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Archangel Michael: Vitamin D * the God Vitamin

Archangel Michael: Vitamin D * the God Vitamin
Transmitted Through Ronna Herman
* LM-6-2010 *

Dearest friends, I must preface this month's message with an explanation. Over the past three or four months, an astounding number of people I know personally have shown a marked deficiency in Vitamin D after having a routine blood panel test. Several people were so deficient that they were given 50,000 IU's once a month until their Vitamin D levels were within a normal range. Why is Vitamin D so important and what does it do for the body? Below, I have excerpted an article from the Internet by Marcelle Pick, OB/GYN:

"This essential nutrient is called a vitamin, but dietary Vitamin D is actually a precursor hormone-the building block of a powerful steroid hormone in your body called calcitriol. It has been known for years that vitamin D is critical to the health of our bones and teeth but a deeper insight into D's wider role in our health is quite new. Vitamin D works in concert with other nutrients and hormones: it supports key mineral absorption and metabolism (especially calcium and phosphorus in the blood and bones). It regulates normal cell differentiation and proliferation (e.g., prevention of cancer). It promotes insulin sensitivity and blood sugar regulation (insulin secretion). Also, studies have shown clear links between Vitamin D deficiency and obesity, insulin resistance, heart disease, certain cancers and depression. Your body cannot create vitamin D on its own. Instead, it is designed to create it through sun exposure. I now test all my patients, and have been surprised to find that more than 85% come up with a vitamin D deficiency.

"In theory, you can manufacture an ample supply of vitamin D with as little as a couple of hours per week in the sun-provided the UVB rays are strong enough. You can also ingest it through food and many foods are fortified with Vitamin D, but the truth is we are just not getting enough, and so many of us aren't even close to producing a safe level."

Dr. Pick goes on to state that studies have shown that adults need 3000-5000 IU per day, and others recommend even more. However, you should check with your own physician to determine what dosage is best for you. If you wish to read the complete article, the website is: / healthynutrition/vitaminD.

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Archangel Michael:

Beloved masters, it is general knowledge that the sun conveys its life-giving force through its rays. In ancient times, the sun was mistakenly considered to be God and was given the name RA; however, an advanced group of wise beings began to worship the One God instead of a great variety of gods. It is also true that there would be no life on Earth without the electromagnetic radiation of the sun, for the solar system sun that you see in the sky supplies the life-giving heat and light necessary to sustain life on Earth. However, what you do not see, and most are not aware of, is that there is a Central Sun above and beyond each visible sun that is of a much higher dimensional frequency, and therefore, it is not visible via any means available to humans at this time. This sun is the home of the God-parents of your Solar System. These great spheres of God Light are cool, comfortable and more glorious than you can ever imagine. For they are where all the magnificent, great shining facets of the Creator reside, and it is their duty to radiate the Primal Life Force Substance and/ or the full spectrum Metatronic Light out into all the solar systems and the planets therein, including the Earth. These wondrous offspring of the Creator were some of the first radiated forth from the heart center of the Supreme Creator, and they were deemed worthy to be overseers of universes, galaxies, star systems and planets without end. The same applies to all solar systems, galaxies and universes throughout Creation. This is a very complex process, and we will not delve deeper into the subject at this time. What we wish to express to you is that your sun supplies much more than the heat and light of which you are aware.

Up until the mid-1900's, people around the world labored out in the sun all day and did not wear sun screen or feel that the sun's rays were harmful. They wore hats and some covered their arms, but it was necessary and not deemed to be detrimental to spend many hours in the sun. Gradually, the Ozone Layer has been affected by pollution and is not as thick as it was in the past, thereby allowing more ultraviolet radiation from the sun to reach the Earth and humankind. Since then, the harmful effects of the sun's rays have been emphasized so strongly that most people have forgotten the many benefits derived from exposure to the sun. The advertising of sun screen products has been very effective, and most people will not go out into the sun without it, no matter how long they plan to stay out of doors. Remember, the sun's rays are still safe and of great benefit during the early morning hours until 10:00 am and after 3:00 or 4:00 pm in the afternoon during the summer hours. At least fifteen minutes a day several times a week are sufficient to give you a Light bath from the beneficial rays of the sun. Also, the sun's rays are not as strong in the winter, and exposure can be a little longer.

What we have given you is information about the importance of the sun for the well-being of the physical body; however, we wish also to emphasize that this phenomenon is representative of how far off center many of the concepts within the collective consciousness belief structure have become, and how these misconceptions are affecting humanity in a great variety of ways.

Remember, dear hearts, those of you who are firmly on the path and are capable of drawing forth the Adamantine Particles of Creator Light and then sharing them with the world via your loving intention will derive much more benefit from the sun, for you are now able to absorb the higher and even more powerful and beneficial Essence from the sun's rays, which is called the full spectrum Metatronic Light. Vitamin D is only one of the many gifts that are supplied to humanity via the rays from your sun as well as from the Great Rays from our Father/Mother God.

Know this, beloveds, you are in the final stages of a specific unit of time, and you all have been subject to a unique system of rules. Total free will was deemed to be a great gift; however, it became a great burden as humanity sank into the broad spectrum of duality, which has resulted in great pain and suffering. There was a non-interference clause written in the rules, and the specified time for this particular phase of Creation had to be played out before our Father/Mother God could declare: "It is enough. It is time to intercede. There will be a Divine Dispensation for those who are striving to attain Self-mastery, and the spiritual Hierarchy and the Angelic Kingdom are authorized to give assistance in whatever way is appropriate within the framework of Cosmic Law." The Law of Grace exists as the higher frequencies of Karmic Law and will, henceforth, apply to the emerging group of World Servers as well as the aspirants and disciples on the path of ascension.

As this particular era comes to a close, there will be a new system of rules and laws which will apply to all emerging Spiritual/Human Beings. A new expanded cycle of Creation is in progress, and all of you who are striving to attain a unified state consciousness will be designated as cocreators of the future. As a Ray of God Light, your Divine Mission is to expand the borders of God-consciousness. Your goal is to become a master of manifestation, drawing forth the Essence of Creation, activating it within your Sacred Heart and via specific thoughts from within your Sacred Mind, molding the God Substance into an endless variety of forms. Thus, you become a true extension of our Father/Mother God.

You, the wayshowers, are the hope of the future. You are laying the foundation for a new social order. It is vitally important that you walk the middle path. A Self-master does not take sides, neither for nor against the conflicts that are presently raging around the world. Your personal power is most effective when you stay centered within your Sacred Heart and you are guided by the wisdom of your Sacred Mind. Your stance should always be that of good will, and your platform should be for the greatest good of all.

As you actively seek en-Lighten-ment and strive to return to balance and harmony within, it is important that you become aware of certain karmic limitations which your Soul has accepted as a learning experience in this lifetime. There are specific limitations and conditions that cannot be changed, and the lesson is to accept them gracefully and to strive for excellence within the framework of the boundaries that have been imposed upon you, not as a punishment but as an opportunity to balance discordant energy and thought patterns. However, we wish to emphasize, this lifetime is unique for every Soul on Earth; and no matter what circumstances you were born into, there is an opportunity for greatness and a reservoir of knowledge and talents needed to attain Self-mastery. You were designed to be a master of manifestation, a cocreator with God-given abilities. The first step is realizing that you have programmed within your DNA Genius Potential and a broad spectrum of talents and abilities. You chose, before you incarnated, a set of circumstances with specific abilities which are more readily available than others. However, even though the full range of your gifts and talents is held in reserve, you have the ability to bring them to the fore so that you can begin to actualize, integrate and use them.

You must have access to the higher dimensional levels of the brain in order to make contact with your Soul-Self and the Beings of the higher realms. Your brain is composed of multiple levels of consciousness. The lower brain and the three lower chakras are the realm of humanity's animal/human consciousness. It is mostly instinctive, drawing much of its information from the collective consciousness of the astral plane as well as from the Earth's consciousness. Survival and the ego desire body are in control of the masses' thoughts/desires and thus form the prevalent picture of reality. The focus is on the external, material world and on service to self.

As your consciousness moves into the mid-level brain activity, you begin the process of becoming a spiritual/human Being and your feeling nature gradually moves up to incorporate the heart and the throat chakra. A gradual awakening process begins as your Soul nudges you onto the path of awareness, and the journey of ascension begins. An aspirant on the path must traverse the astral plane and gain control of the emotional / astral body and the lower nature (the three lower chakras), which will open the pathway to the refined frequencies of cosmic truth via your Higher Self, guides, teachers and angelic helpers. Harmlessness in thought, word and deed with focused observation abilities are important traits of a Self-master. You must clear the mind of distorted, negative, defeating thoughts before you can become a transmitter of Light in the darkness.

It is important that you understand: As your frequency patterns (or Soul Song) become more refined, your attitudes and comprehension will attune to higher and higher levels of consciousness. Your Etheric Body will change as well and will respond to higher Divine energies. Service to self gradually evolves into a desire to fulfill your Divine Mission, and to undertake group service.

As an en-Lighten-ed Being, you begin to build a bridge of consciousness back into the higher realms of this universe. It is called the Antakarana in ancient, esoteric teachings and the Rainbow Bridge currently. In order to return to mastery, you must learn to use the three aspects of your mental nature: the brain - mind - Soul. You must also clear the distortions of the subconscious mind and attune the conscious mind to your Soul-Self so that the wisdom of your Soul and Higher Self can begin to flow throughout your four lower-bodily systems. Remember, every atom and all your physical Being has consciousness; they must be en-Lighten-ed and attuned to the higher frequency patterns of ascension. You are made of Divine Essence. You are a Spark/Fragment of the Supreme Creator. You have latent powers that must be developed. There is a great need for humanity to refresh its Spiritual memory and to develop the powers of a Master of Light.

The Antakarana is composed of sub-tributaries or streams of Light which will ultimately strengthen and magnify the connections between the many facets of Self and your God-Self / I AM Presence. These streams of Light have consciousness and they contain the intelligence of your multiple levels of Self which reside in the higher Realms. As we have told you, your subconscious mind is becoming conscious, and your conscious mind is opening up to the wisdom of your Superconscious mind which contains the mysteries of the universe.

Beloveds, we see the Light expanding and gaining strength in many places around the world. We also see your radiance and influence growing, and you are making a positive impact on more lives than ever before. You must remain heart-centered and soul-focused as the chaos and fear grow and spread throughout the planet. We have now joined forces and we are and ever will be invincible, for we are fulfilling a Divine mandate from our Father/Mother God. Eternal love, protection and blessings are yours, now and forever more.

I AM Archangel Michael

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Hilarion's Weekly Message: May 30-June 5, 2010

Hilarion's Weekly Message: May 30-June 5, 2010
Received by Marlene Swetlishoff

Beloved Lightworkers,

Get ready for a great increase in the downpouring energies. The next month will be filled with many changes taking place within you as you continually receive these powerful attunements and as this occurs, many wonderful events will take place. It will first take place in the situations that have been taking your focus and attention during the previous months and all of a sudden, it will be as though none of it happened at all. It will leave many of you confused about what just occurred. Was what you were experiencing real or a figment of your imagination? Life will take on a surreal feeling and you will be questioning yourselves constantly. Our advice is to become still and get out into nature and just be. Allow yourself to reconnect within and breathe, and get back to the basics of who you are, at your core, the wonderful Being of Light and Love who has always cared about 'the other' more than about yourself.

You have been carrying a heavy load, for you have taken up some of the load of the mass consciousness grid and you have each been playing out these energies in your own lives. Many strange and puzzling things have been taking place and the more you have tried to solve the puzzle of it, the more confused things have become. The secret here is to let go of it all and take a rest from everything. If it is at all possible, find a quiet and tranquil place where you can be at peace and observe what is around you, the birds, insects, flowers and trees, the clouds and their formations, the sun shining upon your skin or the rain dropping from the sky onto your face. Attune to these simple events and allow yourself to be in observation and detachment mode.

Your calmness and equilibrium is much needed at this time. Bring out your sense of humor and laugh often at any amusing thoughts that come to you. We from the Higher realms are endeavoring to bring to you feelings of joy and lightness in order to help you move beyond the situations that you find yourselves in and hopefully, break free of them. Many veils you have lived under are now being removed and your life will suddenly make more sense than ever before. You will start to remember your Higher purpose here on Earth and the role each of you have chosen to play in the Divine Plan and all the puzzle pieces will begin to come together. It is a playing out of all that is in the process of completion and you will soon find yourselves in a much happier and more joyful place. All that went before will seem to have been just a dream and as with all dreams, will fade from your memories.

We thank each of you for being willing to experience these emotions and situations in order to come to a place of balance. This voluntary service has enabled the Light quotient upon the Earth to rise to a higher level. It now remains for you to maintain this momentum and keeping it firmly anchored into the Earth's core. Most of you now maintain your central core and meet all new experiences and changes with the greatest balance and equilibrium. We say 'well done' and 'thank you' from all upon the Higher planes. Through all your feelings of pain, suffering and confusion, you maintained the concept of the Higher purpose being at work within your lives and now, the time has come to release and let go. Laughter and light heartedness will make this process easier. Everyday, find things and situations to laugh about. Observe yourself laughing, observe your feelings and your reactions and responses and learn the difference between these. Know that at your central core, you are united with the greater purpose of Life, which is to go forth and experience all that can be experienced in order to discern all that the situations have offered you as the gifts of learning and growth.

Stay as relaxed as you possibly can in these times and just send the energies of the Love that you are to everyone and everything around you. Love will overcome all that has been presented to you. Search deep within yourselves and realize that this is your bottom line. Love conquers all else. Love is the most powerful force in the Universe. With Love all things are possible. With Love, the burdens and cares are lifted and the new day and the new way beckons onward. Many golden opportunities will present themselves to you and you will be choosing what role to step into. These times are exciting and exhilarating and ready to be explored and experienced to the fullest. Stay centered at all times. You are each loved and adored beyond measure. All will make sense as you continue this journey.

I AM Hilarion

©2010 Marlene Swetlishoff

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Much Light, Love and Rainbow Blessings,


Saturday, May 29, 2010

Archangel Michael: The ReConnection into Joy

Archangel Michael: The ReConnection into Joy
and the Radiance of the New Earth
Channeled by Celia Fenn
May 27, 2010

Beloved Family of Light, what a Joy it has been to serve with you on the Planet in these last two months with this beloved channel. We have enjoyed so much being present with groups of you and sharing our Light and Energy in the Middle East and in Europe. This has been a time of great acceleration and change as the old falls away and the new emerges into manifestation, and as we worked with you we shared in your Joy and Radiance.

We have heard stories, though, that the Archangel Michael energy left the planet in May and was replaced by another energy. We would like to say that rumours of our demise were greatly exaggerated, and that we are with you still and will continue to evolve and grow with you and in harmony with the other Beings of Light that are currently called "Archangels". Yet, our roles as watchers and observers and helpers is changing, and we are indeed moving into our new positions to work with you in ever more powerful and supportive ways as Co-creators in the Light. For, in this New Earth, you are the Masters of Light and Creation, and we serve you by assisting you in your creations and manifestations. We serve to share Light and Information so that you may better carry out your work as Co-Creators of the New Earth in mature and empowered ways.

Beloved Ones, it is not our role to predict the future or tell you what to do or what will be, for that would be to limit the range of possibilities within your creative energies. No, our role is to share our perspectives on the changing energies so that you may be better prepared to make the choices that you need, both as individuals and as a collective, so that you might evolve and grow in the best possible way for you.

So, indeed, we continue to serve you in the Light, with Humility and Grace and Gratitude for the Unfolding of the Divine Will on Planet Earth.

The New "Center of Gravity" and the Light Body Recalibration

First, we would speak to you of the deep changes and transformations in your Light Body Geometries and in your DNA patterns, that have accelerated your transformation in the last few months.

These changes began in May of 2009, when you made the Light Body Collective Reconnection with the Elemental Realms. Then, in November of 2009, you reconnected with the Cosmic Heart Energy through the activation of the Sacred Rose Grids on the Earth and in your Light Bodies. These activations led to rapid evolution within the multi-dimensional energy fields, and your Light Body has formed a new energy center or chakra between the Heart Chakra and the Throat Chakra to be the "Connection Chakra" or Connection Center of Balance for life in the Fifth Dimensional New Earth.

This new chakra vortex lies above the Thymus Glad and links the High Heart, as the center of Unconditional Love and Compassion and Oneness, with the Throat Center, as the Center of Creation and Manifestation of the Will in alignment with Divine Will. It will be the point of Balance of the Light Body/Physical Body in the New Earth and will assist in raising the Frequency of all bodies into Joy and Ecstasy.

Beloved Ones, activating this new energy vortex will enable you to feel more balanced and at ease in the influx of new energies. Your "center" will be held between Compassion and Creation, and you will feel the frequency of Joy in this new configuration.

As you transition to this new alignment, you may experience some physical symptoms of deep clearing in this area that will be similar to flu and bronchitis. Painful throat, loss of voice, coughing and congestion and difficulty in breathing clearly. There may also be symptoms in the sinus and nose area as the meridians between the brow chakra area are aligned and connected.

At the completion of the process, Beloved Ones, you should feel clearer and lighter, and your hearing and vision may be enhanced significantly.

But, Beloved Ones, the purpose of this new center is to Transmit and Receive information on the Multi-Dimensional frequencies of the New Earth. You will be receiving more information on more frequencies and you will be transmitting more information to others. The result of this recalibration will be that huge amounts of information will be coming in and going out, and you may initially feel overloaded and unable to cope with the intensity and the speed. But, soon the Light Body/Physical Body complex will adjust and you will become accustomed to these new aspects of your self.

We will explain just briefly, what you may expect with these new alignments. Firstly, you will find that not only are you receiving more information, but you are hearing and understanding more and on deeper levels. You are able to "read" more of any given situation or communication. That is because you are now also receiving the Heart and Throat energies transmissions of these new frequencies very clearly, and can determine the love and will to create that motivates the communication. Of course, where a Being has not yet activated this center in their Light Body, you will immediately "feel" that this person is still operating from the old centers of ego power and manipulation, and you can formulate your responses accordingly. These "feelings" will be transmitted and received in this new center and will be energies or frequencies received with the words and images.

Beloveds, you will find too that your own communication will become deeper and more heart felt. You will feel the need to express deeply and from the heart. Your feelings and desires will be transmitted quite clearly along with your words and images to those who are aligned to receive such transmissions with Joy. Of course, those not yet aligned may not receive these transmissions and may still receive your words on the old levels of ego power, and so there may be misunderstandings and a failure of communication in such cases.

But, Beloved Ones, above all, being situated at this new center will allow you to access the frequency of Joy more clearly. You will feel increasing waves of contentment, love, ecstasy and bliss as your Love and Will to Create is given and received in Beautiful Harmony in these new frequencies.

The Role of the Dolphin Matrix

The Cetacean Family of Light has agreed to be of assistance to Humanity in this Collective Change. The Whales are supporting the changes in the Global DNA matrix, and the Dolphins are spinning out a "Dolphin Matrix" of energy that specifically supports and activates these new changes in the Light Body Field and the DNA.

The Dolphin Matrix Codes were received from the Cosmic Heart by the Dolphin Pod Family at Eilat in the Red Sea area of Israel. These Dolphins hold the energy of Love and Joy for the Middle East and work to transmit these frequencies into the area to create the template of Peace and Joy that will replace the old energies of duality and conflict.

The Eilat Dolphins transmitted these Light Codes to the Planetary Dolphin Family who immediately created the new Global Dolphin Matrix which is supporting these new activations and recordings of the DNA.

The Energy Codes of the Dolphin Matrix may be received as Energy Transmissions and activations from the Dolphin family or by those who are able to channel these frequencies as activations from the Dolphins and the Dolphin Matrix.

The Dolphin Family of Light are assisting with this phase of the work because of their role as Keepers of the Human DNA and its template of Holographic Possibility Equations. They are the Masters of DNA recalibration and are able to shift old energies very quickly with their healing frequencies. Also, they work in a frequency of Joy and Playfulness that is perfectly suited to the energy of the New Earth.

Beloved Ones, as the energies accelerate to 2012 and beyond, the Dolphin Energy Transmissions will be a valuable assistance in helping you to align with the Dolphin Matrix and to activate the new "center" for the New Earth.

Releasing "Catastrophobia" and Moving Beyond Atlantis Fear to the New Age of Love

Beloved Family of Light, as you move into the new space of Joy and Love and Radiance, you will increasingly move away from the old ego energies of guilt and low self-esteem. With this, you will heal at last a long standing "wound" in the Collective Psyche, the wound that produces ongoing fear of catastrophe and destruction by an angry and avenging Earth Mother.

Beloved Ones, the Earth is not angry, the Divine Light unfolds in perfection as she renews herself. It is time to release the Atlantis drama of Global destruction and catastrophe and to replace it with the path of Higher Love and Graceful Evolution. All is in Divine Order.

Those films and prophecies of disaster that portray catastrophe around 2012 are designed to finally release all the negative patterns from your collective consciousness and to heal them to make way for new patterns of Creative Love and Joy. When these dire prophecies are not fulfilled, you will be able to let go and fully enter into the Joy of Life as a Master of Light on Planet Earth, beyond fear and catastrophobia, and able to Enjoy all that is given with Gratitude.

So, Beloved Family of Light, we ask that you hold the intention for a graceful transition into the New Earth without catastrophe or suffering. We ask you to expect the absolute Joy of the New Earth Rising, and nothing less! Release the Past, Live in the Present Moment and embrace what will come, for it will be an expression of Divine Grace and Love and will be Perfect in itself, as is all Life.

The Solar System Energies in May/June 2010

The Full Moon in Sagittarius falls on the 27th of May. The Sun will be in Gemini and the Moon in Sagittarius. This Fire Moon provides the stimulus for an advance in Spiritual Wisdom and a Unification of Spirit and Matter at Higher Frequencies of Light. It provides the energy for a "leap" forward, that together with the other new energies makes this a very powerful time of expansion and growth. Quiet meditation and focus on the energies of Peace and Love and Joy would be advised at this time. Of course, dancing and celebration would also be a good idea!

On the 6th of June, the Planet Jupiter moves into the first house of Aries to begin a new cycle of expansion and blessing. This will also support the energies of transformation and growth on a personal level as well as the Collective level. On the 12th of June, the New Moon falls in Gemini, the sign of the Twins. In the New Energy this sign signifies the balance of Masculine and Feminine energies in the ascended Fifth Dimensional Being, and it is a good time to focus on this balance and to work with the Sacred Heart Meditation to seed Balance into your life in this next phase of the Year.

On the 21st of June, will be the Earth Solstice celebration, when you experience that moment when the Planet shifts its movement to allow for the change of the seasons. In the North it will mark the longest day and the shortest night, and in the South it will be the shortest day and the longest night. This Solstice will be a gateway that will prepare for the flood of high frequency light energy that will enter the Planet on the 26th of July at the opening of the Lion's Gate and the beginning of the Planetary New Year.

The Full Moon in Capricorn falls on the 26th of June, along with a Partial Lunar Eclipse. This Lunar Alignment will also prepare the Earth to receive the New Light Codes for 2011 that will be initiated into the Earth Grids in late July and early August of 2010. These will be "tuned" into Harmonic Expression and Manifestation at the three stellar "stargates" on the 10/10/10 and the 11/11 and the 12/12. Of these, the 10/10/10 on the 10th of October will be the most powerful, and we will speak more of this at a later time.

We wish you Joy, Love and Bliss in Life's ongoing Adventure!

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Affirm Your Life: Get into the driver's seat

Affirm Your Life: Get into the driver's seat
by Cheryl Richardson
May 24, 2010

Read the following quote from Louise Hay:

"Every thought you think and every word you say is an affirmation for your future."

Now think about. Really think about it. If each of us spent one entire day noticing our thoughts and words, chances are we'd be a little concerned about the future we're creating. For most people, negative thinking and talking is a way of life. But not anymore, thanks to Louise Hay.

Louise has just published a new book called, Experience Your Good Now: Learning to Use Affirmations. It contains everything you need to know - and I mean everything - about developing an affirmation practice, so I won't go into details here. She's the master of this process and I suggest you buy the book, study it from cover to cover, and listen to the CD (that comes with the book) every night for a minimum of thirty days. When you do, you'll discover the following benefits and so much more...

* Starting and finishing your day with affirmations sets up a tone of self-care that permeates every area of your life.

* You train your mind to look for what's good and you end up drawing more good toward you.

* You feel better emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

* You stay focused on the specific areas of your life that most need your attention and they improve.

* You begin to see evidence that your thoughts really do have power.

* You develop an unbendable faith in the power of your thoughts to direct the course of your life. As a result, you no longer feel like a victim to outside forces. You remember who's in the driver's seat.

* You become much nicer to be around.

Two years ago I stepped up my commitment to use affirmations by spending my mornings writing, reading, and imagining them coming to life. It's made an enormous difference in the quality of each day and I know it will for you, too. So, to help you get started, here are a few of my favorites...

My life is a constant stream of miracles.

Abundance flows into my life in surprising and miraculous ways every day.

I love my home and my home loves me.

I enjoy a passionate, loving, kind, and co-creative relationship with the people who matter most.

I feel God's presence in my life every moment of every day.

Now it's your turn. Check out Louise's book, here. It's the best ten dollars you'll spend.

Take Action Challenge

Start by creating five specific affirmations that either affirm what you want more of in your life or what you want less of. Then, write, read, and repeat them throughout the day.

Life Makeover for the Year 2009(sm) is written and produced by Cheryl Richardson.© Copyright 1999-2009 Cheryl Richardson, P.O. Box 13, Newburyport, MA 01950, All rights reserved. Used with permission. * Have a question for Cheryl? Call in during her live Internet radio show -- Coach on Call -- on the Internet at The show airs live on Mondays at 5pm ET (2pm PT) and is replayed throughout the week. Join Cheryl on:* * *

Uriel's Message -- Embrace Transformation and Become

Uriel's Message -- Embrace Transformation and Become

Transformation is a new path for humanity and a gift from Source, whose desire is to enable humanity to use this energy for the purpose of becoming. Becoming is a new paradigm for humanity, it is the path of growth, change, of shifting forms and allowing new energies to merge with those of the third dimension. Becoming is the path of unfolding and allowing, of being open to shifting your forms, which is transformation. It adds to the third dimensional experience and is done without loss, but it does require release of the belief in limitation.

Because transformation requires the movement of energy, the changing of your thinking and embracing new ways of seeing yourselves in expanded ways, it is a path that you find difficult and full of challenges. But that is only because you are often so grounded in your limitations and rooted in your beliefs that the process through which they are released can feel like much is being taken away from you. This is the third dimensional experience of becoming, where something must be lost or die so another can replace it. In higher dimensions becoming is expansive and it adds to your path without loss because it is simply a transformation, where one thing becomes another.

Transformation is followed by a new sense of peace, as you move from constriction to limitlessness. Yet it creates fear because that which you have used to ground yourselves is removed. Transformation shifts your energies so much that rather than feeling free, you have the sense of being without a foundation, of being stranded in a sea of the unknown. This is where you have the choice of becoming and allowing your ascension to happen. Ascension is not possible unless you release what has rooted and grounded you in old belief systems so they can become at a higher level.

Every energy exists in multiple dimensions of being. Humanity has embraced the third dimension with limited or no knowledge of the higher dimensions that have always been available to it. Teachers have come to awaken humanity to this knowledge but until it was ready, there was no energy available for becoming. It is human nature to be rooted, it is the nature of Spirit to flow freely. Transformation creates a new level of partnership between human and Spirit which allows you to find new ways to be grounded within Spirit. As you allow this energy to flow through you, you become a higher aspect of yourselves and then you are everything your soul has always known you could be.

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Wesak Message on May 22: "Opportunity of Enlightenment"

Wesak Message on May 22: "Opportunity of Enlightenment"
A Council of 12 Message through Selacia
Copyright 2010 *

Note from Selacia: "This month, at the global Wesak channeling, The Council of 12 addressed a modern day way to understand and approach your own enlightenment. These are unique times, and they require approaches that are up to date with what is happening on the planet now. Their message, taken from the group presentation at Wesak, provides inspiration and a big picture understanding of what a modern-day budding Buddha faces. Wesak, celebrated around the world each spring, is about enlightenment. The new paradigm we are creating is directly connected to humanity's awakening into a more enlightened consciousness. In fact, for us to successfully create our new paradigm world in the midst of our current planetary chaos, we must discover a more light-filled approach to everyday living. The Wesak energies available to us for several weeks each spring can be pivotal factors in our successfully navigating the great shift occurring now in the window of 2012. At Wesak time each year, we recognize that enlightenment is our true natural state, encoded within our DNA. We celebrate our own potential to realize this enlightened state in this very life. I have asked The Council to bless each one of us by helping us to uncover and heal key obstacles to our own personal enlightenment. As part of that, I have asked that we receive an energetic opening that will allow for a quickened awakening process. Our global Wesak group process with The Council of 12 on both May 22 and July 10 involve facilitating potent peace prayers for the Earth and all of humanity. Meanwhile, this Wesak message, addressing the real challenges we face now, is intended for you!"

Today, as you celebrate Wesak and the Buddha's birthday, the promise and opportunity of enlightenment is more available to you than ever before.

We have created an energetic bridge to the presence of the other enlightened Masters you celebrate at Wesak - including the Buddha, the Christ, Kuan Yin, Mother Mary, Yogananda, Tapihritsa, and numerous others.

This will allow you to have interactions and a tangible sense of the blessings available to you now. In our processes, you will have your own experience of their energy too.

We remind you that enlightenment is your true natural state, encoded within your DNA. It is the state that you will eventually realize. It is your destiny to realize this state.For you to be born now, during these unique times, gives you unprecedented opportunities to advance.

The world is about to make a quantum leap out of a very dark time. You have witnessed a lot of the darkness, not only this lifetime but in countless other lives.

A major factor in your wanting to be alive now was to be involved in this transformational dance of change - so that you could break free of limited conditioning and help to cocreate the shift for all of humanity too.

Enlightenment was indeed at the top of your etheric "to do" list for this incarnation!

During the past few months, most likely you have had other things on your mind besides achieving enlightenment. Your world is in chaos and full of uncertainty as the grand reconfiguration of the past few years continues to unfold.

On many days - hearing news about things like massive oil spills, bankrupt countries, and destructive earthquakes - you may wonder if real progress is being made in your outer world.

You likely have concerns about how you can remain stable when everything around you is so rocky.

In an everyday way, your concerns may be more about learning to thrive when the criteria for success seem to continually change. You may feel challenged in planning for a future that is so uncertain.

Know that the natural process of creation involves an ongoing shift of the terrain you experience.

Even in long ago times - when humanity was not on a path of accelerated awakening - there was an ongoing adding and discarding of energies to reflect changes in consciousness.

During the Time of Buddha

During the time of the Buddha, 2,500 years ago, this was happening too. One example was the approach to religion. The Buddha traveled his path to enlightenment during times when people had lost confidence in the religious traditions. Those traditions were outmoded.

The Buddha, through his own study, found a different way. He filled the void that existed when the old was out of favor but the new wasn't yet discovered. Spiritual aspirants had stopped following the old teachings because they had no relevance and were dysfunctional. The teachings needed to be brought up to date.

Today, as you walk your path of enlightenment, you do so at a unique moment.

It is not just religion that's coming under scrutiny. It is virtually every aspect of life in your world. The changes you now experience relate to the deeper core level of humanity's dysfunctions. It is at the core that true change is possible! And it is at your own core that your own changes, and enlightenment, are possible too!

An Individual and Group Effort

You and all of humanity are in the process of birthing a much different type of reality.

It is an individual creation, but also a group effort.

You want a more light-filled world.You want an end to the cycles of fear.You want to experience the love that you innately know you are.

Others are also waking up to a desire to join you in this birthing process.You have lots of company to create this new, more light-filled world.

And you have boundless assistance from us on the inner planes. We and the other Masters you connect with here at Wesak are holding the space for you to accomplish your goal. This is true at Wesak, but also throughout the year. We are helping to create connections you need to succeed.

These connections include those you make with one another and the Masters at events like Wesak. Other connections involve people who are beginning to come into your life to help you with unfinished business, and with putting together light-filled plans for your next steps.

Your Most Important Connections

The most important connections you can create include those deep inside of you.

These are made as you clear out the layers of falseness and fear-based conditioning - and you are filled with light consciousness.

This allows you to touch and be touched more tangibly by the force of the Divine - connecting you with an unshakeable inner guidance and a knowing that you are safe and okay and will succeed, regardless of outer circumstances.

As this process occurs in stages, your awareness becomes deeper and more luminous, and eventually boundless.When that happens, you experience pure joy and you see your world through the eyes of joy.

On those days right now when you feel you cannot find your joy, remember this truth. Remember that your eventual destination is to hold and broadcast the energies of love and joy.

Meanwhile, you can discover how to be in those energies more of the time as you follow the enlightenment path that we and others have modeled for you.

Why Your Presence is Pivotal Now

As you do this, you are a positive example to others. One of the biggest gifts that you can give is to be this example in the world.

Your higher wisdom knows that this is why your presence is so pivotal on the planet now.This higher part of you is unwavering, for it knows how fruitful your journey really is.

During our time together, we are working with you to support this force of your higher wisdom, and to catalyze your positive forward momentum.

We are providing an energetic template that will allow you to draw abundantly from your higher wisdom in the days ahead. As you do this, it will change your destiny and the destiny of those who you touch.

As you continue the journey of rediscovering your Divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12.

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What is Wesak & Post Wesak:
Wesak is not about religion. The focus is enlightenment, the true natural state of each one of us. The great ones who came before us, such as the Buddha and Kuan Yin, gave us a blueprint for our own enlightenment. Wesak, celebrated with the Masters and The Council of 12 on May 22, is followed on July 10 with a post Wesak event. The purpose of the post Wesak is to anchor the Wesak season blessings and to have a spiritual refueling during the potent eclipse season -- with a total solar eclipse in Cancer on July 11 and a lunar eclipse in Capricorn on June 26. Between these two events, there will be much energetic shifting and a reconfiguration of consciousness.

At a time when our world seems turned upside down, it is vital that we turn our attention from the fear and lack and discover how to embody love, cooperation, and the higher states of consciousness that can lead to our enlightenment.

These next couple of years are pivotal in determining the future course of life on this planet. Where we put our energies now is the key.

If you've been wondering what you can do to make a difference, consider joining with light workers from around the world who -- like you -- desire peace and a light-filled world. Give yourself a brief time-out from the normal routine and attend our post Wesak worldwide channeling event with The Council of 12.

Allow yourself to benefit from this year's Wesak blessings, receiving helpful energetic support from The Council of 12 and other nonphysical Masters. When you sign up for a Wesak or other channeling, you receive helpful assistance from The Council of 12 -- ahead of the event, through guided process and energetic transmissions during the event, and even for a time after the event.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Lady Nada: Keeper of the Soul Keys - Part 4

Lady Nada: Keeper of the Soul Keys - Part 4
Channelled through Natalie Glasson

With a focus on expression and anchoring of your soul's energy and consciousness into your reality so you begin to realise and acknowledge the presence of your soul and its influence within your reality. Your soul naturally instigates lessons of growth and attracts to you people, situations and experiences to aid or develop your understanding of yourself and connection with the Creator. Your soul is naturally and constantly at work within your reality guiding and leading you forward, it achieves this on a smaller scale when you are not in acknowledgement of your soul, but your thoughts and emotions can sometimes distract you for realising this. When you allow yourself to focus upon your soul then its influence will be more dominate, you may see its golden ribbons weaving through your life and reality to guide you forward. When you hold the ability to recognise your soul and its influence within your everyday life then you begin to realise the immense power that it holds, how it is in greater manifestation within your life than you realised and that by through your acknowledgement of your soul's influence you are drawing it deeper into embodiment.

Expressing your soul as described in my previous communication, symbolises that you are surrendering to your soul, awakening to its energy and allowing it the freedom to be of impact within every aspect of your manifestation on the Earth. Being appreciative or thankful for the creations of your soul within your reality will assist in manifesting a greater oneness between your soul and your physical aspect or personality. It will build your faith and trust in your soul as you comprehend that you are always supported and guided by the will of your soul and the Creator. When you recognise and acknowledge the presence of your soul then you are becoming acquainted with yourself and your truth which is immensely important to aid your alignment with the Creator.

It can be difficult to distinguish in your reality the experiences that have been projected from your mind and thoughts and those that have been projected from your soul and truth. When you become accustomed to your soul's energy then you may feel a similar sensation at certain times throughout your day, making you aware that what you are experiencing is a creation of your soul. You can then contemplate the situation to discover what your soul wishes you to learn or achieve and how to move through the experience. Through this practice you will begin to realise patterns or a path that your soul is leading you along and may even begin to understand the lessons that you must gain even before your soul presents them to you. If this can be developed more fully then the soul has no need to create lessons of growth within your physical reality as you will be able to understand and accept them with ease within your being. You will be grasping the lesson or insight, integrating or overcoming it before it is projected into your reality, therefore your reality will remain peaceful, joyous and pure allowing you to experience and discover the expansiveness, beauty and love of your soul within your reality, rather than the negative influence of your thoughts and emotions. This is a contrast to how many live now on the Earth; although growth and alignment with the Creator occurs within your being, mind and emotions, all realisations usually develop within you from circumstances within your reality. It is as if your reality is a large television screen before you which is directing you to realise new insights about yourself. There will come a time when this is not needed and so because of your oneness with your soul and ability to overcome issues or growth process within you, your reality will manifest into a heaven for you to exist within, with all that you desire and need to remain healthy and happy. This is a wonderful thought that can be your reality on the Earth if you allow yourself to acknowledge and encourage the influence of your soul within your reality.

It is my wish to share with you an invocation that allows you to begin the process of becoming aware of the influence of your soul in your reality. This invocation helps you to hold the intention of recognising your soul's influence. By holding this intention you will allow yourself to manifest the reality where you are completely aware of the influence of your soul and the guidance that it constantly shares with you.

'I invoke the beloved presence of Lady Nada, my community of guides and the Creator to lend me your energies in order to create a loving, supportive and protective energy for me to exist within now. As I breathe in your light I activate my soul and align on a deeper level with the light, love, consciousness and vibration of my soul. I allow my soul to radiate with freedom, expansively into my entire being and surroundings. I anchor the consciousness and light of my soul into my reality and now ask to become aware of my soul's divine influence and guidance within my daily life. Assist me in becoming sensitive to the presence of my soul and alert to the guidance of my soul. I am ready to realise how my soul works positively within my reality to lead me forward, to create the reality that I desire and to aid my spiritual development and alignment with the Creator. I now notice with ease the presence, influence and guidance of my soul within my reality. I am one with my soul. Thank you.'

Stating this invocation each day will assist you in manifesting the intention of becoming aware of your soul's presence in numerous aspects of your physical and spiritual reality. It is important to realise that this is an ongoing process of discovery and realisation for you as you journey to discover the key energies and qualities of your soul and become a keeper of your own soul's keys.

It is always important to communicate with your soul as this will encourage embodiment of your soul. Speaking to your soul during meditation each day will allow you the space and time to ask your soul to guide you as to the next step in your physical reality. This is essential as it will assist you in walking along the spiritual path that your soul has created for you. Asking your soul if there is anything that you need to achieve on each new day will give focus to your reality and allow your soul to act as your spiritual teacher. You may also speak with your soul asking whether your soul has manifested certain experiences in your reality or whether these have been projected from your mind. This is a wonderful way of bringing clarity to your mind and reality and instigating mastery of your being. Again this is a practice that will develop with divine timing but when you hold the intention of achieve any practice it will always manifest at an accelerated rate, according to the divine will of the Creator.

I hope that you have gained some illumination and inspiration from my communications encouraging you to discover and explore your soul. Please remember that you can always call upon my energy to assist and guide you. I will always share my support and guidance with you openly.

With sacred Christed blessings,
I am Lady Nada

May you walk in the love and light always,


Natalie was born in 1984, UK. Over seen by Archangel Michael, she now works as a channel for a vast variety of spiritual beings and Masters in the spiritual hierarchy. Through her website she shares the channelled messages of the Creator's helpers to expand the awareness of humanity and assist in the raise in energy vibration of the planet. She offers a service of channelled readings from Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels, Unicorns and Fairies.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Polaris: Preparing for Earth Vibration Changes

Polaris: Preparing for Earth Vibration Changes
by Karen Murphy
May 24, 2010

Most of you reading this are already aware on some level of the change upon which your planet and those inhabiting it are undergoing at this time. Change has been taking place for a long time now (one could argue successfully that change is a constant state), but the degree and intensity of change has been on the increase and is now something that many of you can sense or feel on a number of levels. We would like to offer our encouragement in the support of these changes as well as some practical advice on what to expect and how to gracefully move through this time while at the same time applying conscious awareness to your part in the play, your place in the overall tapestry of the universe.

Signs of planetary vibration changes:

Feelings of unease
Vivid dreams
Déjà vu, synchronicities, or similar phenomena
Sleep issues
Wanting change, but not knowing what to change
Feeling like your personality is changing
Wanting to end life as you know it
Wanting to connect with people
General malaise
Feeling that you are receiving messages
Feelings of fear that you can't connect to anything known

If these are familiar, you are not alone. You are moving toward a time when the higher emotional state is honored and accepted more than it has been. This necessitates some growing pains during a lengthy transition period as you move away from what has been into what is coming. We offer our energetic support to you during this time, to assist in the self understanding and growth you are undertaking as part of the process of being on the planet and accepting your choice to be a part of the changes that are taking place.


It is not necessary to be aware or conscious of what is happening within and around you, but awareness helps with the sense of disorientation that can occur. But how to increase awareness? We give practical exercises frequently that can assist in your own awareness not only of Self and your place in that universal tapestry but also in your awareness of the bigger picture and of the connections you forge and maintain with Nature and with the millions of people connected to you in some fashion. We extend such an exercise now:

Sitting quietly and comfortably, rest your hands on your knees. Allow your eyes to close and allow the thoughts of the day and the moment to slip away. You are only here now. You are only in this moment, sitting and resting comfortably, with your hands on your knees. You feel the weight of your hands and the warmth that melts into the space between hand and knee. You breathe now, breathing in and then out again, feeling once more the weight of hand upon knee.

There is a circle being created here, a circle made of your own body. Hand to knee and back up through all your chakras, then down again with your breath to your hands once more. Hand to knee, up with your breath, out again to hand on knee. Over and over, around and around. Feel as you notice this circle how there are so many other such circles being met and made in the same moment. In this moment, countless other people are sitting, hand upon knee, breathing around and around. Feel these circles and your connection to them. Notice that they are there, simply be aware that they exist.

And then come back to yourself, your own small circle, now enlarged. Breathe in and around once more.

The next time you sit in such a manner, hand to knee, a part of you will remember this connection and you will build upon it. It is a common pose and therefore will bring your awareness that much deeper each time you find your body resting in this manner.


The Earth's vibration rate is changing and is increasing overall. This also can lead to feelings of disorientation, of spinning out of control in one's life, especially if control is an issue for you to begin with. It is a common issue and so it is likely that many people are affected by this sense that the world is moving faster than they are prepared for.

The simplest thing to do, from our perspective, is to let go and release any expectations about what comes next or even of having a feeling of "being okay." But that is from our perspective and doesn't necessarily speak to the challenges of life in a physical body, where safety is not always a given.

What do we mean when we say, "let go and release"? There are connotations with those words that can lead one to conclude that letting go is a painful and arduous process. Letting go and releasing simply means detaching from expectation. Allowing for ALL possibilities, even when you can only see one or two.

Letting go exercise

Here is a simple exercise designed to assist you with feeling more comfortable in letting go.

Close your eyes. You can do this in any position, even seated at a desk. Focus your attention on the tip of your nose. For the next moment or two, the tip of your nose is the only thing that exists. There is nothing else. If any other thoughts come in, set them aside for the moment and refocus again on your nose. Just the tip of your nose. There is nothing else in the universe, just the tip of your nose. There is an entire world populated on the tip of your nose. You can imagine this. An entire world, resting there on the tip of your nose. Ives are lived, loves are loved, wars are fought, babies are born, just there on the tip of your nose. Nothing else exists but this space.

Breathe that in for a moment. Just the tip of your nose. Nothing else exists.

Now, slowly, bring your awareness to a larger area. The whole of your nose. Your mouth. Your eyes. Your face. There is still a world balanced on the tip of your nose but now that universe expands. Expand it now once again, this time on a macro level. Planets, Stars. Galaxies. And still, the tip of your nose. See how they coexist? The micro and the macro.

All possibilities exist in this moment.

Vibrational changes also occur on a very physical level. Not only is time speeding up a bit, but there is also a sense of urgency for many people about getting themselves in a better space personally. You will notice an emphasis on personal growth, even more than before. An additional emphasis is placed, for many people, on consciously being aware of AND DOING their unique life purpose.

Being a part of these changes doesn't have to mean making any overt change within yourself or doing any particular action, but for many these types of changes become paramount. You may find yourself wishing to completely change your lifestyle now and the company that you keep. People who were friends or were in close relationship in the past may seem less satisfying to you now. This has a lot to do with vibration - not everyone processes vibrational changes at the same rate. Not everyone even responds to overall vibrational change in the same way. If you find yourself moving away from people, there is likely good reason to do so. It is not that they are detrimental to you, simply that they are not serving the same purpose for you. Look for new groups that support the things you feel are important.

Finding a passion

One thing that can help ground you through this period is finding something that you can be passionate about. Not everyone is into activism, but this is an excellent time for it. Activism moves large numbers of people into action. Positive activism (about creating something new and not about destroying what doesn't work) can be immensely helpful at this time in grounding and helping you find like-minded people with whom you can weather the vibrational changes together. This is very important at this time.

Another way to find passion is to look inward. Is it finally time to write that book? To publish those poems? To think seriously about a career change? To find a personal practice that fulfills you? Use the next few months to try some new activities that you have been putting off for a while, or to bring out an old project that calls to you.

Reach out and reach within

Again, we can't stress enough the importance of forging a sense of connection to Self and to others around you. This is a challenging time with challenging energies, but you will be best served (and best serving others) if your connection to Self is strong and your connection to the spheres that surround you is acknowledged. Challenge yourself over the next few months by reaching both outward and inward.

Reach out to people you might not have in the past. Whether you dismissed them or felt dismissed by them, now is a time to acknowledge the connections that exist around you. Be open to introductions from others. Be open to people handing you gifts of a phrase, word, book title, or thought that becomes a part of you afterward, Be open to new experience and to new perceptions. Others are changing as rapidly as you are, and, just as you are, are looking for an anchor in the storm. Remember that you give as much as you receive - if not more.

Reach inward to deeper and deeper places within you. Yes, there are dark corners you have avoided. Now is the time to shine light on them and to invite them into your experience. Make friends with your darkness. Find ways of pleasing yourself with small things - a bunch of flowers, an ice cream cone, 20 minutes to make a quick drawing. Notice the connection between you and the greater You that exists within.

You are part of the change. Everything you do is helping to create, maintain, and support life in this planet as you know it to be. Each breath and each moment is important. You are important.

Who is Polaris?

Names are kind of arbitrary. Energy, however, is not. Polaris is wisdom. Polaris is teaching. Polaris is knowing. Polaris, most of all, is love.

Polaris is wonderful and loving, sort of a super-being who is guiding us on our path to joy. Polaris is a group consciousness that exists in a reality we can't see-but we sure can feel it! The feeling Polaris brings is something Karen describes as "a feeling of pure love, in a totally physical fashion. Polaris is what each of us is, the highest and best of all of us in every moment."

Polaris comes to us from the non-physical world.

They operate in another plane of reality-a reality in which the perception of separation does not exist. Polaris knows-and experiences-that we are all One! While not having eyes or other physical senses, their perception goes to the very heart of things and they have complete knowingness of the perfection of the oneness of All: the energy, vibration, and connections that exist between everything there is.

We talk about Polaris as "they" and "them" because, as they tell it, they are a group of thousands of souls that have united to teach those of us still in physical reality. Each of these souls brings lifetimes of glorious experience in the physical reality that we know of as home. Each of them experienced everything that we think of as simply a part of being alive. Because of this, they truly understand the challenges and joys we feel every day.

Polaris brings with them an unlimited wisdom. They bring to us a stronger connection to the Source of All That Is.

They lived, they loved, and they experienced sadness, joy and all of the human emotions and experiences that we encounter every day. These experiences served to reconnect them to who they are and to the awareness that we all have access to: of the oneness of All That Is-Love.

Polaris is a being of energy. * *

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Welcome to the Void

Welcome to the Void
by Sarah Biermann

I have spoken to and and gotten emails from so many people all wondering about basically the same thing.

People are tired, exhausted even. There is no enthusiasm for anything, even the things that they used to feel so excited about.

Physical, mental and emotional and spiritual bodies are out of whack. The physical symptoms can include sinus, throat, and ear problems, headaches, weird pains that seem to come and go for no reason, sometimes it feels like the pain is swimming around in your body. Digestion is off, uncomfortable, too fast or too slow. And appetite is skewed, things that used to taste good don't taste so good any more. There can be body aches, fevers and flu like symptoms, and of course just being really, really tired. Vision is variable, sometimes being quite blurry.

Mental symptoms include either unable to even think or getting lost in mental loops. Keeping track of time is challenging and so is doing anything that requires an sharp left brain. It is much easier to distract ourselves and to just sit and stare at the sky, the television, a book or the wall. Those little things that used to give you pleasure just don't do it anymore.

Emotions are running rampant. Apathy, hopelessness, despair, sadness and a feeling of being totally empty and stuck. Alternately, you might be feeling really frustrated. It's like long term PMS, you just want people to leave you alone and take care of their own problems. (People can be so annoying.) You might feel loss of interest in your work, your hobbies, your friends and even the whole planet. Just brushing your teeth (again!) seems like such a chore, and so stupid. Why bother, it's all illusion anyway.

When emotions are running high it is difficult to maintain your connection with spirit. It's like the emotions have filled you up, over your eyes and ears so you can't see or hear clearly and there's no room for new information. Have you noticed that when you are most miserable, afraid or sad that when you call on spirit for guidance you get nothing?

What is going on here? We're getting so close to 2012 and we were promised that things would get better. But right now I don't give a damn about any of that, I just want to sleep.

It's like every cell, every molecule, every atom is going through major transformation. And it's stressful! Imagine an acorn. It's been in it's seed shape for a long time, waiting to express its potential and become a great oak tree. But now the conditions require that it starts the transformation. This process is stressful. Chemical changes happen inside, creating pressure on the seed shell. This pressure builds and builds while the moist environment softens the shell, making it weaker. Eventually, the shell splits and the tender, vulnerable sprout begins to emerge.

Think about what that would feel like to the seed. Its protective shell is getting weak and breaking apart. The tender inner parts, once so safe and protected, are now being exposed to an unknown environment. This is something that the seed has never experienced before and it doesn't know what will happen in the end.

This is what is happening on a cellular level within our bodies. Not that we are becoming trees! It's a metaphor. This is the stress that we are feeling in our bodies and it is using a lot of energy. Most of you have been living on will power alone, making yourself do the things that you must.

And at the same time a powerful spiritual transformation is going on. The energetic connections between the new reality and the old reality are disconnecting. All the things that defined you in the old reality are falling away. Those things include your roles (daughter, son, mother, father, etc.) your dreams and the ways that you manifest your dreams. You have already let go of so many things. It can feel like chunks of you have been chiseled away. Now, at the end of the process it is necessary to release even those things that you have loved the most. These are things in your life, like your spiritual work, creative interests and also things that make up your very self.

We all have ways that we define our selves. The things that we like, what we don't care about or dislike. We take it for granted that this is who we are. We have all had dreams about the future, perhaps to open a healing center, or write a book or live in a community and grow your own food. Many of these things are what we really like or love about ourselves. Right now we are revisiting these definitions and dreams. Do we still desire the same things? Is it appropriate to take these into the new reality or are they based too much on the old energy?

Here are some examples:

One woman always wanted to have a healing practice. She had studied many modalities and finally started to work with clients. The work was not fun anymore. It was not satisfying or even interesting.

I spoke to a man who has had a regular yoga practice for many years. It has been very important to him for many reasons. Now he doesn't feel like going to class anymore.

I have always loved plants. My mom was a landscape architect and an organic farmer. I was raised to work in the garden and care for the plants. I have always had a "green thumb" and if I couldn't have my own garden, at least I always had lots of houseplants. This was something that I really liked about myself. Recently I felt that all those plants were nothing more than more responsibility, just more things that I had to take care of. The joy and love was completely gone.

This is definitely not a comfortable process. There's a little voice in your head that says, "If I surrender to this then everything will be lost and I will never feel hopeful or creative again. " There is a fear that we will never get out of the void. What I have discovered is that the opposite is true. What is required is to embrace the void. Let yourself feel the hopelessness, apathy and fear. Spend some time there experiencing the intensity. Do not take any action yet. I had a thought that I would throw all the (stupid, needy) houseplants into the trash and be done with it. Luckily, I decided to wait it out. (Or maybe that just seemed like too much work.)

A few days later I noticed an orchid in a pot by my driveway. It's blooms had just fully opened and I paused for a moment to appreciate the beauty. It made me feel good and grateful. It seems that I did not loose forever my love of plants. Now, instead of this definition being unconscious, based on my childhood and habit, it was a choice.

We can not live in physical reality without any definitions. In order for something to be manifested it must have some definition. What is going on now is that we are being giving the opportunity to look at how we have defined ourselves, see what it feels like to not have those definitions and to choose what we want to take with us into the new reality.

When you combine the re-defining process with the transformation of the physical body you have a potent mix. And yes, the two are related. So be very patient and gentle with yourself. Don't try to fight it. As I read the energy, we have no more than a couple more weeks of intense void time.

Focus on the little things that give you pleasure, whether it's a flower, some awesome cloud formations or a hug from someone you love. Soon things will start to light up again. Trust in the process.

Sarah Biermann - Teacher, Intuitive Counselor, Energy Healer, Writer and Artist - Email: *

Mira From the Pleiadian High Council

Mira From the Pleiadian High Council
Through Valerie Donner
May 20, 2010

Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. Our connection is important. I want to remind you of this fact. We want you to know how close we are to you. We spread our love and support during these chaotic times on the Earth.

One of our roles is to assist other planets with the ascension process. We are especially dedicated to the Earth and to you due to our longstanding relationship with you. The Earth is a special planet. What happens on the Earth is pivotal to the rest of creation. The birthing of the Earth into a higher dimension is the result of an inexplicable effort on the part of all sentient beings both on and off planet. The Creator and the Earth have agreed to make the mounting effort for this great leap. In our minds it the most important work that we can do.

Think about the Creator and what energy it takes to create a planet. When the Earth was first created all of the plants, minerals, animals, inhabitants all had to be brought to the earth. Everything had to be created from scratch. Your bodies are comprised of the DNA of about 250 root races. Would you agree that the beauty of the Earth is beyond anything that one could imagine? The creation and creativity of the Earth is a masterpiece. We regret that this lovely planet has been abused and disregarded by many for so long.

From our ships computers as well as with the use of the technology that we possess, we monitor the Earth. We know the impact of various earth changes. We can also see where future changes are impending. We are part of the research and clean up teams for such disasters as your large oil spill. Our presence in unknown to most of you but we are available. We are also working to clear the atmosphere of various geographic regions where there are pollutants such as your chemtrails. The Earth is a fragile ecosystem and so are your bodies. We cannot undo the impact of the onslaught of these creations. If we take everything away humanity would fail to learn from their mistakes. However, we will impart that those who are responsible for such unconscious behaviors will be made aware of their mistakes. At some point in their souls' evolution they will learn of their misdeeds. In the long run, all is known so there is no way of escaping from positive or negative behaviors. You are the ones who will judge only yourselves.

During these chaotic times of change it can be one's desire to maintain a stronghold on what is familiar whether it is good for you or not. Humanity resists change yet you are in store for many more changes. Letting go is going to become an increasing necessity. You will discover gradually that it becomes easier for you to release the old. Sometimes the simplicity of the new will be refreshing. The complexities with which you live currently are unwieldy. Why would you want to perpetuate something that is no longer working? It is impractical and futile.

Change and truth are vital to your survival and to that of the Earth. These veins of change and truth run through your blood and that of the Earth's. They are the core ingredients to uplifting a dying planet. The Light is with all of you towards this end. We are motivated to see you through and excitedly await the time that we can be with you in full view.

I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council.

Valerie Donner is the founder of The Ground Crew Website. She is a spiritual counselor, intuitive healer/reader, energy worker, teacher and channel. She is available to work with you to help heal the body, mind, heart and soul. She has been meditating twice daily for over 35 years. She works with the Masters and Archangels, her guides and teachers to facilitate quantum healing. She has been doing this work for many people for many years. If you have a need for guidance, a channeling, healing, or understanding, you may reach Valerie at: * 925-287-8976 (In the U.S.) * P.O. Box 5705 * Walnut Creek, CA 94596 * e-mail: * She does work over the phone as well as in person. * 925-287-8976, or toll free in the U.S. 866-281-2402 *

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Archangel Gabriel: A Beacon of Light

Archangel Gabriel: A Beacon of Light
Channeled by Shanta Gabriel
May 21, 2010

Dear Ones,

A theme has been developing through the messages we have transmitted over recent times. The purpose behind this theme is to provide maximum inner stability during times of outward instability. It is obvious that the prevailing awareness of many people is on the tremendous change occurring in myriad situations and places all over the planet. Many are focused on the date of December 21, 2012 as an action point that is dually seen as the end of the world as you know it, as well as a new world of Peace, Harmony and Cooperation.

In order to create this miraculous new world, it requires inner shifts of consciousness and healing of all that is not in harmony with this higher energy frequency. The need for a shift can be seen in every area of the world around you as the old ways destabilize, crumble and fall away. This can create great fear on a personal level, as change is wont to do. When facing a clearly unknown future, the first emotion a human feels is fear. This fear is contagious and can create even more disharmony in the midst of chaos.

Those reading these messages from the Angelic Dimensions have for many years known they are here to hold the Light for a new way of being on this earthly plane. This requires an inner stability and above all, emotional balance. Not only will you feel happier, you are then able to reassure others with a smile and your peaceful presence. As you radiate your clear faith in a more harmonious future, people around you are affected in positive ways. More importantly, the Earth itself will sense your energy and can use it to create a higher, more harmonious, energy frequency. The human emotional state is a key element in the upheaval that is so apparent in the earth's changes. More than ever before, it is essential for you to remember, "Be at peace, Little Lambs." Take the steps necessary for your inner healing so you can be a blessing to others as well as to the earth.

The Violet Light of Transmutation

Scientists use violet rays to kill bacteria. You can use this same spectrum of light energy for your healing as well. So much has been written about the ancient use of the Violet Light of Transmutation. The reason there is a vast awareness of this information is because it is a powerful, effective tool that has been used for centuries. This Violet Ray is a viable, clear and simple option to use as a healing energy in this time you now live. The frequency of Violet Light can clear away the rampant fear within a human body, as well as the fear involved in any situation or area of turmoil on earth.

Consider working with others to see the Violet Ray transmuting the fear filled upheaval in places such as the Middle East, the Gulf of Mexico, your government headquarters, as well as in hearts that see no alternative to violence. The power of your beautiful actions will focus this intense energy and channel it in positive directions. This is what transmutation does. It can take any situation that appears hopeless and create a new place of balance by uplifting the energy frequencies. There are so many people who believe in this scenario of peaceful evolution that the spark of their combined intentions will bring about great change, inside and out.

What is a Light Worker?

Nothing can be healed while one is embroiled in the problematic energy that appears to be prevalent in your personal life. Only by creating higher frequencies of energy will positive change occur. The action of increasing the frequencies of light energy is what is meant by the term "Light Worker." That is what is being asked of you now, and is why you volunteered to be present at this time in history. A peaceful heart can quench the tide of violence and create widespread change, as your great teacher, Gandhi, demonstrated so beautifully.

When you use this peace filled heart with your faith in the abundant, healthy, harmonious evolution of the earth, you become a Beacon of Light that radiates great distances. You become a part of the great cosmic magnet that is attracting Divine energy to the planet, while you create a positive future for yourself and others. This inner activity can also become outer positive action as well. You are so powerful that you can work what may seem like magic, using all the tools you know. Your education has been lengthy. The information available is vast. It is time for groups of people to work together in the action of Joined Vision, in order to bring about the harmonious evolution within your beings and within the earth.

A Calm Heart is like a Light House on a Stormy Night

When your emotions are calm and balanced, you are much happier. It is your inner turmoil that causes the illusion that you cannot see your way. When the emotions are calmer, you will see synchronicities that allow you to know that you are on the right path. You will hear your own inner guidance and know what actions to take as you move into the unknown. With a peaceful heart, a step will be revealed each moment. Before you know it, you will be across that yawning chasm you faced in your life; the same one that scared you so thoroughly before.

Transmute any unhealed areas within yourself using the Violet Ray coupled with the power of loving forgiveness. See how beautiful are the lessons you learned from those experiences. Feel your heart being uplifted as this healing energy clears your emotional fields. Remember that this same process of healing light can uplift all areas of unhealed energy on a global level when you join with others to do this work.

You are the Way Showers. Please notice the many miracles unfolding in this amazing time. Let your inner peace heal others and bless the planet. A calm heart can be like a Light House standing on a rocky point in the turbulent winds of a stormy night. Your balanced emotional fields can offer this Beacon of Light the world needs now.

Breathe in the Violet Light and let it spark every cell of your being to a higher frequency. As you become the calm peaceful spirit you know you are within, you will be a shining light united with other Beacons of Divine Light to radiate Peace into the world, and all is well.

So it is.

Shanta Gabriel
For Archangel Gabriel
Copyright: May 21, 2010

(c)2010 Shanta Gabriel is an inspired teacher, healer and the author of "The Gabriel Messages." This volume of compassionate wisdom for the 21st Century from Archangel Gabriel, is personal as well as practical, and provides clear suggestions for emotional and spiritual balance. Shanta's new book, Messages from Archangel Gabriel on Divine Light is now being offered as a free E-Book download on her website. * Shanta posts regular messages on her blog, * Shanta also leads an experiential seven month Archangel Study Program. For more information about this powerful soul's journey, her private sessions or workshops, visit *

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New Vortex Forming What a Ride!

New Vortex Forming What a Ride!
by Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey
Online Messages May 17, 2010

Greetings to each of you. We have had some serious energy stuff going on. A lot of communications and logistics issues to say the least in addition to dimensional overlays as the star gate systems continue to open and balance.

I am seeing a huge vortex forming in the ethers. This is directly relative to the 2012 alignment and is wreaking havoc on our internal and external energy relations. The reason is that as the vortex forms, it is not yet in a full spin but rather in a state of fluctuation and balancing. The energies begin to rotate then may pull back the other way momentarily, or rise or dip in their movement.

I have been seeing sweeping arc shaped waves of energy lately that seemingly come out of nowhere and change the entirety of energy relationships as they move through. They are silvery blue in color and extremely powerful. There are also some new orange energies that are coming from the earth that occasionally collide with the energy arcs. These collisions are creating a sense of anxiousness in some people as well as some extreme emotional fluctuations.

At the same time all of this is going on, there also appears to be a widening of the gap between those who are embracing higher consciousness and those who have not yet come to those realizations. Because of that, we are in a temporary time when agreements may be hard to come by, particularly those of a nature that can make a large difference. Agreements cannot be formed when two opposing sides have such vast perceptional differences. The point here is to be aware of this and when encountering such huge opposition, to know to give the situation a little space. Doing so may challenge our patience levels a good bit but it is necessary in order to allow the energies and their effects to reside or balance out.

Anther effect of the current energy situation is that many people are feeling apparent need to isolate. In other words, to withdraw from being around many people and to focus on projects or self in a way that is profound. The current energy effects require a great deal of personal wherewithal and sometimes it is easier to stay put and sort things out rather than to remain immersed in people where there is a lot of extraneous input.

At this time, the remnants of old paradigms are fading and coming to a rapid end. We are going to be witnessing new and different states of consciousness and multi-dimensional awareness from what we were accustomed to. It feels as if there is a great wave of higher frequency awareness right now that is widening the chasm between those who do and those who haven't yet found that part of them. There is a set of harmonics currently in place that are pulling us up vibrationally in a way that we have never experienced in human form. Because of that, we will find that our awareness changes to become more clear or sharp, and many of the things we worried about no longer matter. In fact, our values are going to be changing dramatically over the next eight months or so. There also appears to be a new and different paradigm about to occur in how we connect with each other. I have seen a huge shift in how many of us are connecting in groups and I don't yet know what the new face of that is, but it is huge. The kinds of things we will be doing together over the next few years I feel will be dramatically different. I can't explain what I am feeling in relation to this, but I feel like we will be more hands on with each other, more directly communicative and less framed in our gatherings. In any event, the times are definitely changing and I suggest that we all remember to just lean back and enjoy the ride because this one has no seat belts and is moving beyond the speed of light.

About Dr. Meg

Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D. the author of "Pyramids of Light", the "Online Messages" and "The Children of Now."

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The Pleiadian Council of Light

The Pleiadian Council of Light
As received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

We see that you sit at an intersection of whom you once were and who you shall become. You read the roadmap of your past actions and reactions and expect to find the future in those schematics. You see where you have fallen and none have picked you up. You see where you have allowed yourself to be emotionally strangled into a place of limited breathing and limited acceptance of air into your lungs. You wait for the world to exhale so that you can breathe in what is good, what is grand and what is your purpose. The carbon monoxide of other's thoughts and negativities waif through the air that surrounds you so you breathe shallowly, you inhale less possibility.

In the fullness of time, we appear to be seen by heart and inner eye. In the fullness of light we stand in front of all shadows, all doubts, and all fears. In the fullness of heart we enter gently as the family and friends of light gather to show their love, their appreciation, their acceptance of you into their hearts. We are the Pleiadian Council of Light. We work within the sacred geometry of humanity's outpost. We represent the schematics of what is human and humanoid of nature.

You try to escape what is too human, what has become undone, what has become frayed. You now enter a corridor of time where situations that were once hidden and covered from your eyes are exposed. The time period for looking and examining your life so closely with hairline precision comes to an end. The choices of the last two years brought you fully into a place of belief or doubt. The last two years of time have asked you to look at the vulnerability of your humanness, of your flesh, of your desire to stay or to leave the outskirts of earth. In the last two years you have questioned God. You have asked does that big G God exist or this world justified by the all the 'little g gods?' You have faltered in the storms, you have faltered in the choices and you have faltered in the quickening. Time elapses and lapses upon itself. All that you have learned comes to an Apex of reforming your thoughts, your intentions and clarifying what still lingers in your heart, mind or soul.

In the next days you will be given a choice, do you believe 100% that you are aligned with what is light, what is Christed, what is good about man, about God, about Life. You will have to dig deep into this haystack to find the needle that represents the goodness in this time and place. You must become a living blessing to all those that cross your path, giving to them a new hope. Do you realize that everything you do affects another whether seen or hidden all has a ripple effect. Ask to be a blessing for everything and everyone from the morning to the night. It is by doing this that you will amplify the wattage of your light quotient.

You have forgotten what the journey is really about. You are not here to judge or point fingers at another. You are not here to learn by hurting another, physcially or with your thoughts. Those that stand in your way do so as a mighty giant that stands before a sacred mountain not allowing you entrance. If you cannot bypass the giants of your life, find a different angle of thought and heart and gain entrance into what seems impassable.

Everything in your life that you see as a blockage can only be dissolved through the amplification of the vibration of love. You can either be a victim or live in victory. Every one of you are Masters of Light and you have forgotten because the smallness of everyday life has piled itself up and you cannot see beyond it.

Reconfirm your vows with the light, with what is divine, with the future of planet Earth. So many of you have given up on your freedom, on your heart's desires, on what brings you joy that the frequency of doubt has shifted the entire equation of light and dark. We ask you to dig in your heels and to believe, not just for yourself, not just for your planet and your people but for all life forms in all worlds. The outcome of earth's ascension or dissension has a fulcrum effect upon all universes.

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