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NorthPoint Astrology - June 1 to 7, 2009

NorthPoint Astrology

Sunday, May 31, 2009

A New World Begins -- June 1 to 7, 2009

We watched three baby robins graduate to flight this morning, all
having outgrown their increasingly crowded nest sequestered on a ledge
beneath the overhang of our house. A fitting metaphor for the new
world that begins now, as we step out of the safety we once knew,
having grown beyond those confines.

May has been a rollercoaster ride energetically and emotionally.
Extreme lows, extreme highs, and sometimes a dizzying transition
between the two have been our weekly and perhaps daily experience. The
wounds and fears that have been with us for lifetimes and generations
have come to the surface and requested healing.

As Earth and her inhabitants receive the higher vibrational energies
reaching the planet, everything that doesn't match that higher
vibration starts to dance, like droplets of water skittering around on
a hot griddle. This has profound effect on the full range of our
experience, from the personal to the global.

And yet, we notice that the water droplets finally either dance off
the griddle or are transformed energetically -- just as was intended.

The beginning of June ushers in another wave of energy -- one that
vibrates on the level of the High Heart chakra. This chakra is a
doorway to higher consciousness, and opens into the field of spiritual
intention and awareness.

As this vibrational center is stimulated in early June, there will be
opportunities for many new spiritual experiences. For those who want
to partake, this is an exciting time, with the potential for expanding
our lives in directions we may have only started -- or perhaps not yet
allowed ourselves -- to dream of.

At the same time, we are not yet perfect beings (what a surprise!),
and so we do not expect to be completely free of the challenges of
living in physical form. But the support is there for us to transcend
life's dramas in increasingly enlightened ways, and for us to be
holding and acting from the High Heart energy more and more

For a bit more information on the High Heart chakra, I've done some
searching online this morning. Katharina Bless (
topics/chakras/Thymic.htm) writes that:

The High Heart is the gateway to peace, wisdom and finally to
enlightenment, the complete and total acceptance of all that is, and
leads to the understanding of the Divine Order.

It appears that this impulse of energy in June will increase DNA-level
shifts as well -- which of course would correspond with an expansion
of our spiritual abilities. John Hornecker (
chakra.htm) writes that:

[Genetic] changes are being directed by intelligent impulses of energy
received through our High Heart chakra. These impulses are received by
the receptor cells within the Thymus, where the information is
translated into instructions for the pharmacology within the glands. I
believe that it is this pharmacology which generates hormones and
perhaps other substances which alter the DNA and RNA within our genes.

And here is the link to my favorite of the sites I found: This site
offers information about crystals and flower essences that can assist
the opening and balancing of the High Heart chakra, in addition to
very complete and well-written explanations of its themes. I want to
share here one very good (lengthy!) quote:

The Thymus Chakra deals specifically with communication with Angels,
Masters, Guides, our Higher Self and Higher Energies from the realms
of light. It allows us to access the sacred records. It is an
activator of higher consciousness, yet it allows the Higher Mind to
meet the Inner Child. It is able to bring belief and spiritual wisdom
down from the heavens while keeping us connected to the earth plane.

This chakra acts as a converter and filter for the higher vibrational
energies, which are electrostatic in nature. It converts and filters
them into electromagnetic energy, which is what we are composed of and
what we can assimilate. The emergence of this chakra is directly
related to the changes in vibration and frequency that have occurred
as a result of the fourth and fifth dimensions moving into the third.
The Thymus Chakra enables us to properly integrate and embody these
vibrations to make them usable.

And now, back to the planets...

Although the Triad (the Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter alignment) will
gradually begin to separate over the next couple of weeks, in reality
the three planets will inhabit a mutual energy field throughout the
rest of 2009. But, if we have been and continue to be willing to do
our healing work -- on emotional, psychological, mental, physical and
spiritual levels -- we gain more and more benefit from this continued
planetary alliance.

The Triad forms a sextile aspect to V*enus on Tuesday, infusing our
human hearts with healing and transcendant energies. This is an
opportunity to align our heart chakras with the Higher Heart energy,
and to enable us to gain a higher perspective on many relationship and
self-worth issues.

The forward motion continues on Wednesday through a Pluto-Mars trine.
Neither planet is known for subtlety, and so we may see forces coming
into play that once stood on the sidelines. But with these two planets
in positive relationship and in earth signs, we can find the courage
to take important, tangible steps forward, no longer restrained by the
fear of change.

By Thursday, however, Mars is in square aspect to the Moon's Nodes,
and some of the residual tension may come to the surface as we realize
the impact of whatever steps we've taken. Mars in Taurus would
actually prefer to put energy into keeping things consistent and safe
rather than forging new trails, and this aspect challenges us to
remember where we are going rather than spend time wishing the past
had been different.

Saturn's square to the Sun on Friday is another reality check. Saturn
in Virgo continues to remind us of the need to be on purpose and to
take responsibility for the improvements in our lives. The Sun in
Gemini would much rather read a book, gather more information, talk
with friends or find something else amusing to do.

While the idea of having to sit down and create a checklist of tasks
might sound tedious and boring under this influence, Saturn is likely
to win this particular battle. The good news is that Saturn rewards
hard work well done -- so the discipline we put in toward the end of
this week will bring benefits later.

Watch for opportunities related to your efforts when Saturn sextiles
the Sun on July 9. And, more significantly, we will see important new
beginnings based on work done now when Saturn and the Sun align on
September 17 -- two days after the third Uranus-Saturn opposition
(September 15).

Sunday's Full Moon in Sagittarius is an exclamation point at the end
of a very full week. This Full Moon is aligned with the planet Quaoar
(pronounced KWAH-o-wahr), a "minor planet" discovered seven years ago
that, due to differences in orbit, is sometimes closer to the Sun than

Quaoar is still being defined as to its astrological effect, but here
are some opinions to consider:

Quaoar inspires our return to the sacredness of life and to natural
law, to synchronize with and live according to the natural laws of
creation. (Nick Anthony Fiorenza)

Quaoar will reshape the way we think about ourselves, our spiritual
evolution, and our place in The Universe. (Richard Brown)

Quaoar allows us to directly access our ability to manifest our
reality without the use of super or extra natural means. (Beth

Quaoar is associated with the power of our personal creation
mythologies -- everything from how we were created, to how we ‘create
ourselves’ in the process of life. (Kirsti Melto)

It is certainly true that we are in the process of recreating
ourselves -- and perhaps this Full Moon's alignment with Quaoar will
give us new awareness of what we are becoming.

The Sabian symbol for this lunation is:

Children playing on the beach, their heads protected by sunbonnets:
The protection society affords to as yet immature individuals as they
begin to deal with the powerful energies of their unconscious nature.

There is correspondence here with the themes of Quaoar -- for it is a
powerful energy we hold within us -- on mostly unconscious levels --
energy that makes us co-creators of our reality.

Saturn squares both the Sun and Moon during the lunation, most likely
requiring us to become more aware of these unconscious aspects of our
being. And, the Saturn square to the Moon in Sagittarius challenges us
to use our Virgoan qualities of analysis, discernment and organization
to bring our hopes and dreams into concrete form.

Like children, we have been playing on the beach, protected from the
knowledge that we are far more than would appear. Perhaps this Full
Moon will shine brightly enough to reach through our sunbonnets and
further enlighten our minds to the truth of our existence -- hopefully
without incurring sunstroke!

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Highlighted Planetary Aspects This Week
Tuesday: Triad sextile V*enus; Wednesday: Pluto trine Mars; Thursday:
Mars square North Node; Friday: Saturn square Sun; Saturday: V*enus
enters Taurus, Saturn sesquisquare V*enus; Sunday: Full Moon 11:13am

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