Sunday, April 8, 2007

The Great Shift

The Great ShiftWe are The Council of Light- City of Light- AndromedaChannelled by Liat Nava Aliya==========================This is Ascended Master Abu Myra at your serviceWe channel you today on The Great Shift.Beloved ones, The Great Shift is happening, many of you are feeling this at a deep heart level. You are restless, uncertain and feel the changes that are about to take place on planet earth at this level. Many of you are awakening at present, and this in turn is spurring events on in unstoppable motion.We guide you to continue the work within, on your emotional beings, your mental bodies, your light bodies and merkabas. Many of you are not sure of what you should be doing at present and we guide you follow your inner guidance, your gut feelings. They guide you well. As you follow your inner guidance which takes the form of clairsentience, you will find that the right things begin to fall into place for you on your path. Your path is none other than what you are manifesting at present, your guides and your team work with you in unison with your free will choices and present to you in many forms, the guidance that you require. What this means for you and The Great Shift is that you will learn to listen to this guidance.Most are not aware that as you work on your inner state of being to raise your vibrations necessary for your ascension process, that each and everytime you clear karma, or an issue, you also clear your heart and open it further to receive more light. As you work further within your DNA, you further release negativity, as you do this, you pave the way for increasing more light, which means raising your vibration. There will come a time that you are in a unified field that you have created with the work that was done, there is no right or wrong in any way you process yourselves, as you work hand in hand with the company of heaven to do this with your guides and team.As your energy fields expand and unify, they affect all around them, every person that it touches, it too touches the heart of this person. It sends an invisible message to their energy structure that they too can attain the same without a word ever having passed between you. This beloved ones is a gift for one another.The Great Shift at present is here now, and The Cities of Light that are coming on line to aid humanity hand in hand with those aiding earth in First Contact.The Cities of Light are unified around and within the earth and it is time now to connect with them. They are here to aid all who come to them. This is possible now with the work that has been done to raise your own vibrations. It is the reason why we channelled on emotional healing and why so many walk-ins do workshops on emotional healing, because this is in truth the pathway to your ascension. The release of all that is negative within, so that the light can take its place. There is no other way beloved ones other than the work that is needed on your own inner being. Those that have done this work will explain that it feels like it is never ending. As Beings of Light you always strive for more, and have an innate love of working. For in the 5th dimension and infuse with the love of all, you do not get this chance. This is why there are so many of you here on planet earth at present.The Cities of Light are all connected to the New Grids of Light and all contain the divine encodements and blueprints for your stay on new earth. We invite you all to visit us at anytime you choose and we will aid you. The Inner Earth beings await eagerly the time that is coming to connect with you in person.There is much knowledge to impart and share in many ways that will be understood with increased awareness. This is what we have come to do, to share our knowledge and aid as many of you as possible. The divine plan is set and we come to you all in joy at this occasion.MEDITATION TO CONNECT WITH THE CITIES OF LIGHTWe give to you a meditation to connect with The Cities if Light. It is through The Temples of Light and Sound that we come to you in the highest vibration of love for you all.The portals of entry to The City of Light Andromeda is The Rainbow Portal of Light on top of Table Mountain.Imagine you are standing in a giant Crystal Pyramid, your entire being is being infused by the many colours of this Crystal Pyramid. You automatically find yourself in The Temple of Light and Sound within The City of Light Andromeda. In the centre is a sacred circle, it is here that you stand and receive the sacred geometry, light, colour, sound that you need for this moment. It is here that you can ask for guidance from your guides, it is here that you can ask to be taken to any of the many chambers of healing, of which there are many. Included in these are the ascension chambers, the crystal chambers. It is also here that you can ask to receive instruction while you sleep, guidance that you need.Wherever it is you wish to go, it is for you to wish. You may wish to visit the inner earth cities. It is for you to ask. Each time you visit, you take back with you more light.Should you wish to come and just meditate, it is your desires that we cater for, for there are beautiful gardens with the Cities.We greet you from The City of Light Andromeda, with much honour for where you are and encourage you to remain steadfast in your quest for New Earth. We are here to aid you in The Great Shift.This is Ascended Master Abu Myra.AVA MAYA* which means rejoice in New Earth in Andromedan.My name is Liat Nava Aliya, I was born Lianne Pittaway on 19-09-1963 and I am a Planetary Grid Master. I am here among other things to assist humanity and the earth in the ascension process. I am what is known as a walk-in. I walked in on the 08-12-2005. One of my life purposes is to assist others in opening the heart and re-connecting the grids of light to the new earth. In doing this you will be able to connect with them. I live and work in Cape Town, South Africa. I have been given what is called "The Scroll of Light" to channel by one of the Cities of Light-Andromeda. They work under the umbrella of The Galactic Federation and come forward to help humanity in great joy at this time of new earth energy.In love and light,God bless,Liat Nava Aliya * *