Wednesday, June 24, 2009

LEAP into the Great Forgetting.

LEAP into the Great Forgetting.
The Star Elders through Aluna Joy ~ Summer Solstice 2009

In 2008, humanity traversed the gap between this reality and the new
world in the spirit realm. It was the first step in a change of
events that will transform your world. In 2009, the task ahead is to
transduce this new reality from the spiritual world into the physical
world. The way you will do this is to let go of your attachments to
the current realty you are in, and jump or leap into the next one (See
The Leap Movie trailer here The way you
will let go of this world is to remember that the old reality is nothing
more than a simple illusion; just a simple dream to be awakened from.

There have already been several fractures in the fabric of the current
reality. These fissures are giving many of you confusing, insightful
and exciting peeks into the new reality (Read about Aluna's Dream here ). These ruptures will
multiply and grow and will begin to build a bridge between this old
really and the new cycle of creation. This new cycle of creation is
similar to the one you are in, but it is pure of heart and present.

Letting go of the old world can be a messy ordeal, but we assure you
that there will be no apocalypse. The level of discomfort that you
feel will be directly linked to the level of attachment you have to
letting it go. Once you let go of any perceptions or thoughts about
your world, they cease to exist. They have to. Everything in your
reality needs your belief, your energy for it to survive. It is
simple as that. If all of humanity came together and simply forgot
all the negatives in this world, they would disappear in an instant.
We call this the Great Forgetting. The opposite is also true. What
you hold in your perceptions will continue to persist in this

What you take with you to this new world is the foundation for what
you will create in this new world. Because of this, it is vitally
important to stay clear of any feelings of fear and operate from the
truth in your heart. Simply forget the things based in fear, lack and
suffering. Stay open to the vision of paradise, and fill it with
love. Your head might tell you that it is the end of days, but your
heart knows that there is something wonderful waiting for you just out
ahead. It is up to you to choose what path you take. We hope you
choose the path of the heart. Trust your heart. It is your
guidepost, your guardian and protector as your reality splinters out
in front of you. This is the wild adventure that your soul came here

These are the very days that YOU planned to help the collective
consciousness let go of the fear of change. This is only a test that
you are giving yourself. The fear of change is the only thing between
you and the next world. Where you came from was a reality that was
constant, but you were bored. Nothing changed. The world you are now
in is constantly changing and evolving. Your reality on Earth is
constantly vibrating. It is interesting and exciting for you. Many
of you can hear this pulsation as the heart beat of the Earth. Your
world has always shifted and changed and always will. The Earth needs
to shift and change to survive. Change is not to be feared. Change
is to be celebrated.

The calendar date you say that is in 2012 is a revolutionary milestone
of the spirit. Once you let go of your fear of change, the ancient
prophesies will not be something to fear, but to relish in! This is a
huge and innovative step in which you can evolve into living masters
in the physical reality. It is a historic breakthrough in which you
will bind together the peaceful and constant world, from which you
came, with the beautiful, shifting, diverse reality of the material
world of Earth and your solar system. You are the pioneers of this
significant and momentous time. It will manifest what you intended.
It is simple . . . let go, don't fear, and listen to you heart. And
Join in on the Great Forgetting. It is all going to be OK! ~ The Star

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