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Divine Relationship

Divine Relationship
Bartholomew through Mary-Margaret Moore

Mary-Margaret MooreYou are a vortex of energy, constantly in motion,
propelled by events, sounds, colors, everything with which you have
sensory contact. You can begin to feel those energies, if you choose
to do so. This individual expanding, contracting, vortex of power is
fed by springs and streams unknown to you, and when two or more of you
are present, we have a combination of energy fields in motion. This
greatly increases the potentiality as well as the complexity of what I
wish to emphasize.

One analogy to use in talking about who and what you are is to
visualize yourself as a cup or chalice, which is rather how you appear
psychically. The cup has a wonderful openness which is filled with a
mixture of moving energy. Other people present themselves in exactly
the same way, but different essences have difficulty intermingling
with each other because of the walls of the chalice.

If, even for a few moments, you could really touch, taste, and feel
the elixir of wonder in any other cup, the experience would be so
revealing there would be no chance of further separation.
Guilt & You

What then is the major ingredient in the chalice wall that keeps the
inner elixir from being accessible? My friends, it will not be a
surprise when I tell you it is guilt. Guilt!

In the beginning of your earth plane experience, you had one rule to
guide you. It is still the guiding rule — to live harmlessly, to live
as best you can so you harm no one.

And out of the original ability to feel and touch what was harmless,
you were able, in those moments, to see each other with clarity.

As things happened, various rules and regulations, which you now call
religions, began to rise along with various laws. You accumulated a
long array of very specific things to juggle in order to be 'good
enough', certain kinds of food, certain kinds of behavior, thoughts,
actions, emotions, and on and on. So when you were attempting to
connect with the God-Self, obstacles were felt, guilt entered, and you
became afraid to open up the channel to what you call the Divine High
Self of who you are.

The moment guilt came into your awareness, there arose a fear of God.
I have told you before, many of you are afraid of God, because the God
you have created is such a fearful one. This image is simply a
projection from the minds of man and not at all true. Nevertheless,
there remains deeply embedded in the cellular remembrance of your
whole beingness the idea that, if you don't measure up, you are going
to be destroyed, or at best punished by being sent to some dark area,
which sounds far worse than being totally annihilated. This middle
ground is where you go if you are sort of bad or sort of good, and
there you stay until sometime, somehow, something magical happens and
you are no longer in such jeopardy, and they release you to something
Release Fear & Guilt

My friends, I am doing my best to lighten up a very frightening view
of life and God that is embedded in your psyches. Many of you are no
longer actively trying to open up your channel to the Divine. There is
the fear that if you do, you will find that you are not loved. Please
imagine how it must feel inside your consciousness to know there is an
almighty, wondrous God, and at the same time know that It could be
angry at you. Understand, there is a deep part of you that responds to
this belief with fear. Now, given the dilemma, what is the solution?

There are a great many human beings on this earth plane, and you have
been told that the greatest friends you have are each other. So we go
back to our diagram of relationship. Each time you open your mouth, or
use your eyes or your body to connect and make contact with others,
you are doing one of two things: adding to the fear and guilt or
adding to the joy and light in the other person and in the world. You
do not help yourself by dwelling on your own darkness. That is only a
way you keep a negative image of yourself before your consciousness.
What you have to learn is the necessity of sending clear messages
about what you truly want to the Deep Self. Your Deep Self is also an
energy vortex, and it is waiting to be quickened in whatever way you
choose. It waits in eternal patience for you to turn to it on your own
behalf, and when you ask, you must be specific. What exactly is it
that you want? Do you want to find out who you really are, what
reality really is? Then ask the Deep Self to reveal those Truths!

The lower, separated self believes you are a linear, limited, often
ill, often unhappy, poor little worm, walking over the globe in a
chaotic pattern, going you know not where, doing you know not what.
The lower self pleads with God to be delivered from this life as soon
as possible. Each time you open your mouth, you either increase
everyone else's belief in their own lower self, or their belief in
Truth. So, the greatest help you can give to yourself and others is to
constantly remember that you are Light, you are Love, you are
exploding creation, limitless, and harmless.

You are all the things you have yearned so much to be. You could not
yearn to be those things if you were not already there. Please
understand this. What you want to do is build within the wonderful
vessel of your beingness the power of your own remembered, unspecified
Love, the feeling of Love in motion within you, until you can taste
the elixir and feel that it is possible to truly Love all of the
createdness. And it comes out of starting now.

There is nothing magical about enlightenment. Nothing! The Light is in
there, waiting to explode. The light is out here, waiting to join with
what's inside. We have discussed the only thing that stands between
them, which is the chalice itself. The inside is filled, and the
outside is equally filled, but it is the structure of guilt between
that keeps the Light from enlivening you so that It leaves you in a
way that is totally beyond speech. It brings a quickening, an
aliveness to the totality of everything you do, and it is worth
everything to achieve. Begin this day to build your internal power so
that you can literally burst through the barrier of guilt and allow
yourself to re-experience the connection with the One God.

It is not that you have to be 'good', just stop believing you are
'bad'. You can change that belief by experiencing the wonder of who
you are. If you begin every day to sit with your own energy field,
remembering the things you truly are, and dare to tell yourself they
are true, you will quicken the awareness of the Source so strongly
that you will feel It. I mean feel It with a tangibility that will
answer all your questions.
Knowing Who You Are

There is a new term used to describe relationships that aren't
working. The word is 'dysfunctional' and the phrase is 'coming from a
dysfunctional family'. Well, the news is that you all come from
dysfunctional families. And I will tell you why. Because any family
who doesn't know who they are will provide you with a picture of who
you are that is not true. They, out of their own illusory confusion,
have projected onto you the same confusion. All families are
dysfunctional. You can split it up into any degree of dysfunction you
wish, but I see it only one way. You either know who you are, or you

Until the moment you break through the web of guilt, you will not be
functioning in some way or another. I mean this with all of the Love
that I have. The only thing keeping you from totally knowing who you
are is the gridwork of your own belief of who you are. I will tell you
again, you are total Love, total Divine Power-activated! You are a
symphony of color and sound, past the wildest imaginings of your
physical body, which illuminates your mind and heart. That is who you
are. Anything short of that is a lie, and I beg you to stop
perpetuating the lie.

As your birthright, you have the ability to break through the blockage
of guilt and experience yourself totally. You cannot shovel out the
darkness. It will take forever.

The best way to fill a room with light is to open the window. Your job
is to do it all the time. When someone is saying something to you that
is born in illusion, instead of participating in the lie, become very
still within, remember and activate the memory of that which you seek.
In the face of any of your own dismal thoughts, stop and remember you
are part of the Divine. Do not try to be perfect. You are never going
to make it. Do you understand?

You cannot be perfect in a physical body because the physical body
sees things as separated. But out of the growing power within, you can
explode out of the dream of separation into the reality of Oneness.

In a relationship, what you see of a person most of the time is an
illusory reflection shining back off the chalice itself, preventing
you from seeing into the depths. You are always in relationship, and I
am not talking about love affairs. They are only a small part of
relationship. I am talking about life, about relating to everyone you
see. Every moment of your day, when you are in the presence of
another, you have the opportunity to increase your movement toward
enlightenment. If you decide to increase your ability to experience
Godness within, when you look at the other person, you must remember
that they, too, are God. What happens then is you increase your
vibration and release 'God' energy into the atmosphere around you.

In that instant, you activate in some measure the other person's own
remembrance. You are the mirrors, each for the other. And when you
remember that as much as you can, you will be incredibly helpful to
each other.

That is why an Enlightened One is helpful. They look at you and start
to laugh. Do you really believe that's who you are? Do you really
believe in those limitations? Do you really? If they don't, if you
have a teacher who scolds you, get a new teacher! Because anyone who
does not see that you are God manifesting hasn't had the full
experience of enlightenment. So don't be scolded. You have been
scolded enough, and you scold yourselves endlessly. If you want a real
teacher, please get someone who knows you are playing a game and will
reflect back who you truly are.
Being All Right

What you are being asked to give up is what the 'lower' self loves
best, which is the desire to be right. This illusory self adores being
right, because being right also means being all-right. And being
alright makes you feel, for a moment, more secure. So be watchful,
because the only question that ever arises when you are dealing with
the Vast Self is this, "Are you willing to lay down everything else in
order to reflect the truth?" And the truth is the reality of the
Light, Love, Power, and total amazement of who you all really are.

Every time you help your brother or sister to see this, you have
helped yourself. It cannot be other than that, and so I ask those of
you who really want to experience Light in the mind and in the heart
to begin in this simple way. Remember! Whatever else is going on,
don't forget! And each time you remember, trust that you are building
the energy in your body. There is nothing new outside of you that
isn't inside, and you build that energy by your own sweet remembrance.
Do it now, or do it later, but you will do it, because a deep part of
the human consciousness has an incredible longing to be Free.

I often use the word Freedom because it best reflects the feeling of
breaking loose from the chains of illusion and soaring into the
Vastness. The dropping of the heaviness of earth plane illusion and
the knowing of who you are cannot be conveyed by words. I just beg you
to do it. The number of moments you build this power will determine
the moment of your Freedom. You lift off and out and you are no longer
encased. You know — it's done! You know you are God, always have been,
could never be anything else, and in that wondrous moment, you know
you have everything. The only thing I think worth doing is to build
the power so you can know.

From The Heart of A Gentle Brother by Bartholomew.

Published by High Mesa Press, P.O. Box 2267, Taos, New Mexico 87571.

Mary-Margaret Moore is a graduate of the Stanford University Graduate
School. She began channeling Bartholomew while undergoing hypnosis.
Bartholomew is neither masculine nor a person, but a vast, alive,
compassionate wise energy field. Dr. John Aiken of Socorro, New Mexico
was hypnotizing Mary-Margaret to see if he could find the source of
her back problem. Mary-Margaret found herself saying things like “Do
you want to know the nature of God? Do you want to know who you really
are? Would these questions interest you?” Dr. Aiken’s answer was a
very powerful “YES!” For over eighteen years that Something answered
amazing and insightful questions from "seekers" all over the globe.