Wednesday, January 31, 2007


>08 JANUARY 2007
>This information may be shared with other sources on strict conditions that
>no information is altered or deleted or used for monetary gain, and the
>source of the information be acknowledged.
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>Please note that reading this information will have an effect on you. You
>will energetically be linked with the Channeling being and a similar
>process facilitated with you. It is not exactly the same as being in the
>presence of the channeling Master, however the effects are just as
>powerful. Do not concern yourself too much regarding time lines given to
>the participants in the channeling. You will be taken through a similar one
>in accordance with your Divine Plan, Timing & Purpose.
>I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of Love and Wisdom to greet
>each of you upon this day and to bring unto you the blessings of
>transformation, transmutation, transcendence and illumination.
>Greetings, Beloved Ones and it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts
>that we may gather with you upon this day as we hold you firmly within the
>heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.
>Beloved ones, welcome to 2007, the year you shall come to know as "The Big
>Let Go". 2007 offers you some of your most powerful opportunities in terms
>of spiritual illumination, unconditional love of self and others and the
>emergence of the true understanding of humanitarian consciousness.
>Throughout your life time, you have been faced with choices, ones that lead
>you down a pathway resulting in specific experiences and spaces of
>learning. In 2007, you will be shown clearly how past paradigm ways of
>thinking have inhibited your power of choice. It is a time of truly
>understanding the motivation behind your choices and the inner chatter that
>takes place prior to one making a choice. Next time you find yourself in a
>situation having to choose be aware of the dialogue that unfolds inside of
>your head prior to the decision being made. You will notice that during
>that dialogue taking place it is not you alone conveying information. It is
>your mother, your father, your siblings and any other authority figures
>that have influenced your life up until this point, contributing to the
>motivations behind your decisions.
>2007 is about stepping fully into the authentic power of choice as well as
>stepping into the power of authentic choice. Many people are being faced
>with profound change in their life. For many it is traumatic change,
>however the changes are vital and are a very important part of how things
>are changing. The past seven years have been a build up to the Big Let Go
>process currently unfolding. All of you have worked with various aspects of
>the formative years of your childhood. The formative years are the first
>seven years of your life. Over the past seven years you have had to deal
>with the programs you adopted and held within the seven chakras affecting
>your physical body and reality. You have had to entertain the many aspects
>of other people in your life which express themselves through the programs
>you adopted during your formative years. You now have the opportunity to
>completely restructure the foundation of your formative years and work with
>anchoring the authentic foundation of the True Self. What this means is,
>most important and foremost upon your list of priorities, is being brutally
>honest with yourself.
>In order to be authentic, in order to reclaim your authentic self and to
>live an authentic life, you need to quit living in denial. Skirting issues,
>beating around the bush and making excuses for your sad lot in life has
>come to an end. 2007 is the gateway into your authentic universe, the world
>where the TRUE YOU exists and has been waiting for you all along to come
>forward and to embrace it. See 2007 as your year of profound healing. When
>one undergoes healing one is in a position to let go and when one is ready
>to let go healing takes place. Right now, all you are required to do is
>make the choice to allow;" the Big Let Go" to merge completely with you on
>all levels so that you are able to recognize the authentic aspects of
>yourself by agreeing to acknowledge what you have been in denial about. For
>some people the denial may be very subtle issues, for others it may be very
>blatant issues. Every area of your life is calling for your attention. It
>is calling for you to be completely transparent so as to be able to
>holistically trans-parent yourself.
>Rejoice in knowing this is the year where you bid your parents farewell, by
>this we mean all their issues and all of the programming they was instilled
>with you and that causes any kind of limitation in your life. This will be
>released. Bid farewell to all of those authority figures that impacted upon
>your reality in a debilitating way and bid farewell to every other soul
>that has contributed to your journey that no longer serves a purpose. It is
>right to say that everything up until this point has been for a reason, but
>now everything has changed and has been changing and from the year 1999 you
>have been grooming yourself for this very powerful year of change. You will
>witness the power of magic, miracles and manifestation that comes about as
>a result of your willingness to surrender, to let go and to be carried
>gracefully upon the Sacred River of Life that shall lead you into the
>tranquil waters of your truth and into the abundant valley of knowledge,
>wisdom and power that you have been searching for most of your life.
>The Cosmic Hierarchy is present with you today. They are bringing
>information that will help you better understand the velocity of the
>energies currently being integrated, as well as a greater understanding of
>the volatility of the energies that you are experiencing.
>Firstly, every three months, all of you will undergo a cosmic clearing
>within your DNA. The cosmic clearing will result in a shifting of energetic
>paradigms that have been held within your DNA serving various purposes.
>This energy will be updated every three months so to speak, resulting in
>new energies being at your disposal every three months so as to continue
>upon the pathway you have chosen.
>Every month your Cosmic Guides will take you in your light body into the
>Temples of Shamballa where you will stand before the Great White
>Brotherhood and have the opportunity to refer to various aspects of the
>grander picture of your akashic template and make changes accordingly. This
>will result in accelerated changes in the entire make up of your being and
>your life. This accelerated change is a part of anchoring all the new
>Ascension Tools that the Archangels are bringing. There are twenty seven,
>to be specific, which the Archangels will be bringing to humanity in the
>not too distant future. The twenty seven Keys of Ascension includes all
>aspects of life and in 2007 you will come to recognize how important
>physical life is, in terms of completing the Ascension Initiations.
>The energy of; "the Big Let Go" will reveal to you many of the distorted
>perceptions you have had regarding spirituality; being spiritual, living
>the so-called esoteric way of life. In the past we have said that your
>government will undergo immense change and the people of various nations
>will rise to reclaim lost power. These changes apply to the esoteric world.
>The Cosmic Vibrations coming in from the 11th Universe is emitting a wave
>of particles which will impact on the spiritual community of your world as
>a collective consciousness and focus specifically on esoteric community.
>The reason why this is taking place is because esoteric communities have
>become corrupt in their attitude to spirituality. There has been an immense
>amount of corruption within that particular field. This is the year that we
>will begin sifting out all of the toxic aspects of the esoteric community.
>When we speak of the esoteric community we speak of the entire field
>embodying every single modality of healing, every single aspect of new age,
>self-help, and philosophy, esoteric and whatever labels you choose to give
>The identity that has been created around new age, esotericism, metaphysics
>and so on and so forth has been so severely and negatively distorted that
>it has begun to leak energy at such a rate that it is re-activating some of
>the portals that were shut down between the period of 2002 leading up to
>2005 that were meant to be the end of certain malevolent energies
>influencing the spiritual awakening of humanity. The Cosmic Lords WILL NOT
>ALLOW this to happen. Very recently, I said ignorance is no longer an
>excuse for the way things are unfolding and 2007 will show you the
>difference between innocence and ignorance. There is a very big difference
>and fine line between the two, the same as between judgment and
>discernment. It is up to every single person on the planet over the age of
>twelve years to take full responsibility for self-awareness, for
>self-empowerment and most importantly, being true to the self. Some of you
>may want to laugh in my face and say; "well, what do you suggest we do to
>get this right?" Be honest with yourself. Be authentic. You see beloved
>ones, for so many years and so many cycles the truth has been hidden from
>you. You have accepted that illusion is the lot-in-life that you will have
>to live with. You have been groomed in many areas including genetically and
>thinking that twisting the truth is a necessary part of survival. That no
>longer exists and is a complete distortion of the authentic way of being.
>There is only one way for anyone to live authentically and that's to live
>in truth, to live with integrity and to practice what one preaches.
>Already, humanity has seen how religion has distorted the truth. How many
>in the religious sector have not practiced what they preach? They do not
>stand alone in their so-called sin and it is with a very heavy heart that I
>say the esoteric community has become more corrupt than the Catholic Church
>ever was. This is why we have called forth this energy at this time with
>the gathering of the Cosmic Lords because the end begins today.
>All of you who honor the Pathway of Light, who honor the Laws of Integrity
>and who honor not only your truth, but the truth of everyone else, you are
>being called upon now, more than ever, to practice the Laws of Light, to
>lead by example and to set the record straight so-to-speak! There are many
>people out there who have been seeking the truth, who have stepped into
>various arenas so as to find their truth only to be "burnt" by the
>so-called New Age sector, by the healers, the mediums, the channelers, the
>tarot card readers, the palm readers, etc. It is one big farce and we will
>not allow all of the hard work that the Light workers of the True Pathway
>of Light have done be undone! So, I Lord Kuthumi, with the rest of the
>Great White Brotherhood and the Cosmic Lords of the 11th Universe ask you
>to stand in your truth like never before and practice the Laws of the
>Universe. Do as you will but harm none. By being true to yourself, and by
>this we mean being honest, you begin reversing all of the effects that the
>virus of deception has had on the spiritual world and the communities that
>take advantage of this new age of awakening. They are tarnishing the Golden
>Age because of their fear, because of lust consciousness, poverty, victim
>and conditional love consciousness.
>Beloved ones, it was important that we were completely transparent with you
>regarding where things are at this time regarding the esoteric community.
>And, may I emphasize this, when I say the "esoteric community" I refer to
>absolutely every aspect of the so-called New Age Movement. Because so many
>people have taken advantage lustfully, there are many who were awakening
>who have reverted back to their comatose state because they are
>disillusioned by what the New Age Movement was promising. Therefore; "the
>Big Let Go" encompasses the release of absolutely all avenues of deception,
>all areas of illusion, which is why I said to you at the beginning; it is
>the greatest opportunity of spiritual illumination, unconditional love and
>humanitarian consciousness.
>Every single one of you are being assigned an additional seven guides to
>support this unfolding that will take place over 2007. This is the
>beginning of what will be carried out all the way to 2012. This is a
>massive "spring clean" of note that continues throughout the whole year,
>regardless of the season. Tis the season for clearing, all year round. Let
>us put it that way!
>On a much more positive note, it is important that you bear in mind that
>where you are at now is a very powerful point, because you have the
>knowledge at your disposal of what has taken place. You are in a position
>to re-prioritize your life, to truly scrutinize every aspect of your life
>and to make empowered choices regarding the direction you choose. The
>choices you make also influence the collective consciousness. If you make a
>choice based on the entire past paradigm programming, you are supporting
>the old paradigm that you were programmed with; that it is better to
>distort the truth and to sacrifice ones truth, rather than to be honest and
>cause anyone any pain. You are telling yourself that it is okay for you to
>be in pain, it is okay for you to suffer and to live the illusion in order
>to spare others that pain and suffering. But living in the truth, you are
>not sparing them anything; all you are doing is not feeding their illusion.
>By being honest with yourself and communicating that honesty, you are
>allowing those who are at the receiving end of that truth, the opportunity
>to do likewise. This has a ripple effect throughout the collective
>consciousness because then truth, honesty and integrity become the order of
>the day and you will be astounded by how quickly things change and how
>willingly people will adapt to hearing the truth, seeing the truth and
>living within the truth.
>A number of people are feeling very volatile emotionally because of the
>energies coming forth from the 11th Universe. Today is the day that will
>mark the day for each and every month to come when you will stand before
>the Cosmic Lords and the Great White Brotherhood inside of Shamballa and
>present to them that which you desire most to change in your life. We ask
>all of you to obtain a journal that will be used specifically for your
>communications with the Cosmic Lords and the GWB. In this journal we ask
>you to write all the truths that you are discovering. Write down what you
>realize you have been in denial about. If you are having difficulty
>recognizing what you are in denial about, then we suggest you write down
>everything you are not completely and utterly at peace with in your life,
>and address each issue accordingly. Ask yourself why you are unhappy, what
>is causing the discomfort or unhappiness, what has created the sense of
>lethargy resulting in you not feeling capable of making the small changes
>in your life that may lead to a greater change. The collective gift that
>shall come from your efforts is self-acceptance and unconditional love of
>the self. The spiritual illumination that emerges, as a result, is what
>will motivate you to step completely into the authentic expression of your
>Divine Self. Even though the information is aimed at each of you as
>individuals, it is an energy that is rippled throughout your planet. It is
>a collective process.
>During 2007 you will also manifest yet another level of understanding,
>consciously, the meaning of "we are all one" and that you are a part of
>everything. The wave of particles coming from the 11th universe will
>activate this conscious emergence of the realization of how inter-connected
>everything is.
>Cosmically, you will also be influenced by twelve Cosmic Portals that are
>being activated throughout this year. Six of them will be focused over
>Africa and the remaining six will be scattered across the globe; USA,
>Canada, England, Russia, Spain and Australia. In Africa, they will be in
>Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, Namibia, Egypt and a vast pillar of that
>energy will be anchored in Dubai. The energy in Dubai will hold two
>frequencies of the masculine and the feminine. This particular portal will
>bring balance for the collective consciousness of both the God and the
>Goddess. As the year unfolds, we will take you into deeper aspects of what
>is taking place and many of you will physically travel to where these
>activations are taking place. We will keep you updated regarding the time
>lines. We can tell you that in April of this year, the Namibian Cosmic
>portal will be anchored and activated and at the end of January the Cosmic
>Portal for Cape Town will be activated. Lord Maitreya has asked that the
>19th of February be the day that the Cosmic Portal is anchored in
>Johannesburg. The rest will follow shortly.
>These Cosmic Portals will become active portals inside your body. Each of
>these portals will open greater aspects of your consciousness. All of you
>are already experiencing greater activity in your brain waves. We have
>observed millions of people experiencing activity in the brain region and
>that doctors are unable to diagnose the reason for their discomfort as a
>result. Many people are complaining of vertigo, the feeling of their crown
>chakra and their 3rd eye chakra feeling like water. All of this is a part
>of these cosmic waves of particles penetrating your body. You see, a
>particle is not an individual separate entity of its own. Particles are
>aspects of one collective body which replicate themselves. They are the
>same thing, but seen separately. This is a vital part of understanding the
>quantum mechanics taking place inside your body, around your body, inside
>your world and around your world.
>Quantum physics has become yet another buzz word and every Dick, Tom &
>Harriet is talking about Quantum this that or the other. But, Quantum
>Science is a very definite avenue of spirituality, if we can call it this.
>Quantum Physics is the Science of Possibility. Yet there are individuals
>trying to apply Quantum Science without integrity. During this year you
>will have a much grander understanding of the role you play in creating
>your life and what it means to live within a quantum state of active
>consciousness. If you are serious about working with Quantum Science, put
>in the effort to understand the mechanics thereof, so that you can apply it
>authentically. We have seen many people in the new age movement reading a
>paragraph in a book, placing it back on the shelf and claiming to know
>everything about the subject! People pick up buzz words and then claim to
>be the great teachers of what it is they have chosen to attach to,
>regardless. RESPONABILITY is a very important part of living authentically.
>Knowledge is at the disposal of everyone, but a certain level of maturity
>to live according to the laws of the knowledge you are tapping into.
>Ignorance is dangerous. There is no loner any excuse for ignorance, as I
>have said. Your world has come to a point where there is sufficient
>information available to enlighten every single soul on your planet. The
>problem is that a miniscule portion of your world is ready and willing to
>take full responsibility for moving out of ignorance and into empowerment.
>Therefore, once again Beloved Ones, we call to YOU the Enlightened Ones, to
>walk your talk like never before, to live your truth like never before and
>to exude the light of your authentic self like never before. This does not
>mean you will bombard people with your thoughts, your ideas or your
>perceptions of life. You are not asked now to go out into the world and try
>and transform everybody or save the world. All you are being asked to do is
>LEAD BY EXAMPLE. Be the avenue through which Spirit expresses its greatest
>Divinity and the energy that is emitted through you will be so powerful
>that those who are touched by your light will ask you what they need to
>know placing you in the position to share you wisdom and offer counsel, and
>work with them accordingly.
>Now, the Cosmic influences over and above that which we have discussed are
>ones that will also result in the shift of the rate of energy absorbed by
>your body, and the frequencies currently inside of your chakras will
>undergo a profound adaptation. What this means is that the entire
>consciousness of your physiology and your biology will undergo a
>transformation in frequency, and its ability to converse with the
>environment. Your body is a super intelligent mechanism, highly
>sophisticated. But, because such a small part of it has been utilized, all
>the dormant aspects of your body are needing some time to remember their
>original purpose. You can look forward to many of those aspects being
>resuscitated physiologically, biologically and psychologically. The study
>of Quantum Science is a valuable key in assisting your body to deal with
>the physiological changes that will take place. The biological changes that
>you will experience will be easier for you to adapt to with that knowledge,
>because as your knowledge of Quantum Science expands, so you will
>understand exactly what is going on in your body.
>The new Archangels that anchored their energy in 2006 are creating new
>streams of information, as well as streams of communication for all of you
>to tap into. This will amplify your ability to communicate telepathically
>with the various natural aspects of your environment. During this year it
>is vital that you interact with nature as often as is possible, so as to
>maintain the equilibrium of energy within your body. The most valuable
>thing you can do for your physical body during this year is feed it live
>food. Fill your body with water regularly. The entire water system of your
>body is already undergoing change, which is another reason why so many
>people are feeling so volatile because the emotional structure of your body
>is being recreated, recalculated and the recalibrated. Because you are
>primarily made up of water, you need to replenish that which is being
>expended in your daily living. Your body still releases water even if you
>are not very active physically. A minimum of 2L of water per day. Begin
>with at least one of your meals consisting of only living food. As the
>weeks and months unfold we strongly urge you to strive for making your
>meals predominantly live, organic foods. Your body will need this because
>your energies will be of such a fine tunes nature that dense foods will
>leave you feeling heavy, sluggish, fatigued and in general unmotivated.
>This may also result in headaches, sinus and mucous in the body.
>Crystals will play a very important role in maintaining the vibrancy of
>your energy. We suggest that you choose a member of the crystal kingdom to
>work with you on a monthly basis and to interact with this being of
>consciousness and familiarize yourself with its properties so that you can
>work with it. The same applies to working with a member of the animal
>kingdom, which you may recognize as one of your totem animals.
>This year is the marrying of all the aspects of the living world around you
>and within you merging together and creating a fantastic new body of light,
>of expression. A new vehicle that will take you through this life and help
>you to accomplish everything you have set out to do.
>Lord Maitreya is also asking you to focus your attention on the needs of
>the children of your planet - their emotional needs, as well as their
>spiritual needs. When their emotional and spiritual needs are attended to,
>they begin learning how to move out of survival consciousness and begin
>thriving within the environment they co-create with their guardians. More
>and more emphasis will be placed on the necessity of embracing the children
>of your planet in, an energy of innocence, as well as in, an energy of
>abundance. The children of eleven years old and younger will be influenced
>more than the adult human beings by the vibrations coming through this wave
>of particles coming from the 11th universe. They are being propelled into
>the same levels of empowerment that you have chosen to attract for
>yourself. However, the difference is that it will challenge many adults'
>belief systems, their way of doing things and their perceptions of
>children. Children thrive in a loving environment. They thrive when there
>are consistent boundaries set in place; loving, realistic, age appropriate
>Every human being who sires and births a child and every other human being
>whose life purpose it is to interact with children should complete a course
>in soul psychology, prior to committing to taking guardianship over such a
>sacred energy. And, we are implementing this energetically. This means all
>parents, teachers, grand-parents and guardians alike will undergo an
>accelerated course in soul psychology in terms of dealing with the soul of
>the child as well as the soul of the inner child. One thing I would like to
>ask all of you to get used to this year right from the onset is; BRUTAL
>HONESTY, and I promise you, Beloved Ones, I am going to tell it like it is.
>What is the use of living your life in denial? Where is it going to get
>you? Where has it gotten you? This also applies to the process of if
>guarding and nurturing children, and being an example they will follow.
>There are many children who have incarnated to completely obliterate the
>old systems of the old paradigm and this will challenge the adult community
>like never before. Not because adults will have to learn how to deal with
>some of these highly unruly, obnoxious and volatile children, they will
>have to learn what the new way is to win these children over. To win their
>trust, their respect and to win them over in terms of them seeing the power
>inside of you reflected within themselves. Every obnoxious, volatile,
>rebellious, unruly child you have ever met is simply screaming out for
>loving boundaries and focused attention for them and for you. Many times
>children push the boundaries because you are not confident in your own
>boundaries. They will over step the line, they will be unruly, destructive
>and arrogant because you are not paying attention to those aspects inside
>of you vying for your attention, calling to you to pay attention to what
>you need in order to manifest the life that will bring tranquility to
>absolutely every aspect of your environment.
>So, this goes back to what we said at the beginning; if you choose to live
>in denial then expect to live only a fraction of life. Being authentic
>means everything around you will change. The dynamic will become one that
>supports you in every single aspect of life multidimensional. So during the
>year ahead we ask you to look at yourself and to be impeccable in your
>thought, your word and your deed. Use your journal to be honest with
>yourself. Avoid negative people and environments. Granted, you will have
>your days when you will feel a little low, or perhaps one of your friends
>may feel a little low. We are speaking of long term negative environments
>and people who are constantly negative. Focus on everything that reflects
>back to you and that which you seek most to be and to experience.
>Are there any questions we can assist with?
>(Full question inaudible) Asking about the Soul Psychology that Kuthumi
>mentioned earlier
>We will deliver the teachings of Soul Psychology as they are necessary. Be
>open to what manifests in your reality as part of the training so-to-speak.
>The teachings of the Soul Psychology will manifest primarily in each
>person's life as life experiences. You will have first hand experience of
>how it will unfold and it is part and parcel of the energy of 2007. When
>you are faced with a situation and you need to find different ways of
>dealing with it because, consciously, you know that the old way has not
>worked, will not work, what do you need to do differently? The moment you
>ask that question, the new way is given to you and will expressed through
>you, which is why we emphasize that one must accept that to do things in
>the old way will not change one's life. Being honest, choosing to live
>authentically, will bring all the information that is needed. Perhaps you
>could consider 2007 being an advanced initiation into universal self
>-empowerment. Is this clear? Peace and blessing be with you.
>Kuthumi you speak about the seven guides, what dimensions or energies will
>they be bringing for us?
>It will be different for each individual. However there is a collective
>thread. The dimensions that are coming are more those of the higher
>dimensions embodying consciousness of a more expanded consciousness. You
>can anticipate these coming from the 7th dimension and beyond. Over and
>above this you will also have beings coming in from the 11th Universe who
>are responsible for the bringing the new cosmic wave particles which will
>create a new system from which to live and integrate energy. We suggest
>that each of you also set the intention that these new guides reveal to you
>what their purpose is with you, how to recognize them and what you can rely
>on them to do with and for you. Is this clear?
>Why seven guides? Has it got something to do with the seven main chakras?
>It is a yes and also with the energy of 2007 and the rate at which the
>energy is changing, the seven guides hold a specific frequency taken on
>from the numerological vibration of seven, which is very important.
>Question regarding depression
>One of the main reasons why there is such a high level of depression at
>this time is because the soul is weeping as a result of the disconnection
>that has taken place with the authentic self. Most people are living their
>lives motivated by survival and fear. Many people are in outdated
>situations, they are in relationships, jobs and geographic locations that
>are no longer a part of their Divine Plan; systems that have expired and
>because people are still in those systems of old energy they are finding it
>extremely difficult to make the changes. The weight of the illusion becomes
>so intense that depression sets in. This is why the journey of embracing
>the authentic self is such an important one for 2007. Being honest with
>oneself and everyone else is so important. Now, people might say "How can I
>leave this job I despise so much if I have bills to pay?" This is a reality
>which we understand but what is the person doing to change that situation?
>Many people simply accept it as their lot in life and complain incessantly
>about it. The example of the dead-end job would require the person
>acknowledging where they are for now and then being honest about all the
>reasons why they choose to stay where they are and then being honest about
>all the external influences that influence the decision to stay where they
>are. Once that is out in the open, one can begin to make physical changes.
>If an issue is low self-worth and one believes that one does not deserve a
>more stimulating job, or perhaps the person may be in a destructive
>relationship and the relationship leads to the person feeling so bad about
>themselves that they do not believe that they deserve anything better. Do
>you understand where this is going? Do you see how it all links together?
>So, in order to alleviate the depression, begin by being honest with
>Lord Kuthumi, over the past few days I have experienced extreme volatility.
>Sister, this is as a result of all the new energies coming in. The Cosmic
>Vibrations and the Cosmic Lords anchoring their energy on the earth plane
>has created this eruption of emotion. The emotional body is being
>completely reconstructed; the water systems are changing, and because all
>of the energies are being groomed to support this change of being in a
>state denial and moving into the authentic way of being, it is disrupting
>the entire foundation of people's lives. Now, the foundation we are
>referring to is that which was created within the formative years - the
>first 7 years of ones life. Where ever there is a crack in the foundation,
>whatever was placed within that foundation that no longer serves the soul
>is being changed, which is what has been taking place between 1999 and
>2006. Now, 2007 is the next leg of the so-called journey where one is ready
>to create a new foundation, to re-create that which was lost during the
>formative years as a result of external programming, and reclaiming all the
>authentic aspects of the Divine Self and creating THAT as the new
>foundation. As a result, individuals are questioning themselves, uncertain
>about choices that need to be made, decisions that must be made and action
>that must be taken. One minute a person is feeling motivated and the next
>minute they want to take their own life. It is the initial reaction to this
>very high frequency of Cosmic energy that has been sent in to ensure that
>the direction that the new energy is creating will be one that leads
>everyone into the world of their authentic self. The volatility is also the
>aspects of self that are afraid of the unknown, and what these changes will
>result in. "What will one lose?" "What will one have to sacrifice?" "How
>will the changes occur?" But in truth there is no loss, there will be no
>sacrifice and one will simply move into the changes gracefully, because
>that is the way synchronicity works. Part of healing means accepting that
>there are aspects of your life you will not be able to control from the
>perspective of the ego. There comes a time when one must let go and let
>God. This often gives rise to that sense of volatile emotion and feelings,
>of course mind chatter. That is very confusing but do you know what is most
>important? It is the fact that you are aware that your body is undergoing
>change. The fact that you are willing to embrace the change and allow your
>guides to show you what the new direction is. We urge all of you to embrace
>the current changes in that manner, and to trust the unseen sources and
>forces of energy around you and at your disposal.
>Question not very clear, but something to do with not coping with partner
>and children.
>Sister, use the journal we suggested earlier and write down everything you
>are feeling. Many times one realizes when looking at commitments to
>partners and to children that the volatility and the screaming inside is in
>fact the self screaming for the same attention that is being given to the
>husband/partner and the children. Then what happens is, the inner self is,
>in a way, forcing the mother to find time to pay attention to the self. So,
>writing in the journal is, in a way, forcing you to sit down so that you
>can make head and tails of what exactly is irking you; pushing you to the
>edge, making you feel completely helpless and hopeless and help you deal
>with the guilt that you feel inside because of the way you feel towards you
>partner and your children and the resentment that often builds up as a
>result. Then you can take action. Many women have heard us say this and we
>will repeat it. It is vital to nurture yourself as much as you have to
>nurture the rest of your life. We have heard every excuse under the sun,
>believe me. There are many. Perhaps it is a book we should publish but in
>the moment that she (mother) steps into that place of giving to self, the
>sense of relief is indescribable. You do not have to do it every day, aside
>one morning, one afternoon or even one hour in your month that is purely
>dedicated to you. That is the most important gift you can give yourself,
>and the most important physical action you can take right now for yourself.
>You see, the space you are in now, is not a healthy one for you or your
>family, so you have to take a few steps back, and you are going to have to
>"deprive" your children and your partner of some time with you. However,
>the gift is that when you are back in their space you feel refreshed,
>loving, energized and strong, and you can give them quality time.
>What effects will the new energies have on the emotions and economically?
>Brother, the emotional issues are very much about what we have already
>discussed; the depression, the volatility of the emotions and of course
>vulnerability will be a very big part of it too. People feeling that they
>just cannot carry on the way they are is why depression will be an area to
>focus on during 2007. It will, in a way, become the number one emotional
>dis-ease of the modern time, and it will not be limited to females or
>Economically it is going to be as volatile, simply because of people's
>uncertainty regarding themselves and their future. Since 2007 has such a
>focus on stepping into the authentic self; self-worth will be challenged
>like never before. This is vital in order for humanity to emerge as a
>collective body of self-acceptance. Because of people's uncertainty
>regarding their self-worth, they may very well impact upon their financial
>situation as a result, highlighting their beliefs in lack or loss. However
>it can be rapidly salvaged by owning the contribution through ones beliefs
>systems that manifest any kind of lack and limitation, which then becomes a
>new way of being and the person discovers a different motivation for
>improving their life style. This of course impacts on the world
>There will continue to be the uncovering of corruption in government as it
>has been over the past recent years, as well, expanding the type of person
>being brought into positions of governance and ruling. What this means is
>that the nations will call for people with a greater sense of integrity,
>truth and honesty. It will take the demand of what they are delivering to a
>whole new level. There will also be emphasis on finding more natural ways
>of fuelling motor vehicles, etc., as well as greater emphasis on global
>warming. 2007 will be a time where there will be temperatures recorded that
>have never been recorded in your history before. The heat, that is. The
>temperature has increased by at least a half a degree world wide already.
>So that will become quite a big focus, not only for governments around the
>world, but for individuals and communities as well. In a way, it is again
>the drawing together of humanitarian consciousness and the realization that
>all is one. Everything is connected. What you do unto yourself you do unto
>others. Ignorance is destructive! So, people need the education regarding
>the utilization of certain substances in their home, their vehicle, in
>their mind, in their heart, everywhere. It is a collective body healing.
>Humans, world and spirit, every single aspect of life will be addressed.
>Before we end this transmission let us also say to you. Stand strong in
>your truth. Remember your belief systems are perhaps not that of another,
>but if it resonates true to you then stick with it. There will be a lot of
>change in the New Golden Age movement. Therefore, you need to have the
>courage of your convictions and walk tall.
>So it is then, Beloved Ones, that we embrace each of you in the Divine
>Cosmic Light. We embrace you in the fluid energy of the fluid universe and
>deliver unto you a means that will help you understand how you are able to
>manifest the miracles of life; tap into the magic of life and express your
>authentic self in ways you have previously not perceived. Continue to trust
>in the many invisible arms that hold you and know they you are safe, know
>that you are on the right path and deeply loved.
>I am Kuthumi, Chohan of the Golden Ray of Love and Wisdom and I greet and
>bless you in love. Adonai.

All Natural Disinfectant Room Spray

Disinfectant Room Spray

3 drops eucalyptus
1 drop peppermint
2 drops pine
1 drop tea tree
2 drops bergamot
1 ounce of water

Combine ingredients. Shake well before using. The combination is also
suitable as a chest rub. (Replace the water in this recipe with a carrier

Excepted from Aromatherapy: A Complete Guide to the Healing Art, Crossing
Press) (c)1995
Disclaimer--This information is not intended to be taken as a replacement
for medical advice.
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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

January 28 , 2007 What's Up On Planet Earth

January 28 , 2007
VERTIGO, OH VERTIGO The What's Up On Planet Earth? energy alerts are offered several times per month by viewing them here. Your financial support makes it possible to continue offering information on this website free of charge. Please make a donation.

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Greetings! (Missed the message for January 25th? You can view it here.)
We are currently in the throes of experiencing this new and higher dimension (through our arrival from integrating the full unity of the whole), and it is creating some wild and intense experiences and symptoms.

Right now, we are at the “border,” or crossover point. Spinning, vertigo, and dizziness are common symptoms of a transition into a higher dimension. What is occurring when we experience spinning or vertigo, is an alignment with our Merkabah, or light body…the vehicle that gets us here.

We are now fully in a higher dimension, so we must fully adjust to this new space. And at times, it can feel intense as we have to now embody the new “us” along with the new energies.

Stiff necks and back pain can be common as well…remember, we are sprouting our new angel wings. And when this higher energy arrives through our crown chakras, sinus problems can occur as well, as we are expanding to a great degree. And as always, exhaustion and tiredness are ever present, with possible rashes, nausea, and hot flashes. So then, neck, head, shoulder, and back pain and stiffness are very common, but if we can understand that we are simply expanding in form, as we progress through our spiritual evolutionary and expansion process, it can help to ease things a bit.

Another symptom that can be felt is a sense of leaving or going somewhere. This can manifest in our dreamtime as dreams of packing up, collecting our things, and moving on. If you are one who “sees” while wide awake, as I do, you may be feeling a great sense of loss, or that perhaps you are leaving everything behind. During this time, emotions can run high. You may feel like you could cry a river, for no apparent reason, or you may have even attached a reason…..usually relating to loss or separation with great sadness present.

The first time I experienced a leap like this, I was nearly hysterical and having panic attacks, as I felt an intense sense that I was going somewhere, and leaving everyone else behind! I have since come to know that this feeling is only in the non-physical reality, and that most everyone is coming eventually…so now I can almost laugh when I experience these things. Yes, ascension can actually get to be old hat!

Because we are moving so rapidly into this next phase of the new reality, we must then be aligned with it. This is why we have been going through our paces of being comfortable demanding and expecting to get what we want and what is rightfully ours. We are now poised energetically to create the new world in the new reality, and we must then be a match for it. We must be prepared for our roles.

So then, the energies we are currently clearing in order to be in alignment with our new space involve being acknowledged and being appreciated, and being seen. If you have found yourself getting upset, angry, and unusually annoyed lately regarding a situation where you have not been noticed, valued, seen, or acknowledged for who you are, then know that this is simply a part of this process unfolding. Is someone else getting the attention you rightfully deserve? As always, we are clearing as a whole, and we are clearing the space for all else to follow.

We are also preparing for the energies that will arrive with the Spring Equinox. It may seem far off, but when these energies arrive, they will come with a huge bang, in a big wave, and literally carry us into our light-filled creations. Like a giant tidal wave of light, we will be supported and lifted, as we ride this wave, into the new world and new reality in form. So then, we are preparing, by making sure we are in alignment as much as possible, so that we can actually ride this wave, in lieu of allowing it crash upon us.

If your finances have been meager or just barely trickling of late, this is because things are waiting for the alignment to be more complete. If we are not ready when this tidal wave hits, we will create from a lower vibrating stance, and would not be too happy about our creations. So then, during this time, we are lining up, and also waiting for everyone else to more fully line up, so that we will be creating from our higher selves, or more connected selves, when this energy for creation really hits in full force.

Not to say that we are not creating much now. We are still in the magical energy where miracles are occurring. Things are indeed lining up, and these things are the things of our dreams. Just think of something, and it seems to arrive in a flash. This is why we are being encouraged to be very precise about what we are wanting….and know that we can have it! I have been having a hilarious time with creations, as within an hour of changing my direction, the new thing arrives and the old creation is suddenly gone! What a lesson on getting clear!

There will be more excitement in February, which will be reported to you here, as we progress ever forward step by step. Wheeeee!
Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times.
Until next time,

Mercury Retrograde 2007

Mercury Retrograde 2007 Retro Station Direct Station Return 10 Pisces 13
Wed, Feb 14 25 Aquarius 25
Mon, Mar 12 10 Pisces 13
Mon, Mar 26 11 Cancer 34
Fri, Jun 15 2 Cancer 28
Tue, Jul 10 11 Cancer 34
Tue, Jul 24 09 Scorpio 05
Fri, Oct 12 23 Libra 27
Thu, Nov 1 09 Scorpio 05
Sat, Nov 17
On February 14, 2007, Mercury, the cosmic trickster, turns retrograde in Pisces, the sign of the Fishes, sending communications, travel, appointments, mail and the www into a general snarlup! This awkward period begins a few days before the actual turning point (as Mercury slows) and lasts for three weeks or so, until March 12, when the Winged Messenger reaches his direct station. At this time he halts and begins his return to direct motion through the zodiac.
Everything finally straightens out on March 26, as he passes the point where he first turned retrograde. Mercury turns retrograde three times a year, as a rule, but the effects of each period differ, according to the sign in which it happens (see box for Retrograde Periods in 2007).

A planet is described as retrograde when it appears to be moving backwards through the zodiac. According to modern science, this traditional concept arises in the illusory planetary motion created by the orbital rotation of the earth, with relation to other planets in our solar system. Planets are never actually retrograde or stationary, they just seem that way, due to this cosmic shadow-play.
Retrograde periods, although often problematic for us earthlings, are not particularly uncommon. Each planet retrogrades, except the Sun and Moon. Although a powerful astrological influence, Mercury is quite a small planet that travels at a relatively fast speed through the zodiac. Despite being the closest planet in our solar system to the Sun, it is not always in the same sign (this month Sol is still in Aquarius as Mercury backflips in Pisces).

Fated Events As a rule, retrograde planets presage a period of seemingly inevitable or fated events that relate to their sphere of influence. They present us with a series of events over which we seem to have little or no control, relating especially to the sign in which the retrogradation occurs. For example, Mercury retrograde in Pisces presents quite different sets of circumstances from those generated when it retrogrades into Aquarius.
A retrograde period is best seen as a cycle, beginning when the planet begins to slow to a halt before travelling backwards through the zodiac and ending when the planet returns to the point where it first paused. However, during the cycle, the planet's energy is most powerful (and more likely to generate critical events of universal importance) when the planet makes a station: appearing motionless in the sky.

These stationary periods occur near the beginning of the cycle (when the planet first halts as it prepares to move backwards) and midway through the cycle when the retrograde planet slows to a stop before moving forward again. The "direct station" (when the planet halts before moving forward again) is the most powerful and can be used for maximum benefit.
Some astrologers consider that the "Mercury Shadow" begins some three weeks before the actual retro station (when Mercury passes the point of direct station for the first time), but I am more inclined to think that the really noticeable peculiarities begin when Mercury slows significantly, a few days before the retro station. This period of "Mercury Shadow" extends to the Return date, some three weeks after the direct station. Bear this in mind, because experience shows that the effects of the retro period are still marked during the "shadow" phase. Some of the most characteristic annoyances often occur just after Mercury makes the direct station, while he is crawling forward before picking up speed.

What does Mercury affect? In general, Mercury rules thinking and perception, processing and disseminating information and all means of communication, commerce, education and transportation. By extension, Mercury rules people who work in these areas, especially people who work with their minds or their wits: writers and orators, commentators and critics, gossips and spin doctors, teachers, travellers, tricksters and thieves.
Mercury retrograde gives rise to personal misunderstandings; flawed, disrupted, or delayed communications, negotiations and trade; glitches and breakdowns with phones, computers, cars, buses, and trains. And all of these problems usually arise because some crucial piece of information, or component, has gone astray, or awry.
It is therefore not wise to make important decisions while Mercury is retrograde, since it is very likely that these decisions will be clouded by misinformation, poor communication and careless thinking. Mercury is all about mental clarity and the power of the mind, so when Mercury is retrograde, these intellectual characteristics tend to be less acute than usual, as the critical faculties are dimmed. Make sure you pay attention to the small print!
The Key Issue The key issue here is one of focus. Mercury's retro phase tends to bring unforeseen changes and blockages, but the aggravation and frustration that many of us experience during these periods is often due to our own inability to roll with the punches. Is this due to our ego-fixation? Mercury sets out to restructure our thinking processes and for many of us this is painful and frustrating. Moreover, these experiences reveal flaws in our internal organisation as well as our external planning, which can make us feel foolish and inadequate.
Mercury retrograde, like any cosmic aspect, affects people differently, depending on where it hits their personal charts. Some people actually prosper under a retro Mercury, especially if Mercury is retrograde but otherwise well-aspected in their birth charts. It is also a time when matters begun under a previous retro period will come to fruition, or completion as the case may be. Firm decisions that have been previously made when Mercury is travelling normally through the zodiac may be implemented or finalised while Mercury is retrograde without too much worry, for experience shows that this can be done without undue problems arising.

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces
When Mercury is retrograde, everyone's thinking is more introspective and we tend to think about issues and concerns which relate to the sign involved. With Mercury retrograde in Pisces, people with this sign prominent in their charts will be especially prone to such introspection. There is little choice but to reconsider our personal views and opinions about life. We receive, however, an opportunity to gain insight into our own ego.
Mercury retro in Pisces, the sign of his fall, creates mental and emotional confusion, with strange dreams and sometimes psychic experiences. Mental processes being entwined with emotions, we find it hard to separate ideas and opinions from passion and idealism. Our mental orientation can be unstable, unrealistic and overly-spiritual, but it also inclines to laziness and increases the urge to consume alcohol. Nervousness and stress, even unfounded fears and paranoia are stimulated, especially from working or living in a hostile environment. Maintain privacy and dignity in the working environment and don't try to read between the lines, when there is really nothing to find.
Mercury moves back into Aquarius on February 27. This inclines us to eschew current fashion and dress in a style entirely our own. Mercury here can be very stubborn and opinionated, while at the same time maintaining liberal, unbiased attitudes. Avoid any temptation to be disloyal to friends, or to criticize if not slander them. Do not use your friends coldly to further your own ends.
All areas of communication are affected, especially in matters related to hidden things, sexual encounters, passionate commitments, jealousy, investigations and the occult. This period brings travel snafus and missed appointments of all kinds. Documents can go astray. Be sure to carry a diary and refer to it often.

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Saturday, January 27, 2007


Posted by: "Karen" starbluedreamer
Fri Jan 26, 2007 10:27 pm (PST)

Welcome to the Great Transitional Year of 2007

2006 was an interesting year in which for the first nine months,
everything appeared to happen deceptively slowly. It felt as if we
were putting out major effort and achieving minimal results. We spent
most of the year under construction, covered by scaffolding while a
core level renovation was taking place. Yet by the end of the year, we
were amazed by how great a distance we had actually traveled. We
suddenly realized that 2006 had been brilliantly efficient after all
and gave us exactly the perfect experiences we most needed in order to
make a major internal transformation.

During the Quantum Surf that occurred in the final three months of
2006, some of us experienced a core level shift that has catapulted us
onto a totally new matrix.... into the previously uncharted realms of
the deeper Invisible called the Lotus World.

If you have not yet made this shift, don't worry; it is coming in
2007 and will be hard to miss as long as you make it your top
priority. The Quantum Surf that arrived at the end of September will
only continue to get stronger throughout 2007 and 2008.


The changes that took place during the final months of 2006 were
so profound and far reaching that many of us exited the year as new,
infinitely truer beings. Once we began to enter the Lotus World, huge
Waves of Love washed through us, erasing the long line of footprints
we had left in the sand behind us. This will happen more and more
throughout 2007.

These footprints represent our entire journey thus far-- our
struggles to awaken and emerge from the illusion of duality, the
moments of glory, the people we loved and those who loved us, the ones
who tried to hinder us, the moments of deep despair when we almost
gave up, the immense courage that it took to make it this far. Our
entire histories of all our lifetimes on this planet and beyond are
embedded in the seemingly endless line of footprints in the sand. And
then suddenly, a series of huge Waves of Love washes them away and we
are free....

The Waves of Love are also washing away many of our old disguises
and outdated roles. The multiple layers with which we had covered up
our true beings are being stripped off, revealing our naked core
selves. And that is all we can be anymore. RAW.... REAL.... TRUE....

Throughout 2007, the Waves of Love will wash away our hiding
places, both within our selves and without. These are the tiny,
cramped places where we have crammed ourselves to stunt our growth and
avoid embodying our true vastness and magnificence. The places where
we stuff our most precious dreams and most intimate desires so we
won't have to face the potential heartbreak of their possible failure.
The places where we hide under a blanket of empty excuses to avoid
stepping into the responsibility of fulfilling our true purpose and
doing what we really came here to do. In 2007 we will discover that we
can no longer hide from ourselves or others. We are suddenly out in
the open, naked and exposed, in plain sight of all those who can see.
And we might as well get comfortable with this, for this is how it
will be from now on.

Without our histories of past and future, we are thrust into the
HERE and NOW. We will realize that HERE and NOW is all there is.
Everything is found within it. And this is exactly where we need to
fully anchor our beings. The HERE and NOW is where we will be able to
align ourselves with RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE. And this is where we
will be able to fulfill our Wildest Dreams.


As the Waves of Love become increasing larger and stronger in
2007, they will wash away every single element of our lives which is
untrue, which doesn't resonate in perfect accord with our emerging
new, true beings. This Quantum Surf full of Waves of Love will
continue to magnify and intensify throughout this monumental Year of
Transition, as the Waves of Love wash away unfulfilling jobs, wrong
places of residence, expired relationships, outdated beliefs, habits
and patterns, engrained spiritual practices that can't take us
further.... Until all that is untrue or expired has left us.

Many elements that we have grown familiar with have now passed
their expiration dates. These include old vows and contracts with soul
groups or with individuals, old responsibilities, limited concepts,
outdated spiritual practices, old roles we have played out for
lifetimes. Some of the elements now leaving our lives have been in
effect for such a long time that we always assumed that they would be
with us forever. But now they have reached their appointed end. And
just like expired milk that has spoiled, we can try to drink it, but
it will not quench our thirst; it will only make us sick.

If we are really stubbornly resistant to change or are afraid of
what we cannot see or control-- that which is presently unmapped and
unknown-- we can try to hold on to the old and outdated; but sooner or
later, everything that has expired will all be ripped away from our
shaky grasp.

This is not the year for automatic, unconscious responses or for
sitting passively on the sidelines; rather we need to be fully
conscious of everything we think, feel, say or do. We must make
honest, conscious choices based on our integrity and take decisive
action as we continually weed out everything that has expired within
us. If not, these elements will become increasingly distorted and
magnified until we can no longer ignore them.

Let's continually comb through the cupboards of our beings and
release whatever no longer belongs with who we are in the process of
becoming. At the same time, we can keep whatever has the appropriate
resonance to travel further with us.


2007 is a critical "Make or Break" year beginning with the "Make
or Break" month of January. This period actually begins in the final
week of December 2006. The more lasting breakthroughs we can make in
January, the better, for January sets the templates for the entire year.

Quantum Surf always requires huge surfboards, for all the small
ones will be smashed by the Big Waves. It requires the participation
of our full beings, for this is the only way to deal with such intense
energies. We will be able to surf the HUGE WAVES of 2007 with much
more ease and mastery if we aren't hindered by being on small
surfboards that are getting tossed about and bashed on the rocks.

The Express Train into the New is getting ready to leave the
station and it's going to depart whether or not we are on it. And we
really don't want to miss it. This is the time that we have waited
for. It's finally here and the Express Train will take us directly to
our true destinies. It will take us to the place where we can
experience the Fulfillment of our Wildest Dreams. So please, don't let
ANYTHING hold you back.

Although the Express Train to the New is leaving the station
during the first two weeks of February, you must have your ticket in
hand by the end of January. If you miss it, you can still try to catch
up and reconnect with your true purpose throughout the year by making
it your top priority and giving it your total focused intent. This
will take immense effort in comparison to the ease of breakthroughs
experienced by those on the Express Train, but it is possible. After
2007, it will be much more difficult to bridge the gap between those
who are living in the new matrix and those who are still covered with
the dusty residue of duality.

A great sifting out is taking place in which those of us who
continue to allow themselves to be mired in the illusions of duality
will no longer be traveling with the rest of us on an accelerated
path. If you aren't putting your full being into creating your
breakthroughs and making them your top priority, you may well find
yourself out of the main flow of the prevailing current. This is "Make
or Break Time" and it's no longer possible to indulge ourselves in
doing things halfheartedly.

As I mentioned in one of last year's monthly Surf Reports, this
present time is very similar to the evacuation of Atlantis in which
many boats were cast out to sea, but only a few made it to their
appointed destinations. During 2007, all those who have been riding in
the large boats with us, but who have only been sporadically rowing,
will either have to start rowing with their full beings or find
themselves treading water while the boats move forward without them.

Please don't let this happen to you. That would be really sad,
because this is the time that collectively, we have worked so hard to
bring forth. This is the time that we were created for and we really
don't want to miss it!

As we unhook ourselves from all the elements that have expired and
jump onto the Express Train, this will give us the necessary mobility
to move with ease into our rightful new positions with the right
people, situations and physical locations.


An unprecedented, extremely rare reconfiguring of our ancient soul
groups is taking place this year. The ones of us who have gotten stuck
in the quicksand of duality, those who have tangled themselves up in
distractions and compromise, the ones of us who aren't living their
integrity, or those who have given up and are no longer evolving on an
accelerated path are now being removed from the main mandala of the
weaving of their ancient soul groups. Their threads are being diverted
to the background. Sadly, they are going to miss the express train
into the New for now, but eventually, in this time or another, they
will rejoin us in the One.

As the dormant threads of these people are removed from the
mandala in the weaving of their ancient soul groups, it will create
new space within the weaving. Pulling out the dormant threads is
similar to weeding a garden; it allows the plants which have committed
their full beings to be vibrantly alive, to expand and grow. This
weeding out is essential at this time, for the people who are not
giving their 100% commitment can no longer be carried along. This may
sound harsh; it does to me, but it is simply a reflection of the
extremely serious and significant time we are in.

At the same time, a reweaving of the mandalas of ancient soul
groups is occurring that will actually merge some soul groups with
others in order to create the patterning of the New. This will expand
the pool of kindred beings and make it easier for us to find the ones
we are meant to be with. For 2007 is the year in which we will align
with our true families and with our One True Loves, all kindred beings
with whom we share both an alignment of essence and an alignment of


2007 represents a mega Turning Point, not just in terms of this
lifetime, but within the scope of our entire cycle of embodiments. It
requires us to shift our beings onto an entirely new matrix. This new
matrix is far more than simply anchoring our beings in Oneness or
inhabiting the Greater Reality. It takes us far beyond the map of the
known onto an absolutely new template of TRUE LOVE located within the
deeper Invisible.

Reaching the Turning Point will totally depend on our actions and
responses. It's not something that is just handed to us if we're not
ready or if we are still clutching onto what has expired. It requires
our focused intent, the participation of our full beings, our 100%
commitment to move into the New, our absolute honesty and integrity in
every aspect of our lives. It requires that we are ready to LOVE and
BE LOVED with our total beings.

If any part of our being is still clinging onto what has already
expired, it will hold us back until we take decisive action and burn
the bridges to the past, so that going backwards is no longer an option.

The sooner we do this, the better, for once the Turning Point is
reached, we will enter the Fast Track. This is the realm of RIGHT TIME
- RIGHT PLACE where we can move forward into our new lives unhindered
and with total ease. This is where everything just clicks into place.
Here we will experience breakthrough after breakthrough, revelation
after revelation. This is going to happen all year long in a steady
progression of events that will continually lead us into the truest
directions, ultimately uniting us with our right places, with the
kindred beings we are meant to live and work with, with our One True
Loves, with our new fulfilling careers, with a wellspring of
nourishment and abundance Beyond our Wildest Dreams.

Everything will move forward quickly and seemingly effortlessly,
especially compared to the struggles we have experienced in the past.
It's like moving from traveling up an endless series of steep steps
that require constant effort with little progress to traveling on a
conveyor belt that takes us directly into the New with ease and


The new incoming matrix is the Lotus Heart. The Lotus Heart is the
foundation for not only all our future endeavours, but for the
fulfillment of our Wildest Dreams. The Lotus Heart differs greatly
from the One Heart because it signifies the merger of our deepest,
truest heart's desires with fulfilling our true destiny and purpose
while serving the One as One Being. We no longer have to choose
between our most personal yearnings and fulfilling our true destiny,
for they are no longer separate. The two pathways have converged into
one clear, strong expressway.

As we enter the new matrix of the Lotus Heart, the stamp of
purest, core level TRUE LOVE is superimposed over everything. It is
the air we breathe, the ground we stand upon, the food we eat. It is
not only the prevailing current; it becomes the only current that we
can feel. Absolutely everything is touched and affected by it.

When we awaken our Lotus Hearts, we enter a previously unmapped
realm of the deeper Invisible called the Lotus World. Entering the
Lotus World requires that we undergo a thorough cleansing and
purification on all levels. We need to continually recalibrate our
beings and our external living spaces to keep realigning the energetic
fields. Everything becomes stripped down to the core essence until we,
ourselves, become raw, real, honest, true, TO THE CORE.

The world of the Lotus requires constant rebalancing. We will be
doing this all year as the resonance of TRUE LOVE grows ever stronger.
Each time that any expired elements such as people, places, jobs,
attitudes and beliefs leave our lives and each time that any new
elements enter our lives, we will need to rebalance our Lotus. Inside
and out. Our best stance is to be wide open, flexible and fluid while
putting our total being into each and every moment of the HERE and NOW
while continually taking decisive action to fearlessly move forward.

Once we enter the Lotus World, we are plunged into the River of
Love. The strong currents of Love become our predominant reality.
Here, no swimming is required and although the River of Love can be
undeniably intense at times, we also cannot drown. We are propelled
along by PURE TRUE CORE LEVEL LOVE until nothing on the banks of the
river can grab our attention. It all feels unreal and becomes a blur.

There are many stages in the River of Love. There is the feeling
that everything is deeply permeated with immense, previously
unimaginable levels of PURE TRUE LOVE. We become beacons of Love,
radiating Love to all whom we encounter.

At times, it can become unbelievably intense, so intense that we
can barely move. These are the moments when we are working on the
levels of pure Love on its core level. Often this will cause us to
cease all outer activities and lie down for a short while so we can
totally dissolve into it.

All of this is directly related to the 8th Gate Activation of the
11:11 Doorway. This is the most significant and most powerful 11:11
Activation since the original one in 1992. 8th Gate is so vast and so
vitally important that there will be two 8th Gate Activations, one on
February 11, 2007 and one at the end of 2008. Because of this, the 8th
Gate energies of the Lotus Heart, the Lotus World, the Lotus Love and
True Love Partnerships will be emphasized in our lives for the next
two years.

During this time, it's critically important that we move ourselves
onto the new matrix of the Lotus Heart as soon as possible, the
sooner, the better, because once we're immersed in the River of Love,
the sooner we will be able to experience the Fulfillment of our
Wildest Dreams.

As more of us move onto the new matrix of the Lotus Heart, the
resonance of PURE TRUE LOVE will immeasurably strengthen, causing the
River of Love to increasingly flood its banks, inundating people and
places previously untouched by this new level of LOVE and allow them
to directly experience it. This will have a deeply transforming effect
on the entire world.

If you want to directly participate in the upcoming 8th Gate
Activation, you could organize an Anchor Group or join an already
existing one. Or perhaps get one of the few remaining places in the
Master Cylinder in Mallorca, Spain. For more information on the 8th


2007 is the year in which we can have it all. The Fulfillment of
our Wildest Dreams is readily available once we have passed the
Turning Point of No Down - No Return.

The first thing we must do is to focus on what we really want. We
need to get totally clear on this, by going into the deepest vaults of
our heart of hearts and bringing out our most sacred, intimate
personal heart's desires and our most precious dreams.

Since many of us haven't dared to look there for a long time, it
might be a bit difficult at first to discern what you most want. If
so, then begin with the obvious. Things like being with your One True
Love, good health, financial freedom and abundance, a fulfilling
career that is in total alignment with your true purpose, etc. This
will help clear the path so that more and more layers can come forth.

Express out loud the things you most want. Write them down and put
them on an altar. Call for them to come into your life. Call for them
throughout the day and night. Express your readiness to receive them.
Then live your deepest truth on a core level in every moment. Fully
embody the Lotus Heart.

This will dissolve the final membrane.

And your Wildest Dreams will start pouring in....

And please be careful that you don't push them away when they
start coming in. Especially if they require dramatic changes in your
established lifestyle, which they probably will. Be ready to welcome
change without any resistance and be ready to move anywhere!


During the years of 2007 and 2008 many of us will finally reunite
with our One True Loves. This could be someone you already know or
someone whom you haven't encountered for many lifetimes. If you
already know this person, it will feel as if the veils between you
have suddenly dissolved, revealing the true depths of your connection.
Or perhaps you are already in a relationship with someone when it
undergoes a profound deepening.

However it happens, it will be unquestionable for both of you. If
it isn't, then this person is not your One True Love. We all have many
potential One True Loves, but only one person will step forward into
this position during this time. This will be a most kindred being with
whom we share the deepest Love. We will have an alignment of essence
as well as an alignment of purpose. The Love between you will shatter
all boundaries and dissolve all outer membranes of separation and
indelibly meld you into One Being. That's how strong this Love is.

Before we can merge with our One True Loves, there's a new level
that we must reach within ourselves. We do this by becoming the King
of Kings which is the Ultimate True Man or the Queen of Queens which
is the Ultimate True Woman. For only King of Kings and Queen of Queens
can come together in this manner as One True Loves. (This has nothing
to do with gender or sexual preferences as One True Loves are
available to everyone.)

The King of Kings and the Queen of Queens have a natural grace and
elegance in all they do. There is a sense of ease and mastery in their
movements and actions. They are True Beings.

While we are in the process of calling forth and embodying our
inner Ultimate True Man or our inner Ultimate True Woman, we can also
call forth to our One True Love to find us. As we do this, we will
start to feel their presence drawing ever closer. Until finally we are
physically together in our full vastness in the HERE and NOW.

(Much more information on the new True Love Partnerships will be
in the new edition of "11:11" to be published in Spring 2007.)


2007 is a Monumental Year of Transition. We will be impossibly
busy all year long as we have a multitude of things to achieve. This
is the kind of year that we enter with our calendar already packed
full of things to do. Every month of the new year is already booked to
the max. Much of our focus will be on manifesting all that is already
known of the New as it is revealed throughout the year and completing
all that still needs completion. And maybe getting ready to move....

Many of us will make profound changes within and without with
significant outer events such as moving to new locations, new career
directions unfolding, letting go of old relationships and friends,
reuniting with our One True Loves, joining together with kindred
beings to achieve an unified purpose, financial freedom and a
widespread shifting of almost all the props currently on our stage.

Because so many old, expired elements are leaving us and so many
new elements are coming to us throughout the year, we need to
constantly rebalance the Lotus of our beings. The petals will be
constantly shifting position while our outer lives and our inner
beings are repatterned and transformed.

The New will start coming in at the beginning of the year and
continue streaming in all year long. Our One True Loves could appear
at any moment, often when we least expect it. When they do, expect
everything to shift dramatically and be prepared for everything to be
totally reconfigured. Around the middle of the year, many of us could
find ourselves in the midst of physically moving our places of
residence, possibly to somewhere unexpected or to another country.

Throughout the year, STRONG DEEP LOVE far beyond anything we can
presently imagine will be all pervading.

It will unquestionably be one of those years in which the person
we are when we enter the year will be vastly different from the person
we are who exits the year.

In 2008 everything will be in its rightful position and our
calendars will finally be cleared. Then is when our New Lives
officially begin....

2007 is the most exciting year we have had so far and we really
don't want to miss it!


Make the Great Year of 2007 bring you the Breakthrough of All
and the Love of All Loves.

With Deepest LOVE from the Core of the Lotus Heart,


Copyright Solara 2007
All Rights Reserved

Thursday, January 25, 2007

1/23/07 Energy Shifts

Dr. Meg Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph. D.


Online Messages
January 23, 2007

Greetings to Each of You and welcome to all of you who are new to the
list! I am overwhelmed and awed by your interest!

Well, I can say that the past weeks have been wild! The energies have
been fluctuating to the point that, as I said would happen, the dam
has burst! We are in a rush of change. As the Masters explain below,
there is a trinity alignment coming that is of multi-dimensional
harmonics that apply to us directly as well as our mental and source

What this means is that we are in the midst of a huge shift. Changing
dynamics of consciousness and response from all creation. There is
nothing that we cannot create in this now. Everything that we have
been striving for is possible with the flick of an intent.

Some of the effects that are occurring are feelings of being
ungrounded, mild headaches, shifting aches in joints and or muscles,
extreme fatigue from time to time, memory issues, particularly
pertaining to short term memory and a sense of chaos without a
definite knowing if where that chaos is, and yet the chaos is
reflected in our surroundings and perhaps even on the inside. It is
important to know that it truly isn't chaos. What we are experiencing
is a speeding up of time. Our brains are still attuned to the previous
aspects of time relation.

Because of this, many are having a hard time keeping up with the
changes. No matter how advanced or not we are, these changes affect
all of us. We are required to find new balance with the shifting
changes. How do we do this?

First and foremost it is to remain in the now. Whatever that takes. We
are receiving so much so fast in the way of opportunities, information
and stimulation that we are often overwhelmed within our existence.
How is it then that we move through this with ease.

A lesson that yours truly had this week is to remember that life is
not in control of us. Often there is so much demand of us that we
forget to look up and have fun, that we are our journey. We have the
right and the responsibility to take care of ourselves first. So how
do we do that?

First of all, we must have boundaries. Sure, everyone has
responsibilities, others who need or want something from us. But if we
don't take the time to nurture ourselves, to get as much as we give,
there is little doubt that we will ultimately burn out. So, boundaries
are en excellent way to begin.

Boundaries are often best begun in the form of time management. How
many of us say that there just aren't enough hours in a day? We laugh
about it then go head first into racing through our days as if our
tails are on fire, piling more and more into our days until there is
nothing left. No quiet, lack of balance, stress. Why not plan our days
with what we can do rather than what we must do?

What I am talking about is literally changing paradigms as related to
life. How can we share our life experience in tandem with the world if
we are not full and whole, well and nurtured? We cannot have a true
and full life experience unless we are all of that. Otherwise, we are
living at less than our potentials. We are capable of great things. We
are great things. But, in all of our grandness and greatness we become
belittled by the demands that we put on ourselves to achieve.

Achieving is part of the illusion. It doesn't give us more value, only
that more people notice that we have value. But the value they give us
is based upon their frame of reference and that is not always from a
healthful and whole perspective. What matters is that we do what is
comfortable for us. Follow our truth, our desires, our dreams.

In previous generations we were told to do more, be more, and that we
had to find our singular life purpose. We were rarely told what
success looked like, or when enough was enough. That is kind of like
taking a trip with no road map or destination. How could we possible
know when we have arrived? We were programmed to continually strive
for recognition as if we were not already perfect.

The truth is that we are. The more that we remember that the greater
our journeys become.

As the energies escalate, and I promise you that they will, take care
of you. Find your balance. Keep that balance ~ It is essential to
every aspect of your being!

As an aside, The Masters have sure been right on with their
predictions for the coming year so far. To recap some of their
accuracies to this now, there was indeed a planet swallowed by a black
hole. There have been huge earthquakes in the area of Japan as well as
Indonesia. The weather patterns thus far have been bizarre and I am
experiencing this first hand here in the New Mexican dessert where we
have had tons of snow. El Nin� is definitely contributing to the
weather patterns! The helm of power in Cuba will be shifting shortly.
As the Masters referenced the animals, the geese are migrating at
strange times and some not at all, and the coyotes are singing during
the day. Being nocturnal, this is an unusual behavior. There has been
a recent archeological discovery in South America which will shed new
light on ancient cultures, and artifacts are being found which are
contributive to this. I so love watching the Master's predictions come
to pass! If you missed that newsletter last month, it is on my web
site at

Remember that every Wednesday evening you can listen to the Dr. Meg
Show on the World Puja Network by going to
and signing in. It is free!

I will be starting this year's travel schedule shortly. I have a
workshop about
The Children of Now in NJ the first weekend in March then the second
weekend in March I am teaching the four day intensive, Seventh Sense
Attunement which includes Pyramids of Light, Movement to Spirit, the
Etheric Anatomy, How to use your consciousness for healing and
creating reality , practical hands on experience with the techniques
as well as a full day of advanced topics like ET's, entities, implants
and more. My full up and coming schedule is on my web site at please note that I update this
schedule regularly so who know, I may be in your area soon!

As always, I am grateful beyond words to all of you for your interest
and support of this work. Without you, I wouldn't have much to do!
Wishing you joy in your hearts, laughter in your days and love in
everything you do.

Love and Blessings,

Dr. Meg

Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph. D.

From the Masters

January 23rd, 2007

Anshallah! Entui, asitu nehallah! From within the Light we greet you
who are we.

Greetings Dear Ones! It is that it comes to pass a time if shifting
changes within your world and in fact all of creation. There are signs
in your world which have been prophesied in ancient times. There is a
cosmic shift about to occur that will change your earth time
relationships as well as for some of you, your space/time perceptions.

As we mentioned in our previous transmission, there comes a trinity
alignment. This being one of a series of events which leads to the
shift of energies in 2012. Each event is of historic and energetic
significance as each changes the relationships locally,
inter-dimensionally and energetically as well as communicatively
throughout creation.

This particular alignment is an astrological event which takes place
holographically and harmonically. All astrology, all astronomy, if you
found your true eyes, is holographic in nature. It is multi-level in
reality and the effects of alignments and mis-alignments.

There is a comet soaring across your northern skies at this time and
soon to be visible to you in the southern hemisphere. What you must
know is that this comet is a harbinger of things to come. It is that
which comes before the major shifting occurs. This shifting begins on
February 9th at 8:07 pm CST and will achieve perfect alignment on
February 14th of your year 2007 at approximately 9:07 a.m. CST.

This trinity alignment is an alignment of celestial bodies in the
third, ninth and 12th dimensions. These dimensions represent and
affect your human, mental and source aspects. In other words, this
alignment brings to you an alignment of your third dimensional selves,
your ninth dimensional high mental selves, and your soul essence. This
is a trine of perfect balance. This is a trinity of beingness in which
your multi-dimensional aspects will align with the perfection of you,
encompassing your human self and your soul being simultaneously with a
perfection of harmonic resonance which has never been experienced by
humanity. This is an event that is written in the rocks of your lands
by those ancients who came before you. It is of information left by
star visitors to your planet in the before times.

Because of the alignment, there is further activity in the form of
Star Gate alignments. We reiterate: This event can be found in the
angulations between dimensional gateways and will be repeated from the
dimension of the third three times to the dimension of the 12th, where
we are resident. This trinity of gateways, this triad of geometric
configuration is a triple trinity. Three triads in three dimensions
three times, all intertwined. This is the perfect example of how the
sacred geometries which were known in the before times and continue to
serve well are held within each and available for teaching can bring
fullness of teachings instantaneously to you.

With the alignment comes a unification of multi-dimensional energy
flows. Rather than the energies remaining behind the veils so to
speak, many of you will see and hear and feel those beyond your local
reality during this trinity effect. Do not be of consternation. It is
as it would be and of no harm to you or your sense of reality unless
you choose that to be so.

The alignment which takes place will bring to you a channel of direct
communication with your soul being and passing through a high enough
mental plane that you are able to grasp immediately that which you
need to know without needing to understand or justify your experience.

What we are saying is that you are coming into a period of days when
your harmonics are adjusting in balance, to perfection and with
harmonic resonance which allows you to bring immediate results to
whatever you intend. This is a leap in the evolution of all souls.

It is a time to assess your soul journey as through out those days you
can consciously choose with results the direction in which you wish to
go as a soul essence. At the same time, you may also easily choose to
step into your Mastery - Your Mastery of Self, your Mastery of
belonging to the One, and where you intend to take your Mastery.

Will you take it out into your world, sharing that which you have
become as a light being? Will you choose that after you have fully
encompassed your experience on earth to teach others on your earth or
beyond? Or will you be one who magnifies the light, connecting the
grid, the union of souls upon your earth at this time? Who will you be
with the new energies?

Do you know where you are going? It doesn't matter, truly. What does
matter is how you go about each path within your journey and the
balance you keep along the way. In our last transmission we spoke of
the 8 keys to maintain your balance during these times. Use them, they
are yours. They are you. That you may remember, we reiterate:

The keys are:

Acceptance of the journey for which you have come - why fight the very
things which you have come to learn?

Be that which you are, not that which you perceive others would see
you - You are created of light, of Grace, and of that there cannot be
imperfection, only that which is of Spirit. You do not need to improve
yourselves, only to acknowledge that which is your God self, your
perfect being.

Accept Your Power - You are great and mighty. True Power comes not of
ego, but the collective One of your Spirit. True Power is Gentle
Power. You are of the light and in its seemingly nebulous construct is
the essence from which all things are made. To fear inner power is to
suggest that you are less than all other things. In Truth, power is of
Grace, not of abusiveness or negative use. True Power is that which is
Love, the intentional living as co-creator from within all
opportunities that are offered you.

Take your value, your perfection, your power, your Grace into your
world - In the Now that always is, change only comes from practice of
change. What this means is that to effect change you must embody it.
Walk your talk, do not hide that which you know. Historically, that
which is hidden is viewed as heresy in relation to the accepted norm.
To change this, it is to create a new accepted norm with ease and
Grace by virtue of walking within the very light from which you are

Love yourself and touch everyone you encounter with love - As all
energy exchanges, what will you accept from others and what will you
leave behind? See all others as mirrors of yourselves, that their pain
resides somewhere within you, that their joy is your heart as well.
This is why random acts of kindness make such a difference. Remember
that you often say "There by the Grace of God go I"? It is so. It has
always been so.

In the coming changes are opportunities for you to break away from the
old patterns which became habits of living over time. If you are
aware, if you are in and of each moment, you will find that doors will
open for you with opportunities for expansion, for life changes, for
greater reality far beyond that which you would have even imagined.

Change follows chaos, and as we have stated many times as we have
accessed your world, the result of chaos is magnificence! Once the
fear and uncertainty of change is addressed, and change is embraced,
what occurs is likely a change of life direction, or an affirming of
the current direction. Go with Grace. Carry Peace in your hearts and
as you do you will change the world in which you currently exist by
virtue of your very being.

You are powerful and you are not limited by anything except your
perceptions. If you find that it feels as if you are up against a
wall, that life isn't going the way you imagined it would be, change
your perspective. Change your mind. Do that and you have changed your
world in a rapid way.

And what of the changes which come? Openings. That is how we choose to
see them. As if cosmic doors open to show you the way home, to open
your rememberings, to bring into your hearts, in fact, your very
beingness, that which has always been.

The separation which many of you feel is not of divine nature, it is
of human nature. Only the human mind can allow for the possibility
that each of you is aside of all else. The greatest lie in all
creation. Allow yourself to see in all others, those mirrors of self
which you have perhaps denied. Allow yourself to see in all others
that which is of joy and that which is of pain. Their joy is yours as
well, as is their pain. As you allow your guard to drop, your true
self to honor and accept all avenues of being, what occurs is an
opening of your heart in such a way that the truth must be found.
There will be no defenses left and that which you have sought your
entire life will be found within your very existence, in the very fact
that you are.

As the trinity aligns and occurs it will remain in effect for three
days seven hours and 43 minutes seventeen and forty three hundredths
seconds. . During that time, focus on where you intend your journey to
go. Focus on not that which was or that which might be, but instead,
that which is Now. Now is all there ever has been. That which was is
done and that which has not yet been is purely speculation or
imagination. That being said, the truth is the moment. Now. Only Now.

Be in Peace. Be that which is infinite Love.


Asi, Asi, Asi.