Saturday, March 29, 2008


A new energy is covering the Earth.
It is transforming the molecules of physical matter and uplifting the consciousness of all.
It is infiltrating the structure of the material world and bringing about changes that will create greater life and light within time and space.
This new energy is the Divine Breath of God, held in the embrace of physical matter in a unity of wholeness and integration. It is not felt independently of the human experience. It is felt through the human experience - both physical, emotional, and spiritual.
Its purpose is to set mankind free. Its goal, to return to each and every child of God the full range of Divine motion that is inherently a part of being human, and the full depth of knowledge of identity and selfhood that holds life to be sacred and oneself to be part of a greater sacred Whole.
Moving silently as a mist that is only visible when looked at from a certain angle of perception, the new energy is infusing consciousness - the consciousness that is, and the consciousness that has been, with new perspectives and new options for the future. It is subtlely and surely conveying to the hearts of all that a new way of life is coming into being, bringing the expansive freedom of more life into the landscape of current life.
This sacred and unheralded mist penetrates to the heart's core. It will transform all of life, relationships, expectations, hopes, and possibilities for mankind. It will create a new picture of the possible. It will broaden and deepen the way in which 'ordinary relationships' are conceived. It will give new meaning and depth to the understanding of love.
Each soul that bends to become one with this emerging reality is being lifted into a new state of awareness within themselves, one in which old limitations and distortions are revealed and healed, and in which new vistas open out. One in which old identities, based on personal and biological history are gathered together into a new unity, housed within the sacred wholeness of one's inner Divine being.
Each one who seeks to feel the incoming tide of the Breath of God is finding themselves breathed through by the new beginnings of this time of unfoldment.
For the new energy of Divine Breath comes on the soft feet of the mist itself. It is carried on the wings of angels and the Divine intention of other beings of light that enhance the flow of what is taking place. It is breathed in by the hearts and souls of all.
Arriving soundlessly, it moves without force and without the need for coercion or even attention, for its power is the power of love and of comfort, and its place within the heart is therefore assured. Its action will move the inhabitants of the Earth to a new consciousness - an awareness of Divine being living in and through all of physical life, as the world is made whole and the new life of a sacred planet comes into existence.
An Awakening Earth
The Horizon of Expanding Consciousness
The Cosmic Moment
The Awakening of Truth

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Latest Astrology Aspects

Thought for the week:If something you are doing is notworking, doing more of it won't workany better.******************************Thursday March 27, 2008 WOW day…Today the moon in Sagittarius travels overA very sensitive spot which PLUTO goingBackwards over these next few months WILLAgain touch on later in October. AND whichHas already been sensitized in 2007.
WHAT issues have you not cleared in yourLife yet? IN your emotions? AND what doYou KNOW you need to do and have beenPutting off is the question? AND the timeIs NOW to do it…or at least it feels likeThat this weekend.
Sagittarius would like you to have someFUN today and even though we are into a ratherExplosive energy you could have a great dayIf you are willing to let go and think HOWIMPORTANT WILL THIS BE IN 10 years?2 years? 6 months? Laugh not fight is your]Theme for the next 4 days…
Right now energy is high as We are intoTransformation and over the next few days asWe come closer and closer to the PLUTO Station.Pluto getting ready to go retrograde. PlutoMoves retrograde on April 2nd.
Extremism is the theme and as the sun andMars get closer to their exact square on 3/30 at12:22am. EXTREMISM and hot energy bringsUp issues for folks only so that we can seeOur own “:STUFF” and get clearer on howWe really want to live.
11:56am great speak your mind energy1:08pm Great speak your mind and beSorry later energy as URANUS the planetOf SURPRISES enters the game9:13pm Venus and the moon make a squareAnd maybe people do not respond as weMight wish them to. (WHEN do they?)11:05pm the moon squares off with URANUSAnd surprises and some interesting energyComes in dreams tonight- Color today purple for spiritual connection- Use turquoise to connect to the dynamics of balance, and spiritual illumination- Oil of Jasmine for love- Kiss, believe and make it happen
"Although it may crown you Queen for a Day, the worldcannot confer the recognition that will make you feel fulfilled.Only you can. Congratulate yourself upon the completionof a personal accomplishment."– Sarah Ban Breathnach************************************************Did you know?CLEAR QUARTZ AMPS EVERYTHING UP:For me this is a stone or energy NOT TO BEUSED ALONE GOLD IS YANG OUT OUTGOING ENERGYSILVER IS MORE YIN AND BRINGS IT INTO SELFAND THEN YOU GET TO DECIDE WHAT TO DOWITH IT WHITE GOLD magically combines both******************************************************Friday March 28, 2008 LOTS OF GOOD STUFF GOING ON
Today at 6:21am the moon moves v/c or times out andAt 7:43pm will enter Capricorn. This is a rather longv/c or time out and the aspect with Neptune is a magicalone.
ABET…today is not the greatest energy for doing your billsor balancing the checkbook. BUT wonderful forworking on manifesting your dream, your visionand imagining what COULD BE in order to create it.
Aspects today are many and most of them reallyHelpful. At 10pm tonight as the moon touchesPLUTO we get a hefty dream time of whatTHE NEXT STEP is for ourselves.
TransformationIs the theme today as PLUTO IN Capricorn touchesThe moon for the energy of seeing our emotionsIn order to transform them.
Today carries a bit of SUPERSIZE me energy withVenus,(LOVE) and what we like, and Jupiter(SUPERSIZE IT) and Uranus (CHANGE) all workingTogether for a change. It is Hard to call this day butDo slow down, and double check details and
Then STEP INTO THE what COULD BELand in your mind and begin to create yourNext month… or maybe next year…..Plans today should be full of dreamsAnd very closely tied in with your guidesAnd angels as they are truly being awakenedAnd also (JUST LIKE YOU) downloadedWith some new intuitive and connectionPowers.- COLOR today Purple for spirit- Use Lapis Lazuli to open the 3rd eye and balance The throat chakra and hook you into INNER VOICE- Oil of Clove which is one of the most powerful oils There is to create healing ...inner and outer- OIL OF RELEASE TO LET GO OF ALL OBSTACLES to you being aware of how divine and perfect you are..************************************************You've got a lot of choices.If getting out of bed inthe morning is a chore andyou're not smiling ona regular basis, try anotherchoice. -- Steven D. Woodhull*********************************I HAVE A NEW SIGN IN MY OFFICEit says “YOU are never finished butAlways Complete”
(not this week)
It sits next to the sign that saysDO LESS….BE MORE..********************************************************************BOEING PARAPSYCHOLOGY SHOW IN KENTWASHINGTON TODAY AT 9am to 5pm.
Saturday March 29, 2008 A GREAT CAPRICORN moon dayToday is a Last quarter moon, meaning that the sun wearingThe sign of Aries is not playing well with the moon inCapricorn . That moon says ACCOMPLISH and work,And the sun says FREEDOM, joy and fun…
So, maybe we can do both today and use thatSaturn aspect at 1:08am to find what the next stepIs for ourselves.- Color today PINK for love of self- I will be using the stone (Really petrified tree sap) AMBER Which reminds us our ancient soul connections to self and To others. WHICH I always wear to Shows when I am out in the public. TO me this stone is protective also.- Oil of lavender to soothe, calm and slow us all down
- Kiss for today, is keep it simple and remember at 3:14pm asMars moves into opposition with the moon and Mars in CancerIs very sensitive and The moon is a bit bossy. So walk softlyToday and do truly Keep it simple sweetie*****************************************************Higher power is the only power. Higher self is the only self. -- Alan Cohen***************************************************Sunday March 30, 2008 SUN SQUARE MARSEarly in the am. 12:22am pdt
This aspect again is pushing all ourEmotional buttons ..>NOT to punish us but ratherTo show us what within ourselves needs transformation.
The sun in ARIES and Mars in Cancer is a recipeFor the pot boiling over if you overdo. SO, let goOf old worn out emotions and do something PHYSICALToday. Get outdoors, watch the sunset, go to the water,Or hike, and just be energized by all the options you trulyDo have in your life.
The moon in Capricorn until 9:54pm when it movesv/c with a NICE mercury aspect is nothing to worryabout and should help many of us accomplisha great deal if we choose that option.
Some of you have been putting off choices andThis weekend may be the weekend that the finalStraw comes in and we finally find freedom andGET IT DONE: for many of us, Sunday should beA day of reflection on inner turmoil and workingOn clearing that in order to get ready for SATURNTo move direct next week. MORE to do willCome with this aspect on May 2nd. So get ready,Clear the decks and use this high energy weekendTo accomplish what you have left undone.
David Pond on his SPRING EQUINOX cd mentionsThat this is the ATTACK THE GARAGE, ATTACKThose closets, Attack the yard ….weekened…NOTAttack anything or anyone else. And I agree.- Color today yellow for the joy of what you have and be Willing to open to more joy in your life- Use Amethyst for protection and to clear energy today- Oil of sage for all of the above- Kiss for today be open to happy surprises and slow downAnd be open to angelic messages & ALWAYS REMEMBER If you cannot love yourself, you have no chance to loveanother person. " Matthew Ford***************************************************"Everything you need to make you happy in this world is inside you."Source Unknown*********************************************************Monday march 31, 2008 MOON IN Aquarius day
At 6;34am the moon slides into Aquarius and theMood certainly lightens and many of us may wonderWhat the energy was this weekend. Read aboveAnd you may understand what happened.
OR some of you read it first and it did not happenPerhaps. The Aquarius energy makes an uncomfortableAspect with Saturn the planet of accountability andSo getting into the groove this am may not be easy.
Slow down and realize that it will get done andDo not push yourself or others if possible today.
Neptune, North node and CHIRON are allIn Aquarius so the aspects over this next 24Hours are about (what we need to do NorthNode) (Healing , Chiron) and (illusion, orRather dreamy energy : Neptune) Mix this withThe moon which is emotions and we have anInteresting couple of days. Aquarius isFIXED AIR energy and ruled by the planetOf surprises did you know that? So, expectGREAT surprises and have a day when youAvoid taking anything personally please- Kiss for today is the above…- Color today Red for passion of life or pink for love- Use diamonds, sapphire or ruby for the same- Oil of Juniper to elevate spiritual awareness and create feelings of peace and love***********************************************Is life not a hundred times too short for us to stifle ourselves. ~Friedrich Nietzsche*********************************************APRIL STONE FOR THE MONTH IS another of my favorites:GOLDEN CITRINE one of the 2 minerals upon this planet whichdoes not hold and accumulate negative energy, but dissipatesand transmutes it, working out problems on physical andsubtle levels is the gift of this WONDERFUL energy…
This is the merchants stone also and helps in acquiringwealth and to maintain the state of wealth.Balances the yin-yang energy and opensAnd energizes the solar plexus, helping us withPERSONAL POWER, CREATIVITY, Decisivenessand ENDURANCE: Helps to clarify problems also…***********************************************
HAPPY APRIL 2008 the 4th month in a number 1 yearMaking APRIL 2008 a 5 month of CHANGES for us all:
Tuesday April 1, 2008HAPPY APRIL FOOLS day with the moon in AquariusMaking great aspects to that Sun in Aries. Today ifAll goes well, I have a day off when I get to go northWith a friend and see the tulips. This would be aPerfect recipe for today.
Today truly life does draw without an eraser andWe can really get creative with the energy.ENJOY today as tomorrow heats up and youCould already be feeling PLUTO getting ready to goRetrograde at 2:23am Wednesday morning.
Pluto retrograde always is a time when we moveInward and do processing on an internal level. ThisRetrograde is different than anything you have ever knownAs Pluto has not been in the sign of CAPRICORN for260 years.. and it will now begin to back into SagittariusOver this summer. Get ready for some new andPowerful energies in your life and to see the sameOut there in the world.
KISS FOR TODAY::::::we could get someGreat answers if we look at ourselves as the authors of our lives.IF WE EXPECT it to come from outside ourselves we miss thisEnergy…… SO THE KISS IS YOU ARE THE MASTEROf your FATE and your soul is calling you isn’t it- Color today black for calm and deep quite- Use black tourmaline or obsidian for grounded and protection- Sage is good today for clearing and cleaning energy- Oil of Bergamot for depression and this is the main herb in EARL GREY TEA you know? Lots of oils can be found in food and teas and that is an excellent way to get them*****************************************************We are formed and molded by our thoughts. Those whose minds areshaped by selfless thoughts give joy when they speak or act.Joy follows them like a shadow that never leaves them. - Buddha**************************************************Wednesday April 2, 2008 HERE WE GO AGAINWild dreams carry over into the daytime
At 2:14am the moon moved v/c after touching down onNEPTUNE THE planet of illusion, dreams, romantic loveAnd other fun but not very realistic stuff. THIS energy rulesThe day until …well, how about rules the rest of the week…
The moon moves at 1:55pm into Pisces which has its ownDreams and visions and feelings are powerful and WATER, waterEverywhere except for the fact that how we think and speak,MERCURY moves into ARIES the sign of SELF at 10:45am..Hmmmm……. YOU KNOW the kiss already don’t you?
A MOMENT coming out of the lips and forever inSomeone else’s memory. NO nasty e mails, no fussing atOthers and Please remember that folks are going to come backAt you stronger than you come at them.
PEACE, joy and love is my theme today so maybe I willStay off e mail.2:14am the moon touches NEPTUNE2:23am PLUTO RETROGRADE10:45am MERCURY into Aries1:55pm more illusion and dreams come inAs the moon enters Pisces3:57pm a rather nice aspect with Pluto asking usTo change right now …6:16pm the moon in Pisces wanting the dream and theIllusion opposes Saturn (Transformation andAre you into reality or the dream? They just couldReally mix today and the next 2 days)- Kiss for today is- Color today white for purity of vision- Use Turquoise the stone of the shaman, teacher and protector- Oil of Oil of purity and renewal. Pine, fir, frankincense, or maybe how about the YOUNG LIVING OIL ABUNDANCE? OR maybe RELEASE which is my favorite*****************************************************It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.~e.e. cummings****************************************************** has set up an PAYPAL accountand the next 90 days anyone going to my website and donating the $12for this report I will be giving the money to Ginny Halsenfor her Grandbaby.
I know, There are so many stories and peopleneeding help out there. BUT THIS lady has given generously ofherself for her whole life and now has a very illGrandson in THE Philippines who we are trying to help.
IF you wish to know the whole story, e mail me and I willForward the e mails regarding all this to you. JUST PLEASEKNOW that this baby needs assistance. And we are trying toGet some help to them. Thank you so much for your helpWith this … NAMASTE Carol****************************************************"The bad things in life open your eyes to the good things you weren't paying attention to before."from the movie "Good Will Hunting"***************************************************MORE COMING THE FIRST OF next week, I am soFar behind with EVERYTHING again…. WhichSeems my life theme doesn’t it? Lol
Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for thosewho fear, too long for those who grieve, too short forthose who rejoice, but for those who love, time is eternity. -- Henry Van Dyke
HAPPY March and APRIL 2008
************************Carol Barbeaucarolastro@carolbarbeau.com206-542-7641

With Great Sadness Comes Great Joy I Guess Thu, March 27, 2008 - 7:23 AM

With Great Sadness Comes Great Joy I Guess Thu, March 27, 2008 - 7:23 AM It is with great sadness that I've removed the "Partner To One" label from my profile. He isn't happy and he doesn't know why. He want's to figure it out, but hasn't had a chance because work has been EXTREMELY busy. So he's not kicking me out because we've been together 12 years and have a built a beautiful family dynamic with my 4 children, handicapped father and a small zoo of animals. This figuring out has been going on for a year. I've been waiting around, and waiting around, and waiting around.....hoping he will come around. Sometimes he can be so attentive and loving and sometimes he goes into this deep depression.....oh the joys of being bipolar! I think I've created this fantasy that everything is ok between us because it just status quo and then he reminds me we're not together. There is duality and balance in the universe so I have to believe that with this great sadness there will be great joy.

I so resonate with this quote from Deepak Chopra

I so resonate with this quote from Deepak Chopra Paramahansa Yogananda once wrote, "We are the masters of each moment." and with each moment comes the ability to redirect our path, change course, make commitments that will bring our lives closer to the fulfillment of our intentions and desires. Building on the Spiritual Law of Pure Potentiality, where there are no boundaries - only boundlessness; and no limits - only infinite possibilities to what we can imagine, create and achieve. When we establish rules to prevent us from seeing beyond what exists around us, it is similar to entering a darkened room with a flashlight and only believing that what is illuminated by the beam of light is all that exists in the room. Simply flicking on the overhead light will reveal that much more exists beyond that narrow beam of the flashlight. Pulling open the drapes that cover and darken the windows will let even more light in. This process allows us to see more and more and yet - all that we see was already there! The perception of our existence is the same. Believing that we can flick on the light each day to see, believe, and understand more that we had envisioned only minutes before is a gift. And by practicing the Spiritual Law of Pure Potentiality on a daily basis - by being more in touch with our inner selves, our environment, and all of those around us - we can access that place and find ourselves in a space where truly all things are possible. ~ Change And Transformation by Deepak Chopra ~

Out of the Box

Out of the Box
The dimensions are a matter of frequency and vibration. Humans travel from one dimension to another many times a day. If it is not within their belief system, they are not aware of this and will not recognize this happening. For them it does not exist.You only see what you believe. Your reality matches your beliefs. That's the tricky part. You look out at your reality and see a certain experience. You see it - it looks real, feels real, and others agree that it's real. Therefore, it must be real.
You continue to gather proof of its realness. You even write books about its realness. You have organizations around its realness. You fight for its realness. It is only real because you are operating in a frequency or belief that makes it real. This is what is termed a locked down reality. Everything strengthens the illusion and strengthens the beliefs of the illusionary realness.The key is to begin to stretch your beliefs, stretch your knowing. You have a term that is excellent which invites this stretch - Think out of the box.Notice when your experiences feel limiting. Notice when you are thinking thoughts that do not empower you. Notice when you feel shut down. Notice when you long for more yet feel trapped. Notice when you sense there is something more that could unfold. When that is happening you are touching the sides of your limitation box.At those moments you can shift the frequency, you can shift your mental vibration and begin to allow another reality to emerge, practice stretching, expanding your way of viewing events. Practice a visualization of being above the events or just outside the event. Change your perspective, your viewpoint, just a little.Allow the sides of your belief box to expand to include something slightly different, slightly new, something that you "normally" would not even consider a possibility because it would be too far out, too unreal. Remember you see what you believe.Making connections with other dimensions is just a matter of stepping out of the box, the limited mental or emotional box. It is vibrating at a higher frequency, stepping out of old limited beliefs and welcoming the awareness of your multidimensional starself.Allow a softening, a merging of the dimensions, a flow, gentle and smooth shifting frequency and vibration. The golden key is conscious practice of vibrating joy, gratitude and appreciation, moment to moment to moment. These are high frequency vibrations; they allow your box of limited thinking to disappear.
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For your personal reading/transmission, email me at: apersonalmessage@...Copyright © Peggy Black, Transducer, Scribe and Witness. All rights reserved.Share freely, pass along, stay in your joy, gratitude and appreciation.Share this website and invite your friends to join and invite their friends to join.

Entering the Portal of Self-Awareness

Entering the Portal of Self-Awareness
It may seem at times you are operating in your earthly life with onlypart of the facts. This explains why some things that occur aredifficult to understand. We can explain this in simple terms. It isbecause there are parts of your self you don't know. Each person has many different facets or "aspects." At any giventime, you operate through a focus self that is influenced by otheraspects operating in the background. What is most familiar to you isyour conscious focus self. By the time most people are middle-aged,they have experienced many different facets of their consciouspersonality. Yet the subconscious and superconscious selves remain amystery to many. These are aspects of your self that exist beyond thephysical realm. You may refer to these aspects as your "higher self"or "inner knowing." These aspects regularly appear on the stage ofyour nightly dreams, acting out scripts in the universal language ofsymbols. These scripts are designed to reveal to you the state ofyour connection to your spirit, and the purpose and meaning of yourearthly existence.Uniting All Your Aspects in the Light of Self-awarenessThose who have forged a union of their conscious, subconscious andsuperconscious minds live in the light of self-awareness. Theyunderstand the purpose of their present life in the context of an arcof past and future life selves and are within any moment able to callupon the understandings gained in other lives, past and future. Thesebeings live beyond the confines of limitations and are therefore notsusceptible to the types of lessons experienced by those who view lifefrom a purely physical perspective. Self-awareness Transforms Your DestinyIt is possible to move beyond a limited life experience by stating theintention to do so. Intention powered by attention, will and actionhas the power to effectively activate your internal four-wheel-driveand free you from many ruts and pitfalls. There are steps you can taketo activate this internal propulsion system and enter the Portal ofSelf-Awareness. Discovering and re-membering the many aspects of yourself greatly expands your field of possibilities by helping you accessthe knowledge and understanding of your other "selves."You may have heard that humans only use a portion of their brains. The unused portion mirrors in the physical world the vast, untappedresources of the subconscious and superconscious minds. As above, sobelow. As you learn to re-engage these other dimensions of your self,you begin to use a greater percentage of your brain. It is thisotherwise unused portion of the brain that is designed to work withspiritual dimensions. All parts of your self united and functioningeffectively restructures your DNA and transforms your destiny.Learning to Step Outside Time and SpaceIn order to unite unknown parts of your self, you will need to learnhow to step outside of time and space. We offer here some steps thatcan help you transcend time and space. These include working withdreams - decoding the symbols of your sleeping and waking dreams -learning to still your mind through concentration exercises, meetingwith your higher mind through meditation, asking for, opening toreceive, and acting upon spiritual guidance, and enlivening yourearthly existence with increased life force energy. Life force energyis quickened through following your passion and excitement and byhonoring and nurturing your physical body. These are some steps thatcan help you to learn to exist outside the confines of time and space.Once outside these confines, you are free to travel to the past orfuture and meet previously unknown aspects of your self.Embracing the Many Diverse Aspects of Your SelfPerceiving your many aspects help place your present life in thecontext of many. This deeper understanding of who you are across timecreates awareness of the many influences and aspects you areexperiencing within this lifetime. This self-awareness translatesinto a deeper understanding of every thought, every encounter, everysituation, and every feeling.Re-membering Your Selves Unites You with Your Higher SelfWhen you know all your selves, you have a more direct experience ofall-that-is. You are more at peace and more aware of the divine beingthat you are. You are able to see the divine heart of all others andstep into the "big picture" of every situation you encounter. In yourdaily life, you understand that through the Law of Attraction, youdraw to you those energies that are resonant with your own. By entering the Portal of Self-awareness, you are able to unite withall your aspects. As you unite with these other "selves," you are ableto access the gifts of their knowledge and wisdom. As you learn tostep outside time and space, you are able to remember who you arethroughout time and bring this infinite nature of your being intoevery experience of your present moment.For more information, visit

Making Your Way Through the Forest

Making Your Way Through the Forestby Carrie Hart================================
The more you look within, the more you will see clearly and truly. The more you invite the golden light of your soul self to flow down within you, clearing your inner eye, the more brightly will glow all that you can do and be. For it is all within you. You are, right now, everything that you need to be. You, just as you are, are exactly as you should be. There is nothing missing. There have been no mistakes.
By definition, you own the capabilities to be, express and show who you truly are. And this is what you are meant to do, to expand and glow, showing and sharing the truth that burns within you.
If you cannot see clearly where the path lies for you, do not be concerned. Sometimes it is revealed only step by step, moment by moment, like making your way through the forest in a fog. At other times, the sun shines brightly and a clearing opens for you to run across in clarity and joy.
It does not matter if you find yourself in a dense forest in the fog or in that open clearing. Either way, your shining inner self has a compass, a compass that lives in your center, deep in your heart of truth and peace. And as you feel your way along through the mossy trees, it will tell you if you are heading the right direction.
And this journey will continue until your days on the earth are over. There is no time that you will say, this is it, this is finally what I am meant to do or be. For you are already there. You are already who you are meant to be. It does not take any struggle to become yourself, for this is already achieved. And this is why your circumstances do not matter, because you have already arrived.
For in the forest of life, you only find yourself. In the depths and in the clearings, in the dappled sunshine and in the darkest undergrowth, all you find is yourself. And in truth, you are already what you seek.
Relax and be. Relax and be. Reach in and find yourself and then expand. Begin by expanding from your center, letting the golden light from your soul self fill you and set you aglow. Expand out and out. And eventually, what you do with your time here will be a reflection of this glow and you will be offered opportunities to use the glow that is you more and more. And a day will come when your truth will shine out so brightly that every word from your mouth and every movement you make will be a complete expression of your truth, pure and unsullied, and all confusion will go away. And you will shine out with a light so bright that the forest will be seen as what it is, a dream, a shadow, insubstantial, something you can see right through.
And this glow may last a moment only or it may last an hour, a day. But it will show you what is possible. And the more time you spend in that brightest glow, the more the forest will be there but not there, the more you will not even need a sun-filled clearing to run across, for the sunshine will be within you, generated by your own glow, and you will find that you can run through the trees just for the sheer joy of being.
And then, for that moment, that hour, that day, you can also lift yourself up and out of the forest altogether, to become one with the great glow that is the glow of all, of the highest and widest, of the very mind and heart of God, the glow of being and flowing and oneness, the ground state of being, the I Am presence, the heart and soul of all that is.
Touch this bright glow with your soul. Be one with it. Then carry it back down within you, to make your own truth brighter and clearer. For in the end, it is all one truth and that truth is love.
I wish you love and peace, Carrie
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One Day At A Time

One Day At A TimeMarch 25. 2008================
One day has ended' and now we prepare to start another day, another time, another place, another opportunity, another impetus and direction as we finally tighten our belts and stand, oh so tall, in the wake of all that we have received and all that we have achieved in these ever melding and merging days of yesteryear and of now!
We are assured and prompted within that 'we are the ones that we have been waiting for' and it is with perhaps a humble acceptance that we now perceive the wisdom of these oft-times used words. For an age were we sitting and waiting, somewhat forlornly, in the hope that the 'Messiah' was coming and that He/She/It would save us from this situation that we had found ourselves in!
Evolution is an extraordinary game and the moves taken on the chessboard of life have gotten us to where we are this very day. We have moved through many an age upon age in various experiences, wearing the 'many hats' that we have chosen to wear and acting the many roles we chose to experience. We have moved through our numerous journeys - giving a little and receiving a little - bringing us to this now moment with a timely acceptance that we really have co-created all that we perceive in this world of ours!
We, as an overall collective of Hu- mankind, have co-created all that we see! Is it not truly thought provoking and deeply soul touching to view the outer world with all it's seeming distress, warring factions, greed, avarice, control and persecution? And yet, even as we view this outer world, is there sure inner knowing that in the overall scheme of things . . . at one level . . . everything is in 'perfect' and rightful divine order!
One day has ended as we take on the mantle of self responsibility, love and compassion, giving and caring for our brothers and sisters in their every land, creed, culture or colour. Have we not over eons of time co-created some things that have a need of remedying and re-balancing, as we, along with Mother Earth and 'Mother/Father God' look each other surely in the eyes, heart and soul, knowing that now at this glorious time of vast imminent change are we together - as an invincible team - of rainbow warriors.
One day has ended and so it surely is. Another day is now beginning and graciously and gratefully received as we align our steps and endeavours to walk hand in hand with our brothers and sisters, taking on the mantle of freedom within the One and co-creating now a future that is to be a more acceptable demeanour for all.
We, as a collective, are now focusing upon smoother transition and changes as they indeed will occur to re-balance the equilibrium of this beautiful planet, aligning those whose choice it will be to continue their inward journeys on 'other planets of choice.' The ways are becoming readied and preparing for an assertive future environment for one and all in God's creation.
Let us go within, acknowledging as of now the insight and total acceptance that "We are the ones that we have been waiting for," and the day is NOW. We realise our destiny, as we realise our goal, as we realise that all we are searching for is NOT without, never was. It is WITHIN! There will never be a saviour who cometh! You are here, we are here together, to walk hand in hand in the radiance of the Christ light and love, in humility, in grandeur and so it is . . . The Universal Mind.
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The Great Paradox Of Infinite Being

The Great Paradox Of Infinite Beingby Owen WatersInfinite Being is The One and The All. We are aspects of theOne, aspects of Infinite Being, each of us experiencing lifefrom our own unique perspective. This concept leads to the ideathat you are one small part of an infinitely large variety oflife.However, when you go within and contact the deeper levelsof consciousness, you begin to sense that that concept isactually one of the illusions of life as we know it.Infinite Being is The One and The All. We can see the infinitevariety of The All in the external world but, at the deepestlevel of consciousness, each individual part of The All is TheOne.At the deepest level, you are not a part of The One. Withinthe One, there are no parts. There is no separation. Within theOne, you are The One. You are Infinite Being.If this were not so, then at that deepest level of awareness,there would be both The One and you. That would make two, andthat is not what is there at that deepest level ofconsciousness. Only The One exists in that ultimate state.Therefore you are The One, as, indeed, is everyone else.Infinite Being is The One and The All.We are Infinite Being.So, The Great Paradox of Infinite Being is this: While youappear to be one of infinite parts of The All, at the deepestlevel of awareness you are not a separate part, you are,instead, simply The One.The reason for the paradox is that we live in an existencewhich creates the illusion of separation. Deep down, we're allthe same One but, for the sake of being able to experience allthe drama and excitement that life in this world has to offer,the appearance of separation into the All was created.This was done so that Infinite Being can observe itself froman infinite variety of viewpoints. That includes your uniqueviewpoint, my unique viewpoint, and everyone else's uniqueviewpoints.This article was an excerpt from the e-book, "Discover YourPurpose in Life" by Owen Waters.Discover your own unique purpose in life now. See how it fitsin perfectly with the natural flow of the universe and evenwith the original reason for life itself. Your journey ofdiscovery is waiting.The introductory, half-off price is about to expire!Download your personal copy of "Discover Your Purpose in Life"now, at: Infinite Being newsletter brings you spiritual insightsfor the New Awareness each Sunday at your request fromInfinite Being Publishing LLC, 73 Greentree Dr #54,Dover DE 19904, USA.

Expanding Your Field of Possibilities, Part 2

Expanding Your Field of Possibilities, Part 2Releasing Past Limiting And/or Negative IdentitiesAs we said in our previous discussion, you can choose an identity selfwho is experiencing peace and joy -- regardless of the circumstancesofyour past. In order to step fully into a positive and empoweredidentityself, you may need to experience the process of "releasing pastnegativeand limiting identities."As you undertake this transitional process of releasing past limitingornegative identities, you may find some or all of the following stepshelpful.One) Give your self permission to withdraw from any realities orinteractions associated with old, limiting or negative identities.Evenif there are those close to you who are still "invested" in your oldidentity, you can choose new ways of interacting with them that arealigned with your new identity. It may be necessary for a time tolimityour interaction until you are strongly aligned and centered in yournewidentity. In time, others will learn to interact with the perspectiveof your new identity.Two) Allow and welcome the changes your new identity brings into yourlife. Understand that a change in identity often equals a change ofvibration. In accordance with the Law of Attraction, a change ofvibration effectively de-magnetizes some connections in your lifewhilemagnetizing new ones. If you shift to a new identity, you may findyourself drawn to a new career, a new course of study, new friends,activities, a new diet and exercise regimen, or other new ways ofbeing.Three) Open to explore new areas of experience and expression. Whenyouundergo an "identity shift," you become more closely aligned with newand previously unknown aspects of your self. This is why you choose toexperience new identities in the first place -- to learn about yourselfand access new realms of experience. It is likely your new identityself will bring you in o resonance with talents and abilities you haveacquired throughout your arc of lifetimes but have not yet discoveredinyour present lifetime. As these new talents reveal themselves, followyour excitement and passion to explore whatever realms of experienceandexpression you feel drawn to.Four) Allow your self to embrace and accept times of uncertainty.Timesof transition and change don't have to be times of depression andanxiety. Instead, they can be times of great anticipation and joy,times filled with abundant opportunities for reshaping your realityandperceiving and adopting new ways of being.Five) Affirm that as you open to and receive the abundance of theuniverse, you are infinitely more capable of assisting others,includingthose closest to you who may initially feel threatened or upset by thechanges you are making.Six) Build into your transitional bridging identity self (and allfutureidentity selves) a wise, nurturing component that loves and knows howtonurture every aspect of your being into a place of healing. Thisnurturing presence may represent the essence of a wise and lovingguidethat is an aspect of your higher self. Whenever old voices tell youthat you are doomed to repeat painful patterns of the past, invitethisnurturing aspect of your consciousness to sit with the parts of yourself that are still playing "old tapes." This nurturing aspect of yournew identity self can dialogue with these older aspects of yourconsciousness, or simply sit with them radiating love andunderstanding.Seven) Expand your awareness and beliefs to embrace the idea that"identity selves" are designed to be changed, released and adopted inwhatever way is necessary for you to grow and progress throughout yourlifetime. Just as each generation that incarnates on the Earth planeadds to, improves upon and heals the consciousness and creations oftheprevious generation, each new identity self adds to, improves andhealsthe identity selves that came before it. Likewise, each identity selfsets down a foundation and creates the causes of new identities thatexpand consciousness in new and exciting directions.Eight) Learn to program desired characteristics into all your newidentities through intention, will and desire. You may already havecharacteristics in mind that you would like to adopt. You may wish tobe more intuitive, more creative, more compassionate, more giving,morediscerning, etc. You may also choose to adopt characteristics ofpeopleyou admire, or characteristics of those you have read about. Expandyour repertoire of desired qualities by becoming an observer.Observe your world, find what feels peaceful and whole. Observeindividuals who you admire, who radiate a peaceful, loving vibration.Study the identity selves of creative and expansive people you know,study biographies of those you admire and wish to emulate. What dothese individuals believe about themselves? Find words to describe thecharacteristics of those you admire. Describe for your self the natureof their identity self. How does it different from yours? How is itsimilar?Nine) Refrain from judging past experiences you may consider "dark."Embrace all your experiences, keeping in mind that the extent ofdarkness always equals the extent of light. Learn to appreciate andexpress gratitude for all your experiences, for the depths ofunderstanding they have given you. In this way, you are able totransform every circumstance into a joyful opportunity for growth andtransformation.Next Week: Choosing Identities You PreferFor more information, visit

Uriel's Message--Living in Integrity

Uriel's Message--Living in Integrity
Every situation is an opportunity to ascend to your Highest Good. Each experience brings you to an awareness of your potential and your level of integrity with it. When you are out of integrity your reality is out of balance with your potential. You know that this is happening when you feel lost, confused, hopeless, depressed, anxious and afraid. You regret the past and fear the future, you forget that you have the power to transform your life and create the life your heart longs for.
Many people are out of integrity when they wish for one thing while doing another. There is a gap between what they desire and what they actually manifest. They hope for change but are afraid to create it. No one can live in this way of being for long and the Shift is putting pressure on everyone to step into their potential, to move past their fears and to be in integrity with their Highest Good.
Everything in your life is an opportunity to manifest your Highest Good. The most difficult experiences occur when you are out of integrity, when you are not using your power to create but are allowing yourself to walk the middle ground. There is no more middle ground, everyone must be in the light or not, to be fully in their power or not. Everyone must now be willing to step into the flow, to follow Universal law and to co- create with it. Everyone is experiencing the full effects of their creative ability and the when the results are difficult it is a reflection of their level of integrity with their Highest Good, their power and their potential.
So much energy is shifting at this time, the vibrations are speeding up and everything is moving more quickly. You are living in the time of instant manifestation, the Universe is bringing to you the results of every thought, word and emotion. When you are out of integrity with your Self you will see the results as lack of abundance and fear. Moving into integrity means releasing your fears and doubts and allowing the Universe to work on your behalf. It is always there to support and guide you, to bring you your heart's desire but you must be willing to work with it and have faith in it, yourself and in your power. Use this time to create fearlessly and you will have the peace, joy, abundance and every good thing that you desire.
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Jennifer Hoffman is an intuitive, spiritual healer, mentor, teacher and author. She also channels the energy of the Archangel Uriel. Jennifer has helped many people through the Shift through her unique insights and counsel, facilitating their healing journey. Jennifer is the founder of, an on-line spiritual healing and growth center and dedicated to the messages and teachings of Archangel Uriel. Information about Jennifer's books, on-line seminars and services is available at her websites, or email for information. Uriel Heals * 3505 NE Lacewood Court * Lee's Summit, MO 64064 * voice: 480-894-1675 *