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You Are the Divine Intervention That You Seek

You Are the Divine Intervention That You Seek
As received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

We are one with all that has ever been created. We are one with all that has ever been thought. We are one with all that has ever been made manifest. We are inherent within all spectrums of the earth, of the sky, of the water, of the air, of the stars and beyond. We are inherent within aspects of yourself that you have thrown away and discarded. We are inherent in future selves and probabilities that have not yet been birthed or sensed.

We exist existentially throughout time and space, light and thought, body and mind. We are the molecules that were birthed in the beginning of the Light taking form. We are the molecules that exist in the future and we are every layer of essence in-between. We live within the dimensional portals that you seek, that you have walked through, that you have created, that you were birthed from. We are the light beyond the light. We are what instructs what is yet to be formed, what is yet to be birthed, and what is yet to be seen and felt per thought, per action, and per sequence of events. We are unknown until we are felt. We are unseen until we are heard. We are the directors, the creators, the righters of what you experience.

And yet you are the co-producers. You are who instructs us as to what the event shall undertake, intake, retake and remake of itself. We switch the scenarios of your daily events in accordance with the essence that you call creation and manifestation. As you are well aware of, we are busy and we number in innumerable measure. We are at an intersection of your light and your holiness 15 realms below Original Creation. You can refer to us as the Righters as we assist you in re-righting and editing your life to create a performance of an academy acknowledgment. We are the inklings in-between each thought. We are the signs that your eyes see as you look out on your day. We are inherent within every paper clip that you have found when you have needed one, a rubber band that manifested in your purse when there was none. We are instructs and we are instructions. We are dwell within each level of your thought and being. We live within the nucleus of the cellular content of your thoughts, of your body, and of your light vibration.

We are righting what went wrong by the last thought you had. We are righting what is an upheaval as you pray. We are righting what has tripped you up and made you eat humble pie in your daily events and manifestations. We are righting per instructions by you. When you do not instruct us to re-right (rewrite) then we do not. Then we allow those underwritten creations to follow the sequence of events that they are destined to flow through. You ask for divine intervention, but you realize not that you are the divine intervention that you seek, that you do have say-so in the curriculum of events that unfold by your own making and un-making. By your thoughts of healing, by your thoughts of love, by your thoughts of re-instructing circumstances in your life, we are awakened to perform for you. We are the puppets and your are the puppeteer in reality for we adhere closely and only to how you instruct the molecules of your creation. We are not a star being, nor a light master. We can not be described by vocabulary and vernacular that you speak, but we can certainly describe you. When we looked at you in the beginning when you were first birthed onto form, we described you in all of your perfection. We described you in your longings and your wantings to grow, to become more. We hinted to your parents that you were wet, you were dry, you were hungry, you could not hear, your tummy hurt. We worked for you day and night as you moved into the fullness of your being instructing those around how to care for you, how to love you, how to touch you, how to hold you because you were a God in swaddling clothes.

We listen to your declarations your decrees and your instruct-ions. As you unfold from the tightness of your manifestation and creation ability and allow yourself to be stretched out as a roll of beautiful silk. You will understand as that beautiful silk that you can move with waves of time, with waves of thought, with waves of light, and with waves of creation. You are a natural commodity that the universe has invested in and you can look at us as your stockbrokers. For we are in charge of what you take stock of. We follow you around obediently, assisting you to re-do, un-do, pre-do, and release what serves you or what no longer serves you. We are a short thought with no form. We have no home, no direction except to be birthed to assist you. We assisted original creation per the Creator, the Source, the All That Is' instructions. As you were birthed from the Home Light, the Source was so worried about these beautiful creations that he so loved, that he created us. Some see us as angels, but we are way beyond that framework of thought. We have followed each creation throughout time obediently as we were created and designed to do. Not to intervene, not to interfere, but to whisper nuances of creative suggestions to you. Showing you outcomes of your creations before they were finished. Using the vehicles of dreams, visions, inter-thoughts and inter- inklings, vibrating through the words and actions of others.

You draw to you activation's of your internal creations before they are ever birthed. You see them within a telecast, a movie, through a loved one, through a friend. Your world is always acting, re-acting, and inter-acting to show you how your thoughts will play out if continued down the same highway and byway of creation. We are the instructs within that linkage of manifestation. We come to assist you in a fullness of understanding. As your world creates stages and outcomes of situations that you feel are not for your souls growth, then at that moment of seeing your creation played out in your world (somehow somewhere) you must shift. To avoid world disasters, movies are created that show these biological upheavals, asteroids earthquakes and other planetary and human disasters. When humanity views such events, they no longer need to be created because the outcome shifts by the viewing of such things. And thus it is ended and there is no longer a need to manifest it outwardly in the physical.

Your everyday world plays out the same type of events in a personal universe. These personal universes, previews of upcoming events, or trailers as you call them are there to help you decide whether you want to fully invest in that outcome or another. You have learned about creation, conversion and pulling sequence of events out of one format and placing them into another dialogue of light. You have that same ability in all abstract events of your life. Divine intervention is yours. All things, believe it or not, are at your beck and call and creation.

Humanity appears to be on the lowest rung of the ladder of Creation, but if the universe is circular and you are the lowest rung, the highest rung is within your grasp; it is the next step, the next sequence. Many species in the universe believe you are beneath them -they see you as less. But we come to tell you that within your grasp, a breath, a thought, and a light vibration away, you are at the top of the ladder. That is why, what you do, what you think, what you create is so important. You will move through that portal. The buck stops with you. The future begins with you. Whatever you create in this place, in this time is sculpting the next universe.

You are in charge of birthing through your beliefs, through your engagements of energy action and thought and through your heart. Many are angry that humanity has been given the ultimate gift to birth a universe. That is why every single person that is on the earth is a Master and an Ascended Master of Light and of Time and of Space and of the Stars. There is deliberate placement of who is here in the flesh - it is not haphazard. The good guys and the bad guys and the guys that do not give a hoot are all here with you. They will try and trip you. They will try and trick you for all is fair in this game.

You will succeed and we will assist you. You will succeed from the earth into a new universe. You will succeed in birthing and seeding the future, not upward and outward as you so think, but inward and onward. That is why it is so important that you give the Temple of your body clear. This happens from the inside out. The seed that will birth the new universe is inherent within you. You hold it. We are the Righters and we are always with you. We look for the sequential events that unfold. They are dogged-eared pages that you are to look at.

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Archangel Michael: A Clarion Call for World Servers

Archangel Michael: A Clarion Call for World Servers
Transmitted Through Ronna Herman
* Lm- 5-2010

Beloved masters, those of you who are the Star Seed,* answered a resounding clarion call that reverberated throughout this universe. *(Star Seed (sometimes called Old Souls): A Star Seed is a Soul/person who has had many lifetimes throughout this Universe and perhaps even the Omniverse. This means that we came into our individualized consciousness a very long time ago, and we have had many, many lifetimes and experiences as co-creators. The Star Seed Souls are the ones who are in the forefront of the ascension process and who are anchoring the higher frequencies of Light on Earth. Taken from the Glossary in Reference and Revelations * Glossary and Illustrations. R.H.)

You came from far-distant star systems, galaxies and solar systems, and you brought with you a wealth of cosmic information which was stored within your Sacred Mind for future access. There were stringent requirements you had to pass and solemn vows you had to make. You agreed to come to Earth during these momentous evolutionary times and to incarnate into greatly diverse and often very difficult circumstances. You made a pledge that when the time came for you to step onto the path of ascension, you would allow us to set aside your free will so that we could take whatever measures were deemed necessary to awaken you. For many, it resulted in a Soul merge, and others who had already awakened to their Soul Self were ready for a merge with a facet of his/her Higher Self. When the Soul finally merges fully with the Sacred Heart, it is a grand reunion of monumental proportions. When your intentions are composed of wisdom overlaid with love and projected with purity, you become a powerful source of Sacred Fire energy.

This awakening resulted in a mass Divine discontent among this advanced guard. You all have experienced some of the momentous transformations that have taken place among the masses and have also observed or have been affected by the accelerated Earth changes which have occurred and are continuing on a regular basis. Most of you who have consciously made an effort to reclaim your Divinity, via whatever means you were/are attracted to, are among this group. You agreed to be the examples and to do everything within your power to ease the way for others by becoming sentinels of Light, wayshowers and World Servers. In past ages, the ascension process was available only to those who incarnated as initiates firmly on the path, and as disciples whose mission was to anchor as much Divine Light and to bring forth as much cosmic wisdom as possible. That time is past. It is a time of mass ascension, for all the planets, solar systems and galaxies within this universe are actively involved in an ascension process. The Wheels of Creation are ever spiraling downward or upward, inward or outward, depending on the great cosmic cycle of the time.

Over the past several years of Earth time, we have given in-depth instructions about how to build Pyramids of Light/Power in the fifth dimension. There is now in place a magnificent World Pyramid which millions of dear souls visit faithfully to breathe in Adamantine Particles, the pure Divine Essence of Creator. By asking for the greatest good for all humanity, the Earth and all Creation, this Elixir of Life is activated by your loving intention and is breathed out into the vast Light receptacles within the great pyramid. Your Love Essence is then magnified one-thousand fold and used by the Elohim and angelic forces in the most beneficial way. Universal Law mandates that there must come a time when all conscious Souls must begin to return a portion of the Divine gifts of Love/Life they have been allotted. When you actively participate in sharing your allotment of Adamantine Particles via the World Pyramid, you are fulfilling your obligation to our God Parents as an active and caring cocreator. This is the highest and most effective form of tithing. It is important to share your earthly riches, but even more important to share your gifts and talents of Spirit.

Over the years, many of you have joined in building fifth-dimensional Group Pyramids in many strategic places around the Earth. Often, the instructions we give you are in preparation for a bigger plan to manifest at some future time. It is now time for us to focus on creating an environment for the coming together of the group of World Servers. Toward that end, the group pyramids around the world have slowly been merging together to create one great pyramid in the highest levels of the fifth dimension. This pyramid is not as large as the World Pyramid, for there is a decisive difference between the two. The World Pyramid has been created for all humanity so that anyone who wishes to go there to commune with our Father/Mother God, the great Beings of Light and the angelic forces may do so. It is a place to express gratitude and to pay homage to our God Parents, the Supreme Creator, and the mighty forces of the heavenly realms. It is a sacred place of the highest form, and all who wish to experience the bliss of Oneness, and share their spiritual abundance and unconditional love are assured a place there. You could call it a great Cathedral in the Sky, for in the future it will take the place of many houses of worship as the world's religions begin to accept the advanced wisdom teachings mandated by our Father/Mother God.

The World Server Pyramid will be reserved for those who are well on their way to Self-mastery and who have gained the right to share their integrated knowledge/wisdom with others. Just as with the Cities of Light, you are to first go into your personal pyramid and then make the journey from there into the World Server Pyramid. We will give more instructions in the near future as to the purpose and benefits of the World Server Pyramid. Suffice it to say that this is one of the greatest opportunities you will ever have to serve humanity and the Earth.

Remember, initiation is now a group event, not an individual attainment. You must be willing to assist those on the path behind you in some way, so that as you are lifted up, so is all humanity. The Soul has a natural inclination toward group-consciousness. It is the Soul which seeks reunification, not the ego personality. Advancement on the path increases Soul consciousness and group awareness.

Millions of dear Souls are in the midst of what can be called an initiation process; however, we wish to make clear that this is a natural part of the ascension process. As you have probably heard before, ascension is an ever-evolving, continuous, on-going evolutionary process and not a destination. You should also be aware that you have experienced different phases of the ascension process many times before in a multitude of locations and realities.

As an aspirant on the Path, greater and greater cosmic truths will be revealed to you. However, you should be aware that the lesser principles of ageless wisdom will constantly be expanded to incorporate the unique rules, laws and truths of the next level of existence in the never-ending cycle of ascension in consciousness. Remember, knowledge must be integrated and used in an appropriate, efficient way in order to be retained as wisdom. Spiritual/human Beings are those who have developed their Superconscious abilities so they can begin to draw on the wealth of information stored within their Sacred Mind. Eventually, they gain the ability to draw forth inspiration and advanced information from the higher dimensions via the many fragments of their Soul Self, which are scattered throughout the universe.

The Superconscious Mind / Higher Self is the link to the Spiritual realms. First, you may begin to get flashes of information/inspiration via your intuitive abilities and during meditation. The powers of the mind are greatly enhanced as an aspirant on the path becomes more proficient and comfortable in using the higher frequency patterns of the Sacred Mind. As a result of tapping into the higher frequency realms of the brain structure, a good portion of your memory of past events will begin to fade as you move out of the realm of the instinctual brain/mind into the realm of the Higher Mind. Ascension is mind-expanding, a process of passing from one state of consciousness to another. The awareness expands to include all humanity, the Earth, the solar system and its workings. No longer is the focus on the little self. The ultimate goal is to become a galactic Being and eventually attain a universal consciousness.

Beloveds, we are constantly endeavoring to give you the most pertinent information to assist you to understand what is taking place, a broad overview of what to expect, as well as methods, tools and exercises to assist you to move through the evolutionary process with the least amount of discomfort via the gift of grace (which is the refined energy of Karma). As always, however, we admonish you to accept only those concepts that resonate within your heart and Soul as your truth. You are to no longer follow anyone mindlessly, for you are to be the master of your own destiny, and as such, you must constantly exercise the gift of discernment. There are many devoted messengers of higher wisdom who have dedicated their lives to bringing you the wisdom teachings for the present and future times of worldly expanded consciousness. They are striving to bring forth the greatest wisdom and most beneficial information possible, and in order to do so they must always strive for accuracy and impeccability. By their works, they will be known. No amount of negativity can deter them or keep them from fulfilling their mission.

It is now time for those of you who have returned your spectrum of Light and Shadow to an accepted level of duality to begin the process of opening the pathways of communication with the Beings of the Higher Realms. This means that you have accomplished the monumental task of clearing the major portion of your Karmic debt, and your Energetic Signature is radiating mostly positive, favorable vibrational frequency patterns. It also means that you have successfully reestablished the connection with and between your Sacred Mind and your Sacred Heart. Many of you are beginning to receive impulses, messages of inspiration and advanced information from your Higher Self, your guides or specialized angelic helpers. We wish to caution you that it is highly unusual to connect with the vibrational patterns and begin to receive information from one of the advanced Beings of Light, the Lords of Light or the higher angelic realm where the Archangels dwell without a period of training and testing. We ask you to proceed slowly, and allow your Higher Self to guide you through the process. By doing so, you will establish a firm connection with the cosmic frequencies of higher intelligence, and you will gradually and safely progress to the more advanced teachers of cosmic wisdom.

Q: "Would you please explain the CAUSAL BODY?"

The Causal Body is a facet of your Higher Self or Over Soul which resides in the Higher Mental Plane. It contains an accumulation of all the positive things you have performed/created during your lifetime. In some of your lifetimes there may have been very little added to your storehouse of godly deeds; however, in other important lifetimes, you have sacrificed and served well so that over time your accumulated heavenly treasures may have grown considerably. Thus, the pathway to the first sphere/fragment of your Higher Self is opened, and the gifts and wisdom stored therein begin to flow forth into the brain structure and the physical vessel. The Soul makes every effort to assist you in connecting with your Higher Self, for it is a great benefit to your Soul Self as well as your physical self. Gradually, over time, your human awareness becomes aligned with Cosmic Intelligence.

Q: "Does toning put the chakras in a proper spin?"

To a degree. The toning sounds begin the process of releasing discordant or inharmonious thought forms from the chakras, and eventually these etheric, spinning vortexes of energy will radiate Life Force energy of specific frequencies as they were originally designed to do. The process is very gradual, for the imbalanced energies are thrown out into the four-bodily system: physical, mental, emotional and etheric, and eventually out into the world of form via the Law of the Circle or in an Infinity pattern. In the past, it was necessary to experience that which you had created or in some way rectify your negative karmic actions. This means that these negative energies will stir up things in your reality so that you can transmute them and return the vibrational patterns to harmonious frequency patterns. Gradually, as the negative patterns are released, the chakras return to a proper and faster spin.

Positive thoughts and actions result in the chakras radiating balanced and harmonious vibrational patterns out into the world which, ultimately, results in Self-mastery and an en-Lighten-ed state of Being. That is why it is so important to use the Violet Flame every day to transmute all discordant energies so that you do not have to experience the cause and effect result of your imbalanced thought forms. It is more advantageous to transmute them as they are released via the gift of the Violet Flame of Transformation. This helps you to move into what is called a State of Grace.

My brave ones, I ask you to fortify your spiritual armor with the quality and virtues of the First Ray of Divine Will / Power: integrity, valor, truth and steadfastness, as we go forth together as World Servers. I vow to lead the way and to protect you to the limits that universal law allows. As World Servers under the guidance of the Cosmic Council of Light, together, we cannot fail. In you, we are well pleased.

I AM Archangel Michael

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The Arcturus collective . . .

The Arcturus collective . . .

Blessed warrior, be at peace. This journey is not for the faint of heart, no, and we assure you that though there is nothing left in this dimension for you to explore, that it is in fact, designed to be that way.

We share that though you are contemplating the direness of your situation at hand, in truth, what you are experiencing is the total opposite of this, that is to say that every part of you has arrived, has passed through the portal to your new vibrational experience, but with mere threads of your physical self left to complete the reconnection. This discordance, the extreme differences between what is real and what you are presently experiencing, leads to the absolute conflict, confusion and frustration of your current physical circumstances.

You are not alone in this, by far, many who walk beside you on this time-line are experiencing similar isolation and disconnection from truth. May we suggest that when you are undergoing a period of disconnect, wading through the void as we say, that you instead look to your external environment for clues to what is already on its way to you.

Often in these situations, when you are seemingly cut-off from your higher vision and the source of your expanded self, it is near to impossible to see the bigger picture or the many layers of your reality that are in fact supporting your higher intentions. In these circumstances, when you feel disconnected from what feels good, which has been your main gauge for truth throughout this journey... we provide you with the guidance to instead look around you, to look for and SEE the physical events taking shape in your outer landscape of life that lend credence to your divine truth. Yes, you are that close now.

For what is truly happening is this:

The last energetic ties to the old paradigm, the old earth and its ways of creation, are being severed, unplugged and removed from your energy field and you are simultaneously being fully replugged into the new matrix. This severing period places you in an energetic holding space for two reasons, so that you are blocked (protected) from creating any further realities from the expired (karmic) grid matrix, and so that you take the necessary time out to nourish and support your body through this radical cellular healing initiated by the biological restructuring and mutation into the crystal vibration.

Your physical cells are undergoing a deep transformations at this time. This cannot be overstated, for the physical realms that you are soon to participate in require the complete and total clearing of all 3d dimensional reality constructs and their ensuing cellular imprints.

This part of the journey is very taxing on the physical body, yes, and when your vitality is low, your perceptions, your out-look, is at risk. To keep your head above the rising waters of biological purification, we suggest that you remain as present as possible with what surrounds you and to engage in those things that are still able to bring you joy, for those few things remaining are the intrinsic parts of you that are true, the essence of you that will always remain in tact. Immerse yourself so fully in any pleasure that you can call upon knowing confidently that the rest is taken care of for you.

We realize that there are few words that we could share that would lift the suffering of disconnect, for you are creators and so your natural tendency is to create. To be blocked from participating in the creation of your desires is nothing short of a living death, and so we assure you, even if it is yet again through words, that you will come through this cellular integration with a renewed sense of life, a renewed love, a renewed desire to create, and a renewed sense of confidence in your many abilities.

We don't pretend to to know the physical experience of your personal ascension process, but we do know that the only way around the process is directly through it. The intensity of your biological re-balancing and physical resurrection is contingent upon your ability to surrender to the changes fully.

This grounding period is indeed a very physical-based experience, and so the cellular rejuvenation has been nearly multiplied to allow for the full de-scension of your spirit body into form.

Be at peace with the end of life as you know it. Be at peace with the physical resurrection required to attain mastery. Be at peace with the unknown. But mostly, be assured that all of this is bringing to you exactly what you most long for.

We, the Arcturians, are a most proud and advanced civilization of the fifth density. We offer you a glimpse of the utopia that your future holds for you, an existence where love is the primary element of life.

We maintain unsurpassed love and deep abiding respect for all of you, as we honor the warrior in each of you. Your contribution to the overall plan is unrivaled, as is your ability to achieve your pre-planned and collective goal.

Farewell for now.

In gratitude,

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Hilarion's Weekly Message: April 25-May2, 2010

Hilarion's Weekly Message: April 25-May2, 2010
Received by Marlene Swetlishoff

Hello Beloved Lightworkers,

Each of you have been clearing all that you are not and this is an ongoing process and will continue unabated until your Light Body has fully descended into your physical body system. It has been a difficult time for many of you as you continue to wrestle with your own self identity and sense of who you really are, and not only yourself but those that are closest to you. Please understand, Beloved Ones, that there are a great deal of energies intermingling at this time, from the past, present and future, all is coming together, all that needs to be addressed, acknowledged, observed and released. Do not despair, but rather, realize that in the overall Plan, this is actually a very positive occurrence. As you release what you are not and let it go, more Light takes its place within you and this is how you are making inroads on your spiritual journey.

It is very important at this time, Beloved Ones, to keep firmly in mind that your thoughts are powerful and that what you focus on, will manifest for you, so it behooves each of you to keep your thoughts turned to the positive, to the highest vision and highest outcome in all situations. We realize that this is very difficult to do when you are in the throes of releasing, just know that you have an incredible amount of support and that you are never alone. Your spiritual guides, teachers and angels work unceasingly with each of you, inspiring you from on high, uplifting your spirits when you grow weary and helping you to sleep so that we can better assist in the adjustments to your physical bodies. The changes within you are happening at a much faster rate now and those of you reading this message are at the forefront of the metamorphosis taking place within you and upon and within the Earth. As you change, Mother Earth also changes and you help each other along the path to Ascension.

We advise, as before, great amounts of pure, clean water, more than adequate rest and as much time outdoors as is possible, for these three things do much to restore and maintain your equilibrium at this time. Many of you are feeling the desire to bring your physical bodies into greater health and performance for you are responding to the urges of your Higher Self as you are being prepared to embody your higher bodies and to become more multi-dimensional than at present. It is a challenging time for all and also the most exciting time to be alive and expressing upon this Planet at this most significant turning point in Her history. Mother Earth is truly grateful for all the energies of Love and healing that are being sent to Her. If you are one who tears up as you decree the Invocation to the Cosmic Light, we wish for you to realize that what you are experiencing is the immense gratitude of Mother Earth as you do this and this gratitude expresses through you as the welling of tears and choking of voice, for Her gratitude knows no bounds. The more you are attuned to Mother Earth, the greater the feeling of empathy with Her.

Keep on keeping on, Beloved Lightworkers and rest assured that your efforts are not in vain and that what you have and are, accomplishing, far surpasses all former expectations. Each Light that turns on adds to the momentum and is having a far reaching effect. Remember that where you are situated on Earth at this time is exactly where your Light is needed and those in your communities are blessed beyond measure for it, whether they are consciously aware of it or not. The time of the Lightworker is coming to the fore. The Great Work has begun and we of the Higher realms are so very excited by all the possibilities and probabilities that lie waiting to manifest upon your World. Take heart and listen to the still, small voice within you, for this is your greatest ally at this time.

We stand always ready to be of assistance to you.

Until next week..
I AM Hilarion

©2010 Marlene Swetlishoff

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Transforming Your World

Transforming Your World
by Jean Warner

Most people tend to categorize changes as good or bad. The recent surge of powerful earthquakes and other catastrophes have no doubt been considered bad. This expands negative thinking. It is time to look for the positive, for every event produces a positive effect, as the Father does not take away without giving in return. We do not mean to minimize the sadness and suffering some events may cause, but if one looks at the greater picture he will understand that millions of people have come to Earth at this time to contribute toward changing a world of darkness into a world of light. Each came with a purpose toward this end, and each came voluntarily to take part in whatever circumstance was necessary in order to bring Earth mankind into the Light and out of the abyss of a dark past.

There has been a massive uplifting of consciousness as a result of the catastrophic events that have occurred in recent weeks. Tragedy instills compassion and effects unity, support, and bonding which contribute to the realization of the Oneness of all. For everyone and everything that exist are connected. A great catastrophe can open the hearts of many who had been focused only on their own little world. And great challenges can produce determination, creativity, and resourcefulness.

Let us consider the importance of positive attitudes. It is so easy to see just the negatives in life. Yet we are all familiar with the glass that can be seen as half empty or half full. It is all a matter of perception. The way we view "negative" situations forms our conception of life in general. Those of a positive outlook can take in stride the downers that occur in every life and still view life in general as beautiful, peaceful, and joyful. And so it will be, for it will reflect their viewpoint. Where one may see a hopeless defeat; another may see a challenge, knowing that overcoming a challenge will produce something better.

On a larger basis, think what transformations can occur when hundreds or thousands of people expand their viewpoint. And that is where you come in. For as you raise your consciousness, and your perceptions, the new attitude is magnetic and affects the outlook of others. First, those around you will be uplifted. Then those around each of them will lift their consciousness. Do you see how positivity can spread? One person may affect a hundred others. Each of them may affect a hundred more, and on and on. The change in attitudes can build and build incrementally as each person's response goes out to many. Do you see how one person's expanded viewpoint can produce an effect upon millions of others as a field of morphic resonance emerges? Before you know it, the entire human race will be uplifted.

Look upon mass consciousness as though it were a band of energy circling the earth that contains all thoughts, words, and feelings of the entire population. This energy then has an effect upon each individual's belief systems. The goal is to put more good energy into the ring than bad and direct the influence it has on mankind in a positive way. Your positive outlook will help to bring that about. This is another way you can help, and it is a powerful one.

As you have been told many times, like attracts like. If one sees the world as good, goodness will abound in every aspect of life. But those who see only the dark side of each situation will draw more and more darkness into their world. Every event, as with every being, has its own frequency, and frequencies draw other frequencies of the same level. Do you want to invite the dark vibrations, or would you prefer to bring in the higher light vibrations? The magnetic frequency you are registering is the frequency you will draw to you in regards to people, situations, or events.

Are you getting the picture? Whatever you focus on pulls in more of the same, whether it be sickness, poverty, failure, or whatever expectation you may dwell upon. The attraction is equally strong when you focus on strength, success, bounty, friendships or whatever you have opened your heart to receive. Every word, every thought, every feeling attracts. And, yes, positive words, positive thoughts, and positive feelings will result in positive effects.

How you view the world was influenced by the attitudes of others, especially those you were surrounded with during childhood. Habits formed through many lifetimes, as well as those based on current life foundations, can be hard to break. This does not mean you can't change them. Perhaps you just need to take a closer look at all the influences that have formed your thought patterns and belief systems. See them as what they are, just influences. You have free choice. You can turn them around. They need not be a crutch. You are powerful in your own right. You can always change the patterns. You do not have to mimic anyone. You can do your own thinking and reach your own conclusions. So how you see your world is subject to change. You are the only one who can change it.

Now to get back to the universal law of magnetic attraction.. At any time, any moment, you can decide to start over with a clean sheet. You have that power within you. You can draw away from those who can see only the negatives in their lives. By changing your perspectives, you can reject the poor-me attitudes and look to the light. In doing so, your gravitational frequency will soar! And what then will be drawn into your world? First, you will probably attract more and more positive-thinking friends. When you stop worrying about your finances, you will draw more and more abundance, and so it is with your goals, your career, your health, and so on.

So let go of the past, at least the things of the past that formed disruptive thought patterns and self-defeating attitudes. Leave them where they are: in the past. See yourself as a new you, a strong, vibrant, confident you. You will find you like yourself and respect yourself more than you ever have before. Watch the things in life come to you in magnetic waves. And this is most important: share them! Share your smiles, your new radiance, your uplifting countenance, your optimism, your light! The more of these you send out, the more brightness will come in.

Now, another note about frequencies: The world may seem to you to be in total chaos at this time. That is what appears to happen when changes are taking place. And great changes are in the works. The old dark systems are being released to make room for the new. Everything is in a state of flux. Can you realize how important it is for you to contribute to the planetary shift? By changing yourself you expand the frequencies of your planet and to all life upon her. What a glorious goal you have before you! As hundreds after hundreds of people on Planet Earth raise their own vibrations, you will see a wondrous transformation develop into a beautiful world. The change in perspective, understanding, upliftment, will build exponentially as each of you send out a higher frequency into the collective consciousness.

Please recognize what a powerful contribution for good you can make! For you are unique in your outlook, thoughts, and perspectives. Do you now see what an important role you have been cast?

Never look back. Today is the first day of your new life, and all of the Heavens are celebrating!

Thoughts to Ponder * * © Copyright 2009 Jean Warner * Jean's greatest joy is in writing, singing, intermingling with, and learning from, many inspiring lightworkers. Contact Jean at ** 1177 Agnes Lane * Gilbert AZ 85296 *

SaLuSa: The Light is the Building Block of the Universe

SaLuSa: The Light is the Building Block of the Universe
April 21, 2010

For some time you have realized that the operations on Earth are not serving your new found understanding, and certainly not the higher levels of spirituality that are now manifesting. It is clearly a battle for supremacy, whilst the dark Ones use every trick in the book to delay the inevitable. Lightworkers steadfastly respond with moves that transmute the lower energies, ensuring that they do not affect their own high standards. The more severe the challenge, the greater is the response accompanied by Love and Light. The Light is the building block of the Universe, and its power lies in its purity and high vibration. Stay in the energy of Love, and you cannot be assailed by the attempts of the dark Ones to prevent you lifting up. Providing you can contain your emotional reactions, there is no reason why you cannot deflect any such attacks upon you. Conversely, the higher you rise up, the more you are able to hold your position as your Light provides your protection.

There are valid reasons to be concerned with what is happening on Earth, but if you are aware of the reasons behind the changes they do not present a problem. You may not yet be able to see the outcome, but the cleansing will be uncomfortable for a while but soon settle down, as you will see new replacing the old quite quickly. It is all ready for a whole series of changes that will overcome the many disasters that have hit you lately. In the near future there will be the introduction of a whole host of new ideas, that have been carefully thought out in advance. They are to bridge the gap in your advancement that should have been well ahead of what it is now. No longer will those with a different agenda, be able to interfere with what is due to you and has been denied through greed and the desire for power. The dark Ones know that it is time for them to call it a day, and allow the Light to return to Earth and set the final acts of Ascension in motion.

There was always going to be an end time bringing activities on Earth to a halt, and that time has arrived. The cycles of life are pre-ordained, and it is not for Man to decide to hold them up. The final days of your present cycle are near, and are to take you away from the lower energies and set your feet upon the path to Ascension. Nothing short of a command from The Creator will alter the outcome, and you are assured that your upliftment will take place. The wishes of every soul will affect the manner in which the final days are played out, as you are still creating and your combined energies are determining the manner in which they finally occur. Be careful that you place your focus on all that is of the Light, and do not allow your guard to drop. You do not want to give succor to those who oppose you, and misdirect your energies for their use.

Each day takes you nearer to the beginning of the end of the dark activities. They will be disrobed and their power taken away, and placed where they can no longer interfere with your efforts or ours to restore the Earth. We simply wait for an indication that everything is in place for the final move, to start the ball rolling. Perhaps a snowball would be more apt, as once it starts to roll it will quickly gather an unstoppable momentum. Opposition to what is planned will soon be swept aside, and not because we enforce our mission, but because it has already been agreed. What we propose is in the best interests of everyone, and will release you from the oppression caused by duality. A new Man is emerging on Earth, spiritually endowed with a remarkable understanding of what is now needed to move you on. Some are the early Indigo children or Starseeds, that have grown in stature and ready to serve you all. There is great wisdom and understanding carried by them, and they know precisely why they are on Earth at this memorable time.

This particular period was planned a long time ago, and Heaven has sent its Light forces to assist you. Many High Beings are close to you, and giving of their energies to increase the amount of Light upon Earth. Failure is not contemplated or even possible, as the Universe is moving into a new vibration and you and your Earth are an integral part of it. The size of such a change is quite impossible to convey, and it affects all life, every Sun, planet, moons and satellites. Although a small part of what is happening, you are especially important to the whole. As individuals you are most loved, and because you need help to ascend millions of souls from all over the Universe have a hand in your Ascension. You may feel neglected at times but believe us when we say that you are in our hearts, and revered for what you have undertaken and achieved in rising up again.

There are times when we have marveled at how tenacious you can be, and your determination to succeed has gone a long to achieving your current success. It seems the more the dark Ones impose themselves upon you, the more you fight back and they do not get their way very easily. Now that they are losing their power you are getting bolder and even publicly opposing them. We are certainly behind you and doing all we can to aid your success. It will of course become much easier to bring the Light into your daily life, when we have been announced and the opposition to us is removed. We shall encourage people to get together and share their knowledge, so that the truth can be established as quickly as possible. Fear must be overcome, and our message is that we come in peace and love for Mankind. Our actions will speak louder than words, and we are looking forward to helping you over the last years of the cycle of duality.

It is clearly going to be a great relief to you when we can appear openly, and you will see that we are so much like you in appearance, that there can be no doubt we are One. We can of course provide the truth of that statement, and acquaint you with previous contacts with you. These have taken place over hundreds of years, although it is only in the more recent period that we have shown ourselves so frequently. It will be very gratifying for us to meet you and know that we are welcome, and just being in our presence will convince you of our honest intentions towards you. We truly love you all and see you as you really are, as great Beings of Light caught up in the dark web weaved by the dark Ones. However, you are breaking out of their hold and able to express yourselves as the wonderful Beings of Light, that eons of time ago set out on your journey into the darkness of the lower vibrations.

Thank you SaLuSa,
Mike Quinsey

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Energy Shifts of 2010: Waking Up to the Goddess Powers

Energy Shifts of 2010: Waking Up to the Goddess Powers

Hello, Penny Weaver here. In 2010 we are waking up to our goddess
powers and our goddess strengths. We have entered a three universal
year, 2010. It is the energy of creativity, joy, inclusion vs.
exclusion, balance of as above and so below, cooperation, and openness
to others' truth.

In the last two years, 2008 and 2009, we've been in the universal
energy of one and eleven, which have energies that have pierced our
veils of truth. This has allowed us to be shown the truth in many
different areas of our lives: personally, professionally, and on a
global level. It has been very revealing, in some situations, painful
as the denial has been ripped off of our understanding and much has
been revealed. Systems and people have been shown as to who they
really are and their true motives. This has been years of analyzing,
judging, rejection, the self and individual concerns. At this point,
after those two years most of us know more of who and what we are
working with. As we move into the number three energy, we take the
goddess wisdom with us.

New filters for our energy systems are being downloaded to us from the
light. These filters allow the energy to be transmuted before it moves
through our auric fields and our lightbody. The lightbody is
overlaying us and transmuting the energies so that it flows.

We do not have to keep energies out as it is being transmuted to our
own vibration. And this is different. In the past, we, as light
workers have felt that we have to have a boundary around us. We have
used this to protect ourselves from the energies, now we are being
downloaded light codes for filters - filters for our aura and filters
for our chakras that help us transmute those energies and help the
energy flow.

Our chakras are developing in different filters so that we can use our
knowledge and power without the lies of the many thousands of years
before us. With the goddess energies we move in to the ability, need
and desire to freely adapt and create in the here and the now. This
means to be inclusive and cooperative, to be family, tribal, oneness,
consciousness, and to use the powers of many. We can use the abilities
of many cooperatively for nurture, to protect, and to keep a watchful
eye to use inner guidance, emotional intelligence, intuition, and
psychological strengths.

We are sophisticated, especially from being in the last two years of
revealing. We are not naive. We are able to experience the energetic
assistance of attunement to higher frequencies. From here we learn
immediately by osmosis and entrainment where the vibrations wake up
the cellular inner knowing and DNA frequencies. It is a gentler,
wiser, inclusive time on the planet now.

Hopefully this information will help you make the adjustments that you
want to make to empower your life.

Until we speak again, many blessings.

Penny Weaver
The Energy Advisor

AA Metatron Channel

AA Metatron Channel
via James Tyberonn

The Perfect Storm
And the Increasing Spin of Planet Earth

Greeting Beloved! I am Metatron, Lord of Light, and I welcome you to
this NOW moment, as I encircle each you with Celestial Light.

And so Dear Ones, we tell you that there is even greater life that
circles about and above you, above the sacred Earth , and these
energies are now flowing into your planet and available to enter your
field of awareness. It is light of a subtle nature. It is not the
light of expectation, it is does not hold logic, rather it is the
light of wellness, and indeed carries the energy of 'home' of the
angelic realm. We will say to you upon this special planet of duality,
this beloved and sacred Earth, that all who open and allow this
Celestial Light to enter their sphere of influence, their field of
consciousness, will immediately find themselves blessed in spirit, and
glowing in divine serenity. This energy is quiet, this energy is
reconciling, and this energy connects your chakras with your celestial
home. It is available to all who come here, and readily so. This
light, this energy encompasses and creates a place of healing and
wellness. Humans on the path as yet do not always seek to include
wellness in their search for understanding, but all of you should, as
it is complimentary to truth and all parts of your trinity being cry
out for it.

Planetary Change

Now most of you are well aware that your planet is undergoing many
changes at present. We tell you that these are indeed appropriate. All
are designed to clean, clear and upshift the vibrations of the planet.
Many humans feel the phenomenon of global warming , of hurricanes and
quakes is to be feared and stopped. This is not the case. The melting
of the polar ice caps, the winds, the shaking and such are all quite
appropriate These events indeed are quite necessary. Global warming
brings about all of these, and as such the very evolution. The
evolution you call Planetary Ascension.

It receives the energies of the sun, melting the ice caps, as it were,
releasing that which has been encoded, traveling through the waters
and the fields of energy of the earth, attaching and activating all
that touches upon it as well. In this way, even evolution,
consciousness and such begins to move forward.

Many fear that the warming, the volcanic eruptions, the storms, the
earth quaking, and the magnetic shifts will create a global cataclysm.
We tell you that for now it will be more gradual depending somewhat on
the reaction of humanity, whether it be with more fear or with a
restructuring calibration. It is in fact humanities reaction that will
determine whether there is to be a great cataclysm or small localized
cataclysms. Make no mistake, Dear Ones, the changes will and must
continue and if the masses were to be duly educated and open to the
stance and vision of higher good, such appropriate changes could be
made much more easily, and sooner rather than later.

Yet many among humanity are those who wish to 'save the planet' in
your terms. Many misunderstand that the changes are requisite, and
indeed the planet is not dependent on humanities salvation.

So the channel asks what is the nature of mans relationship to the
living planet. It would be best if the relationships were to be
synchronistic and be aware that truly a dialogue can take place now
between the earth and humankind. For those of you who have spent
lifetimes as the Earth-Keepers, the indigenous, the Druid, the Atla-
Ra, indeed many of you such as the channel are here now specifically
to hold the energy of these dialogues, and they are occurring.

Now, the difficulty with many others who are well intended, is that
they are not intuned, not of a high enough light quotient to accept
the true paradigm of the nature of reality. And so these masses ,
while they wish to assist, truly know not how. They believe that to
prevent the change or to move it elsewhere is appropriate; better
there than here, you see? Not all that wish to assist truly understand
the greater good, the higher purpose of those events you term super
hurricanes, volcanics, earthquakes and tsunamis.

So most simply react in fear to these events, and wish to be free of
the anxiety. But to dissolve fear is not the same as understanding the
fear and therefore the masses of humankind transmute and actually
recreate it. To dissolve or to dissipate events of change is not
necessarily of benefit, not to the earth and not to humanity. The
difficulty with those that wish to assist is that they believe they
know better & believe they are more academic in their understanding.
Yet they omit the divine, they omit the integrity of that termed
spirit, the metaphysical. They do not understand or see the
perfection in what takes place because there is great difficulty for
those in not understanding that all is in perfection, that all is in
good order, then in essence, they do not add grease to the squeaky
wheel, rather, they try to prevent the cogs which then become still
and stuck and so the evolution becomes that much more difficult, you
see? Always fear is the great culprit.

The Perfect Storm

Now one of the very important frequency upshift mechanisms taking
place on your planet are the super hurricanes. These are greatly
misunderstood, and greatly feared. Again the fear. These are truly
intended to charge the oceans with magnificent energies. They are not
intended to be drawn to the lands. But it is as if the entire world
becomes focused on where it will land, what destruction it will cause,
and the experts predict where it will come to shore. And so with such
global focus, indeed the hurricane is pulled into shore as expected by
the humans who watch in fascination and fear, and as such draw it to

The true purpose of these storms, is to increase the energy of the
waters and to allow it to electrically expand. If these remain at sea,
then the electrical energy is simply conducted as gentle current waves
to very great proportion of the planet. As such it is conducted to the
land and peoples, not by wind and waves, but by its energy current so
that it may reach that many more beings.

There is a perfection to it, you see? There is what is called the
perfect storm in some ways, but the perfect storm is that which is the
perfect blend of electromagnetic currents. As these then move through
the fields of humanity, they are of benefit, for the frequential
ascension of the planet and as such to the entirety of mankind.

Question to Metatron : There have been some very powerful hurricanes
that occurred several years ago in the Gulf Coast, and there is one
headed this week to Houston. Is it accurate to say that when energy
amasses in such an organized fashion that it has a consciousness?

Metatron : It has an awareness , yes, correct, but to call it a
consciousness is not appropriate. There is an awareness that comes
together. Do you see the difference? An awareness is that which is a
unit that works for a common purpose. A school of fish has an
awareness, as a unit working in harmony toward a common goal, a common
purpose, a single unit made of many individual components. This is not
the same as a consciousness, a succinct energy that expands and
becomes a mind, a very capable mind that truly wishes to become more,
and is imbued with that termed Divine Mind. That is consciousness, you

Question to Metatron : There were and are literally millions of
people, particularly on the Gulf Coast, praying to soften the impact
of the hurricanes that occurred 3 years ago, and the one that is
occurring now, and I do believe that this can have an impact. Is that

Metatron: Yes. In essence, that which can be prayed as well, is toward
highest good, and that is to allow the benevolent electromagnetic
shift that are the true purpose of the hurricanes, but to have them
remain at sea. To have them dissipate and decrease before reaching
land. You see, they are very necessary, but they are not as necessary
on land. Yet the reaction of the masses is to pray in FEAR. As we have
said, what amplifies and draws hurricanes to specific locales is in
part, mans fear, mans emotionally negative focus on them. A group
consciousness , an enormous group mass field of FEARFUL EXCITEMENT is
amassed that in fact draws them onto the land as well.

As you say, there are millions praying, but what most are projecting
is fear. "We do not want this, we do not wish this, send it away !"

But the major emotion behind their reaction is fear and that fear
magnetizes the event, and fear attracts that which is feared. The
entire hurricane occurrence becomes a media event, and the masses ,
particularly along the Gulf Coast become glued to the television
screen and radios. The meteorologist draw direction models and make
predictions of where landfall will occur, and the targeted area become
magnetized. As such, a mass consciousness energy, of human emotional
interference can become so enormous that it interfaces and effects
somewhat the events natural course. Now of course the use of your
technologies to give advance warning to people of coming storms is in
itself quite useful, quite benevolent, but it is the dramatic
aggrandizement by some media that to some extinct refashions the
occurrence into an opportunity for sensationalism to capture viewer
attention, and that is done in a manner that exacerbates fear and
drama. Do you understand the difference.

It is not to say that human emotion creates the event, but rather that
the amassed fear, when accumulated to a certain volumous inertia can
and will magnetize and attract the energy of the hurricane to varying
degrees. If this massive emotional energy were not fear based, it
could in fact have the effect of having the hurricane remain at sea,
or to landfall in a much less potent energy. So were the mass
reactions attuned to prayers of greatest good and harmlessness,
without panic and fear, the effect would have a very beneficial
influence on the 'natural occurrence'. It could dissipate it rather
than amplify it you see.

Question to Metatron : What is the higher purpose of the hurricanes?

Metatron: As we have said, the purpose is to enlarge the harmonic
energies and to expand the frequential increase and resonance over the
water covered areas of the planet, which in fact represent two thirds
of the earth's surface. Tornadoes fill that purpose over land.
Cyclones, typhoons, hurricanes and tornadoes all have the vortexial
spinning and that specific pattern both cleans and steps up energy not
just on the surface seas and lands, but feeds it deep into the planet
in the spinning vortexial format. The velocities and size carry
specific ratios and are dispersed into areas far wider than just the
areas that it traverses. They feed into ley and axialtonal; energies
to a very great proportion that it may reach that many more beings.
There is a perfection to it, you see?

So what is happening form the greater stance, from the higher
perspective is in perfect order. This is then the perfect storm in the
aspect of that which is the perfect blend of electromagnetic
currents. The imperfection that is attributed to it , is truly from
the stance of duality, from misunderstanding, from fear.

Global Warming & The New Spin of the Earth

We have told you that the primary cause of global warming is the
increase in spin of the inner molten core (iron-nickel) of the earth.
The accelerated spin, increases the inner & outer core mass. The heat
generated has a profound effect on the mantle, and effects axial
rotation ratio. It is the very mechanism of this torque change that is
increasing the flash of linear time sequence on your planet. It is
also the expanded mass of the inner core that subsequently amplifies
the anionic discharge you term the Schumann Resonance, axial tilt, and
indeed the very polarity of the planet.

At present this adjustment is not complete. And as a result there is
currently an imbalance within the center of the planet, within the
very core. This imbalance is caused by the instability created by the
forementioned increased spin; how the core spins both clockwise and
counterclockwise .

And so then there must be a balancing upon the earth as well.
Otherwise, without such balance the earth cannot truly move into its
higher octaves in requisite preparation for recieval of higher
dimensions. So in truth and in irony, the paradox and greater reality
unknown to masses of mankind is that without such balancing of the
electromagnetics, there would be even more earth changes.

There would be first an earthquake, then the hurricane and tornado to
balance, you see? Then another earthquake, then the hurricane and
tornado creating a pattern of its own, which would not be of
assistance. In this way, then, there is an anticipatory energy of how
electromagnetics move about the planet, circulating about the grid
system and then permeating the earth and then balancing within as
well. It is not done necessarily to prevent earth changes, but to
bring balance where balance is appropriate. The imbalance, left
unadjusted, we assure you, would lead to cataclysm on the macro scale.
Better then that the micro events occur to bring the balance and in so
doing prevent the macro you see.

In kind, there have been coronal mass ejections, solar storms creating
what is called solar winds that have been greater and greater and
greater in intensity ,some of the largest ever recorded. So you ask
what is the role of the solar winds, or the coronal mass ejections on
the ascension of the planet? We tell you these are changing the
vibration that affects the earth. They change the frequencies at which
humanity's minds operate. They provide the interface to higher
dimensional access.

How does this work? The energy that comes from the coronal mass
ejections is being absorbed into the tectonic plates of the earth and
increasing the vibratory resonance of the earth through that method.
These work particularly with certain power points and sacred sites.
Particularly those of geometric crystalline overlay. .

These then move through the entire node systems of the earth. If such
coronal mass ejections create such a vibration, then the entire
electromagnetic flow of the earth is affected. The tides are affected,
the tectonic plates, the mind of humanity is affected, how humanity
creates the reality in which it lives, the illusion it believes, how
it feels toward its own life, how there is a community of beings or
individual beings. All of this is affected by that which comes from
the sun, that which comes from the solar wind.

Question to Metatron: Many people have had great concerns about global
warming and concerns about a cataclysm that was going to occur on the
earth. Is there going to be a cataclysmic event or will it be a more
gradual change?

Metatron : As mentioned the current probability is that it will be
more gradual depending somewhat on the reaction of humanity. There is
a greater light quotient on the planet now, than any other time in the
planets history, and so the Ascension is assured. The liklihood is
that the restructuring will occur in the micro. But to some degree
mans reaction can influence the course, will man resist, react in
fear, or toward the higher good ? This will influence to some degree
whether there is to be a great macro cataclysm or a small regional
micro cataclysm. It is the Law of Attraction you see. What will
mankind draw to himself? Make no mistake, Dear Ones, the changes will
and must continue and if the public were to be duly aware of their co
creation, such appropriate changes could occur more easily.

Indeed, there are myriad other energy sources that are having a great
effect upon the ascension, beyond coronal mass ejections. It is best
to say that the sun coordinates all the others as well. When there are
other rays of influence, even these are absorbed, coordinated and
reflected by the sun.

Now the other celestial bodies, other planets also effect and
influence your planet. This has long been known, but greatly
misunderstood, greatly discounted. The channel asks how, exactly, do
the gravitational influences from other celestial bodies affect the

We tell you they move outward in rings of intention that are then
carried by celestial intent, as it were, toward the earth. Some of
these are magnetic, some electromagnetic, others of a more subtle
matter, that of zero field energy.

Now the greatest mechanism of these energetic and frequential
distributes are what you term powerpoints. Particularly, as mentioned,
those of geometric overlay are among the greatest of these. It is the
crystallization, the sacred geometric matrix that both receives,
refines and distributes these harmonics. This planetary node system of
sacred sites, grid points and powerpoints are is greatly involved in
the ascension process. Both for the planet and for mankind, you see.

The Head of the Dove

Now we will add one piece. The area of Galveston Island is in truth
the 'Head of the Dove'. This was shared with you through Enoch. The
bountiful and profound book, "The Keys of Enoch" channeled by a great
Master, has within it diagrams that map this. The area of Galveston is
the closest area to Houston that is capable of carrying the celestial
Light that we have spoken of at the beginning of this assay. Upon the
Island are three modern Pyramids, called Moody Gardens. One is a
botanical garden containing massive crystals , one an aquarium with
dolphins, another dedicated to science, all created for the greater
good. We tell you that when the channel and Ronna Herman took a group
to align intent to these enormous glass pyramids two years ago, it
created a spiral, which has been growing. That spiral counters the
thick energy of the energy industrial complex of Houston.

It is well to note that the massive Hurricane you humans called 'Ike'
that devastated much of buildings on Galveston Island, did no damage
to the structure of these 3 massive Pyramids. Does that give you an
idea of their importance in energetic terms?

The storms, the hurricanes offer further clearing, and soften and
brighten these energies. Not as a retribution, rather as a
recalibration, rather as a softening of the pendulum of duality.
Indeed many of the industrial cities in the Americas are being so
effected. You see as those termed the Indigos and Crystal children
come into power, this area will serve as a beacon in the New Energy.

The Earth is an omnipotent presence. The Earth cannot be destroyed.
Whether you accept it or not, nothing is taken from the Earth that the
Earth does not allow. Man cannot destroy the earth, only his ability
to live on her. The Earth was just as conscious as a burning sphere of
lava, as she is now. The changes that are coming are agreed to by
Gaia, by mankinds Higher Consciousness and indeed to a great degree
orchestrated by the sentience of earth, sun and that you term Creator
God. Know that all is in perfect order.

It is the Perfect Storm. Fear not.

I am Metatron, and You are Beloved."

and so it is.

This channel is copyrighted to . Posting on
websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered and
credit of authorship and website is included. It may not be published
in journals, magazines or print without expressed permission from
Earth-Keeper. Permissions may be requested at Tyberonn@...

Mercury Retrograde 4/17 - 5/11/10

Good Mercury Retrograde article.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Great Changes in our Universal Connections

Great Changes in our Universal Connections
By Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D.
April 5, 2010

Greetings to each of you!

There are so many changes happening on the energy fields lately and even now that it seems important to get this newsletter out early.

Have you been feeling disconnected this past week? As if you aren't quite in your body? Having spurts of energy only to later need to curl up somewhere? Has your creativity blossomed the past few weeks? Do you sometimes feel blank as if your brain doesn't know what to do next? Are you experiencing anomalies in time and space such as doing things then forgetting that you have done them or finding that time went somewhere and where were you when it did?

All of the above are symptoms of the vast changes in energy frequencies that are happening as the star gate systems realign and open. The shifts in frequencies "out there" are hugely different than what we have experienced previously. Further, I have noticed in my healing work, as have other healers, that most people have multiple reversed polarities in their energy fields. This may be causing some of you unexplained body pain or challenges in dealing with everyday life. The other major, major change that I am seeing is that our upper two bodies that reside just below our souls have changed not only their alignments, but they have become more fluid, are not fixed in their positions and have completely changed harmonic relations with the rest of our systems. What this means to us as human beings is that the two bodies that I speak of are our harmonic bridge to our most divine aspects, our souls. They are a harmonic octave point. It appears that these two bodies which had seemed basically inert for as long as I have worked in the multi-dimensional fields (12 years) are now activated.

To me, this is a huge and very clear sign that our awakening process has just taken a huge leap in its evolution. We are now directly connected will all channels open to the divine. We have always been connected but in a way, that connection was inactive. Now, it is sweetly open and we no longer have an energetic density to surpass in order to access our most high forms of knowing.

I have honestly been stunned, as I have seen person after person with these changes. That in conjunction with the reversal of polarities in lay after layer of the energy fields tells me that we are literally as the Masters had predicted, being cosmically rewired. These changes are a positive event for us as human beings. It means that the density we had been experiencing in the veils between worlds is no longer an obstacle and we can easily and fluidly move amongst the worlds of reality.

I know that a lot of you have talked to me about your dreams lately, telling me that they are strange and bizarre, extremely symbolic in their content and a lot of you have been very puzzled as to their meanings. In our dream time we are crossing worlds like never before. We don not need to take our dreams literally. Instead, look for the symbology in them. What do the people and items you see in your dreams mean to you? What do the places, colors, events really mean? Any time we experience changes in consciousness we experience them usually first in our dreams. Later, our abilities to access other information and realities comes forward as we have already learned to access them in our dreams when we are completely out of our own ways.

It is my greatest feeling that as the current changes take root in our awareness we will begin to see great changes in the overall perceptions of most of humanity. What many of us have been feeling and knowing for a lot of years will soon begin to come to the awareness of others, who prior to now had no idea that there was more to life than the obvious and that worlds upon worlds exist beyond our human reality. This is a shift of consciousness like nothing in our history, nothing we have experienced since our evolution as beings of mass and sensory experiences. As we change, our earth also changes. The massive earthquakes we have been seeing are a sign that the earth is responding to the energetic changes as well. She is shaking off some of the build up that happens within her just as we do when the energy amps us up. As the energies shift and change, so do we and so does our planet. As the galactic alignment moves into place, we cannot help but to feel changes in energetic relationships, changes in our perceptions, our thoughts, our inner worlds.

This is a time not for fear, but for celebration. We are returning to our natural state, slowly but surely, as beings of light. The gifts of being human are only beginning to come forward for our recognition. To me, it is a time to look past the everyday challenges that we face and to let ourselves easily and gracefully evolve into awareness of our connections throughout creation.

This is the time that peace begins to infiltrate consciousness on all levels as the innate awareness that is ours begins to realize the cohesiveness of souls to our source.

As a result of these changes and the perceptions that come with them, we may also see a temporary rise in what we consider to be negative forces and actions on the part of some people. What we must remember is that as creation balances within its changes, there are always periods of balancing. There are always a dichotomy of energies, a yin and yang so to speak as there must be to create an entirety. Remember that these challenges for balance are temporary and that we are who we are no matter what. That is something we most often forget. We are whole and perfect beings of creation all of the time. Now, with these changes, our abilities to see and remember that are only a glimmer of consciousness away.

Until next time, I wish you joy in your hearts, laughter in your days and love in everything that you do. In peace,

About Dr. Meg

Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D. the author of "Pyramids of Light", the "Online Messages" and "The Children of Now."

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Message from the Masters

Message from the Masters
Received by Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D.
April 5, 2010

Anshallah! Entui ensi nehedrae lahallah!

From within that which is light we celebrate you!

It is that in this now you are entering into your galactic bodies, a level of being that you have not yet experienced as human beings. It is that within these changes there are also great leaps in your abilities to reach into the infinite for all aspects of your very existences.

Your consciousness is super luminal, faster than the speed of light, able to retain all knowledge and awareness and still be present in your human nows. Your abilities to reach into the vast and infinite consciousness have bridged their gaps of density and harmonized within the greater One. Your abilities to consciously experience the all are coming forward in your energy fields and you, as your universe are experiencing galactic alignments in response to the shifting energy patterns of creation.

This is a time to celebrate your beingness! This is a time when you are no longer inhibited by densities in the universal fields of energy. The corridors to the infinite are opening wide and clearly in such a way that no human being has ever experienced.

With these changes also come changes in your subtle energy fields. In this now your fields are responding by changes in polarities that may be affecting your human biological make up. The layers of frequency sets which comprise your very beings are also re-harmonizing. They are becoming of an entirely new and different series of energetic relationships. Your abilities to heal the physical are exponentially growing. Your access to the Akashic records is simplified and limitless. Your levels of awareness have opened beyond the human spectrum of energies and unified within the One.

To experience these changes from a consciously aware perspective it requires nothing but your desire to become aware beyond your earthly illusions. That which you are in truth is far more than limited biological entities. You are pure energy forms that became dense for the experience of the five senses and the ability to love in physical ways. What we mean by this is that your bodies experience chemical and energetic changes when your emotions are felt. As this occurs, your emotions are communicated to the infinite and the infinite scribes all of this information into its memories. Every challenge you have had, every emotion you have felt, every thought that has occurred to you has been remembered for all time.

The idea that any one of you experiences aside or outside of all others is a fallacy. Even when you are not aware of it, all other experience universally affect you and you respond. Those days when you feel out of sorts or contrarily, when you feel jubilant for no apparent reason are clear responsiveness to the universal experiences. When you feel as if the entirety of your world is beyond hope or you feel as if you can change the world with your intentions, you are momentarily tapping into the entirety and responding to its current experiences.

What would be well to remember is that the entirety of creation is constantly changing, evolving, and communicating to every particle of your being every event and experience it is having. Because of this it is also for you to know that your very being can and does communicate back to creation in response. As this occurs, you are literally instructing all of creation to morph into the reality that you have communicated. This is the power of being one with the infinite. To communicate and therefore create reality.

As the coming times evolve this gift that each of you carries will expand and grow in ability. Your intentions and perceptions will continue to communicate and respond within the consciousness of the One. That being said, the power of you evolves and grows in its ability to affect reality. As you come together with causes and intentions, what occurs is that the synergy of your joining exponentially grows in its ability to communicate. As you joint together to create reality it is not necessary to project details of outcome, only your sense of what the outcome will feel like. As you project your feelings together, waves of energy of those feelings move across all space and time all the while communicating to all of creation instructions to create your new projected reality. Ultimately that reality comes forward as truth because it was your truth and the truth of those with which you have joined.

When the truth is conveyed it becomes reality.

What is important to remember that all truth is your truth. In other words, what is true to you is reality. Reality is created of truth. In that there is no right or wrong, good or bad, simply universal response to the commands that were sent to it. When the power of intention is fueled by passion it becomes real on all levels of perception. That is why your world seems to be in continual conflict. As belief systems and religions are propagated with passion in groups of people what occurs is that the truths often conflict from region to region of your planet. What you often do not realize is that each of your truths all reach to the same goals and outcomes. To honor your divinity, your gods, and to sublimate yourselves to them.

Humanity has not yet quite realized that you are programmed to seek, identify and become your divinity. Your divinity is nothing more that you as you are each integral and unique parts of the whole. As you communicate to creation in all of the ways we have mentioned above, the divine you has created the reality in which you live.

On order for the consciousness of humanity to gain cohesiveness it is vital for each of you to look past your thinking that you are anything less than divine and reach past that into the perception that the divine you is both instructing and responding within the creative process of the One and gaining exactly the reality that you have communicated.

In this now and with the shifting changes that are available to each of you, your abilities to communicate have leaped beyond measurable words and your connections are clear and fluid in their messaging.

Do not in your sense of humanity ever allow yourselves to feel or believe that you are powerless to change anything. Change begins with you. Change is whatever you believe it to be. Change is inevitable as you and all of creation evolves. Our question to you is do you desire for these changes to be of your making or do you desire to believe that you are powerless and victims of events and occurrences in your world? The fact that you are gifted with free will allows for all outcomes to be your choice. Always.

We are grateful to be of service in this now. Be in peace.

About Dr. Meg

Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D. the author of "Pyramids of Light", the "Online Messages" and "The Children of Now."

Please remember that my radio show, Continuum, is now on the first and third Wednesdays of every month! My thanks to Shirley and Brit for sharing this wonderful space with me! The shows will be available on my site within three weeks of airing and available for downloading to your MP3 players as well so if you missed then when they aired, you will be able to hear them later!

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Presence of our Present - Jennifer Hoffman - April 2010

April 2010 message

The Presence of our Present
Jennifer Hoffman

One of my favorite quotes (from the actor Woody Allen) is “Eighty
percent of success is showing up.” Each lifetime is a way in which we
show up, ready to complete a task begun long ago, to work through any
karmic cycles which have the power to ensure our return for completion
and transformation. While we may wonder why we do it, we volunteer to
return because we know that every energetic opening we leave behind
must be closed through our own healing. No one can heal, transmute or
complete energies that we have left incomplete. And to do this we must
be present in many ways, physically, emotionally, energetically,
experientially and spiritually. Each of those levels of presence is
important and without even one of them, we are not fully present in
our life, our issues or our healing.

In each lifetime we are physically present for the work that we have
to do and we accomplish this through our physical body which the
earthly home we offer spirit. We may like or dislike our body, see it
as a blessing or a challenge, and even wonder what accident of nature
created the body we have but it is our vehicle for learning, growth,
healing and transformation. So while our body is present on earth, it
occupies physical space, when we do not like our body or find fault
with it, we are not present within it. And this is one way that we
under-utilize our presence.

Our emotional presence is a complicated jumble of a wide array of
feelings from every lifetime we have ever experienced that we are
consciously and unconsciously aware of, mostly the latter. What we
know of our emotional presence is that we are always feeling some kind
of emotional energy that we respond to according to how it affects us.
What we do not know about this presence is the truth of how we are to
use our emotional presence in a lifetime and without this knowledge we
allow this aspect to become our most important presence and we live
through it alone, creating an imbalance of emotional energy in our
lives that leads to fear, pain and frustration. We need our emotional
presence to re-create the energy of what we have come to heal as this
is the energy of our karma.

Our energetic presence is the most under-utilized because allow our
emotional presence to dominate it. Emotions are one aspect of our
energy but there are many others. From a human perspective, our
energetic presence is actually the most important because it
determines how everything in our life unfolds and what we attract.
When we are present in the emotional energy of an experience and do
not incorporate the other aspects of our presence we are present in
the emotions and nothing else. The emotions dominate to the exclusion
of the higher vibrations of resolution and healing.

What is an experiential presence? It is how we participate in each
experience. The people and situations we choose to engage with, the
actions we take, choices we make, words we speak and energies we
express and feel all relate to how we have chosen to experience a
situation. And through our experience we can choose to raise our
vibrations so we can experience life in a different way. But the
experience itself has no value to us other than as a vehicle for
learning. When we allow the experience to become the critical element
we become present in the experience and all of its energies. Growth
and learning occur when we remember the experience is a way to awaken
other elements of our presence.

We also have the gift and choice of our spiritual presence. It is our
gift because it is always with us, whether or not we acknowledge it
and our choice because we choose to partner with it and receive
guidance and wisdom instead of walking our earthly journey alone.
Although it exists in the background, all of our other aspects of
presence have no purpose without it for our lifetime is spiritual in
purpose and context. Our many lifetimes exist on a spiritual
continuum, in which our human incarnations are the practice field for
our spiritual understanding. By bringing our spiritual understanding
into all other aspects of our presence, we have wisdom to choose from
our highest aspects and can then choose the highest vibrations of any

We can be present, occupying a certain place in time and all of the
other aspects of our presence are somewhere else. Our presence is
where we are putting our energy. Think for a moment of where you are
in this moment, are you present in what you are doing or thinking
about something else. When you think about yourself, are you present
in your thoughts or are you thinking about someone’s life, opinions or
actions? Are you here in this moment or are you thinking about other
things you must do or something that has happened in the past? So much
of our presence is in the past, distracted, or focused somewhere else
and that is why we have problems manifesting what we want—because we
are not fully present in the energy of our manifestation.

This brings us back to the issue of wholeness, where we are fully
connected to ourselves which also means we are fully connect to
Source. When all of our aspects of presence are fully present, each
contributes to the purpose of our life journey, which is to bring us
back to wholeness within ourselves so we can be reconnected to Source.

This is just another aspect of our ascension journey and our
willingness to achieve mastery. The journey to connection is about
wholeness, within and without, so every aspect of our reality is
filled with our presence and we are present within it. When we see our
spiritual and material presence as being separate, we are not present
spiritually in our physical form so we are missing an important
component of our journey. Without wholeness we are simply taking space
on the earth plane, engaging in experiences that do not result in
growth and transformation. With the conscious joining of the spiritual
and material, where all of our aspects are working in harmony we are
gifting ourselves with spiritual understanding to make this a journey
of growth and transformation instead of blindly wandering through life
wondering whether we will ever find peace and fulfillment.

About the Author

Jennifer Hoffman is an intuitive, spiritual healer, mentor, teacher
and author and channels the energy of the Archangel Uriel. Jennifer’s
intuitive abilities go beyond psychic and into the realm of soul level
communication, accessing a client’s soul’s desire for peace, joy and
unconditional love. She is able to view the soul’s lifetime purpose,
identify the soul contract, describe blocks, karmic imprints, negative
patterning, messages and images and facilitate the ascension into the
miracle vibration, where life becomes an effortless flow of joy and
fulfillment. Her ability to view the dynamics of the soul’s journey
allows her clients insights into how to achieve their highest possible
vibration, miracle mastery. Everything that stands in the way of this
goal can be transformed with willingness to change one’s life story
from victim consciousness to spiritual mastery.

In her readings, Jennifer works with the Archangel Uriel, angels,
guides and departed loved ones to help her clients gain clarity about
their life purpose. Jennifer has helped many people through the Shift
through her unique insights and counsel, facilitating their healing
journey. Jennifer is the founder of, an on-line
spiritual healing and growth center and dedicated to the messages and
teachings of Archangel Uriel. Information about Jennifer's books, on-
line seminars and services is available at her websites, or email
healing@... for information.

Article Copyright © 2009 by Jennifer Hoffman and Enlightening Life
OmniMedia, Inc.. All rights reserved

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Letting Go to Live Your Life Now

Letting Go to Live Your Life Now
by Christina Lunden
April 2010

It's the small things my Lightworker friend, that can bring the most profound insight. I was told early in 2009 to pay attention to the birds as they would let me know what was going on with the Earth changes. As the birds change their behavior, we could tell when some immediate change was going to occur in our area. So I have been paying close attention to our animal friends and the other day I noticed the birds singing. Not just a little song, but an entire musical! All different types of birds were singing and I asked the Lord if there was a particular reason for this. He said the birds were singing to uplift people's vibrations. I asked if there was a particular issue that Lightworkers were dealing with and He said it was difficult for them to let go of the things to come to live their lives to the fullest now.

Does this ring true for you? Are you concerned about the fast approaching 2012 date and concerned how you, your family, friends are going to go through these Earth changes? What I find interesting about this time period is that for the first time we are aware of this Ascension. Have you ever thought about that? In all our other previous lifetimes, it just happened. For this Ascension process those of us that want to participate consciously, are now conscious of the process. Don't you think there is a reason that your Soul wanted you to know about this? Do you think that the reason is because your Soul wanted you in fear or worried? Do you think that your Soul wanted you to not receive the highest blessings you deserved during this time? Of course not! There is some reason; some higher purpose for you to know and understand what is going on.

By reaching that 5th Dimension (Christ Consciousness) energy and bringing it into your life every day, you are making it possible for the Ascension to occur. You are helping to make these changes happen! Did you realize that? And because of your spiritual intentions to remember, to serve more, to be more, you are a huge blessing to those that have no concept of what is going on. You will essentially be handing these people the 5th Dimension on a silver platter for them to just walk into the energy. Your being 5th Dimensional is much more difficult now than it will be for them when it finally arrives in 2012 / 2013 because in order to anchor the energy in your life you have to be more consciously joyful, happy, loving, compassionate, non-judgmental, forgiving, etc. now. That is the only way to even touch the 5th Dimension.

If you are worried about these Earth changes and what the 3rd Dimensional people are doing to the world, then you won't be touching that higher consciousness. That consciousness doesn't judge. It just is. The 5th Dimension also has another name, the Christ Consciousness. "Christ" also means "Anointed." When Jesus was on the cross and forgave those that persecuted and ultimately killed him, at that point he became Christ Jesus or the Anointed Jesus. It has taken us over 2,000 years to spiritually get to the point that a mass amount of people could even understand how to do this. It's not easy to not judge or to forgive while still be in the human flesh. Remember you chose to be here at this very moment, to be in service, to be the light to others. So that means that you have what it takes to walk this higher path or you wouldn't even be reading these words. Accepting your role as Lightworker and stop wondering if you are a Lightworker will be a huge step in walking in the higher energy. You won't have to wonder how to serve because you just being you is serving! When you accept your Lightworker path, you are the light and everyone you talk to, walk by, etc. has access to that anointed light. You are a blessing.

I don't know how exactly the Ascension is going to happen or what it will look like after it is complete. No one does. But I do have what I call "the teacher's manual" where there are notes on the sides of the pages that gives extra insight into what is up ahead. I am sharing that information as I get guided to. But this information isn't shared to put you into fear; it is to help you work through your emotions now so that when these things occur you will be able to continue channeling the light. When it happens, you will say, "Wow! It's really happening" and then feel an immediate surge of power and love to start doing whatever you are called on to do. Each Channeler is getting the information on this according to their abilities but we all only have pieces of it. The reason for this is our Souls are supposed to experience this transition as never before. If we did know everything it would be like reading the end of the book. That ruins the lessons and excitement of the story. So then why go through it? Everything here in this Earth experience is for our Souls to learn, to remember who we are. I know sometimes it is more difficult to know things than not know them. As a Prophet and Channeler I have had access to information that afterwards I wish I hadn't known. So I do understand these feelings. But I also understand that we wouldn't ask the questions or seek the answers if we weren't powerful enough to handle it. You wanted to be here at this time on Earth. There is a reason for your being here. Remember, you have the full support of Spirit and are never alone!

If this message is ringing true for you at this time and you are having difficulties letting go of concerns of things to come to live your fullest life today, why don't you do this. Get in your sacred space. Take three long, slow deep breaths. Call forth the highest Angels of your Soul. Call forth your protection. And ask these questions (and any others you can think will help you at this time):

~ Why are you conscious of this Ascension and Earth changes? It's not just for serving others. There is a reason, personal to just your Soul.

~ What is your Soul learning through this?

~ What fears are you working through and releasing?

~ What does your Soul want you to do during this time?

~ What changes can you make to make this process easier for you?

I want you to know that there are birds singing all over the world right now to let you know that there is reason to sing. We are changing, not ending our experience. How it all looks will be according to what we create every day in our thoughts and actions. Let go of all the "What if's" and fully live now. Let's do our best to be light, be love and be the most we can be every day so that we can go through this process on the easiest path bringing forth the highest, brightest outcome possible.

I am honored to walk beside you in the light of this Ascension,

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