Wednesday, June 3, 2009



We wish to tell you this night of a specific kind of energy. We wish to
tell you this night of what some of you will think of as an object, but
it is notâ€"it is a phenomenon. It is something so common that it
is around all of you, yet so mysterious that few know of it. It is the
missing piece of energy that you have been looking for so long. It is
the energy of love. It is the energy of Spirit. It is the energy of the
Universe and we are speaking this night of something in English that we
will call "The Cosmic Lattice." I will dole out this information
carefully and slowly to my partner so that you will understand what it
is and how it works. And before this meeting is finished this night you
will understand how it applies to you.

It is very common in the teaching of Kryon that we start with the big
and go down to the small so that you will understand the overview and
how it affects the human heart. The Cosmic Lattice, dear ones, is the
common denominator of the unified energy source of the Universe. The
common denominatorâ€"meaning that all things emanate from The
Cosmic Lattice. It is difficult to define this all at once, so we will
tell you its many attributes slowly this night. The Cosmic Lattice is
everywhere. It is throughout the Universe. Everything that you can see
and everything you cannot see contains the lattice. From the smallest
particles of your physics, and from the electron haze forward, The
Cosmic Lattice is present. Those of you in physics will begin to
understand and recognize this principle, and it will start to make sense
as to what this lattice actually is.


Let us first begin with its size. This is only appropriate, even before
we define how it works and what it is. The Cosmic Lattice is the largest
energy you have ever conceived of. It encompasses the entire Universe
and more. It is present everywhere. There is no place that you can
conceive ofâ€"no matter what the dimensionâ€"that is without
the lattice. The Cosmic Lattice is perhaps what you could call the
consciousness of God and yet it is physics and it is energy and it
contains conscious love. Therefore, what we are telling you is that it
is pervasive everywhere and encompasses the entire universe, including
all dimensions. Can you conceive of something so large? As far as you
can see in the skiesâ€"as far as any astronomer can gather light
over ours on a photographic plateâ€"The Cosmic Lattice is already
there. And yet it has one single consciousness all at the same
timeâ€"always at the same time. Distance is nothing to The Cosmic
Lattice and this, my partner, is where things get difficult to explain.

Pretend for a moment that your hand was bigger than the universe itself,
and as you outstretch your hand, all of the known matter that exists can
fit within your palm in a small ball. You are therefore immense! You
have the dimensions of God! Within that ball in your hand there are
billions of stars, and within that ball there are distances which seem
insurmountable and immense to those entities that live there. Within
that ball, which is the Universe, it would seem to take forever to get
from one end to the other to an entity traveling within it, yet that
ball rests easily in your single hand! The Cosmic Lattice is like this,
for there truly is no distance that is insurmountable between your thumb
and a finger, and the consciousness of your hand is singular. The
cellular structure is of one, interlaced with a consciousness which
reacts as one. And although within that ball which could be called the
Universe within your hand, there seems to be billions of light years of
travel, and space and time to conquer, as you hold it in your hand, that
is not so. Everything thereâ€"the billions of starsâ€"is in
your "now."

So you get an idea of the size of this energy, but you also get an idea
of the unification of The Cosmic Lattice. The most distant part of this
lattice knows exactly what the part that is here in this room is doing.
The part that is between the cells of your biology, which we have called
love, knows what is happening 11 billion light years away! The Cosmic
Lattice has no time, and we’ll talk about that in a moment.


So the first attribute is the size, and the size is immense. It is the
biggest energy known. It is the biggest energy that exists. Let us talk
about its shape and this, my partner, is even more difficult. It is not
a grid. The Cosmic Lattice has symmetry, however. But it is not a grid.
If its shape could be revealed to you it would astound you, for it would
give away something, and it would have to do with what you call human
time. There’s evidence of The Cosmic Lattice already, and
we’re going to tell you how to look for this evidence. Your
astronomers look from your Earth in a way that is as though they had one
eye closed. They have not really yet seen a stereoscopic view of what is
around your planet that is clear. Instead they look from Earth in a
monocular way, with no depth perception of what is surrounding you.
Therefore, you have not been able to see the strings of darkness. This
is one of the attributes of The Cosmic Lattice that is there for you to
see any time you wish. The word "darkness" is interpreted here by my
partner to mean "lack of light," as apposed to any spiritual meaning. It
is as though you looked into the starry sky at night and saw that many
of the star groupings had narrow "highways" of nothing between them...
but a clear pattern.

Some years ago we told you that your big bang, wasn’t. We told
you that it does not make sense to have a universe that explodes from
one central creative point, not to be evenly dispersed. And we told you
to look for the clumping effect as evidence that there was no original
point of explosion. Now there’s more, and now we will tell you
what that is. For there will come a time when you are able to put your
"eyes" and your telescopes at very different and far away places. One
may even be on another planet, and together as they look at the universe
in a stereoscopic way, like your two eyes look out upon the world, they
will finally see the three-dimensional image before them. And what they
will see are the highways of seeming blackness between the clumps of
star matter. Straight lines of darkness will be evident, giving the
Universe directionâ€"giving it symmetryâ€"allowing for a
mystery to develop of how such a thing could beâ€"like seeming
highways with apparent nothingness between the clumps. Look for it. It
is going to happen.

The Cosmic Lattice has no visible light, even though it is the essence
of light. The lattice energy is in a NULL balance, and we are going to
tell you about that right now. For the energy is in a balanced state
called the null balance where the polarity of its most powerful
attributes are balanced to zero. The null energy has fantastic power,
but in its common resting state, it seems to be void due to the zero
balance.. It’s when you unbalance the polarity that the power is
released, you see. Your astronomers have looked at the Universe and the
cosmos, with their ways of measuring the energy there, and they look to
the skies and they measure the whole energy. What they have noted with
some frustration, is that there is far less matter and light than there
is measured energy! This is a known situation with your scientists. Ask
your scientists why this should be, and they will postulate all manner
of things, including the existence of "dark matter." Dear ones, what
they are seeing is void energy. It is The Cosmic Lattice that they are
measuring. The Cosmic Lattice energy is everywhere, and when I am done
with this message, you will know what triggers it, and you’ll
know how it’s used. You’ll know how it reacts to other
energy, and you’ll know why it exists.

As mentioned, in a nulled form this incredible active energy would
appear to you to be at a zero measurement, yet this Lattice is potent at
ALL points and in ALL areas. We have referred to it in the very small
particles of the atom. When we talked about the distance of the nucleus
to the electron haze, we were speaking of The Cosmic Lattice principle.
When we gave you the working formula for the distance of the electron
haze elements from the nucleus, we were speaking about the interaction
of energy from The Cosmic Lattice. When we were talking about the gamma
ray activity from 11 billion light years away, we were talking about The
Cosmic Lattice. From the largest to the smallest, this energy source is
immense and it’s quiet. It is only when it is called upon and
destabilized in designed ways that it provides power. It is the common
denominator and the stabilizer of all energy and matter
everywhereâ€"The Cosmic Lattice. And when the physics is known by
humans, all manner of things will open up for you, not just in
communication, but unlimited power everywhereâ€"UNLIMITED POWER!


Let me tell you about the lattice energy. It responds to TIME. Here is
something else for your scientists to look at: When you find an event in
the Universe that you know has time altering potential, observe how its
physical displayed energy bends. Everything in the universe seems to
spin, does it not? And according to the laws of physics, some particles
spinning off should be at right angles to the spin. Some should be
perpendicular to the spin. That’s normal physics. Watch, however,
for the ones which are neither! For those are the ones that line up with
the symmetry of The Cosmic Lattice. They’re the ones that "point"
to the lattice patterned energy and we’re talking about events
such as spewing black holes and other phenomena in the universe which
seem to pour forth huge energy in a stream. Watch for those streams to
point in a similar direction but not necessarily to physically align
themselves to the spin of the object creating them (as you might
expect). Your scientists will ask, "Why is such a thing existing"? They
eventually must postulate that there is another force which aligns this
"pointing," ... like a giant cosmic magnet. They are seeing the energy
pointing and bending to the symmetry of The Cosmic Lattice.

You already know that time is relative. Your scientists have told you
so, and we tell you that this particular fact is going to play a large
part in knowing about the attributes of The Cosmic Lattice. Dear ones,
spiritual things on this planet are related to the lattice. The time
frame that you are currently in is going to eventually change (as given
in past channellings) but is related to The Cosmic Lattice. We have told
you that the energy of this cosmic common denominator is related to
time, and now we’re telling you that time is also changing for
YOU. What do you think that means? Let me tell you. It means that The
Cosmic Lattice responds to human consciousness! When my partner told you
that consciousness changes physics [during the seminar prior to the
channeling], that was an understatement. All things are possible with
the intent of the humans on this planet right now. For you have literal
control of the lattice which is universal. Again, we tell you that the
lattice knows on the other side of the universe, your name! We have told
you that your consciousness has uplifted this planet into a vibration
which is new. This consciousness has actually "pulled" upon the lattice
to enable the earth to begin a time shift... one that will be relative
to you, but obvious to others (off planet). What this means is that you
may see or feel nothing unusual, but eventually look to certain
attributes of the cosmos to appear to slow down. This will indicate that
you are moving (or vibrating) in a different time frame. We have also
given you the physics for this in the past. Now we are giving you the
actual mechanical reason behind it, in that The Cosmic Lattice is doing
the work. Your consciousness, therefore, has changed the physics of your
own reality.

Oh, dear ones, listen to this carefully: You are already aware, many of
you, of the communication between humans that seems to surpass any speed
known to man. Identical twinsâ€"twin flamesâ€"soul mates, one
on one side of the earth, the other on the other side, often have
instant communications that has been reported and witnessed. Perhaps one
twin is in an anxiety mode, and instantly the other one feels it! They
might call each other and say, "What happened a moment or two ago?" And
they both realize they felt the same thing at the same exact time. What
does that do to your physical idea of TIME? What does that say about the
power of human consciousness to transmute all distance and time?
I’ll tell you what makes it happen: It’s the mechanics of
The Cosmic Lattice. You are interconnected instantly, and are using the
lattice. It is your Spiritual power source... and it’s also using

If we were able to take a human right now and magically transport him to
the other side of the known universeâ€"incredibly far
awayâ€"an unimaginable distance to youâ€"we are here to say
that the lattice would allow for a common communication that is instant
with him... no matter the distance! Long after this channel is over,
some of you are going to be putting together the pieces and the parts of
this information, and you’re going to realize why some of the
things are the way they are in physics. The common denominator of this
lattice energy is without light only because it is in a NULL
TIMEâ€"null energy and null time.

We have spoken of now time, an interdimensional spot where Spirit is,
and where all the things in the past and the potentials of the future
are in one placeâ€"that is now time. The Cosmic Lattice is NOT in
now time, it is in null time. Null time, dear ones, is time which equals
zero, whereas now time has motion in a circle. The Cosmic Lattice is in
a constantly balanced state, and in that balanced energy, it is
potentially ready to receive input for release of energy, and that
input, dear ones, is available to the human consciousness. It "sees" all
TIME as zero... never moving, even though many time frames exist within
its energy. That is why, no matter what time frame is your reality,
communication is instant between all entities that know of the lattice.
This is a difficult concept for you to understand, since you
don’t even yet believe that there are many time frames present as
you look through your instruments at "impossible physics" being
displayed in the cosmos (as stated before in previous channellings).
Time is like the air you breath. You watch incredible storms, with wind
blowing many directions at many speeds, yet you breath it gently and
normally, even in the midst of a great storm. Therefore YOUR breathing
air, in your lungs, is nominally at rest, even while the air around you
is in turmoil. The Cosmic Lattice is like this.

The Cosmic Lattice, dear ones, is what allows the mechanics for
co-creation, for synchronicity, for what we have called love. The Cosmic
Lattice contains the mechanics which allow for miracles on the planet.
It responds to physicsâ€"it responds to consciousness. And so we
begin to see the meld between what has been placed in the Universe for

The Cosmic Lattice is not God! But, as we have said before, God (Spirit)
uses naturally occurring physics for the mechanics of miracles. Some of
you wish to separate physics from God . You say, "Don’t make
science into God. Don’t take away the magic!" We say, "Your time
is limited where you can think in this fashion. For when you eventually
discover some of the physical mechanics of Spirit, it’s not going
to diminish the magnificence of it at all, for we have told you for
eight years now, that the elegance of God resides in the very cells of
your body!" God absolutely uses the common physicalness of the energy
around the cosmos for power... just like you are being invited to do.
Understanding the physics of Spirit does not void out the LOVE! Instead,
it gives a beautiful symmetry and logic to all things, and these things
will become clearer to you as you move into the vibration where you can
also use the energy of the lattice. The lattice, therefore, is not God.
It is one of the most powerful TOOLS of Spirit that exists today, and
contains much of what you have called unexplainable magic... the way of
God. Does it shock you that Spirit uses the very physics it created to
enable the way things work? Why create tools, and ignore them? No. This
is a revelation to you of HOW Spirit works in the cosmos.

So we are telling you how it works. But that’s not all, for The
Cosmic Lattice is now responding to something it never did before on
your planet. Energy is being created and time is being alteredâ€"
all through human intent. There is no greater power in the Universe than
HUMAN INTENT and LOVE, and we have told you this fact repeatedly since
Kryon arrived. This is the night we finally have to correlate and equate
it with the physics of love!

Oh, dear ones, now do you understand that when you give intent it is not
some mysterious energy that seems to fly into the ethers and somehow
manifest something you want or need? Now can you see that it has
symmetry and size and purpose and consciousness, and that there is a
mechanical attribute of physics and love around it called human intent?
Now you begin to understand WHY New Age energy facilitators can do so
much! They are "tapping in" to The Cosmic Lattice. There is no longer
mystery regarding this, instead it will be someday be replaced with good
solid science... God given, and Universal.

I will not be the only channel to bring forth this principle, and it
will be known by many names, and will be the source of tremendous
powerâ€"actual physical powerâ€"power that you can use for
travel and energy... power that you can use for life sustenance. The
resources of your planet that you have been using up to create power
have a limit. There is no cleaner power anywhere than the lattice. This
is physics, and it is known even by the enlightened that travel from
here to there within the cosmos... in fact they often "ride" the lattice


Let me tell you about certain E.T.s and The Cosmic Lattice. There is a
group that exists on this planet, near this planet, and around this
planet that is extremely curious about YOU. They poke you and they prod
you and they abduct you. And there is one all-encompassing reason for
their curiosityâ€"and maybe now you’ll understand more about
it. YOU, dear ones, with the "piece of God" that sits in you (your
duality) are able to communicate with The Cosmic Lattice, and these
visitors see this fact clearly, for it is their power source! They want
to know, "what kind of a creature is it that lives on this small planet,
and only this planet, that has that kind of power! This will also
explain, dear ones, why the E.T.s do not simply come and land here and
show themselves, and ask you about this incredible human attribute. They
recognize that you don’t understand what you have. Also, because
you are so incredibly powerful through your intent, just a few of you
could simply vaporize them (if you knew how). That is how powerful you
are. And so they capture you in FEAR, one at a time, for they respect
your power and they want itâ€"and they’re curious beyond
measure how you are able to connect to it. FEAR disconnects joy and
creativity. Creativity and joy are related to INTENT, and their removal
allows abduction. We have told you in the past that you never have to
fear these creatures, for if they to you, all you have to is look at
them and say, "I do not give you permission to be here." And believe me,
dear ones, they will beat a retreat, for you contain the power of INTENT
which is connected to the Universal power source called The Cosmic
Latticeâ€"and they know it! ...And the joke is, that you


We’re going to build a house, you and I, right now. We have
talked about human power, and in past channels we have talked about
human peace. We’ve talked about love and honor. So many things we
have brought to you over this time. Our heart connection is so strong
with you! We can talk of science, but we’ll always be brought
back to the human HEART. The connection with The Cosmic Lattice, dear
ones, is the joy connection. Did you know that? That’s what
we’re going to talk about now. Although this may sound like
unrelated information, it is actually the summary of The Cosmic Lattice


We’re going to start building this house of joy with a
foundation. As is the way of all builders, a foundation must be created
for this house of joy, and we’re going to tell you that the
foundation for the house of joy is self-worth. And if you’ve
never felt a bit of self-worth, now I am telling you something: This
planet of free choice was designed and built with entities living on it
that are pieces of God! It is the ONLY place in the Universe that is in
"lesson" with CHOICE like this. Your test, therefore is a "remembrance"
of who you really are. Oh, there are other planets which contain
entities which are able to SPEAK to The Cosmic Lattice, but this Earth
is special, for you are actually able to USE the lattice personally...
and now you’re getting to know why. There is so much honor for

This house of joy we’re going to build together has a foundation
of self-worth, and we’re here to say that you cannot even begin
to experience joy, until you understand your worthiness to be here. You
deserve to be here! You are some of the only entities with a connection
to this cosmic force, and we tell you that you are special. Now do you
understand what the "love connection" means? No matter what the distance
in the Universe, ALL who are connected to the lattice know who you are.
They know that you are part of a grander plan, and every dot of light
you see in the sky operates on the very power base that is available to
you through self worth and human intent. Think of that the next time
you’re able to look up and see them all. Many who are there know
your name! There’s a consciousness that pervades it all that
eventually you will know and recognize. That ought to give you some
self-worth! The angel with your face that sits inside you belongs there.
It is magnificent, and it has purposeâ€"and at the cellular level
you know why you are here. Stand tall and understand that the self-worth
issue is the beginning of joy.


Let us talk about the walls of this house of joy that we’re
building. Metaphorically the walls are going to support everything else.
They will support the roof, which gives you shelter. They’re
eventually going to supply the protection from the elementsâ€"the
walls of this house of joy. And dear ones, these walls are going to be
built figuratively with your verbalization. You see, what you verbalize
day to day is going to build the walls for your joy house. And again we
tell you these things which we have told the other groups also: As you
walk from one place to another, watch what are you verbalizing. Ask
yourself, "Are the concepts you speak, perfect magnificent anointed
words coming from a human being of pure intent?" If not, do you have a
negative verbalization habit? Are you saying things like, "Oh, I knew
that would happen!" In response to a challenge? Are the words you speak
verbalizing things that are inappropriate about others? Is that the
house you wish to build? Are your words verbalizing things which are
uplifting? Are they verbalizing positive things that create power and
healing? Or are they building nothing at all? These are the walls, and
dear ones, without these walls being pure and carefully built, the house
will never stand on its foundation. Practice verbalizing positive,
uplifting truth. Create your walls with your voice. Make your
verbalization your reality.


Let us talk next about the mortar. Figuratively, the mortar is a
glue-like substance which hangs everything else together and makes it
stick. You’ll find it everywhere in your house. It’s going
to be stuck to the foundation and in the walls you verbalized.
It’s going to be in the ceiling. It’s going to be in the
windows and the door. Mortar is everywhere and you’ll never guess
what attribute we’re going to assign to it. The mortar of the
house of joy is laughter. It’s humor! Oh, there are so many
religious people walking the planet who are afraid to smile. They say,
"God is serious," and they say, "Spirit would not have us to laugh at
such a sacred time." I’m telling you, dear ones, that the
laughter that we hear from humans IS sacred and anointed. It is, as my
partner has stated earlier [during the day seminar] "the only attribute
that passes intact through the veil to humans from Spirit." Humor!
Laughter! You know what you feel when you laugh? When you laugh in the
love of Spirit, you experience JOY! There is no greater anointed
feeling, and it should give you chills to know this. Start your next
meditation by laughing in the realization that we all share this
wonderful mortar... something that we join in with you. Try it sometime.
Watch the energy around the humor. Uproarious laughter is a sacred
thing. It is! That’s the mortar of the house of joy.


Let us talk now about the windows in this special house. Metaphorically,
dear ones, windows are what you look OUT of, upon the world.
They’re also the items used for those of the world to look IN
upon you...and they are necessary. What is the attribute that would
create the windows of the house of joy? Let me tell you. The attribute
is the CONNECTION to The Cosmic Lattice which we have called the Mantle
of God, or in your language, wisdom. Wisdom of Spirit is the connection
to the lattice, for it involves LOVE. It is when you reach up and take
the hand of God, and you "partner with God" in this new energy, that you
receive the wisdom of the Mantle of Spirit. It allows you to look out
upon the world in a wise fashion. It is this which allows you to be slow
to react when accused, and which allows the patience and the peace of a
human countenance which is gentle and quiet. This IS wisdom. It is the
Mantle of Spirit and the connection with The Cosmic Lattice that keeps
you in check when it would be easy to demean another, or to feel
important because of it. When the world looks in your window, they will
see the wisdom of God. Do you hear what I’m saying? Wisdom! And
it is this wisdom that is available to each one here (and reading this)
that creates the peace in a life that would not seem to be otherwise
peaceful. Oh, that’s where the JOY is! That’s the miracle
of the house you have built. You can take a deep breath right now and
let the joy flow in. Know that you are an anointed piece of God in this
anointed place, with infinite energy connected to The Cosmic Lattice.


Now we come to the last piece, the door. Metaphorically, how are you
going to get into the house of joy, even after you’ve built it?
Even with self-worthâ€"even with humorâ€"even with good
verbalization and wisdom, you must ENTER INTO the house, now that
it’s built, and experience what’s inside. The greatest
power in the Universe and on this planet right now is human INTENT.
It’s intent that will open the door to the house of joy. And what
is it that you’re going to intend first that’s going to
get you over the threshold that lets you stand in that place where you
can laugh and have peace and be joyful with who you are? It is the
intent to have LOVE enter your life. You’re inviting The Cosmic
Lattice! You’re inviting the power that is beyond all power! It
is profound!

Your house is complete. "What?" You say. "No roof?" No. Joy is
unlimited, and can never have a lid. The lack of a roof in the house of
joy is the metaphor of the open connection to God... the overflow of the
power of joy... such is the love of God.

Each one of you carries a light, dear ones, that is seen clearly by
every entity in the universe. There are entities so far away that you
cannot even conceive that they might know of your light. However, they
know what is taking place here, and they are preparing for their changes
because of what you are doing. They are sending you love which is
instant for what you have done. Your task on this planet is universal
and it has very little to do with earth, did you know that? For what
happens here will affect all of us, even the Kryon.

Is it any wonder that we come and sit at your feet and love you so? Is
it any wonder that we now marvel that the veil has lifted, and we can
give you this information? And we tell you that the physicists already
know of part of the lattice. The ones who are discovering that
consciousness changes their experiments are the ones who know
something’s up. It’s coming. Look for it. There is so much
more we could say, but now we just want to sit at your feet and love


And so it is.