting all of your chakras, cleansing these energy centers.
Returning you to a state of balance, and a state of love, this is who
you really are. You are a divine being. You are love. You are loved.
You are surrounded with guides and angels, who love you and who are
assisting you in accomplishing your specific purpose, your exact
reason for being here on Earth. Know that as you follow your joy and
your heart, you are on track and on your path. Use the tools that are
available to you, and be willing to ask for assistance.

We now lower you back into your physical body. But know that your
energy has been cleared. You have been cleansed, and you have been
lifted, and this will stay with you and assist you in navigating your
ever changing world. Simply being aware that your world is ever
changing… will assist you in navigating. Now, allow yourself to move
around, stretch. Plant your feet firmly onto the ground. Feel your
toes and your heels and the balls of your feet on the ground and now
visualize roots extending downward, into the center of the earth,
grounding you into the third dimension. Into your physical world. You
are a physical being, and you are grounded. And now light from your
crown chakra, extending upwards, into the heavens, grounding you into
the universe, you are a spiritual being, and you are grounded. This
light and these roots meet together at your heart, inside of your open
heart, grounding you fully. You are centered, you are cleansed, and
you are now ready to take the first step confidently in the directions
of your dreams. Know that you were given your dreams because you can
and will accomplish them. Believe in this, and be willing to take the
first step. Even if it seems silly, take the first step, and the next
step will appear to you after.

Dear one, you are so loved. And you are assisted in accomplishing your
mission. Call upon I, Archangel Metatron and call upon your own guide
and angels who are ready and willing to serve you in staying in a
state of peace. You can do it, and we will help you. We love you. And
now in one sense, we leave you and in another, we are always with you,
but simply a thought away. Goodbye for now.

With Light and Love,
Channeled Messages From Archangel Metatron

2010: A year of transition

2010: A year of transition

We would like to talk about the transition period. We are moving
towards 2010, which is a year of transition, in which we will move to
another way of thinking, to other norms and values. Last year we
talked about welfare, about your concept of welfare. Welfare is linked
to matter, to possessions. Everything that is a part of Western
civilization, is what you call welfare.

Western civilization is coming to an end

Dear all, Western civilization is coming to an end. Many civilizations
had existed on Planet Earth, high ones and low ones, as you call them.
All these civilizations were eventually doomed to disappear in order
to make way for a new civilization. These ancient civilizations (whose
knowledge is being reactivated) were confined to certain parts of the
world, but Western civilization has unfortunately spread itself
throughout the Earth – not doing much good to the Earth. Confusion
will be prevalent and humanity will experience fear. Western
civilization was powerful, very powerful. The news is full of reports
about world leaders, about a world summit and a global civilization.
The credit crisis has taught you that all countries are dependent on
another. Humanity has been mixed. Many cultures and races have been
spread throughout the Earth, and a unique population of one particular
country simply doesn’t exist anymore. These were the forerunners of
the New Age, which will be about a new kind of solidarity. Humans were
powerful; they thought they could influence the laws of nature – which
they have tried to do – and they have used and even abused the Earth
and everything that lives on Earth. Humans thought of themselves as
the centre of the Earth, and they have deemed themselves superior to
all other life on Planet Earth. However, this time has come to an end.
A flood of fear has engulfed humanity. All of a sudden humans realize
that they are dependent on something like a climate. How to deal with
that? Humans haven’t had the power to influence the climate. You have
seen how much commotion 15 centimeters of snow has caused to the
economy of many countries in Europe. The economy is seriously
disrupted. Imagine there was a power failure – chaos would prevail.
This is how vulnerable you’ve become. This vulnerability started with
the discovery of electricity. Power has become a major pillar of
Western civilization: gauges and many industries are dependent on
power. Know that power is an example of polarity – two aspects that
produce something new. There is a negative aspect and a positive
aspect, a negative pole and a positive pole. Polarity, duality, was
one of the characteristics of Western civilization. Rich and poor,
stupid and bright, man and woman, and so on. Every conflict can be
traced back to this duality. One person thinks that something is good
and another person thinks that something is wrong. This is all because
of duality, polarity – electricity. The end of Western civilization
will mark a new era, and because this will influence the whole world,
ancient cultures thought that the world would undergo a complete
transformation and perhaps would disappear altogether. We would like
to say that the word “world” is the wrong word to start with. The
Earth won’t disappear. However, humanity will change – will be forced
to change – because human power is declining and people will realize
how vulnerable they actually are. It’s time to start developing a new
kind of solidarity. Having said this, we don’t mean solidarity just
between people. We are talking about respect for and solidarity with
everything that exists on Earth. Only then will the Earth be united, a
unity of different beings, different energies, people, animals and
plants. It’s time that people start understanding the plants again,
instead of just consuming them. It’s time that people start
understanding animals again instead of using them. The invisible makes
you vulnerable. Animals understand many signals, but many people are
blind to these signals. We would like to tell you: look at the
animals, listen to the animals, feel the animals – because they can
warn you. They can teach you many wise lessons about Planet Earth. The
Earth was being used, and the water was being used.

The element air

And now a new element will show up: the element air. Your greatest
enemy is the element air, which is invisible. However, it can be
detected by your subtle senses. So you will have to watch the element
air. If you look back at the last few years of evolution, you can see
this is true. Terrorism is hard to combat because it is invisible,
therefore it belongs to the element air. Bacteria and viruses belong
to the element air too. So beware of the element air. The only way to
protect yourself against these potentially harmful influences of air,
is to take good care of your own element of air. We are referring to
the energy field surrounding you and the energy within yourself. If
the energy within yourself is balanced, your aura will be strong and
will serve as a shield of immunity against the element air, which
could otherwise get you out of balance. Thus it will become more and
more important for you to develop your sensitivity. Do you feel at
ease around certain people? Do you feel at ease in certain homes? Do
you feel at ease in a particular country? Keep asking yourself these
kinds of questions. We recommend that you create a place for yourself,
no matter how small this place may be, in which you feel in harmony
with yourself. This will be a place for you to recharge your
batteries, to be balanced again. It is the only way to develop your
subtle senses, so that they can perceive things clearly. If you are
continuously feeling stressed out and you are out of balance, your
subtle senses will become dormant. The energy around you is simply too
fierce. Imagine that you would want to play a very subtle piccolo
during a rock concert or house party – nobody would be able to hear
you play. It’s the same for your subtle signals: they have a high
vibration, and your subtle senses can only pick up very high
vibrations. Energy which isn’t subtle, prevents these high vibrations
from getting through to you. As a result, you are cut off from your
subtle senses. So create a harmonious place where you can nourish and
heighten your subtle senses. This is your navigation system and your
protection against the element air. Things that aren’t visible for
many people will be perceived by you – you will “know” that they
exist. In this way, you will become more impulsive, saying “yes” where
at first you said “no”, or saying “no” where at first you said “yes”.
Practise and listen to your subtle senses, for then you will always be
at the right time at the right place. When you start realizing that
you are always at the right time at the right place, you know that you
are meant to be there to play a certain role – perhaps as an extra,
perhaps as a supporting act, or perhaps to play the leading part. This
can all be true. Go ahead and practise, for you will flow through
chaotic times more smoothly, because one thing is for sure: there will
be more and more chaos, inexplicably, unexpectedly. However, the chaos
can be explained and won’t be unexpected when you listen to your
subtle senses. A part of humanity will be increasingly able to
regularly experience fifth dimensional consciousness. The third
dimension already exists in many places and it has been integrated
into the lives of many people via games and films. Again because of
the instruments of Western civilization, it has been accepted and
scientifically proved that 3D exists, because it can be measured. And
because its gauges indicate 3D, it therefore must be true. Fifth
dimensional is true as well, but it cannot yet be measured by gauges
based on duality – polarity. Everything that is based on polarity
falls short, for they cannot measure or register the fifth dimension.
Many of you have been regularly practising being in the fifth
dimension during sleep or in holidays; it seems to be a time of
timelessness. The element time changes in those periods, because there
is more than meets the eye and things go faster. You cannot grasp it –
your understanding of time is limited. Something in you registers a
larger truth, a larger unity, and at that moment you get a bird’s eye
view of things, beyond the limits of your human existence. You then
realize that your old human existence was too limited. These moments
are moments of practice. Practice in experiencing a larger sense of
unity, and once you have experienced it, you will want to experience
it more often.


This wish will be spread and sooner or later you will co-create this
unity and that, dear all, precisely that will become the New Age. A
larger understanding of unity – a larger understanding of unity on
Planet Earth. So life on Earth won’t be just about humans anymore, but
it will be about a peaceful coexistence of humans, animals, plants,
minerals and everything that exists on Planet Earth. Much will be lost
– or so it seems. But many things will be found again. Let us mention
this: many animals and animal species will be rediscovered. People
thought that they were lost. But no, they are still around –
thankfully invisible to humans for a long period of time. It’s the
same for many plants. Their seeds have safely been stored “in” the
Earth or at places where humans cannot access them. You can compare it
to Noah’s Ark. Nothing is ever lost. It can temporarily be lost but
that doesn’t mean that is has been lost forever. Nothing – nothing at
all – is ever lost. And nothing ever happens for no reason. It always
serves a higher purpose, an evolution. Planet Earth is evolving. The
Earth’s atmosphere is becoming more and more subtle and many planets
and many systems in the Universe (unknown to humanity) evolve along.
Just look back and see how many new stars, new planets and new
energies have been discovered recently – they were unknown up until
the moment of discovery. There are stars that will become visible from
the Earth. They have always been there, but because of their evolution
they will get into contact with Planet Earth. They will want to be
seen by the inhabitants of the Earth and at the same time people are
open to and interested in all those things unknown to them. Many
things have been discovered and yet many more things will be
discovered; this is because a part of humanity sees polarity as being
limited. They use polarity when necessary but at the same time they
move toward the fifth dimension. This way, many things will become
more visible to you, more things will be registered – things that are
yet to be seen. You are the forerunners of the New Age. You are part
of the transition to the New Age and you all play an important role in
it. Realize that if you felt lonely in your life on Earth, if you felt
misunderstood, if you felt you were a loner, isolated – know that your
time will come, because you are one of the go-betweens. You knew about
another world, you knew about a different perception of unity. All the
things that didn’t reflect that unity – that sense of unity – was
inferior to you. You (your inner self) were looking for more, for a
different solidarity, one that has respect for everything and
everyone. So leave duality behind you as much as you can. Realize that
you needed Western civilization, this polarity and duality, in order
to anchor yourself in matter. Now your higher self and your higher
consciousness will play an increasingly bigger role in your life, and
matter will be there to support you – not to serve polarity but to
serve totality. Everything serves everything. More and more, humans
will realize that they saw a limited picture because they were
thinking in terms of polarity. Do not feel guilty about this. Know
that this was necessary to integrate matter and to regard matter as
the most important thing in life. This was essential because it has
paved the way for the next step in evolution. Your higher being, your
higher consciousness, is fed by matter and matter feeds you. It will
become a unity of being. Polarity combined with your own being and
your own subtle senses, will become fifth dimensional. We wish you all
a fascinating year. Go for it and know that you will feel more and
more at home on Planet Earth. You are paving the way to the New Age
for the children who will be born and for the sensitive children who
are already here. They are tomorrow’s humanity. So start with
yourself. Take care of your personal energy field. Create places where
you can be subtle and vulnerable. This way, you can be and are allowed
to be subtle and vulnerable more frequently – which is the only way to
clearly experience and perceive the signals that cannot yet be
perceived by many other people. That is your navigation system. And
before you realize it, after some practice, you will support many
other people with your navigation system. Because they are wandering,
so to speak – their personal navigation system doesn’t function
anymore. They are deaf or blind to the signals that you are able to
see, hear or just know. You cannot prove these things – it’s all about
trust. So trust yourself, trust your higher guidance. Create a
harmonious place for yourself in this transition period.

New Year's message 2009-2010
Oth-channeling by Ellen Rauh
december 2009, The Netherlands
in English - Nederlands

NorthPoint Astrology Journal - 2/22 - 2/28/10

NorthPoint Astrology Journal
Your guide to astrological energies for February 22 to 28, 2010

Written by Pam Younghans

Photo: The Northern Lights over Norway on February 17 (photo by
Øystein Lunde Ingvaldsen)

Our Sun has been very active since the beginning of 2010. On most
days, there has been at least one active sunspot on the Sun's surface,
and solar flares and coronal mass ejections have been increasing.
These solar activities cause our beautiful Northern Lights, as the
solar wind from those eruptions on the Sun's surface reach Earth's
atmosphere and the two energy fields interact.

It would seem that the extreme solar minimum we've been experiencing
is finally over. "Solar minimum" is the term for a period when the Sun
is mostly quiet. This latest solar minimum was quieter than most,
causing some to be concerned: Since 2004, the Sun has been inactive
(without sunspots) 772 days. This is compared to a typical solar
minimum that has about 485 inactive days.

This renewed solar activity means we'll again have more physical proof
of the Sun's effect on us Earthlings, beyond supplying the warmth and
light we need to survive. There will be more auroras to grace our
skies, and more potential for disruptions of electronic devices when
solar flares and coronal mass ejections are especially strong.

In metaphysical terms, the Sun's renewed activity explains a bit about
how we've been feeling since early January. We receive information and
energy from the Sun with each solar wind that reaches our atmosphere.
With the Sun more active now after such an extended quiet phase, we
are going through a time of adjustment, as we get used to the
increased energy impulses reaching Earth.

The Sun is not only the hub of our solar system -- it is also our
point of interaction with the energies of all the other planets that
also orbit our great star. Each of the planets in the solar system is
held in orbit by gravity, and through that magnetic field, each planet
exchanges energy and information with the Sun. When solar winds reach
Earth, those winds contain data not only from our Sun, but from all
the planets.

The process of receiving this information happens on fairly subtle
levels and mostly unconsciously for the majority of us. But since
we're becoming more sensitive to energy impulses, it may be a good
time to start paying more attention to how we feel and what insights
are available when those solar winds reach us. If you're interested,
the website monitors solar activity and solar wind
speed 24 hours a day (

Astrologically speaking, the Sun represents our core personal
identity. Its location by sign, house and aspect in our birth charts
reveals vital information about who we chose to be in this lifetime,
where we most wanted to experience fulfillment, and the personality
traits that both assist and interfere with achieving that fulfillment.

Now that the Sun is more active both physically and metaphysically, we
may find that our very essence is being stirred. We have begun to
question, even more pointedly than before, who we are as individuals,
why we're here, and what will satisfy the urge we each have for
personal fulfillment.

Because the solar minimum phase began back in 2004, it might be
revealing to review the past five or six years in our personal
experience, especially as related to our primary needs for fulfillment
(as shown by the Sun's location in our charts). Have there been ways
in which you've felt things have been "stuck" in this area, or that
you haven't been able to find the clarity and insights to move your
life forward? (For a reminder of the meanings of the 12 houses, please
visit the "Houses" page of my website at

Perhaps with the Sun gaining in activity, with more information and
energy beginning to stir in our atmosphere, in our cells and in our
psyches, we'll be able to gain those insights we need for greater
personal fulfillment. This process will be supported even more
directly after the Spring Equinox, when the Sun enters Aries and
begins the astrological New Year.

The Neptune-Chiron conjunction, exact last week, continues to
influence the energy field this week. This has been an emotional time
for many, as the wounds of separation have been exposed, asking to be

Mercury aligns with Neptune and Chiron next Saturday, bringing into
our awareness the issues surrounding our fears of abandonment,
rejection, separation and alienation. Next weekend will be an
especially powerful time to monitor your dreams for insights, and to
spend time journaling on the themes that arise -- remembering that
bringing issues into conscious awareness is an important step in their
resolution and healing.

Next weekend may not, however, be the best time to expect yourself to
be logical and rational, or even especially clear in your
communications with others. Neptune's effect on Mercury can be
elevating spiritually, but isn't so helpful for tasks that require
clear, focused thought.

The feeling of being a bit in "la la land" next weekend is likely to
be increased by the Pisces Full Moon on Sunday (at 8:38am PST). The
Sabian symbol for the location of the Moon at the time of the lunation
(at 10 degrees Virgo), sheds some light on the themes involved:

Two heads looking out and beyond the shadows: The growth of true
understanding, born out of the transcendence of duality even while
immersed in the world of duality.

This symbolic image, while related to the Full Moon, also speaks to
the energies of the Mercury/Neptune/Chiron alignment in Aquarius. Our
third dimensional perceptions are informed by our current dualistic
"reality," and so we believe that we can be separate, alienated, and
even abandoned or rejected.

In our Highest Self awareness, we know that we are each connected to
All That Is, and in that way are never apart from those we love. The
struggle of consciousness, as represented by the sign of Aquarius, is
how to experience individuality and know our uniqueness, while also
accepting that we are One.

For the most part, our minds glaze over when trying to come to terms
with such a paradox. But perhaps next weekend's Full Moon and Mercury/
Neptune/Chiron energies will help us accept spiritually what we cannot
fathom intellectually.

Added to all this is a Jupiter-Sun alignment, also exact next Sunday
and so an integral part of the Full Moon experience. Jupiter is the
Great Amplifier, exaggerating the energies of whatever he touches. His
alignment with the Sun in Pisces will tend to dissolve the boundaries
of consciousness even further, making it less clear where I end and
you begin, and blurring the separation between dimensions.

Because of this extra emphasis on the Sun at the time of the Full
Moon, it makes sense that we also note the Sabian symbol for 10
degrees of Pisces, where both the Sun and Jupiter will be located:

An aviator pursues his journey, flying through ground-obscuring
clouds: Our ability to develop powers and skills which, by
transcending natural limitations, allow us to operated in mental-
spiritual realms.

This image is a perfect description of how we may feel next weekend,
that we are "flying through ground-obscuring clouds." It also gives us
even more confirmation about the higher intentions of the Full Moon
energies: to move us beyond the constraints of the dualistic mind and
into a more spiritually-based perspective. It is this enlightened view
of "reality" -- the perspective we gain when our human vision is
obscured and we have to rely on our inner navigational tools -- that
will guide our flight as we complete the month of February.