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11-11-11 ~ Awakening the Hearts of Humanity

11-11-11 ~ Awakening the Hearts of Humanity

By Estaryia Venus

The 11-11-11 gateway is upon us. Many are speaking about it and many are beginning to feel on an energetic level the deeper awakening that is about to occur.

As we continue to move towards 2012 and beyond, the hearts of humanity are going through an energetic shift from separation to an inner knowing of oneness and a sense of unity consciousness that will raise the vibration of this planet into its next evolution.

This evolution is occurring on a planetary level as well as on human level. The biology of planet Earth and our own human biology is in a transformation. The human DNA has stored within it all the codes and information for this next evolution. Awakening this dormant information is what is happening on planet Earth at this time. With this awakening, new consciousness is being birthed, and with this new consciousness comes a new era, a new way of being that is connected with the environment and with all life.

11-11-11 and Human DNA

Human DNA is triggered by digital codes, awakening genetic sequences which release information (light) into our consciousness. This genetic memory that is being turned on, begins to release us from the constructs of time as we have known it. 11-11-11 is one of the codes of this activation process. It is part of the binary code that is part of the matrix of this reality and plays a role in the next phase of planetary awakening.

This master number, digital code, is part of the process of turning on our original blueprint and genetic memory held within the spiraling strands of our human DNA. These numeric codes awaken the mind to change and experience new levels of consciousness and more of our infinite hu-man potential.

The 11-11-11 gateway is opening us to receive our divine purpose as a crystalization into the matrix of this Earth. During the 11-11-11 gateway, the elemental structure of Gaia, will be activating through 2 planetary grand trines, one of Earth and one of Air. These grand trines will overlay and create the perfect harmonious structure for the new energies of light to enter the Earth and enter our human form, through the cellular matrix of our DNA. Through the geometry of the 2 grand trines, equilateral triangles, energy comes into the Earth in perfect harmony.

The new higher frequencies of light will assist us in evolving into the next phase of consciousness and light on planet Earth. Through this gateway of light, we will be opening into more of atimeless sequence so that we may be more connected to our multi-dimensional nature, where we are in alignment with our soul essence and creation occurs through this connection in a sequential rhythm that transcends the duality and illusion of time.

These digital codes, 11-11-11 will imprint our DNA structure turning on a blueprint for a higher state of consciousness to emerge. These codes are activated within the cellular memory of our DNA, allowing us to remember the truth of who we are, our divine purpose as a "conscious vibrational embodied experience."

11-11-11 - Mars, Giza Pyramids & Sphinx

The Sphinx point and Giza Pyramids at the 29th degree will be activated by Mars during this 11-11-11 gateway. The 29th degree of Leo, is the Royal Gate of the Heart and is the same degree as the Sphinx and Giza Pyramids in Egypt. This 29th degree point on Earth is reflected in the 29th degree within our galaxy and connects us with the Royal Star Regulus.

Courtesy NASA

Mars will be at 29 degrees Leo during the 11-11-11 gateway, holding the gateway of our heart open to be in communion with our celestial origins.

Mars at 29 degrees, the pyramid and sphinx point, has an even deeper significance.

Richard Hoagland, former NASA scientist, discovered in the early 1990's in NASA photographs a number of Pyramids and a face on the surface of Mars in a region called Cydonia. As Hoagland looked deeper into his findings, he realized that the pyramidal structures and the face that resembled the Sphinx is at the 19.5 degree latitude on Mars.

Cydonia Study - David Palermo - space7@aol.clom

Face on Mars Sphinx Face on Mars & Sphinx

(Courtesy of

Then more discoveries were made of other anomalies at the 19.5 latitude on other planets, as well as points on Earth. At 19.5, Jupiter has its red spot, Neptune its dark spot, Venus has its major volcano, Alpha Regio, Sun has its peak temperatures and sun spot activity. On Earth, the 19.5 latitude is at the Mayan ruins in the Yucatan and on the big island of Hawaii, where the most active volcano on Earth is located.

The Importance of 19.5

The Star Tetrahedron Geometry pattern comprised of 2 interlocking 4-sided tetrahedrons when placed in the sphere of the Earth with one of the apexes at the North pole, and one at the South pole, the other apexes will touch the sphere at 19.47 latitude (19.5) above and below the equator.

With the Earth rotating at tremendous speed, there has been observed a great force occurring at the 19.47 (19.5) degrees North and South. Volcanic activity on Earth, and on Venus and other anomalies on Mars, Jupiter, and more are linked to this degree of latitude and is being considered as hyper-dimensional.

This perspective in physics links to the knowledge of the Star Tetrahedron being a vehicle of light moving between other dimensions and the Earth dimension. Drunvalo Melchizedek has brought information forward regarding this geometry pattern as being a vehicle of light, that our light bodies can travel in and to actually assist us in raising our frequency to be more vibrationally connected with our light body.

We can consider the Star Tetrahedron, as being part of a star gateway into and out of this dimensional reality.Among other ancient cultures, the Egyptian civilization considered the tetrahedron to be a Star Gate - an inter-dimensional portal. The hyper-dimensional field that is being made aware of at the 19.5 degrees latitude North & South, can be considered a key entry point into this dimensional reality.

Big Island of Hawaii - 19.5

The big island of Hawaii, being at 19.5 degrees within the Star Tetrahedron, is a major portal for light codes to enter the energetic matrix field of the Earth. Big Island Hawaii has the most active volcano on Earth. The ancient Hawaiian spiritual traditions is very connected and aware of the placement of the island within our solar system and galaxy and it's connection to the stars, particularly the Pleiadian star stystem. Big island being a key access point into the galaxy and receiving the mana of the Lemurian energies.

Mauna Kea the volcano located at the 19.5 on the big island of Hawaii, is the tallest mountain on Earth, from the sea floor to the top. This is where the most advanced telescopes on the planet reside, with scientists coming from all over the world to do their astronomy research.

Kilauea Volcano, Goddess Pele, on the big island is the most active volcano on the planet, bringing the magma from the core of the Earth, and constantly creating new Earth on the planet.

From the primal depths of the magma to the tallest mountain reaching to the stars, a hyper-dimensional field of energy at 19.5, big island Hawaii can be considered an inter-dimensional star gate portal and is a key access point that receives the new light codes of energies into the Earth. Energies enter into the matrix field of the Earth through certain points, such as the 19.5, and get distributed throughout the energetic field of the Earth. Through the 19.5 degree connection, the big island is linked to the Pyramids of Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Neptune and other sacred portal sites on Earth and in the Galaxy.

On 11-11-11 when Mars is at the 29th degree of Leo, being the warrior of the heart, the pyramids and Sphinx on Mars at 19.5 are making a connection and activation with the Giza Pyramids and Sphinx in Egypt. The 19.5 degree grid on the big island of Hawaii and other places on Earth, is being activated and we have two grand trines to bring in the perfect harmony into the matrix field of the Earth, and into our own human heart.

Venus ~ The Divine Feminine

Over the past 8 years as I have been facilitating Galactic Alignment ceremonies in various locations on the Earth, including many on the big island of Hawaii, I can say that Venushas been playing an important role in all the major alignments. Venus plays an immense role in the birthing of the new Earth and awakening the codes of our DNA.

During 11-11-11, Venus and Mercury will be conjunct in Sagittarius at the 11th degree!

Venus & Mercury in the sign of Sagittarius bring through a divine transmission of light that will awaken the hearts of humanity to greater, harmony, love, beauty, joy and light.

Mars the divine warrior, is holding open the portal of the heart, the Sphinx point, activated by Leo at the 29th degree, for Venus and Mercury to bring through the highest transmission frequencies of light into Earth. The Divine Feminine energieswill pour through this gateway in the highest and most angelic communications through the 19.5 grid activation, through the two grand trines and into the Earth, and into the hearts of those that are open to receive.

Full Moon - Just Before 11-11-11 Alignment

The full Moon is occurring the day before the 11-11-11 alignment. Full Moon is November 10th at 12:00pm Pacific time. The full Moon will be at the 18th degree of Taurus, and will be close to the Pleiadian point as the Pleiadian Star System is in the sign of Taurus.

The morning of 11-11-11 is the Moon alignment with the Pleiades when the Moon goes into the 29th degree of Taurus. The Moon being a magnifying lens of energy and connecting with the waters and tides of the Earth and waters and rhythms inside the human body, we have the Pleiadian light activation on the morning of 11-11-11.

11-11-11 Gateway

The next level of awakening of the hearts of humanity is happening, and the digital codes of 11-11-11 activate this awakening on a cellular DNA level, that turns on a sequence that will create a shift in consciousness. These shifts will filter into our consciousness as the energies integrate after the alignment. This global awakening will be taking place on all levels of consciousness, and as there is a reformation of global consciousness, actions towards greater unity, responsibility and service will arise. It's a grand time to be on Earth, as we unite in love, truth, light, joy, and freedom.

© Copyright 2011, Estaryia Venus

Adi Gaia
Universal Citizen

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New Earth Rising Towards 11/11/11-By Celia Fenn

New Earth Rising: Towards 11/11/11 - Diving Deeper
by Celia Fenn
September 2011

As we move towards what I think of as our "date with destiny" on the 11/11/11, I have been finding that words are not flowing as easily as in the past. It is almost like I have developed an aversion to the clever "mind bytes" and sage advice that is so common these days. Advice on how to live, what to think, how to make money and what to say....and yet....the desire is to go deeper and deeper.....deeper into the very truth of Who we Are and what we Feel in our Heart and Soul.

This is not surprising really, given that with the opening of the Lion's Gate in August of 2011, we opened the Gates of the Sixth Dimension and anchored the Flow of the Dreamtime energy on the Earth. And this energy is "Intense." We are literally "living the Dream" in Full Technicolor now, with all the hues, tones, accents and nuances of being an Angelic Spirit being in a Human Angelic Body! that again....we have arrived! We are fully aware of Who We Are and that We are here to "experience" Life in all its intensity and flow.

When we are still in the grip of the mental energies we think that the purpose of life is to be successful, happy and wealthy. Well...yes....that is always a good place to start from, but many successful, happy and wealthy people often forget to actually live. The pursuit of these things becomes a replacement for the experience of the adventure of life. As you shift into the Fifth Dimension and then the Sixth, you realize that the "security" of success, happiness and wealth is not a guarantee that you will experience the Adventure of Life. You can buy some great toys and have a good time, but unless you dive deeper and deeper, you may only be skimming the surface of what is possible in this New Earth reality.

We are here to Create and Adventure and experience this magnificent adventure in all of its textures and hues. And of course, the textures and tones of Love and Peace are Magnificent, but so is the "lift" of creating art, laughing, sharing, dancing, eating new foods, travelling and trying out new things.....or just walking on the beach!

In the Technicolor "Dreamtime" the true magnificence of the Planet as a "playground" of dreams and experiences is revealed. But, we cannot fully appreciate the richness of this exotic banquet of life until we open ourselves to feel and experience fully.

This understanding came to me recently when I was in Denmark in late summer, sitting on a beach with a group of friends, eating mussels freshly harvested from the ocean and cooked with fresh vegetables in an iron pot over a fire. It was a brilliant sunny day with great company and great food and great was like something from a movie. I was reminded of a film I once saw called "Babette's Feast", about a Danish woman who prepares a sumptuous feast as a Celebration of Life.

The Sixth Dimension of Consciousness is about a Celebration of Life in Full Technicolor! The "Projector" is your Heart, and the Director of the Movie is your Soul and Higher Self. You are the Star in this movie, and it is whatever you create together following the directions of the Higher Guidance. But you are the magnificent Star. must be willing to be the Star in your own life and play your part with Courage and Perseverance and Intelligence. Do not be afraid, but allow yourself to experience all the feelings, emotions and tones of life.

At this Equinox, many of you will be feeling this pull to open your Hearts and align with this powerful Flow of Creative Dream Energy, this River of Dreams that flows from the Cosmic Heart of the Divine Consciousness. You will seek to fully connect with the "directions" of your Soul as you work together to express your Life Purpose. You will want to move beyond the superficial, the shallow...the the deep Essence of self and the deep feelings of the Heart.

This is the Gift of the Sixth Dimension of Consciousness as you open to and express your Magical Child!

And then, as you balance into this Energy at the Equinox, you will be aligning for the final steps into the 11/11/11 portal of full Multi-Dimensional Consciousness. Between the 23rd of September and the 11th of November, you will feel this intense energy of your Soul expressing its desire to live fully and completely in the Earth "Dream."

Celia Fenn

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Polarized Brains Receive Polarized Linear Reality


In super simplified terms, pre-Ascension polarized awareness, focus, and frequency range emanated from the three bottom chakras. That was mass humanity's singular lens to perceive "reality"; straight from their crotches and solar plexus gut! Is it any wonder why things have been so dark for so long if the bottom three chakras are a species only lens upon "reality"? How repulsively easy it's been for some to mind control, manipulate and heard the human species through these bottom three chakras in duality!

But, via the Ascension Process this frequency range and level of function and perception is ascending/evolving into the upper chest area. Not the old lower physical heart with its Heart chakra, but the Thymus gland which sits higher in the chest above it and is what I call the High Heart or what others call "Unity" Consciousness. Now don't you just know that reality is going to change dramatically because of this elevation of our focus point?

We all know what lower frequency polarized consciousness was all about. It was an endless tug of war back and forth between one side, one person, one family, one country, one group, one religion, one belief system etc. against all others. And of course, from the opposite side or group or country or religion or belief system it looked exactly the same! Them against us, us against them, him against her, her against him, endlessly back and forth like mesmerized idiots incapable of escaping their limited, polarized brains and matching frequency reality.

Ascending individuals with blossoming High Heart or Unity consciousness have resolved duality/polarized emotional energies and projected junk in themselves to the point where they're able to escape the endless back and forth tug of war of duality consciousness and reality. (This was the start of individuals experiencing the beginning of the Separation of Worlds over the past few years.) These individuals are increasingly existing and perceiving from the High Heart area in their upper chests spherically, as opposed to the bottom three chakras within the frequency range of duality.

The main way I know I'm existing within increasing High Heart "Unity" consciousness now is that lower frequency stuff has much less effect on me in those old lower chakra gut/solar plexus ways. I see something horrible and seemingly wrong in the world but I have a higher perspective and knowing about it with greatly increased emotional neutrality. My High Heart easily understands why things are happening and I have great compassion for all the players playing their individual roles and lives, yet, I'm finally emotionally neutral and unaffected by what is happening around me. This is one easy to recognize trait of increasingly functioning, existing and perceiving from High Heart Unity consciousness. It exists vertically and vibrationally (as integrated position number 3 in my diagram) abov e the lower frequency of horizontal duality (the number 1 and number 2). It's perspective is radically different from the lower tug of war of duality consciousness and reality.

Another clue that you're existing and functioning within increasing High Heart Unity consciousness is that you FEEL and KNOW much more but it doesn't imbalance you mentally, emotionally, psychically or physically at all. You feel, you know, and you know you are connected to All (ascended 5D Aquarian group) and yet you are still a unique individual (ascended 5D creative Leo). You know things but not through the brain in your head or your egoic intellect, but through your integrated High Heart FEELING KNOWING 5D brain center in your upper chest.

Your physical body talks to you too informing you of all sorts of things, but again, this all happens not in your head, brain or intellect but through body consciousness, cellular consciousness and memory, feeling, sensing, and knowing information without having it be an intellectual, linear thought process. You FEEL and KNOW because you are in a more unified frequency using a higher, more unified range of perception. The "We are all One" statement means something very different to you once you are consciously aware of and can feel the fact that it is a fact but not loose your important individuality at the same time.

The new Unity, High Heart consciousness is vastly more about FEELING and KNOWING from this new Center without lower head thinking, which I know sounds to some like an impossibility or just plain crazy. But after a lifetime being a psychic in polarized 3D Earth reality, I can tell you that what I'm experiencing of High Heart Unity consciousness so far is tremendously more advanced and comfortable than being a "psychic"—clairvoyant, clairaudient, claircognizant, empathic etc.—in lower duality! There is no comparison actually.

Be ready to KNOW and FEEL as the new ascended primary way of perception from a very different place in yourself and your body than your pre-ascension head, polarized brain hemispheres and intellectual ego self. Unity or High Heart consciousness and Center (as I've experienced it to date but I expect I will evolve much further into it) is so much smoother, easier, gentler, faster, wiser and far-seeing and with no intense trauma and drama. Pay attention to the new ways that you are now receiving/perceiving information/reality through your body and energy field instead of only the brain in your head. You'll be surprised at what you discover.


September 25, 2011

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Archangel Michael: Emissaries to Earth: Bring Forth Your Light

Archangel Michael: Emissaries to Earth: Bring Forth Your Light
channeled by Meredith Murphy September 22, 2011

The Golden Dome of Light that exists as your multi-dimensional Stargate, is coming online. What this means is that each of you have access to greater amplifying capabilities of your own internal harmonics. This is important for it is your own harmonics which broadcast and magnetize across dimensions, that which has harmonic resonance with you. It's how you create the experience of manifestation-the physical convergence of your experience with desires you have within your heart. The increased amplification of your inner light temple.

I invite you to relate to your own sacred energy system as a temple-for you are One with All-That-Is, with God, with Source Creation; sacred and holy. Your energy system is the dwelling place of your consciousness, your awareness and also the means by which you are able to exist as a multi-dimensional energy systems capable of both interfacing locally and non-locally, meaning-with the whole vastness of being.

The amplification of your inner light temple allows you to let go of doing in ways that was not that easy for you to understand in the past. It allows for creation in new ways. Today I wish to explore this dynamic further and create greater understanding for you in opening yourself to this doorway of light.

We call this a doorway of light, for light is energy and in your experience your ability to conduct and transmit light, of increasing intensity and of higher frequency is what creates enlargement of awareness and elevation of experience. There is an opening to vaster light that is available to you, to merge more fully with the stream of aliveness which you already experience and it is calling out to you!

It is these waves of incoming light and your increasing ability to integrate and vibrate in resonance with them, that allows you to ride the ascending energies as part of the vector, as one with the energy--rather than having an experience of the energy, rather than being a more dense, rigid energy system which experiences as separate from itself and the knows the energies in ways that create great challenges and potentially great discomfort.

Stored within your DNA are elements of past civilizations and cultures. We repeatedly remind you that these exist and that they emerge in divine timing. In the Omni-verse, divine timing refers to alignment-geometric, galactic, cosmic--an energetic alignment. What this means is that when you exist energetically at a frequency and within a compatible energy system, then this level of vibration automatically releases stored aspects of your DNA which are now able to be realized, understood, integrated, worked with, lived from. It is these budding moments of time which are creating your continual experience of newness and of blossoming into your fuller self.

There is great joy and a thrilling sense of upliftment when one remembers key aspects of experience; for the energy system inherently recognizes the value of this information being re-instated. This occurs in sequential fashion, although not in a linear fashion-sequential in terms of vibration, in terms of frequency-and it occurs in a spherically expanding fashion accessing various corridors of light, creating radiance, as your field spins and gathers itself into fuller awareness and opens to glimpses of infinite time.

One of the challenges you face increasingly in these coming days, is to take yourself and your awakening seriously.

The gap between those of you who have been the way showers, the early awakeners and the waves that quickly followed, and those who are still not aware of the broader dynamics in play and affecting their experience and the worldly events around them, is now quite enormous.

The challenge arises as you are increasingly called to bring your lifestyle into greater alignment with your vibration and your knowing. Each of you are growing in your capacity to claim what you know and this creates a sacredness to your experience. This appreciation of what is taking place is made by possible by embracing and trusting in the reality of the planetary ascension process, and it brings the element of the sacred to your lives and into your energy field. It brightens the very nature of your energy. It is this awareness which facilitates your ability to most fully engage with solar flares, with the energy transmitted by sacred places and ley lines of the planet, the fertile quality of water and the contact you have with your own multi-dimensional extensions of light. This sacred tenor of your vibration is urging you to bring your material expression into full alignment with your spiritual essence.

Knowing how to do this, in a family, community, in society and in a world in which many are still unaware of the presence of these ideals and experiences you know to be quite real, requires bravery, courage, wisdom and most of all faith.

One of the primary things you may do which will nourish your faith is to take yourself and your experiences seriously and to cultivate the things in your life which validate and encourage you in doing so. This may include building relationships with other Lightworkers who you resonate with-near or far, reading inspirational information, creating rituals and practices-avoiding habits, but returning to a reverent, focused, sacred orientation and appreciation--on a daily basis being present in ways which keep you connected to your stream, regardless of the way people around you live.

You cannot hold other people to your ideals and values; for this will only create conflict and suffering for both of you. Instead, using the enormous strength which you may underestimate and yet has been amply demonstrated throughout your own courageous awakening, release any last remaining vestiges of ego-dominance and engage your mind in finding ways to be loving and peaceful to these other beings, while living life on your own terms.

See them in your mind-heart vision as allowing you to be in your own energy field and you allowing them theirs. You will very naturally entrain them to your higher frequency as they are able to shift toward it. So that which you are capable of offering to them, in a desire to share your bliss, happens organically and with no need on your part to exert an effort. The focus that will benefit you most, is to create a joy-filled life that reflects these indisputable values you hold so dear and realize the impact that will truly have energetically throughout the cosmos.

The sacred dome of light opening within you is a virtual antennae; used for broadcasting and receiving multi-dimensional communication. It is a vertical conduit for energy which exists within you and it open to the vastness of being. The sacred dome is an etheric opening to the planes of light that exist beyond your local experience on the Earth. This energetic transmitter resides within your energy field naturally, nestled within your heart chakra and it is the sacred multi-dimensional temple of your being. Each of you exists as an energetic temple of light, embodying the potent uplifting energies of Source Creation as filtered and configured by your own energetic blueprint. This energetic genesis point can be expanded into a Stargate. It can allow you to travel and transmit between points and beyond dimensional boundaries. It facilitates expanded communication with your star, angelic, or other soul and start families and allows you to use your physical body as a means of bringing the energy from these other locations into the Earth plane. It is an expansion of the very channeling you innately do by conducting your own life force energy. It is an enlarged capacity of your human vessel and it places you in a powerful position to participate in creating the New Earth.

The doorway to this Stargate within you exists in your heart chakra and is enabled by your clearing of this as well as your solar plexus and throat chakras. Your will and your voice are essential to actualizing the potential of this functionality. The capability is also facilitated by the sacred perspective toward your life experience as well as the refinement of your energy field to actualize your own living Merkaba in expanded ways beyond the initial potential of this configuration. Not all of you are preparing to open your field yet in these ways, but for many of you it is being initiated as you are preparing to become the multi-dimensional embodiment of your expansive focus, grounded and flowing through the focus of your human energy field.

The meditation process that opens you most easily to discovering, connecting and further opening the presence of this Stargate is toning. The process of intuitively toning your own sound. By playing the vibrational keys which open you to expanded awareness and then once you have discovered and established the resonant tones, repeating these, using them to cultivate a state of great bliss and expansiveness while remaining grounded. This is a process of synching yourself and opening and connecting various grid alignment points and etheric energetic overlays. You will know when to stop and once you have activated your field through this process, you may initiate communication and/or travel to Cities of Light of your choosing. Although many of you may travel to Cities of Light in meditations already, you are creating an access point within, you own portal in this process that allows you to access many points and cities of light. Cities of Light may also be accessed powerfully and directly while visiting sacred sites where Cities of Light exist, and to invite or request access. You may also request to be allowed entry and to travel there in your dreams.

This process of learning and establishing a reliable connection with yourself in this fashion and to begin, then to consciously explore the Cities of Light connected with your own lineage is an important element to embracing your role as a multi-dimensional emissary of your own soul family, on Earth.

I invite you to begin this process by joining with me in the Etheric Temple located at Lake Louise in Canada. The vortex system located there is my Earthly refuge; it is a powerful sacred location and you may visit this by asking three times to enter and stating your desire to receive whatever experience, activations, information and connections that will benefit you at this time. I welcome you there and am available at any time that you would wish to commune with me-- with the Legion of Michael or in a more intimate setting. The most beneficial arrangement will come forth unless you specify your intention. It is a great joy to share the energetic frequency of this place with any of you who wish to become familiar with the gifts present and to commune there with me.

You are going to discover in the coming months that the call to open up and create a multi-dimensional lifestyle is urging and pressing from within you in all kinds of ways. 2012 is a year in which the emergence of the multi-dimensional lifestyle will be visible in those of you on the leading edge as you begin to remember the ancient ways and teachings of collaboration and co-creation and refresh these anew with the modern, divine knowing of your true nature.

You will experience this as pressure--for it will be increasingly difficult and you will find old ways of living incompatible with your vibration which is increasingly refined. It will be felt as pressure because you are feeling the impulse, strongly, to express and create in ways that are not already apparent. You will feel yourself and this strong energy urging to be given form and focus. So this is the source of the pressure--do not concern yourself with this feeling in a way that is negative or of concern; recognize it as the impulse to birth something new! Simply allow yourself to be altered and remade by the flow of your own energy and the transformative powers of your own inherent light.

You have made this possible through your impeccability and your faith. It is the immense passion for life and love along with your endurance and self-love throughout the difficult moments, which is preparing you for initiating the New Earth through your own example of multi-dimensional living. The Earth is comprised of secret agents! Emissaries from many star, angelic and other families of the vastness of being. Realize that your focus is a convergence point facilitating your own lineage flowing into, merging and participating in the creation of the New Earth. Allow your lifestyle to begin reflecting that which intuitively speaks to you. This will shape your environment, the way you relate to all of life on Earth, the care of your body and mind, the expression of yourself through work and relationships, the things that you are drawn to as experiences of ease, joy, fun and adventure, the level and quality of abundance which resonates and supports your thriving-all of this will be unique and reflect Spirit as flowing through the particularity of you.

So remain steadfast in your faith.

Remind yourself that you are the energy-the energy is not happening to you. And return to an awareness of this next stage of embodying your fullest light. It is far more than you may realize what takes place by your conscious awareness of the procession of evolution taking place upon the planet. It creates a collective awareness of the possibility of understanding life and of being; so you being conscious and returning to a clear, aware understanding of what is underway, makes that viewpoint more accessible for others. I invite you to reflect upon this transmission, particularly beautiful would be to reflect upon this in communion with nature, and to discern your sense of its relationship to your aliveness at this point.

I welcome even greater communion and collaboration with you! I am available to you in all ways and at all times.

I AM Archangel Michael.

(Note: this message was originally transmitted during the Expect Wonderful Legion of Michael monthly gathering on Saturday, September 17, 2011 as part of the prepartion for the Equinox. When I transcribed it yesterday and today, Michael expanded further upon the channeling to make it more clear in written form and encouraged me me to share it at large.)

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Sekhmet: Connecting With The Universe As One

Sekhmet: Connecting With The Universe As One
Ascension Energy Tools Teleconference- 9/13/11
through Susan Leland

Well, Greetings Everyone! We are so pleased to be here! We want to make a general comment or two before we get into the specifics of our "Yes I Can! 101" lesson for the day. The specifics of that are quite awesome for us to do today. So, we just want to take a moment to assure you that all is well. We understand with all the shiftings and shakings, and everything that's in the news, and all of the lies, and the Truth and everything, seemingly all jumbled up in one big mix, it's difficult, is it not, to keep oneself in balance?

You see, these are the very moments that we've been telling you were coming, Beloved Family, moments of shifting and changes so great that they could literally knock you out of balance. And of course we are in recognition of the fact that even though you're all on that Ascension Path, and you're all wanting to make leaps and bounds upward, upward, upward, on that path, you've still got some housecleaning to do, which is one of the reasons why we're here today.

We just want to suggest to you that you leave the over-view, literally withdraw from it, if at times it seems to be over-whelming. Pull yourself away from those earthquake charts on your computers, and do a little dancing instead - substitution of focus is what we're talking about here, but not because you can't do your high vibrational attitudinal exercises of Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude, for everything that's going on.

No that's not it, you're all empowered to do those things! It's just that the sheer numbers of events, all of which are leading up to the next now moment, the next and the next, and as the now moments come and go, the shiftings and the changes are more and more in place. In other words, the destination, or the results, are more and more evident. It is simply that there is so much, and it is so easy to get 'boggled' down in that, and then it's that much harder to raise yourselves up.

This is a time for great discernment. Every human has responsibilities in being here on Planet Earth. There are those still wearing the dark hats, and running the dark hat programs. They're in a real big minority now. So you can say, "Well, what's a big minority?" It means that their numbers are shrinking more and more, and we're just saying it's 'big time' that their hold is diminishing so much that all of these changes you've been hearing about and waiting for - patiently and impatiently, and we fully understand that - are coming about.

And it is for you to not be on overwhelm as the changes come, but rather to be in balance, harmonious balance. Now you humans have a fabulous saying. Well we'll use it, but let's just say: All the good stuff is about to hit the fan big time! What it means is: That which you know, the information that you know and resonate with as your Truth, is about to become broadcast World-wide. It's going to splat some people in the faces, because they have been so resistant to Truth. They have bought into lies for various reasons, and you know the kind of lies we're talking about. We're not here to discuss all of that. If you have any questions, you can send me an email, and I'll help out with your discernment.

But what we're trying to say here is that there is so much going on, and this is, this is the darkness before the dawn, as you humans say. The dawning, the real dawning, the official dawning, the announced dawning, of what you call the Golden Age, the Age of Aquarius, whatever. Oh, yes, we know astrologically speaking that these things have happened already, have dawned, have begun.

What we're talking about here is the realization. We're talking about the bringing right in to what remains of 3D. And here we are together in a higher vibration, just because We Are, and because that's what we choose. And so it is that before continuing upward on that Ascension Path, it's to reach out and help others to climb aboard, so to speak. And it's pretty hard to do that if you're overwhelmed by everything. So we are advising that you take these remaining moments before it hits the fan to focus upon yourselves, your own energy fields.

That is not to shut out the World. That is certainly not to deny Truth to anyone who comes to you looking for it. It's just that right now maybe nobody's knocking on your door for that information, but that's going to change. We've been telling you that for a long time, too . So it's time to do whatever preparations you can do, or feel empowered to do, and we're going to talk about that more, to become even more a part of the One, so you're not out there alone, and you're not feeling like all of a sudden the World is coming to your door expecting you to light the way.

It's WE lighting the way, Beloved Ones. Each and every one of us is shining our Lights, and together we are exponentially brighter than any one individual. Now does that mean that you stop doing individual things? No, it just means that everything you do, remember you're part of the One. That's the reality, and that's what we ask you to keep in mind as you do your preparation individually, or perhaps with a partner or two. But, always your focus for yourself is going to be different than anyone else's. And so it is that you recognize what it is that you are to do as an individual, but always keep it within the joyful, joyful, context of the One We All Are!

Alrighty! We shall now begin the discussion of our focus for this time together. It all relates anyway to that which has just been spoken, and that which I am about to speak, because we're talking about One. We're talking about being One with all living beings, really everywhere in the Universe, but let's just narrow that down a bit to Planet Earth. Because of course Planet Earth is what we, from the, what are you calling it, the Higher Dimensions, are focusing on now. We've got this whole fleet - trillions of ships, really!

Some are observers, some are communications relayers sending back to various places in the Universe progress reports, and updates, and so on. Some are communicating with the ground crew - that's us. Well, I'm everywhere, so I consider myself somewhat of a liaison, or a bridge, as are the other ones who are coming forward - the messengers, who are speaking. But we are very much with the ground crew. And there are of course the healers, there are the mitigators. Oh yes, you call it damage control; we call it damage mitigation, so that when something occurs of a destructive nature upon Planet Earth, we have a whole division of the Ashtar Command which focuses in on whatever is going on that is what you would call of a destructive nature.

There are shifts which are necessary, and there are shifts which can be mitigated, so that they accomplish what it is they need to do, but with perhaps, shall we say, a minimizing of destruction. Now this has been particularly necessary in certain key situations. We will mention a couple of them - yes, the Gulf oil spill, which was deliberate, and deliberately made worse. And then there were, oh there have been various tsunamis and earthquakes and so on, and so on. You all know about this. We're not going to go into it. We don't want to bring up any memories of destruction. We only want to assure you that we have an entire division which is doing the mitigating.

And then we have our hospital division, that is primarily the Arcturians, but we welcome healers from all over the Universe, and so on.

Now communications is really, really, a big deal right now, and the reason for that is that, in order to come to Oneness you've got to pretty much have the consciousness of One. And you need to be able to communicate with others to find out what that consciousness is. Now of course when we measure the consciousness we're talking about measuring the, humm, shall we say, the waves, the telepathic waves. So you see it doesn't really matter whether you speak the language of the English, or of the French, or of the Somali, or of the Islands of Japan, or whatever. It doesn't matter, because there is a certain intelligence that is emitted from every, well, we're going to say human right now, but we're going to really enlarge upon that. That's our focus for this time together.

And this intelligence is what we read. And it is not so much a language of talk, talk, talk, it's a language of thought, it's a language of feeling. It is universal. And so we are here to encourage all of you, Beloved Ones, everyone in a body on Planet Earth, every living, breathing body we should say, and that includes the Minerals, oh yes they breathe, to come into this kind of togetherness, this Oneness, telepathically.

Oh, verbal is nice, and you can sing, and you can speak, and you can do all kinds of things, and yes you reach each other. Even music, you see, has a universal quality to it. Even if there are words to the music that you do not understand, you can still catch the vibes, so to speak. But what we're talking about here is coming into Oneness when you give and receive messages, so that you become on the same wave length in a high vibrational, telepathic way.

Now we said that if you have a particular being you would like to communicate with during our exercise, please to invite them to attend, whether they attend as the little kitten sitting in your lap, whether it is your crystal in the other room, whether it is oh, perhaps the giraffe you made eye contact with at the zoo last week. It doesn't make any difference. If you want to focus on one individual in some kind Exercise that is so easy and feels so good, that you can repeat this, and repeat it, and repeat it, and you do not always have to have the same receiver. You can vary it up, as you say. It is mostly to get into that high vibrational communication, realm of communication, where you really are feeling, and knowing what it is that the One We All Are is focusing upon.

Now of course the number one topic for what to focus on is, you know what? It happens to be a four letter word: L-O-V-E!!! You know some people think that it's almost being a blasphemer to speak publicly, to speak that word publicly, to talk about loving your fellow beings upon the Planet, and so on, and so on. Well that's changing. There are those like Obama who are changing that. Be watching for that. That's the kind of news you want to be just flying high on!!!

But to communicate Love and to receive communications of Love on a constant basis - see that's what being ascended is about. That's the state of being ascended. That's being Love, and knowing you're loved, and expressing Love all the time, because there isn't any time anyway. So it becomes eternal, shall we say. We like that word eternal, yes, that's a nice word. So it is to practice this kind of communication, high vibrational Love and Joy. Oh yes, you can hear a little laughter here and there, you can do a little dancing and singing - whatever it is that gets you up in that frequency. You broadcast it out and you receive it back. The more vibrations of Love that you feel, and take into yourself from the World and the Universe beyond, the more supportive it is for you to stay in high vibrations yourself!

Now let's flip that shall we? Humm! This is almost like - there's a particular - not logic, what am I looking for? I think I might be looking for Geometry, the word. It's almost like how that works. You have the concept, that you like to receive it. Yes? Do you understand that receiving of Love? Now, here's the Quantum Physics of it. When you are in receivership of high vibrational Love, Joy and all that goes with it, that's all you can send out. How about that? Because you're vibrating so high that none of the fear based stuff can even find it's way into your consciousness. It's not there in your unconscious either at the moment - you actually have raised yourself up and out of fear vibrations!!!

Let me tell you something. There are two women here on this Island of Maui, grand teachers they are. They happened to be in a place that started shaking. There were many others there. All the others went into fear. These two women held themselves up and out of fear, and continually expressed Love for Mother Gaia, and Joy that she was accomplishing what she needed to accomplish, and guess what? Well of course the shaking stopped, and the other people said, 'How did you do that?' It was what they naturally did! They didn't even think about, 'Shall we make the choice between going into fear, and staying in high vibrations?' It came to them to stay in high vibration, because they were so used to being there, and they felt Mother Gaia's Love, and they knew that all was well. You see Mother Gaia communicated to them during the process. They were open to receive a loving message, and they did. How about that?

See, so we're talking about forming attitudinal habits of connection, of bringing in and receiving the high vibrational messages, and then just being - well literally without thinking, 'Which kind of message am I going to send out in this moment?' - because it will be automatic within your fields! And how do you do that? You start out by consciously connecting, consciously communicating. Now the other part of this that we want to emphasize here is that it is time for the Human Kingdom, and in some cases easier, we will say, to include all of the other Kingdoms in your sending and receiving. Oh, yes!

Your kitty cat has consciousness, and it's quite high vibrational, if you would like to know. The animals, you see, know about things that humans usually dismiss: 'Well they're animals, I'm Human, you know, I don't need to concern myself with what the Animal Kingdom's consciousness is at this moment, or what this particular part of the Animal Kingdom is thinking or feeling.' Humm! That's not how you get to Oneness With All Life. And it's even more prevalent with plants. How many of you have a plant in your place where you live, or the place where you work, or both? Raise your hands if you do? Aaah yes!

That's very, very, excellent. By the way, if you don't have a plant, and you're contemplating getting one, here's a little tip. We recommend an Aloe Vera plant of the upright variety. You see plants have consciousness too, and they put their vibes out into the atmosphere. We know there's photosynthesis and all of that. We're not talking about that, we're talking about their consciousness. How are they feeling? What are they thinking? What are they communicating?

And we'll tell you this right now, Aloe Vera has Ormes! Don't you love the idea of some Ormes getting communicated out into your atmosphere that you live and breathe in? Ah hah! Alrighty! But when you bring a plant into your home, or plant one in your garden, or whatever, be sure that you communicate: 'Welcome, I'm so glad you're here. I love you! I invite you to receive my Love, and share it throughout your being, and I welcome your loving messages back to me.' What do you think happens when you hug a tree anyway? Everybody who has ever hugged a tree out here in this grand audience, raise your hand. Ah hah! You see, what's your goal in hugging that tree, if not to communicate Love, and receive Love back?! Now, if you have not brought anybody to this conference, it might be wondrous indeed to bring that tree into your focus when we do our Exercise, and send Love to that tree that you hugged. How about that?

And of course we're not going to leave out the Mineral Kingdom, and who are the grand communicators of the Mineral Kingdom, except of course the Crystals, and of course the Elements who can appear in mono-atomic high spin state form? You might want to google that one, or look it up a bit. We're not going to go into a lecture of mono-atomic elements and Ormes. You've already heard something about Ormes. Ormes are good! Don't over do! So, we have prepared the focus, the background for the focus.

We are going to do an Exercise in which we connect. You can pick a specific being - another Human, or an Animal, or a Plant, or a Mineral Kingdom member - if you want to start out with a laser-type focus, but we're going to open up as we receive back. We're going to open up to being more and more so that we become a part of the One We All Are in loving service, in loving message service to all, and at the same time open to receive from the One We All Are. Now that's huge, but we are structuring this, and we have taken this time, as you measure it, to prepare this background information for you so that you all know just where we're going with this.

Now, we will say this - do not, "Do Not" come into this Exercise with any expectations, or shall we say demands upon yourself, that you get it all the first time. We, and those of us who do the messages, particularly Ashtar, from this Voice, have been saying for a long time - practice, practice, practice. It's a form of self-nurturing, and it's a lot of fun too! Just open yourselves to receive the vibration, the energies, or the Love, if you will, of feeling the Oneness. And if you choose to start out with one specifically, remember, we shall then open to receive and to send to the One We All Are, so that you get a sensation of that, and then practice, practice, practice.

Sometimes you might want to address a Human specifically. Sometimes you might want to address a particular Animal, or Plant, or Crystal, or Rock, or whatever. But we always suggest that you come to the point of literally merging, or feeling, because you are anyway! We're just suggesting that you open up to feel the Oneness.

Is everybody ready? Get real comfortable, and we just ask that you breathe. Just breathe. Breathe in Love. Breathe in Freedom to express Love. That's a 'biggie' you know. Breathe in the Joy of expressing Love, of being Love, of sharing Love. And when you're ready join the circle, you can sit or stand. Just come into the circle, and if you have brought someone to focus upon to begin this Exercise with, place them inside of the circle facing you, that intelligence, that consciousness, that living being.

Just allow them to face you. Closing your eyes it makes it easier. So now here you are in this circle of us, standing or sitting as you choose, facing the one you have brought with you, or you can face yourself if you wish. If you would like to start by addressing yourself, that is absolutely wondrous indeed. Has everybody got their partner? Alrighty!

Now this is how we do it, and it is very simple. You can state your message when you have your position, and the position of the one you're addressing, very clearly in your mind's eye. You can state it out loud, or simply within your being. But as you do, bring in the Light, and bring in the empowerment. You know how to do it. Bring it in through your hands, and up your arm, and across your collar bone . Stop for a minute, and send some Love into your heart, drop some off there. Continue on to your other arm, and then you can hold out your hands, one hand receiving the Light, and the other hand giving the Light, sending the Light out.

So, now beam this Light upon your partner, whoever is standing there in front of you, be it the one you invited to come, or be it yourself. Everybody deserves it anyway. How about that? And say either out loud, or within the silence of your being, 'I'm sending you Light, and beaming Light from my being to yours. I choose to know when you have received this Light, this Love I send to you!' When you see them, or feel them, or know that they are bathed in the Light that you have sent, invite them to bring it into their hearts.

Do you think that Plants don't have hearts? They do. It's different than yours, but they have a heart space. Every living being has a heart space. A heart space where they can feel, a heart space where they can receive Love. So, invite whoever it is standing in front of you to receive the Love that you're sending, and to tell you in some way or other. Perhaps it will be a little tickle, perhaps it will be a sudden little whisper somewhere in your being, perhaps you'll hear a word,' yes,' or 'thank you!' It makes no difference, just allow that connection with the one that you're sending the Love to.

And when you have confirmation that they have received what you are sending, tell them that you are now ready to accept Love back to you from them. And if you wish, you can take your hand that is sending, and you can make a kind of a circular motion. Some people like to use what you call the infinity sign. That's a very powerful connecting link, you know. Some people might want to just make a circle. You can do it in a clockwise motion if you wish, and connect yourself, literally connect your energy fields with the one that you are sending Love to, and receiving Love from.

Get that connection really lit Beloved Ones! Now notice, if you will, that everybody's glowing, and notice, if you will, that now there are these connecting links, these circles, or spirals, or infinity signs connecting with each other. ,So now you have those on either side of you connecting with you. How beautiful is that? ,And it's going all around our circle. ,And everybody's connecting with everybody., Keep the connections lit. Let your Love shine forth!!!

And now notice, if you will, that these links are expanding, or shall we say duplicating, replicating, in great numbers. And all of a sudden, why there's the whole Kingdom of the Kitty Cats, all connecting with this circle, all connecting by these links of loving energy. And here come the trees, the trees of the forests, and the woodlands, and the yards, and the parks, of the Planet. And here come all of the Spirits, and the Divas of Mother Gaia . And here is the Kingdom of the Elementals, all in connection. Expansion is going on - Love exponentially beyond all numbers to compute! Expansion of Love connections, all of the Kingdoms of Mother Gaia, all of the Angelic Realms, the Elementals, the Ascended Masters, the Star Seed Civilizations. Indeed, feel the Arcturians, turning up the juice, if you will. They are great, great, scientists you know! Here are all of those who have gone beyond their bodies, and are now connecting with their spiritual selves. Here are all of the children, and yes the future ones, past, present, and future, all represented here, and Mother/Father smiles her/his great Joy!!!

Beloved Ones, we have connected with the whole entire Universe. And here it is, here we are - Great Living Beings connected in the Oneness, in the Love from which we were all created! No wonder Mother/Father is smiling. And now as the One We All Are, we understand We Are All One with absolutely no separations or divisions. And when we can communicate this Love with the One We All Are, we remain in high vibrational Joy in every nano-second of every moment - the time that was, and time that is, and time that is about to be, as it is measured here on Planet Earth. We have connected, we have communicated, and we have joined together in a communion of One!!!

And let the messengers, particularly of Mother Gaia, send their thanks and their Love to you. Feel the Oneness with them, and feel their invitation to you now, to continue this connecting. It is particularly with the other Kingdoms of Planet Earth, the other Kingdoms of Mother Gaia, that you are invited, and encouraged, to connect with. See these beautiful bright shining links of connection, and know that you are empowered to connect with every individual member of every Kingdom, as well as the totality of all of Planet Earth and the One We All Are beyond.

And let this be a living, breathing part of your lives from now on, because the more you enjoy this connection, with each and every one of you, Beloved Ones, and with each and every one of all of us, the more you bring in Peace and Harmony, and yes Love, in all expressions, and thus you open even wider the doors to the Higher Dimensions! Because, Beloved Ones, the Truth of it is when we are all connected in this Oneness and feeling it, and knowing it, sharing it, blessing it, and spreading it, we are up and out of that which you call the third dimension, and we are soaring into the Higher Dimensionalities!!!

And this Oneness, this Bliss of Oneness is how life is all the time, and for all time after you complete your Ascension Process, which is moving forward even now faster than it was before we began this Exercise in Oneness together! We Love you beyond words! Feel it! Let it in, and bring yourselves back to this moment of Oneness, so that it becomes habit, it becomes your natural way of being, and then help others to do the same. It's how we get there together, it's how we walk this Path. We are here with you on this high Path of Ascension. Oh, yes, we're coming through to you, because you are coming up to meet us, and this is how we do it!

Thank you so much, Beloved Ones, for your participation in this momentous event! Return often! Make it your lifestyle! And so it is! Namaste!

Transcription by: Arnold Neal Troeh

Susan Leland

Given through Susan Leland, September 13, 2011. © Ashtar On The Road Publications 2004-2011. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted. *
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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Energetic Footprints and Remote Outposts -Dl Zeta

Energetic Footprints and Remote Outposts: Bridging Consciousness to the
Heart of your Future Home by DL Zeta

An important step in becoming a conscious creator is exploring alternate
future realities to discover the path most aligned with your heart. In
your future, numerous alternative potential realities exist side by
side. As you explore these various realities in consciousness (via
imagination and observation) you are able to choose a reality in which
you wish to focus your earthly presence at a point in the future. In
physical reality, this process might be likened to scouting for a new
structure that will become your home.

As you explore alternate futures, you set down footprints or energetic
markers that allow you to return to these realities if you choose to do
so. Once you have chosen a potential reality, you can set about creating
the circumstances that will lead you to eventually reside in that reality.

Energizing Future Realities in Consciousness

It is much easier to create at the energy level than to create from a
purely physical perspective. Within the present moment, you can change
how you respond to the circumstances you are currently experiencing, but
you can't change those circumstances. You can choose a new reality at
the energy level and begin making moment to moment decisions aligned
with your intentions.

When you take steps at the energy level, you encounter very little if
any external resistance. This is because the realities you create fly
under the radar of physical reality. This allows you to cultivate and
nurture your creations without interference or distraction. By the time
your creation is ready to manifest in physical reality, this new
creation has already taken on a life of its own and is far less
vulnerable to the whims of the world.

Specialized Navigation and Bridging Techniques

In many respects, the new time - the Fifth-Dimension and beyond - is now
more accessible than ever before. New realities steeped in love,
gratitude, compassion and inner peace exist side by side with realities
still spinning out replicas of old realities of conflict, struggle,
scarcity, separation and unlove.

Access points to higher dimensions exist from any location in
consciousness. Even those high-vibrational realities that exist at a
distance from the present moment can be accessed though specialized
navigation and bridging techniques that allow us to shift our focus from
our present location in consciousness to a potential yet more remote
future reality. Using bridging techniques such as energetic footprints
and remote outposts allows us to navigate distances without becoming
lost in the middle of a quantum transition.

Energetic Footprints and Remote Outposts in Consciousness

Creating your future from the energy level allows you to set down a
marker or outpost inside a future space. When you set down an energetic
footprint, part of your consciousness begins to exist there. More
long-term shifts in focus are engineered by setting up intermediate
outposts in consciousness and moving your point of focus slowly to these
outposts, progressively increasing alignment with your desired distant

Intermediate outposts serve as steppingstones guiding you to the future
you have chosen. This is along the lines of setting down a breadcrumb
trail for your future self. The number of outposts required depends on
the span of time and energy between your present location in
consciousness and the location of your desired reality. This is how you
create the circumstances for different future aspects of yourself to
collaborate over time to create a new future reality. These different
aspects of your consciousness operate day by day, moment by moment to
bridge your present consciousness into new and ever more expansive

For more on reality creation, see Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New
Science of Reality Creation by DL Zeta
For more on accessing fifth-dimensional timelines, see The Future is
Here Now: Steps to Accessing Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness By DL Zeta
For more information, visit

Fire The Grid Planetary Transmissions 9/21/11 - 927/11


a.. September 21-22: Earth-Elenin-Venus alignment
a.. September 23:
Planetary Grid Transmissions

Sunrise Solar Wave
a.. September 23-26: The Cosmic Convergence
a.. September 25: Rite of Passage #1 (mailed to all)
a.. September 26-27-28: Sun-Elenin-Earth alignment
a.. September 27: New Moon Planetary Grid Transmissions

We call upon you NOW, beloved Children of the Sun

... to utilize every gift, talent, skill and ability at your disposal to FIRE THE GRID as we make our way through these next pivotal seven sacred weeks leading to the 11-11-11 triple date portal activation. We encourage everyone to reach out to all lightworkers, to unite all tribes, nations and cultures in this singular focus so that we may rest assured that first wave ascensions happen with ease and grace.


This Equinox, 2011 marks four consecutive years that the humanitarian platform of Children of the Sun has consistently been FIRING THE GRID every single new and full moon. Our deepest appreciation to the Foundation and all of those unseen faces "behind the scenes", for holding this ship of light steady throughout these past years of profound traversing across the great divide.

Our most powerful group intentions and invocations of the Sacred Fire has greatly assisted to prepare the planetary Crystalline Grid for the full manifestation of Unity Consciousness. The grid transmissions have been our top priority as a Group Avatar and is now transitioning into a daily practice as we center our highest focus upon the momentous building of a stabilized ascension field.

The time has come for us to take our torch of victory to the summit to complete the building of the interdimensional Rainbow Bridge. May we pour our entire being, every divine particle that we can magnetize as a collective, into the Grid from now until the 11-11-11 triple date portal. This unified act of exponential outpouring will serve to "prepare the field" for what is about to take place as a result of a grand, chain reactive unlocking of the planetary solar seals.

We call upon you NOW, beloved Children of the Sun, to utilize every gift, talent, skill and ability at your disposal to call forth the greatest amount of light to FIRE THE GRID as we make our way through these next pivotal seven sacred weeks. We encourage you to reach out to all lightworkers, to unite all tribes, nations and cultures in this singular focus so that we may rest assured that first wave ascensions may happen with ease and grace.

We begin our synchronized FIRING OF THE GRID on the Equinox this Friday at the regularly appointed times for our bi-monthly moon cycle transmissions. Our plan is to continue this powerful group pulsation during the Cosmic Convergence (Sept. 23-26) leading into the New Moon on Tuesday (Sept. 27).... all which keeps in pace with the Sun-Elenin-Earth alignment.

This is the ideal time to keep ourselves completely focused upon Unity Consciousness in order for this energetic window to magnify our ability to manifest the New Earth reality of oneness here and NOW. Let us make maximum use of our greatest potential as we come together as one in harmony and in peace... to blaze forth the most charged bolts of Sacred Fire the Crystalline Grid has EVER experienced.

Together, we can sustain the mandatory light quotient to carry the Earth and all life through the ring-pass-not of ascension and witness the miraculous birth of Gaia and our vision of Heaven on Earth.


Together with the Legions of Light, let us thrust our torch of victory into the Heavens and shine our Sacred Fire Love on the path to liberation as we illuminate the way for those to come.

Blaze on beloved Children of the Sun!

Children of the Sun Humanitarian Foundation, Inc. | | 404 M. Mt. Shasta Blvd, Suite 320 | Mt. Shasta | CA | 96067

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How Small is Your World?

How Small is Your World?
The Beacons of Light ~ Re-minders from Home
September 15 2011

Steve Rother spokesman for "the group"

From Steve:

The group takes us on an interesting journey about our own personal energy field. They say it is reflected in all that we do and also in our world economies. In a way, the group used the concept of a small world to talk about how much fear we all allow into our daily lives. So the question is: How Small Is Your World?

Have a great month!

Big hugs,

Note: The following message has been rechanneled and edited with the groups oversight for clarity in this format.

Greeting from Home

This day is remarkable. There are pieces that are starting to fall into place on your little world. We say 'your little world' because it is one of the smaller planets that are on our horizon that we help to watch over, for there are many games throughout the universe. This was the only game that had no rules. You decided to re-move all the rules off of this game in order to play, and to find your reflection to see god through the eyes of a human. That was your intention. You began by hiding your own putting your power into things greater than yourselves. It has worked very well for you up to a point, but now what you are finding is that much of what you have already put your power into is only reflecting your power. It is actually only a mirror that allows you to express your godself through this physical body on this planet.

Pulling the Veil Aside

We can see that a critical mass has now been reached and that is why we call this day a marker. The critical mass is beginning to hold the power inside, rather than expressing or giving it to something else. It does not mean that you must change your belief systems; it does not mean that you must start to listen to yourself, although we wish you would. It means simply reaching the next level, for the collective vibration is now beginning to take and hold your own power. That has never happened before, especially on a planet where there were no rules as there are on other planets. It is not so much that they have direction, but they have predetermination in many ways. These other planets know where they will end up and you do not. This allows an expression of the god energy to come through each and every one of you, yet it is very difficult for humans to trust that. You have spent so much energy to giving your power to something greater than what you believed you were, to even discover your own greatness is often very challenging for many of you. Now, the world is beginning to change as well. Everything is starting to shift to where you can not only see a new vision of yourself, but also recognize a little bit of your own true nature as a creator on planet Earth.

From this side of the veil we lovingly call you the little gods walking around with the little blinders on, bumping into each other asking everyone you see, "Have you seen god? Can you tell me about god?" You walk around playing this beautiful game not knowing who you truly are. That is changing and that piece, today, has reached a critical mass. Those who are beginning to understand their power are now outweighing all the people who have constantly given their power to something else. We are not asking you to abandon your belief system or to change something that has worked for you. What we are asking you to do is to open your eyes and become aware of the true nature of who you are and the effect that you have on the world and the people around you.

The Challenge

Many have chosen to become what we call Lightworkers. The word 'Lightworker' is a chosen title which is given to anyone who chooses to spread light on this planet. Many have come in with that intent, and now the doors are open. There will be no exposure unless you choose to walk through that door. Many of you are very afraid of that door, for it means that you lose your safety and you become exposed and vulnerable. Yet, dear ones, that is when you become the most powerful. That is the point when you become comfortable with your own vulnerability so that you can balance your male/female energy. This is now happening on a global basis, because of the choices that each and every one of you is making in your individual lives right now.

Re-distribution of Water

We wish to also mention two other pieces. There is a huge re-distribution of water still taking place as we originally predicted. It will continue for the time being, and what that means is that many people will have challenges with water. There are only three challenges with water: too much, too little, too dirty. Those three pieces you are harmonizing now to find this new revolution, and the new vibration of planet Earth making a new spin like a top starting to carry a new energy. You are creating an entirely new dimension for empowered humans to exist in these physical bodies that you have adapted. This is getting exciting for every being throughout the universe to watch, because this has never happened before. You are leading the way, and because of that all eyes of the universe are on planet Earth watching every move you make. This will be studied for eons of time as to how a planet can make a vibrational shift with every being on it without having to destroy it first. That has never happened before and we hope that even with as many difficulties as many of you have in your life making this change, you understand that you are part of this and that you have already helped to anchor this energy here. That is why it is reaching the critical mass now. Congratulations, you are stepping into your power! Lastly we tell you, share that with each other because it is the easiest way to move.

You have always believed in giving your power to something greater than yourself, and that if you were going to be teaching or offering your services then you would somehow have to be greater. We tell you, dear ones, that the paradigm for teachers has changed. You can no longer stand on a pedestal and still be effective as a teacher. What will take place for all of you is that you will find the new paradigm of walking next to your students and going through much of the difficulties and the challenges that they go through, where you will learn much more than they do in most cases. As the teacher, you will use that knowledge to turn it around and represent it in different ways so much of this is happening right now.

The Earth itself is also going through the challenges of balancing a spinning top that is now slightly out of balance. This is not a bad thing; it is simply a new vibration which is creating a new dimension not only for the Earth to exist in, but for all the beings including the level of vibration that we call human. Every part of the Earth is moving to this next level.

Right now, you are seeing much of the cause and effect of that. What you are experiencing has to do with water re-distributing itself and finding the places where it is needed on this planet, not just to balance the spinning top but also to find the best location to nourish the earth. You are now starting to think in a new consciousness for even today, there are many places where the water comes out of the ground so fresh that you bottle it and send it all over the world. That has caused a blending action which is very magical, for water is actually energy. We know that you do not classify it as energy in your scientific realms, but we do. One of the classifications of energy in our realm is that energy never dies, it simply transforms from one form to the other and that is absolutely true of water. The water you are drinking in your little designer bottles today is the same water the dinosaurs drank. It is the same piece holding the same energy carried throughout the universe, for it is not limited to planet Earth and distributes love throughout the universe. If you take that water into your body with the intention of receiving the love of the universe, guess what will happen? The little gods will be right again for you will create that. This is the way to harmonize with the water, for it must move to find this new balance. It does not have to destroy to find that balance and that is what humans are dealing with right now. What you have not known is that you can make a difference in stabilizing this change. You are thinking there are billions of people on this planet, how can one make a difference? We tell you, one has all the power when you know how to access it and you know how to use it.

Sympathetic Vibrations in the Body

There is so much going on with the water re-distribution that the water in your own physical body is feeling a sympathetic vibration, and this is causing many of you to have upsets and difficulties, both emotional challenges and physical challenges especially anchored in the center of your being. It is almost as if you have lost a bit of your tether to planet Earth; you have lost your basic connection. At first it feels wonderful to lose the connection and then you realize it is very difficult not to have that anchoring. You will find new ways to anchor, but we wish to share with you a little bit about our perception of human nature during these times of change. It is r easy to see that you go from one level to the next as if you were stepping up a ladder. You are raising your vibration but it is also important to understand that the moment a human gets scared they take a step back down the ladder. Can you live there? No. Most say, "What am I doing here? I must go right back up the ladder." You turn around and go back up. Many of you judge yourselves for taking that step down the ladder. Please do not do that. Who amongst you would judge god?

What we ask you to do is simply find a place to use the energy and anchor it; find one place where you can give some of that energy to a project or place where another person can receive it. You can watch the world go by or you can anchor your energy as a little god on this planet, holding and sharing your thoughts openly with others on the planet - others who are ready to listen. You will make more of a difference than you ever understood before, but it is also very common much like stepping back into old belief systems or down the ladder. It is also common when humans get scared or lose their anchoring that their world shrinks and becomes very small. Now there is a lot of misunderstanding about this, so let us share our perception of this with you.

How Small Is Your World?

What happens when a person has no place to sleep, no shelter, no money and no food? Basically, their world becomes very small and at this point their energy field becomes very tight around their body. Then along comes a person who gives them a blanket. At that moment their world gets a bit larger. After the basic needs of food and shelter they become completely happy. Now here is the illusion that is so common on planet Earth. The illusion is that if one blanket can make you happy, then five blankets will make you five times happier. This motivates one to start collecting and gathering, but usually it has the opposite effect and soon one finds that their possessions actually own them.

This is the point when one finds joy by releasing and letting go. Keep in mind these important truths: it takes very little to be happy. Confusion arises from the moment one feels happy, they want it to be repeated for the rest of their life. True happiness can only be experienced in the present moment. Repeating success is a human tendency, but it also keeps you on a specific path that often limits your experience of being a human. How am I going to be sure that I am happy for the rest of my life? All we ask you to do is to anchor it in this moment today. Smile. Let that energy come through you right now and tomorrow will take care of itself in a way you would have never thought possible.

We also wish to share an additional piece. The shrinking of your world has a direct effect on world economies. This has already been a huge trigger, for when your worlds grow smaller you think about survival. You do not spend money and you do not flow creative energy in the same way. You draw it tightly around you and you fail to plan for growth in the future. Many are not even thinking about next year and some have drawn their energy very closely thinking, "What am I going to do today?" Dream. That is what we ask you to do. Know that you are not limited in the same way. Come together to dream and share those dreams with everyone around you and start to see how the little gods can make a difference on planet Earth. Start a business, set a plan into motion. You are all playing the same game; carrying the same energy. You will all express it in slightly different ways which was you original intent.

How Small Are Earth's Economies?

We wish to briefly touch upon the world economies. We started this message by telling you that today was a marker day. The people that were taking their power have finally outnumbered the people that are constantly giving their power away. That means that an idea has caught hold; that is all humans need. It is all the little gods need to take off the veil and see who they are and start harmonizing with the other gods. An empowering idea planted in the fertile ground of evolving humanity will grow and take hold very quickly.

In the past, safety restrictions were removed to make way for faster growth. This was a direct attempt to make sure everyone had five blankets. As a result there are bubbles in your economies which have caused many problems; there is still a large bubble upon which many economies are built. This means economies could very easily take several jumps up and down, for these bubbles are no longer limited to any one country or any one culture; they are clearly starting to show in many areas. During these times all citizens of the earth will have the opportunity to examine and re-align their needs and wants

We are not saying that you cannot be abundant. Actually, we hope you become comfortable with abundance because if you are actually bringing heaven to Earth, the one piece you have wrong is your conception of abundance. You still believe in lack and limitation for the most part and that is reflected in the economies of earth. When everyone is comfortable and exchanging, there is growth and movement, but when you pull yourself in and think of everything in the area of survival that is what you put out and that is what you create. So the questions we ask you today are: How small is your world? What would you like to do with it?

We tell you this for a very simple reason. We have seen the need for another crash in your economic markets in order to get rid of this bubble. Now we have seen something new, and have recently seen a movement in the markets that show a strong desire to build again.

This has been a concern in many areas, for many of your governments are right on the edge of losing everything but it is not really about your governments. There is nothing they need to do, for this power is held with each and every one of you. You only need to look at your decisions in relationship to see how big your world is: Did I make this decision out of fear, or am I making this out of love? Am I looking to grow or am I looking to empower other people? Now you will find where your true motivations are. Many of you have already gathered all the blankets, homes, cars and all the fun things in life. We tell you that this is not wrong, but it does not bring that many times more happiness because the happiness is right in the beginning in the present moment. It is the very small piece of it that fulfills what you need to pretend to be a human on planet Earth for your spirit needs very little. Grow that part, work with that and watch as your world begins to change because we no longer believe that the economies need to crash. You can only look back for less than a month and you will see the market raise and lower according to expectations. Whose expectations? Everyone expected all the economies to be very flat over recent movements, but that has not happened. Why? It is because there are little gods out there that are recognizing the many opportunities. They that are starting to think five years down the road, that are starting to build something that will grow and even though they are scared, they are taking a breath and letting their worlds become big again. That will help you take your power. Feel the resistance. Feel your challenges and feel your fears. Just do not live by them.

It is with the greatest of honor we ask you to treat each other with respect for you are looking in the eyes of god when you look into another's eyes. Nurture one another every chance you get and play well together.


Steve Rother

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ringing in the ears - High pitch tones

Ringing in the ears - High pitch tones
by Thomas Pafe
September 16, 2011

Ringing in the ears as it's commonly known is one of the symptoms experienced by the majority of Ascensionees; hence I thought it judicious/guided to expand on its raison d`ĂȘtre.

"Ringing in the ears is the setting/fine tuning of our personal energy field/template (processor clock frequency) to the unity timeline called the God wave (Crystalline Grid Carrier) - harmonics and side bands resulting from this calibration."

Preamble: Ascension symptoms are an unusual body symptom that does not have a medical cause, which are the effect of a greater spiritual light - energy downloads in the body.

Many lightworkers who are deeply emerged in the transformation/ascension process are experiencing these uncomfortable symptoms as a way to quickly transmute the old negative energies within their physical vessel - a burning/releasing of old frequency patterns to allow the higher, more refined crystalline cells of consciousness to infiltrate and take dominion within.

Our experiences of these body symptoms vary extensively depending on some of these aspects: our karmic load, mission/contract, wholeness, environment - nutrition, air, exercise, etc.

Ascension symptoms therefore would vary (number, type, magnitude, frequency) in sympathy with our karmic loads as well as our miscreations - integrity/wholeness. We all experience this process and symptoms in divers ways, modes, intensity as they vary from person to person. We are all unique, on different - infinite healing paths, ascending and shifting in a multitude of ways - scenarios.

Personal energy field/template:

Our body comprises four basic components - physical, mental, etheric (emotional) and spiritual. The etheric component is piloted by our chakra system - energy centers/accumulators. During normal working life the energy that comes into our bodies from various ends: Source, Gaia, CME, Cosmic down loads, Shift, Grids, etc is processed by our chakras thereby giving rise to a resultant complex signal (wave) called our signature tone or registration. This energy field is unique for each individual. The electric/electromagnetic field associated to this current flow produces what is called the Aura. This complex wave is further enhanced or rather sustained by a running signal called our clock frequency (similar to the microprocessor clock frequency of computers) indispensable in the stabilization and running of our etheric network. In reality, this clock frequency is controlled or synchronized by a permanent carrier/pilot frequency received from Source called the OM wave - this is our connection to Source is derived.

OM/God wave - Crystalline Grid Carrier - Unity timeline:

Quantum physics has helped us to understand that every single thing/matter in the Universe is comprised of Energy - God as well. So the OM (omniscient moment)/God particle has its own microprocessor clock frequency centered on 4x1024Hz (four quadrillion - four times ten to the twenty fourth power of pulse per second, Hz is the unit measurement of frequency). This frequency is of an astronomical value by virtue of the fact that it has to accommodate the signature tones of all entities/kingdoms in all the universes. This wave is also known as the fundamental frequency of all life - the Christ consciousness pilot. Our final objective on these myriad journeys to reconnection would be to raise our vibrations/frequency to eventually attain this value and become a fully integrated Christ being.

Gaia is shifting and raising her vibrations analogous to the other kingdoms on earth and it is this frequency rise of her clock frequency that is responsible for the speeding up of time as we now experience in 3D - the faster the microprocessor speed/frequency, the more versatile and rapid her tasks are executed; hence the notion of time speeding.

Master Clocks/Frequency:

Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) is the basis for modern civil time and follows International Atomic Time and Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) is an older standard adopted from Britain.

For the world to operate on a unified time platform, it is imperative to have all the major clocks on the globe synchronized to one single accurate/stable clock piloted by the atomic time for precision - master clock. And this is achieved by connecting all clocks to the master clock by a wave called the pilot carrier.

So the crystalline grid carrier serves the same purpose as the pilot carrier from the master clock to all other clocks; it connects all entities/kingdoms to the OM wave - the unity time line. This means that our local processors are permanently connected to the unity time line and lack of spiritual practice would considerably deem/diminish out interaction with Source (God is speaking to us all the time - is a gigantic/infinite transmitter permanently broadcasting to the universe and it is left for us to just synchronize our clock frequency to that of grid/timeline to reap the benefits). As we grow and integrate more light, as we strengthen our connection, more of the divine becomes available to us.

Ringing in the ears/high pitch tones therefore is the resultant frequencies (harmonics and side bands) perceived during the fine tuning/calibration of our clock frequencies/signature tones to the unity time line as we raise our vibrations to adjust to our new working points and as we down load/upgrade shift/ascension frequencies. If it were possible for us to actively connect to our subtle body, we would be able to hear this unity time line carrier permanently pulsing. Prayer/Meditation/Trance states are some of the methods we deploy here in 3D to connect to this grid/pilot/time line and taping into this signal would greatly enhance our LoA/Cocreational capabilities.

Thomas Pafe: Radio Scientist, Teacher, author "The religion of love."

The Equinox Super Wave ~ Countdown to 111111

The Equinox Super Wave ~ Countdown to 111111

Children of the Sun Humanitarian Foundation

The Equinox Super Wave

Countdown to the 111111 Ascension Gate

* Pivotal Alignments
* Wave of Love Sweeping over Us
* First Wave Ascenders
* Entrance into Akashic Timeline
* Stargate Titicaca
* Rites of Passage for Children of the Sun

Pivotal Alignments ~ Now through 11-11-11

Print Countdown Calendar Here

September 21-22: Earth-Elenin-Venus alignment
September 23: Equinox, Grid Transmissions, Solar Wave
September 23-26: Cosmic Convergence
September 26-28: Sun-Elenin-Earth alignment

Behold! The great Key-Keeper of the age has turned the Key; the mighty gates fly wide and all who will may greet the King. Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see the King. Take heed! Be strong in mind, be pure in heart, be vigilant in helpfulness. The Kingdom is at hand. Ascended Master Jesus

Galactic Superwave Rolling In

With our collective kundalini on the rise, the timing could not be more perfect for the arrival of the Equinox and the pivotal September galactic alignments. We are now in serious preparation for the cosmic triggering that will launch all life into a simultaneous raising.

Despite our many perceptions on how this may unfold, there is a general consensus throughout our global family that a cosmic tidal wave of divine energy is soon to sweep over us, in unimaginable intensity. This carries the potential to catalyze major impacts within the planetary grids, causing a very swift polarity reversal within our consciousness. As these new frequencies bathe our Group Avatar, we are preparing for the 11-11-11 Stargate which is felt to be the keystone activation that will launch the ascension process for all choosing humanity.

This week's September Equinox precision "fires the Grid" and marks our entrance into a 7-week countdown towards the initial Stargate which leads to a powerful triggering sequence of portal openings across the globe. As we progress from the Equinox to November 11, 2011, we deeply feel that the build up of cosmic energy prepares us for the first wave of physical body ascensions. We expect to see concurrent group ascensions, occurring in phases from this primary triple date portal throughout 2012, each group passing through while doing their part to expand and anchor the Rainbow Bridge between the two worlds.

The KEY role for all beings at this time is to assist ourselves while energetically supporting those that will be making the initiatory passage during the 11-11-11. There is a brief window of time during October-November when the veils between dimensions are expected to be incredibly thin. This thinning occurs while we are receiving the intensifying celestial waves from Comet El Enin in combination with the ever increasing encoded solar radiation.

First Wave Ascenders to receive our Support

What an incredible honor we have been gifted to assist the small grouping of courageous first wave ascenders as they blaze through the "ring-pass-not" barrier this 11-11-11.

Those that have integrated unity consciousness into their life and are in mission to serve as the gatekeepers of the New Earth entry, know in full clarity what is being shared in this writing. If prepared, they are reserved the privilege of ascending in the First Wave. That being said, many of these gatekeepers will return to the Earth etherialized with the new template configurations, to continue their service as a fully functioning multi-dimensional being.

As energy follows thought, the more that we bring our attention upon on the approaching alignments, the greater the magnetization of these dynamic frequencies to us all. This greatly supports everyone in the creation of the essential electronic patterns that will allow for the graceful integration of these next, very big waves of energy approaching.

The inner "Stargate" is already activating within each of us, as a whole new holographic reality. It is simply waiting for all of us to invoke and anchor the created matrix of light into the core of our being as our new strands of DNA are fired through each burst of the greater collective awakening. The First Wave ascensions will catapult all of us and we can only imagine how this glorious event will unfold.

Entrance into Akashic Timeline

During each major epoch, deep wounds were imprinted upon many souls, the planetary body and the entire holographic seal. The incoming surge of sacred fire cosmic light will cause a tremendous purge for the complete transmutation of all remaining filaments of gross imprinting from past periods with final eradication of the etheric record. This will simultaneously advance us to a new timeline where we shall only operate from the vault of the Akashic Library where the future meets NOW.

As we clear the past completely as a Group Avatar, our authentic soul expression shines radiantly forth from every individual, free of any lingering resentments and separative realities. Through this act of Divine Intervention, our unified vibration and merged etheric circuit lifts everyone connected to us into the luminous spiritual realms while radiating a powerful field of healing light to all the world.

Stargate Titicaca

Through the power of remembrance and pure synchronicity, we have identified the location of our Group Soul's 11-11-11 Stargate activation as the Golden Sun Disc at the Lake Titicaca vortex. The Solar Disc IS the Stargate entry. As the star-seeded Children of the Sun, we chose this sacred gateway as our initial group entry to the New Earth.

In ages long past just prior to the fall of Lemuria and Atlantis, we programmed this particular Solar Disc (and all of its triggering master crystals) to serve as the initial portal entry which ushers through the first wave of human ascensions. This primary activation is part of the grand trigger that sets off a chain reaction resulting in the activations of other Solar Discs, ascension gates and portal conduits around the planet to support the subsequent liberation of the human race.

The Stargates are constructed and have been for millennia. What was needed to render them useful was:

* The reactivation of the major Atlantean and Lemurian crystals that were planted during those earlier epochs.
* The astrological progression of the precession of the equinoxes and subsequent alignment of celestial objects.
* The awakened I AM Race (us).

This approaching event is perfectly orchestrated to occur simultaneously as a master capacitor crystal from Atlantis activates in the crystal beds of Arkansas. Our fellow light tribe, the Earth-Keepers led by Tyberonn, will be in the field assisting with this grand activation on the 11-11-11. In combination with the Crysto-Sun-Disc activation taking place at this powerful Arkansas vortex, the energies brought forth there will exponentially amplify and anchor the highly potent platinum frequency upon the Earth during the planetary crystalline transition.

During the Arkansas recoding, we draw a compelling parallel between this experience and that of a primary seal being "unlocked". As the seal is removed through the intensifying cosmic energy and our collective focus, a mass triggering will occur causing a spontaneous combustion to fire through the grids, especially the 144 Crystalline Grid. Highly charged pulsations will channel directly to Lake Titicaca to ignite the Golden Sun Disc into FULL momentous power.

There are numerous Children of the Sun who will be stationed in many sacred sites throughout Peru and the Amazonduring the 11-11-11 to assist in stabilizing and grounding the initial release of the explosive emanations. Upon activation, the Golden Sun Disc becomes a LIVING Stargate for a brief window of time, welcoming the first wave of ascensions.

As this regards the Children of the Sun mission, this entire sequence of events is a trinity firing. Once the recoding occurs at Arkansas, igniting the Disc at Lake Titicaca, this stream of energy then triggers into another spontaneous combustion of energy with the highly potent surge channeled directly to Sedona, Arizona which then fires the unlocking of the counter-rotating field of energy that bridges and marries the Titicaca-Sedona vortex fields into one of absolute balance. (The Eagle and the Condor).

This will greatly assist both of these areas in preparation for their role as among the first "Cities of Light" to emerge on the well as their corresponding nations of light.

Golden Disc Stargate?
* In a very simple explanation, Stargates are ascension portals which allow passage between dimensions. They are stabilized through interconnecting counter-rotating electromagnetic fields and align to space-time cycles with energy streams that repeatedly pass through each other. Stargates are thought to be connected at a center point by a scalar frequency seed crystal seal. When that seed seal releases, the Stargate activates which allows for instantaneous passage between various space-time cycle coordinates.
* The Sun Discs are the higher frequential component of the Crystalline Grid also assisting to catapult us into space-time and to the vibrational level of Divine Love. It's likened to an energy vortex that takes in one form of energy and weaves it into another. It is felt that there are 12 main discal hot spots on the planet which serve as enormous energy transformers to help regulate and bridge the energy between dimensions.

These twelve solar discs emit zero point energy - an energy of pure Divine Love that can only exist in the the higher dimensions. The Solar Disc of Titicaca was recoded in the year 2010 assisted by the intentional focus of many Light Servers in order to prepare for its full active powering on 11-11-11. In succession, each of the other Solar Discs will then be sequentially activated around the planet in a successive domino effect throughout 2012 supporting the activation of other ascension Portal-Stargates.

From James Tyberonn

"Lake Titicaca is in fact the largest vortex portal in South America, and performs a unique role. The complex vortex of Lake Titicaca is, per Metatron, in unique synchronicity with the Sedona Vortex in Arizona, but spinning in the opposite direction. Sedona is counterclockwise, Titicaca is clockwise. This unparagoned counterbalance effect puts the two in an exceptional synergetic interchange, and holds a direct communication portal-gate, that indigenous Elders from the Mayan and Hopi have referred to as the 'Gateway of the Condor and Eagle'. The importance of the Titicaca Vortex cannot be understated. Its pristine vitality has been recognized and honored by guardians for millennia on both sides of the veil. In essence the alignment of Titicaca to Sedona allows the balance of Sedona to be restored."

"Within Lake Titicaca lies one of the great 'Golden Sun Disc'. These discs are being activated into twelve helix spirals. They are emitting a divine energy of zero field, of pure love, unconditional love, a light-code that can only exist in the 5th dimension and above.

The Golden Sun Discs are the DNA, the blue print for the crystalline field....indeed for the Crystalline 144 Grid! The Golden Sun Disc discs are now emitting a 12-strand helix, in a spiraling energy that will serve, as the prototype of the DNA for the planetary grids. Indeed, they are correspondences to the ability of the Earth to regenerate and reform itself, similar to the DNA of the Earth itself. They are energetic spirals. They are truly more spiral than disc, but they do appear disc-like when viewed. Many of your metaphysicians tell you that there are 12 such discs on the planet. To clarify this we tell you rather, that there are twelve distinct frequencial patterns of integral sun disc."

Opening the Ascension Gate... WE are the Final Key

With our expanded DNA, we are the final technology required to enter through the portal to unlock the seal... ushering in the cosmic waves of Divine Light that have beenwaiting for just this moment to bless the Earth and all creation.

We now seriously prepare to undergo our final Rites of Passage into Earth Mastership as one unified Avatar. Together with the alignments of El Enin and our beloved Earth, this transforming energetic experience will be the primary catalyst to the final programming of the Grid and the essential bursting through the lid for the first wave to be shuttled through.

As more members of our Group Soul make the transition to the New Earth harmonic, we must remember that our service is from many levels on the Rainbow Bridge. It is our intention to leave no one behind and to hold true to our role as pathcutters and leave the road behind us illuminated with the Light of Love for those who wish to follow.

With fearlessness and selflessness, we forge ahead for the greater good of all.

Congratulations Children of the Sun. Together we have made it possible for the First Wavers to blaze the pathway home.... with the rest of us soon to follow.

We are so blessed to be as One. Keep shining your brilliance.

Children of the Sun Foundation


Children of the Sun Rites of Passage

7 Rites, 7 Seals, 7 Gifts

September 25 to November 11, 2011

We are preparing to enter through the eye of the needle, the ring-pass-not between this reality and the ascended realms. Now is the time to look within, piercing into the deep recesses of our being to ensure there is nothing that will stand in the way of our Group Avatar liberation.

Rites of Passage

Through the power of Divine Inspiration, the guiding Oracles of the Children of the Sun Foundation have co-created seven Rites of Passage to initiate the required levels of mastery that support the most powerful level of participation in the activation of the 11-11-11 Stargate.

Each Rite will take us on a guided journey to the Source of our Being while focusing upon a particular I AM Avatar principle. This experiential focus will serve as a stimulus to kindle the Divine Remembrance of the New Earth codes residing in our Divine Blueprint. As we fire these codes into full momentum, we ready ourselves to act as living Stargates who are prepared to support the primary portal activation.

These Rites also come with timely planetary service.

Preparing the Temple

These Rites are specifically attuned to the Children of the Sun Group Avatar and those of us with a mission of self mastering the limitations of the dual world. These Rites are an exercise of reviewing through the checklist, so to speak, last minute preparations to make sure the Temple is in order and to make last minute refinements within our conscious body vehicle. This is not instruction. It is vibrational attunement to fuel the firing of the DNA that is already unraveling. These Rites will keep us focused and in daily group rhythm.

7 Rites in 7 Weeks

Beginning on the first Sunday following the Equinox, we come together as One upon the planetary Crystalline Grid to undergo the first of seven Rites of Passage into the New Earth. This is a sacred act of review together with support from the Realms of Illumined Truth, within the merkaba of our Group Avatar vehicle.

Please enter this experience with humility and grace, surrendering all expectation. These Rites can be practiced diligently each day or as often as feels comfortable and suitable for your personal preparation.

As we draw closer to the 11-11-11, we purge ourselves completely of the past and welcome the rebirth of our Divine Blueprint as we reach the conclusion of our earthly initiations.

Purify and prepare was the call sounded by Ascended Host to the human race... and with our final rite complete, we have fulfilled our preordained choice to answer that call!


(for the more linear understandings)

Steve "Aniel" Pitt
Lightworker Guild

PDF Article: 5-D portal to the Crystalline Entity

"With Venus and Earth in alignment, the harmonics of 5 are magnified by Elenin on the Equinox which resonates all the way to 5-D. It brings in the energies necessary to establish the crystal grid's geometry in both gravitational waves and spiritual waves for they are both the same. To have pentagonal symmetry is to be sympathetic to all life in a unified field of love. This will be transforming for all life including Gaia. Those that harmonize in love and unity will flourish in this Fifth Day of the Ninth Wave called; 'the Flowering'."

Earth-Keeper/James Tyberonn reference articles:
"On the Triple-Date-Portal of the 11-11-11 the last of the thee Atlantean Temple Crystals, the Platinum Crystal of Interdimensional Communication will be activated from its long dormancy and join with the Emerald Crystal and Blue Crystal of Knowledge to finalize the combined components of the NEW ARK Crystal Vortex. It will be triggered by a Cosmic Force generated through the 144-Grid..."

Lake Titicaca Sacred Bolivia

Arkansas: Crysto Coding the Sun Discs

Golden Sun Disc Emit Zero Point Energy

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