Monday, November 23, 2020

The Eternal Light of All-Matt Kahn 11-22/20 Teaching


The light is the space through which infinite possibility occurs. By giving your attention to the space between things, instead of fixating on things in space, the more light you cultivate. 

As more light is cultivated, greater possibilities emerge; allowing any side, argument, imbalance, or injustice to be equally healed, as the space between things collectively manifests as the eternal light of all. 

This fully realized eternal light is the new consciousness of humanity. 

It’s a consciousness that doesn’t have to defeat unconsciousness in order to shine for the equality, liberation, and ascension of all. 

Love is the sensation of this new consciousness emerging. If you're not noticing or experiencing this feeling, it doesn’t mean you are left behind. It simply means whatever you are feeling is the next healing taking place to make room for a greater awareness of light...a light that has always existed within and around you, just perhaps obscured by all the things making so much noise and taking up space.

All For Love,


Throughout our American Thanksgiving week 
and always, we hold deep, sincere....


We truly do. 
And, this feels like a perfect time to share this teaching 



Mantra: The value of my life increases each time I appreciate everything in it.

When appreciation is allowed, everything is seen as a gift for the evolution of your soul. The more often you appreciate, the greater value you feel within your own life. While there is true worth in uncovering your life's purpose, most feelings of discontent are not caused by what you do or don't do. They are created simply by a lack of perceived value in your environment. Instead of waiting for things to get better before you allow appreciation, you must be willing to acknowledge the value in all things; this will awaken the feelings of elation that are always alive within you.


There is something so special and magical about soul gatherings in the winter holiday season. It's a time where the remembrance of gratitude, generosity, and togetherness rests more at the forefront of collective awareness, as we embrace the lessons learned throughout each calendar year with awe and reverence for the growth and expansion we’ve undoubtedly experienced. Especially during a year like 2020, it's a moment where we can come together in community, not limited by the capacity of venue sizes, to assemble as the one eternal light manifesting positive change and inspired action for our evolving planet and awakening humanity.

As a soothing balm of love, I’m deeply excited to share some profound new teachings and a few incredible surprises to help you navigate these times of uncertainty with renewed authenticity, openness, and grace. As we equally hold space for humanity and step further into our own multi-dimensional nature, I invite you into the sacred vessel of energetic transmission to infuse your holiday season with the magic and miracles of your most aligned self. 

We are also excited to offer a sliding scale for this event. Please pay whatever matches your current needs and budget.

Following the live teaching on December 5th, I will open up a live Q&A session. Additionally, an uncut replay including the Q&A will be available for all live ticket holders for one week after the event (through Dec. 13th). An edited recording of the teaching will be available for all on YouTube by Dec. 18th and will be included in our Sunday, Dec. 20 newsletter.

Please join us for an incredible end-of-the-year celebration. 
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End-of-Year Celebration with a VirtualGlobal Soul Gathering!

Saturday, Dec. 5, 2020
6:30-8:30pm Pacific

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