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We Have/Have We...Arrived?

We Have/Have We...Arrived?
by Lauren C. Gorgo

I know what your thinking... June 21st came and went, and things feel...if anything...worse.

What the?

Tho technically I am reporting to you from a new timeline, like many of you, my body has not quite had the full pleasure of catching up to please bear with me as I try to type between naps.

Based on the high-speed inter-connectivity of the new energy grid, I know that many of you are feeling the same sluggishness coupled with fatigue, aching muscles and bones, sleepiness/lessness, toxicity, irritability with a dash of resentment, and overall low for those of you who can barely make it out of bed to the computer, I hear you... and this message is for you.

What happened?

We are adjusting to the new frequencies and for many... it flat-out hurts.

To apply a well-overused metaphor, the solstice on June 21st was kind of like that last labor push where you have no idea where/how you will find even a shred of energy to birth this new life, but somehow, somewhere, something deep inside of you takes over and carries you through to the other side.

Only in my metaphor, we are both the birth-er and the birth to ourselves in some morphological and oddly understandable way ...which really means that we get to experience both the labor pains AND the physical (and shocking) transition into a new space. (Kids: don't try this at home)

Where are we?

We have officially landed.

What now?

Choose to rest as though you had a choice in the matter.

Collectively, we just (willingly?) ventured through an ass-kicking portal that served up quite an assortment of non-pleasures. And unless you are uber-sensitive, where we are now does not feel much different than where we were all-May-long...the only real discernible difference is that the discomfort has intensified.

Please realize that this experience is totally not a blanket statement, just an explanation of my connection to, and assessment of energy as I perceive the majority of starseeds/lightworkers experiencing it. In opposition to this, I have also heard from some, though few, who said that June 1st actually marked the beginning of the new for them, and from others that forward movement and manifestation has finally returned and that things are falling perfectly into place.

You are certainly not an outcast if you DO NOT feel like a total misery-magnet right now...we all have different and perfect timing and in the grand scheme of things, the solstice served as a general marker, an energetic gateway to walk through, integrate and experience new lands.

That said, things will balance out shortly for the rest of us slowpokes and manifestation will soon become effortless again... right after these bulky flesh-suits complete the final extraction of those cellular memories that have been trapped in 3D, and that shaped our past realities through polarity.

Keep in mind, as with the entire climb in consciousness thus far, that each time we ascend to a higher vibration our physical bodies must re-calibrate, restructure and balance-out based on new and higher dimensional commands. Each and every cell is in constant communication with our consciousness, so as we release fear-based energies and cellular memories of discordance, our bodies must adapt and reform to match the new & higher vibration of self.

The physical symptoms from squeezing through the solstice vary, as always, but the most intense (for me) and widely reported seem to be flu-like fatigue and overall aching/soreness...and I mean everywhere... like...even my hair hurts.

This is completely normal with the dumping of so many energetic and physical toxins (healing crisis), so if you are feeling like you just had major surgery, know that in some ways you have successfully excised the final physical impressions of a life outworn.

Other symptoms to note are greatly related to the electrical rewiring and grounding process: muscle twitches, sore/tight/stiff neck and shoulders, 3d eye openings/clearings (dizziness/unsteadiness/sinus discomfort/popping in and out of dimensions/timelines..aka disorientation), heart/thymus openings (palpitations/middle back soreness/heartburn/indigestion), root chakra openings/clearings (lower back aching/soreness/pain, intestinal clearings, bloating/weight gain, skin eruptions/itching, menstrual-type cramps, sciatica, leg pains/soreness), etc.

The other side

June 22nd, the new moon in Cancer, marked the beginning of the next phase of our journey...the creation of spiritual mastery in form! This means, among other things, that very soon we will look in the mirror and see the person we always knew was there, but was desperately striving to meet us in the other words, we will finally see the outer reflection of all our internal work.

On the morning of the new moon I awoke to a chatty team of overzealous invisibles who were cheering me on like some maniacal Manchester United soccer fan. Because I felt like I had been hit by a minivan, I found it very difficult to share in their enthusiasm, but apparently...and according to them... this day marked the beginning of the rest of our lives...and they desperately wanted us to know it...

Here's a short excerpt from that communication:

"The journey into oneness has completed itself for the warriors of the new way. For this brigade, life will be structured by different means and each of you will be well supported and well cared for in this place you call home.

Where each of you had been stationed for most of your earthly life thus far, was far from what you remember, but now you have arrived. We are so elated at what's in store that it is hard to conceal our excitement, however, we will say this...that you are bound to be astonished at what you have achieved.

Through each act of divine grace, you will be bestowed upon as though you have never experienced strife.

You will have each step before you planned out according to your intentions, and melded with the forces that be, so that your only role from now onward will be to effortlessly follow the path that is laid before you.

By default, each step will be aligned with the highest good and you will understand the true meaning of earthly abundance as never before.

What is most notable will be the way that you feel and respond to it all... for it will seem as though you have always managed such divine energies.

And herein lies the proof of mastery...not that you have become ascended masters, but that you always have been."

Not sure I can top that...

peace out,

P.S. I will have much more to report after the integration completion...aka, when I have conscious control over my limbs...stay tuned.


Lauren C. Gorgo is an Interdimensional Channel, Spiritual Teacher, Counselor and Healer, Conscious Creativity Coach, MultiDimensional Mentor, Advanced Integrated Energy Practitioner and Author of 12 Essential Steps to Discovering Your Divine Blueprint: A guidebook for the soul. Well known for her ability to cut through extraneous esoteric details, Lauren is adept at communicating complex spiritual ideas and concepts in a grounded, easy-to-understand and articulate way. For more information, free articles, channeled messages and e-courses visit: *

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SaLuSa 26-June-2009

SaLuSa 26-June-2009

You have been working towards this important time for thousands of
years, endeavoring to reach a level of consciousness that will enable
you to leave this cycle at its closing. This is because you have to be
at a particular stage of consciousness before you can fully take part
in the Ascension process, and it cannot be achieved without great
planning and help. Leaving you to do so on your own, would have meant
that very few of you could have been successful. The lower vibrations
have proved so difficult to rise up from, and in fact we know that
your civilization would not have reached the millennium, as it would
have already destroyed itself.

It is with some pleasure and satisfaction that we look at you now, on
the verge of a great transition that we have helped you achieve. We
feel sure that some of you older ones can look back at your lifetime,
and recognize how far you have traveled and how much you have evolved
spiritually. It has been a lively period and exceptionally
challenging, yet you have achieved so much success. The energies will
intensify during these final years, and we expect to see many other
souls awaken in time to understand and accept the opportunity to
ascend. It would gladden our hearts to see every one of you do so, but
freewill gives you the choice to decide for yourself. That is a sacred
Law that no one can deny and we observe in our service to you.

The chances are that most readers of these messages are at least part
way to accepting the opportunity to ascend. We hope therefore to
dispel any fears you may have, as we know that major changes to your
life are not always welcomed with open arms. However, if you fail to
recognize that Humanity has already unknowingly been in an advanced
stage of surrender to the dark forces, you may choose not to ascend
without realizing that you are destined to remain in this dimension.
Our contact with you is to open your eyes to what has been going on
around you, while at the same time assure you of help to break away
from the clutches of the dark forces. More importantly, you need to be
aware of the Creator’s plan for your Universe and its upliftment, that
is taking place now.

There is hardly anyone who has not become aware of a massive upheaval
where the Earth is concerned. At the outset it looks as if chaos will
reign, but those who are enlightened know that it is for a greater
purpose. This cycle of duality must end very soon, and with it all
souls must decide their own future. Circumstances will dictate that a
massive cleansing must first take place and that is where we come in.
We are to assist you to restore Mother Earth, so that evidence of her
rape and destruction from Man’s presence can be removed. As
ambassadors to Earth, we shall also walk amongst you and be your
mentors and spiritual teachers for the upliftment of your

Be sure we are totally committed to our tasks, and we shall make
certain you are ready for the final process of Ascension. Our plans
are already providing results, but we cannot always reveal what we are
doing. That however will change when we are able to come out openly,
and share our knowledge with you. You are an integral part of
everything that is planned, and we shall join hands in a great
friendship that will remain as we all move upwards in the final days
and leave this cycle. If you need inspiration to keep you going, just
think of the happiness and peace that will descend upon Earth when the
truth of your future is realized. From chaos to calmness and order,
sorrow to joy and a future clearly defined that respects your

As we have told you previously, your worldly problems are by no means
finished but out of the ashes of the old paradigm a new one will rise
up. Where you might now find it difficult to visualise the new Earth,
see it as cleansed of all that has no place in the higher dimensions.
There will be beauty in every direction that you look, and the
monstrosities that blight your landscape now will disappear. Buildings
and factories such as your industrial complexes will eventually be
removed and in some instances that will be permanent, as new methods
and means of production will be installed. Even this will be short
lived, as there will come a time when little if any manufacturing will
need to take place.

We know that many of you are uncertain as to how the changes will
ultimately affect you, as you are concerned about your property and
belongings. Let us tell you that you will keep what you have, until
the time arrives when even that may prove unnecessary or suitable for
the higher dimensions. Everything in them will be of a higher
vibration, and more attuned to the Light. Your earthly materials
inevitably decay with time, but the new ones will last indefinitely
until you have finished with them. You have heard mention of crystal
cities, and they will become your home as you ascend through the
dimensions. The great step up in your evolution has hardly commenced,
and the material side of your life will change dramatically. It will
all be to your advantage and upliftment, and in time you will be able
to move freely around the Universe as a Cosmic Being.

We enjoy telling you of what lays ahead, because you need to be ready
for the changes and in knowing you are better able to form a new
mindset. It also helps keep your focus on the future and be less
distracted by other happenings. Meantime the truth of what has been
taking place in the past century is being released, and you will find
that many people will have to account for their actions. Whether on
Earth, or off Earth there is always accountability for any deeds that
have adversely affected other souls. The major culprits will be
subject to your laws, and as you must know by now you will answer for
what you have done, if only because you are ultimately your own judge
and jury.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and I along with my companions represent the
Galactic Federation where contact with you is concerned. We are not
the only ones allowed to do so, but you may be sure that the Earth is
not an “open house” that just anyone can visit. We protect you from
the intrusions of unevolved entities, and there can only be exceptions
if a karmic situation exists. Fear nothing, as you are safe and
greatly cherished and loved by us.

Thank you SaLuSa,

Mike Quinsey.


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Sore Feet and Instant Manifestations

Sore Feet and Instant Manifestations
by Karen Bishop
June 23, 2009


Post solstice and new moon. Are there any ramifications and has anything changed?

Because the solstice of the 21st served to anchor us into the earth more fully, and thus, create a new space for many of us as the official and rightful caretakers and creators of the new reality and new earth, some interesting manifestations have begun to occur.

Unusual foot pain, discomfort in the feet, aching, burning, nerve sensations, or perhaps a bruised feeling.all in the feet, are common symptoms of a new anchoring in and grounding to the earth. Lower leg discomfort can occur as well. We are pulling much energy into the earth now, and holding it there, and our feet and lower legs are working over-time.

But there are other interesting manifestations as well.

The immediate manifestation energy has returned with a gusto. Have a simple thought or desire, and it can manifest almost instantly, or at least within a few hours. So many things have shown up for me in the last few days, and in such an unmistakable way of immediate manifestation, that I finally had to declare, "O.K. universe. If this is what we are finally doing, then I would like this, and this, and this...!" And almost immediately, everything arrives.

We have successfully broken through a new barrier, if only piece by piece. Our new residency and new space is now available, but there are still some interesting glitches and situations occurring as well. There is still present, a knowing and awareness that not everyone is taking this opportunity. Some have not yet woken up, are not yet ready to move ahead, have not yet opened and surrendered to something new, have not yet let go and given up, and are thus, still in the dark. Because most of us have enormous hearts and want everyone there with us, a part of us can lovingly stay back and try with all our loving hearts to usher others forward still. Most of us really do not want to leave our loved ones behind. But know that they will find their way in time, and we will be re-united once again.

In this way, we may still have one foot in one reality, and the other foot in another reality. You will know this to be true if you are experiencing enormous highs and incredible joy at one moment, and then suddenly, a severe drop in your energy with feelings of sadness, anger, frustration, and great pain in other moments. Feeling highly emotional when something wonderful happens, with great gratitude, is yet another example. "I think I am going to cry!" along with "This makes me so emotional!" can end up almost being new mantras.

Many of us have spent months preparing for this time of departure by letting go of everything possible, either voluntarily or not. Being tethered to anything that is "back there," will most certainly hold us back and tie us down. We absolutely have to be free and clear, with no connecting energy lines to the old in order to move across the dimensional border. If enough of us choose to stay and support, or stay and encourage energies "back there" in coming ahead, then the critical mass will not be reached, and our experience of crossing over will be diminished or at least lessened to some degree.

But as always, it is up to us, as we are the ultimate creators. So then, there is a real mish mosh occurring right now, but again, as always, things are in divine and perfect order none-the-less.

Other manifestations of reaching the "other side?" An exciting greeting party arrives. For me, they came in non-physical form.a gathering of souls so excited to have a new resident. And these souls that have already been living on the other side, so highly revere the new arrivals, as they know that we will be an integral link and connection to the old world, in order to bring more souls across and to serve humanity as the angels of the earth. The new arrivals (us), have a more direct connection to the old world as we are the closest on the ascension ladder to where we have just departed.

After breaking through the barrier, great joy can be present, along with a very new feeling of finally being able to open once again. Simply going outside and opening our arms wide to all that nature has to offer, can feel so good once again! And re-connecting to nature in a very new way feels absolutely divine. Yes, we can finally go out again.

Piece by piece, we have been led to our very new roles and new places in this very new land. The closer we come to reaching our new space, the more the pieces begin to connect and to make some real sense. And after we finally receive the big message of our new roles, or rather connect to the newness, everything snowballs and begins to manifest very rapidly.

Other manifestations? I have never received so much mail from Norway, Finland, and the Netherlands as I have received in recent months. These northerly countries are opening rapidly now, and holding a very special space for the new world. With a very high vibration, one of my readers in times past felt that these countries represented the crown chakra of the new world, and I whole heartedly concur. Just reading the energy in these letters feels magnificent indeed, and know as well, that every area on the globe has its own specific energy and role.

The relationships between the African-American and Caucasian races are also beginning to mend and heal. This is happening quite rapidly now, and feels very magical indeed. It is amazing to see this new energy unfolding as if by magic. And Iran, is of course, experiencing great movement and change as well.

What if you are one who is experiencing very little of the new described above, and not having much in the way of rapid manifesta-tions?

Letting go of any resentment is vitally important if we are to move forward. If we can accept that we agreed to move into lower vibrating situations in order to bring in more light, and were there-fore misled so that we would indeed go, and know that we are now very done with that, and that it was necessary at the time, then it can be easier to let go and move forward. Continuing to hold resentment and negativity can keep us back.

Surrender is also key to arriving in a new place, and I know that many of you are surrendering very well. Our new roles and new spaces may not be what we would have ever imagined for ourselves. But if we choose to surrender and accept what is being revealed to us, and if it feels fairly good and fairly right, if even as a big step or quite a stretch for us, in the end, we will look back and be so very glad that we agreed to accept what was being revealed to us, and what we have been asked to do.

Our souls are always at the helm. They always, but always serve as the beacon that guides us to our next step, or rather, to the new place that we had determined before our birth this time around. We are going into very new territory now. We are rapidly and swiftly moving into the positions of our soul purpose. In this way, much of our ego or controlling selves needs to be out of the way, or at least willing to accept something very new and different. Resistance from a lower vibrating, controlling, or angry ego can wreak havoc with this process. It is time to step up to the plate, as we are now holding much more energy of the light and holding as well, the new blueprints for the very new planet earth.

This then, leads us to the next phase. Many are receiving information that it is finally time to create communities on pieces of land. With nothing much left and nothing much to hold onto, the time is finally here. The desire in many is strong now. Their vision is strong, and this is because it is finally time. Heaven's Gate describes in great detail this process of creating the new and how it will unfold. Residing in Heaven on the one hand (the new communities), while offering our services to those asking on the dimensional border (our new roles), places us in two realities. In this way, we will really come to know how to navigate these waters with ease, if we are to be effective in fulfilling our roles.

This past November I announced the sale of my land here in New Mexico. I was needing a bigger parcel and thus, knew I had to sell my current piece of 8 ½ acres (for those of you who have been asking, yes, it is still for sale). The new land I have purchased has some very unusual energy, and will be for a specific purpose relating to the new Earth Angels who are leading the way, but it is not yet time to announce its full purpose quite yet. Fully connecting to this purpose and beginning the creation of this space, has resulted in great support from the non-physical realms and a full speed ahead experience for sure. The star beings and angels are very involved and I am very excited as well.

I tell you this because I know that many of you will be, or are already having, similar experiences relating to spaces you wish to create for the new residencies. These new spaces will be different for everyone, and will look different for everyone, but will come from the memories and re-connections to our souls and our soul purposes. (When I begin speaking, I will be revealing the blueprints for these spaces, and some other things as well, as this information will only serve to validate what many of you already know or have envisioned.)

So then, many will be guided to or even gifted with parcels of land in times to come. And in addition, the skills and knowledge of so many will be utilized to support and create these very special spaces. In this way, the loneliness and separation many of us have felt for so long, will begin to rapidly dissipate. If we can choose to be willing to open once again, just who and what we need will most certainly arrive for us in an effortless way.

This new scenario described above is rapidly opening now and almost like a freight train, moving into our spaces with great force and magical energy. It is as if something very powerful and knowing is at the helm, making sure things manifest in all ways perfect. In this way, we will feel support as never before, and support as well for our store-fronts.

As we begin connecting to our new roles and new spaces, the manifesting energy begins to snowball. Our new roles and new spaces may simply be waiting patiently for us to find them, and maybe even wondering where we are. If you are not particularly good at speaking to the non-physicals and asking questions, or perhaps feeling blocked because the space of no space can be so challenging, you can always ask for a sign or for this information to be revealed to you in an unmistakable way. What we need to know usually arrives for us in ways that we can relate to, or in ways that are the easiest for us to receive.

So now, after having experiences in the past of being invisible, dis-respected, and treated poorly, we will be having just the opposite. I have experienced new respect and new reverence as never before in the past few weeks and months, but know as well, that I will accept nothing less. Anything otherwise, I will refuse to participate in or acknowledge. And this, sigh, is the way of staying in the higher vibrations. I am sure many of you are experiencing the same.

When these new higher vibrating spaces begin to open for us, they feel so divine with so much love ever present, it is like being in another reality entirely.

The day before the solstice I was babysitting my newly year old twin grandsons, as my grandaughter was having a swim party for her ninth birthday, which is on the solstice. Just the three of us, the twins are now trying to stand on their own, and are very accomplished at crawling. Crawling into my lap (we were all on the floor), they would hug and kiss me, wrap their bodies around me, smile with smiles, joy, and delight that lit up the room, and then crawl away for some exploring. Soon they would return for more re-connecting and love and hugs and more big smiles and kisses. With tears streaming down my face, I believed I had arrived in Heaven. The higher vibrations of these new little ones, their ways of connecting, their ways of communicating telepathically, and simply, just their energy is something to experience indeed. I am so very blessed.and they are in physical form! The natural joy they possess is truly amazing.

For a long while, there was a huge angelic being standing in the living room at their home, and Solomon would repeatedly crawl over to where he was and look up at him. This went on for weeks. He was obsessed! All of us saw this being so many times, that we began to say "excuse me" when we needed to walk through him. Immediately preceding the big cross-over on the solstice, my star companion was at my side 24/7 as well. These loving companions serve to "guard" us while we are in transition. I have seen this many times. We are always protected during our process. And when we are in a very critical transition, such as this most recent one, we are always more vulnerable than normal, and thus, need some very extra protection.

But now we are safe once again, while we are residing in a new reality, and when we are visiting the old world, we need only vibrate love while at the same time choosing to ignore any lower vibrating energies that may surround us. Yes, we are finally here in a new space with great support, and does it feel divine!

(Would we have ever guessed that vibrating higher would mean that we can no longer spell or have good grammar? Thanks to so many of you for writing about your similar experiences and thus, validating my own!)

With much love and gratitude,

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Solstice meditation blues

Solstice meditation blues
Arcturius through Sheryl Pederson

A number of people have commented that they felt that something was
missing when they did a Solstice meditation. Some have also been
feeling down and empty since that time. I posed the question, and got
this response ...

I am Arcturius and can offer some insights as to what may have
occurred for you doing the meditation of the Solstice to connect with
the light code energies.

Some of you felt let down because of an expectation that there would
be a dramatic shift in your energy system and there was not. This is
not to say that you did not connect to the energy of the light codes
for you did indeed. What did not happen for most is that the energy
was anchored but not yet fully activated. This will occur at the right
time for each person.

In order for light to fully fill your body, there needs to be a shift
of energy to allow this to happen. For some, this had been
accomplished before this energy was available and for some, this
process is not quite completed. There is no right time for this to
happen, for this is a unique process for each individual according to
your divine blueprint and plan.

The energy shifts are occurring in all who anchored the energy of the
light codes. (which many call Crystalline energy or Christ
consciousness) What did not yet happen is full activation. This will
occur in the coming time as you know it. The changes will mostly be
slow and subtle as not to disrupt your lives in any significant way.

Many during the meditation had a glimpse of "home". You connected to
the light source, the all that is, what you may call God, and you were
unable to stay in this energy and needed to return to earth so to
speak. This disconnect left some feeling empty and alone because for a
few moments you were connected to the expansiveness of who you really
are, divine parts of God, the all that is.

This occurred, but did not continue as most are not quite ready to
have one foot firmly anchored on earth and one foot firmly anchored
consciously to "home". This will come, for this is but a definition of
ascension. Having the ability to be in both places fully at the same
time as you know it.

For some of you, the transformation process is just beginning and you
may have experienced a change of guides so to speak, for those who
will begin working with the light code energy will have beings of
light support you in this work. For some, this meant having a guide
move out of the way to allow this to happen. This can cause the
feelings of great loss as the transition is made. This feeling is but
temporary until you fully attune to the energy of these beings and
begin to conciously work with them.

If you are one of the keys to unlocking the light codes, you will go
through a period of waiting as you assimilate to the transition in
light frequency. There are both active keys and passive keys. The
difference is this. The active keys are contracted carriers of the
light code energy who will have this energy fully anchored into their
energy systems and will have this energy with them at all times.

Those who are passive keys are the ones who work with people in some
sort of healing capacity and can call in this energy to do their
healing work. Most often this will be transferred through healing arts
where touch is involved, but it can also be used with intention and
not touch. They have access to the energy at will but do need to ask
for this to be activated each time it is needed.

And the other group is all of those who will be touched by the energy
for you cannot now be on planet earth and not be affected by this
light code energy for the energy of the crystalline grid, Christ
consciousness is anchored now firmly in your planet's energy system.

So, do not be alarmed or concerned if you did not "feel" what you
expected. Just know that the energy is anchored and is in the process
of being activated. Soon, you will begin to fully feel this in your
energy bodies.

You are all doing wondrous work for the light and we honor the
difficult journeys that you have chosen to take to help all on your

Arcturius, for the Keepers of the Light Codes

Midsummer Moon Magic

Midsummer Moon Magic

Midsummer is always a special time. To the Druids the Midsummer
Solstice was the most important of the solar festivals in the year.
The only cosmic event considered more powerful than Summer Solstice is
a Total Eclipse of the Sun. Along with the solar year, the Druids and
the Celts observed closely the cycles of the Moon especially honoring
the Full Moon, the 1st Quarter and the Waxing Crescent that appears
the evening after the astronomical New Moon. This lunar crescent was
considered the New Moon proper
as it is when the new cycle becomes conscious and viable, it is when
the rituals are done 'to bring back the Sun.'

This Midsummer 2009 is particularly special due to the June 22 New
Moon that extends its influence through the lunar cycle concluding on
July 22 when the Total Eclipse of the Sun occurs in most parts of the
world. (This eclipse will be in the late evening of July 21 in the
Americas.) The June 22 New Moon is also Out of Bounds North with the
Moon several degrees above the zodiac's northern boundary as set by
the Sun at Summer Solstice. This means the entire lunar cycle carries
Midsummer influence along with the increased latitude and augmented
awareness of an Out of Bounds Moon. So begins a global leavening of
imagination and heightened consciousness that can result in the
framework for a new global paradigm. All is possible as we free
ourselves from the trappings of the past and shift focus toward a
brighter future. Magic is afoot and the real trick is stearing clear
of distractions and doubts to focus imagination toward a new creation.
Like the Fool in Tarot, we're asked to move forward never minding the
abyss apparently looming below us because the edge of creation grows
out before the feet of the Fool. Our guidance is to look upward, focus
on the ideal to make real, trust natural instinct, breathe freely and
channel the new light.

When we get right to it, Summer Solstice/Midsummer and Solar Eclipses
generally have to do with the breaking of old patterns,
the freeing of psychic energy and moving this energy into new forms
creating a better future. Making the most of this opportunity depends
on our understanding how to release the past and embrace the future.
The traditional knowledge of cycles tells us how:

The Year ebbs and flows like an ocean tide. The tide comes in at
Spring Equinox and rises to the Summer Solstice when vital energy is
most elevated in plants and trees, and within us all. Country people
believe this time is best for weeding gardens while vital energy is
most up and out of the roots. Likewise this is time for 'psychic
weeding' as energy is most up and out of our own subconcious roots.

Snakes shed their skins at Midsummer and so can we. Snakes shed their
physical skins, we have the opportunity to shed our psychic skins.
This is the time to clear away psychic shadows, banish misfortune and
better our luck. The old ways tell us how. Time and place and the four
elements are our magic keys. Full body water immersion, music making,
open air dancing and fire leaping are traditional ways for letting go
of the shadows of the past so we can fully open to the magic of
Midsummer. Let's remember this Midsummer
opportunity continues through the lunar cycle so all these elements
are active for the next four weeks.

Water purifies the emotions as fire clears the mind. Full body
immersion erases emotional memory clearing subconscious imprinting of
relationships past. Juno emerges from her sacred pool with her
youthfulness and her virginity restored. Spiritual conversion through
water immersion is common to many traditions including the Cherokee
who practice self-immersion at Sunrise the morning after the
appearance of each New Moon. The Cherokee also self-immerse at the
time of an eclipse as do Hindu and other indigenous peoples.

Solstice means 'still standing Sun.' Summer Solstice continues for
several days while the Sun rises at the same point on the horizon.
Summer Solstice concludes - and culminates - on June 24th when the Sun
begins to move southward again. This quickening of solar motion is
celebrated because it is when a new story begins to unfold. All that
will be in any cycle is present at its beginning. Each year is a
combination of yin and yang. New yang enters at Winter Solstice, the
new yin enters on Midsummer's Eve (June 23rd).

All creation comes alive on Midsummer's Eve when, according to Celtic
lore, 'Magic is most potent and fairies become visible.' As we set
ourselves free we see through into the more subtle realm. What is
envisioned and focused as an ideal now can be made real.

Midsummer June 24 is a time for fire leaping to dispel astral shadows
and free the soul. Fire leaping during the Solstice has been practiced
throughout the world for millennia. Before jumping a small fire (maybe
a candle), circle three times round clockwise to clear the space. Then
leap the fire 3 times with intention to release what needs to be let
go. Do this at a 'place of power' where you feel empowered, maybe a
hill top, a meadow in the forest or your own back yard. Visualize what
needs transforming going into the Solstice fire. This could be a small
outdoor ritual fire or a candle flame. Transformation is facilitated
by fire gazing, fire dancing and deep breathing. The breath is the
mechanism by which energy is translated from one form to another.
Whatever is true is empowered, what needs to be let go will be
transformed. Midsummer fires clear the psyche and power our dreams.

After fire leaping practice toning, chanting or free form singing to
tune the body centers. Start with an om then tone up and down scale
and 'make a joyful noise' to free the soul and bring joy to the world.
Sing peace on Earth, good will to all. You may also want to anoint
your head with oil as tradition suggests. Summer solstice keys to the
crown chakra and the soul star overhead. Anointing the head with oil
helps connect with the soul so the cup of life 'runneth over.'

Note: Time is fractal, each day is like a year. Sunrise links with
Spring Equinox, True Noon with Summer Solstice. This is far more than
similarity. Rituals practiced at Spring Equinox resonate with all
Sunrises in the year following. Every Noon hour is a good time to leap
fire and release what we need to let go from our lives. There are
eight ritual hours in the day that correspond to the equinoxes,
solstices and cross-quarter days in the year. The canonical hours of
the Catholics link with the witches sabbaths in the year. The year
divides into 24 fifteen day periods called 'horae' as the day divides
into 24 hours. The Midsummer Hora begins June 21st and ends on July
All traditions of Midsummer apply in this time.

Midsummer's Day June 24th is also called St John's Day. In Egypt the
fires of Midsummer were called the Lamps of Isis, later these fires
came to be known as the fires of St. John. In the Christian story St.
John the Baptist was the wild man of the wilderness born 6 months
before Jesus. A medieval painting, Piero de Cosimo's 'St John with
chalice and dragon', shows John blessing a dragon floating over a
chalice held in his left hand. This dragon symbolizes primal shadow
which - when raised and trained to purpose - can realize any dream.
Our psychic dragon is most easily raised and trained to purpose at
Midsummer as illustrated in 'St John with chalice and dragon'.

The Celtic and Druid Solstice rituals are more easily understood in
terms of Wilhelm Reich's bioenergetics. In the Reichian system, muscle
tension or 'body armor' is the source of all our anxiety and psychic
disturbances. Pagan rituals at the turn of the seasons were designed
for bioenergetic release. As body armor dissolves, tension melts and
windows of perception clear so we can see can more: 'fairies become
visible.' In the Theosophical view, fairies are elemental life forces
present within all living beings. At Midsummer these 'elementals' more
easily leave their parent bodies and become visible to us - as we
release tension and remove our psychic blinders in celebration.
"Through celebrations in their seasons are the deeper powers of human
nature realized" ~ Rudolph Steiner

The beginning of Summer is also the time of the Native American Vision
Quest when each person goes out into nature seeking signs that reveal
his/her true purpose in their tribe. The Vision Quest and the Sundance
originally were timed with the Full Moon next following the Summer
Solstice: July 7th in 2009. What is seeded at the New Moon becomes
realized at the Full.

The July 7 Full Moon is also a lunar eclipse preceding the July 21-22
Total Eclipse of the Sun widely considered the most significant of the
century. Astronomers affirm this based on the duration of the eclipse,
the longest total eclipse for well over a century looking ahead. The
astrological rule is that the length of a total eclipse in minutes
determines the number of years the eclipse has global effect. At over
6 and a half minutes, the July 22 eclipse will be the longest until
after the year 2130. So what does this solar eclipse mean for us?

The July 22nd Total

Eclipse of the Sun

We are the white
and blue-green planet
spinning to the East and
circling, circling
Our beloved, golden Star

The beautiful sister
twirling around and holding
Moon for a mirror
dancing the helix and
singing the Universe

~ Will Ashe Bason ~

The poet says in a few words what the philosopher astrologer Dane
Rudhyar describes in great detail in his many books. The Sun is our
source of life and light and spiritual consciousness. The Earth is a
living being which has over the millennia evolved many lifeforms and
intelligent beings capable of converting light and consciousness into
manifest forms. The Earth and Moon together receive and mediate the
light of the spiritual Sun. Each New Moon brings a new pulse of light
beginning a new cycle of creation. Every lunar cycle builds on the one
before it in an orderly progression – until a solar eclipse occurs.
Then we experience a dramatic shift as an old cycle of many moons ends
and a new cycle begins. A new eclipse cycle begins July 22, it
concludes with the total eclipse of the Sun on July 11 2010.

A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes directly between the Earth
and Sun. A total eclipse of the Sun happens when the Moon is close
enough to the Earth for the lunar disk to fully cover the Sun. This is
the most powerful event that can happen in the heavens because it
resets the connection between the Earth and the Sun.

A solar eclipse is Mother Nature's editing tool. When an eclipse
occurs above, things are eclipsed here below. Whatever needs to be
eclipsed comes up in the days and weeks before the solar eclipse. An
eclipse is an opportunity to eliminate patterns of thought and
behavior troublling our world. This is an ideal time to clear away
what stands in the way of our dreams being realized. The more shadow
patterns are eliminated the more energy is freed for a new creation. A
solar eclipse becomes a wonderful thing as we learn to detach from
what is breaking down and shift attention to what is breaking through.
Energy bound in old forms is released to power dreams for the future.
The more shadow patterns are eliminated the more energy is freed for
new creations. So continues the cycle of death and rebirth,
destruction and recreation.

The world is ready for change and solar eclipses are all about change.
A total eclipse of the Sun is an opportunity to change whatever
we wish at the deepest level. All that's required is slowing down and
going within where everything is wired. Change can be conscious,
mostly it's unconscious. Every time a total eclipse of the Sun occurs
the whole world changes as the eclipse triggers a brief collective
shut down followed by a ‘reboot’ to a new operating system. We don't
want to be on the subway when this occurs.

An energy shift happens more or less with each New Moon, more
especially when it coincides with a seasonal gate as did the June 22
New Moon. The Dark of the Moon is always a potentially dangerous time
when the old emotional cycle is breaking down and human behavior
becomes more eratic, this is especially so for an eclipse. More
accidents happen. Nine climbers died on K2 at the last eclipse on Aug
1 2008, the Columbia space shuttle disaster happened in the hour of a
New Moon and the London underground bombings also occurred in the Dark
of the Moon. Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are also more common
in these times. Shamans are taught to stay home and do inner work
while the door between worlds is open.

Everything shifts forward, life is charmed as the New Moon becomes
visible, all things start new - especially following a total solar
eclipse. How well we meet the opportunity of any lunar cycle depends
on our letting go of old ways at the end of the lunar cycle and our
clearly sounding our new note as the crescent appears. A total solar
eclipse breaks up old psychic patterns freeing energies for a new
creation. The energies released by the eclipse re-constellate around
any new purpose or initiative that we put forward during the waxing
lunar phase (two weeks) following the eclipse. The Druids built fires
and beat drums following a total eclipse of the Sun.
This wasn't done 'to bring back the Sun' (as some believe), but to
restore the natural order and power on a new mythic story.
"When old patterns are broken, new worlds emerge." ~ Tuli Kupferberg

The converging cycles in this transition include the beginning of the
Aquarian Age in the cycle of precession and coincidental Spring
Equinoxes on Saturn and Uranus, the two planetary rulers of Aquarius.
The last Saturn Spring Equinox (or 'Ring Plane Crossing') occurred in
1979 during the previous Iranian revolution. It was also the last time
we had a flu pandemic. Also significant now is the North Node transit
of Aquarius and its exact Pisces/Aquarius juncture at the time of the
July 22nd total eclipse of the Sun. Following
this eclipse a bold new world story will unfold.

Practically speaking, we could say that any new initiative under
consideration will be best delayed until sometime following the July
22 solar eclipse. Between now and then is good for finishing up old
work, after the eclipse is much better for starting new things. Any
new project begun before will likely have to be restarted. Following
the solar eclipse there will be plenty of creative energy flowing for
getting done whatever new we intend to do. This is a pivotal time in
the cycles of creation, may we all make the most of this opportunity
to remake our world!

Saros Cycle Key to Eclipses

Ptolemy, the renowned Greek astronomer / astrologer, emphasized the
importance of the first eclipse in a Saros series. This initial solar
eclipse sets the tone for all other eclipses of the series. The
eclipses of a Saros series are like beads on a necklace strung by a
common thread whose meaning is determined by the pattern in the
heavens at the time of the first eclipse. Saros cycle eclipses
generally occur in two pairs of solar and lunar eclipses that are of
the same Saros number.

All eclipses of 2011 are Saros cycle #11. The solar and lunar eclipses
on Jan 26 and Feb 9 were Saros Cycle 11 North series. The July 7 and
Aug 6 lunar eclipses and July 22 solar eclipses are all of the Saros
Cycle 11 South family.

The South Node symbolizes our psychic shadow so it shows what is to be
transformed. All shadow becomes high lighted as the Sun approaches the
South Node 'tail of the dragon.' When the Moon - our other luminary -
joins the Sun at the South Node a South series solar eclipse occurs,
shadow is illuminated and transformed or dispelled from the world.
Shadow transformed equals energy for new creation. Knowing this, the
Druids spent a tremendous amount of energy constructing stone rings to
predict eclipses and, importantly,
to focus energy toward a new creation. These stone rings (Stonehenge
and hundreds of others) are located at points of natural power where
their alignments and lore gather people at the times of power, the
turning points in time that are pivotal to every new creation.

The July 22 Solar Eclipse is the 36th solar eclipse in the Saros Cycle
11 South series that began with an initial eclipse on June 14, 1360 in
the old style calender. The new style date would be June 22, 1360. It
is important to note here that the initial eclipse of this Saros 11
South series began on the Summer Solstice (at 0 Cancer 48)! This means
every eclipse of the Saros 11 South series links energetically
with the Solstice, all have to do with raising concsciousness and
freeing ourselves from the trappings of the past.

Saros 11 South eclipses have occurred every 18 years + 11 days since
1360. Over the course of this time the eclipse date has slipped
forward through the zodiac back to Cancer, the sign where it began 649
years ago. Previous Saros 11 South eclipses occurred on 11 July 1991,
30 June 1973 and 20 June 1955. The next 11 South eclipse is 2 Aug
2027. Destruction on some level always precedes a
total solar eclipse, a balancing of accounts and a better order (more
or less) follow. The first Gulf War began in the early months of 1991.
In that Summer soon after the 11 July eclipse 'Communism died a
natural death as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics began to
dissolve.' - The People's Chronology, p 1123 The Watergate hearings
began in May 1973 and Nixon's White House tapes suddenly appeared in
mid July. On Sept 11, 6 weeks after the Saros 11 South eclipse,
Salvadore Allende's government was overthrown in a violent coup
supported by the United States. All things hidden are revealed in the
weeks that follow a total eclipse of the Sun.

In her predictive astrology text 'Eagle and the Lark', Bernadette
Brady notes the Mars/Pluto conjunction in the original eclipse and
gives an interpretation for the Saros 11 South solar series: "This
family of eclipses is concerned with the need to make sudden reforms.
Old ideas or methods will fail and new systems are required to deal
with the events brought out by the eclipse. As a consequence the
person [we] will need to think of new ways of handling the issues. Any
blocks could be violently or tragically removed."

Saros Cycles - Eclipses come in Familles
"Each seemingly isolated eclipse belongs to a larger pattern, each
eclipse is a member of a family with particular characteristics."

Eclipses and the Saros Cycle
"Babylonian astrologers found it was very important to study an
eclipse in the context of the Saros Family that contains it. The
entire cycle has a 'personality' all its own that colors each
individual chart. This Saros personality is based on the first eclipse
in the Saros Family (a birthchart for the entire cycle, so to


Solar Eclipses in History and Mythology
~ Wil Milan
"The ancient Chinese believed solar eclipses occur when a legendary
celestial dragon devours the Sun. In the Chinese language, the term
for eclipse was'chih' also means 'to eat'... It was a tradition in
ancient China to bang drums and pots and make loud noise during
eclipses to frighten the dragon away... One of the most important
historical solar eclipses is that of the annular solar eclipse of 27
January 632. It was visible in Medina during the lifetime of Prophet
Mohammad, Peace Be Upon Him (PBUH), and coincided with the death of
his son Ibrahim. The Prophet stated explicitly and definitely that the
eclipses of the Sun and the Moon are not bad omens, but are cosmic
spectacles that demonstrate the might and knowledge of Allah the
Great... Eclipses of the Sun are awe-inspiring phenomena, no wonder
that in many early cultures they were believed to be the end of the
world or omens. The word eclipse is of Greek origin meaning
'abandonment'... In China, India, southeastern Asia and in Peru there
were beliefs that dragons or demons attack the Sun during eclipses.
The ancient Egyptian myth of the snake Apep that attacks the boat of
the Sun god is believed now to refer to solar eclipses... The Chinese
and the Incas tried to frighten these monsters away but the Indians
made a different attempt by immersing themselves in water. They
performed this religious ritual to help the Sun struggle against the
dragon... Even today, in some countries, it is still traditional to
bang pots, chant or shoot into the air when an eclipse happens ['pot
banging' is especially effective for psychic shadow clearing before
and eclipse] ... Muslims pray five times daily, but during eclipses
they specially perform the 'eclipse prayer'. This is one of the
traditions of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). The purpose of this prayer is
to remember the might and gifts of Allah the Creator."

Iran rooftop chorus swells in the night,0,1259143.story
It starts with two young female voices, quietly at first, almost
gently piercing the quiet of the night. "Allahu akbar!" they cry out a
few minutes after 10 p.m. "God is great!"

Interestingly, Hallelujah, our exclamation of joy and spiritual
exultation is believed to derive from the 'Allah' chanted in Moorish
Allah in turn derives from an Arabic word meaning 'great.' The chant
'Allahu' includes the syllable 'Hu' that is the Druid name for the Sun
god, the great creator. 'Hu' was chanted by the Druids at the Summer
Solstice just as Iranians are now chanting Allahu. These invocations
are both reverential and instrumental in channeling spiritual
influence and transcendent awareness. The turning of the season is
always an opportune time for chanting to allow spiritual consciousness
to exert more influence in the world. Words have great power.
Our common name 'human' derives from the god name Hu. So it may be
translated as 'god man'. But the word 'man' comes from the sanskrit
'manas' meaning mind so literally 'human' means 'the mind of Hu.' As
the solar logos, Hu is a great being of light, transcendent
consciousness and spiritual influence beyond our comprehension. The
Sun is the source of all life on Earth. All organic compounds
including the cells of our bodies are composed of carbon rings created
in plant photosynthesis and resonating with the light and fire of our
Sol. We are literally walking talking beings of light with physical
brains and bodies able to mediate light into form, we are the mind of
Hu. Allahu Hallelujah!

Gryphon Astrology Blog » Astrology of the Iran Election: Rigged or
Written in the Stars?
Astrological omens indicate that the action is not yet over, and
indeed, may just be beginning. The summer of 2009 will bring violence
and bloodshed in Iran, specifically violence involving the government
committed in the name of Islam. Women will be very important in these
events, particularly women from Iran’s ruling class. The rulers will
display their enemies’ injured bodies as public deterrents, perhaps
ensuring that images of death get out to the public and the
world...There will be great conflict among the clerics, and also
contention between the common people and the clerics. The horoscope
for the summer promises serious conflicts, with Mars aspecting Saturn
out of the Midheaven, indicating the weakness of the ruler. Mars is in
Taurus, the sign of its detriment, indicating violence and harm to the
rulers. The Solar Eclipse of July 22, 2009 (which will be visible in
Iran) indicates possible changes in leadership in Iran ..

Neda Agha-Soltan was 'targeted by militia'
Neda was killed on Saturday, June 20. The Shia mourn 3 days, 7 days
and 40 days following the death of their martyrs. On Thursday July
30th (eight days after the July 22 eclipse) Iranians will convene en
masse to honor their dead and the real revolution begins.

"With any eclipse, what is hidden will come to light and your secret
desires may not be secret anymore. You may break away from a
relationship that no longer suits your needs, or you may be faced with
changes beyond your control. Remember: change is good! Change in
thought, manner, speech, dress, lifestyle, career, health, family,
expectations and goals are all part of the plan and the process of you
creating a more fulfilled life." ~ Toni Thomas

Record crowd for Solstice sunrise
A record crowd of about 36,500 revellers has welcomed the dawn of the
Summer Solstice at Stonehenge. Druid ceremonies took place alongside
music and Morris dancing.. English Heritage, which manages the
ancient monument, said the car park was full with 6,500 cars two hours
before Sunrise. Summer Solstice Ritual on Glastonbury Tor
Rite of Passage -

Stonehenge an Eclipse Computer
"Why would eclipses have been so important to the ancient people of
Stonehenge? Perhaps they considered the darkening of the Sun or the
Moon a fearsome event -- a celestial omen of doom or disaster. But the
sophistication of the astronomy of Stonehenge suggests that the
builders had something different in mind. Their understanding of the
solar and lunar cycles must have led to a high regard for the cosmic
order. Eclipses may have been seen as affirmations of the regularity
of these cycles. Or perhaps the unseen lunar nodes formed an element
of their religion as invisible gods.. The idea that Stonehenge may
have been a center for some kind of worship has occurred to many. It
is not hard to imagine Stone Age people gathering at a 'sacred place'
at 'sacred times' (such as solstices, equinoxes, and eclipses) to
reaffirm their religious beliefs through ritual practices."

The Goddess Eye and the Total Eclipse of the Sun
Total Eclipse ot the Sun: The Sun Bird Phoenix, Eye of God and Flight
of the Feathered Serpent
The Total Solar Eclipse of July 22 2009
Callanish Photographs ~ Gerald Ponting

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by Troika Celeste Saint Germain, Copyright 2009

This June (2009), an incredible amount of new higher frequency
energies will be flooding the planet. We have these boosts of energy
to raise the frequency of our planet and all life forms living on it.
This can cause some physical discomfort and mental and emotional
imbalance, as our bodies are not accustomed to sustaining these
frequencies. We are experiencing and feeling things that are new to
us. Our third dimensional brain does not understand them or know how
to process fourth, fifth and sixth dimensional energies.

There are steps we can take to help our brain and physical body go
through these changes with more ease and comfort. The only thing we
really need to do is raise our frequency and vibration to match these
new energies. How do we do this you may ask? The most powerful,
easiest and most effective way is using the Violet Flame. It will
raise your frequency and vibration and help smooth out the transition,
preparing you for what we call the Ascension. In my previous articles,
I've spoken primarily of the Violet Flame and ways to use it. You may
find these articles on this website.

There are now amazing products that the Higher Realm has brought
through some people which are to help with these transitions. I have
been blessed to produce products for Ascended Master St. Germain for
this exact purpose. One is his Elixir of Life, which is a vibrational
essence created from the herbal elixir that he drank during his last
embodiment. He lived for 300 years, never ageing in appearance and
health past the age of 40 to 45. He used this elixir daily to maintain
his body and his vibrational frequency. Now he has given it to us so
we may do the same. TransformEssenceĆ¢, a skin cream, also has the
ability to raise frequency and vibration, and reverse the appearance
of aging. Other people have likewise brought through wonderful
creations. For instance: the Tachyon technology from Japan is very
helpful; purple plates based on Tesla technology; and various other
items that, with "intention", discernment and an open eye, you will

On a physical level, getting enough sleep is very important right now.
There will be times when the energy gets so intense that all you want
to do is sleep. This is because your body needs the downtime for the
cells to realign themselves and readjust. It takes a lot of physical
energy for the body to mutate into the new frequencies. Your body is
basically turning from a carbon base to a crystalline base. It's like
coal becoming a diamond. If you think of what a lump of coal must have
to endure in the center of the Earth, the pressure and the heat, the
trauma and drama, to turn itself into a diamond, you can imagine what
your physical body is going through in this process. That's why
supporting your physical body with very good-quality food (organic
fruits and vegetables) and water, Himalayan salt and trace minerals,
supplements such as CoQ10, selenium, amino acids (which are the
building blocks of the body and are probably more important than
vitamins and minerals), and good quality vitamin E, C, D, magnesium,
calcium and zinc will also help the body. Take strong antioxidants to
detoxify, as your body will be throwing off lots of toxins, some of
which are byproducts of the body turning from carbon to crystalline.
You need plenty of water to flush them out of your system. Doing
breathing exercises, rhythmic, very deep breathing will refresh the
body, and give it more oxygen and also release toxins. Activities like
yoga, tai chi, walking in nature, acupuncture, chiropractic care and
massage will support the body as well. If you should feel symptoms of
cold or flu at various times, generally speaking, this is a detox. I
would suggest herbal remedies or homeopathic medicine for this;
however if you feel there is something seriously wrong, do see a
doctor. "The FDA requires me to say this."

On a mental level, think only positive thoughts. Focus on the glass
being half full. Create a sense of willingness to face new changes and
to experience new things. Both the mental and emotional body must
release all fear. Replace fear, anger, frustration, and other negative
thoughts and emotions with love, appreciation and gratitude. Pay
absolutely no attention to the fear-based doomsday predictions and
other terror stories, be they from political or "New Age" sources. In
fact, stop watching television. In addition to having to endure the
slanted news media, unbelievable stupid programs and over-hyped
commercials, TV is purposely hypnotic, saps your energy and exposes
you to heavy electrical waves.

Spiritually, practice such things as: prayer, invocations, meditation,
breathing exercises, chanting, rituals and, most important, pure
INTENTION and WILL. Set a very strong intention that you ARE a Divine
Being, WILL yourself to embody your Divinity, and live your life as
such. Seeing the divine in all situations and all people is paramount.
One of the greatest ways to raise your frequency and vibration is to
consciously and intentionally, feel that every thing that you do, no
matter how mundane or how simple, such as opening a door for somebody,
is a reflection of your love and respect of all living things. To live
your life with the intention of being God-like in everything you do,
to see God in everyone, and respect everyone as such. Living your life
with an intention of always being in integrity and honesty with
yourself and others. To always look for a win-win situation, and
cooperation with all of life, including animals, birds, trees, rivers,
lakes, the ocean, etc., knowing that we live on a divine planet.

Many people talk of power points and sacred sites. Mt. Shasta being
one, however in true reality, every speck of dirt on this planet is
sacred. You can tap into the divine energies anywhere you are, if that
is your intention and your determination. Having said that, it is
still a wonderful thing to make pilgrimages to places known for being
sacred sites or spiritual vortex such as Mt. Shasta, Glastonbury, and
the Pyramids of Egypt. The reason why a pilgrimage is important is
because there are certain places where the veils are thinner, which
creates a portal or an easier connection point to the higher realms.
Pilgrimage also shows an intention for those experiences. The
pilgrimage itself is a ritual of seeking for more divinity in your
life. Throughout my life I have made many pilgrimages to sacred and
ancient sites. I have received great benefit from them and always
received a boost in my spiritual growth and understanding. Many places
have "spoken" to me, revealing knowledge and memory of a past life.
This is why I do recommend them from my personal experience. Each
sacred site is unique and has a different gift to offer.

Also very beneficial is to work with crystals, color and sound. All
frequencies are represented within the various colors and tones we
encounter. Color and sound is pure energy, or light frequency made
physical. Learn which colors and sounds have the higher vibrations,
and surround yourself with them.

The event we call Ascension has been known by ancient civilizations
for tens of thousands of years. People speak of the Mayan calendar
ending on December 21, 2012, and there are all kinds of speculation as
to what that means -- from the far extremes of death, doom and
annihilation of the planet and all on it, to the actual physical
ascension of the planet and all its life forms. 2012 is not going to
be the end of life on this planet. It marks a shift into another
dimensional frequency. That is why the influx of high frequency energy
is bombarding the earth. The Atlantians also knew about this shift and
through their superior mental and spiritual capabilities embedded 13
powerful crystals in strategic sites around the world. They are to be
activated in a specific sequence during an exact moment in time for
the ascension of our planet and us. These moments of activation are
called gateways, and one of these gateways is coming up on September
9, 2009, which is called the 999. There are several crystals that will
be activated on that date, located in Arkansas, Lake Titicaca, and Mt.
Shasta. I am very honored to have been given the assignment to lead a
group event to activate the Mt. Shasta crystal. This magnificent clear
crystal shines with violet, silver and gold. It projects the frequency
of the Platinum Ray, the Violet Ray, the Diamond Ray and the Christ
Consciousness Gold Ray. It is the perfect balance of female and male
energy. It holds the codes of Ascension, Divine Balance, and Universal
Law & Truth. It also enables multidimensional travel and warping of
time and space.

This crystal is essential for personal and planetary ascension. As it
activates, the people and other life forces that are attuned to it,
and wish to align with the crystal, will receive an activation to help
their own crystalline light body activate. I have been instructed to
have a four-day event, Sept 7-10, for this activation that will
involve a powerful array of presenters, music and movement, crystal
bowl concert and other crystal work, inner-active meditations,
rituals, visualizations and exercises to raise everyone attending
frequency while activating our light body and DNA for ascension. After
our preparations, we will go to a special inter-dimensional portal on
Mt. Shasta the afternoon of the 9th to activate the crystal. Should
you feel drawn to attend this profoundly transformational event, don't
hesitate to contact me at the email or phone number below.

To sum up raising your frequency and vibration; remember to address
all parts of yourself, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual,
supporting each one of those bodies in the ways mentioned. Surround
yourself with high-vibrational colors, sounds and beauty in all forms.
Know deep inside of your core that you are God/Goddess incarnate and
live your life as such. Express love, praise, appreciation and
gratitude for all things and all beings, at all times. From a
heartfelt desire, do whatever you can to help the earth, fellow
humans, the animals and all of nature. Many blessings to you on your
spiritual journey.

Please read VIBRATION IS EVERYTHING! for more information on this

First published in The Spirit Mountain Chronicle, Mt. Shasta, CA,
Summer 2009 issue.

Copyright © 2009 Troika Celeste Saint Germain.

Abraham: As you mentally expend it, you mentally bring it in.

As you mentally expend it, you mentally bring it in"

GUEST: If you're trying to create a situation, or you are creating a
situation, and you're shooting Energy to that vortex, and let's say
there's a certain thing that you have to have -- it's money. Okay, I
hate to say it, but it's money! -- and if you say, well okay I'm going
to create this, but you have to put a time limit on it because you...

ABRAHAM: You need it.

GUEST: Yeah, right, something you can't have unless you have it. Is
that shooting yourself in the foot?

ABRAHAM: Usually. Now, here is the thing. A lot of people that are
teaching goal setting will say to you, "set your goal," and by that,
they mean, "decide what you want and when you want it." Well, the
advantage of that is it makes it feel more real. If you can say, one
month from now, or, one year from now, it gives you a more tangible
feeling place. The disadvantage of it is that if you've never done it,
in all of your 29 years, and now you're saying, "I'm going to do it in
two months or one month or six months," you defeat your purpose
because you cast doubt on it. In other words, you vibrationally ask
for something you don't believe, so every time you think about it it
the negative belief rears its ugly head.

So what you want to do is just pay attention to the way you feel, and
if you say, "I want to have it" or "I've got to have it and I've got
to have it fast," and you feel that discomfort, then know that
whatever you're doing, right there, isn't working for you. And then,
as you start talking about why you want it and you start pretending
that it has happened, or you start envisioning that it's has happened,
and you feel that discomfort sort of ease up, and you feel yourself
starting to feel a little lighter about it, now you know the Energy's
flowing. And so, then next time you think about it, you might have to
go through the same process again of feeling uncomfortable and then
bringing yourself to a place of ease. But it doesn't take too many
times of transmuting that Energy -- from a place of a knot in your
stomach to feeling better -- before you've transmuted your basic point
of attraction relative to that subject. And it doesn't take too much
of that before something starts to break loose. In other words, the
Universe gives you the break that your Energy now deserves. And we
don't mean that in a judging term.

Somebody said, "There is no justice." And we say, "there is utter
justice." You all get exactly what you deserve. Meaning, you're all
getting exactly what you're vibrationally offering! So just play with
it. Think and feel, think and feel, think and feel.

If there's something that you really want, like, when you said
"money"; in other words, you're almost embarrassed to even talk about
it, because you can feel how negative it makes you feel even to think
about it. Let us give you some sort of practical, fast approaches to
this. Every time you spend money for anything, appreciate the fact
that you had it to spend. Even if you think you're spending it
unwisely, even if you shouldn't be spending it for this and should be
saving it for something else, even if, when you spend it, it will
deplete your checking account to a place that is uncomfortably low,
even under those conditions -- appreciate the fact that you had it to

"I am so happy to spend this money."

Now, let's talk about that subject of "tithing" for just a moment. A
lot of people ask about tithing, because they have been told that
there is benefit in it. And they're usually told that by those who
will receive the benefit from their tithing. In other words, "tithing
is a good thing, give your money to me and your life will be better,"
is the general picture of tithing. The reason that tithing is
beneficial is because, if you feel abundant enough that you have
excess that you don't have to have...the excess is a vibration of Well-
being. In other words, "I've not only got enough money for what I
need, I have extra money," and so, it's that vibration of Well-being
that allows more dollars to flow. So we encourage that you "tithe"
your clothing account, that you "tithe" your vacation account, that
you "tithe" your eating-at-a-special- restaurant account. In other
words, you don't have to tithe a church or a guru. Tithe yourself, but
get into the attitude of excess. In other words, "not only can I meet
my basic requirements, but I have excess that I can do other things
with," because it's that vibration of abundance, that vibration of

So, something that you can do that gets you in that flow, right away,
is looking around at your personal possessions and noticing how many
things you have that cost money. I've got ... (add up how much your
stuff is really worth). In other words, I spent money on (...) add up
how many meals you've eaten, how much money you've blown on food that
you no longer have to call assets. You see what we're getting at? As
you start thinking in terms of all of the money that's passed through
your hands you get a sense of the abundance of dollars, in and out, in
and out, in and out, in and out.

Now, what makes many of you feel lackful of money is that you don't
have a big pile of it sitting around somewhere. And we say, no
problem. You don't have a big pile of air sitting around, either. You
don't have a big pile of Energy sitting around. It's not what it's
for! It's the utilization of it that is the power of it; in and out,
in and out, in and out, in and out. So rather than feeling lackful
because there isn't excess money or extra money, just enjoy the money
that is there: in and out, in and out, in and out and you get this
sense of...the money is just like the Energy, it is just the oxygen,
it is always there. There is as much there as is ever needed -- and
you can start identifying what you will do with it: "If I had an extra
$100, I would do that."

Now, a process that we have seen work incredibly well is to put an
extra $100 in your pocket. Find it from somewhere, carry it in your
pocket and note how many things that please you you could do with it
if you really wanted to. Somebody said, "Abraham, you obviously
haven't been around lately, because $100 won't go very far!" And we
say, if you spend it 1,000 times today, mentally, that's $100,000 that
you have projected. In other words, "I would buy that, I could buy
that. We could eat there. We could do this! We could stay there. It is
a down payment on this!" You see what we're getting at? And as you
mentally project that...and something about actually having it, makes
it feel real. It's not a fantasy anymore. In other words, "I've got
it!" You can even take it out and look at it. You could see something
in a window and say, "You know, if I really wanted that, if I wanted
that more than the feeling of Well-being that this $100 offers me, I
could just exchange it right now." But if you keep the $100 in your
pocket and mentally spend it again and again and again and again, what
happens is, that vortex opens. In other words, as you mentally expend
it, you mentally bring it in, as you mentally expend it, you mentally
bring it in, as you mentally expend it, you mentally bring it in until
soon it is physically coming to you. Soon it is physically coming in
and physically going out, physically coming in and physically going
out -- but, you have to start with the mental projection of it first!
And then, before you know it, you have more money than you know what
to do with. Truly, we're not kidding you! It becomes, then, a new
process of determining what you're going to do with it. In other
words, managing your money, letting it flow, having the fun of it,
taking it to the bank, you see.


© Abraham-Hicks Publications
St. Petersburg, FL 03-13-94

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

LEAP into the Great Forgetting.

LEAP into the Great Forgetting.
The Star Elders through Aluna Joy ~ Summer Solstice 2009

In 2008, humanity traversed the gap between this reality and the new
world in the spirit realm. It was the first step in a change of
events that will transform your world. In 2009, the task ahead is to
transduce this new reality from the spiritual world into the physical
world. The way you will do this is to let go of your attachments to
the current realty you are in, and jump or leap into the next one (See
The Leap Movie trailer here The way you
will let go of this world is to remember that the old reality is nothing
more than a simple illusion; just a simple dream to be awakened from.

There have already been several fractures in the fabric of the current
reality. These fissures are giving many of you confusing, insightful
and exciting peeks into the new reality (Read about Aluna's Dream here ). These ruptures will
multiply and grow and will begin to build a bridge between this old
really and the new cycle of creation. This new cycle of creation is
similar to the one you are in, but it is pure of heart and present.

Letting go of the old world can be a messy ordeal, but we assure you
that there will be no apocalypse. The level of discomfort that you
feel will be directly linked to the level of attachment you have to
letting it go. Once you let go of any perceptions or thoughts about
your world, they cease to exist. They have to. Everything in your
reality needs your belief, your energy for it to survive. It is
simple as that. If all of humanity came together and simply forgot
all the negatives in this world, they would disappear in an instant.
We call this the Great Forgetting. The opposite is also true. What
you hold in your perceptions will continue to persist in this

What you take with you to this new world is the foundation for what
you will create in this new world. Because of this, it is vitally
important to stay clear of any feelings of fear and operate from the
truth in your heart. Simply forget the things based in fear, lack and
suffering. Stay open to the vision of paradise, and fill it with
love. Your head might tell you that it is the end of days, but your
heart knows that there is something wonderful waiting for you just out
ahead. It is up to you to choose what path you take. We hope you
choose the path of the heart. Trust your heart. It is your
guidepost, your guardian and protector as your reality splinters out
in front of you. This is the wild adventure that your soul came here

These are the very days that YOU planned to help the collective
consciousness let go of the fear of change. This is only a test that
you are giving yourself. The fear of change is the only thing between
you and the next world. Where you came from was a reality that was
constant, but you were bored. Nothing changed. The world you are now
in is constantly changing and evolving. Your reality on Earth is
constantly vibrating. It is interesting and exciting for you. Many
of you can hear this pulsation as the heart beat of the Earth. Your
world has always shifted and changed and always will. The Earth needs
to shift and change to survive. Change is not to be feared. Change
is to be celebrated.

The calendar date you say that is in 2012 is a revolutionary milestone
of the spirit. Once you let go of your fear of change, the ancient
prophesies will not be something to fear, but to relish in! This is a
huge and innovative step in which you can evolve into living masters
in the physical reality. It is a historic breakthrough in which you
will bind together the peaceful and constant world, from which you
came, with the beautiful, shifting, diverse reality of the material
world of Earth and your solar system. You are the pioneers of this
significant and momentous time. It will manifest what you intended.
It is simple . . . let go, don't fear, and listen to you heart. And
Join in on the Great Forgetting. It is all going to be OK! ~ The Star

Copyright - 2009 - Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this
article on the condition that the content remains complete, full
credit is given to the author(s), and that it is distributed freely.
Center of the SUN - Aluna Joy Yaxk'in, PO Box 1988 Sedona, AZ 86339
USA Website:

Attributes of the Shift" - Kryon 5/23/09

Attributes of the Shift"
As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon

The information below is free and available for you to print out, copy
and distribute as you wish. Its Copyright, however, prohibits sale in
any form except by the publisher

"Attributes of the Shift"

This live channelling was Given in Moscow, Russia
May 23, 2009

To help the reader, this channelling has been rechannelled [by Lee and
Kryon] and added onto, to provide even clearer understanding. Often
what happens live has implied energy within it, which carries a kind
of communication that the printed page does not. In addition, this
channelling was also given in a place where Russian language was being
translated back and forth. Short sentences have been altered to make
it more readable. So enjoy this enhanced message given in Moscow in
May 2009.

From Lee Carroll: Here is a message for Moscow that is very similar to
the message given only a few weeks later in Sedona, Arizona. Both of
these messages will appear in this channelling section of the web
site. This message is about the shift. The Sedona message is about
becoming quantum. There is new and different information in each one,
and also similar information and metaphors. If you see it repeated,
know that those are the most profound things that Kryon sees for us
today. This one seems like a shorter message, since what you are
missing is the Russian translation. The USA message in Sedona will be
more complete.


Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. Can you feel it
here? There is a sweet energy in this place. It's a sweet energy...
something that is heartfelt, not mind-felt. Questions have sometimes
been asked, "Kryon, do you know where you are?" Oh, yes. I'm at a
place where I'm saying goodbye to many minds and many faces at the
moment. Some feel they may not see me again [speaking of this being
the last channeling in Moscow for the seminar]. However, they really
don't understand. They would connect my partner's channelling to me,
never understanding that I walk with each one of them. I am not an
entity to be worshipped. I am an energy of home. I've been with you
from the beginning, since the first breath, and I'll continue until
the last breath. That's the connection that each one of you has with
God while on Earth. There will be some teaching today, but the real
teaching is the question: How big can you open your hearts? How much
can you really receive? Can you leave differently than you came.

There is a big shift at hand. Yesterday we spoke of it and we
concentrated on a portion of it that was consciousness. We spoke of
the question of if the shift was for everyone or was it for a few. We
spoke of Human choice. We gave you the metaphor of moving from the
spiritual winter to spiritual summer, and we showed you that the shift
is happening everywhere. We also told you it's up to the Human Beings
to open the door and go outside. It's a metaphor that means that the
Human Being can accept it or not. This means that the shift is
happening, but humanity has the choice to see it or not. Nowhere is
this more evident than in what I'm going to discuss next.

We have hinted at something now for 20 years. DNA is changing. I'm
going to concentrate again on this, and it is the reason I'm here. DNA
is changing in a way that's going to be mysterious to some since it
will enable processes in the Human body that you didn't even know you
had. However, these processes will not be activated unless there is
consciousness involved, doing it.

Human Biology

I must speak about biology. I don't want to be too complex, but I must
explain it to those who do not fully understand. One of the most
complex shifts of this new energy is taking place within your
chemistry. It is a real shift, and a real change. Your DNA is complex.
It has three billion parts in it, yet less than five percent of it
creates tens of thousands of genes that are the instruction sets for
the Human body. Ninety percent of your DNA is totally quantum. But as
we said yesterday, these are the quantum instructions that speak to
the 3D chemistry in the smaller percentage. So the 3D chemistry in
your DNA is not going to appear to change, but what you can do with it
will. Think of the less than 10 percent being the engine that makes
the genes, and the rest of it as being the instructions to the engine.
The instructions are what are changing.

This is accomplished through magnetics, one of the most powerful and
dynamic forces for life change on your planet. This was hinted at even
in the first Kryon transcription in book one. It is what brought the
doctor into the fold [Dr. Todd Ovokaitys]. For he read about the
magnetic resonances of the parts in the Kryon transcription and
realized that I was describing what he had discovered. You have heard
that I am the magnetic master. You thought perhaps it had something to
do with the grid of the planet? Not really. It has to do with DNA,
which is also magnetic, and the life force of the earth.

When you rearrange some of the magnetic resonances of the quantum
parts of DNA, you activate potential. "Big words, Kryon, but what does
it mean?" I'm going to save some of the technical explanations for
science sessions, and this is not a science session. I'm going to give
you some information that's going to seem unbelievable: Your Human
body is perfect, and depending upon the energy of the planet, the
instruction set for your DNA changes. You are headed for one of the
highest vibratory rates the planet has seen, and it's all part of the
shift that I spoke of yesterday. This new vibration begins to change
the actual chemistry of cellular structure due to the quantum
instructions. Did you ever wonder about the cells of your body? Did
you ever think perhaps they don't work well? On a scale of one to 10
for what the Human Being is capable of, right now on the planet, you
are a three. The body is capable of a 10. You're about ready to move
to a six.

Listen to this. The body is capable of so much, but it doesn't do a
very good job. Your immune system lets so much disease in! It's
tricked by so many viruses and really doesn't do very well. Does that
sound like a divine plan to you? Do you ever sit back and say, "Who
designed this? The viruses that often appear on the planet seemingly
overnight take hold so quickly, and the Human body can't even
recognize them. What kind of an immune system is that?" You'd be right
to ask that question. The answer? Not a very good one. It's working at
30 percent, that's why.

How would you like an immune system that would block almost everything
that came in, one that couldn't be tricked by viruses that destroy
life. It wouldn't let them reproduce. Did you know that that is
potentially what is in your DNA's abilities? The reason it's 30
percent is the energy of the planet developed to 30 percent. With the
addition of intent and free will, Human Beings are going to be able to
increase the efficiency of their immune system. They will be able to
freely walk among viruses and flus and not catch them. They will seem
different than other people. They'll seem like they have some kind of
magic protection. You can call it what you want to, but it's because
they are participating in the shift, and this is called Human

With their free will, they are calling upon the energy that is theirs.
Did you know that this body of yours is designed so that cancer would
never, ever get a hold? Yet it's one of the biggest killers of Human
Beings! There's a process in cellular structure that is self-
diagnostic. It has a medical name in science called apoptosis, but it
doesn't seem to work very well. The reason is because it's working at
30 percent. Did you ever wonder why cancer could get such a hold and
the body couldn't do a thing about it? How would you like to double
the immune system's efficiency? How would you like to see an entire
part of the population cancer free? "Kryon, are you telling us that's
where we're headed?" You're going to see it in many Humans... and it
will be obvious they are different. But a test of their DNA will show
that they are just like all the others. This is because you are only
measuring the 3D chemistry and not the quantum 90 percent. You will be
able to enhance your DNA, and the instructions to the chemistry. The
potentials are there for this before 2025. You will see Human Beings
who are able, by themselves, to increase their immune systems. "That's
unbelievable." Well, if you thought that was unbelievable, the next
one will shock you.

Your DNA is designed to keep you alive for a long time. It is designed
to repair things that are broken and rejuvenate them. Don't you find
it odd, Human Being, that even while being at the very top of the
evolutionary ladder, a starfish can grow back an arm and you can't?
Did you ever think about that? There's something coming you don't
expect: The Human Being's ability to grow back limbs that have been
lost is next. Now, this may seem to start with chemical enhancement
[drugs], but it's going to be something the Human Being is doing
through the altering of their DNA. The alteration itself is going to
allow some new, enhanced drugs to work on some... and not others. It's
going to happen in the next generation. These are potentials only. I'm
giving you biological potentials of the shift that is here. These are
real changes that you can see, and when you start to hear of these
things, remember this night. The science is going to want to claim all
the victory and not assign it to Human consciousness at all, so
remember that we spoke of it here in this esoteric meeting. Oh,
there's more, there's so much more.

How would you like to replicate chromosomes without shortening the
telomeres? Let me interpret that. How would you like to not age so
fast? Aging is a design function of a 30 percent operational system of
DNA. Did you ever hear about some of the ancients living a long, long
time? Did you think that was a clerical error? "They couldn't have
lived that long," many say. "Somebody must have got that wrong in the
transcription," they say. What if they did live that long? They did!
It was before the vibrations happened on this planet that would take
your DNA down to 30 percent.

New Energy is Here

Let's speak of the new energy system on the planet. There are actually
several, but the one I want to talk about has the stewards sitting in
this very city. The one you call Peggy, the teacher has discovered a
process that is pure energy, and is the toolset that will convert this
energy into intent to activate DNA in the way I just told you about.
It's the catalyst to push the DNA past the 30 percent level. Do you
see how this starts to fit? This increase in efficiency is not going
to happen on its own. It's complex, and requires intent, causing
vibrational shift. Oh, there's more!

"Kryon, if a man or a woman has a damaged heart valve, why doesn't the
body fix it?" What a great question. Did you ever ponder that? After
all, you replenish your organs all the time. You regenerate the
largest organ in the body many times over your lifetime [Human skin].
So why can't you do it to a heart valve? What's wrong with a body that
doesn't know that? The answer is that it's operating at 30 percent.

"You're talking about miracles, Kryon." I'm not. I'm talking about the
way the Human body should be. I'll move past this, for it's just too
unbelievable, isn't it? So let me just say that when you see these
things start to occur, remember you heard it here first, will you? In
a spiritual meeting... not a science meeting.

Reawakening the Inner Child

There's going to be the potential of a reawakening of a very important
energy, and it's all part of the shift. You need to hear this: Much
has been said about this energy that has laid dormant. There are those
who have worked on this, but at a 30 percent operational level, the
Human body can't develop it. A 60 percent one can and will. Have you
ever heard of the Inner Child? You can't define this energy, really,
but let me give you the feeling of it. All of you were children at one
time, and many of you had normal childhood lives. Go back with me for
a moment to when you were six, maybe five. Let me ask you something:
What did that feel like? What were you worrying about? What was the
drama in your life? There wasn't any! The only thing you worried about
was how long you could play or when you had to go to bed. Everything
was taken care of, wasn't it? You didn't have to worry about getting
money to go to the store for food. You didn't learn about that until
later, did you?

So there was a time in your life when all there was was love. What a
freeing feeling! Can you imagine that right now? How would you like to
revisit that feeling as an adult? Oh, wouldn't it be freeing? This is
the potential of a consciousness working at 60 percent. This is one of
the keys to a consciousness that is going to defeat drama and worry.
The reemergence of the Inner Child energy is a balance mechanism, so
that the Human Being can have a far easier time of it. They can have
joy in their lives... a joy that shows, just like that of a child, and
it's all part of the shift.

What about the Earth?

We told you that we would speak even of Gaia [the energy of the
planet]. Then Gaia went and spoke about it! [Pepper Lewis speaking
earlier in the day] So let us then just validate what Gaia said, for
you need to hear this from several sources: Don't worry about what's
happening to your planet. What is taking place is a natural occurrence
that has been accelerated in time by the shift. It's nothing that you
caused. Go ahead and clean up the air and stop depleting the earth's
resources... but know that you did not cause what is currently

Did you hear that earlier? [Pepper channelled the same thing.] What is
happening is a natural cycle of what we would call the water cycle of
the planet. It has to do with magnetics and temperature and it occurs
every several hundred years, give or take several hundred years. What
you're experiencing right now, your own Russian scientists have seen
and acknowledged. They say that you are seeing a reoccurrence of a
mini-ice cycle, and this is exactly what we have been telling you.
It's a time on the planet much like you had in the 1400s and it is
upon you again.

By itself, it's not life threatening. Oh, indeed you will have more
storms. So if you're in a storm area, you'll be more aware, won't you?
Perhaps the water level will rise. If you live on the beach, perhaps
you'll move. That's just being smart. It's not life threatening if
you're smart. But then again, that's free choice, isn't it? And just
like we mentioned yesterday, there will be those who will deny it and
they'll stand where the storms are, denying that there are storms.
Some will perish in the process. They'll stay on the beaches, watch
the waters rise, and perish. These are the ones who don't want to see
the shift and will not acknowledge what is taking place.

The time frame that is geological has sped up on Gaia. It had to, in
order for Gaia to vibrate higher. Things are happening faster than the
geologists thought they would, bringing you what you have called
global warming, which is a climax of a climate situation that always
occurs before a cooling cycle. It's normal. You'll see. So again,
when scientists discover what's really happening, remember you heard
it here in a spiritual meeting about the shift and not in a science
meeting. This is information we've been giving you for some time. It
starts to outline the attributes of the shift, and it will encompass
so much!

The Hidden Energy: The search for the God within

The last one: All of these attributes, including the DNA shift, bring
you to an awareness level where you're more willing to search for the
God within. "Is that really related to DNA, Kryon?" It is! The
quantumness of the parts of your DNA that talk to the chemistry will
start to realize that there is more. Many will begin searching for the
Higher-Self, and that's when you're going to discover one of the
missing pieces. It's something you've always known about, but
something you've never given credibility to. I'll tell you what it is.
It's an energy that you don't develop yourself. It's an energy that
Humans all have, and from the depths of your ignorance, you think it's
yours. It can't be. It's too big. It's love.

There are mothers in here. I want to take you back, mom, to the birth
of your first child. Can you remember that time? Do you remember when
the child was given to you to hold for the first time? Do you remember
locking eyes with that infant? Can you remember that? Now, would you
tell me what that felt like? Just tell me what that felt like! The
angels that were standing around the bed were singing, and you could
feel it. That's the love of God visiting the two of you with a
strength that you could never have generated yourself. Were there any
Humans standing with you weeping? Did you know that the ancients were
in the room with you? Did you know that your great grandparents were
with you there? Did you know they were singing? And you thought you
generate that energy all by yourself? You thought somehow all that
came right out of your chemistry, didn't you? Well, it didn't. It's
one of those magic moments where you meld with the Higher-Self. What
is pouring through that door that you've opened is the love of God!

It's also what happens when a man and a woman come together in love,
when they look at one another and that spark happens of romance. For a
little while they look at each other and all they do is sigh.
Psychologists will say being in love is a form of temporary insanity.
It takes over all cellular structure. You think you generated that
yourself, don't you? Well, you didn't. The Kundalini experience is the
love of God. When two come together in love, they create more energy
than the two of them possibly could create together as Human Beings.

There's a missing element, and I tell you about this because this is
the love of God in your life. This is available for you to feel with
yourself and with your Higher-Self. How would you like to walk around
with that? How'd you like to shine with that? Do you think anybody
would notice? Oh, they will. They'll say, "Why do you smile so much?"
What are you going to tell them? "I've fallen in love with
myself!" [Kryon laughter] Be careful, that's not exactly the right
answer to give them, but that's the fact! It's all in the DNA. All of
it empowering the Human Being.

So that is what's going on with the shift. It's not about something
that God is doing to you. It's about an enablement that is occurring,
allowing you to take charge of the pieces and parts and the energy of
your consciousness that you've never had control of before. I'm going
to close.

Human Being, don't ask how. That's such a linear question. Don't ask
how. Instead, just "be" and begin the intent to create these things in
your life. Start a process that will accomplish it just through your
intent alone. Intent to start the process actually starts it! We've
said this before. There are those who are intellectuals here who want
to know the process. And their argument goes like this: "Kryon, you
can't expect us to do something so life-changing without understanding
the process. We have to know the mechanics of it. We're not going to
trust our lives to something that is a mystery in its function."
Sounds like a pretty good argument, doesn't it? Well, I've got one
back for you. From me to you!

What happens today when you're done here? I'll give you the scenario
that I think must happen for you to have asked the question. The
intellectual goes out and gets in his automobile. Then he gets the
manual out and studies the workings of the transmission, every valve,
every gear. Then he continues with the manual of the engine, every
valve, every gear, every lubricant, before he can ever drive it home.
Right? I mean, after all, you would never trust your life to something
when you don't know how it works! Or can you?

You see? You all do! This may be a silly metaphor, but it's the one I
want you to remember. Turn the key and start the engine of intent. Let
this journey begin, for there is so much energy created with your
conscious mind... a quantum energy that you cannot define or
understand. Instead, trust the love, for it is the glue, it is the
lubricant of the new energy on this planet. You don't want to hear
that, do you, intellectual? For I've just told you that emotion is the
key. Get used to it. Open your heart. This is the message of Kryon.

I am the lover of humanity. One who knows each one of you. Each one.

And so it is.