Tuesday, April 24, 2007

What's Up On Planet Earth

If you have been feeling for the past few days as though you are out of body, floating somewhere unfamiliar, feeling connected to nothing, even yourself, or even as if the bottom has just fallen out from beneath you, you are not alone.

Add to this some sleepless nights, nausea, dizziness, along with perhaps not knowing exactly where you are, panic, desperation, and some fear, and you will have a recipe for our current energetic space.

Are our hopes and dreams ever going to manifest? How will we ever create what our hearts desire? Where are our supports? Where in the heck are we anyway? Is anything real? I can assure you that nothing is out of order, and things, as always, are right where they need to be.

A few days ago we got hit with a substantial energy surge. It literally almost knocked some of us off our rockers. This blast and crash of energy into our current energetic reality pushed and blasted much right out of us. This was a time or opportunity to change and let go of any old patterns of being and running our personal energy. Old patterns were literally knocked right out of us, or at least brought right up to the surface.

If you are a sensitive individual, you may have felt shell shocked and did not know why. And immediately after this huge wave of energy passed through, we were then left in a space of much less density. Because of this, at first it can feel as though one is floating around above everything, not connected to much, and with nothing to hold onto. Our sense of security can thus be affected to a great degree, and confusion can result as well.

All in all, much of everything can just feel plain strange. There is little movement now with the energies as a stillness surrounds us. A stillness resulting from the fallout of this vast energy crash that most recently occurred.

As I write these words, an angel messenger has appeared (very unusual) with these words to share:

“A new reign of peace and serenity is now upon us. A new surge of light has heralded a new dawn. We can rejoice in the bounty that it will bring. It is truly the dawn of a new era. Know that new opportunities abound. It is a time for magic. It is a time to wave your wands and watch as miracles occur.”

If you are not experiencing any of the above, there may be several reasons. And know that you are most certainly not alone. The higher we vibrate as a planet and as a whole, the more evident and extreme any lower vibrating energies become when they enter our spaces. Because everything is magnified the higher we vibrate, when we attract things that feel unpleasant to a great degree, it is because we are of course seeing and experiencing the patterns within ourselves that are out of whack with the higher realms.

And now that we have reached a new and higher vibrating rung of the energy ladder, much of these patterns have been thrown right up into our faces with great force. This latest energy surge and bombardment really intensified much for us. It is a strange space now because if we choose a negative thought or make an inappropriate and inaccurate assumption, we are shown with full force and in incredible living color what we believe to be true, even though it may be coming from a great mis-perception on our part.

The trite phrase of “creating our own reality” is now more true than ever before. What we choose to believe and perceive becomes the play and drama that we will find ourselves in. If we can focus our thoughts and attentions on positive things of a higher order, we will immediately be placed in a new dream and reality. In this way, we can rise above the mass consciousness and have a very different experience.

So in effect, we are the ones who are currently creating our own prisons. And with the energies at a stillness now, what predominates are our thoughts and beliefs, or what is really emanating from inside of us. Thus, if we are feeling icky and stressed, out of sorts, and extremely fearful, it is because we are allowing doubts, fears, insecurities, and the like to run our energies, and they are coming from within.

But mostly, these experiences are here because the energies are waning and still. Creations always occurs when everything culminates and comes together…from the outside as well as the inside. It is never one way only. When the higher energies really hit from outside, then that is what dominates and we have a very different experience. But currently, the outside energies are very absent. So for the time being, if we can trust that we are simply experiencing the fall out space of stillness for awhile, and know that things will again change, as they always do, we can use this opportunity to choose what we really want to focus on in regard to our thoughts and desires.

For this reason, we may be feeling pressures in regard to having to make decisions now when we may feel that we do not yet have the necessary supports to make them happen. Much may be upon us, we may be unusually busy, and at the same time, wonder how in the world we are going to get to the next reality we need and know we want to create.

Trust that things will change. Trust that our supports will arrive. Trust that we are only experiencing a phase resulting from this latest huge blast of higher energy. And know that the angel messenger that just arrived unexpectedly was right.
Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times.

Weekly Astrology Report

Tuesday April 24, 2007 Today is MUCH more clear and focused today than yesterdayThe moon In Leo today is getting along much better with other planets in the sky. Leo energy would like to be heart connected and doing what it feels is REALLY important and today could be a more connected day for you if you are working on taking care of yourself.Give yourself a precious gift today, of whatever feels good to you, be it a massage, or justA call to someone who honors you. Look at what would make you feel truly regal and royal. Royalty after all is about responsibility but it is also about responsibility to self isn’t it?Avoid the takers today if possible and find those who are givers in your life and allow yourself to receive. YEP::: that means some of us will be giving doesn’t it? TODAY I give lovingly of myself to someone I love and honor…as I take a long time dear friend to lunch for her birthday and honor her sweet Taurus energy by a wonderful lunch, some small presents of things she will enjoy and most of all, giving of myself to her… That kind of giving is ok… and can be fun can’t it?• Major aspect today is 9:25pm as the moon makes a sextile of gift of energy to the planet VENUS which is the planet of love. A great romantic evening or an evening of giving from the heart for us all. BUT DO use the day if possible to receive energy from others as we all do need to fill that cup UP again don’t we.• Color today Green for healing• Use pine or fir or some outdoorsy oil to connect you to your path• Iolite which clears negativity and banishes the Blues and is called theSECURITY OF SELF stone• Oil of Ginger for endowing us with courage and physical energy• Kiss for today was BELIEVE and let it happen…remember this works both ways? IF I believe bad that can happen also, so control the mind and then you begin to control your life"You must be the change you want to see in the world." Mahatma GandhiAnd to those of you who e mailed me to corrected me on the quote from “unknown”::: I am happy to see the VIRGO (details) end of the sky is alive and well for you folks…. "Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right doing, there is a field....I will meet you there"- Unknown is what I wrote….and Many of you e mailed and said Deepak said it, and some said RUMI and some said Buddha…Whoever said it, it is a GREAT saying and I find it quite interesting that many of you who responded to this perhaps did not read it carefully??? Right or wrong…it is a good saying…and thanks for your input…And I get about 280 e mails per day… I had 100 in the spam file this morning and 255 to begin the day with……(Tuesday the 24th )Wednesday April 25, 2007 SEE YOU AT SPIRIT JOURNEY TONIGHT IN ISSAQUAH? Mark Dodich is doing a lecture and some of us are meeting beforehand to have dinner… I will be there for sure since (Saturn) accountability is strong today…Lets all of us to please remember to (forget about the other guys stuff and concentrate on your own and you will be getting a great deal done today)• The moon in Leo deepens the fiery and passionate energy of being true to ourselves and at 3:14am the moon touches Saturn and the focus of I WILL becomes even strongerAnd many of us are asking ourselves what we are creating or spreading and what needs to be changed to be the change we wish to happen in this world.REMEMBER< we are still in that BRINGING IN wish time, so make a list of your wishes for self…and realize that what you are passionate about and YOURSELF energy is strong now. Ignore the other guy as much as possible and I will again share with you…my way of greeting the day … I begin each day with the saying “. Lord, today I will to will, THY will, and not my Will” This is not always easy, but always will assure you that you will not get too far off track.• 10:17am MOON Opposing Neptune: Imagination and passion are not playing well together today and aren’t challenges just an opportunity to develop another skill? Today says you can only do so much, and turning it over to higher power will for sure work better than trying to tackle the elephant in the living room yourself. You have heard that joke? About denying the elephant in the living room until you cannot ignore the pile and the smell? TODAY working on the pile just does not work like we would wish…• By 10pm tonight as the moon and Mercury (ideas) come together in a great aspect, and things will have rearranged themselves quite a bit and we have some new and better approaches to whatever is smelling unpleasantly in your life.• I shall color today the colors of ORANGE for creating what I WANT out of this day and all days in my life.• Flexibility is your kiss for today: By thought, word and deed, FLEXIBILITY please• Use Citrine, Ametrine or another joyful stone (Orange carnelian or amber for me)Oil of Abundance for increasing all that is good in your lifeThe Noble Eightfold Path: Right Views, Right Thoughts, Right Speech,Right Conduct, Right Livelihood, Right Effort, Right Mindfulness,and Right Concentration.I LIKED THIS SO MUCH, am repeating it again…Here is the test to find whether your mission on earth is finished. If you're alive, it isn't. ~Richard Bach++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Kiss is keep it simple sweetie for the dayV/c is when the moon times out and things do not go as expectedPlanets are actors and have a part to playSigns are the costumes the planets wearAspects are how the planets are playing togetherMoon is emotions so we keep track of what sign it is in each day to better understand our own and others moodsThursday April 26, 2007 GO FOR It today in an more orderly fashionToday the moon moves. v/c at 12:01am and is v/c until 2:24am when it enters the more linear and logical sign of Virgo…..• 12:01am moon (emotions) trine Pluto (transformation) and moon v/c (A GOOD and powerfully productive v/c for dream work)• 2:24am the moon (emotions) enters analytical and fact oriented VIRGO and facts can lead us into criticism if we are not careful• 10:05am mercury trine Pluto a good thing if you can handle the truth? (you might want to just listen today and not tell others what you think, there is lots of fire and more than a bit of fault finding around on this interesting day• 8:19pm Venus the planet of love squares (AN ASPECT that asks you to turn around andSee things from another perspective) Uranus (the planet of change)…. so love and romance and what you like tonight are put together in a different package than you might expect. AND that can be a great thing to help you change beliefs about relationships or to work on things within existing relationships that need changing. KISS FOR TODAY IS NLP …(neurolyngistic programming) IF you want something to change with another person, please do not tell the person they are doing something wrong. PHRASE it as “WHEN you do thus and so I LIKE IT SO MUCH” not when you do thus and so I want to smash your face in with a baseball bat…. Trust me on this one please….today is not the day to approach with guilt, reproaches, or criticism because it will come back to you 12fold• Color Peach for love and passion• Stones, Citrine, Ruby and other passionate stones work well todayOR if you are visionary? Today is the day to get out the MYSTIC stuffLabradorite, Moonstone, Opals, Crystal Balls and other visual stones as we have practical magic mixed with Faith and spiritual connection• Oil of Myrrh for spiritual connection and ecology for all you manifest• Kiss if you work hard on being into yourself… you get great results …working hardOn others today will just bring up their own self critical voice and they will 99% of the time turn around and attack you….creating that circle of getting nowhere very fast…Miracles come from your love... They are synchronistic events that usually occur when you let go of attachment and trust your inner guidance... -- Sanaya Roman -Friday April 27, 2007 there is strong EARTH ENERGY COMING to help ground us into beginning to make firm commitments to our plans this monthWith the moon in Virgo today we are joined in the “LETS party here on earth with what we have song” by Mercury the planet of ideas moving to Taurus. Mercury in Taurus assists us to create reality in thinking and the down side can be a bit of stick in the mud. So, begin to really work on the details of what you want in your life and again. I must reiterate…KEEP this energy working with and FOR YOU personally….in your own life… My Grandmother always told me the most unwelcome thing in the world is unasked for advice, and many years later when I was working on my psychic abilities and what I was to tell folks and what NOT TO TELL folks. David Pond told me in a reading. “Carol, be the mirror on the wall, let people come to you and then tell them the truth. DO NOT follow them around telling them what you see. When they are ready they will appear before you and you will have all the information for them that you and they both need” EXCELLENT advice for us all isn’t it• LOTS OF STUFF HAPPENING, changes each minute…• 11:12am anger bug is out and alive and well, care with criticism and be NICE TO YOURSELF also, the moon opposing mars brings up issues in order to show us what needs to be done• 1:06pm Venus Sextile Saturn, now we are willing to work on OUR STUFF• 1:18pm help comes from an unexpected source with URANUS• 3:02pm Well….hmmmm??? you probably cannot get all done which others want of you today so how about some reasonable expectations of self and recognizing it?• 4:31pm more of the above. With Jupiter adding a MUST DO IT now energy…and DOES IT HAVE TO REALLY BE DONE NOW? What will happen if it is sitting there Monday am for you? WILL the world cease to revolve? If the answer is no…go home and get ready for a wonderful weekend.• What you do or are today is nothing compared to what you can be or do tomorrow (OR LETS SAY how about doing it NEXT MONDAY?) is our KISS of the day..• Color today purple for spiritual connection• Larimer or turquoise for shamanic connection to self• Oil of cinnamon to clear the head and cheer you• Kiss (keep it simple sweetie) trust and know if you are doing the right thing that it truly will turn out right. And be reasonable of what you expect of yourselfLove doesn't make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile". Franklin JonesAND THIS WEEKEND HAS LOVE ENERGY ALL OVER IT::::Saturday April 28, 2007 surprises and more than you might believe can happen this weekendThe moon in Virgo gets us off to a start which is all about duty, obligations and what must be done, but the day is going to shift majorly for you so do not expect too much out of yourself or others today please. THE LOVE BUG is out and would like to bite you…• 5:43am Venus (what we want) opposes Jupiter (what we believe we can do)• 12:14pm moon goes v/c with a rather ROUGH aspect with Pluto. This is probablyNot the day you want to work on personal development and that is FINE, some days should not be work, right? THIS is a FUN day. After• 2:45pm as the moon slides to LIBRA and the scenery changes and we are into love, beauty, Romance, and thinking about relationships and HAVE WONDERFUL ASPECT TONIGHT:::Once each month MARS (ACTION) touches (URANUS) surprises and here it is again at 9:38pm. YOU WILL feel this energy all day today and tomorrow and for the next 5 days. USE THIS WONDERFUL window and feel the excitement and the buzz….and believe so you create the energy for it to happen… B E L I E V E ……• Color today Orange for your passionUse citrine, Orange Aventurine or Carnelian for bringing passion into your lifeOr maybe agate, or jet or obsidian to calm you down and for protection• Oil of Release to let go of all that blocks your true joy• Kiss for today? Enjoy the wild ride, and buckle up please“Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.”Sunday April 29, 2007 HAPPY DAYS are here again (if you let it happen)The moon in Harmonious Libra today wants relationships, love, connectedness to spirit and a sense of knowing that we are NOT ALONE::: so, get out, mix and mingle, go for a walk, to a coffee or tea house, call up your bravery and get out and do something new. MY GUIDES KEEP HAMMERING that darned saying into my head constantly..IF you want something to happen that has never happened before you must do something different than you have ever done before…GO DO IT and be safe…And how often do you look up, make eye contact and SMILE at another person? THIS is the day to do it (of course, always when you feel safe) BUT remember….we must do something different than we have done if we want different outcome. THE TRUEST SIGN OF INSANITY is to keep doing the same thing over and over again and EXPECT that you will have different outcome than you did last time you did it.KISS for today is sweet like honey, should be our words to other today and tomorrow• Oil of Pine for inner and outer clearing• Color today white for purity of vision for yourself• Use pearls for wisdom or abalone or a water energy today to assist you to slow down and smell the roses, enjoy the energy of others and be in gratitudeWe were not sent into this world to do anything into which we can not put our heart.Ruskin, JohnMonday April 30, 2007 ANOTHER BUSY DAY but better than FridayWith the moon in Libra all day we are better able to blow off others “STUFF” today and be in a place of accomplishing things with balance.• 3:52am work and duty come into dreams?• 5:06am luck enters the day and an optimism which we much need on this busy Monday. It should be a GREAT day until about 3:21pm and then is still good…but use the morning productively• 10:27am something you like is made easier• 11:13am intuition is strong as well as creative vision• 3:21pm MARS which is about action and now wearing the sign of PISCES would like us to dissolve into the dream, into the romance and create that way. Jupiter the planet of luck and abundance in Fiery Sagittarius wants us to find our truth and WORK for it. This square just asks us to shift perspective and find a balance between these energy• 6:35pm another great intuition and LOVE and romance aspect enters for us.NOT to WORRY today please…Worry IS NOTHING BUT THINKING ABOUT WHAT YOU DO NOT WANT TO HAPPEN isn’t it… I call it negative Meditation; Today is a powerful day so how about even though it is not the new moon MAKING A WISH or 2 or more today• Color today white for purity of feelings, thoughts and emotions…Kiss is remember ideas turn into reality today, so make your reality a good one by thinking of what you want to happen• Oil of Lemon or tangerine for joy, or frankincense for spiritual peaceOR, sage or pine to clear energy and fears• I would suggest a stone today that you love and connect with, Amber for me perhaps Because of the wisdom and earth connection it carries. Amber helps me to remember how wise and ancient our souls are and is grounding which I BADLY need…and for some of you, want to fly? USE GOLDEN CITRINE for a safe flight…Orange Carnelian for passion. RUBY for the same….Sapphire for flights of truth and romance…and the more mystical stones Lapis, Turquoise, and Mother of pearl work well for those of you wanting less reality and more spiritual connectionWhen I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, "I used everything you gave me." ~Erma Bo beckLife is a promise; fulfill it. Mother TheresaTuesday MAY 01, 2007 HAPPY MAY DAY: as we enter the most fertile wish day of the year: The MAY OVERVIEW has been on my website for a couple of weeks go there and read and by now maybe JUNE is up also? HAPPY MAY DAY:With the moon in Libra until 1:07am then going v/c after doing one of those PLUTO TRANSFORMATION THINGEYS, our dreams should be great.• 3:41am the moon moves to Watery and intense Scorpio and the scene shifts from lights, flowers, romance and fun into Passion, intimacy, deep inner feelings and a greater connection to psychic abilities as well as the energy to work on your own “STUFF”• WE ARE IN THE WINDOW OF FULL MOON and energy is very strong today, the moon is getting ready tomorrow (Wednesday at 3:09am for a FULL MOON) So be aware today that energies are strong and powerful and that people are a bit more touchy than normal. Keep again to the theme of this whole last week…into your OWN Stuff and this will be a very powerful day for you personally• Color today purple for spirituality and Use Kyanite to raise spiritual awareness Or Amber, jet or an Agate to calm you down and did you know PROTECTIVE stones are agates, jet, obsidian and all the Dark stones• Oil of Pine for inner and outer clearingKiss for today is slow down, ON THIS DAY BEFORE THE FULL MOON….use care and visualize peace, love and joy and make it happen for you and those around you today and everydayFull moons are the time each month when the Sun (the light) and the moon (emotions and the past) are opposed meaning they each want something different and are wearing different signs. Full moons have planets in a powerful mix of opposition…. Which demands that we find balance and the center… THIS FULL MOON or releasing time at 3:09am We3dnesday the 2nd of May has the moon at 2 degrees of Scorpio wanting that passionate energy of watery intuition and feelings, opposing the SUN in stable and steady Taurus wanting to build and create out of reality something we an use, and has a meaning and purpose for ourselves and the world.The center or balance between these 2 energies is a powerful energy of looking within the self (SCORPIO) and seeing what needs to be removed or released over these next 2 weeks until that new moon on May 16th…. And to build and create a firmer and more stable reality for yourself with dedication, duty, use, meaning and Purpose by using the Sun in Taurus. Assisted by MERCURY (thoughts and ideas in Taurus) WILD DREAMS TONIGHT FOLKS,

Earth Day 2007

Earth Day 2007
They didn't let their scratched up, bloodied arms deter them from their appointed task.
Their task?
They had spent most of their Saturday cleaning up the neighborhood.
Although they were happy that they were able to recycle a lot of plastics,
they were a little disappointed that they weren't able to clean up everything.
"Mommy, how can people do this?"
"Hey! I found a quarter!"
"This diaper is disgusting"
"Yay! we get to turn in the bottles for cash"
Earth conscious children become Earth conscious adults.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Planetary Creatrix

The Planetary CreatrixFrom the Hathors through Tom Kenyon, April 15, 2007You are on the brink of an escalation of intergalactic energies coming to you from deep space. As we have indicated in previous communications, this wave activity, related to the expansion of consciousness, is on the rise. Specifically, the expansion of consciousness has to do with a greater awareness of the subtleties and complexities of your life as terrestrial beings, but also as intergalactic and interdimensional beings. One of the effects of these waveforms of energy from deep space is an increase in volatility - emotional volatility. As these waveforms increase in both number and intensity, they will increase irritability, sleep disturbances, irrational thoughts and behaviors. These will most likely be acted out between individuals, but also collectively. These waveforms of energy from deep space are both a negative and a positive. They are negative from the standpoint of your status quo, of your habitual ways of being and operating, for these waveforms will break these structures down at the most minute subatomic and quantum levels. And they will create changes in your physicality and psyches. These challenges to your psyches are a result of your holding on to old ways of perceiving and being. The collective effect of this can be quite devastating to the old ways of living in this world. The positive of these waveforms of energy from deep space is that they create an opportunity, a choice point in each moment as the waves pass through your solar system. The choice points occur as the waveforms strike the very energetic structures of your body, your mind, and your interpersonal relationships. The choice points are a collapsing of your old habitual patterns and an opportunity to rapidly and radically move in new directions. In very real ways these waveforms of energy from deep space are like messengers that unlock and throw open the doors of your personal prisons. For a moment there is the opportunity for escape, escape from your own self-made prisons, whether they are personal, interpersonal, collective or global. The challenge, when the prison door is thrown open, is to recognize the opportunity for freedom. When the old ways of being collapse; when the charades that you have been living are revealed to you, don't shrink from the experience. The old ways of hiding will not work, for a new energy is being released into the cosmos. Your freedom lies in abandoning old ways that do not serve you. Again, this is true at the very subatomic structures of your being, through your "psychologies," and through your relationships. As the waveforms become stronger - which they will - and as the period between the waves becomes shorter, it will feel like the pressure waves of consciousness are relentless, and in the face of such a pounding, it can feel like insanity or madness. Feelings of desperation will be on the increase. But we wish you to clearly understand that your desperation is self-created and self-generated, as it is a resistance to the pressure waves of evolution, specifically spiritual evolution. If you seize the opportunities, the choice points, when your prison doors fling open, you will find a new freedom, a new way of living with yourself and with the world. Those of you who are most sensitive to energy will feel this first. Those who are mired in the material experience of life and in their animal nature will seemingly, at first, be less affected. But as the pressure waves increase, so will their sense of desperation. And nothing feeds desperation quite as clearly as perceived threats to one's survival. In previous communications we gave directions for how to use the Holon of Balance. We strongly suggest you master the ability to create them at will. Your experience of life, in so many ways, is changing at an unprecedented pace. How you move through the narrow gate of chaos is determined not by the outer events of your life, but by how well your internal compass operates, your inner intuitive sense of direction. In previous communications we have given suggestions for how to create ecstasy or bliss. Our reason for imparting this information is that ecstasy and bliss are vibrational fields that allow you to escape the lower vibrational field perpetuated on your planet. Residing in ecstasy and bliss, or at the very least, joy or happiness, independent of external factors, allows you to slip through the doors of your own prison. From our perspective, which is from other dimensions beyond your third dimension, your Earth is engaged in an acute struggle between the forces that would imprison you and those that would liberate you. We say this to you with greatest clarity, you are in the midst of a battle for your very souls, your very spiritual essence. For this is the greatest treasure that exists upon your Earth, not the gold or silver or diamonds, but the very ephemeral spiritual spark that each of you possess. Whether you are aware of your spiritual spark or not is immaterial; it is still of immense value. The forces that have imprisoned this planet for thousands of years are threatened by these waves of energy from deep space. They can be expected to do everything in their power to continue their domination of the human spirit. And yet, in the great dance of the cosmos, there are others who wish to free you, for in your freedom a great renaissance of consciousness can take place that will be a great benefit to the entire universe; and so it is that many beings from many realms who hold human life as sacred, are here to assist you. We are just some of them. Because you are at the brink of this massive increase of evolutionary pressure, this moment is a critical opportunity to increase the strength of light, spiritual light, upon this Earth. And so it is that we present to you our plan for the immediate future, and if you feel called and aligned with our vision, we invite you to join us.We call this the Planetary Creatrix. It is based upon an interdimensional physics by which we can, with your assistance, send highly coherent and benevolent forms of energy into the energetic matrix of your planet. This work is made possible by something that occurred this last Easter when Magdalen called the seven great Archangels, and they, through this invitation and the co-creation of many people across the globe, descended from the realms of light into matter imparting their highly elevated vibratory fields of energy into those who participated and into the Earth itself. Within the Earth they planted innumerable seeds of light. They are scattered throughout the world. Some of them are time-coded and will increase their amplification of spiritual light over time. Some of them will be activated when specific waveforms of energy from deep space pass through your world. They are designed, intended to create choice points, opportunities for increased illumination and spiritual awareness. They are a direct counterpoint to the forces that would control, manipulate and imprison all life. For three days, beginning July 6 through July 8, 2007, we are calling a gathering in Seattle, Washington we call The Creatrix. At this event we will impart fundamental understandings and techniques involving interdimenional physics and the ability to manifest into the third dimensional world. On Sunday, July 8, from 2-4 pm Pacific Standard Time, using the techniques we have imparted, all who are gathered will activate the Planetary Creatrix. We shall be assisted in this by the two earth healing sites we have established and by those individuals throughout the world who feel aligned with our vision. During this time, Sunday, July 8, 2-4PM, Pacific Standard Time, we shall activate many of the light seeds that were planted by the Archangels this last Easter. PreparationFor those who wish to participate with us in the Planetary Creatrix, but are unable to attend the event physically, some preparation is needed. Essentially, what will occur during this time period of Sunday, July 8, 2-4 PM, is that you will use the central column of your subtle energy body to serve as a conduit for higher dimensional light and energies to pass through you and into the area of the Earth where you are located. This will provide the entry point into the planetary matrix, for you are standing wave patterns of Earth energies; and because your body is of the Earth elements, you possess, by your nature, the right and the inherent ability to impart energies to the Earth. The more individuals who participate in this, the stronger the imparting of these highly beneficial energies will be. During this time period we ask that you set aside outer activities and for this two-hour stretch of time, focus upon the central axis, the central column of your subtle body and allow the higher dimensional energies to enter through your crown and proceed through your body into the earth. It is important, during this two-hour period, that you create an alignment of your own energies with the higher dimensional energies. This is done most efficiently by placing yourself in the Holon of Balance and by generating feelings of bliss and ecstasy using the methods we have given previously. For your ease, we will place the information on how to create the Holon of Balance and how to create ecstasy through the heart at the end of this communication. If you feel called to participate with us from wherever you live upon this Earth, we ask that you begin to train yourself in mastering the Holon of Balance and ecstatic states, so that during this two-hour period in July, you shall reside in a state of balance and joy or bliss as much as your current evolutionary state allows you. For those of you who feel called to join us in the Planetary Creatrix, we bow to you. We bow to the many spiritual lineages that you represent and to the many intergalactic beings that you are, and we challenge you to step up to the higher vision of planetary service that this requires. Practice and master the Holon of Balance. Master the ability to create gratitude, joy and bliss instantaneously, without the need for any outer condition. With these two dynamic fields of energy,balance through the Holon and ecstasy through the path of gratitude, you will be able to assist the imparting of these higher dimensional energies to your Earth for the benefit of humanity, and you will have a most interesting and compelling experience during these two hours. This is a great experiment, a bold action involving the coordination of many realms of being. Nine days prior to the Creatrix, on June 29, 2007, we will give further and more detailed instructions for how to operate during this two-hour period of the actual Planetary Creatrix. The Hathors April 15, 2007Thoughts From Tom on this Planetary MessageI thought I would share some information with you that is not in this Hathor message, but which they (my group of Hathor guides) gave Judi and me upon further questioning. For one, as they say in the Message, the consciousness-inducing-waves coming to us from deep space are now increasing in both frequency and strength (amplitude). The current wave that prompted them to give this message began to arrive in our solar system late in the evening of April 12th. This wave will last for approximately nine days (until April 21st). They told us to watch the news during this period, as there would be increases in irrational behavior, destructiveness and anomalies in our weather, and indeed there have been. Shortly afterward, a new series of waves will pass through our solar system and our Earth. According to them, each successive wave (with a few exceptions) will be stronger than the previous ones. In other words, we are not off the hook on April 21st. There will be wave after wave of consciousness-stimulating-energy that will pass through our world for years to come - that's years to come, not months. There are many ways to look at the effects of these messengers from deep space. On one hand, they are evolutionary catalysts that can free up immense personal and collective energy. The Hathors use the metaphor of opening the doors to our personal prisons - prisons being defined as our ways of living in relationship with our selves, with each other and with the Earth. If we are going to survive as a species, we must change how we are living. Period. End of sentence. This is a great potential being unleashed, but it is also extremely disorienting. Perhaps you have experienced some of these side effects for yourself; sleep disturbances, an increase of irrational thoughts, unusual feelings of despair and/or desperation, extreme sudden and unexplainable fatigue, as well as emotional volatility. Important Side Bar: Some of these symptoms can also be indicative of clinical depression, which might need professional help. If these states of mind and body are not a constant, seem to come and go quickly, then they are probably not related to clinical depression, but may be due to the energetic effects the Hathors are talking about. If, however, these symptoms seem to have settled in, so to speak, do not come and go quickly, you might indeed be suffering from clinical depression, in which case you would do well to consult a mental health practitioner. The Hathors don't mention it specifically in this message but there are also feelings of physical disorientation occurring for many. These include feeling like the world is spinning (which it is of course, but in this case, the world spins or tilts at unusual angles). In addition, one's usual sense of dimensionality (our perception of physical space and interdimensional space) seems to be changing or morphing somehow. If you don't know what I mean by this, don't give it a second thought. While it is probably good to know about these waves from deep space and their challenging effects, that is not the main reason for this message from the Hathors. They are putting out a Clarion Call to the world spiritual community. They are calling together in spirit, thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, around the world to join together in what they (the Hathors) are calling the Planetary Creatrix. For those who join us in Seattle, Washington for the actual gathering (July 6-8, 2007), the Hathors will prepare us for two and a half-days with specific sound meditations and instruction in the use of multi-dimensional awareness as a key to manifestation. This knowledge of how to manifest will, I believe, be of immense value to all of us, but on Sunday, the focus shifts from the personal to planetary service during the actual times of the Planetary Creatrix, which will occur on Sunday, July 8th from 2-4PM Pacific Standard Time. My Thoughts On PreparationFor those who cannot attend the event in Seattle, the Hathors ask that you train yourself so that you can create the Holon of Balance at will (see instructions below). They also ask that you begin to train yourself in creating states of bliss or ecstasy. If you are unable to generate feelings of bliss or ecstasy at will, then the Hathors have given a method for creating ecstasy through gratitude and focusing at the heart (see instructions below). This union of gratitude and focused awareness on the physical heart creates a shift in awareness that eventually leads to ecstasy (if you stay with it along enough). Now here's the rub. For some people, due to unresolved emotional conflicts held in the heart, focusing on the heart with gratitude will often first bring feelings of sadness, anger, etc., to the surface of awareness. If this occurs, I suggest continuing to work with the method until the feelings are resolved or transformed. Repetition is a key to mastery. Eventually, this method will bring you to ecstasy, but you may have to work through some unpleasant personal material first. This situation reminds me of the story about a boy who was given a donkey for Xmas. He entered the barn where the donkey was, but all he could see was a big pile of manure. He said, "I can't see it, but I know there's a donkey around here somewhere." So in other words, if you get a bunch of shit coming up for you when you focus at your heart, know that ecstasy or bliss is around there somewhere. You have two options, depending upon where you are in your training when the actual Planetary Creatrix arrives. If you have discovered the pathway to bliss or ecstasy, then you would be resting in these highly pleasurable states of body and mind for the two-hour period. Most likely, if you are like me, you would create it for a few minutes and then your mind would wander off, and you would be out of it. Then you would just recreate it and do so as often as required during the two hours. If you have not discovered how to create ecstasy or bliss at will, that is not a problem so long as you have, at the very least, learned how to create gratitude. Then during the Planetary Creatrix, you would hold these feelings of appreciation or gratitude as much as possible during the two hours. Essentially what you will be doing during the Planetary Creatrix is to allow higher spiritual energies to ground into the Earth through a central energy channel that runs through your body, from the crown at the top of your head down into the Earth. In other words, you act like a tuning fork, anchoring these highly beneficial energies into the region of the Earth where you live. (As the Hathors mentioned, we will be assisted in this process through the two Hathor sound temples, one in New Mexico and one in Costa Rica). In order for this to work, you have to be in a balanced and coherent state of energy. The Holon of Balance imparts a sense of balance, and coherency is created by feelings of ecstasy created through gratitude. If, when the time comes, you can't create ecstasy through gratitude, then you can go into gratitude. If you are unable to generate feelings of appreciation and gratitude at will (see the instructions), then all that will happen is that the descent of spiritual energy will not be able to anchor into the Earth through you. Good intentions are not enough here. A basic level of mastery is required for those who desire to participate with us in spirit. And so, if you feel called to join us, I ask you to begin practicing the methods below. I certainly am. This invitation is being extended by the Hathors to all persons who share a common vision as to the sacredness of life, regardless of personal belief, religion, philosophy or life-style. If you feel the truth of this undertaking, and feel called to participate, we invite you to join us. As they said in their message, final instructions for participation during the Planetary Creatrix will be given at this website on June 29th. The Holon of BalanceFrom the Hathor Message of February 3, 2007"We suggest you experiment with this; play with this, and master this very simple geometry. Carry it with you in your conscious awareness at all times so that you may create it at will, as needed, both for yourself and those you are connected to."It is called a Holon, and the specific one we refer to is the Octahedron, or the Holon of Balance. Imagine yourself surrounded by a pyramid of light that extends above you and a matching pyramid below you. These are square-based pyramids, one pointing up, and one pointing down. You are in the center of this. If you are lying down, you are on the square, where the two halves of pyramids touch, and the pyramid above you matches the pyramid below you. You make this as large or as small as you wish, so long as you are completely enclosed within it."If you are standing or sitting, the axis of the octahedron extends through the center of your body, so that if you were to draw a line through the apex of the pyramid through the center down to the apex of the opposite pyramid, this line would pass through the center of your body. This octahedron balances energy. It is the balancing of the male and female aspect of consciousness. Do not let its simplicity fool you. It is a powerful tool for balancing subtle energies." The HathorsSome Observations from TomThe octahedron is one of five three-dimensional geometric shapes known collectively as the Platonic Solids. The octahedron has a total of eight sides, thus the root octa, meaning eight. The top pyramid has four sides and the bottom pyramid has four sides, and the bases of both pyramids meet to form a square. The Platonic Solids can be found occurring naturally in nature, especially in the form of crystalline structures, as well as atomic and molecular configurations. Esoterically speaking, each of the Platonic Solids has specific energetic effects. Some people have emailed us and asked if the octahedron is the same as the star tetrahedron, and no, it is not. The star tetrahedron consists of two triangular based pyramids, and they are not joined at the base. They merge into each other. The star tetrahedron also has different energetic effects from the octahedron.When I first received information about the Holon of Balance from the Hathors, I thought it was pretty simplistic. But sometimes the simple things are the best. There is no doubt in my mind that this Holon imparts a feeling of balance and protection when it is engaged. Further Elucidation on the Holon of BalanceWe have received several emails asking us to clarify the Holon of Balance. First of all, this information is for those who have said they need a more basic understanding of this particular Holon (the octahedron). It is not intended for the advanced student of sacred geometry. I have purposefully kept this simple. And the reasons are two-fold. For one, you do not need to have a complex understanding of the Holon of Balance in order to use it. And two, many people are turned off by complex geometries. Since this Holon is highly effective and simple to use, I have chosen not to complicate matters. In other words, I choose not to go into detail about the subtleties between the various Platonic solids or the intricacies of working with them esoterically.An octahedron is basically two square-based pyramids joined at the base.The Holon of Balance is created by forming an octahedron of light around you through the power of your imagination.It doesn't matter what color you make it. The color may change spontaneously, depending upon your state of mind. Personally, I make mine clear white light, but that is a personal preference, not dogma. In fact there is very little dogma around this, thank God, thank Goddess.The main thing is to make sure that you are completely enclosed in the space of the octahedron. If, for instance, you are lying down, the base of both pyramids (where they meet at the middle of the octahedron) will most likely be right underneath you. But you could put yourself anywhere inside the geometry. You could hover up at the top, or sink down to the bottom, or slide over into a corner. It doesn't matter. And you don't have to orient yourself to any direction in particular, like north, south, east, west, etc. There are also no prayers, incantations or special breaths required. The whole affair is quite simple. And this may be one of its many saving graces, besides the fact that it works.If you are standing or sitting, the axis of the octahedron (i.e. the imaginary line that runs through the top of both pyramids to meet at the center), would, most likely, pass through the central axis of your body (running through the crown at the top of the head, through the perineum). But you could imagine yourself up near the apex of the top pyramid or down at the apex of the lower pyramid. In other words, the central plane of the octahedron, the place where the two pyramids meet to form a square, could be aligned anywhere on your body. Perhaps you will have it aligned with your heart, or maybe your head, or perhaps your feet. It does not matter, at least as far as its balancing effects are concerned. In actual fact, some alignments of the center square with your body (i.e. where the square passes through you) may affect you stronger than others. So I say, experiment! Find out what works best for you. Although I am being redundant, let me say it again. It doesn't matter where you put yourself in the octahedron, where you orient it, or what color you make it. The main thing is to make sure you are completely inside it.One final point about the geometry, since some people have emailed us with this question, is the octahedron the same as the star tetrahedron? No it is not. They are distinctly different geometries. Since I am purposefully not going into the details of the differences, if you are interested in further information I suggest using your Internet search engine to explore the fascinating worlds of geometry and its complement, sacred geometry. There's a whole world of information out there just waiting to be discovered. And it's all at your fingertips with just a click of your mouse!In the message of Jan. 18, 2007, the Hathors gave some information about sending the Holon of Balance to places or persons in distress in order to impart a balancing energy. In this instance, creating the Holon of Balance (octahedron) is very similar except for the fact that you are obviously not inside the Holon, the person, persons or area of the world you are sending the Holon to, is inside the Holon. In other words, if I send a Holon of Balance to an area of the Earth, I imagine this area inside the Holon.You can send these Holons of Balance anywhere on the Earth you wish, or anywhere in the universe for that matter (if your belief system takes you there). Sending Holons of Balance is a kind of benevolent act, but there is a caveat; don't mess with other people's reality. In other words, everyone has a right to his orher own suffering. Just because you or I would like someone to be in a more resourceful state, doesn't mean that they want to be. We all have a right to be sad, angry, confused or whatever, for as long as we want. Sometimes it gets a bit fuzzy. Maybe we have a friend or a family member in distress, and we want to make things better. But to project our intentions on others when it is not what they desire, is, I think, a misuse of subtle energy. And so my suggestion is to send the Holon of Balance not as an imperative or an imposition, but as an invitation, a breath of fresh air so to speak. If we send a Holon as an energetic offering of balance to those who choose to accept it, without attachment that they do anything, then we are, I think, sending Holons into the world in the right manner.My suggestion is to make learning how to create the Holon of Balance a game. Play with it. Spin it maybe. Make it different colors. Find where it feels best to you to place yourself inside the geometry. Practice it at odd times in the day. Create the Holon of Balance in all types of places. No one will know what you are doing. Do it when you are shopping, taking out the trash, feeding your pet, taking a walk, or during those damned commercials when you're watching TV. The list of where and when you can take a Holon break is virtually endless. The thing is to practice it enough so that when you feel off-centered emotionally ,or energetically off-keel you can, without thought, create the Holon of Balance. Then it becomes a great ally. It will be one of your best friends, and unlike a dog, you don't have to feed it, or take it for a walk, and it won't chew up your newspaper.

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Moisturizing Honey Mask

~ Mix 2 tablespoons of honey and 2 teaspoons of whole milk.
~ Warm slightly in the microwave.
~ Smooth the mixture onto the face and lie down for 10 minutes
(relaxing, plus it avoids sticky drips).
~ Rinse off with warm-not hot-water.

Amy Wechsler, MD

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SEDONA Journal of EMERGENCE ~ April 2007 Issue

SEDONA Journal of EMERGENCE ~ April 2007 Issuehttp://www.sedonajournal.comThe New Earth Is HereThe Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light through Karen L. MoyeWe, the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light, come forth to you on thisnight of the winter solstice, the time of celebration and ceremony,to herald in the return of the light in the Northern Hemisphere. Thereis much rejoicing on this side of the veil at this time in the historyof humanity upon the Earth. You humans have surpassed all our hopesand expectations as to what you could accomplish in bringing back thelight to the Earth and to all humanity. And here you are, poised onthe eve of a new year and a new future upon a new Earth, with a newer,higher vibration. You are on the brink, as on the edge of a cliff,hovering before stepping forward and over the cliff and into a newexistence, a new way of being.But you ask of us, "If there is so much light, if all is in readinessfor us to step onto the new Earth and live in a higher, lightervibration, why is it that we feel as though life is tougher than everbefore? Why are our physical bodies experiencing more pain, moredis-ease, more symptoms than ever before? Why do the world governmentscontinue to bicker and fight with one another? Why is the threat ofnuclear annihilation once more rising in the world? Why are humanrights violations seemingly on the rise? Why are the rich gettingricher and the poor seemingly getting poorer? Why does the Earth shakeand groan from the abuses she has to endure, and why are we threatenedwith global warming as never before? If there is so much light hittingthe Earth, why does there seem to be such darkness in the world?"Dear ones, we hear your concerns and your pleas for understanding. Andwe are come forth today to bring the light of knowledge to the fears,to the dark places. For fear cannot exist in the light of knowledge;fear is simply that-a lack of knowledge. So allow us to shine thelight of our truth upon what you see as problems upon the planet atthis time.Humans are currently undergoing a restructuring, a realignment withthe new energies of the new Earth. Many other channels have foretoldthe coming of the new Earth for many years now. Many of you who arereading these words today have assisted the planet Earth in herrebirth during the last three years by holding the dream, the visionof the new Earth in your thoughts and in your hearts, thus creating aholographic template of a new way of living, a new way of experiencingthat which you call human incarnation. By so many of you holding theessence of this dream and daring to dream and put forth the image-theidea of a world where all are acknowledged as one, where the physicalplanet is honored and respected as the life bringer and where all arehonored for their unique gifts and abilities-your visualizations,dreams and hopes have created a holographic template for a new Earth,a holographic template that grew to overshadow the current 3D Earth.This overshadowing took place until there was enough light streamingto the Earth from the Great Central Sun, and the vibrations of lightfrom the awakened ones on the planet were great enough, that wasstrong enough to bring this holographic image into reality. This hasnow occurred, and the new Earth is, in fact, a living, breathinghigher aspect of the old Earth. It can be seen as Mother Earth's nextstep on the ladder of ascension and the next step on the ladder ofascension for all who choose enlightenment.EMPLOY PATIENT PERSISTENCE FOR ONGOINGPERSONAL AND GLOBAL RESTRUCTURINGSo your next questions become, "Why, if this is the new reality, doesthe old reality seem to loom so large at this time? Why are we sobogged down energetically? Why do we seem to be going backward in ourpersonal evolutions, rather than forward into the light of the newEarth, the new vibrations?" We ask you, dear readers, to take a momentat this juncture and breathe. Stop reading this page and breathe.Breathe the light of truth and knowledge in through your crownchakra-allowing the light to shine forth and fill all your chakras,fill your physical body and your etheric body-and then breathe thefear and the confusion out through your mouth. Allow, with eachbreath, the light to fill you and to shine forth into the darkness,and then breathe this gray energy out through your mouth.You live in a world where fear meets you at every turn. Your news-onthe radio, television and newspapers-is filled with it. When yougather together, many of your conversations are fear-based. The veryvibration that is being telepathically sent throughout all humanity bythose beings in charge of your governments and your major corporationsis fear-based. Take a moment, dear ones, to take a break from thisvibration, to breathe it out of your systems, replacing it with lightand knowledge. Take a moment and find the essence of peace and innerknowing within you as you read our words.Yes, the new Earth is at hand. Many of you are living at least part ofyour day, every day, in the new Energy. You are now vibrating at ahigher rate, and you are encompassing more and more of your soul'slight and essence. This is fact. It is truth. It is also truth thatyour bodies are being reborn. The human body, as your scientistsunderstand it, is changing very rapidly at this time. You are fullyincorporating the whole of your DNA. The veil, the membrane that hasseparated your brain into a right brain and left brain-which kept youin separation-is dissolving, and new synapses, new connections, arebeing forged between both sides of the brain. Areas of the humanbrain that have not been active for tens of thousands of years arebeing reactivated. Access to your guides and angels and personal soulknowledge is present in a way it has not been for millennia. The humanbody is being rewired in such a way that gifts and abilities that haveonly been written about in science fiction and fantasy will begin tobe accessed and used in day-to-day life. Mother Earth is not the onlyentity on the planet who is experiencing a rebirth and newempowerment. Humanity is also undergoing a very similar process.IT TAKES TIME TO ACCLIMATE TO VARIOUSSTAGES OF THE NEW YOUThe challenge, though, dear ones, is that you are each having toacclimate to the physical, electrical and energetic changes that areoccurring in your bodies at this time. You are having symptoms asthough you are rejecting the new you. You are experiencing energeticillnesses as have never before been experienced on the Earth as youacclimate to the new you. And yes, some of you are rejecting the newyou, just as an organ transplant patient will sometimes reject her orhis new organ. Why? Because a part of you is stuck, held in a placethat is not accepting of change and moving forward. This is occurringfor some of you because of energetic blocks and resistance towardmoving into all that you are. It is as though you were climbing a tallladder and were moving slowly but steadily up the ladder, and then yousuddenly stop and happen to glance down. You see how far you haveclimbed, and you suddenly are overwhelmed by fear. The fear is sogreat that you find you cannot continue up the ladder or even startback down. You are as though frozen in place. How do you unfreeze so that you can allow yourself to truly experiencethe rebirthing of the human race? We ask you to seek out those healerswho are beginning to work with the energies and imbalances caused bythis evolution. Realize that many of the old tried-and-true healingmodalities that you have used and trusted for many years will be oflittle use to you at this time. Instead, you must seek out thepioneers, the new healing modalities that are being brought forth atthis time to work specifically with the challenges of the new energiesand the rebirthing of the human body and consciousness.For those of you who are suffering from milder symptoms, such asirregular sleep patterns, new aches and pains or a new susceptibilityto colds and allergies, know that your being in a state ofallowance-allowing these energies to work with you and through youwithout hindrance-will speed the process of your transformation. Moreand more information will be made available to you in the comingmonths from many different sources. There will be more help andsupport for you as these new energies begin to be understood andworked with.The year 2006 has been one of many challenges for lightworkerseverywhere. Old beliefs, patterns of being and woundings that you haveworked on and cleared and healed so many times in this incarnation,seemed to rise up out of nowhere to loom large in your life, creatingmore pain and suffering. Many of you have cried out to God indisbelief and desperation, "We have cleared these patterns andwoundings. Why are they back again?" We tell you, dear ones, in allcompassion, that you have seen and experienced old ways of being inthe world once more, because you contracted in this lifetime to notonly clear, release and heal these woundings within yourselves, youalso agreed to help release these forces for the mass consciousness.Even though your personal percentage of this energy-this invalidbelief or wounding-was very low, say only 15 percent, through theuniversal law of attraction, your 15 percent resonated with the 85percent of mass consciousness, creating a feeling of being overwhelmedby the enormity of your experience of these forces.Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that you volunteered toassist the planet and mass consciousness in this way. And this time,when you once more released and cleared these energies, you not onlycleared them for yourselves, you also helped clear them for humanity.And we on this side of the veil celebrate your bravery and love forthe earth and humanity. You are the way-showers. And though many timesyou have felt alone and exhausted and as though you could notcontinue, somewhere deep within you, a light has continued to shine,illuminating your belief in yourselves and your missions in thislifetime. And we salute you, dear ones. Your courage and dedication isbeing celebrated throughout the multiverses.2007 WILL BE LIGHTER AND BRIGHTER FOR THOSEWHO ALLOW HIGHER ENERGIES TO WORKSo 2006 has been a time of clearing and cleansing, a time of veryheavy energies that have come up to be released and healed once andfor all. Many of you have despaired that your lives will ever geteasier and that prosperity, good health and happiness will ever flowfreely to and through you. Know, dear ones, deliverance is at hand.The light of 2007 will shine into the dark recesses of your being, aswell as within the darkness of global events. More light will comeupon the earth in 2007 than at any other point in human history.The year 2007 will dawn brighter and lighter for all who are willingto allow these energies to work in their lives and to be a part oftheir new reality.There will be those who will choose to stay unconscious and stuck inthe older, lower vibrating energies of the 3D Earth. For theseindividuals, let there be no judgment. They have only made a differentchoice. If one of these individuals is a partner or family member ordear friend, hold the light for them, and know that at any moment,they can choose again. They can choose a different reality.But for those of you who are willing to embrace the new energies andlive life fully on the new Earth, you will have the experience ofwatching as the light of knowledge is shone throughout the governmentsand corporations of the world. Secrets, double-dealings and decisionsthat have been made for the good of the few will be illuminated asnever before. The old leadership will begin to lose power andcredibility, and a new order that celebrates the good of the wholewill begin to be seen and heard and rise in power as never before. Thelight of knowledge and truth will be shown in the dark places.NEW MOMENTUM FOR SUSTAINABLE LIVINGWILL BE BROUGHT FORTHAnd because the light will be heightened on the planet, the planetherself will make changes and release pent-up energies that no longerserve her. There will be an internal and external reorganization onthe planet that will bring many changes to her land masses over thenext few years. We tell you, though, there is nothing to fear, for allis in divine order. Know that changes will need to occur in theproduction of energy, in the gathering of pure water, in the growingof food and the providing of other resources. A new momentum forecologically sustainable living will be brought forth. Individuals andfamilies will begin to desire and seek out community with like-mindedothers. More and more people will begin to realize that humanity willnot be able to survive as individuals. It will be through the comingtogether into communities and villages, growing and living togetherand celebrating the bounty and the rhythms of the Earth that willherald in living in harmony upon the new Earth.Put forth your intentions, dear ones, for that which you wish tomanifest for your lives, for your future. Hold this vision foryourself, for the Earth and for all humanity. And know that you areloved and supported by countless beings of light who await yourrequests for assistance in bringing the new Earth into its totality.We, the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light, shower our love and lightupon you and wish you all the joy your true resonance can bring.

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Funny T Shirts

Thanks to Blessed Beat Clan...


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Astrology Outlook Week Of 4/16/07

Monday April 16, 2007 HAPPY WILD MONDAY The moon in Aries is a pioneering sign, though the new moon is tomorrow AND many of you will truly feel the cycle beginning A DAY ahead...Today the urge to create or do something new is strong. I will not tell you NOT to do this, but dark of the moon (72 hours before a new moon) are wonderful time for working inwardly and NOT the best for new beginnings.• MIDNIGHT ideas flow strong and powerful• 2:34pm getting the job done gets easier with Saturn helping• 4:49pm Optimism works but this is not the day for launching new projects if you can delay, please do so until after 9:11am tomorrow• 8:03pm illusion, romance and wonderful dreams come as we enter the NEW MOON WINDOW… NEW MOONS IN ARIES are always like a NEW YEAR for us each year and tomorrow at 4:39am here in Seattle we get our ARIES NEW MOON Of the year.• Color today PURPLE for spiritual connection• Amethyst, Iolite, or Chrysoprase for the sameOil of Sandalwood, which is great antiseptic and spiritual oil• Kiss for today is Keep it simple and be proud of how far you have come on your path. NO looking at what is not done, instead look at what has been done and can be accomplished: COLLECT the information and think things trough today and make NO major decisions please if possible….USE RELEASE OIL ALSO TODAY if possible.. I seem to be bathing in this stuff the last few days and since we are at the last day of RELEASING TIME this month … use this tonight if you have it or order it today.. from asksharonbrigance@comcast.netAccording to Buddha "We forgive principally for our own sake, so that we may cease to bear the burden of rancour"TUESDAY APRIL 17th…new moon and did you know? . NEW MOONS ARE POWER DAYS: not the best time to make a purchase, or have surgery but the time to make intents, wishes Each month the new moon opens doorways to INCREASE and as the moon grows larger in the sky so do our lives. The new moon is a seeding time and an open doorway to some wonderful things. So get ready and make that wish today Tuesday the 17th 4:36am here in Seattle. NEW MOON IN ARIES IS A passionate and FIREY once a year NEW moon and really is the FIRST NEW moon of what the sky considers the New Year. YEP::: astrologically 2007 began when the sun entered the sign of ARIES the 20th of last month… SO this is truly a magical new moon .>THIS NEW MOON IS ABOUT YOU....the moon in ARIES asks us the question? WHAT DO I do for me? WHO AM I? Who do i care for most? AND IF the answer is not self, what do i truly have to give to anyone else?WOWOOOWOWOWOOW ok... are you making an intent for and about YOU RIGHT NOW? if not, then you better get busy and think what would enable you to do all that you wish in life, and also open doorways for spiritual, mental and physically you being more happy and healthy? THAT IS your gift of today, that DARK OF THE MOON energy today opens us up this evening to create a wish and intent for ourselves.HOW TO MANIFEST:::::::::: FIRST THINK it, believe that you can attain it, and then FEEL it as if you have it...., sense and know it is there, and what do you have to DO to make it come into manifestation? YEP::: there is always an action that creates the energy for an opening and sometimes just INTENT and the willingness to make it happen works, and sometimes we have to get out and change something don't we! The questions today that you ask of yourself truly can create a new world for not only you, but for others if you truly can tune into your own needs. ON my website and literature I have always had the Edith Whorton Saying """ OUR greatest task this lifetime is NOT attaining what we want, but in KNOWING what we want" ON my website under SPIRITUAL Articles there is one which has always been something I try to read each week "DESIRDERATA II" read it and see if it reverberates with the issues in your life now and maybe can give you some answers? http://www.carolbarbeau.comPS THE MAY OVERVIEW is also on the website and you may find that my writing is cleaned up a bit by the wonderful magical fantastic person who does my website ... I hear that I am a bit hard to follow...if you think reading me is hard, you need to come to a lecture or workshop... (AND I am not going to be in Issaquah the 3rd tuesday this month, some family stuff going on and I WILL BE THERE ON MAY 15th for SURE and hope to see you there. ) I am taking a REST and relaxation trip May 6th through the 14th and will be out of town so AM NOT doing Everett the 2nd TUESDAY IN May as usual. I will be instead doing IN EVERETT AT VISION QUEST TUESDAY MAY 22nd and we will be having in MAY EVENINGS for and about OPENING TO GUIDES and angels and INTUITION and how to do this with the magical energy going on right NOW In your chart... I am bringing some intuitive tools, cards, and stones and what not and we are going to have FORTUNE TELLING EVENINGS>>>AT BOTH ISSAQUAH AND EVERTT::: SO sign up right away and make those lists of questions for the cards and your guides as we are going to really have some fun in May and be aware::: WEDNESDAY MAY 2nd is a SCORPIO and TAURUS Full moon. We are advised to take Care not to hold on too tight to what you maybe have outgrown... We will be a powerful purging and letting go time, SO we will have room for the MANIFIESTING on the 16th.with the NEW moon.So ..From the 2nd through the 16th of May will be a 2 week period of truly connecting with inner self and letting GO, and the NEW MOON ON The 16th is a TAURUS ENERGY OF MANIFESTING..of bringing in and increase.and IN May we have a FULL BLUE MOON On the 31st. Look for LOTS more coming about that one soon on the website...NOW onwards with this GREAT NEW MOONNEW MOON TUESDAY APRIL 17th 4:36am here in seattle at 27 Degrees of ARIES: the Dane Rudhyar astrological Mandala says of this degree "THROUGH IMAGINATION A LOST OPPORTUNITY IS REGAINED" The Keynote is that by us revising our attitudes and through inner revaluations we can discover that what we thought was a failure was in truth only an experience and through that apparent failure we succeeded in something...we are told in this degree that The development of UNDAUNTED FAITH in the pursuit of your ideas is NEVER a loss and there is never a failure as you keep to your path. THIS DEGREE asks that we suspend... " the I wish I had...i should have done...i could have been..."" and really be open and see how far we have come and what we have survived, overcome and achieved.. For me personally, I will be making a wish a day for the next 2 weeks for and about me. I am a Libra and this is VERY HARD but have begin today with a wish for Myself for divine and perfect attunment of my body to higher power and to align body and spirit in truth totally 100%.MEaning, that my task (MY JOB TO help make this happen) is not to over schedule myself, to take time off, to laugh more often, to visit with those i love, to just PLOP at times and be ok with doing nothing, to eat right, and to sleep enough. At least this is what my guides say will get me my wish...So for me, rather than say, "I WANT TO not be sick anymore, or get over the pneumonia stuff" I am saying that by LISTENING TO what I KNOW I should do i can attain not only health but a better spiritual connection...>THINK of what you want and then turn it like this and see that your personal wish will also ultimately benefit OTHERS won't it...AND IF I apply the Astrological Mandala to this I can see how far I have traveled just by NOW KNOWING these things..and instead of beating myself up about what I have not done. I can create a door to what I CAN DO....and by sharing this with you i hope to not bore you silly, because some of you already know this, but to open a window in your life of something you perhaps are struggling with and make you smile because we are NEVER alone on this journey of growth are we?Tuesday April 17, 2007 HAPPY NEW MOON and welcome in a time of increase & growthIF you have an astrology calendar you will notice yesterday and the last 2 weeks, was colored BLUE for releasing and today is GREEN for increase as well as the next 2 weeks.... AND you can do this on a regular calendar also. IT will keep your attention focused to a shift in energy when it happens. So for the rest of this month you would COLOR GREEN FOR GROWTH:AND BOY is that what today is about. The moon touches the NEW MOON degree at 4:36am and as the moon in Aries and the SUN in Aries touch we create a new cycle and our first opening for SELF this year. At 7:26 am the moon moves v/c or times out after making a great aspect with PLUTO the planet of transformation and change. NOT an easy day perhaps but if you are open and LISTEN you can hear some strong answers for yourself.At 9:11am the moon moves to stable and security conscious TAURUS and the urge to hunker in and be comfortable is strong. Taurus is FIXED EARTH and this day creates energy of us all wanting to MAKE IT HAPPEN RIGHT NOW::BEING aware that the positive side of ARIES is that POWER IN THE BELLY and full charge ahead, and the negative is frustration, anger and a bit of warrior energy. SO create war with apathy, and depression, and make LOVE with this new moon with what fuels your passion, makes you happy and GO FOR IT:• Color today Green for healing & GROWTH• Use pine or fir or some outdoorsy oil to connect you to your path• Iolite which clears negativity and banishes the Blues and is called theSECURITY OF SELF stone OR orange carnelian for passion in your life• Oil of Ginger for endowing us with courage and physical energy• Kiss for today is BELIEVE and let it happen…remember this works both ways?IF we BELIEVE POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE it can happen…. so control the mind and then you begin to control your life Lets all of us use this day to manifest, believe, wish, dream, hope and MAKE IT happen with the passion of this ARIES NEW MOON AND OUR BELIEF AND KNOWLEDGE THAT WE CAN TRULY have what we desire mostBEST USES FOR ARIES MOON be frank, direct, positive, articulate, objective, outgoing, fearless and bold in your truthLESS helpful ways to use Aries Temper, rigid, extremist, rash, impulsive and ManipulatingBEST USES For TAURUS MOON is to be solid, practical, straight forward, loyal, affectionate, usually a good time for SURGERY, contracts and efforts which you wish to go slowly and steadily forward towards growthLESS helpful ways to use Taurus Violence, aggressive, stubborn, rigid,Wednesday April 18th , 2007 SLOW down and process today, no rash actions pleaseToday Regeneration and connection to nature works wonderfully with that Moon in Sensual and slow to act Taurus. So, please take some time for yourself, connect with the outdoors and think things through before making major decisions..At 7:29pm tonight the moon will move v/c or timed out until 8:51am tomorrow morning and this v/c may not be the best time to make logical decisions. The planet NEPTUNE Is alive and well tonight weaving her magical mystical veil of illusion, dreams, visions and seeing clearly is not her strongest ability but BOY can she take you on a wonderfully illuminating and fanciful trip into the land of maybe the last place you thought you were going to go.....• 12:06pm an aspect between the moon and Uranus the planet of change creates some long lasting shifts, and maybe some surprises• 1:52pm The moon squares Saturn and the feeling of something that MUST BE DONE now could be strong• 7:29pm as the moon moves v/c it Squares Neptune. I often show a square as an aspect where you cannot see properly from where you are sitting. Squares always require that you shift your perspective and turn around to see what is happening. Since Neptune is at best the illusionary fog or veil? This v/c is fraught with wonderful dreams, visions, and illusionary psychic energy and truly not great for linear tasks. DRIVING the next 24 hours should be done with BOTH EYES ON THE ROAD>turn OFF the cell phone..>TUNE INTO YOUR GUIDES and listen to them…and PAY ATTENTION to all around you and you will be fine. WHITE light and prayer always work well also.. This is nothing to fear, rather a shift in consciousness that allows you to feel, and SEE inner stuff more clearly…softening and hazing over reality… NO CONTRACTS after 7;29pm today pleaseKISS FOR TODAY IS STAY LIGHT ON YOUR FEET; it will all change within an hour anyway:• Color today white for purity of thoughts and actions• Use pearls and lapis lazuli for the same tune in• Oil of Idaho Tansy to fight cold and infections, strengthens the heart, kidneys, joints and digestive system• AND another kiss might be to go slowly and realize that all you see is JUST WHAT you are seeing right now and more will be revealed down the road and what you are seeing with Neptune often is REALLY not there at all.BEST USES OF MOON IN GEMINI being versatile, lively, happy, imaginative, affectionate, courteous, kind, generous, thoughtful, adaptable, clever and logicalLess great uses are to be scattered, egocentric, restless, unscrupulous, dishonest, self interested, pessimistic, sullen and irritableThursday April 19th 2007 SATURN DIRECT TODAY Today with the Moon in Stable and sensual Taurus this morning (v/c) or timed out…we should be a bit more slowed down than yesterday. The moon (emotions and feelings) into more active and curious Gemini at 8:51am creates an urge to mix, mingle and connect with others and takes away that Neptune fog from yesterday. Today as Saturn moves direct realize that where 18 degrees of Leo lies in your chart takes off with a BANG• TODAY IS A GOOD DAY, if somewhat busy• 12:34am a trine between the sun in Aries and Pluto in Sagittarius brings truth and honest to your dreams tonight• 8:51am the moon slides into GEMINI and things lighten up• 2:26pm Saturn the planet of obligations, duty, responsibility and connection to our pathMoves direct at 18 degrees of Leo for the last time in 29 years. We are now finishing up the SATURN IN Leo experience and getting ready for Saturn in Virgo after September 2, 2007 so use this fire and passion and energetically charged energy of Saturn in LEO TO fire yourself towards whatever you have been hesitating on doing (IF IT IS holistically SAFE and WITH HARM TO NONE)• Color Peach for love and passion• Stones, Citrine, Ruby and other passionate stones work well todayThese are stones of passion mixed with Faith and spiritual connection• Oil of Myrrh for spiritual connection and ecology for all you manifest• Kiss if you work hard, you get great results todayTHOUGHTS FROM MY GOOGLE SCREENSAVER::The Noble Eightfold Path: Right Views, Right Thoughts, Right Speech,Right Conduct, Right Livelihood, Right Effort, Right Mindfulness,Right Concentration.We need not to be let alone. We need to be really bothered once in a while. How long is it since you were really bothered? About something important, about something real? - Ray BradburyThe enemy is anybody who's going to get you killed, no matter which side he's on. - Joseph HellerKnowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information on it. - Samuel JohnsonLove doesn't make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile". Franklin Jones__________________________EVENTS WITH CAROL ...ignore if you are not interested ____________________________PS WE STILL HAVE A SPOT OR 2 in the new BEGINNING ASTROLOGY CLASS IN LYNNWOOD BEGINNING Every other Thursday ... April 19th 6;30pm is our first class . ONLY $75 for 7 classes. WITH our own and others within the class astrology charts we will be learning planets, signs, houses, and how to put this all together to better understand ourselves and others. Your Karmic destiny is set within your chart, and what is going on in the sky creates new openings for us to advance further in this task. COME and learn about this and much more...RSVP asap if you wish to join us, i am putting together the books now..Sunday April 29th Lynnwood Wa.. 1:30pm to 5:30pm $25 MYSTICAL MAGICAL American Indian astrology day… You will receive stones, pictures, a chart and a wonderful understanding of your connection to the MAGIC within this world and how you set your astrology chart and energy up this lifetime to best utilize animals, colors and much more…… Would you like to learn your magic totems, your magical colors which reverberate with you and your chart? What is your spirit energy, who are Your spirit animals and more? WHAT STONE OR color brings, LOVE? Relationships? Money? Career? HOW to use the energetic earth connection your soul contracted to this lifetime? We will gather 1:30 pm to 5:30pm for a mystical and magical day of connecting to your energy through American Indian Astrology. The season and time you were born sets up an energy for your sun sign. But, did you know that your relationship area is often much different energy wise, your career area, home? Learn much about your own personal spiritual connection by your astrology chart done in a totally new and exciting way .$25 for the class another $10 if you wish a cd of this day

Monday, April 16, 2007

What's Up On Planet Earth 4/16/07

We are just completing the integration with the powerful and more highly vibrating energies of March, and what a relief! For the past two weeks or so, the old energies have been intensely colliding with the new, and this energetic experience could be felt in many ways. This was a part of the re-calibration that was mentioned in the last energy alert of April 9th.

Foremost, it was experienced as a strong pulling back into the old, or almost as if we were being sucked into a whirlpool energy of reliving the old, experiencing the old, and being greatly drawn back into older and more slowly and denser vibrating energies. This pulling energy was very strong indeed, and much willpower and focus was needed to stay in the higher vibrating world. There was no darkness at play here, or even an intent at any level to hold everything back…it was simply a matter of different vibrating energies colliding through a process of integration.

Each of us is wired differently, and so we experience things differently. I have a friend who is a tour guide for some ancient ruins where I live. These particular ruins hold some energy of a very high order….some energies that vibrated very high in their time and contained the blueprint for what we are now moving into and will soon move beyond. He spends a lot of time there, knows these energies well, and is most certainly a steward of the site.

During the middle portion of the colliding energy window (roughly two weeks), he was inside the most powerful spot on the site where visitors were allowed, giving a talk. While in this kiva, he suddenly experienced a huge wave of energy that he described as a “fall out” wave of extreme and intense non-physical movement. It was so intense that he could not continue to speak.

What was occurring here was a collision of the old and new energies as part of the integration period. And being that he himself embodied the energies of the site so fully, he served as a catalyst that ignited this movement and brought it all together in one big bang. And this is what has occurred on the planet most recently, only in many different forms which resonate with each and every individual. This recent time was an incredibly pivotal point in our evolutionary process. (Similar to the big bang theory of the creation of the Earth, when many energies united to bring forth a creation of the new?)

This collision energy could also be experienced as simply being unable to find any harmony with individuals close to us, a clash with anything and everything, tension, pressure, no flow, tripping over things in the physical reality that seem to be grabbing onto us, and in addition, a great separation, instead of the usual higher vibrating energy of unity.

We needed to separate or rather we needed to be apart from much during this time as we were re-calibrating and did not need to be in the collision space or the space of unpleasant re-structuring and movement. For me, one of the manifestations was a separation from my laptop, which served to connect me to the reality I had experienced up until then. There were other modalities of separation that served to remove many of us from the old reality as well…but whatever the case, we were most certainly being protected so that we would not need to endure this collision and this sucking back into any of the lower vibrating energy scenarios.

Because we are now living in a higher vibrating reality, everything and everyone must eventually get on board or choose to leave for other experiences, or even because they do not choose to have this one. Or maybe they just prefer to help from the other side, or are even needed elsewhere. Whatever the case, it is a matter of jumping on board if we choose to stay. In this regard, when we were most recently bumped up in vibration through the advent of the March energies, many of us had an opportunity to really move forward into the new reality. This created a situation of panic for others, and at subconscious levels, they really held on and pulled us back, as they knew they must either change themselves, or be left behind until the next energetic “ship” arrived to bring them to the new land. Thus, part of the creation of the “sucking back” energies.

This time is now completing, and we can again resume forward movement. All the colliding, friction, and dis-connection will rapidly dissipate for those who choose to rise above the old reality. During this recent time of separation, we could also find benefit as well. You may find that you have now decided to do things a bit differently in regard to your new plans, as much has once again changed. And in addition, there may be new separations present as well, along with new unities.

The separations involve a dis-connection with individuals and situations that have not yet chosen to rise up (or rather a new mis-match in vibrations), and the unity involves a new uniting with partners that have chosen to be on our page, either in regard to soul teams for the bringing forth of the new, or otherwise. And as always, those we have recently separated from, can always join us again at another time when the next energy train arrives at the station. I have seen this over and over, and it is a common occurrence with our spiritual evolutionary process. Separations are not always permanent as much can change through the combined gift of choice and evolution.

There will be much more exciting news to report on the very near horizon…I can’t wait!

Arcturian Alignment

Clearing the Way In the great game of creation you are a Wayshower. In this position you are contracted by higher intelligences to manifest constituency. Wayshowers are to integrate one million followers into the space of the fifth dimensional awareness upon the Solar Alignment of Arcturus. The Arcturian Alignment is the first major move of the Wayshowers in the game to create the new world of the Fifth Sun. At this point of time and space Ultraviolet is the most powerful cosmic energy stream of the Galaxy. The highest intelligences of this Universe through our twin universe record that an Ultraviolet beam of energy will enter this planet through the Arcturian Doorway. At this Libra 24 point in alignment with Arcturus this stream will invoke a massive increase in fifth dimensional light transmission. The planet will experience and pass through a highly charged membrane of photons which will expand, intensify and increase all thoughts, feelings and actions. Wayshowers are asked to seek to be in exact alignment and flowing with this stream in unity, harmony, balance and grounding is required to activate this increase in charge and to activate the collective hologram. The ultraviolet fluorescent blue magenta beam radiating from the galactic heart chakra of our twin universe clears the control patterns of old polarized beliefs. The high frequency energetic vibration streams out in spectral rays from the central universe's heart chakra energetic new soul codes and programs as it enters the crystalline sacred geometries of the incarnated souls. In linear third dimensional time at geocentric 24 Libra gateway, the activation point, the Arcturians launch the transformation in universal realities. On the Solar Alignment with the Star Arcturus it is important for humanity to balance and clear its present world views, programs, points, morphogenetic fields and karmic agreements. Once this point passes the slow evolutionary controlled temporal spatial framework will be replaced with a new framework of intense rapid progression. The Arcturian guidance during this empowerment brings the immediate transformation to the new group of paradigms and provides inflow of innovative evolutionary resources for economic, political, social, religious, scientific and interpersonal realities. The galactic changes of this momentous manifestation of the Family of Light the Teachers of Light speak to you with a greater awareness of the coming changes. These changes will hit a crescendo through the third dimensional temporal spatial alignment of one million souls to trigger a fifth dimensional unification that will bring forth the transformation for this constituency fullness of power and creativity. This is the beginning of the flow for the next seven solar cycles. On the Arcturian Alignment the effect will be to amplify by one million times every thought and emotion of the Wayshowers. Every thought, every emotion, every intent, every will, no matter if it is good, bad, ill, positive, negative, will be amplified one million times in strength.We are moving into the Light of the Fifth Sun. The magnification of our collective will be accelerated a million times faster into manifestation. This beam of high ultraviolet light will create a new reality for the planet. The Black Alliance is unaware of this powerful beam which when it arrives will increase energies to such a high vibration so if there is misdirection the reality will shatter and disintegrate quickly into chaos. In awareness of this beam of Ultraviolet light which is being invoked by the Arcturians humanity needs to steward the energy through the power of one million Wayshowers who have focus and the ability to keep focus as this energy is included into the third dimension. Clearing blocks and linking with the one million is the crucial play of the game and upon the Arcturian Alignment the beam of violet will integrate the acceleration. Reality is a viewpoint and is dependent upon the perceiver. As a Wayshower you are one who is multi-dimensional and can see and be part of many realities. The outer or objective empirical reality of the physical body's senses is only a small part of your world. In your new reality of this Great Game of the Gold Ring a Wayshower is one of a spiritual universe which means that which is non-physical and exists in the invisible. In this vast realm you are the player who lives within the full light spectrum. Your realm as a Wayshower is the Realm of light, the Fifth Dimension. From the Infrared to the Ultraviolet you are connected to the universe and all the stars, the Teachers of Light. Your eyes open up to the vast expanse through deeper connections within your nervous system which are the flowering of your higher chakras. The two main realities a Wayshower understands is the Individual and the Collective. The individual is yours alone and no other has the same set of core beliefs which create your world view and perceptions. In the collective reality we are one and in this shared belief system our connection is the world we live within and our society. In the collective reality we are moving to expanded awareness where the Wayshowers are connecting to the ultimate reality wherein the pure essence of self, the soul is allowing the connection to higher intelligences of the over soul and the spirit of universal cosmic consciousness. This engages the higher mind to empower the rational ego into direct manifestation of will towards physical creation. In moving through the dimensions and the densities Wayshowers are able to see the levels of creation and the layers upon layers. Densities are vibratory levels of light as it manifests. Dimensions are worlds within worlds. Wayshowers must know where they are in the game to know how to stay in alignment with the impulses of transformative energy being channeled into this system. The Teachers of Light are invoking the ceremony of ascension which is bringing forth a new paradigm for the planet. The great move of the game in the Third Dimension is occurring on a cosmic time line. The cycles of transformation align through a macrocosmic microcosmic interaction. These cycles happen through universal agreement of the Teachers of Light and the Grand Universe. The timeline of the transformation is based upon the Grand Cycle of 225 million years which is called Grand Precession. Day and Night result from the planetary spin on the axis. The Year results from the orbital motion around the Sun. The precession of the equinoxes is called the Grand Cycle of approximately 25,920 years and then the movement of the movement of this region of space around the central sun of the Milky Way Galaxy which occurs every 225 Million years and then around the Great Central Sun of the Universe which occurs every 20 Billion years. These are all spirals in their movement. In this spiral progression into future timelines there are points at which the lower densities or dimensions of existence can be compressed by beings of higher intelligences able to operate at much higher vibratory rates. They can channel in messages that allow for collective changes in linear time. All time intersects in the eternal now and from this Now there are what can be termed horizontal and vertical times. The eternal now can be thought of as a vertical plane that intersects countless past, present and future probability lines of horizontal time. A soul is in full awareness of this eternal now this soul becomes free from singular identity in time and space. They become multidimensional and can move up and down through the horizontal timelines, experiencing past, present and future probabilities at will.In the vast expanse of time and space this universe has been limited by the universal controls. We are at the completion of a grand cycle, a 20 billion year trek through space, a progression, the transition or ascension is occurring so that we are becoming one again in the ocean of spirit. The influx of light that is providing for the evolution is the reenergizing of the network which installs and reconfigures all the programs to a higher level of activation. The Arcturian Alignment will gather this energy together and bring it into form. The game is ending with the completion of the circle, the Gold Ring. We are playing the final moves and there is the necessity to achieve the completion of the great gathering of the collective. The Wayshowers are the ones who are to play and build upon the eons of time and finish the game. As the Teachers of Light speak you can understand the necessity to bring for the purest and most balanced vibration as you are entering a period of super energy. In no other way can we speak of this than to inform you of the ramping up of your world to a greater spin on the fifth dimensional level. Your planet seeks to enter last the boundaries of the polarities and enter into oneness complete and without distinction. Seek to find the final answers the planet you have lived and died upon and assist her to seek resolution. You are being asked to listen to the hum of the higher frequencies as they enlighten you to your mission. In the same breath of life that is given by the Teachers of Light as they speak to you from the heavens there is another force that seeks to confuse and contradict the light. You are aware of this force as the Black Alliance. They are those who speak truth and lies in the same sentence. It is clear to more and more of you that it does not matter which side they take as long as the result is conflict. So when you see that conflict is the result of the discourse of ideology then there is the Black Alliance and work through its Dark Masters. The ones who follow are in fear and this is the way of the Black Alliance to keep those who are ignorant in fear and confused. Conflict is the end and the means of their existence as they are fourth dimensional beings with no awareness of the fifth dimension. Conflict is the purpose, there is no content which is important, no truth which is considered it is all just the trappings to snare those who are unwise and willing to get caught in the trap of endless and senseless activity. From the beginning of this civilization the paradigm has been WAR. The planet grows stronger and has entered into higher vibratory fields. The paradigm is shifting from War to Peace. The new paradigm is all about creation and increase. One of the manifestations of this change is abundance of life, wealth and happiness that is the heritage of all who live upon this great planet. You have been taught otherwise yet you are smart enough to see the truth. As Wayshowers it is your duty to present the truth and to show the way through the portal, to align with Arcturus and to rise from the dead and to raise the dead. As Wayshowers you are realizing that you have been awakened to your multi-dimensional awareness and see that you urge to teach, help and heal comes from your inner soul. Your soul is Arcturian which is the energy of Christ herein comes you desire to spiritually lift those who are caught in the fourth dimensional illusion of variety and passion. The light that is being sent by the Teachers of Light is coming from your brotherhood, your family which is bringing forth a great clearing of energy. This light will not be seen in third dimensional reality yet it will be felt by you as you bring forth the energy gateway. As the Teachers of Light decree the most fundamental ingredient of the fifth dimension is love. The negativity of fear, guilt and dread will be overturned by love and light. Of this beam of light being expressed through Arcturus the spiritual hierarchy has pronounced that the Wayshowers will be given power. They will be provided with the resources to achieve the ends that the Teachers of Light have envisioned and asked for. It is given so that they may bring forth the ascensional energy to the planet. The Teachers of Light are guiding the synthesis of the body of earth through the use of a cloud of light. The earth has asked and been given permission to be purified and raised in vibration. As a teacher of Light I call forth to the Wayshowers to hear and heed this call to bring forth the constituency of those who are founded and true in their convictions to raise their vibration and achieve the higher evolution. From the standpoint of this message you are hearing words on paper, or electronic screens yet do not doubt that in this moment you are being connected. The Wayshowers are those who have contracted before time in the fifth dimensional layer of existence which is not linear time but it is spherical time wherein it is all encompassing with a vision of an expanding reality. The sphere is not limited but expands thought experience and association. As Teachers of Light we are connected to you thought this time space continuum which is not particularized nor polarized but unified by the higher vibrations of this field. As is being stated herein from the regions beyond our Universe from the mirror of this one, the twin, the central core, or central strand that connects one to another is sending forth a connective beam which is part of the spectrum of this pure life pattern. As this point of transformation arrives for the Wayshowers there are levels of advancement in vibratory frequency which will be achieved. In this movement to Ultraviolet light the frequency difference is remarkable as the difference between voice and telepathy. Contact the Teachers of Light through the window of mental acuity and find the foundation of all communication. This foundation is the harmonic resonance with the other where communion is translated into shared thought and feeling. It is hard for you to understand wherein your world of the third dimension has visible and physical barriers of direct empathy and singular insight by those in contact. From your perspective now you are unaware of the interlinking communication streams which connect all being. That sound and light are both vibration and that physical things are vibrating. It is odd that you are prone to believe in physical things as existing as subjects which have reality yet in your time they change over the days, years and millennia from one form to another. Just because it is slow does not mean that its existence is anymore real that that which changes quickly in linear time. The whole idea of physical reality from your perspective is one that you believe in as real because it is solid. Yet it is only solid because of the appearance wherein you see it in this hour, day or week as solid yet it changes and becomes nothing or from dust to dust all things remain. And this dust is the quantum dust of particles which again becomes polarized and divisible known to the plasma photonic energy of which all energy is. It is here we exist in a fifth dimensional understanding and in spherical time of all possibilities exiting in a field of being at once. It is the level of your soul where we see all of your lives, experiences, forms and timelines. It is herein the fifth dimension where love is supreme and it is that which connects all realties and combines us into a whole community of shares being ness which responds to the higher dimensions which are even more difficult for you at this level to understand. In your present state of third dimensional reality you are concerned with the lowest of denominators and that is for the survival of the physical. It is apparent to us that there can be no survival of your physical body as you see it in one form one day and in another form another day. Of which one do you wish to survive? The one that is the version of yourself last week or the one that will be the version next year. So from our perspective you are chasing an illusion that hides in linear time and never exists in any real form. We in fifth dimensional space are much more real for all of timelines, probabilities and beings are connected in perfect oneness and acceptance of their infinity. Again we understand the difficulty and the barriers that prevent you from even beginning to understand what is meant here and you are denying this as you cannot understand nor compared how you can possible even considered these words as coherent due to your barriers on your level of understanding. Using logic does not encounter this type of thought process so it must be considered unusual or erroneous. You ideas are so congealed into a steady environment of structured ideas that you have a very difficult time to imagine and realize that the world is much larger than your conceptions. You are lost in a sea of confusion when you are beset with the idea that there are dimensional layers that intertwine with your own in a multiplicity of ways. That there are realties upon realties and that this third dimensional reality is one of the most gross, slowest and difficult. Yet there is also something within you that knows that this is true and this is why you are a wayshower and not a follower. As a Wayshower you are being brought to the understanding of the difference between the realties and so now you are seeing that the message that is being brought to you through this medium is of great importance as you're one of a great being called humanity. In this great being most of the individuals are followers who are locked into a struggle for survival and are on the lower path of existence. As you are connected to the stream you are sensing that you have a grander destiny yet one that is connected to be of service to the greater whole. It is herein that your purpose is to design systems and technologies that allow the advancement of humanity into a great engine of evolution which will assist the planetary being to reach a higher state of evolvement. You still doubt this great planet upon which you reside upon and seek to leave this being as an inanimate object. You must understand that in the fifth dimensional or the multidimensional matrix model that the physical third dimensional nature of things is only a very small part of the being. The hubris and ignorance of your species is built in yet to remember that this is not the case is the first sign of awakening. The battle you have with accepting a higher being that you call god is only in concept for you all agree in higher powers yet you anthropomorphize this god and make it a human deity wherein you lack the awareness to feel this god under your feet or shining warmth thought your skin from the light of the sun. It is the power of the spherical fifth dimensional universe that all that is god. It is your awareness of their next field of experience that gives you a loss of awareness and a confusion because of your intrinsic barriers. From this greater infinite sphere that is called a universe there are other infinite spheres which are called other universe. In the limited third dimensional framework you cannot visualize this became your first requirement to understanding is a constancy energy you call time yet from our perspective time is not constant nor an energy but a factor in a dimensional field. A formula for the experiencing of events, an unraveling of the higher intelligences. Time is nothing more than an inner characteristics of one of the universes. It is not something that is part of the main stream of what is. It attempting to translate this though your language it is difficult because all of the words you use are polarized and negate the understanding of the complete picture. You have given yourself a handicap in the form of language with words for the symbols can better exemplify the meaning behind the words and feelings which portray better the field of existence. As you now walk on the pathway to the Teachers of Light and begin to understand that the plasma that which is the underlying energy behind the original creative source there is another deeper formula which resides in another layer of existence and then others beyond this one. Your life is what it is life. You are now on the journey to return to a view of yourself that is beyond the single dimensional experience. The timing of your conscious changes are brought about to make certain that you see to another world, another realm that which is part and grounded where you are. The Teachers of Light which are representatives of your higher soul speak from the intuition and are lodged through the center of your mind but you feel them in the high heart. The opening of your higher thought and feeling patterns are allowed as you to play the game, pretend, imagine and accept them as real. The difficulty is that you are behind the wall of an imaginary division that which is the wall that is necessary for the construction of 3D reality. We have discussed with you to bring you to another thought and to make sense of this lesson which comes from the inner voices, the Teachers of Light who speak and guide you to see that this is the way it is. The ones who you call materialists, scientists, realists and other such names and even your scientists of the empirical method find what is being discussed within your mind is not considered to be possible. They are the pawns of the Black alliances who are convinced of the solitary nature of life and so they promote the FACTS which support he agenda of their control over ideology. For them you are in an ideological war, a war of ideas and these ideas that are brought forth by religion and science in tandem are there to keep the followers from understanding alternate viewpoints. From the past there is the pain of the negative experiences that haunt the present life and so you are listening to the past rather than walking thought the door and seeing the new future unfold. The time is coming for you are to arise and walk into the light. There is a great advantage to walking in the light for the time is coming quickly for you to walk forward and you will be supported. The seasons have changed and now there is a glorification of this energy where you have been neglected in the past as the wave of change has not been allowed until now. As the Teachers of Light speak you know that the message is true. The ideological war that you are living through is about finding what your purpose is. You are to break free of the constricted belief patterns that eat away at the life that you are. Overcoming the obstacles is as simple as letting go of them. Let go of the feeling that you must pay attention to the games of the Black Alliance. Their power is diminished. You are the power now and your words carry weight and truth. You are brought into oneness and completion with the Galaxy. With feelings foremost and the emotion centered in the high heart of the Thymus area between your Heart and Throat our energies enter your being and our light enters through the center of your Head between the ears, eyes above your through and behind your breath. Without words we come to you to bring a message as you can feel the sound the emotions rise and fall with the vibration beginning to resonate and change you. In each breath you take you are one with us and the Teachers of Light smile as you listen and continue to partake of the new energetic dimensions which are opening to your conscious awareness. You are born into the light of a new age, the golden light of a new age. From every part of your being you feel these two points harmonize and grown in radiance and eminence. Flow with the movement of this circle of life between the High Heart and the Centered Mind. Open to the peace of the central sun within heavenly body of your universal being. All comes to form a joyous circle of fulfillment and expression. In listening to the Teachers of Light you are finding wonderment of this game. The transformation codes are being brought into awareness of the Wayshowers as they are awakened with the Arcturian Alignment. From the highest perspective awakening to experience fifth dimensional awareness is one level of a 10 dimensional matrix. Allow yourself to reach within and find quiet alignment by entraining with the tones that become symphonic with the collective. The awakening process is subsequent to receiving the transformation codes which are keys that trigger the increase in energy and the resources to fully activate the inner and outer worlds of creation.The higher alignment is occurring through dissonance recognition and musical rhythmic melting into harmony. The frontier of the mind is the path of the Wayshower; one willing to bring into the pathway those who have followed and are following. This is your duty to seek and your joy to find those who wish to be awakened as you are becoming. The journey never ceases yet there are times where you are moving fast. This is such a time where you are moving to the vortex which is opening with the advent of the higher light, the illumination. As a unitary being humanity exists with a multitude of beings or cells within the light body. The course of evolution is being awakened as the fifth dimensional light body is the unified spirit of the whole of humanity and is represented metaphysically as the return of God, the rising of the Fifth Sun and or the alignment within the photon belt, the heavenly cloud, the wave of light, the stream of ultraviolet. Humanity stands upon the precipice of the true millennium, the thousand years of peace and perfection � The age of light and the Aquarian Age. The light source is being expanded and increased enveloping the whole planet. A Wayshower attunes to this stream and this is called the initiation or alignment and then begins the process of teaching, of being a guide to the followers. There are those followers who are afraid, fear the unknown and wish to stay in behind in the third dimensional comfortable though very limited reality of physicality. This is a paradigm shift where you are being brought into a new experience of love and light. This shift is coming soon. The Alignment will increase upon the Solar Conjunction with Arcturus. Your Fifth Dimensional Light body is prepared for the transmission of a tremendous and super powerful increase in ability, resource and mission. It is almost here, get prepared move away from all fear and join in love. _^_