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A Recapmof the Best of the Best: Archangel Michael Teachinngs

Messages from Archangel Michael * Lm-7-2012 A Recap of the "Best of the Best" Archangel Michael's Wisdom Teachings June, 2012 Seminar * Roseville, California, USA Ronna / Sacred Scribe =============================================================== Beloved masters, it is vitally important that you understand the different phases you are in the midst of, and also some of what you will most likely experience in the future as you traverse these critical times of evolutionary transformation. It is time for you to take inventory of your "spiritual agenda" as you evolve beyond the practices of a beginner in the "awakening process" and accept your role as a full-fledged disciple on the Path. Many Divine dispensations are being granted, and you, the aspiring Bearers of Light, have more assistance available to you than ever before. In the past, we have explained that it is time to combine the "emotional nature of Spirit" with the "intellect of Spirit." Your Emotional Body and your Mental Body must advance in knowledge and expand in consciousness as you strive to reunite, balance and harmonize your physical, emotional and mental bodies with the integration of the many facets of your OverSoul Selves. We will review some of the wisdom teachings of the past, and in future monthly messages we will relay more of the advanced teachings we have given our beloved messenger. The Light Frequencies of Knowledge Become the Light of Wisdom: Knowledge = Personality Light **Wisdom = Soul Light **Intuition = Heart Light. Pure Light substance contains cosmic intelligence, which is refracted into the multiple Rays of Creator Consciousness. All creation is the Supreme Creator allowing itself to be expressed in unlimited variations of form. Each of you is one of those variations. You must learn to focus on your inner world or the sanctuary of the Soul. The Soul, the physical vessel and particularly the mind have their own rhythmic cycles and agendas. The Soul's desire is focused on becoming en-Lighten-ed. The mind is focused on attaining and retaining information. The physical body is focused on experiencing via the senses. Humanity is constantly experiencing cycles of growth, stagnation and decay, which makes way for a new cycle of growth and expansion. The master turns inward and strives for an enhanced quality of life, while the unawakened Souls seek outwardly for stimulus and gratification via pleasurable, physical sensation and material possessions. Love as an external focus, exterior to you, will always bring a sense of vulnerability, always needing constant validation by someone or something. Love as an internal focus projected outward is a constant flow of self-assurance, of self-acceptance, always striving to incorporate and project more of this blissful feeling of unity and harmony with all creation. · It is time for you and other Light workers to understand where you fit into this great cosmic event of expansion and evolution. Now is the time you have been preparing for in this and many past lifetimes. You, the faithful ones, who are striving to attain Self-Mastery so that you may become World Servers of the Light, are needed now more than ever. It is now the time to declare, "I will strive to become a Bold Bearer of Light so that I may magnetize to me and radiate from me the maximum amount of Creator Light out into the world and to all humanity." · New pathways in the brain are opened as you begin to unlock the Light packets of wisdom and your history stored within the higher-dimensional levels of your Sacred Mind. The old pathways and painful memories of your third- and fourth-dimensional past begin to fade, and you will find that it becomes more and more difficult to remember the failures and suffering of your past lives. Have we not told you that you are healing the past as you spiral into the future? You will remember who you are and your history, but only the positive, harmonious events. · The moment of awakening is when the Kundalini Fire ignites in the root chakra and moves up the spine through the chakra system, opening the Seven Seals of Higher Consciousness. The Medulla Oblongata or the Ascension Chakra, which is sometimes called the Mouth of God, is activated, and the Pineal Gland begins to pulsate and function as it was originally designed to do. This in turn opens the crown chakra or the Lotus of en-Lighten-ment at the top of the head, thereby connecting with the shining column of Light, which ultimately leads to your God Self or I Am Presence. Once you make this connection you are forever changed. The empowerment of Spirit begins to flow through you as you begin to reclaim your mastery of Self along with the godly gifts of your Divine heritage. The Law of the Circle insures that the vibrational patterns you send forth will be returned to you along with an accumulated measure of similarly-qualified energy (or vibrations of the same frequency patterns). You are the center of an energy vortex that is made up of elongated-circular loops of vibrational patterns that you have projected outward into the world via your Solar Power Center. Your Solar Plexus is aptly named, for just as the Earth receives cosmic energy from the Sun of your Solar system, each of you also radiates Life Force Energy from your own Solar Power Center. For a moment, envision yourself as the central focus of your world. You are the power source, and your thoughts, actions and intentions radiate forth from you in a loop of energy that connects with like energy. That energy magnifies and manifests in the world of cause and effect and then returns to you, reinforcing your picture of reality. Your body absorbs a portion of that energy, creating pain and suffering or joy and blessings, depending on the frequencies. The remainder flows out behind you, creating the other loop of your Infinity pattern, while the residual gradually flows into your auric field and your personal Wheel of Creation. You are constantly adding to your personal reality on Earth, creating a prison of negative energy or your Vehicle of Light. Remember, you came to Earth as cocreators with the God Force. Why not take advantage of this grand opportunity to become a Self-master and a masterful cocreator so that you may become an active participant in the wondrous rejuvenation of the Earth and humanity? A New Sub-root Race Is Being Developed, and You, the Star Seed, Are Lighting the Way. Experiment: In Order to Traverse the Middle Path Comfortably and Efficiently, as New Concepts Are Presented to You, You must Experiment to See If a Concept Is Uplifting, Empowering and Beneficial Before You Accept it as Your Truth. · How does a new idea fit within the framework of your present reality? Is it empowering? Can you embrace the concept totally without reservations? · You are helping to establish a new code of ethics, a new, higher standard of morality for humanity. You, the Star Seed, have agreed to be the examples as the consciousness of humanity awakens all over the world. · It is important that you experiment with your newly-developed skills until they become a part of the transformed, empowered you. You are stretching and straining to incorporate, use and radiate the maximum amount of Creator Light. Your influence will grow exponentially as the vibrational frequencies of your Soul Song are refined and magnified. Experience: You must Experience the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Etheric Aspects of Any New Information, as Well as Any New Skills or Talents, for You Are Deep in the midst of Becoming a Unified Spiritual/human Being. · Your four lower-bodily systems have been at odds with each other for thousands of years, which has been the internal source of all your pain and suffering. · In order to progress on the upward path of ascension, there must first be a reunification amongst the many facets of the physical self. This is the first step in the reintegration of the multiple facets of your Higher Self, and eventually with the many other groups of Souls you have traveled with throughout this Sub-Universal experience. · Every time you attain a new level of wisdom and radiance, your auric field automatically expands and your benevolent influence grows stronger. · It is of vital importance that you review your recent past on a regular basis. Have your everyday life experiences been more harmonious over the past year? · Have there been less conflicts or misunderstandings with others? · Are you experiencing more favorable situations as you go about your daily duties and activities? · Are the people you interact with now more gracious, loving and giving than those of the past? Are they less judgmental, with positive, uplifting attitudes? · We have told you before "you can easily see if you have made progress in lifting your vibrational frequencies by the people and situations you draw to you in your everyday life." Self-Expression: You, the Star Seed, Are Building a Bridge Between the World of Materiality and the World of Spirit. You Are to Cultivate Your Unique Way of Self-expression, While Striving to Develop Your Unity Consciousness. Your Goal Is to Become a Planetary Server in Harmony with the Swiftly Growing Group of World Servers. Your Desire to Serve must Be Genuine and Sincere, and You must Strive to Fulfill Your Predestined Mission as it Is Revealed to You. · You are to seek to fulfill your personal goals; however, first and foremost must come your dedication to that which will be for the greatest benefit of all. · Discernment and discretion are paramount as you gain greater skills and become more proficient in the manifestation of worldly things. Lofty ideals, focused intent, mental clarity and heart-centered devotion are the desired attributes of an Initiate seeking Self-Mastery. In the beginning of your journey into wholeness or "holiness," affirmations assist you in your efforts to balance and harmonize the vibrational patterns within your four-lower bodily systems: physical, mental, emotional and etheric. Affirmations will assist you in reprogramming your subconscious and conscious minds, and will help you establish a new set of guidelines to live by. First, you must strive to become heart-centered and Soul-focused. You must return to a range of accepted vibrational patterns of polarity/duality so that you can access the higher fourth- and lower fifth-dimensional environments. · It is important for you to understand that you are developing your individual Sunlight, which is a reflection of your own God Essence. · The human intellectual thought process must evolve beyond the limitations of language. · There is a vast wealth of information awaiting you via inspiration. · You must develop your intuitive abilities in order to receive the wisdom of the Cosmic Council of Light. It will not come from outside you. It will well up within your own Sacred Mind and Sacred Heart. You must reach up and grasp it, for it will not come down into the effluvia of the Earth planes and seek you out. · Mature spirituality is not an unconscious experience. You must develop a self-sustaining Divinity whereby you are constantly breathing the rich Pranic breath of life / Adamantine Particles of Creator Essence, so that you may receive spiritual sustenance from the River of Life via the eighth chakra, your Soul Star, and through the back portal of your Sacred Heart. · The empowering breath of Infinity opens the pathways that lead to the multidimensional levels of Creator Consciousness. You must broaden your inner perspective as you gradually change your way/mode of thinking and perceiving. · The Spirit of the Creator cannot be isolated. Spirit permeates everything in existence to one degree or another. Brave hearts, you must practice and perfect these techniques which will initiate and increase the flow of Prana or Adamantine Particles of Creator Light. Create and use your Pyramids of Light and Power in the fifth dimension. Practice and use often the Infinity Breath, thereby opening the ascension chakra and the back portal of the heart. Perform the binary sequencing exercise at least once. It is vitally important that you establish the basic pattern of your personal Wheel of Creation if you are to become a proficient cocreator on the material plane of consciousness.* (Explained in Revealed Cosmic Truths * Book Five of AA Michael's Messages. RH) When you are firmly centered within your Sacred Heart, you will transcend all major discord. When you are living your truth, you will be self-confident and you will always strive to speak constructively. As you clear the distortions within the column of Light that connects you to the higher realms, tele-thought communication will be come the norm. As an initiate on the path, you must endeavor to focus on the positive events in your everyday life. There will always be some difficult aspects that arise as you strive for a harmonious State of Being. Your goal is to maintain a state of Divine indifference as you seek a high-frequency resolution in every challenging situation. In other words, you are not to get caught up in the maelstrom of negativity which always radiates from a person or an occurrence powered by lower-frequency vibrations. Non-attachment means that you do not allow the negative energy cords to pierce your spiritual armor and contaminate your auric field. Lift your hearts and consciousness, beloveds, and know that the future is filled with promise. Through our joint endeavors, we will overcome all adversity. See the Love/Light of Lady Faith's and my Essence surround you. Know that you are never alone. I AM Archangel Michael Transmitted through Ronna Herman * Star*Quest* 6005 Clear Creek Drive, Reno, NV 89502 USA * Phone/fax: 775-856-3654 * Email: * I claim the universal copyright for this article in the name of AA Michael * Copy freely and share * For Archangel Michael's books, tapes and information on courses given through this Channel please visit: * You may pass these on or post them to your group as long as all information is included. ~ From The Light Circle EzineT Copyright 2012 ~ A Consciousness Raising Magazine and Monthly Messages from Matthew * Published Worldwide 365 days a year since 2-22-02 * by Isis "Lady Of the Light" *

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The Group: The Trialitation of Love

The Group: The Trialitation of Love ~ The Next Evolution The Beacons of Light ~ Re-minders from Home~ June 15 2012 =============================================== From Steve: This channel carried several intertwined messages. At the base of this channel was the message about love. They said that everything on Earth has to be imperfect in some way in order to exist. They used the illustration of love as all love at Home is perfect and unconditional. Here on Earth we mostly use conditional love as even marriage vows are a state of those conditions. It's not right or wrong, its simply that in a field of duality mostly conditional love will exist but as we move into triality it will turn unconditional. Their suggestions to us was to use as much unconditional love within a relationship as you can as that will allow these relationships to grow as we do. There was a point in this channel when the group said the room would now fill with beings. A couple of minutes later the main entrance door to the room suddenly blew open as everyone in the room gasped. I had to hold back an internal laugh when the group muttered "we told you they were coming." These were the beings that stepped aside so we could be here on Earth right now. They were here to encourage us and cheer us on and to fill us with the love from home. The love in that room was the a beautiful expression of total, unconditional love. Feel it now, carry it with you and pass it on with every smile. Know that you are never alone and dearly loved. Have a great month! Big hugs and gentle nudges.Steve Note: This message has been edited and in spots rechanneled by the group for better clarity in this format. _____________________________ Greetings from Home The Path of a Soul There is an energy that crosses the veil every time we say those words: Greetings from Home. You believe that we are sending you this incredible love you feel every time we start talking. We wish to tell you, dear ones, this is something you hold inside of yourselves. You are using us as the reflector. We are the ones that can help you re-member your true magnificence and your true nature. Yet it is challenging, for you have devised a veil that keeps you from re-membering your history, not only your past lifetimes but your true origin - who you are and where you came from. We have told you many times that you are, in fact, the sons and the daughters of the king. You are the ones, the royal family, here to anchor all of the spirits from Home. This is an incredible task that each one of you has asked for. You bring your greatest desires from Home to make a difference here on the planet. You try and hold these energies on Earth, and sometimes it is very successful because you are working with the heart energy. Yet other times they do not work the same way, because of the interface to planet Earth and the veil you have built for yourselves to have this experience. Many of you say, "Well, let us remove the veil. It is thinning anyway. Let us just take the veil off and play this game without it, with full memory of who we are." Sounds like fun does it not? The challenge is that the moment you remove the veil, there is no more game. You all go home. There is no purpose for being on the planet when you do not have the veil. You re-member who you are and you are here to learn that through experience. What about these experiences? "I have been collecting only good ones," you say. "I have been having wonderful experiences on the planet." But in truth, you are here to collect a wide variety of experiences. Some you call good amazing, or even full of passion. Others you call mediocre, painful, or simply surviving. All of these experiences are extremely valuable to the soul. They are valuable not only to the soul, but also to the collective of humanity itself. You can consider yourself on a mission to collect experiences. We mentioned last month about collecting mistakes, which in many ways are similar to experiences. Mistakes sometimes define who you are, and help you to find strength in your true nature. Trialitation: Stepping Out of Duality This day we wish to share with you a little bit more about the veil, and particularly about this energy that travels to and from both sides very quickly. There are positive and negative energies within a field of duality. You are moving from the field of duality into a field of triality, where you will not have the polarity of good and bad, right and wrong, up and down, or love and fear. You will have more options to work with, and you are starting now to see from a much larger perspective. The way to think of it is very simple. Consider a line, polarity, with negative over here and positive over there. As triality comes in you will have a new connection to your higher self, or basically a third point from which you can see everything more clearly. If you were really on this line you could not distinguish where this ends or another begins, because you could only feel the line. Once the perception changes and you strongly connect to your higher self, you experience a different vision. That is now taking place with all of humanity, not only spiritual people. Everyone is learning to see from a new perspective outside of the limitations of duality, and we have labeled that trialitation. There is something else we also wish to speak of this day, and for our illustration let us call this heaven and that Earth. It is so interesting why you refer to heaven as "up." It has to do with when you were an infant first feeling the energies of Earth, most of your experiences and nurturing came from above. Your parents came to pick you up. Someone was holding you and loving you from above, so when you look for nurturing you still think heaven is up. We think that is so much fun and we play with that sometimes. Because you live in a field of polarity you even invented hell and made its direction down, the opposite of heaven. Oh, we never even thought of that one. You are so imaginative! It is so much fun to watch how you continually change this game. Call this Home and call that Earth. Everything on this line is whole and perfect, while everything existing on that line has to be imperfect in some way. An illustration of this is your music, which is a representation of the energy that you live in all the time at Home. Believe us when we say that you have not really heard music until you re-turn Home again. You will experience music in a new way, for it will completely fill your spirit -- all kinds of music, too. Yes, you can even enjoy rap music at Home, for it is simply a representation; it has to be imperfect in order to be on planet Earth. Even your chromatic scale is not perfect. If you take those notes and divide them up perfectly equally it is not pleasing to the human ear because it is too perfect. There must be a slight flavor of imperfection, which allows expression of its beauty. Let us show you where we are going with this entire process. The Trialitation of Love Let us speak now of love. Each and every one of you thrives on love; humans are fed on love. It is the love from Home that is perfect. However, in order to experience love here on the planet, it must cross the veil and somehow find a little flavor of imperfection. The easiest way we can describe this is through your own words. At Home, only unconditional love exists; for the most part, conditional love is your favorite flavor of this piece. To most of you that sounded negative, as if we have judged you in some way or said what you are doing is wrong. But that is not the case, for you are on the path of working with love, plain and simple. You work with what you have, evolving as you go along and that is perfect. As you are beginning to perfect yourself in many of these areas as a spirit pretending to be human, what is now taking place is that you are also evolving love. Let us give you an example of this unconditional love of which we speak. You take marriage vows when you make a commitment, do you not? Those vows are actually a statement of conditional love. I will love you when, I will love you if. There is nothing wrong with that; however, as you evolve you can incorporate more unconditional love pieces into that conditional love. By doing so, you will eventually start releasing many of the conditions that you have held onto for so long. You are evolving into your own true nature, to create more of what is truly at Home rather than what is on Earth. Love is your next piece. Another part of the evolution process is what is now happening with the physical body. You are transitioning into a new area, and as you are aware the physical body will begin its evolutionary process. It will take quite some time, all the way until the year 2222 to finish this piece. The moment we said that, many of you thought, "I will not be here!" But you may be if you want to, for that is one of the conditions that is starting to re-lease. Reach Into the Future You have belief systems about how long you will live, and it is actually those belief systems that end your life. You are living a game. You are living your story, which currently tells you that you only live to be about 100 years old. That story will be changing before you realize it, but it must change in the collective mind. Ahead of the physical changes, we ask you to start imagining yourself having a life span of 150 years. What are you going to do with that extra time? What is your purpose, if that is your goal? If you are going to be here that long, how can you lay it out to achieve what you came to? We would like you to start thinking that way now, for many of you believe you will retire at a certain age. Why would you do that? What is the purpose of that? Are you supposed to stop doing everything and go have fun for the rest of your life? It will kill you. We think you are finding that out already. It is perfectly fine to shift from this to that, but to stop and do nothing but play the rest of your life will take you off the planet very quickly because it means you are finished. Once everything is completed, you go. You leave. There is no right or wrong about this and it does not mean that you have done anything wrong, it simply means you finished your work. There are many parts of this that are starting to change, but the unconditional love part we will share with you today. Re-Balancing the Two Brains There are two brains within your body. The one in your head consumes most of the energy in your body. Until recently, it was believed to be the most important organ in your body. However, recently the scientific community discovered that the caloric intake of the brain is not nearly as much as that of the heart. The heart's magnetic field is actually a great deal larger, because the heart actually has its own brain. On Earth, many of your challenges result from the fight between your head's brain and your heart's brain. Your heart says, "I want this. I want to live this life. I want to be this person." Then your head says, "No, you cannot do that. You have to go to school. You have to do this, you have to learn that, and you have to do these things: A, B, C." You work hard to achieve what one brain tells you to do, only to realize that despite your accomplishments you are unhappy because the other brain [the heart] was never fulfilled. This is happening throughout all humanity, for you are consciously moving into Plan B contracts to fulfill your heart's desire. Here is an illustration of how this works. The age 50 is a key age for humans. Very simply, if you live to be 100 years old, 50 is the half-way mark from birth to age 50, you get all the crap out of the way. Now, does that mean that you are going to stop struggling, enjoy your life, and live from your heart? Dear ones, you are on planet Earth. We would love to tell you to follow your heart in every moment, but you still have to balance it with your conscious brain. You live here and there are certain responsibilities that you must accept. What we are asking you to do is to paying closer attention to whenever you experience this struggle between your two brains. Now we are going to reverse the up and down, because planet Earth is represented here and Home is represented here. It is that simple. Now, from where would you like to take your cues? From what you have learned, or from all those beings that are still at Home sending you unconditional love and working with you in many different ways? Unconditional love is represented on your planet in many different ways. Dogs, which you often call man's best friend, are there specifically to remind you of unconditional love. You can scold or kick a dog, be mean and nasty, yet they will come back, tail wagging and lick you on the face. Why? Because showing you love is not conditional on what you do to them; it is an expression of their love, plain and simple. Through the unconditional love they express, it shows us how to take responsibility for bringing in the pure energy from Home. Now, does that mean that you love someone enough to let them go? Sometimes it does. To love unconditionally means to start bringing this energy from Home. This does not always work in your relationships at this point, because many of your relationship beliefs are based on your field of duality and polarity. You have built relationships on what you have called monogamy, which is simply the way that you have been comfortably expressing your love and relationships on planet Earth. Much of that will change over time. Although monogamy will probably always be the favored choice here on planet Earth, as much of your evolution took place within a state of duality. There is nothing right or wrong about that, but all of these pieces we speak of are conditional. Consider each one a special flavor of the original unconditional love. Feed Yourself Three Times Each Day What will it take for you to express unconditional love three times today and every day? Express it to the person who waits on you in the restaurant. Express it to the person who parked your car for you. Express it to the person you passed in the hallway. We are not speaking of your presentation face that each of you are well-versed in showing the world. Find a way to be vulnerable and connect with their soul and give to them unconditionally, even if for only a moment. Find a way to give unconditionally three times each day and your life will change very rapidly. You will start being fulfilled in new ways, for you will see things that you have not noticed before. You will have choices to receive all of the love you can hold, for that is the biggest challenge of all about conditional love. Conditional love makes you close the doors to receiving love from many people. Many of your own belief structures and much of your own energy will changes as you evolve forward. You will also find that this is one of the areas that you will lovingly re-design, for the conditional loves of Earth have a beautiful flavor. The more you can find those unconditional pieces, the more you will bring the energy of Home into your own lives and relationships. That is love , what each and every one of you on this planet thrives on - the unconditional love from Home. We know who you are. We have seen all the things that you are hiding and we love you beyond your understanding. You are a part of us. There is no separation. You simply have been working with this field of duality and the veil that you devised to keep you from re-membering that. Dear ones, the heart is awakening before the head is from the dream. Your decision making must now include input from both your heart and head. You must at least have input from your heart, otherwise you will spin your wheels for a very long time. We have seen it happen over and over again. You can accomplish your goals, no problem, but can you receive the love from Home? That is the question and we challenge you to practice that on a daily basis. Dear ones, we wish we could be with you, touch you, guide you every day, and show you what we are talking about. But in reality, you are learning much better than we could possibly teach you. It is actually a lowering of vibration for us to speak to you. There are vibrational gaps between the veil, which is part of the reason that even our message coming through the Keeper must be imperfect in some way for you to hear it. Find the imperfection and embrace it. Just love it! Take that imperfection and know that it is your flavor. You believe imperfections are the same as mistakes. "Oh no, we do not do that. We do not have imperfections." Dear ones, your beauty is contained in your imperfections. Loving the Imperfections It was not that long ago that humans learned how to make diamonds. You can create them in a laboratory right now. The diamonds that you are creating here are working and well-used, mostly in industrial areas. But there was always the fear that you would take these diamonds and use them in your jewelry. There was such concern about it, that now most natural diamonds are engraved so they can tell that it is not a fake diamond. The interesting part is that these manmade diamonds will probably never make it in the public market, because they are perfect. There are no inclusions in these diamonds, so the light comes through them like glass. They do not sparkle the way natural diamonds do, because there are no imperfections. The same is true of you. Your imperfections are your beauty, yet before you have considered them to be something wrong. Own them, for that is your gift. Find a way to express your imperfections. Hold them as your true badges of light that you have earned on planet Earth. The choice is yours. For example, let us say that you have an image problem because your nose is a little bit longer than most people's noses. Every time you look in the mirror you say, "Oh, I could be successful if it was not for this long nose." You hate a part of your physical body and because of that, every time you look at it you wonder what you could do about it. You can either have surgery to change your nose, or you can decide to be proud of it and walk forward. Be true to yourself and your nose, and do not be surprised if soon others want their nose to look just like yours. This has happened already many times with your famous actors. When some actors have become famous, all of a sudden others change their bodies to look more like them. We can tell you that those actors thought something was wrong with their body but they owned it, they became it. They expressed unconditional love through their own body and suddenly we all resonated. Everybody got on the same path, everyone understood the connections. How beautiful we truly are is contained in your imperfections, and if you will take the conditions off of your love you will see it. Own it. Walk proudly, for you are glowing with the light from Home. We have not given that light to you; you have opened your hearts and brought it in yourselves. Be proud of it and know that every time you look someone in the eye, you make a difference because you imprint them with a beautiful light from Home. Do so consciously and enjoy every step of this path. You are building a new Earth one piece at a time, one heart at a time. You are stepping into a whole new environment. Your physical bodies and the Earth are adapting to better sustain empowered humans. You are making it and we are incredibly proud of you. You have reached beyond the veils, beyond your own understanding of yourself, and dared to pull aside the veil to see who you truly are. Hold it. Be proud of it and know that you are from the light of Home. It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect in every moment. Nurture one another and hold the door open every chance you get and as you are building this new world, play well together. Espavo. The group Big hugs, Steve Lightworker is a non-profit conscious corporation dedicated to spreading Light through Empowerment Copyright Notice: Copyright 2000 - 2012 Lightworker. This information is meant to circulate and may be freely disseminated, in whole or in part with the following conditions: Use of this material signifies that the user aggress to the following conditions: 1. The words "Copyright 2000 - 2012 Lightworker." will be included with all published material. 2. User agrees that all rights, including copyrights of translated material, remain the property of Lightworker. If you translate this material we reserve the right to share that translation with credit to you as translator, on the Lightworker site to make it available to all. Further information from the Group may be found at: Thanks for helping to spread the Light! *

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The Divine Path of Calibration - AA Metatron via Tyberonn

The Divine Path of Calibration

AA Metatron via Tyberonn

Greetings Beloved: I am Metatron, Lord of Light, and we welcome this gathering. We surround each of you in a specially created vector of Unconditional Love. A vector of nonlinear space that is uniquely opened as each of you read these words from your own space and chosen time.

The present phase of linear time on your planet is a uniquely opportune juncture for self-review and chosen solitude. Masters many of you, particularly those above the age of 49, the seventh 7 year cycle, find yourselves in a state of solitude, after spouses have passed, relationships terminated and marriage contracts have ended. And although this path is at times quite lonely, quite difficult and may feel 'unnatural' for many of you, it is with purpose. So we tell you to use this time wisely, embrace it. You are on the cusp of a great graduation.

Now there is a recurring message in many of your religious texts that says "For everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven"

Indeed there is a time for solitude. Divine Solitude is a noble condition, and one that offers quantum leaps in terms of growth, when understood, and recognized for its profound purpose.

You see the Divine-Self is ultimately, conclusively alone in its final pursuit of omnipotence.

In your terms, the soul enters the earth alone, and the spirit departs the earth alone. Ascended Masters that walk the Earth, have for millennia sought solitude in their incarnations before achieving Mastery. So it is with many of you now.

Dear Ones, Many of you who find yourself alone at this time, are of the belief that you must find a partner. Many of you seek your 'soul mate' your twin flame. Yet we tell you, in many cases among the advanced souls, you are alone because you have planned it. Indeed it is a special and noble undertaking. It is time for Divine Solitude.

Solitude for those seeking sanctified light, for those seeking, what is termed 'consecrated enlightenment' choose specific periods in their life plan, to be alone for a time. This does not mean you will always be in solitude, it simply means for a time you have chosen it to 'work on the self'; to achieve self love. Among souls seeking Mastery, approximately one of every three or four lifetimes, is a lifetime chosen for solitude.

Love of self is a condition that many, especially those from Christian heritage, have lost. Christianity with its teachings of original sin taught you that you were flawed in your nature, that you needed forgiving. You spent lifetime's prostate asking forgiveness for who you are. You lost your sense of your divinity, and found it easier to give than to receive. Balance was forfeited.

Now, we tell you that as the Earth transforms to the new Crystalline Age, the nature of energy resonance and the dimensional grasp of the planet is expanded. There is a lessening of the influence of duality/polarity for those of you that choose to extend beyond the third dimension.

You may ask whether solitude or partnerships bring greater advancement to the soul. The question is timely and especially pertinent for many of you in the dawn of the Ascension.

The short answer is that both coupling and solitude have their divine purpose.... and we underline the word BOTH. Much is gained in being in committed loving relationship. This is the natural circumstance in most sojourns on the plane of Earth.

But Masters, we tell you that there is also great purpose also in solitude. It is in fact a requisite.

It is no error that great numbers of you on the finals steps of the path of enlightenment are alone in this period. Now is the prelude to the coming Ascension. If you are among these, we tell you that perhaps your solitude is appropriate. Perhaps it is as it should be. You see it is how many of you planned it.

Yet many of you feel that the loneliness is too much to bear and that you must pursue a partner...the elusive twin flame. Dear Souls, there is much confusion around the concept of the twin flame, the 'soul mate', and the role and nature of optimal partnership in Mastery of Self.

Solitude is intended to be a period of sublime reverence of self. Your life and your experience in this plane is your own creation, your own living tapestry, woven by your individual belief. Within solitude, the soul is prompted into self-review, and opportunity is given to dive deeply into the deep waters that flow within you. To swim in the ocean of SELF, and in so doing rediscover the love within, to learn what a brilliant spark of God you truly are.

Relationships are a method of reflecting the affectivity of your belief system, and giving you feedback on what, simply stated, is working, and what is not. Detachment requires the individual to explore the self, to reacquaint with the inner horizon, and this facilitates and necessitates sovereignty. Sovereignty is the prepotency of Mastership.

A relationship of two sovereign nondependent humans has greater balance, greater creativity, and greater longevity than a pairing of two beings co-dependent on one another. Do you understand?

Ultimately each soul must clearly define SELF in order to gain Mastery. Self Mastery is embodied in periods of planned detachment. It is that period in which impeccability is crystallized. And we tell you Dear Ones, crystallization, through impeccability is a necessary phase of Self- Mastery. It is a calibrational juncture in the multidimensional sojourn. One enters the void, the great mystery in the quest for fortitude and sovereign vision, alone, without a shoulder to lean on. And in the process, one discovers sublime wholeness and self completion.

Do not misunderstand our meaning; there is great validity in coupling, in the natural aspect of soul mate. But conclusively one walks the path of Mastery in sovereign detachment.

One becomes enlightened when one learns to transcend the physical self. Each of you must endeavor to the final conquest of what we term as 'impeccability'. Impeccability is the crystallization or uniform clarity of the soul, and it is a necessary virtue of Mastery. This involves release of dependency, the release of all that does not serve your divinity. It is a rebooting and reprogramming of all you are.

We have told you that the language, the fabric of higher dimension is sacred geometry. Impeccability is the geometric clarity of the soul mind. By defining oneself through impeccability one becomes crystalline, and thus more capable of Divine Consciousness within the geometric light of coherent higher planes. It is only accomplished by deciding who you are, what you believe, and then living it. Recognizing your truths, and aligning fully to them.

Question to Metatron: Are you saying that loving relationships, such as marriage, are not our ultimate union?

Metatron: Remember that in the highest realm you are in sacred Oneness, each a part of the Divine One. So in terms of duality experience, the answer to your question is yes. In this context, YES! Masters, in highest reality, you are a unified plural consciousness.

Relationships in the linear duality experience are a means to the end. We are saying that loving relationships are a sacred, joyful tool of achieving Self Mastery, but that ultimately in each soul's journey; there is requisite ultimate growth into sovereignty. The sovereign self is a sufficient self & truly has no dependent need of another. Such conceptual dependency can be a deterrent to Mastery.

In truth you merge in sovereignty with your other half. The other part of your soul that separated in duality expression. Each of you have a male and female component in duality, and the other half is re-merged in the Integral Divine Self before rising into higher realm. This is in fact a requisite mergence, and is occurring for so many of you as you enter 2012.

Many of you consider a soul mate and twin flame the same. Only the syntax is in parity. The true meanings are different. The twin flame is the other half of the same soul, split in duality, and these are very rarely in physicality together. The 'soul mate' is in our terms, another soul with whom you have contracted to grow together within physical duality, as a means of development and exploration of love with another soul. Movement toward common purpose.

The seeming paradox in linear relationships, that of the 'soul mate' concept (not the twin flame) is that a relationship of two non-dependent sovereign beings, has greater joy, greater balance, greater interface with the divine, greater opportunity for advancement than a relationship based on co-dependence. Do you see?

In this time, in this now, many of you are actually merging with your etheric (non-physical) twin flame, and molding your sacred fullness into one physicality in order for you to enter the crystalline realm in wholeness. In most cases this soul reconnection is accomplished in solitude or in sovereign non dependent relationships.

So we say embrace your chosen period of SOVEREIGN SOLITUDE, it is the sign of your souls intent to enter into Crystalline Mer-Ka-Na Mastery.

We add that many who are in this life, of the female gender, have chosen particularly effacious roles in the balancing of the planet at this time. Is it not true that the planet has been imbalanced in an overage of patriarchal energies for millennia? That is why it would appear that a vast majority of those drawn to the 'New Age' are female, you see, to anchor in the Divine Feminine. Females have been conditioned and labeled in your current paradigm as the 'weaker sex'. Nothing could be farther from the truth!

Many of the females, who find themselves now in single status, are conditioned to feel they must have a partner. Again, we say, embrace your solitude. You chose it, we honor you for the path you have chosen.

The ideal for the planet, is not to be female or male, rather a perfect balance of BOTH, but it is at the moment still in an imbalance of patriarchal resonance. We honor those of you in female biology, you're strength is indeed progressing in creating the nurturing balance.

Truly the over-soul is androgynous, self-contained. Self-sufficient. That does not mean that love is not the frequencial basis of the soul, indeed it is the highest vibration. It is the resonance that is produced by the Ascended Soul to the Cosmos, and reflected back as a collective harmonic of crystalline love. There is a time when those of you have played the role of soul mates, will individualize, and in your terms, part in joy. The evolved soul in achieving omnipotence, will become consummately self sufficient, and in so doing radiate spectacular unconditional love to ALL. That is as it should be, as it must be. It is how you Ascend.

The final graduation of the soul is not done in pairing, you see. It is done within the Divine SELF in universal harmonic to the All that is. Do you understand? This is the activation of Self to the divine resonance of the Quantum Crystalline Field. Separation must osmatically occur before the final collective reunion, it must occur to allow for the final coalescence into the ALL THAT IS.

It is who you ARE. It is the IAM that I AM.

Our point here, is that if you find yourself in Solitude, recognize its purpose. If you are in a relationship refine it in beauty to the greater love of non-dependence. You will indeed discover the love expands and the relationship becomes more splendid in non dependency; just as you are discovering relationships of co-dependency are imbalanced one way streets, and fail.

In sovereignty humanity will see themselves in this framework as being 'whole' and not being their partner's property or someone's 'better half'. Each will bring their integral, whole SELF in fullness, in robust flow of energy into relationship, in a manner that often does not occur today. There are pre agreed points that allow for freedom of choice and for change, even if that change is to end the partnership. In sovereignty individuals share their best, without compromise of ideals. Each will recognize the divinity of the other, and retain the integrity of SELF.

They will afford their own promises, promises and choices of a new paradigm, but there will be avenues and opportunities of adjustments and the ability of reviewing terms. This will allow for greater recognition of the SELF. These will be designed to prevent energy blockage and reduce dysfunctional marriages and divorce complications and lawsuits, you see.

Some relationships in these terms will indeed last a lifetime, some will not. But the archetype of sovereignty will better support both, based on choice and mutual agreement of each individuals terms. And as such independence becomes joyful , devoid of one partner being dominant and imposing their beliefs, morality and will over another.

Humankind, in mass today, truly does not recognize or understand their soul, their divine SELF. Self is unfortunately regulated to the realm of ego personality by the masses. It is true that a higher degree of the light quotient is awakened on the planet now, than has occurred at any other time, but it is still only about 10% of the population of eight billion plus that has awakened. That is a sufficient number to bring about the Ascension, but much has yet to be done.

Religion in the new paradigm, must be individualized, must truly recognize the nature of SELF the nature of the DIVINE SOUL. None of your world religions truly answer these questions today. None of your religions answer the questions of mans true Cosmic Extra-Terrestrial multi-dimensional origins, and that must come to understanding in the new paradigm. None of your current mainstream religions can accurately and completely express the true history of man on the earth. As such, there is no one true religion on the planet today. Most are bought and sold on preset regulated templates. Each claim to know the paths to God, to be able to lead the way to God, yet none truly do. Each has its dogma, each has its hierarchy and controls.

Man searches for GOD more fervently now than at any other time in on the planet, and so this seeking in itself has the potential to bring in the light. Few religious teachers are true teachers, scholars perhaps, but not true teachers, you see. Others are charlatans, even within metaphysics and the so called 'New Age'. Few who make claim to channel Ascended Masters or Angelics truly do.

When integrity is not maintained the connection to true spirit is disconnected, and all who are human are subject to fall in and out of integrity. Truly the way in the Ascension is the ability of each soul to rise into his/her higher self. Look inside and find your own divinity within your heart. Not through blindly following a guru, evangelist, channelers or spiritual leader, but through SELF. Accept only what you discern individually to resonate as true, Dear Ones, and do not give your power to another. Each of you can and must channel your higher selves. Study, look, listen, discern, review and only accept what resonates within you.

The way to the divine, Masters, is through the sacred sovereignty of SELF, and in the Ascension, the way to the higher SELF is through self-definition, and seeking that aspect of God inside each of you, with the great desire that is embedded in each of your souls. Study, seek, and work ! There is little hope for advancement if you chose to be lethargic or the lazy. Effort is requisite to rise above duality. It has always been so. You are here to make known the unknown ! Work at it ! Be a warrior of light within duality, for the true battles are within for self mastery. The path is not easy. But within Self Mastery lies an energy so exquisite that it fuels all you require to move forward, and there is another level above each you ascend to. Consciousness ever expands.

Discover your path. Discover yourself. Love yourself, love one another, love the divinity inside you and inside every one ! Discover the multidimensional aspects of your true Soul. That is the nobility of solitude.

And thought the path is at times quite difficult and lonely , know that such is the challenge of duality, for above, you are whole, and lack nothing. In the higher realm, Masters, you are in your sacred nature of integral wholeness, in complete and abundant bliss.

We are ever with you. We offer unconditional love. We ask that you treat yourself and others with nurturing love and respect. We honor you!

I am Metatron, Lord of Light, and I share with you these TRUTHS!

You are Beloved.

...And so it is.

The above channel is copyrighted to Posting on websites is permitted with requested permission,credits and reference to website. Publishing only with expressed permission. For due authorization & permssions please email Anne at EK Admin via

Shifting Grid Energies Underway Now Peru 2013 grid trip. + Nova

Dearest Hearts:

Sooo many energies coming from everywhere.

Take what resonates and blow the rest to the wind ~ ~ ~

Angel and Dolphin Hugs!

Shirley Irene

Many are talking now of the shifting of the planetary kundalini (divine fire spirit energy) from Tibet and the Himalayas - where it has resided for ages - to its new home in the Andes Mountains of South America.

Simultaneously, the planetary and galactic grids are shifting and new portals are opening up to access higher frequency streams of light.

Our DNA and cellular structure is shifting to a newer crystalline body as reported by many spiritual writers.

The magnificent portal of Lake Titicaca is a main doorway - or portal - now of all this new transformative energy impacting our planet. This portal holds new light codes of higher consciousness and attunes one to receive these new vibratory imprints. Many magnificent beings of light use this portal to communicate with humans who visit there.

On our journey, we will attune and raise our vibration to being to receive the energy codes and communicate with the beings of light at these high vibrational energy sites.

The fabled doorway to many beautiful spiritual energies likes in the magic and mystical land of Peru.

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Yeshua On Relationships

Yeshua: On Relationships- You Will Know This Love With Others Received through Mercedes Kirkel on April 11, 2012 June 15, 2012 ======================================================== Greetings beloveds, This is Yeshua, who many of you know as Jesus. I wish to be with you today. I am here with my beloved Myriam-Mary Magdalene-and we both wish to be with you at this time. My greatest desire, as always, is to bring you my presence of love, that you may experience this and that you may more and more be able to connect with this within yourself. For truly, it is always available to you. It is what I most treasure, what I feel is most valuable to bring to you and to support in you. So more than my words, I bring you my presence of love. I ask for you to receive it as fully as you can, in this moment, and as much as you are able in all future moments. This is the greatest work before you. You are being transformed. I, and so many beings, have said this to you, and it is absolutely true. As this transformation continues and progresses, you will notice that it is less and less about thoughts and ideas and words, and it is more about this state of love. So, as more of you are maturing, moving forward, this is the primary communication, this state of love. This is what will help you the most. Even as you listen to my words, let my words simply be a vehicle for bringing this love to you. If my words help you to understand, to open your mind, to resolve things for you, that is good. But that is secondary. It is a secondary process. It is as though the words are releasing your old way of functioning, your old supports, and in some ways your old obstructions. As this falls away more and more, what you are left with is this state of love. And so we work to help you in both ways-to help you to understand and to release your old way of functioning and to understand the new and to strengthen the new within you. So listen to my words. Let them help you. But even more so, receive my love. And I say "my," but of course it is not mine. It is God's love. It is all of our love. It is the love that always exists. You cannot claim it. No one owns it. No one possesses it, not me or anyone else. But it is ours. I simply say "my" because I know it as such and share it with you most freely in whatever ways I can. So this is what you are being called to-to rest in this heart space, to abide in it, and to let this more and more become your ongoing reality. And yes, there are processes that can support you in this, especially as you are new at it. There are things that you can learn from people. There are certainly many avenues that can support you in this. More and more, resting in the heart space will be part of your transformation and you will know this state. It will become part of who you are. You won't have to practice it or work at it. It will simply be natural to you, just as the way you function now is natural to you. Thinking is natural to you. You do not have to work at it. It happens all the time, sometimes more than you want. This process, this state, will become the same for you. It will become your natural state. But that is not the case for most of you at this time, at least all the time. And so, practice is valuable. It does help. And the more that you practice, the more quickly this will become who you are, the more quickly you will become seated more and more permanently in this space, the stronger you will be at it, and the less that experiences of life will be able to shake you from it, deter you from it, cause you to forget it or to abandon it in favor of your old ways of functioning for periods of time. As you become stronger in this way, you will see that you are able to function more easily. Things will happen that you used to have to work hard for in order for those things to happen-now they will happen more easily, more quickly, more joyfully, more pleasurably. You will likely be surprised, to a certain extent, by this. You will see yourself changing and you will experience your newness. There will be surprise, delight, enjoyment in all of this. That is wonderful. One of the features of the fourth dimension, that you are all moving towards, is it is a much more pleasurable realm once you are founded in the higher frequencies there. Your life will become more pleasurable, more humorous, more fun, more joy-filled, more peaceful, more harmonious-all of these things. And so, piece by piece, you will start to experience this now as you make this change within yourself. The more of you that make this change, the more you affect the larger picture of humanity altogether. This change is forceful. It is not forceful in the old way of forcing your will over someone else. It is powerful, which is perhaps a better word. It is the power of love. And love is a tremendous power, which most of you are just beginning to know, just touching the tip of your toe into the field of love and the possibilities of what that field contains. The more of you that center yourself in this love, the more that it supports the world in being a place of love, a higher dimensional place. It is true that your Earth is moving to this higher dimension, regardless of what you do or not. But the more that you make this change within yourself, then the more easeful the process is, the more that you support it within yourself, and the more that you support it for others-many others, whether they understand the process consciously, with their minds, or not. It is so simple, simply to remember this heart space. And yet, I understand that from the third dimension it is not simple. It is perhaps one of the most difficult things because there is so much else that is habitually and by tendency drawing you out of this space. It is both. It is a great simplicity and it is something that requires practice and development of your ability to live in this space. It is true that there are many of us at this time who are present with you, helping the beings of the Earth because this is such a wonderful change that you are going through, this transformation. Different beings work in different ways. Different beings are called to support different aspects of the process. My work has always been the work of supporting love, supporting you in living from your heart. And I want to honor my beloved Myriam, Mary Magdalene, my heart beloved, heart partner, who is here fully with me today and who is choosing to remain in silence, but is also radiating powerfully her transmission of love out to the world. Together we have functioned, as always, as a wonderful complement to each other, bringing the Masculine and Feminine qualities of love, of the heart, of God to you both. To the world altogether, we both are doing this. Even though she is choosing to remain quiet at this time, she has spoken to many on many occasions and will continue to do so. For this is a time when the Feminine is finally coming to the front, after such a long period of time of being held back. It is a great blessing to all that this is happening and a great support. She and many others are helping to make this transformation. I will leave it to her at other times to speak about this. But I simply want to acknowledge her love, her presence, her blessing. For it is truly our love, our presence, our blessing together that makes this so strong. She is the manifestation of the Divine Feminine, of Mother God energy. I am the manifestation of the Divine Masculine, Father God energy. Together we are the manifestation of Mother-Father God, the Masculine and Feminine in union, in love, together. And so we bring this blessing to you and to all. It is our great joy to do this. And now I would like to hear your questions. Are there questions that you have of me at this time? Please ask them and I am most happy to respond. Question: Could you address the intimacies of relationship in more depth? It feels to me right now that there is so much separation between male and female. I would like clarification in creating inclusion instead of separation in intimate relationships and sexuality, with love. Yeshua: Love is the key to all, so it is very wonderful that you have mentioned that. This is a very vast topic and a beautiful topic of relationship. At the third dimension, it is very challenging to have relationships with others, because the third dimension is a place of duality, polarity. So your relationships tend to be polarized. For most of you this takes the form of being polarized in terms of the Masculine-Feminine polarity. At base, this polarity exists within yourself, even prior to any relationship that you enter into. Most of you at this time are very out of balance within yourself. You're very disharmonized within yourself. And you are weighted very, very strongly toward the Masculine, whether you are a woman experiencing the gender of a woman, or a man experiencing the gender of a man. It does not matter. Your internal way of knowing yourself and knowing the world is a very Masculine way, which is primarily, in the third dimension, about being based in the mind. Most people are based in the mind in the third dimension, and thus they are in the Masculine orientation. So most of you have balancing to do to open yourself to your Feminine. This is a great deal of the work that my beloved Myriam, Mary Magdalene, has brought forth, as have others-about the Feminine parts of yourself, about your bodies, your sexuality, your emotions, and how all of these contribute to your opening of your heart and being founded in your heart. Until this is the case, for most of you it will not be easy to be in relationships and to have this be a field of love, which you so long for. So, as for most things, the work is to be done first within yourself, of finding this loving union within yourself of your inner Masculine and inner Feminine. Again, there are processes that can help you with this. It is valuable and wise to make use of these processes. However it happens, your opening to love must first happen within yourself. Oftentimes it requires healing. There are wounds that you have experienced. These could be from when you were very young. Many times the wounding happens there before you have any mental awareness of what it is. But it can happen at any time in your life. The response to these wounds very often is to create a kind of protection for yourself-where the wound isn't healed, it's just kind of closeted off. The protection protects you from the wound, but it also creates a hardening, like a shell, around you. So for many of you, it is necessary to heal these wounds and to heal the protective shell that you have created in reaction to the wound, so that you may be open, and be open especially to the feminine aspects of yourself. These are the ones that suffer the most from that kind of wounding, because the wounding happens more than anything at the emotional level-but also at the physical level, at the energetic level, and then most often lastly at the mental level, where you create certain ideas about yourself and the world and attempt to live from those ideas. All these things oftentimes need to be healed before you can have the kind of opening and wholeness that is necessary for you truly to love and know love in your relationships. All of these things will happen most naturally and organically when you make this transition to the fourth dimension. But right now, for many of you, you are still seated primarily in the third dimension. So there is confusion, naturally, around this. Of course you can never change another, and it is against universal laws to try to do so, for we all respect the free will of other beings as a very fundamental universal law. So it is through manifestation, through creation, through attraction that the kind of love you want will come in. It is through knowing this love in your heart and in yourself that you will attract and magnify it in relationship, so that one who knows this love and desires it as well will be drawn to you. Or if you are already in a relationship, the transformation will begin in the other simply by your love and by the attractiveness of your love and the way that you magnetize love through you, to you. Again, these are fourth dimensional capacities. So in some sense, the greatest thing you can do is strengthen your spiritual practice, your spiritual work. This will seat you in the heart, in this heart space of love. From there your world is created. All of your relationships, all of your experiences, everything that you know is created in your heart. So it is not to work on the outside, it is to work on your heart, on your spiritual growth and development, whatever it is that you require for this growth in the heart. That is what will allow you to have these very different kinds of relationships, starting with the relationship with yourself. It is a most beautiful thing. The kind of relationships and love that you can imagine, that you can envision, are entirely possible and will be your experience in the not-too-distant future. I am very happy to affirm this and to reassure you that you will know this love and this beauty with others. The irony of it is that when you know it with yourself, you are so fulfilled that it becomes less of an issue as to whether you are experiencing it with others or not. (laughter) And because of that fulfillment, you will be experiencing it with others. It is rather a cosmic joke. Blessings to all in the great love of our Mother-Father God. I leave you now with great love. Copyright 2012 Mercedes Kirkel,, All Rights Reserved. Please copy and share this article as long as it is shared in its entirety and the information is not altered, excerpted, or added to; credit of authorship and my e-mail ( and website address ( is included; and no money is exchanged. For any other uses, please contact Mercedes Kirkel to obtain permission. E-mail ( Thank you. Mercedes Kirkel is a channel and spiritual guide, bringing forth messages and instruction from Mary Magdalene and other Beings of Light, as well as Akashic Record Readings. Her new book, Mary Magdalene Beckons: Join the River of Love is available at All messages and practices are universal and are not affiliated with any religion. To receive ongoing messages from Mary Magdalene and other Beings of Light through Mercedes, go to and request to be added to the mailing list. Mercedes offers workshops and private sessions in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She is available in-person or long distance (by phone and skype), or to travel to your location. For more information, go to, or contact her at info@intotheheart

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Galactic Federation of Light: Brightening Future Course & Choosing the Nest

Galactic Federation of Light: Brightening Future Course & Choosing the Nest


How often have you gone to bed at night thinking 'How far am I away from midlife?' What we would like to see more of you going to bed at night thinking is 'How close am I to being young again, possessing a youthful body in function, form and appearance?' This is the kind of mindset we would prefer to see in you, as a more positive outlook will bring to you better opportunities to enjoy your lives better than negative perspectives and outlooks will.

The way you think is often the way you feel, and the way you feel lays the tracks for the path you will travel up ahead. This is the way it works here in this universe, where your thoughts, feelings, emotions, dreams, perspectives and outlook are all part of the future you are creating for yourself. Try to always remember this as you are going about your day, for it is not only this day that you are experiencing, but it is many more days to come that will bring to you a similar experience if you do not consider and alter your future course by consciously creating it and focusing on more positive, enjoyable and rewarding experiences you wish for yourself.

Search through your files that are stored within your mind and within your heart and choose for yourself more joyful and happy experiences to think about, instead of harboring memories of failures or discontent and experiences that you do not wish to live through again. We have taken notice that many of you harbor such resentment for some of your past experiences, and we wish to remind you that all of these experiences were for very good reason and all were designed to allow you to become the learned being that you are today. We say to you that instead of looking back in disappointment and regret, to instead think about what kind of being you would be today without these experiences. Would you still make the same mistakes today if you had not learned from these experiences yesterday? In all likelihood you would, and you would still be making those mistakes and choices today and tomorrow and as you move on ahead on your journey.

Knowing that you have made poor choices in the past and have suffered the consequences of these choices, you now are free to move ahead on your journey without these obstacles presenting themselves to you through choice. Try to see this as so liberating, for indeed it is, as no one needs to learn the same lessons twice if they have learned from these experiences the first time, and if you are looking back in regret at some of the choices you have made, then dear one, you have learned this lesson already and you will not have to learn it again. This should come as such good news for those of you who live in such regret of your prior choices and the experiences they have led you to, as you now know you will not make the same choices again.

Try to look at it this way, in such a more positive light, for dwelling on regret will only lead to circumstances that will give you more of the emotions that you are sending out into the universe like a pebble splashing into a still pond. You will receive similar experiences that will issue you the emotion the universe believes you are asking to experience. Do you understand this? This is a very important spiritual and scientific fundamental that each and every one of you needs to fully understand and have stored within the forefront of your consciousness each and every moment of each and every day, as these moments are creating for you your future experiences, and it is important for you to keep this in mind and more consciously create the experiences you wish to live through.

Looking back, there has been no experience for you that was so negative that it has destroyed you, as this is totally impossible. Nothing can destroy you. Nothing can cause great harm to the being that you truly are, and none of your experiences have come even close to this. In the greater scheme of things, these experiences that you felt you needed for your growth and your expansion as an eternal spiritual being of light have only served to make you stronger and wiser, more learned and more experienced, and what you are getting out of this is far more than what you are putting into this or have ever put into this.

Try to always remember this and look at every experience that you have had, no matter how negative, disappointing or bad it may seem to you now, as a wonderful opportunity for you to have learned and that you have used to strengthen your spirit and your will, for indeed that is what these past experiences have done. They have helped you design and craft a powerful, wise and deeply knowledgeable eternal being of great love, compassion and experience, and without these past experiences that you may view as negative, you could not be the being you are today and possess such a wealth of gifts and talents.

Sometimes you may remind yourself of this by asking yourself "What is more important to me? Having lived without these experiences I may view at times as negative, or becoming the being that I possibly can become, reaching my highest and truest potential?" Ask yourself this the next time you're looking back in disappointment or regret due to an episode you have experienced and answer this question to yourself honestly. We feel this may be all you need to see all of your past experiences, no matter how they turned out, through brighter eyes and a more positive outlook, and this is the key to creating experiences for yourself that you will one day look back upon with joy and fond remembrance.

Choosing the Nest

The television you are watching, even though you think this technology is new and state-of-the-art is actually very old and outdated. Even the couches you sit on, although the concept has remained the same, many things about it too have changed. These are just a sampling of everyday things that you take so for granted that will change radically in the days ahead for you. There is not too much about the future many of you will be entering that will remain the same for you. We, the Galactic Federation of Light, do not wish to rush any of you into these changes that in many areas will be great. We instead wish to gently escort you out of the current paradigm you are experiencing into a new reality which we feel you will agree is far more rewarding, enjoyable and educational than the current lives you are living.

There are many of you who are ready and some of you who are even looking forward to these changes in your experience, though there are just as many of you, even more so, that are not at this time ready to experience such upheavals to their reality and therefore are not looking forward to these changes as some of you are. Please try to keep this in mind as you continue your efforts to share your truth and share what you know of the coming of events for you, as these events may not be in the future for all of those that you speak to. This is the way it must be, as a choice has to be made here to either experience a new beginning or to continue experiencing what some have become used to and what some believe, at least at this time, to be their one reality.

Please respect and honor their choice, and allow them the comfort and the apparent safety of their current nest within the home of their reality to remain undisturbed as much as you can. This is the best thing you can do for them. Shaking them out of their nest before they are prepared to fly away on their own is not in anyone's best interest. These souls are not yet prepared for such a journey and require more schooling and experience right here where they are. Do not feel badly for them as there is no reason for this. Be happy for them that they understand what it is that they need for their own soul's advancement, and extend to them the courtesy of accepting their choice as the better choice for them as, if they could understand your choice, they may not see it as the best choice, at least for them.

Our choices are a personal one, and each and every choice that we make is sacred and should be honored. Please honor and respect their choice, for it is the choice that they feel is best for them at this time. For those of you who are choosing a new adventure with new challenges, joys and triumphs, we say to you that this is also a choice that we of the higher realms have made in what you know as our past. There was a time when all of us who have already made this choice, and all of you that are now making this choice, chose instead to remain within the familiar confines of our lower dimensional homes and selves. There will come a day for each and every soul to make the choice to leave the old and experience the new, so do not feel it is your task to shake awake everyone and pull them out of their current reality because you feel it is best for them or that they will be missing something so great and rewarding.

'All things in good time for all beings when it is their time' are words we would like you to think about today. We have observed some of you feeling it is your duty to 'disturb the nest' of those still asleep here in their 3rd dimensional home. This is not anyone's duty or task at this or any other time. What your task entails is to be a beacon of light for those who are awakening and are choosing to follow the light up the path that will lead them out of here and open into a new world of beauty and experience. It should not be hard for any of you to recognize the telltale signs of when someone is demonstrating an interest to leave this current reality for newer horizons.

There are and will be families that are divided by those who wish for a new start and those who wish to remain behind. This may be considered a painful experience for some of you who understand that there will be a departing and a time when you will have to say goodbye, at least for now. This is only natural, and we will not say to you to bottle up your emotions, but we do suggest to you to understand that there never has to be a permanent goodbye as there will always be opportunities for you to reunite once again with those that are today your family and our today your friends. Many of us here within the higher realms stand today with friends and loved ones who in the past have gone our separate ways as well, only to reunite in joy and sometimes great surprise when it was time for those who remained back in the lower dimensions to make the choice to step in and begin their new lives where we call home.

There will be other opportunities for all that choose to remain here within your current dimension to ascend into the higher realms of possibility. Please do not feel you need to rush these souls as it is important they be allowed to continue their experience right here where they are, and only they know best what they need or wish to experience. Thank you for understanding this and thank you for allowing these souls to continue their journey as they see fit, and please do try not to unnecessarily 'shake the cradle' of their current reality, as this will do them no good and may even lead to problems that will further delay the day they choose to leave here and the day you will be blessed with a joyful reunion with them.

Try to see all the things you do for them today as preparing them for their ascension to one day come, even if it is to let them be and allow them to continue on in their current dream without learning all the details of your dream. This may be the best thing for some of these souls who are not yet prepared for such life-changing revelations. The human psyche is a delicate flower and must remain shielded from storm and adverse weather and allowed to bloom in the warm and nurturing sun with a little rain from time to time, as both are necessary for its growth. Remember this always and do your best not to trample upon the seedlings, and let them take in a little sun and a little rain while they continue to grow and to flower into the powerful immortal being of light that you are now blossoming into.

Thank you for your time today and thank you for considering the feelings and the choices of all other souls, even if they are so very close to you and you feel that they are going to miss something and you are going to miss them. This is the way it must be for now, as we all must be left alone to nurture and to grow in the garden of our choice, no matter where that garden may grow.

Thank you very much for your time today. We have enjoyed our conversation with you, and we look forward to speaking with you again shortly. We love you, and we always have you, dear ones, in mind and heart at all times.

We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

Received by Greg Giles

I am a Starseed, incarnate of the Indigo Ray and channel for the Galactic Federation and my Star Family from the Ashtar Command, an 11th dimensional Osequeq collective from the Star System Tauri C; Amanda, Arisa, Rona, Jella, Morgana, Sophia, Germana, Capella, Jackie, Romana, Angela, Patricia, Anthony, Gifta, Maria, Mercula, Pierca, Ramulete, Augusta, Chevron, Thomas. I have incarnated at this time on assignment to advance my education and assist this planet and its people in their time of ascension to a higher dimensional existence. *

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Pleiadian Light: Flying Butresses of Probability

The Pleiadian Light: Flying Butresses of Probability

(An excerpt from Riding The Phoenix)

Through Hannah Beaconsfield


"Probable realities" are all the possible permutations of the unfolding of any moment of linear time. Living in linear time makes it impossible to experience the multi-levels that are a truer model of reality. However, your inability to perceive beyond your living plane does not negate the equally real alternate versions of your chosen living plane reality. These alternate versions proceed in their unfolding with vitality equal to yours.

As you face each moment of your lives, there are an array of probable paths before you. Each of the probable realities has a different level of energy supporting it. The probable path with the greatest energy support aligned with you will be the one drawn on to your living plane and experienced by you as the only path. From your level of restricted perceptions, this is the real one.

All the other probable variations of an event continue their own reality in a parallel position. For the most part, you do not recognize the existence of these other probable lines. Sometimes, in the case of highly charged emotional events or events engaging the entire world consciousness, you may experience a "bleed through" of feelings or dreams from a probable version. Though you do not "live" these alternate experiences, they are still a part of your multidimensional reality.

As such, these parallel lines of experience serve to support by enriching the nimbus of vibrational energy that surrounds your individuality and your life path. You have a "you" on each probable path and each of these "duplicates" enrich the one you recognize as real through the complex interweaving of your total spirit energy unit. Like the flying buttresses of your great gothic cathedrals, the probable aspects of a living plane event support, expand and enhance a central structure of the life.

Probable events can be accessed or allowed to influence the primary life if a choice is made to open to do so. You can contact a probable self in much the same way you access reincarnational lives. This can be done in altered states of consciousness. A reason for doing this might be to balance and help heal a life situation in which a very challenging, even painful, circumstance has been chosen. The inner knowing and the conscious awareness of a parallel reality in which the same segment of the life path flowed with ease and grace can offer a vibrational solace and support to move you through the difficulties.

Also on the sleep/dream plane the full array of probable paths is available to you. It is from this level that many of the scenarios for the living plane are chosen. You can suggest to your dreaming self that you contact, while on the dream plane, a probable self who is living an opposite reality to one you feel is difficult. You need not remember any dreams of the alternate reality, but the "experience" of it does have the ability to color your own reality with a brighter hue. (Maybe not like rose-colored glasses, but perhaps a lighter perspective on the ordeal.)

Your pinpoint of consciousness, in the center of a massive and infinite extension of energy/consciousness, is "buttressed" in many ways and from many levels of this massive unit. This in itself can be a comforting concept.

©2012Hannah Beaconsfield - Material may be reprinted with appropriate credit. *

Galactic Federation of Light: The Gift of Youth

Galactic Federation of Light: The Gift of Youth

June 9, 2012


What would sheer vitality, youth, meaning and purpose mean to you and your life? What would these gifts do for you, and how would they change the way you live and go about your day? This is a question you are being asked at this time, as this is a very appropriate question for you to think about as these are some of the gifts that are being offered you. We would like to see more of you think about these things and focus upon them, making them a reality for you, for this is how it works and all these things are possible for you. What we see for you is an entirely new way of life where so many of the problems and limitations that you currently experience will be lifted from your lives, and as a result would leave many of you a much clearer and pleasant path on which to travel.

One of the things we, the Galactic Federation of Light, can do for you in these areas, through the gift of advanced technologies, is help you restore your youthful appearance and vitality, strength and endurance, health, drive, determination and focus. These are some of the attributes of a younger physical being, and in many cases not an older or aging physical being. We have the technologies to change all that by erasing many years of your lives while, of course, retaining all your experiences, knowledge and wisdom that you have acquired. This is a wonderful gift that we offer you in the days ahead, and it is entirely your choice whether you choose to accept these gifts from us or not.

Your health can be relatively easily restored, bringing back the essentials of life for your physical vessels that have experienced a level of wear and tear throughout the many years of your current incarnations into the physical. Erasing these years is like turning back the clock on your life, yet while preserving your cherished memories of fond experiences and important lessons that you have learned. This procedure is a very safe procedure, as we have highly qualified technicians in this field who have many years of experience assisting all kinds of beings throughout this universe restore their bodies back to an age where they function optimally and more efficiently than any other period in their lifespan, no matter how short or how long the average lifespan is for their particular species. This is just as true for the human species dear ones, and we offer you this gift of youth with no strings attached, no fine print, no 'deals with the devil', as it were.

There is nothing for you to be suspicious about. We do understand there is an area of the human psyche that believes that something can be too good to be true. We have studied this area of your belief systems and we have come to some conclusions as to why some of you believe that your experience is full of nonadjustable limitations and boundaries. In due time, we would like to work with you on removing these false belief systems of lack, limitation, scarcity, borders, boundaries and rules for you, and allow you to see clearer what your universe and your lives can be like, and this includes your physical bodies as well.

There is no reason for you to age the way you do at this point of your journeys. Much of what you are experiencing here is simply part of the illusion that you agreed to participate in before your current incarnations. Many of the parameters of your current experience will be radically altered in the days ahead, and what we are doing at this time is preparing you for these inevitabilities and these gifts that are rightfully yours and have always been yours. These are not gifts that are 'ungodly', 'unholy' or unnatural for you and your species, not at all. The gifts of youth, health and vitality are the gifts bestowed upon you by your Creator, who is the Creator of all things in this universe.

We would first like to escort as many of you as we can beyond the borders of the mindset that you and your people possess that you have to age the way you do, suffering such serious debilities, illness, disease and discomfort as you get older. No one has ever said that this must be the case. No one has ever written this law in stone, and it is not a law that you of the human race must follow. We foresee many of you being quite happy to hear such wonderful news and we share your excitement and youthful exuberance at such possibilities, and we say to you that this gift is indeed yours and that nothing is too good to be true in this entire universe that we all share together.

We would like to explain in greater detail just how your bodies will be retrofitted with youth and vitality, strength and power, and abilities to fight off easily all disease, illness, virus and attacks on it from harsh elements such as your sun's radiation and even man-made forces such as chemicals that today bombard your system. We would like to share with you the gifts that we possess and happily offer these gifts to you that will allow the human being to blossom and become the living flower of life that you are and have always been throughout your long journey. Allow us, your brothers and sisters, your family and friends, to share this wonderful gift of youth with you.

When you meet us face-to-face or are able to see our appearance in other ways, you will immediately see that many of us maintain a very youthful appearance no matter how many years of experience we possess as universal beings on a journey just as you. You will see, except for a few exceptions here and there, that many of us choose to appear approximately the same age, and this age relative to your current human experience we would say would be in the range of your low to mid twenties. This is an age that we feel would be quite suitable for your race as well, as this is where your human vessels, according to our studies, function operatively and at peak performance and also reach a high level of aesthetics or appearance.

We would like to make these gifts available to you as soon as we could, and although there are so many pressing matters here in your world at this time, there are also many of you who are suffering due to ailments and disabilities and we would like to relieve you of these hardships as soon as is possible to allow you to experience your journey through a vessel that is much more suited for the experience. What would you say to this offer? Would you allow fear, distrust, suspicion and a hyper imaginable mind to deter you from accepting such a gift from us, or would you accept this gift of youth and vitality, health, function, performance and beauty from us, your family? We would like to see your comments about such an offer, and we are interested in reading your conversations back and forth about this gift throughout your online social networks.

We again will be monitoring the publicly accessible areas of your online communities simply to compile statistics and data to more clearly understand your consciousness levels at this time and reach some conclusions as to how prepared you are for the presentation of these, as well as other gifts that we possess and would like nothing more than to share them with you, our brothers and sisters of the human family. No matter what your views and opinions are on this matter, we welcome your thoughts and opinions at all times, as even negative replies assist us in compiling the data necessary before we move ahead which such plans.

We thank all of you again at this time for participating in such discussions throughout your online communities, and tell you that your efforts are assisting greatly our mission here and remind you that all the hard work so many of you are doing does not go unappreciated and will not go unrewarded. Thank you again for your time today, and we look forward to your comments and discussions of our offer. Thank you, and have a blessed and wonderful day.

We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

Received by Greg Giles

I am a Starseed, incarnate of the Indigo Ray and channel for the Galactic Federation and my Star Family from the Ashtar Command, an 11th dimensional Osequeq collective from the Star System Tauri C; Amanda, Arisa, Rona, Jella, Morgana, Sophia, Germana, Capella, Jackie, Romana, Angela, Patricia, Anthony, Gifta, Maria, Mercula, Pierca, Ramulete, Augusta, Chevron, Thomas. I have incarnated at this time on assignment to advance my education and assist this planet and its people in their time of ascension to a higher dimensional existence. *

Tuesday, June 12, 2012



The time of personal and planetary ascension is underway now, and the ancient crystal skulls are now involved with this process.

We recommend that you investigate them, and ask for their assistance in your ascension process.

The Ancient Crystal Skull Origins

Some of the Ancient Crystal Skulls were created in Atlantis by Ascended Masters and Elemental Overlords.

Others were created in advanced star systems such as Arcturus.

And the Einstein Crystal Skull of Consciousness was created in an ascended interdimensional universe.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Negativity and the Shifts of Ascension by Mother Mary

Negativity and the Shifts of Ascension By Mother Mary

Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 11/06/12

Note from Natalie- I received an email with a question which I thought would be very interesting to channel an answer for and to share the channelling. The question asked, what would happen to people on the Earth who have a negative attitude or achieve harmful actions at the end of the year when we move throughnecessary shifts of ascension. I asked for the most appropriate being of light to come forward to offer some enlightenment.

With love I come forward and bless your energies and sacred heart with the pure and beautiful light of the Creator, as you bless my being and heart energy by just allowing me to be present in your energy. I am Mother Mary and I come forward to bring shreds of enlightenment concerning the shifts that are and will be occurring on the Earth, how this will influence the people and reality of the Earth.

Every soul on the Earth is walking a unique pathway that is appropriate for the learning and greater expansion of their soul. The soul and soul group of each person on the Earth is aware of the reality they are creating, the actions they are achieving and the direction that they are walking in. While sometimes the soul group of the person is not able to influence their reality they are always aware with great understanding what is occurring. In the eyes of a person's soul and soul group there is always potential for growth in every situation and experience on the Earth, enlightenment can come from any situation on the Earth and so everything is divinely perfect for each person, soul and soul group. It is interesting to understand that as you exist on the Earth you are not aware of the reasoning and purpose of many experiences on the Earth; because of this you either register them as positive or negative. This is natural as due to your position in the physical reality your perceptions are somewhat cloudy. If you allow yourself to release the labelling of negative and positive then you observe a situation as just an experience from which understanding and growth can be drawn. If everything on the Earth is guided by the divine will of the Creator and yet people are still experiencing harm, hurt and pain, it would seem that the will of the Creator may be different to your perceptions and ideas of the will of the Creator on the Earth. It is essential to realise that each person on the Earth is not only playing a rolefor their own reality but also a role for the realities and learning of others. It is often that people who cause harm or create fear in the world have concentrated to play this role for their own learning and the growth of others.

Every person on the Earth is an aspect of the Creator's soul, we are aware that when we connect with the energy of the Creator we feel supported, loved and blissful and so we can understand that the sacred qualities of the Creator exist within each person. Some people disconnect from the Creator more than others becoming confused but even this is a process of growth and understanding that in the future may encourage them to be devotees to the energy of the Creator within themselves. If we can see the beauty of the Creator within our own beings it is far easier for us to see the beauty of the Creator in others. If we hold this as our focus then we will only see the divinity of the Creator within all, even those who seem to cause pain and hurt. It is for those who consciously wish to experience the energy of the Creator within their realities to search for the same within others. When we see every person on the Earth as the Creator we cannot condemn another because we know that we are united as one energy, the same energy that is the Creator. It is of greater power to ask for love and truth to surround a person who causes harm, pain or negativity as this will allow them to overcome the need to learn through painful experiences, shifting to grow through loving experiences.

In fact this is where we come closer to the answer of the question. The Earth and the souls experiencing the reality of the Earth have been evolving predominantly through negative experiences. It is through negative experiences of pain, hurt, confusion, unhappiness, discomfort that some people search for something to heal their energies and so allow the vibration of love to flood into their heart and being. When a negative experience occurs it is often that this can raise the vibration of the Earth because of the compassion and love that flows from many who witness the negative experience. For much time humanity has evolved and grown through negative situations to experience love. It is most likely that a negative situation in your reality may have thrust you onto your spiritual path of ascension and greater awareness, this is the same for many people, so it is important to realise that negative situations and people are simply a perception of the mind.

As we move closer to the end of 2012 I know that everyone is wondering what will truly occur on the Earth, what will happen to you and those around you. I must say that we on the inner planes are aware of the greater plan of the Creator but we are unsure of how the stronger energies of the Creator anchoring will affect the Earth and the Creator's universe, so there is an air of suspense also on the inner planes. The shifts of 2012 will mainly be influenced by your perceptions, awareness and understanding, also the plans that your soul has previously created for you for this time. Of course, energies will be shifting and realigning on the Earth and from the Earth with other aspects of the Creator. Such changes in energy are occurring all the time in your reality and so it is something you are constantly experiencing. It will just be that at the end of 2012 you will be more conscious because you are expecting something to happen and of course there will be the magnification from the Creator of the energies on the Earth. The energies of magnification descending from the Creator is the catalyst for everything on the Earth and so will allow for all energies, experiences, situations, qualities and thoughts to be amplified. Even with the amplification you may or may not experience the shifts it all depends on your perceptions and also the role you are achieving. Many of you will be asked to anchor higher vibrations of the Creator, others will be asked to stabilise the slower more physical energies of the Earth while others will be asked to oversee the integration of the new energy into the Earth's energetic structures. If you are managing the stability of the Earth's energies your experience may be different to another who is anchoring the Creator's energy of magnification, but everything will be divinely perfect. The energy shifts may take several years to truly integrate and experience them on the Earth, but these shifts although they may seem small will be immense and vital for the further evolution of humanity.

If you are holding positive energy then this will be magnified and enhanced within your reality, those who are holding onto negative energies will feel these negative vibrations enhance so much until they surface to be released.

The most beautiful thing that could occur is that the cycle of learning and growing into love through negative situations and pain will fall away and a new way of evolving will manifest. Many will find that they no longer need negative situations to learn about themselves and to expand their love but are able to develop spiritually, emotionally and mentally through experiences of a neutral nature or a positive nature. If you contemplate this for a moment, it is so large in the shifts and changes that this can make to the world. Due to everyone realising consciously or unconsciously that they do not need to create negative experiences to grow but can create neutral or positive experiences, evolving with the same strength we will find that people no longer feel the need to harm or hurt themselves or others and so negative situations will simple dissolve becoming fewer. There will be those who find it difficult to break away from the repeated patterns and habits of negativity but with support and love from others these bonds of negativity will soon dissolve. We may see for some time that karma will still be present especially in the realities of those holding onto negativity as unresolved energies unite themselves and dissolve eternally.

I believe that it is appropriate for me to point out without creating any fear that the shifts occurring now and at the end of 2012 are simply energy shifts, it is what you make of it that creates the true process of evolution and ascension. In truth your own focus, intentions and understandings are essential, without these then in truth anything could be created and could occur at the end of the year. Begin to take time to feel within you what you sense needs to occur and what you need to focus upon, then place firm intentions in place. Intentions of love, peace, harmony and many beautiful outcomes when energised by many and a united consciousness will create the ascension process that you so desire andhave been waiting for within your heart and soul.

There is a need to send your compassion and love to those experiencing negativity and those creating negativity, understanding that they may be guided to achieve this to play out a greater outcome. With an understanding that this way of learning is coming to an end and that a new cycle of spiritual evolution is dawning, a spiritual evolution that is born from love for yourself, others and the Creator. Know in your heart that the cycle of pain and fear are being broken and new cycles will manifest to shift the reality of all.

I hope that my communication has assisted in you collecting an answer within your mind and heart thereby offering a greater experience of understanding and enlightenment.

Love,Mother Mary