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Celestial Weather

Celestial Weather

22 January 2007 - 28 January 2007

The Week beginning January 22nd, 2007

Week as a Whole:

Whenever the "inner" planets, that's Mercury and Venus who
orbit inside the Earth's orbit and thus inside our heads,
are activated our personal landscape and feelings get a
tune-up. Our sense of how we feel - good - bad -
indifferent- is described by the state of these planets as
well as the major life forces of the Sun and the Moon. The
Sun and Moon represent core energies, male and female
respectively and symbolically. But Mercury stands for our
mental state, our inner voice, our communicator both with
those outside and by means of inner dialogue with our
self-consciousness. Venus symbolizes how we feel as in
"that feels good" or "that made me feel bad". Our reactions
to the outside are Venus at work. Of course, people are the
major source of outside influence and our tastes in people
also follow the condition of Venus. This week begins with
Mercury linked to Jupiter and Uranus, and Venus passing
opposite to Saturn.

On Monday, Mercury in Aquarius is two signs from Jupiter in
Sagittarius and one sign from Uranus in Pisces. Jupiter is
exactly square to Uranus on Monday, condition reported on
last week and in previous weeks. The right angle between
these two slow moving planets is a big deal and a slow deal
forming a large bell-curve of energy that's peaking as this
week begins. The essence of Jupiter in Sagittarius square
to Uranus in Pisces is mind-blowing in ways large and small.
We use Jupiter when we form a concept of how the world works
and is organized. Our social and political landscape is
shaped by the condition of Jupiter in our birth horoscope in
combination with Jupiter's current situation. Uranus brings
in forces that are intrinsically unpredictable and
uncontrollable: forces like the weather, like earthquakes,
like revolutionary or radical thought forms. Put them
together in a stressful connection like this, and Uranus
breaks Jupiter's conditioned attitudes and philosophies.
This makes for political uncertainty (multiple candidates)
but also for mental growth. Like the Chinese curse, "May
you live in interesting times!" And we do.

Mercury brings this intellectual ferment home and because he
is related harmoniously to Jupiter, we can more easily
adjust and give words to the changes we feel. In Aquarius,
we are thinking far ahead, almost leaping over the immediate
future, seeing new solutions and possibly setting up to
stumble on the problems in between.

Also on Monday, Venus passes opposite Saturn, a connection
she makes every year. And every year, we find a time comes
when we must clarify our feelings about what matters most to
us and who matters most to us. Venus in Aquarius can be
blunt and sudden. We can wake up and realize that so-and-so
no longer is part of our life, even if so-and-so is lying
next to us. We all outgrow each other and this is a healthy
process. Clinging to situations that have lost their life
force is unhealthy and can lead to negative spirals.
Monday's Venus - Saturn opposition also illuminates the
giving and receiving of love in our lives. Some of us may
find new clarity from this pattern, and the existing bonds
of love are strengthened. For some it's a big lesson to
accept that they are lovable and for others the lesson may
be that they have a true gift to give.

The inner "tune-up" continues later this week when Mercury
links with Neptune and Venus with Pluto on Friday. These
are also annual events, but coming together (less than three
hours apart) they should provide a noticeable connection to
a much larger world for some of us. Neptune and Pluto are
the outermost planets and symbolize the innermost and
deepest aspects of our consciousness. We hear their voices
and see their visions in dreams and deep meditation. They
bring evolution and unity to us. They beckon to us from our
future as an evolving spiritual race; they challenge us to
change and grow. Through them we find clues and symbols
that show us the underlying harmony of the world, the
harmony that penetrates the many onion-like layers of
reality that wrap around the core unity of life. On the
other hand, these inner messages can initially cause
confusion and dismay since they may not "fit" into our sense
of how the world works.

Then, on Saturday, Venus leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces.
Her passage through Pisces is a time when our compassion is
strongest. Our edges blur a bit and our hearts soften. We
can feel many ways simultaneously in a situation. Our inner
life becomes more complex. We may have higher highs and
lower lows. We need to protect ourselves during this
lowering of boundaries. We should be more selective about
our surroundings and cultural feeding. We will react more
strongly to violence and negativity and we will soar on
beauty and peace. So the wise ones will choose settings
that nourish the soul and avoid toxicity whenever possible.

On Sunday, Mercury follows Venus' into an opposition with
Saturn. Mercury and Saturn work well together to focus the
mind on facts and logic. Fuzzy thinking and fact spinning
often don't survive the test of Mercury opposite Saturn.
It's very much Jack Webb time, "just the facts, ma'am."
After tripping with Neptune/Pluto on Friday, this may bring
us back to Earth and offer practical ways to enact our

Daily Forecasts:

Monday 22 January 2007

We're seeing the big picture today and perhaps seeing a NEW
big picture. The cast may include new members and some may
have retired.

Tuesday 23 January 2007

Down to Earth now as the Aries Moon makes a square to Mars
in Capricorn around noon (PST). Don't balk at direction and
you will accomplish much. Go slow, tomorrow will bring

Wednesday 24 January 2007

Everyone wants to help. Energy expands easily. People can
be ignited by ideas. The Aries Moon forms a fire triangle
linking Jupiter, Neptune, and Saturn over the course of the
day. A great day to fire up the team.

Thursday 25 January 2007

The Moon is Void until 5:28am/8:28am when she enters Taurus.
She then forms the First Quarter at 3:01pm/6:01pm. This is
a day for foundations and roots. Ask yourself, "Am I in the
right place?" or "Is my idea a solution for this situation?"
Then get to work again as the Moon moves on to flow with

Friday 26 January 2007

Big dreams overnight may linger, as they often do, into the
day. But the Taurus Moon will help to keep us grounded and
clear our heads this afternoon. With Venus leaving
Aquarius, we may be saying farewell to friends.

Saturday 27 January 2007

The Moon is briefly Void from 8:08am/11:08am until
9:10am/12:10pm when she enters Gemini. The shift is from
feelings to thoughts and those mental hamsters get busy as
they are prone to do under a Gemini Moon. Socialize with
talkers tonight as the Moon and Sun connect to let the air
energy flow.

Sunday 28 January 2007

With Venus now in Pisces and Mercury opposite Saturn we're
split between tender feelings and hard facts. Maybe "tough
love" will be the right medicine today. And maybe we should
offer those hard facts only when we're asked.

Long Range Forecast:

February 13th - Mercury begins three weeks of retrograde
motion that ends on March 7th. Signing important documents
should be postponed. Plan to best use this time to
re-organize all things mental and communicative. Expect to
lose and find something.

Long-Long Range Forecast:

April 14, 2009 - January 21, 2010 - Saturn makes a series of
squares to Pluto newly in Capricorn. The end of
business-as-usual politics. The nationalistic dinosaurs
will enter their twilight times. The transition to organic
regional government will not be smooth...the result may be
some corporate feudal mixture.

June 24, 2012 - April 17, 2015 - Uranus in Aries forms his
first major hard aspect to Pluto, a square angle, since they
were aligned in the second half of the 1960's. Hippie
dreams may come true when the ecology and/or petroleum-based
economies fail. Plan to live where there is food and water
and you don't need a car. Plan to live where you'll know
your neighbors...maybe even love them. What a thought! We
may have to choose between eating grain on a commune or
growing very thin in the city.

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