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We Have/Have We...Arrived?

We Have/Have We...Arrived?
by Lauren C. Gorgo

I know what your thinking... June 21st came and went, and things feel...if anything...worse.

What the?

Tho technically I am reporting to you from a new timeline, like many of you, my body has not quite had the full pleasure of catching up to please bear with me as I try to type between naps.

Based on the high-speed inter-connectivity of the new energy grid, I know that many of you are feeling the same sluggishness coupled with fatigue, aching muscles and bones, sleepiness/lessness, toxicity, irritability with a dash of resentment, and overall low for those of you who can barely make it out of bed to the computer, I hear you... and this message is for you.

What happened?

We are adjusting to the new frequencies and for many... it flat-out hurts.

To apply a well-overused metaphor, the solstice on June 21st was kind of like that last labor push where you have no idea where/how you will find even a shred of energy to birth this new life, but somehow, somewhere, something deep inside of you takes over and carries you through to the other side.

Only in my metaphor, we are both the birth-er and the birth to ourselves in some morphological and oddly understandable way ...which really means that we get to experience both the labor pains AND the physical (and shocking) transition into a new space. (Kids: don't try this at home)

Where are we?

We have officially landed.

What now?

Choose to rest as though you had a choice in the matter.

Collectively, we just (willingly?) ventured through an ass-kicking portal that served up quite an assortment of non-pleasures. And unless you are uber-sensitive, where we are now does not feel much different than where we were all-May-long...the only real discernible difference is that the discomfort has intensified.

Please realize that this experience is totally not a blanket statement, just an explanation of my connection to, and assessment of energy as I perceive the majority of starseeds/lightworkers experiencing it. In opposition to this, I have also heard from some, though few, who said that June 1st actually marked the beginning of the new for them, and from others that forward movement and manifestation has finally returned and that things are falling perfectly into place.

You are certainly not an outcast if you DO NOT feel like a total misery-magnet right now...we all have different and perfect timing and in the grand scheme of things, the solstice served as a general marker, an energetic gateway to walk through, integrate and experience new lands.

That said, things will balance out shortly for the rest of us slowpokes and manifestation will soon become effortless again... right after these bulky flesh-suits complete the final extraction of those cellular memories that have been trapped in 3D, and that shaped our past realities through polarity.

Keep in mind, as with the entire climb in consciousness thus far, that each time we ascend to a higher vibration our physical bodies must re-calibrate, restructure and balance-out based on new and higher dimensional commands. Each and every cell is in constant communication with our consciousness, so as we release fear-based energies and cellular memories of discordance, our bodies must adapt and reform to match the new & higher vibration of self.

The physical symptoms from squeezing through the solstice vary, as always, but the most intense (for me) and widely reported seem to be flu-like fatigue and overall aching/soreness...and I mean everywhere... like...even my hair hurts.

This is completely normal with the dumping of so many energetic and physical toxins (healing crisis), so if you are feeling like you just had major surgery, know that in some ways you have successfully excised the final physical impressions of a life outworn.

Other symptoms to note are greatly related to the electrical rewiring and grounding process: muscle twitches, sore/tight/stiff neck and shoulders, 3d eye openings/clearings (dizziness/unsteadiness/sinus discomfort/popping in and out of dimensions/timelines..aka disorientation), heart/thymus openings (palpitations/middle back soreness/heartburn/indigestion), root chakra openings/clearings (lower back aching/soreness/pain, intestinal clearings, bloating/weight gain, skin eruptions/itching, menstrual-type cramps, sciatica, leg pains/soreness), etc.

The other side

June 22nd, the new moon in Cancer, marked the beginning of the next phase of our journey...the creation of spiritual mastery in form! This means, among other things, that very soon we will look in the mirror and see the person we always knew was there, but was desperately striving to meet us in the other words, we will finally see the outer reflection of all our internal work.

On the morning of the new moon I awoke to a chatty team of overzealous invisibles who were cheering me on like some maniacal Manchester United soccer fan. Because I felt like I had been hit by a minivan, I found it very difficult to share in their enthusiasm, but apparently...and according to them... this day marked the beginning of the rest of our lives...and they desperately wanted us to know it...

Here's a short excerpt from that communication:

"The journey into oneness has completed itself for the warriors of the new way. For this brigade, life will be structured by different means and each of you will be well supported and well cared for in this place you call home.

Where each of you had been stationed for most of your earthly life thus far, was far from what you remember, but now you have arrived. We are so elated at what's in store that it is hard to conceal our excitement, however, we will say this...that you are bound to be astonished at what you have achieved.

Through each act of divine grace, you will be bestowed upon as though you have never experienced strife.

You will have each step before you planned out according to your intentions, and melded with the forces that be, so that your only role from now onward will be to effortlessly follow the path that is laid before you.

By default, each step will be aligned with the highest good and you will understand the true meaning of earthly abundance as never before.

What is most notable will be the way that you feel and respond to it all... for it will seem as though you have always managed such divine energies.

And herein lies the proof of mastery...not that you have become ascended masters, but that you always have been."

Not sure I can top that...

peace out,

P.S. I will have much more to report after the integration completion...aka, when I have conscious control over my limbs...stay tuned.


Lauren C. Gorgo is an Interdimensional Channel, Spiritual Teacher, Counselor and Healer, Conscious Creativity Coach, MultiDimensional Mentor, Advanced Integrated Energy Practitioner and Author of 12 Essential Steps to Discovering Your Divine Blueprint: A guidebook for the soul. Well known for her ability to cut through extraneous esoteric details, Lauren is adept at communicating complex spiritual ideas and concepts in a grounded, easy-to-understand and articulate way. For more information, free articles, channeled messages and e-courses visit: *

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