Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Weekly Astrology Report

Tuesday April 24, 2007 Today is MUCH more clear and focused today than yesterdayThe moon In Leo today is getting along much better with other planets in the sky. Leo energy would like to be heart connected and doing what it feels is REALLY important and today could be a more connected day for you if you are working on taking care of yourself.Give yourself a precious gift today, of whatever feels good to you, be it a massage, or justA call to someone who honors you. Look at what would make you feel truly regal and royal. Royalty after all is about responsibility but it is also about responsibility to self isn’t it?Avoid the takers today if possible and find those who are givers in your life and allow yourself to receive. YEP::: that means some of us will be giving doesn’t it? TODAY I give lovingly of myself to someone I love and honor…as I take a long time dear friend to lunch for her birthday and honor her sweet Taurus energy by a wonderful lunch, some small presents of things she will enjoy and most of all, giving of myself to her… That kind of giving is ok… and can be fun can’t it?• Major aspect today is 9:25pm as the moon makes a sextile of gift of energy to the planet VENUS which is the planet of love. A great romantic evening or an evening of giving from the heart for us all. BUT DO use the day if possible to receive energy from others as we all do need to fill that cup UP again don’t we.• Color today Green for healing• Use pine or fir or some outdoorsy oil to connect you to your path• Iolite which clears negativity and banishes the Blues and is called theSECURITY OF SELF stone• Oil of Ginger for endowing us with courage and physical energy• Kiss for today was BELIEVE and let it happen…remember this works both ways? IF I believe bad that can happen also, so control the mind and then you begin to control your life"You must be the change you want to see in the world." Mahatma GandhiAnd to those of you who e mailed me to corrected me on the quote from “unknown”::: I am happy to see the VIRGO (details) end of the sky is alive and well for you folks…. "Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right doing, there is a field....I will meet you there"- Unknown is what I wrote….and Many of you e mailed and said Deepak said it, and some said RUMI and some said Buddha…Whoever said it, it is a GREAT saying and I find it quite interesting that many of you who responded to this perhaps did not read it carefully??? Right or wrong…it is a good saying…and thanks for your input…And I get about 280 e mails per day… I had 100 in the spam file this morning and 255 to begin the day with……(Tuesday the 24th )Wednesday April 25, 2007 SEE YOU AT SPIRIT JOURNEY TONIGHT IN ISSAQUAH? Mark Dodich is doing a lecture and some of us are meeting beforehand to have dinner… I will be there for sure since (Saturn) accountability is strong today…Lets all of us to please remember to (forget about the other guys stuff and concentrate on your own and you will be getting a great deal done today)• The moon in Leo deepens the fiery and passionate energy of being true to ourselves and at 3:14am the moon touches Saturn and the focus of I WILL becomes even strongerAnd many of us are asking ourselves what we are creating or spreading and what needs to be changed to be the change we wish to happen in this world.REMEMBER< we are still in that BRINGING IN wish time, so make a list of your wishes for self…and realize that what you are passionate about and YOURSELF energy is strong now. Ignore the other guy as much as possible and I will again share with you…my way of greeting the day … I begin each day with the saying “. Lord, today I will to will, THY will, and not my Will” This is not always easy, but always will assure you that you will not get too far off track.• 10:17am MOON Opposing Neptune: Imagination and passion are not playing well together today and aren’t challenges just an opportunity to develop another skill? Today says you can only do so much, and turning it over to higher power will for sure work better than trying to tackle the elephant in the living room yourself. You have heard that joke? About denying the elephant in the living room until you cannot ignore the pile and the smell? TODAY working on the pile just does not work like we would wish…• By 10pm tonight as the moon and Mercury (ideas) come together in a great aspect, and things will have rearranged themselves quite a bit and we have some new and better approaches to whatever is smelling unpleasantly in your life.• I shall color today the colors of ORANGE for creating what I WANT out of this day and all days in my life.• Flexibility is your kiss for today: By thought, word and deed, FLEXIBILITY please• Use Citrine, Ametrine or another joyful stone (Orange carnelian or amber for me)Oil of Abundance for increasing all that is good in your lifeThe Noble Eightfold Path: Right Views, Right Thoughts, Right Speech,Right Conduct, Right Livelihood, Right Effort, Right Mindfulness,and Right Concentration.I LIKED THIS SO MUCH, am repeating it again…Here is the test to find whether your mission on earth is finished. If you're alive, it isn't. ~Richard Bach++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Kiss is keep it simple sweetie for the dayV/c is when the moon times out and things do not go as expectedPlanets are actors and have a part to playSigns are the costumes the planets wearAspects are how the planets are playing togetherMoon is emotions so we keep track of what sign it is in each day to better understand our own and others moodsThursday April 26, 2007 GO FOR It today in an more orderly fashionToday the moon moves. v/c at 12:01am and is v/c until 2:24am when it enters the more linear and logical sign of Virgo…..• 12:01am moon (emotions) trine Pluto (transformation) and moon v/c (A GOOD and powerfully productive v/c for dream work)• 2:24am the moon (emotions) enters analytical and fact oriented VIRGO and facts can lead us into criticism if we are not careful• 10:05am mercury trine Pluto a good thing if you can handle the truth? (you might want to just listen today and not tell others what you think, there is lots of fire and more than a bit of fault finding around on this interesting day• 8:19pm Venus the planet of love squares (AN ASPECT that asks you to turn around andSee things from another perspective) Uranus (the planet of change)…. so love and romance and what you like tonight are put together in a different package than you might expect. AND that can be a great thing to help you change beliefs about relationships or to work on things within existing relationships that need changing. KISS FOR TODAY IS NLP …(neurolyngistic programming) IF you want something to change with another person, please do not tell the person they are doing something wrong. PHRASE it as “WHEN you do thus and so I LIKE IT SO MUCH” not when you do thus and so I want to smash your face in with a baseball bat…. Trust me on this one please….today is not the day to approach with guilt, reproaches, or criticism because it will come back to you 12fold• Color Peach for love and passion• Stones, Citrine, Ruby and other passionate stones work well todayOR if you are visionary? Today is the day to get out the MYSTIC stuffLabradorite, Moonstone, Opals, Crystal Balls and other visual stones as we have practical magic mixed with Faith and spiritual connection• Oil of Myrrh for spiritual connection and ecology for all you manifest• Kiss if you work hard on being into yourself… you get great results …working hardOn others today will just bring up their own self critical voice and they will 99% of the time turn around and attack you….creating that circle of getting nowhere very fast…Miracles come from your love... They are synchronistic events that usually occur when you let go of attachment and trust your inner guidance... -- Sanaya Roman -Friday April 27, 2007 there is strong EARTH ENERGY COMING to help ground us into beginning to make firm commitments to our plans this monthWith the moon in Virgo today we are joined in the “LETS party here on earth with what we have song” by Mercury the planet of ideas moving to Taurus. Mercury in Taurus assists us to create reality in thinking and the down side can be a bit of stick in the mud. So, begin to really work on the details of what you want in your life and again. I must reiterate…KEEP this energy working with and FOR YOU personally….in your own life… My Grandmother always told me the most unwelcome thing in the world is unasked for advice, and many years later when I was working on my psychic abilities and what I was to tell folks and what NOT TO TELL folks. David Pond told me in a reading. “Carol, be the mirror on the wall, let people come to you and then tell them the truth. DO NOT follow them around telling them what you see. When they are ready they will appear before you and you will have all the information for them that you and they both need” EXCELLENT advice for us all isn’t it• LOTS OF STUFF HAPPENING, changes each minute…• 11:12am anger bug is out and alive and well, care with criticism and be NICE TO YOURSELF also, the moon opposing mars brings up issues in order to show us what needs to be done• 1:06pm Venus Sextile Saturn, now we are willing to work on OUR STUFF• 1:18pm help comes from an unexpected source with URANUS• 3:02pm Well….hmmmm??? you probably cannot get all done which others want of you today so how about some reasonable expectations of self and recognizing it?• 4:31pm more of the above. With Jupiter adding a MUST DO IT now energy…and DOES IT HAVE TO REALLY BE DONE NOW? What will happen if it is sitting there Monday am for you? WILL the world cease to revolve? If the answer is no…go home and get ready for a wonderful weekend.• What you do or are today is nothing compared to what you can be or do tomorrow (OR LETS SAY how about doing it NEXT MONDAY?) is our KISS of the day..• Color today purple for spiritual connection• Larimer or turquoise for shamanic connection to self• Oil of cinnamon to clear the head and cheer you• Kiss (keep it simple sweetie) trust and know if you are doing the right thing that it truly will turn out right. And be reasonable of what you expect of yourselfLove doesn't make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile". Franklin JonesAND THIS WEEKEND HAS LOVE ENERGY ALL OVER IT::::Saturday April 28, 2007 surprises and more than you might believe can happen this weekendThe moon in Virgo gets us off to a start which is all about duty, obligations and what must be done, but the day is going to shift majorly for you so do not expect too much out of yourself or others today please. THE LOVE BUG is out and would like to bite you…• 5:43am Venus (what we want) opposes Jupiter (what we believe we can do)• 12:14pm moon goes v/c with a rather ROUGH aspect with Pluto. This is probablyNot the day you want to work on personal development and that is FINE, some days should not be work, right? THIS is a FUN day. After• 2:45pm as the moon slides to LIBRA and the scenery changes and we are into love, beauty, Romance, and thinking about relationships and HAVE WONDERFUL ASPECT TONIGHT:::Once each month MARS (ACTION) touches (URANUS) surprises and here it is again at 9:38pm. YOU WILL feel this energy all day today and tomorrow and for the next 5 days. USE THIS WONDERFUL window and feel the excitement and the buzz….and believe so you create the energy for it to happen… B E L I E V E ……• Color today Orange for your passionUse citrine, Orange Aventurine or Carnelian for bringing passion into your lifeOr maybe agate, or jet or obsidian to calm you down and for protection• Oil of Release to let go of all that blocks your true joy• Kiss for today? Enjoy the wild ride, and buckle up please“Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.”Sunday April 29, 2007 HAPPY DAYS are here again (if you let it happen)The moon in Harmonious Libra today wants relationships, love, connectedness to spirit and a sense of knowing that we are NOT ALONE::: so, get out, mix and mingle, go for a walk, to a coffee or tea house, call up your bravery and get out and do something new. MY GUIDES KEEP HAMMERING that darned saying into my head constantly..IF you want something to happen that has never happened before you must do something different than you have ever done before…GO DO IT and be safe…And how often do you look up, make eye contact and SMILE at another person? THIS is the day to do it (of course, always when you feel safe) BUT remember….we must do something different than we have done if we want different outcome. THE TRUEST SIGN OF INSANITY is to keep doing the same thing over and over again and EXPECT that you will have different outcome than you did last time you did it.KISS for today is sweet like honey, should be our words to other today and tomorrow• Oil of Pine for inner and outer clearing• Color today white for purity of vision for yourself• Use pearls for wisdom or abalone or a water energy today to assist you to slow down and smell the roses, enjoy the energy of others and be in gratitudeWe were not sent into this world to do anything into which we can not put our heart.Ruskin, JohnMonday April 30, 2007 ANOTHER BUSY DAY but better than FridayWith the moon in Libra all day we are better able to blow off others “STUFF” today and be in a place of accomplishing things with balance.• 3:52am work and duty come into dreams?• 5:06am luck enters the day and an optimism which we much need on this busy Monday. It should be a GREAT day until about 3:21pm and then is still good…but use the morning productively• 10:27am something you like is made easier• 11:13am intuition is strong as well as creative vision• 3:21pm MARS which is about action and now wearing the sign of PISCES would like us to dissolve into the dream, into the romance and create that way. Jupiter the planet of luck and abundance in Fiery Sagittarius wants us to find our truth and WORK for it. This square just asks us to shift perspective and find a balance between these energy• 6:35pm another great intuition and LOVE and romance aspect enters for us.NOT to WORRY today please…Worry IS NOTHING BUT THINKING ABOUT WHAT YOU DO NOT WANT TO HAPPEN isn’t it… I call it negative Meditation; Today is a powerful day so how about even though it is not the new moon MAKING A WISH or 2 or more today• Color today white for purity of feelings, thoughts and emotions…Kiss is remember ideas turn into reality today, so make your reality a good one by thinking of what you want to happen• Oil of Lemon or tangerine for joy, or frankincense for spiritual peaceOR, sage or pine to clear energy and fears• I would suggest a stone today that you love and connect with, Amber for me perhaps Because of the wisdom and earth connection it carries. Amber helps me to remember how wise and ancient our souls are and is grounding which I BADLY need…and for some of you, want to fly? USE GOLDEN CITRINE for a safe flight…Orange Carnelian for passion. RUBY for the same….Sapphire for flights of truth and romance…and the more mystical stones Lapis, Turquoise, and Mother of pearl work well for those of you wanting less reality and more spiritual connectionWhen I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, "I used everything you gave me." ~Erma Bo beckLife is a promise; fulfill it. Mother TheresaTuesday MAY 01, 2007 HAPPY MAY DAY: as we enter the most fertile wish day of the year: The MAY OVERVIEW has been on my website for a couple of weeks go there and read and by now maybe JUNE is up also? HAPPY MAY DAY:With the moon in Libra until 1:07am then going v/c after doing one of those PLUTO TRANSFORMATION THINGEYS, our dreams should be great.• 3:41am the moon moves to Watery and intense Scorpio and the scene shifts from lights, flowers, romance and fun into Passion, intimacy, deep inner feelings and a greater connection to psychic abilities as well as the energy to work on your own “STUFF”• WE ARE IN THE WINDOW OF FULL MOON and energy is very strong today, the moon is getting ready tomorrow (Wednesday at 3:09am for a FULL MOON) So be aware today that energies are strong and powerful and that people are a bit more touchy than normal. Keep again to the theme of this whole last week…into your OWN Stuff and this will be a very powerful day for you personally• Color today purple for spirituality and Use Kyanite to raise spiritual awareness Or Amber, jet or an Agate to calm you down and did you know PROTECTIVE stones are agates, jet, obsidian and all the Dark stones• Oil of Pine for inner and outer clearingKiss for today is slow down, ON THIS DAY BEFORE THE FULL MOON….use care and visualize peace, love and joy and make it happen for you and those around you today and everydayFull moons are the time each month when the Sun (the light) and the moon (emotions and the past) are opposed meaning they each want something different and are wearing different signs. Full moons have planets in a powerful mix of opposition…. Which demands that we find balance and the center… THIS FULL MOON or releasing time at 3:09am We3dnesday the 2nd of May has the moon at 2 degrees of Scorpio wanting that passionate energy of watery intuition and feelings, opposing the SUN in stable and steady Taurus wanting to build and create out of reality something we an use, and has a meaning and purpose for ourselves and the world.The center or balance between these 2 energies is a powerful energy of looking within the self (SCORPIO) and seeing what needs to be removed or released over these next 2 weeks until that new moon on May 16th…. And to build and create a firmer and more stable reality for yourself with dedication, duty, use, meaning and Purpose by using the Sun in Taurus. Assisted by MERCURY (thoughts and ideas in Taurus) WILD DREAMS TONIGHT FOLKS,