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January 28 , 2007 What's Up On Planet Earth

January 28 , 2007
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Greetings! (Missed the message for January 25th? You can view it here.)
We are currently in the throes of experiencing this new and higher dimension (through our arrival from integrating the full unity of the whole), and it is creating some wild and intense experiences and symptoms.

Right now, we are at the “border,” or crossover point. Spinning, vertigo, and dizziness are common symptoms of a transition into a higher dimension. What is occurring when we experience spinning or vertigo, is an alignment with our Merkabah, or light body…the vehicle that gets us here.

We are now fully in a higher dimension, so we must fully adjust to this new space. And at times, it can feel intense as we have to now embody the new “us” along with the new energies.

Stiff necks and back pain can be common as well…remember, we are sprouting our new angel wings. And when this higher energy arrives through our crown chakras, sinus problems can occur as well, as we are expanding to a great degree. And as always, exhaustion and tiredness are ever present, with possible rashes, nausea, and hot flashes. So then, neck, head, shoulder, and back pain and stiffness are very common, but if we can understand that we are simply expanding in form, as we progress through our spiritual evolutionary and expansion process, it can help to ease things a bit.

Another symptom that can be felt is a sense of leaving or going somewhere. This can manifest in our dreamtime as dreams of packing up, collecting our things, and moving on. If you are one who “sees” while wide awake, as I do, you may be feeling a great sense of loss, or that perhaps you are leaving everything behind. During this time, emotions can run high. You may feel like you could cry a river, for no apparent reason, or you may have even attached a reason…..usually relating to loss or separation with great sadness present.

The first time I experienced a leap like this, I was nearly hysterical and having panic attacks, as I felt an intense sense that I was going somewhere, and leaving everyone else behind! I have since come to know that this feeling is only in the non-physical reality, and that most everyone is coming eventually…so now I can almost laugh when I experience these things. Yes, ascension can actually get to be old hat!

Because we are moving so rapidly into this next phase of the new reality, we must then be aligned with it. This is why we have been going through our paces of being comfortable demanding and expecting to get what we want and what is rightfully ours. We are now poised energetically to create the new world in the new reality, and we must then be a match for it. We must be prepared for our roles.

So then, the energies we are currently clearing in order to be in alignment with our new space involve being acknowledged and being appreciated, and being seen. If you have found yourself getting upset, angry, and unusually annoyed lately regarding a situation where you have not been noticed, valued, seen, or acknowledged for who you are, then know that this is simply a part of this process unfolding. Is someone else getting the attention you rightfully deserve? As always, we are clearing as a whole, and we are clearing the space for all else to follow.

We are also preparing for the energies that will arrive with the Spring Equinox. It may seem far off, but when these energies arrive, they will come with a huge bang, in a big wave, and literally carry us into our light-filled creations. Like a giant tidal wave of light, we will be supported and lifted, as we ride this wave, into the new world and new reality in form. So then, we are preparing, by making sure we are in alignment as much as possible, so that we can actually ride this wave, in lieu of allowing it crash upon us.

If your finances have been meager or just barely trickling of late, this is because things are waiting for the alignment to be more complete. If we are not ready when this tidal wave hits, we will create from a lower vibrating stance, and would not be too happy about our creations. So then, during this time, we are lining up, and also waiting for everyone else to more fully line up, so that we will be creating from our higher selves, or more connected selves, when this energy for creation really hits in full force.

Not to say that we are not creating much now. We are still in the magical energy where miracles are occurring. Things are indeed lining up, and these things are the things of our dreams. Just think of something, and it seems to arrive in a flash. This is why we are being encouraged to be very precise about what we are wanting….and know that we can have it! I have been having a hilarious time with creations, as within an hour of changing my direction, the new thing arrives and the old creation is suddenly gone! What a lesson on getting clear!

There will be more excitement in February, which will be reported to you here, as we progress ever forward step by step. Wheeeee!
Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times.
Until next time,