Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Energy Shifts of 2010: Waking Up to the Goddess Powers

Energy Shifts of 2010: Waking Up to the Goddess Powers

Hello, Penny Weaver here. In 2010 we are waking up to our goddess
powers and our goddess strengths. We have entered a three universal
year, 2010. It is the energy of creativity, joy, inclusion vs.
exclusion, balance of as above and so below, cooperation, and openness
to others' truth.

In the last two years, 2008 and 2009, we've been in the universal
energy of one and eleven, which have energies that have pierced our
veils of truth. This has allowed us to be shown the truth in many
different areas of our lives: personally, professionally, and on a
global level. It has been very revealing, in some situations, painful
as the denial has been ripped off of our understanding and much has
been revealed. Systems and people have been shown as to who they
really are and their true motives. This has been years of analyzing,
judging, rejection, the self and individual concerns. At this point,
after those two years most of us know more of who and what we are
working with. As we move into the number three energy, we take the
goddess wisdom with us.

New filters for our energy systems are being downloaded to us from the
light. These filters allow the energy to be transmuted before it moves
through our auric fields and our lightbody. The lightbody is
overlaying us and transmuting the energies so that it flows.

We do not have to keep energies out as it is being transmuted to our
own vibration. And this is different. In the past, we, as light
workers have felt that we have to have a boundary around us. We have
used this to protect ourselves from the energies, now we are being
downloaded light codes for filters - filters for our aura and filters
for our chakras that help us transmute those energies and help the
energy flow.

Our chakras are developing in different filters so that we can use our
knowledge and power without the lies of the many thousands of years
before us. With the goddess energies we move in to the ability, need
and desire to freely adapt and create in the here and the now. This
means to be inclusive and cooperative, to be family, tribal, oneness,
consciousness, and to use the powers of many. We can use the abilities
of many cooperatively for nurture, to protect, and to keep a watchful
eye to use inner guidance, emotional intelligence, intuition, and
psychological strengths.

We are sophisticated, especially from being in the last two years of
revealing. We are not naive. We are able to experience the energetic
assistance of attunement to higher frequencies. From here we learn
immediately by osmosis and entrainment where the vibrations wake up
the cellular inner knowing and DNA frequencies. It is a gentler,
wiser, inclusive time on the planet now.

Hopefully this information will help you make the adjustments that you
want to make to empower your life.

Until we speak again, many blessings.

Penny Weaver
The Energy Advisor