Thursday, March 27, 2008

I so resonate with this quote from Deepak Chopra

I so resonate with this quote from Deepak Chopra Paramahansa Yogananda once wrote, "We are the masters of each moment." and with each moment comes the ability to redirect our path, change course, make commitments that will bring our lives closer to the fulfillment of our intentions and desires. Building on the Spiritual Law of Pure Potentiality, where there are no boundaries - only boundlessness; and no limits - only infinite possibilities to what we can imagine, create and achieve. When we establish rules to prevent us from seeing beyond what exists around us, it is similar to entering a darkened room with a flashlight and only believing that what is illuminated by the beam of light is all that exists in the room. Simply flicking on the overhead light will reveal that much more exists beyond that narrow beam of the flashlight. Pulling open the drapes that cover and darken the windows will let even more light in. This process allows us to see more and more and yet - all that we see was already there! The perception of our existence is the same. Believing that we can flick on the light each day to see, believe, and understand more that we had envisioned only minutes before is a gift. And by practicing the Spiritual Law of Pure Potentiality on a daily basis - by being more in touch with our inner selves, our environment, and all of those around us - we can access that place and find ourselves in a space where truly all things are possible. ~ Change And Transformation by Deepak Chopra ~