Thursday, March 27, 2008

Expanding Your Field of Possibilities, Part 2

Expanding Your Field of Possibilities, Part 2Releasing Past Limiting And/or Negative IdentitiesAs we said in our previous discussion, you can choose an identity selfwho is experiencing peace and joy -- regardless of the circumstancesofyour past. In order to step fully into a positive and empoweredidentityself, you may need to experience the process of "releasing pastnegativeand limiting identities."As you undertake this transitional process of releasing past limitingornegative identities, you may find some or all of the following stepshelpful.One) Give your self permission to withdraw from any realities orinteractions associated with old, limiting or negative identities.Evenif there are those close to you who are still "invested" in your oldidentity, you can choose new ways of interacting with them that arealigned with your new identity. It may be necessary for a time tolimityour interaction until you are strongly aligned and centered in yournewidentity. In time, others will learn to interact with the perspectiveof your new identity.Two) Allow and welcome the changes your new identity brings into yourlife. Understand that a change in identity often equals a change ofvibration. In accordance with the Law of Attraction, a change ofvibration effectively de-magnetizes some connections in your lifewhilemagnetizing new ones. If you shift to a new identity, you may findyourself drawn to a new career, a new course of study, new friends,activities, a new diet and exercise regimen, or other new ways ofbeing.Three) Open to explore new areas of experience and expression. Whenyouundergo an "identity shift," you become more closely aligned with newand previously unknown aspects of your self. This is why you choose toexperience new identities in the first place -- to learn about yourselfand access new realms of experience. It is likely your new identityself will bring you in o resonance with talents and abilities you haveacquired throughout your arc of lifetimes but have not yet discoveredinyour present lifetime. As these new talents reveal themselves, followyour excitement and passion to explore whatever realms of experienceandexpression you feel drawn to.Four) Allow your self to embrace and accept times of uncertainty.Timesof transition and change don't have to be times of depression andanxiety. Instead, they can be times of great anticipation and joy,times filled with abundant opportunities for reshaping your realityandperceiving and adopting new ways of being.Five) Affirm that as you open to and receive the abundance of theuniverse, you are infinitely more capable of assisting others,includingthose closest to you who may initially feel threatened or upset by thechanges you are making.Six) Build into your transitional bridging identity self (and allfutureidentity selves) a wise, nurturing component that loves and knows howtonurture every aspect of your being into a place of healing. Thisnurturing presence may represent the essence of a wise and lovingguidethat is an aspect of your higher self. Whenever old voices tell youthat you are doomed to repeat painful patterns of the past, invitethisnurturing aspect of your consciousness to sit with the parts of yourself that are still playing "old tapes." This nurturing aspect of yournew identity self can dialogue with these older aspects of yourconsciousness, or simply sit with them radiating love andunderstanding.Seven) Expand your awareness and beliefs to embrace the idea that"identity selves" are designed to be changed, released and adopted inwhatever way is necessary for you to grow and progress throughout yourlifetime. Just as each generation that incarnates on the Earth planeadds to, improves upon and heals the consciousness and creations oftheprevious generation, each new identity self adds to, improves andhealsthe identity selves that came before it. Likewise, each identity selfsets down a foundation and creates the causes of new identities thatexpand consciousness in new and exciting directions.Eight) Learn to program desired characteristics into all your newidentities through intention, will and desire. You may already havecharacteristics in mind that you would like to adopt. You may wish tobe more intuitive, more creative, more compassionate, more giving,morediscerning, etc. You may also choose to adopt characteristics ofpeopleyou admire, or characteristics of those you have read about. Expandyour repertoire of desired qualities by becoming an observer.Observe your world, find what feels peaceful and whole. Observeindividuals who you admire, who radiate a peaceful, loving vibration.Study the identity selves of creative and expansive people you know,study biographies of those you admire and wish to emulate. What dothese individuals believe about themselves? Find words to describe thecharacteristics of those you admire. Describe for your self the natureof their identity self. How does it different from yours? How is itsimilar?Nine) Refrain from judging past experiences you may consider "dark."Embrace all your experiences, keeping in mind that the extent ofdarkness always equals the extent of light. Learn to appreciate andexpress gratitude for all your experiences, for the depths ofunderstanding they have given you. In this way, you are able totransform every circumstance into a joyful opportunity for growth andtransformation.Next Week: Choosing Identities You PreferFor more information, visit