Thursday, February 26, 2015

Global Ascension Reboot - Meg Benedicte


The global preparation plan is now in place and opening the gates to heaven so all souls that were trapped in the karmic reincarnation cycling can return home to Source Creator. We are being given a chance to decide if we want to stay to seed, plant and grow our New Earth civilization or return home to our soul group. Many souls are still on the fence right now and need to decide which direction they are pointing.
I’ve decided I want to experience the Merkaba Light Body in its full crystallization before I return home. I need to see that all the hard work of the past 20-40 years is in place and working. In 2012 I moved to Mount Shasta, the root chakra on the crystal 5D grid, to join other grid workers to anchor and ignite our New Earth template. All the pieces are in place…all the Starseed Souls are anchoring Divine Light to the new grid and many Souls are contemplating how they would like the New Earth paradigm to materialize. 

We will witness the advancement of the New Earth starting this year as the final Uranus-Pluto square nudges humanity into a higher dimensional experience – that of the 4th dimensional Heart Center. When the heart is open there is a chance of loving compassion to enter all that we do. Humanity has the opportunity now to shift from a warring, divisive world into a new paradigm of caring connection.
When we see a civilization open the 4D Heart Center there is a continual expansion into more and more empathy. No one will be able to tolerate harmful behavior towards another living being. It will be eliminated from our planet. Our work is done of carrying the torch of Divine Light! We will witness in our lifetime new levels of Light presence all around the globe. It is testimony to our dedication as Light Bearers! 

Many of the Ascension First Wave generation were alive during the revolutionary events of the 1960’s and carry the codes and consciousness of their Soul Blueprint to reboot the planetary paradigm. I’m one of many Starseed Souls who visit the planet during the volatile times of collapsing civilizations, in order to seed higher dimensional consciousness. We are raising the consciousness with our energy signature and Divine Light quotient. Nothing can stay the same under the impact of such high frequencies of pure Love.
For the past two years the old world order has been losing control of the planet. The completion of the Mayan Calendar on the Dec 2012 Solstice unlocked all control of the Matrix – the screens went blank. This is a massive restructuring in all areas of life. We can expect the final Uranus-Pluto Square on March 16/17th and the March Eclipse-Equinox on March 20th to act as a planetary reboot – it is rippling through the global Matrix like shock waves, causing severe cracks in the Matrix structure.

As the veils dissolve, we will become more aware of the battle going on between Light and Dark forces in the 4D astral plane. In the coming weeks and months we will insert into the cracks of the Matrix the crystal Light holograms of the New Earth paradigm. The visiting Starseed Souls are seeding crystal Light codes, systems, structures and realities into the newly forming Earth plane.

When we focus our attention and intention in devotion to the Soul’s purpose and passion…we begin to receive regular guidance, signs, symbols, visions and dreams that communicate our Soul’s greater plan. For example, I receive valuable insights about the current condition of my energy field with ‘house’ dreams. In the past few weeks I’ve been waking up in repeated dreamstate where mice/rats are coming out of the woodwork and running amok. This dream has occurred at least 3 times per week for several weeks. Ok, it got my attention! I asked Metatron to explain the message of the dream…he predicts we will see more and more varmints out in the open, being exposed for who they are. 

Due to the nature of the polarized 4D Astral plane, we may experience some backlash as the Dark forces desperately try to hold onto to the planet. Much of my Soul’s work involves adjusting and balancing the planetary field with the Quantum Vortex. I can’t count how many times I awakened in the midst of some global energy shifts, catastrophic balancing, massive clearings, and holographic/gridwork restructuring. These episodes have also increased in the past few weeks…just last night I woke up 4 times involved in global adjustments.
This is not a time to get distracted…get life into order and balance, get grounded, breathe deeply and maintain your Still Point as best you can. Contain your energy field, especially in the 3D-4D Astral plane where the battle is raging. We must do everything we can to protect ourselves during the transition into higher dimensional reality. Please do not take this lightly. We will ride it out as smoothly as possible.
The last 3 years of the Uranus-Pluto square has been teaching us how to find our inner strength and emotional security within. The path to becoming integrated Souls is an ‘inside job’! Spend time in quiet meditation and deepen your inner connection to the Divine Presence of your magnificent Soul essence.
As the old world reality breaks apart and dissolves, we have an extraordinary opportunity to create new routines, new projects, new visions, new life patterns and lifestyles…embrace the change, clear all limits, open your heart and mind to the infinite possibilities appearing on the horizon. Our future is NOW!
Lovingly, Meg
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Wise Navigation of March Energies - By Selicia

 Wise Navigation of March Energies

by Selacia  

 With March and its wild energy ride just around the corner, consider preparing now with these insights about what's in store and how you can shift personal outcomes in positive ways. Foresight and advance planning can make all the difference - helping you to take advantage of opportunities for a brand-new start and to avoid reaction to surprises and crisis.

 Every month has its intense moments, so what's unusual about March?

First is a peak moment on March 16 when we have a rare lineup of slow-moving planets Pluto and Uranus. This cosmic dance of energy is directly related to a long cycle of radical revolutionary change - impacting all of us and how we relate to one another on this small planet. March 16 is the seventh electrifying lineup since 2012. Keep in mind, it's not about just one day - cosmic events like this are felt long before and after a planetary lineup. See my previous articles for more on this. Soon after the historic lineup is the March 20 Equinox occurring at the New Moon with total Solar Eclipse - a very spiritual and transformational moment with a ripple effect.

 Second is the underlying transformational energy stirring for decades and reaching critical mass. This relates to a grand reconfiguration process that is both personal and planetary. It is part of birthing a brand-new type of world fueled by love. This is a true revolution is consciousness, impacting how life is lived on all levels. March is like a marker month, when issues not addressed before will come up for inescapable review. Some events will seem intense, unexpected, even shocking. Transformational cosmic energies combined with human actions will catalyze key choice points.

 Third is the surprise factor that can catch even the most grounded aware person off guard. Most people are somewhat used to the roller coaster of transformational shifting, having lived through countless up-and-down cycles. However, many people are weary of living with constant change and looking forward to the fruits of this Year of the Goat with its lighter feel - so not thinking about more intensity. When we have cycles like in March, however, there is no way to tell exactly how things will play out - that's up to individuals and the collective. To be sure, there will be some out-of-character responses and surprise events. Some responses may open doors, others begin revolutions. It's really about consciousness.

General Background

 The transformation of our world is a process over time. We've had countless other revolutions on this planet - perhaps you were alive during some of them. No previous revolutionary time was like this one, however. This time we're changing everything from the inside out, from top to bottom. It's a grand overhaul indeed!

 To be alive now is a gift, though it may not seem so on some days. Your being here is no accident. You came to fill your divine changemaker shoes, walking the planet as a light being and being a pivotal force in positive changes.

On any given day, many forces are at play. The dance of planets sets in motion cycles of energy. The planets don't decide the future, though, we do. The future comes from our response to present energies. On an individual level, know that you are not controlled by planets. It is helpful, though, to understand how you are personally impacted by energetic cycles - that way you have foresight and you can apply consciousness to situations to help modify outcomes.

 5 Tips for Skillful Navigation in March

Here are five tips to help you skillfully navigate the March energies. Invite your Higher Self to assist you in applying these over the coming days.

First: Become more comfortable with change. You want the world to change and you probably know things within yourself you want to shift. Change is messy, often erratic, and contrary to the human need to maintain the comfort of the status quo. As you change in positive ways, you help the world change.

 Second: Be open to opportunities. The March energies may be intense and erratic, but they also offer a jewel: the opportunity to create a brand-new beginning in some area of your life. This is a bonus available as a result of the Pluto-Uranus lineup. This applies on both an individual level and to humanity as a whole. As you can imagine, this can be huge!

Third: Monitor your inner fire and emotional responses. The energies playing out in March are likely to trigger intense feelings. If a loved one or boss lashes out unexpectedly, do what you can to stay in your heart and avoid reaction. As a divine changemaker you will thrive and find peace by taking the high road.

Fourth: Factor in the collective. What is unfolding now across the Earth involves all living things. You are a part of that, but on many days your experience will seem profoundly different. It's about stages of awakening and this can vary widely. Allow for that. Do not judge. Avoid taking things personally. However, do take personal responsibility for your own energy and actions.

 Fifth: Factor in daily self-care. No matter how busy you are, this is essential. Your spiritual progression depends upon your finding ways to refuel, rebalance, and heal as issues arise. A healthy relationship with yourself, honoring your needs for self-care and rest, helps you to create the relationships and life you want. With this foundation, you are well equipped to fulfill your soul's purpose and take an active role in the awakening of humanity.

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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Demystify Your Unique Life Imprint - Power


Demystify Your Unique Life Imprint - Power 

by Selacia  

In this year of challenging the status quo and current uses of power, one of the most potent applications of your energy is to better understand your unique life imprint involving power. Why? When you begin to grasp your own DNA-level conditioning about power and see the bigger picture of how and why you sometimes unconsciously disown your own power, you become resourced to change the situation. 

 How You are Wired to Handle Power

Your unique life imprint is not just about power, of course, yet how you are wired to handle power has a huge influence on your ability to fulfill your soul's life purpose. This conditioning about power is not new and it's more than childhood experiences. It goes way back - to your family's lineage, to your own past lives, and across time to experiences of humanity's collective.

You won't identify these elements quickly or all at once. They surface over time as you explore what makes you tick and as you find yourself in situations catalyzing issues of power. When you are facing a challenge with power, an intuitive healer trained to see DNA-level patterns can help you identify root causes and remedies. Even without training, you will get some sense of this on your own - clearing the specific blocks requires experience and skill.
Power in Your Unique Life Imprint

 In these moments, you want to be identifying and healing power issues in your unique life imprint. If you doubt you have any such issues, think again. Everyone alive has them. That's because of humanity's long history involving imbalances of power.

During this crucial cycle of our history, the injustices involving power are showing up on center stage. We're no longer nomadic tribal people, but an interconnected society with instant communication. That is changing everything and fast - for you and for people everywhere. We live in a time when there are no curtains or walls big enough to hide the truth about how power is wielded.

A key thing to remember is that power injustices are nothing new. Misuse of power has continued for generations - the only change involves the methods and disguises implemented. Therefore, think big picture and avoid blaming the mechanics of delivery. The real problem is an inequitable system of sharing power.

 Planetary Alignments and Power

The 2015 energies are bringing power issues even more into the limelight. We have rare planetary lineups, including with slow-moving planets Pluto and Uranus, sparking an electrifying and constant dance of radical change. Cycles of harsh aspects between these two planets have been a part of our energy landscape for a long while. This will peak in March, the reverberations felt like earthquake aftershocks for months or even years to come.

What does this mean for your everyday life?

First, this will catalyze unfinished business involving power and authority. Issues may seem new or like you are revisiting the past. To be sure, there are no accidents - if something unresolved within you needs to be looked at, it will arise. Tip: avoid getting angry about the issue still being there and call upon your inner resources to move through it as fearlessly as possible.

Second, the people in your life will be impacted in their own individual way. Take this into account and do what you can to avoid reaction. Sometimes a friend or colleague will seem to thwart your growing empowerment - not because you are a threat but because he or she is personally grappling with power. Tip: walk gently and use these situations as opportunities to develop and practice compassion.

Third, in your outer world you will witness countless skirmishes involving power. Stay present with a big picture view. Avoid simply switching off your awareness to this chaotic and seemingly nonproductive show of strength. Tip: hold your vision of a loving world, and remember that switching from fear to love is a messy process.

As our fear-based society is being dismantled, people everywhere will begin to remember that they are divine and that they have a unique role to play during these pivotal years. This divine nature is encoded within humanity's DNA. The purpose of all battles of opposites and personal healing is to uncover obscurations of this basic truth. Trust that this process of awakening is inevitable - it is the destiny of every being that ever walked the Earth. 

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Meg Benedicte

Breathe a sigh! We should get some relief now that Mercury stationed direct today, Wednesday, February 11th at 10am ET.  Remember to stay contained within your energy field while Mercury turns direction, for the final day carries the most power.


The first quarter of 2015 is packed full of cosmic turbulence, with Aquarian Mercury kicking up the ether during the Nodal T-square to 2012 Uranus Pluto Square astrology.  Everywhere we turn there are signs of the revolutionary/evolutionary impact of this game-changer lineup – Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn. Add Mercury Retrograde in air signs 3 times this year and we have a potent brew of new thought and innovation. Ascension includes the acceleration of our capacity to understand and grasp infinite intelligence.


On February 18th the 2nd New Moon joins Mercury and the Sun in air sign Aquarius – the first New Moon in January was at 0º Aquarius while this one is at 29º Aquarius. This New Moon is sitting on the collective threshold point, providing the

opportunity to make significant changes in our personal lives and in the planetary consciousness.


What better way to open our mind? On Feb 19th, 2015 the Chinese New Year heralds the year of the Wood Sheep - a time that will enhance our right-brain intuitive skills. We can expect ground-breaking shifts in consciousness to spread like wildfire! The global acceleration of right brain visions, holograms, symbols, and signs will spread like a meme going viral. The collective mind is ripe for a new paradigm to take hold.  During the Year of the Sheep we will see a global reset towards more harmony, artistic expression, creative invention and humanitarian endeavors.


As the internet spreads into every area of our lives, there is an interconnection developing on a global scale. Just take a look at Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and you will witness an extraordinary phenomenon of connectivity. As our mind ‘plugs into’ the collective field of ONE, we are reconnecting our right-brain to the universal brain.


We are literally ‘linking up’ to the cosmic network of universal intelligence, just as our laptop or smart phone links to the world wide web. Within this cosmic framework lie multiple dimensions of information or consciousness available to those with certain access codes.


Just as we use an access code to plug into our wifi network, similarly we use our Soul’s signature frequency to access the cosmic dimensional network. Our energy body is designed to transmit infinite intelligence through photon Light particles traveling in a neural network of communication. Although our access code to the network of infinite intelligence is our Soul’s signature, we’ve been entrapped within our human family’s matrix. Instead of running our channel/chakra pillar to our Soul’s portal, we’ve been stuck in our human family’s portal and living in lockdown.


The current astrology is liberating Starseeds and LightWorkers to switch to their Soul’s star frequency portal and chakra pillar/channel as their ‘uplink’ to divine intelligence and guidance. We are claiming our direct lifeline to the Great Central Sun and Source Creator, so that we can reunite within the cosmic network of the League of Light.


For some still awakening to the planetary shift occurring, you may ask what is wrong with plugging into my human family matrix? As the veils lift away and the mind opens to higher awareness, the truth of the human condition becomes more apparent. Little by little I began to ‘see’ the energetic dark web entangled into our body/heart/mind – we are suspended in a prison of negative polarity and mind-control. The original human race seeded from the 12 Tribes of the Great Central Sun was designed as a 12 stranded DNA divine being. The original human race is loving, compassionate and heart-centered – it is not encoded to kill or destroy its own.


Due to the inter-breeding with the warring Orion reptilian invaders many centuries ago, the corrupted dual-strand hybrid-human has populated the planet.  The Orion dark dragons have instilled an inner sense of violence, fear and hatred into human Egos that has spread around the world since the fall of Atlantis. They don’t call it the ‘reptilian brainstem’ or spinal column for nothing. There is a very small population of original heart-centered humans remaining on the planet at this time.


The Orion invaders commandeered the planetary portals, sealed off all access to Source, and created a holographic grid matrix of human mind-control and energy parasitism. Due to the negative polarity of reincarnation, human souls have  been stuck within Earth’s astral plane, ‘recycling’ between Earth and the 4th dimension of timespace – cut off from the higher dimensions of the League of Light and nourishing Source. Without time to return home to the Soul Group and divine mother/father/source, the continual reincarnation entrapment has caused severe splintering of Soul fragments that need healing.  


As you can imagine, the acceleration of the Cosmic Ascension Plan this year is setting off alarm bells within the dark matrix of control. There has been an escalation of dark attacks and mind interference since January. I’ve been experiencing intense onslaught of Orion Draconians hell-bent on stopping my Ascension progress. For some the attacks may appear during dreamstate, in trance meditation or in constant mental anguish. For others the interference has been physical attacks endangering the health of the Light Worker. I’ve had both in the past month - requiring constant presence, focus and vigilant attention to containing my energy field day and night.


This is not the time to slack off or get distracted with energy-draining people or situations. Not only do we need to heal and integrate our own Soul fragments (soul signature resonance) from the incarnational trap, but we need to clear out all dark demonic fragments swirling around our body/heart/mind. With compassion and loving Light, we return them home to the Great Central Sun of mother/father/source. These dark fragments have so little Light, that they’ve been feeding on our kundalini life force. Our job is to guide them home to the realm of Light!


The Starseeds have been working for years to heal the fragmented Self to become a fully integrated Soul and access the 5th dimension of Unity Consciousness. Their energy body is mutating as the Soul DNA is changing the cellular structure to crystalline based Love/Light.  These Souls will no longer be capable of the horrifying behavior they were immersed in. They are integrating both Light and Dark into balanced union, becoming a self-sustaining Light Being.


The Ascension acceleration during 2015 is propelling the integrated Starseeds into higher 6th density activation of the crystallized Merkaba Light Body. These Souls have increased their energy frequency and Light quotient to such a point that if they don’t complete the process they are going to attract parasitic attacks from the dark side in an effort to prevent their soul integration.  This requires discernment and containment, as we spiral upwards into the higher dimensions of non-interference. We have immense support and protection from our Soul Group. The Great Central Sun is sending us the Light codes to complete our Ascension. 


Due to the toxic condition of this planet, we are swimming in physical, mental, emotional, and energetic toxins. The controlling dark forces perpetuated global mind-control access to the reptilian brainstem through high levels of metal toxins. Anytime I find interfering implants of mind-control programming there always exists heavy metal toxicity in the form of liquid (mercury-like) metal in the fluid around the brain, inside the brain cavities, surrounding the pineal and 3rd Eye Chakra. The Artificial Intelligence hides in the liquid metal like cyborg material that fuses with the living tissue, in the bone marrow and wrapped around the nerve cells.


The negative polarity is fed through the grid matrix in the form of artificial holograms and charged emotions into the reptilian brainstem, neurological network and inner mind. As long as we are plugged into Earth’s controlled matrix or our human family matrix, we will not be able to activate properly our Soul’s channel/pillar/portal and divine Merkaba Light Body.


If you feel tired and worn out with fatigue, continue to stream in Soul Light to provide inner strength, resilience and sustenance. Our Soul Light is our power source to break free! The Quantum Vortex is our tool that supports Soul integration and balance. We are reaching the finish gate, we can’t give up now!


In 2004 I woke in the middle of the night, sensing a presence sitting on the side of the bed. This was not the typical Being of Light appearing with a message, but a physical energy indenting the bed next to me. I froze in panic, not clear what I was dealing with. Breathing slowly, I tuned into the energy and recognized Metatron’s signature. His energy was semi-solid and enormously loving. He placed a hand on my heart and on my 3rd Eye/Crown and activated Metaton’s Cube….immediately opening my channel to higher knowledge.


He activated the universal template of sacred geometry that is shaped from all Platonic solids, (called a Merkabah or Metatron’s Cube) for healing and clearing away lower energies. When our energies are unbalanced Metatron’s Cube spins inside and around our bodies to clear unwanted energy and restore our health.  We can use Metatron’s healing Cube to purify the energy of our body, mind, and emotions, our living space, and activate the Merkaba crystallization in our Energy Body.


Since 2004 I’ve been working as a channel with Metatron to accelerate my personal healing and clearing of all AI implants and interference, so that I can become a self-sustaining integrated Soul. It is a complex process that is encoded in our Soul’s memory banks that can be called upon with intention. I spin in my Vortex day and night using Metatron’s Cube/Merkaba to repel outwards any external attempts of interference and spin inwards to balance/integrate internal Soul essence. It is an extraordinary time to be alive! We are setting ourselves free to live as Sovereign Beings in the New Earth of Unity Consciousness. And so it is!





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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Meg Benedicte


We have a Leo Full Moon conjunct Jupiter and trine Uranus today, Tuesday, Feb. 3, at 6:09 pm EST. Also forming in the sky are two potent conjunctions: Venus-Neptune and Mars-Chiron, all linking up in Pisces. According to Astrologer, Eric Francis, "It will be worth working through any resistance you feel, to get to the thing/place/emotional space you are seeking." Tune into your intuition at this time and explore the realm of imagination, desire and visualize what you want to attract.

The Leo Full Moon emboldens our courage to stand by our convictions, even if others don’t like it. Sometimes we get these extra potent Full Moons that help us break free of any lingering karmic attachments. This is a great Full Moon to start a parasite cleanse that targets intestinal parasites as well as psychic ones. It’s time to claim our inherent Sovereignty, establish strong personal boundaries, learn to contain our Light and forge ahead with our personal Ascension.

We are being cleansed and purified of old stories, patterns, behaviors and beliefs so that we can transcend the lower realm of human pain and suffering. If you’ve ever questioned the world as ‘it is’…then you are on the right path. Once we venture beyond the limits of the left-brain ‘thinking mind’ that analyzes the physical world, a new vantage point opens to us. It is the greater multi-dimensional world of energy, of ether, of holograms and quantum particles. Some call it the world of imagination, but in truth, it is the realm of ‘all existence’…be it particles of matter or virtual particles of Light consciousness.

When our mind awakens to this vast vantage point or perspective, we realize that our physical human ‘stories’ are just that - STORIES! They can be shifted and rewritten at any time. The malleable nature of our human story is surprising, inspiring and enlightening. The ancients weren’t kidding – we really do live in a world of illusion.

As our mind awakens to the quantum field of holographic slices that form our material world of matter, we have access to the infinite intelligence that codes and instructs particles to materialize. We have access to the consciousness that is writing our human story. It is in the stillness of zero gravity that we can access the photon intelligence and alter the course of our future.

The key is learning how to Master negative polarity and unlock the gravitational field compression of the Time Matrix. When we can neutralize the push-pull of negative polarity from our body/heart/mind, we have created an environment of harmony and coherence. We are standing at the precipice of Creation!

With focused intention we can use our powerful multi-dimensional mind and point coherent photon laser light into our human story and dissolve the hologram into particles of sand. Where we focus is where our Light power is directed. The time has come for all Light Bearers to use their laser focus and rewrite the human story
This requires the unlocking of all entanglement with the Time Matrix and negative polarity. We must revoke all agreements and contract to participate in the karmic incarnational trap of Planet Earth. We need to harmonize our Chakra Pillar/Channel to our Soul’s signature and connect to our Soul’s Portal in the higher dimensional realms of Divine Light and the Law of ONE.

According to Dolores Cannon, Souls that have spent many lifetimes reincarnating on Earth are stuck in a karmic cycle, repeating the same patterns of mistakes and lessons which is ultimately leading to the destruction of the planet. For the first time, an entire planet is shifting it’s vibration into a new dimensional frequency. Many souls or soul groups have experienced a similar Ascension shift like this in the past, (i.e., the Mayans) but never has an entire planet shifted at once.

In The Three Waves of Volunteers and The New Earth, Dolores describes the three different waves of Souls incarnating on Earth:
The First Wave: Now in their late 40s to early 60s, these volunteers are disturbed by the violence, anger and hate that they experience on Earth. They have had the hardest time adjusting to life as humans, and many of them try to commit suicide.
The Second Wave: Now in their late 20s and 30s, these volunteers are more comfortable in bodies and are said to be beacons or channels of energy who can affect others just by being near them. Their mission of just sharing their energy with others means they don’t have to do anything but just be.
The Third Wave: The new children, many of whom are now teenagers, have all the knowledge needed to exist on the planet after the dimensional shift and transformation takes place. Their DNA is more advanced, and the greatest challenge they face is being misunderstood by humans as having a condition (ADHD) that needs to be medicated.
The Cosmic Ascension Plan is currently migrating 3D souls into the 4th density Earth to continue to grow and evolve in a polarized hologram. Many Light Bearers are migrating into 5th density to shift onto the 5D crystalline grids and learn how to live in harmony together. For the past 15 years I’ve been working with the ‘First Wavers’ to break free of the karmic trap of the Time Matrix, so that they can continue their spiritual Ascension into 6th and 7th dimension of Unity Consciousness. We are applying the Universal Principles of the Law of ONE to activate the crystalline sacred geometry of the divine Merkaba Light Body.

Take this time to remain focused on your personal Ascension blueprint, so that you are capturing all divine support, activations, clearings and healings. We are moving as a collective into another grand planetary shift this March that rivals 11:11:11 and 12:21:12. Blessed Be!


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