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The Pleiadian Light: The Financial Ascension

The Pleiadian Light: The Financial Ascension
through Hannah Beaconsfield
September 24, 2010

When we tell you about ascension and we say that it is the transmutation of everything on your world, you say, "Great! Then my dog, Birch, will be ascending, too." When we say everything, we mean everything.

There are aspects of your total reality that you might not take into consideration as you project ascension changes, such as beliefs, concepts, perceptions of reality, and so on. These and other intangible aspects cannot be readily measured in the way genetic patterns or the expanded abilities to affect the material world can and will be measured. The changes we speak of are subtler, but they will alter your reality by creating new perspectives. And there are other patterns in your ascended future that will be almost as alien to your present circumstances as moving to a distant planet.

One of the most important concepts that will be changing, along with you and your dog, is the symbolic form of worth exchange you call "money." In the world of those who are "seekers," it is often said that money is just another form of energy. It is. What is not truly understood is that it is life force energy. It is the same energy that supports your life, your health, and the entire spectrum of energies of the God-Source alive on Earth. The energy of money, however, has been disengaged from its source and given a special status.

When you separate money, as a concept, from its natural source and view it as an external entity, you project on it all sorts of distortions. The word "money" (and comparable terms in other languages) is one of the most powerful words on Earth and this power only intensifies your faulty beliefs and illusions about it. As an isolated abstraction money loses its true nature, which is to be an agent of exchange and to provide support and nourishment for life. It is simply a form of convenience.

One of the biggest distortions is your belief that money is not yours by right, but by circumstance only. Whether you earn it, inherit it, receive it as a gift or even steal it, it comes from outside you. And for many who struggle at subsistence levels, acquiring money seems to be beyond them. You define yourself and your worth by how much money you accumulate. This is a gross distortion of your true nature. You believe that money is power, but money only represents power. There is one power and that power is already yours by Divine Right.

How do you reintegrate this disenfranchised part of your life force energy? How do you return it to its place as an element of the God Force that creates, animates, and supports all life, all realities, and the infinity that contains them? You can take a major step toward this reintegration by simply accepting the concept of money as an integral component of the energy that supports your existence. Sensing that this is a rightful part of your personal energy will open the door for its natural flow to be a part of you - always.

We will give you a meditation to help you:

Quietly go into a meditative state, using whatever imagery or practice is the most effective for you. Create a mental image that represents the energy of money for you. See it detached from you, floating in space. Choose an image that has an emotional charge. The emotional aspect of this visualization is the power that will activate your intent.

Charge this image with light of a particular color that pleases you. Now, see that there is a fine gold thread linking you and the object; it is almost invisible, but it has been there all the time because this energy rightly belongs to you. Pick up the thread very carefully and draw the image to you. As it nears your body you become aware that your energy field is brilliant white light. Create an opening at your heart level and allow the image to float in.

The image, in whatever color you have chosen begins to dissolve and blend with the white light. The particles of color spread throughout your energy sphere, blending until it is entirely absorbed. Carefully close the opening at your heart level and remain in a meditative state for a while, sensing the expanded dimension of your total self.

Some people may need to do this meditation only once for a real shift to occur in their relationship to money; others may have to repeat it regularly to create a flow of change.

The concept of money as it functions in world commerce will also be transformed, like everything else. There is a great flow of financial energy that is a disenfranchised portion of Earth's life force energy. This energy has become greatly distorted by separation from its rightful function to nurture and support the wellbeing of the planet. The isolation and control of this energy by a limited number of human groups has fostered the present exhaustion of Earth's natural resources and natural wealth. This separation must undergo a process of reintegration similar to the personal one we described.

Global financial values will be altered, and the imbalance of wealth held by a limited few will be changed to a more equitable balance. The energy that money represents will be made more readily available to all people. This process will take time, and the probabilities as to how it will play out have not yet been chosen. It could happen through some disruptive financial circumstances or it could shift with a level of ease and grace.

Changes are also influenced by the intent "invitation" you send out. If you are fearful, you will attract cause for fear. As more people integrate their own disparate elements and hold an inner sense of trust and peace, the greater is the likelihood that you will choose benign probabilities for change. One aspect of the change in world concepts that could hasten this rebalancing would be the acceptance of the spiritual equality of all humans. The hub of the wheel of ascension is integration, and ascension in action will hasten the recognition of the equality of all.

Whatever means you choose for the reintegration of the flow of wealth, at both an individual level and on a global level, will create a better balance of plenty for all and support for the Earth's natural abundance.

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SaLuSa: Matters are coming to a head

SaLuSa: Matters are coming to a head
September 27, 2010

You are in unusual times and so shall it continue until the course for mankind becomes clear. There are signs that indicate progress is being made, and the longer it goes on the nearer you come to the day of reckoning for the Illuminati. There is no way back for them, as we are at the end of a cycle that will see the passing of the old Earth. It is changing along with you and all life forms upon it. As individuals some of you are noting the changes within self, and it is a feeling of contentment and peace that is not affected by what is going on around you. You carry a positive outlook and know that you will go all the way to Ascension. That is what we have been working towards for a very long time and as we repeatedly inform you, nothing can stop it coming.

Your Sun continues to play a major part in what is happening throughout the solar system. Its intensity is increasing and it is bringing a response from you and Mother Earth. Physical changes will increase proportionally, but we are here to ensure that they do not have devastating results. We are protecting you as far as possible, but some loss of life is inevitable. Simply remember that all souls on Earth to witness and take part in the end times, are those who desired to be present. Fear nothing that happens as we are working behind the scenes, and before long we will be able to do so openly. The official contact with you may well come all of a sudden, and be accompanied by an organized showing of our craft. Matters are coming to a head and whilst our patience is unlimited, there are nevertheless time lines that we must necessarily adhere to.

Your levels of consciousness continue to grow exponentially, and it gathers speed as those who are ahead are instrumental in helping others lift up. This will continue unabated, and the dark Ones no longer have any answer or means of stopping it. They try to bury their head in the sand and ignore the obvious consequences, but will soon discover that it is a quicksand and that their time is up. We will always have the upper hand as when our negotiations are refused, we can use our divine authority to bring a sudden and complete end to their power. They cannot hold us to ransom or prevent mankind moving forward. As you might say, our offer is on the table and it is final but either way we shall lead you on to Ascension.

The energies as ever continue to charge the Earth, and are being felt by those who are sensitive to the changes. Your scientists are also noting what is happening, but presently cautious and not totally prepared to voice their findings. However, the truth will slowly come out, and help establish the truth of what has been taking place and the effect upon you. What is happening is the wonderful and beautiful transformation of Mother Earth and all life forms, and already it is there for you to see if you are awakened to it. See the new, rather than focus on the old as it disintegrates before your eyes, and this way you will place your energy where it does the most good.

Although conditions continue to be chaotic in many parts of the world, there is nevertheless an underlying sense of peace as the ultimate goal is realized. Being able to go through life without fear allows for such an achievement, as there is nothing that can bring your vibrations down. You can face any trauma with full confidence, knowing that in a relatively short time everything will change for the good of all. With each change the greater goal will become apparent, and you will achieve even more confidence. To hold on to your faith is asking a lot without proof of what is to come, but that will be given as soon as our presence is officially recognized. Also when we can openly come to Earth, we will make presentations that will ensure you are fully aware of what is involved in preparing for Ascension. We are on this journey with you and we want to share our knowledge with you. After all, many of you will eventually join us and you will quickly be lifted to our dimensional level.

We note that the financial situation is leading towards a total revision, and already the break up of large organizations is proposed. As smaller units they will be more manageable and easily controlled, so that there is never a repeat of the fiasco that has brought countries to their knees. Power is to correctly revert to the people from whom unscrupulous bankers took it many years ago. This will all be part of the restoration of your rights, and will continue until once again you are Sovereign Beings. This is an absolute promise and part of the divine decree to restore you and your Earth to what it used to be. Then it shall continue to lift up through the process of Ascension and beyond, in a never-ending journey to even higher dimensions.

Whatever way you look at it the future for you is assured, and you will be following in the footsteps of those who have gone before. You will understand that there is nothing new that is taking place, as it is a natural step up that occurs when souls have reached a certain level of consciousness. The old will have served its purpose well, and you are ready for new adventures. However, these will be in the higher dimensions unless you elect to serve other civilizations that are still in duality. The Galactic Federation will exist in its present format, until every civilization has evolved sufficiently to join us. That is our service to others through the ordination by God, and that is why we are here in great numbers to see you safely achieve Ascension.

Meantime we urge you to never relax your guard, as until we remove the dark ones they will continue to try their best to abort the work we are doing together. Our allies are spread all over the world, but the main focus is still upon America. It is where it is expected that the long awaited announcement about us will come from very soon. Yes, you have heard this many times but it does draw nearer and with a number of options in mind, we know it cannot be delayed much longer.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and can tell you that we are encircling your Earth so that nothing escapes our attention. From our position we can act instantly if the situation calls for it. We limit the effects of natural and also unnatural changes, but many have to be allowed to occur for the sake of Mother Earth. So Dear Ones, know that all proceeds well regardless of how it looks to you. Progress takes place even if it is not apparent to you.

Thank you SaLuSa,
Mike Quinsey

Radiating Adamantine Particles into The Many Pyramids of Light You Have Created

Radiating Adamantine Particles into The Many Pyramids of Light You Have Created
Ronna Herman / Sacred Scribe

We Now Offer You a Precious Gift, and as a World Server, We Ask You to Share this Blessing with the World.

If you are willing, before you fall asleep, go into your personal pyramid of Light and lie on your crystal table where there is an Etheric Replica of your Soul/Higher Self. Envision a stream of Light flowing from your personal pyramid up into the World Pyramid. Follow that stream of Light and envision another Etheric Replica of your Soul Self in your personal crystal chair within the World Pyramid. These Etheric Replicas of yourself will, henceforth, remain in place so that the flow of Creator Light can flow freely back and forth between the different pyramids you have created. There will also be a smaller stream of Light that will radiate a small fraction of the sixth-dimensional frequencies into your personal pyramid if you have connected with the higher-dimensional City of Light in your area, via the meditations AA Michael has given us. There is also a stream of Light that flows from your personal Pyramid of Light down into your physical vessel so that you are constantly receiving a flow of Creator Light/Adamantine Particles, and you will also be sharing the Light you have activated with you loving intention, your sacred breathing techniques and your affirmations. This is true tithing, dear friends. What greater gift could we give than to share our God Light with others?

Affirmation: I Am Made of Pure God Substance. I Embody and Radiate the Essence of Our Father/mother God.

Eternal love and angel blessings,

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Archangel Michael: Law of the Circle * Law of the Triangle

Archangel Michael: Law of the Circle * Law of the Triangle
Transmitted Through Ronna Herman
* Lm-10-2010 *

Beloved masters, you have been living in an unreal world: a world of illusion whereby the truth has been distorted, altered and even deleted in order to take away your God-given powers and keep you captive in a reality of fear, struggle and deprivation.

The Creator's master plan for this universe is stored away within your Sacred Mind, and the key to the wisdom of the ages and the ability to once again become a master cocreator on the Earth plane is stored within your Sacred Heart. That is why we have emphasized so often the importance of removing the protective shield you placed over your Solar Heart Center aeons ago so that you would not feel so much emotional distress. What you were not aware of is that by doing so your radiance was greatly diminished, for the inflow and outflow of Divine Creator Light from your Sacred Heart Center was also greatly decreased. As a result, you could no longer activate the Adamantine Particles of Creator Light with pure loving intent from within your Sacred Heart. Thereafter, you had only the half-spectrum Primal Life Force Substance to work with. Your Three-fold Flame could no longer blaze forth; therefore, your cocreative abilities to manifest were also diminished, and thus began the struggle to tap into and use your Divinely bestowed attributes and talents.

You are in an era of great reversal, rectification and expansion, whereby you are being given an opportunity to harmonize all the negativity you have personally created along with the inequities that were forced upon you. We have explained that when you, the STARSEED, began your journey out into the great void and the unmanifested universe, elaborate plans for the pathway back into the refined realms of Light were made and put on hold until the appropriate time and certain conditions were met. That time has arrived, and the plan was activated in the early 1980's of Earth time. As you are aware, every phase of life for humanity and the Earth has radically changed in the last thirty years. Beloveds, be aware that what has occurred in the recent past is only the beginning of even greater changes, and we are endeavoring to give you techniques, advanced information/ teachings and every opportunity to traverse the waves of change with ease and grace.

We have explained briefly, in several ways, how you refracted into smaller facets of your Divine I AM Presence in preparation to assist in the creation of the ever denser, reduced-frequency, lower-dimensional galaxies, solar systems and planets. We have also discussed how each fragment of your Divinity then separated into two Sparks of Light, one with feminine attributes and the other with masculine characteristics. Each one of those profound separations was accomplished within a small pyramid of Light created expressly for that purpose. The master plan was fail-proof; for each time you divided your Essence, you left an etheric replica waiting for the time of reunification within one of the small pyramids of Light . These personal pyramids are scattered throughout the universe in every dimension and many of the sub-dimensions.

Our Father/Mother God, the Elohim/Builders of Form and the Archangels have created living Pyramids of Light within every level of Creation so that you could gain access to the building blocks of life. These life-giving forms give access to the frequencies of Light which are necessary components of transformation so that you, as human Beings, can return to a state of higher consciousness-your Divine state.

You are in the process of reconnecting with the many facets of yourself which are situated within the multi-levels of the fifth dimension, and some of you have even connected with a fragment or two of your sixth-dimensional Essence. When we speak of a Soul Merge, it is not just a one-time occurrence. It is the beginning of an ongoing wondrous and complicated process whereby each time your Energetic Signature reaches a certain frequency, you are reconnected with a higher facet of your Soul/Higher Self. The Pyramid that contains the Etheric Replica of that facet of Self moves into alignment with your column of Light, which is your connection to your I AM Presence/God Self, and gradually the Essence of that Fragment merges with your Soul-Self within your Sacred Heart center. When you reach a certain level of God Consciousness, the process is greatly accelerated, and the time span between each Soul Merge is dramatically lessened.

The Law of the Circle has been initiated throughout this universe, and the energetic impact of this grand Supreme Creator Seed Thought is now operating in full force. The time of expansion for this phase of Creation has come to a close, and the current phase of the cycle entails the Creator sending forth ITS Essence to incorporate ALL that has been created during this particular cycle of expansion. It is a merge of all the balanced, manifested Essence of Creation so that the Supreme Creator, the Gods and Goddesses throughout the Omniverse, and all the Great Beings of Light can KNOW and EXPERIENCE all that they have created. You have heard the saying many times, "As above, so below," and this is an important truth to remember. Just as you are reclaiming all the facets of your Divinity, the same reunification process is occurring from the Supreme Creator Source outward.

The information we have given to assist you in reclaiming your co-creative abilities is a microcosmic duplication of the creative process throughout the Omniverse. First, you must gain the ability to draw forth the Full Spectrum Metatronic Light/Life Force of this universe called Adamantine Particles, which is radiated forth into the River of Life from the Heart Core of our Father/Mother God. It becomes accessible when your Energetic Signature is attuned to the mid-fourth-dimensional level and higher. In order to take advantage of this Divine gift, you must understand and apply the Universal Laws of Manifestation; and you must activate the Adamantine Particles of Light with your pure intention before this Essence of Light can be activated and flow forth out into the world. To speed up the process, it is important that you have created your own personal Creator Wheel/Flower of Life circle around you, and you have filled it with your carefully thought out grand design for the future. Thereafter, via the Infinity Breath, your focused intention and deliberate actions, the process of manifestation in the material world is greatly accelerated.

The ebb and flow of Creation is never-ending. There is a Still Point pause while the Seed Thoughts are being formed and coalesced, and the Essence of Life is activated within the mind and heart of the Creator and at every level of Creation, down to you, a human co-creator on planet Earth. This is accomplished by infusing/activating the Seed Thoughts with love. The Seed Thoughts are then breathed out into the void to be manifested in the world of form. This process continues through each great cycle until it is time for the return/reunion process to begin. All Creation is in the process of being incorporated into the grand Creator Circle of Divine Light in anticipation of the next great Still Point pause and the next momentous cycle of expansion. This process is repeated over and over again at every level of Creation within this universe.

You are in the midst of a cosmic reunion process, my brave friends, and you will evolve in due time, in one way or another. You must be aware that this transformation process is a long and complex cycle; however, it can be a grand journey if you will take advantage of the wisdom teachings and the tools we are offering to you. The LAW OF THE CIRCLE states that every new creative endeavor must begin from within the Still Point of Will/Power, the Core Essence of the Creator/cocreator.

The LAW OF THE TRIANGLE is another important component of Creation. You are familiar with the Trinity concept from your Bible: Father, Son and Holy Spirit, which in actuality is the Masculine facet of God, the First Ray of Divine Will/ Power, and the Holy Spirit is the Mother Facet of God, which has been infused with the Seed Thoughts-Adamantine Particles- from the mind of the Father God. The Seed Thoughts are then activated with the Second Ray of Love/Wisdom within the Heart Core of the Mother God and then sent forth out into the universe via the River of Life, to be used by the Suns (sons and daughters) through the qualities, attributes and aspects of the Third Ray to create worlds and wondrous things without end.

The Power of the Trinity has been a driving force throughout this universe. AA Metatron, Lord Melchizedek and I, AA Michael, form a Trinity of Consciousness at the universal level. We bear and RAY-DIATE the Divine Light/Divine Wisdom/Divine Will aspects and qualities of our Father/Mother God out into this universe. The Trinity of Consciousness is an important component of the creative process, for you must use the attributes, qualities and aspects of the three powerful God Rays if you wish to become a successful, proficient cocreator of form at any level of Creation.

You, the STARSEED, have joined with many groups, large and small, throughout the universe, and you have accepted special assignments which were to be carried out as a group in various locations and at specific times. We have mentioned before that you have been encoded with time or event triggers within your Diamond Core God Cell, which have been or will be activated at the designated time or when a specific part of the Grand Plan was to be initiated. You have been a part of many Trinity Cells, which consisted of special assignments of the highest order. These triads are usually composed of close Soul companions, or Souls who have had many special assignments together in the past and will also come together in the future. Groups of three, nine and twelve are joining together more and more often during these times of reunion, and this will occur even more often in the future.

Are you ready to expand your vision beyond your private little world or microcosmic reality? Are you ready and willing to accept the truth that you affect everyone and everything in this universe, to one degree or another, and that everyone on Earth and in every other realm also affects you? We ask each of you, are you ready to use the wondrous gifts that are your Divine Birthright? What will be your legacy to humanity and the world? Reach for the stars, beloveds, for there is no limit to what you can manifest when your visions are in harmony with the Divine Plan for the greatest good of all. Call on us and we will assist you in bolstering your resolve. Know that we are ever near to inspire, guide and protect you, and to radiate to you the love of our Father/Mother God.

I AM Archangel Michael

Monday, September 20, 2010

Hilarion's Weekly Message: September 19-26, 2010

Hilarion's Weekly Message: September 19-26, 2010
Received by Marlene Swetlishoff

Hello again, Beloved Lightworkers,

Most of you have made great gains in the past week in terms of cleansing, clearing and releasing that which no longer serves you. There will still be some residual effects that will continue to surface from time to time, but overall, you have come through this period in leaps and bounds, in terms of Soul growth and forward movement. All is well and there will be much activity taking place in terms of the Awakening of your Sisters and Brothers all around you. Your work and your prayers that their Ascension process be easier and more filled with grace and ease than that which you have been experiencing, is in effect.

This means that their Awakening comes with less shock and travail than was experienced by our Beloved Lightworkers but there will still be those who have chosen to experience Earth changes for their greater unfoldment and this will take place according to Universal Law. It has been an interesting ride for each of you and some of what has been occurring still has some of you with giant question marks hanging above your heads and these questions will receive answers as you are ready to hear them. All is in Divine Timing and for the highest good of all. There is much to 'tie' up as you complete your assignments and step into your Mastery.

Mastery entails the ability to adapt to whatever situations that present themselves in your daily lives, for this is where you are of the greatest import. Life is to be lived and experienced first hand in order to transmute and transform that which still needs to be looked at, for it is through each of you that Creator moves and it is your hands, feet and physical beings that Creator uses to implement the Divine Plan for the highest good of all, so it is imperative that you understand that not all that has or is happening to you is because you have done something 'wrong.' Not so, Beloved Ones! You are instruments of the Divine in the great unfolding of the Divine Plan for the Earth and you are much needed to bring balance at this time. Sometimes, there are words and deeds that you perform that have you puzzled and doubting yourselves, as to your Light quotient abilities and we wish you to understand that you are mirrors for each other, helping each other to see those parts of yourselves that need attention and awareness in order to facilitate changes necessary so that you can move forward.

This is a wondrous time to be on this Planet. Each of you is taking in more Light as you release all that no longer serves the Light and in this way, greater transformation of your physical, mental, emotional and etheric bodies is taking place. You are becoming more attuned to the energies and vibration of the Earth and many of you can hear this constantly now. There is a low bass sound that permeates life on Earth, a 'humming' that is always apparent to those who are closely attuned to the Earth, such as yourselves, who have been serving in the capacity of Transducers of Cosmic Energies. This will become more important in times to come and will be a way to know and understand what is occurring around you, so if you have been questioning why you hear 'humming,' know this is the reason and that you are blessed, for in this 'humming' flows much information through the Earth's new crystalline grid, which will be getting another boost on 10-10-10 from the great crystals that have lain dormant for eons of time and that will be activated further and brought online again in a unified and integrated way. Many of these crystals and their functions were shut down so that their energies could not be used again for destructive purposes and all is in place to insure that this never occur again.

The times are changing hourly, daily, weekly and the sense of 'time' itself is greatly accelerating so that you are now feeling as though you are not accomplishing all that you set out to do each day, which now seems to have a much shorter span, or so it seems. The Earth is speeding to her new place in the Universe and so all seems to be moving accordingly. It is important to attune to Nature, to watch the animals and how they act, for these are the ways that one now has to learn to be 'in the flow' with the Earth and all that is transpiring. Try to become more Aware of the tree family, the bird family, the animal family and if you watch them carefully, you will begin to sense impending changes that are about to take place and as you practice this watching and observing, you will begin to pick up clues and hints intuitively of the happenings around you such as weather changes and even Earth changes.

Know that you are all proceeding on your chosen journey accompanied by the Company of Heaven. You never walk alone, for we are always with you. Be at peace and be your wonderful, kind, loving and generous Selves, for this is who you really are. All of life can seem to be a risk but choosing Love in all instances and situations will see you through.

Until next week..

I AM Hilarion

©2010 Marlene Swetlishoff

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Message from the Unified Council

Message from the Unified Council
Received by Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D.
September 13, 2010

Salutations. We have spoken to you previously regarding your planet. In this now we will continue our transmission regarding you and humanity as a whole.

You have come to a place in your evolution that you sit on the precipice of your past and your future. You are in a now that determines the entirety of your existence. You must wonder why you are so vital to us. Why we take the time to send our transmissions to you. To this we shall speak before continuing.

Five times we have seeded your planet. You are our issue and our greatest pride. You are also one of our greatest frustrations. We have inserted our genetic information into your genome so that you can grow and evolve in our likeness. Humanity did not materialize out of nowhere, nor did you come into being strictly from primordial ooze, yet there you are. In your evolution was brought forth the possibility of propagation of multiple races in embodied consciousness that have the ability to experience free will, tactile senses, subtle senses, emotions and even logic. It was out intention to assist your evolution toward the perfect beingness that would carry the balance of the heavens and the earth as well as the balance of what is cosmic and what is of more terrestrial being.

To instill the life force within evolving biological structures appeared to us to be the perfect marriage of the divine with the mundane. You have surpassed all of our suspected possibilities in every way, coming into awareness, sharing with each other your possibilities as a race of people and yet often you choose to exterminate each other over your perceived differences. You must know that your differences are slight. A protein here or there and you look different, you seem different and yet there you are the totality of humanity, each carrying the roots of the other not just in theory but also in truth.

Our frustration is that you separate yourselves from one another, choosing to live as separate entities as if you were disconnected from your very origins. That is impossible.

Why is it that you believe you are so different from one another? Just because your skins are different colors or your religions demand different beliefs? Do you not realize that it was your religions that separated you in the early stages of your evolution? That at the very roots of every religion are contained the same undeniable truth? That each of you is a child of creation who has come forward from your ancestors to become whatever you desire? That the freedom of your divine will was no mistake and in fact the greatest accomplishment of creation proper? And yet you so often choose to believe that singularly you are the only truth.

Look past the possibilities of self and into the entirety. Know that within you is carried the entire coding of all reality that is expressed in human form. Each of you carries within you, within your DNA, within the very structure of your biology, records of all that has ever been and all of the possibilities that can be. For as you evolve still, the coding within you modifies to current possibilities. You are continually and constantly updated to the very moment of now as all of creation interacts and at times even counteracts all of that which occurs throughout its integral structure.

With every expression of energy that you make individually you send messages into the integral one and it responds by bringing you what you have commanded. Similarly, as each of you comes together intentionally to bring forward a singular intention, the power of that intention increases exponentially each time another one of you joins that intention. In other words, for every one of you who chooses to become the intention of the moment, the power of your unified message expands exponentially. You do not yet have the capability of equations to this degree in your world but suffice it to say that as enough of you come together in a singular intention, that intention sweeps like a tsunami of emotion through the very construct of creation, sweeping it clear of previous data and instilling it with the very power of your expressed intention.

That being said, it is humanity that we depend upon to bring forth into reality all of the possibilities of the exquisiteness of manifested life. May of you grieve your density, and you desire to go home and yet what you do not realize is that your human form contributes to home in ways that are indescribable in words. The density that is you allows for depth of feeling beyond all else. Depth of emotion that is unique to your form. Heights of awareness as you conquer your dense form and rise in consciousness back into the ethers from whence you come. And yet you deny each other.

Look into your heart of hearts, your essences of being. Find the link within you that ties you to your source. It is there. Once found, look more carefully at each other, for the link within each of you ties you indelibly together beyond your perceived differences and boundaries. Each of you carries not only the essence of the living One. You carry the essence of each other as well, for none of you can exist without the reality of the other to notice you. Imagine.

In the current now, inter-dimensional events are in occurrence that are re-harmonizing you and your locale. As the series of star gate openings enters into its fourth phase, and the Urnallum system reconnects on intergalactic levels, there comes on the twenty-seventh of your September, a great wave of energy that will sweep through you and your kind. This energy can be likened to a hot wind, blowing through your particulates and those of your reality, cleansing you, shifting your harmonics, and even changing your perceptions. It may also create some temporary glitches in your electromagnetic fields and affect electronics and radio communications. Further, there is a possibility of a great earthquake in the Pacific Ocean that can then cause repercussions in different areas of your planet as the earth seeks to re-balance her weight.

This is the fourth of seven star gate reconnection. As the connections occur, the star gate series will begin to interconnect one to the other in an unprecedented intergalactic and inter-dimensional connection that has not been in place since before the dawn of man.

Your abilities to connect energetically, psychically, and of common consciousness will be expanded in such a way that your efforts need only be minimal to be carried infinitely outward as a command to creation to bring to your world a commonality, a linkage within the psyche of all people toward recognition of your origins, your very roots as a race, and the ability to join intentionally toward the greater good of all humanity. Coming to you is the ability to erase boundaries that never existed, to open perceptions to the hearts of those foreign to you, and the conscious awareness to intentionally utilize these openings for powerful creative processes.

In order to direct energies within the coming changes, you must utilize them in their natural form and flow. To do this, you must direct them in a spiral flow, much like the DNA that is contained within you. As you do this, the energies will be expanded immensely and will be fueled from within the very information that you carry innately within you. You must understand that not only do each of you carry the force which is you; you carry within you the very force of your source and therefore the force of creation. You are far more powerful than you imagined.

It is time to come into balance with your selves, each other, your planet and far beyond into your very origins. You have forgotten them and yet your very source sustains you far beyond your imaginings. The light within you carries you through all aspects of your very being.

What you must understand is that it is only your perceptions that falsely separate you from the very grace that courses through your very being. The fear that you carry within you that maintains your sense of inequality and imperfection is merely an aspect of the totality that is a falsehood, based upon no truth and all misperceptions.

That which is holy is your essence. That which is holy is the essence of your source. The two are synonymous. The two are inseparable. The two are your power, your light, and the fuel for your very lives and yet you deny them. Reach inward to your grace. Know that living it does not denote weakness but instead carries forward the full power of the One, of which we are all aspects. The power of creation is at your beckon call. You do not think that in all our wisdom and our eternal being that we would create a likeness of ourselves who were imperfect, do you?

Within you, each of you, is the knowledge, the wisdom, the power and the grace to rise above the illusion of misperception and into the higher aspects of awareness that have always been you. As the coming times bring to you greater and greater opportunities toward universal harmonization, let go. Relax into who you are in truth and do not deny your origins. They have become you.

End of transmission.

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Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D. the author of "Pyramids of Light", the "Online Messages" and "The Children of Now."

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SaLuSa: Love is the key word in the higher dimensions

SaLuSa: Love is the key word in the higher dimensions
September 15, 2010

Everything is racing along its allotted path, and when it all comes together you will have reached Ascension. It is the final act that will close the door on duality, and see you moving into the higher realms. The ideal conditions for the end times to materialize are fast approaching, and all that you have been working for will be your reward. Subconsciously you have always known it to be so, as you knew this lifetime would lead to a successful conclusion. If you keep your sights upon the good that is to come out the chaos, you will be able to keep out of troubles way and take everything in your stride. After all you have been preparing for these times over many lives. Your final experiences will be ones of upliftment, and you will have everything that you need to establish yourself as a Galactic Being.

From where you are your expectations for the future seem so far away, yet unbeknown to you advancement continues to bring the times of great change much nearer. It is possible to live in the way you envisage is necessary for Ascension, as it requires no more than the intent to treat others as you would have them treat you. Love is the key word in the higher dimensions, and it is an energy that is pure ecstasy to enjoy. All of you at some time have experienced the joy of such a vibration, but have yet to know the power that it carries. You will exist in a constant state of elation, and happiness that knows no bounds.

You have so much to look forward to, and making every effort to be ready for your Ascension will ensure your success. As you must know by now some souls will not feel ready to move on, finding contentment in their present existence. They will however have subconsciously noted what has taken place, and these memories will in a later period of time awaken them to the truth of their being. You never totally lose your memory of the trials and tribulations you have experienced, or the joy and happiness you have shared. It is what life is about and it is planned life by life to advance you spiritually. No souls are beyond help, but can sometimes become virtual prisoners in the depths of darkness that can overwhelm them.

Clearly it is hoped that as many souls as possible achieve the great leap forward, and there will be no lack of guidance from their helpers. However cycles of opportunity will continue to come around, and those who choose to remain in their present dimension will have periodic chances of upliftment. It is quite possible that some of you will choose to serve those in such a position, as their Guides. There are a number of options open to you after you have ascended, and they will reflect your new found love for all life. For those of you who are uncertain about their future, there are Higher Beings who have a greater spiritual understanding that will preside over your decision making.

What you are learning on Earth is that duality is an illusion, and bears little resemblance to the dimensions where you really belong. However, it needs an awakening of Self to the truth, before you can really appreciate what you left behind in taking on the challenge of duality. Now the intense Light starts to shine out from Earth, and we know that it signifies your superb response to the energies converging upon Earth. Can you doubt that Ascension is a certainty, because regardless of what the dark Ones do to impede your progress, it will not make any difference. The battle that has been taking place between the dark and Light always had a predictable outcome; even so you had your freewill.

The Galactic Federation is in touch with the Ascended Masters, and many Higher Beings that form the various Brotherhoods. We respect their position and authority but do not regard them in awe, as we all have our particular responsibilities working as One. On Earth you tend to work against each other, rather than in friendly cooperation, which you will find becomes more evident with our coming. By that time major changes will have occurred that will remove the obstacles to such cooperation. At heart you are all benign Beings seeking peace and comfort in your lives. That has been deliberately denied you by the dark Ones, who have caused chaos wherever they have gained control. Fortunately that control is rapidly vanishing, and now you are experiencing the inevitable difficulties of releasing yourselves from them.

As ascended Beings one of your most exhilarating experiences, will be your new body. They will be of energy and lightness so that you barely realize you have one, and because you are in the higher vibrations you will feel the perfection that they bring you. No aches or pains, or disabilities as along with illnesses they cannot exist in the high vibrations. On Earth your bodies by contrast are like lead weights, and sensitive to discomfort and disease. Your new bodies will be indestructible, and you will simply move to another one when you choose to change it. You will find that they do not wear out, and by your understanding last indefinitely. Finally, when out of the body you will be able to take on any appearance you desire, which may be useful when meeting up with souls who would not otherwise recognize you.

The significance of the changes we have mentioned may not dawn upon you, but they mean you have total independence. It is a freedom that is at present difficult for you to comprehend, but deep within you will acknowledge it as one of your sovereign rights. These will gradually be restored as you rise up, and become completely restored with the ongoing process of Ascension. As you will no doubt realize, there is quite a big jump to be made from your present situation. However, it will take off very soon and the changes will come fast and frequently.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and privileged to have this contact with you. From it you gain some idea of what we are like, and our outlook on life. We are different to you because we are already ascended Beings, but our mission is to bring you alongside with us. For those who come with us we shall move into other parts of the Galaxy, as we seek more opportunities to serve those evolving into the Light.

Thank you SaLuSa,
Mike Quinsey

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Are You Just Existing or Are you Alive?

Are You Just Existing or Are you Alive?

I just got back from two weeks in Ecuador in which I "died" there. It wasn't a physical near death experience, it was an energetic death. A letting go, surrendering, allowing of the personality/EGO part of me to die, which then allowed my true nature, my essence to stretch across infinity, re-connecting and re-aligning to ALL that is.

I "saw" "myself" at first as a little tiny speck of energy then as my awareness zoned into the tiny speck I entered into it and everything flipped. I felt myself becoming bigger, infinite, then I saw myself stretching out to what only could be described as Infinity. It was like breathing in a way - inhalation, small, finite and contained then exhalation, expansion, infinite and eternal. I had this experience for hours, finite, infinity, finite, infinity.....

I heard we are here to learn how to live "By a Loose Outline". Be flexible, infinite enough to change at a moments notice but we need some kind of "structure", finite in the physical world.

Since that event EVERYTHING in the 3-D physical and spiritual worlds looks different. The thought of getting stuck into dramas, draining emotions, baggage and mind games feels so restrictive and heavy. It makes it easy to choose something else.

It's been said that until we get so sick and tired of being sick and tired we continue to stay in old patterns and programs. So many of us are just existing, not living, worrying about things that may or may not happen. An existence in our past pains restricts us and we don't feel alive. We're existing in the soap opera's of "daily" life. We are blind to what it means to live awake, to be present and see all the beauty that surrounds us, to be grateful for our next breath, to be breathed by and with Creator/God-Force. You don't have to go to Ecuador and "die" to ask yourself, am I just existing? The "waiting for the job, boyfriend, girlfriend, money, health etc" to happen THEN "I'll really start doing what I am supposed to be doing attitude".

You can decide RIGHT NOW that you are so sick and tired of being sick and tired (emotionally, mentally, physically) that you're going to start to live NOW. Stop putting life experiences on hold until.....You can get real with yourself, drop the emotional and mental baggage and BE "God" in the Creation Process. I highly recommend it; life is so much easier if the Universe is abundant but if we restrict ourselves that's your experience, a life with self imposed restrictions OR you can see the Divine order/nature in EVERYTHING.

So ask yourself "Am I Just Existing or Am I Alive?". You know it's not hard to figure out then decide; only you can stop just existing. NO-ONE can do it for you; NO-ONE can rescue you, that's not the "rules" of the game called Life. We are an aspect of God/Creator, God doesn't do existing, Creators create, step back a little, get rid of the heaviness, lighten up and you WILL experience the flow of Creator energy running through you, around you because it is YOU.




Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Council of 12: A Path To More Joy

Council of 12: A Path To More Joy
September Message
through Selacia

Note from Selacia: "This message came from The Council of 12 on August 28. It addresses questions now being raised by many people who seek a path of more joy and purposeful existence. I asked The Council of 12 to speak to the desire that so many have to be of service during these times. They address how people can be of service, even in the midst of challenging extremes that no other generation faced." - Selacia 8/28/10

You know that much is changing in the world. You have wanted things to change for a very long time. Your discontent with the world's status quo has been bubbling to the surface. It's been a long process. Your feeling of discontent may feel new, sudden, or simply bigger than feelings that you remember having before.

When you feel discontent more deeply than before, one reason is that you are experiencing the feeling with an expanded level of consciousness.

As you grow spiritually over time, you develop an increased ability to perceive the truth of your reality. You learn to see yourself more honestly. You develop a larger perspective of what it means to be human, and of how challenging it is to break free from past limited conditioning. At the same time, you become more sensitive and more open to new ideas. This means that you feel more, and that you notice more than you noticed in the past. This process of opening to more is a stage of awakening.

Understanding the Stages

The difference between what you experience now, and what you were able to experience before in the earlier stages of growth, can in retrospect seem quite striking. As an example, imagine that before this stage, you viewed life in black-and-white terms, and information came to you second hand, often with a delay factor. News, by the time you received it, was about what had happened. The information at your fingertips did not have the gradations available now. There was less visioning of alternative futures, mostly because you had been conditioned to live in predictable ways. There was less to ponder, in part because you were exposed to fewer alternative viewpoints. With less current-time information to process, you often had an incomplete picture.

You will find it easier getting along with others in your life today if you remember that people are at different points along the path.

People everywhere are in a process of waking up. They will be at different stages. Some people who you encounter are still living from a black-and-white perspective. Other people are only in the beginning stages of breaking free from their conditioning. You will encounter people who haven't yet discovered the larger perspective that you now have. When interacting with others, therefore, keep in mind these variations in the waking up process. This knowing will help you to be more kind.

Being of Service

As you progress on your path of awakening, you naturally want to discover how to be of useful service to others. You want to be helpful and to find your own unique way to contribute. Sometimes this desire manifests in a general way and there is no specific focus. For example, you know that you want to play a key role in cocreating a more love-filled world. You have a passion for change that will shift human life back into balance.

To connect fully with your passion for change, you need to understand the specifics of what you want to change. You must have enough data to determine why you want to change things, too. You must find out what you really want to create to replace what you now have.

This idea of knowing what you want and why you want it sounds simple. In fact, it is simple, and yet in practice it may be challenging. A key reason for the challenge is that you are conditioned to look at life on a more surface level. The true understanding needed to fuel your passion for change is not found on the surface. You must go deeper in your contemplations. Your thought must go beyond the surface appearances.

Being flexible as you explore change will help you to live in more joy. In the coming months, as the pace of changes accelerates, the quality of flexibility will become increasingly important. Consider ways that you can become more flexible, and your life will go more smoothly.

You and Your Loved Ones

How flexible are you about your life? How flexible are your loved ones? How flexible can you be with one another? Your answer to this last question will provide a clue about how you will experience this next cycle of energy.

There is a direct link between the quality of your relationships and the quality of your life. That's because humans are social beings. What you learn from being in relationships fuels your spiritual transformation.

When you can imagine yourself in your loved one's shoes, you can connect with caring and compassion. Picturing yourself facing what your loved one faces, you can have an increased understanding of his or her motivations and feelings. This will help you to be patient and kind.

You live during unique moments on the Earth. No previous generation faced the sort of challenges and extremes that you do. Much is being decided about the future by the actions you and others take now. Sometimes it's not so clear how you are to proceed.

Sometimes it's like a fog has appeared right in front of you, obscuring your path. When the path ahead is unclear, become still and ask that the foggy energy transforms into clear light wisdom. Ask for the awareness needed to optimally understand and act upon what is then presented in a timeless way.

Where You Are Now

Where you are, there you are. Can you accept where you are in this moment? When you can accept your current condition, you can discover how to embrace it. With this embrace, you can find a way to shift your experience of things you don't like. With this embrace, you can delight in any beneficial circumstances. Connecting with this delight becomes a spiritual spark that helps you to create more and more delightful moments. When you can move into a state of delight, it's easier to see the good in yourself and others.

When you can acknowledge your own goodness, life's challenges become less difficult. By focusing your mind on goodness, you can in fact generate an energy field of goodness.

Experiment with this idea here today. Invite your higher wisdom to help you create a mental picture of some good things. Allow ideas to come into your mind. External world examples could be a person helping a stranger across the street, and a global response of aid to people suffering a massive earthquake. Personal examples could include times when you adopted a rescue pet, or when during a crisis you found inner strength to be patient with someone. Come up with an example or two of your own right now. Imagine these things taking place and the goodness that comes from them.

Hold in your mind a vision of the goodness that exists within you and your outer world. Allow the potency of that vision to change how you look at your life.

As you connect with a vision of goodness, you can generate a more accepting nature. This helps you to be more accepting of whatever comes your way-good or bad. Acceptance is not the same thing as apathy. When you can accept something, you can become neutral about it. From a place of neutrality, your vision is clearer and you are able to respond in more positive ways.

Apathy, on the other hand, drains your energy and makes you indifferent. To express unconditional love in the world, you will need to connect with a genuine caring for yourself and others. Acceptance helps you to do this.

Consider one thing that you sincerely care about. Allow your caring to catalyze a warm feeling in your heart today!

As you continue the journey of rediscovering your Divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings.

We are The Council of 12

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