Thursday, March 27, 2008

One Day At A Time

One Day At A TimeMarch 25. 2008================
One day has ended' and now we prepare to start another day, another time, another place, another opportunity, another impetus and direction as we finally tighten our belts and stand, oh so tall, in the wake of all that we have received and all that we have achieved in these ever melding and merging days of yesteryear and of now!
We are assured and prompted within that 'we are the ones that we have been waiting for' and it is with perhaps a humble acceptance that we now perceive the wisdom of these oft-times used words. For an age were we sitting and waiting, somewhat forlornly, in the hope that the 'Messiah' was coming and that He/She/It would save us from this situation that we had found ourselves in!
Evolution is an extraordinary game and the moves taken on the chessboard of life have gotten us to where we are this very day. We have moved through many an age upon age in various experiences, wearing the 'many hats' that we have chosen to wear and acting the many roles we chose to experience. We have moved through our numerous journeys - giving a little and receiving a little - bringing us to this now moment with a timely acceptance that we really have co-created all that we perceive in this world of ours!
We, as an overall collective of Hu- mankind, have co-created all that we see! Is it not truly thought provoking and deeply soul touching to view the outer world with all it's seeming distress, warring factions, greed, avarice, control and persecution? And yet, even as we view this outer world, is there sure inner knowing that in the overall scheme of things . . . at one level . . . everything is in 'perfect' and rightful divine order!
One day has ended as we take on the mantle of self responsibility, love and compassion, giving and caring for our brothers and sisters in their every land, creed, culture or colour. Have we not over eons of time co-created some things that have a need of remedying and re-balancing, as we, along with Mother Earth and 'Mother/Father God' look each other surely in the eyes, heart and soul, knowing that now at this glorious time of vast imminent change are we together - as an invincible team - of rainbow warriors.
One day has ended and so it surely is. Another day is now beginning and graciously and gratefully received as we align our steps and endeavours to walk hand in hand with our brothers and sisters, taking on the mantle of freedom within the One and co-creating now a future that is to be a more acceptable demeanour for all.
We, as a collective, are now focusing upon smoother transition and changes as they indeed will occur to re-balance the equilibrium of this beautiful planet, aligning those whose choice it will be to continue their inward journeys on 'other planets of choice.' The ways are becoming readied and preparing for an assertive future environment for one and all in God's creation.
Let us go within, acknowledging as of now the insight and total acceptance that "We are the ones that we have been waiting for," and the day is NOW. We realise our destiny, as we realise our goal, as we realise that all we are searching for is NOT without, never was. It is WITHIN! There will never be a saviour who cometh! You are here, we are here together, to walk hand in hand in the radiance of the Christ light and love, in humility, in grandeur and so it is . . . The Universal Mind.
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